Justin Theroux is “manly & protective” of Jennifer Aniston, eyeroll


Before I get into what is making me eye-roll this morning, I just thought we’d start with one of the funnier “body language” assessments I’ve seen in a while. This comes from Hollywood Life’s in-house “body language expert” Dr. Lillian Glass – because you can totally get a PhD in body language! It’s like that show Lie to Me, only instead of solving crimes, you just look at photos of celebrities. Anyway, Dr. Glass tells Hollywood Life that these photos of Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston, two nights ago at a London club and then again yesterday at Heathrow, are very bad news:

“They are not like-minded. They are not in step with each other [at the airport] In the photos from the after party she’s looking down and hiding her face. Justin is looking ahead. This is not a good match. Justin has tension in his face, and Jen has tension in her jaw. The fact that he is walking ahead and her stride is so wide to keep up isn’t good either. If he was trying to protect her he’d have his arm around her, they’d be shoulder to shoulder. This doesn’t foretell to anything good. There’s a lot of discomfort in his hand, his hand is cupped — it means there’s a lot of ambivalence.”

[Dr. Glass’s body language assessment, via Hollywood Life]

I noticed the tense, stony faces, but yesterday I just assumed that Aniston and Theroux were pissed off because the photographer was getting in their faces. And I don’t believe that a sign of true love is walking in step with each other at all times. Sometimes the dude just has longer legs and walks faster, with bigger strides. It’s not the end of the world.

Anyway, here’s the eye-roll part. Us Weekly has an interesting “report” about what Justin and Jennifer were up to in London. Remember, Us Weekly has been getting a lot of “exclusives” about Jennifer’s life recently. Almost like Aniston’s publicist Steven Huvane calls them up and gives them exclusives on a regular basis.

Meet the family! Justin Theroux introduced girlfriend Jennifer Aniston to his documentarian cousin, Louis Theroux, in London on Wednesday night, an observer tells Us Weekly. After Aniston, 42, hit the red carpet premiere of Horrible Bosses, she and Theroux, 39, headed (hand-in-hand) to Shoreditch House, a swanky members-only club in London. According to the witness, Justin’s cousin Louis joined the pair half an hour after their arrival.

“Louis obviously approved [of Jennifer],” the insider says. “It looked like they were having a great time, and they all seemed instantly at ease with each other. Justin looked proud of Jen and seemed quite manly and protective.”

The trio enjoyed dinner and drinks together, and another observer told Us Aniston “was really chilled out and seemed blissfully happy.”

When asked about her personal life on a Good Morning America appearance last month, the Friends star gushed: “Yes, I’m very happy… I’m extremely lucky, and I’m extremely happy.”

[From Us Weekly]

Manly? Protective? Wow, Justin’s move to CAA is really going well, isn’t it? It’s like how every article about Jennifer Aniston will somehow drop in “beautiful” or “gorgeous”. Justin’s new team must want him to have the “manly” and “protective” vibe, so they‘re going to repeat those words ad nauseum. Also: Justin was “proud” of Jennifer? Why? I don’t understand this. Is the bar set so low for Justin’s girlfriends that the sheer fact that Jennifer didn’t fart at the table or drool on Louis Theroux mean that Justin was “proud” of her? Also, here’s something interesting: guess who was at the Shoreditch House when this super-protective and manly family dinner went down? Aniston’s publicist. He was photographed leaving the club behind Aniston and Theroux. Meaning, he witnessed the whole event, and he’s the one who is pushing this whole manly and protective crap. Sidenote: Why does Aniston bring her publicist with her on so many of her dates?




Photos courtesy of Fame & PCN.

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  1. Kendra says:

    Jennifer has to bring her publicist on her dates, because these two homewreckers, are really trying to make us think they are a match made in heaven.

    This man is already, so over Jen, he is just trying to hang on and collect his paycheck or whatever Huvane promised him to be seen in public with Aniston.

    They do not look happy at all.

  2. Cherry says:

    Here’s a thought: why doesn’t JA just marry her publicist? They’re clearly soulmates.

  3. dfsdg says:

    Go look at aticles from the Vince or John Mayer days, same BS, different man. This guy will also get tired of her.

    Her publicist is there to take notes so he can send it off to People or US weekly as a source so everyone can know she looks happier than ever and was glowing (those seem to be his favorite ways to describe her).

    She is not even attempting to have a private relationship with this short legged, balding, Eddie Munster lookalike.
    Maybe they will have some big chinned and big nosed babies to look just like plain and average looking Jen.

  4. olivia says:

    Another Jennifer Aniston post?

  5. lrm says:

    maybe she is really dating her publicist? or her publicist is secretly in love with her?
    or she is such a cash cow to him and his agency, that she’s like gold and never to be left ‘unsecured’???

  6. Laughternrain says:

    The Huvane PR-whoring is obvious. Angelina fans have said this from the beginning and now they’re being vindicated. That piece in USWeekly is standard Huvane formletter article. He has US Weekly in his pocket and has for 7 years.

  7. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    LOL “manly” and “protective”, the writers at Us Weekly don’t even try and sound believable. How do you look manly while having a meal with your cousin and girlfriend? I mean if Jen’s PR is really behind all these ridiculous stories he should really just write the stories himself because they don’t make Jen look good or even interesting. This was just one huge eye roll and a WTF. Then I put the magazine back on the rack and step up to pay for my groceries.

  8. blah says:

    Is it really hard for a man to be manly? I mean, is it a rare quality? for men? Something that needs to be underlined and can be a topic for multiple threads and articles?
    I have to confess this is quite a piece of news for me. Most of the men I meet seem to be manly and they don’t get any media coverage for this.

  9. Jenny says:

    In evaulating this couple, I now think it is a higher end Britney/KFed situation. The man is not too well known, the woman is very famous, but he does have a job and was in a longterm relationship. Then when an opportunity to trade up came along, he dumps his other woman in a heartbeat. He now tags along with the more famous woman. His job is to make her look happy and look at her like a lost puppy (Norman) and be “manly”. Let’s just hope Anniston does not end up shaving her head and hanging out with Paris Hilton.

  10. lindseythecrackthief says:

    Here come the pics of Justin the Bobble Head!!

    And Yes another Aniston Post?

    *Crawls in the corner stabbing my eyes*

  11. Cherry says:

    @3. ShellyMay LOL thanks for that! And look at Justin, too! He’s all, ‘Bitch, are you talkin’ to ME?!’

  12. Bren says:

    Insiders? Observers? In a private members club in London? Lol Like anyone there would tell the paparazzi anything. They obviously don’t know the upper class in London. Lol

    I really doubt that someone who has private members access to this club would know whether Aniston has met his cousin or not before to be able to say “they all seemed instantly at ease with each other” or used the phrase “Chilled Out”

    They also would not take too much notice of her. She is hardly a Thespian!


  13. Sick of it says:

    Nothing says manly and protective quite like a 39 yr old in skinny jeans.

  14. Kendra says:

    I bet Justin really misses Heidi now. I wonder if the publicist is in bed with them also? I’m sure we will be hearing soon how manly Justin is in bed and he’s the best Jen has had.

  15. Cheyenne says:

    Got to give Huvane his props, he is earning his paycheck this week.


  16. Addie says:

    Lol @sherly May

    It looks like she is threatening Sudakis with her eyes “Don’t expose our brief affair”

    Overall,only a few people know the ins and outs of Justjen’s relationship. I’m seeing how this plays out long term, but by the looks of it, they are a new couple getting to know each other.
    They both seem to have given up things to be together, Justin -14 year relationship and now being the boyriend of..
    and Jen- loosing her apparent clean, girl next door image and getting a homewrecher rep as a result.

    Hope they last.They seem to be happy.

  17. folly says:

    i remember jolie gave an interview months ago where she describe brad as manly and now we are reading same here,it seems huvane read the interview too
    it looks like aniston cant do anything without huvane,its as if he is her life wire.somebody said in her london premier when reporters were asking her question she was actually looking around for huvane,she is the only actress in hollywood that is so dependent

  18. katnip says:

    OK.. my disclaimer.. not a fan.

    but the fact that he is not well known should not be a dig. He is mainly a writer. And most writers are not that well known. I remember her fans wanting her to be with someone less in the public eye. Well here he is. I saw some interviews of him on youtube because someone mentioned them on another site. I think all the digs at him regarding career are unfair. He seems way smarter than she is. And from that point of view she seems more a step down in the intellectual part than he maybe used to. Jennifer is not the brightest bulb on the shelf people. Listening to her talk live is like fingers on a wall.

    I too never got the need she has for her PR guy all the time. I think the battle as this “relationship” continues will be how does Justin handle having another person in the relationship 24/7. How will he handle Steven having so much control and influence over Aniston. That will be the drama I want to see. Someone that has not had to have PR all of a sudden having it in all areas of you life is a big change. Especially when the PR guy is on your dates and vacations. As he is and does with Aniston all the time. She has never made a move without him. And Justin may not like that too much.

    I want to see that behind the scenes drama.

  19. Laughternrain says:

    Lol Jenny. Aniston already acts likes Paris Hilton with her bed-hopping and racism (Chelsea Handler). As far as I’m concerned Aniston is another Hilton and Lohan. Shes just a slut with no personal moral standards. Why shes not besties with them I don’t know since they are her type.

  20. madpoe says:

    Yet Justin couldn’t protect her from that thing/scarf around her neck at the airport?

  21. Cherry says:


  22. Monica says:

    #18-Aniston is not the only one to do that.George Clooney can’t do anything without his publicist too. Stan Rosenfield is always on red carpets, interviews, dinners at restaurants with George. Do you call Clooney ‘dependent’ too? Is he a little boy unsecured?

  23. Ell says:

    Now I’m jealous of JA, not only does she look fab and have an amazing life, she now gets to meet the wonderful Louis Theroux.

  24. Jenny says:

    Well, Huvane did actually write to Perez Hilton (yuck) and asked him to not be so mean to Anniston, and she has admitted to reading blogs and tabloids, so yes, he does have quite a bit to do with her image and is quick with denials. Yes, that is what publicists are for, which is why I always compared her to Clooney (protected image and dating habits),it is just that her’s works overtime.

    If this does not work out, you can be well assured that this guy will be treated like Marc Anthony as the devil incarnate who dared to break a different Jen’s heart.

    Let’s leave other couples out of this. This is all about JustJen.

  25. Ell says:

    Just had a thought – I wonder if this JA article will attract the most comments again today like yesterdays.

    For a person who is supposedly hated by many she sure gets a lot of attention. People are clearly fascinated by her, why else would they waste their precious time commenting.

  26. Kendra says:

    A homewrecker and a cheater. I wonder when Heidi is going to start throwing pity parties ( screaming at the ocean) and have her friends bash Jen?

  27. Eve says:

    @ Ell:

    For a person who is supposedly hated by many she sure gets a lot of attention.

    Hate is a strong, passionate emotion. When people hate they usually feel the need to express that. So it shouldn’t be surprising that those who claim to hate/despise her frequently comment on news about her.

    Being indifferent is what can keep people from commenting on posts about her (same goes for Jolie-Pitt related threads).

    I can’t say I’m indifferent towards her since I take the time to comment on her from time to time. I can, however, say I don’t hate her. I know I can’t stand certain aspects of her personality and sometimes I feel like posting something about it. Most of the time I don’t really care enough to say anything.

  28. Laughterrain says:

    “For a person who is supposedly hated by many she sure gets a lot of attention. People are clearly fascinated by her, why else would they waste their precious time commenting. ”
    Probably for the same reasons Aniston fans hate Angelina and comment on her.

  29. Laura says:

    I love her scarf. But why oh why did you have to post this so early? I almost threw up my coffee!!

  30. djork says:

    Quite possibly the two least interesting people in the whole wide world.

  31. Kendra says:

    Calling someone out on their hypocrisy has nothing to do with hate. This woman has made her “claim to fame” on her husband leaving her for another woman.

    Yet she turns around and do the very same thing and her fans claim, just because Justin and Heidi did not have a piece of paper, he was fair game, that is a bunch of crock.

    Jennifer and her fans have double standards, one set for her and another set for everyone else. Just because Jennifer and Justin look good, it’s alright to rip Heidi’s heart apart.

    Heidi is a nobody in Jennifer’s book and can be treated like dirt under her feet.

  32. Anita says:

    Woot woot, am so happy for Jen

  33. sassenach says:

    @23 Stan is around Clooney alot as a publicist should be but he is NOT in every facet of George’s life like Huvane is with Jen.

    At one time Huvane was an actual high powered publicist. Now many of his clients like Gwyneth, Ewan, and Anne Hathaway have jumped ship. I heard that Nicole Kidman may be done with him as well. He seems to have had an unatural obsession with Jen and making her a movie star, so much so that he had little time for his other clients. He is always with Jen, at every party, every premiere, every premiere dinner etc. You can often see him whispering and coaching her on the red carpet and smiling at her very creepily. This latest leak was obviously planted by him and I don’t think Justin will put up with this for long.

  34. Ell says:

    @Eve – with respect I really don’t get the point you are making, apart from reiterating what I said. Personally I wouldn’t waste my time posting something filled with spite and negativity. I’m not in to the Triangle, so Kendra I’m not interested in she did this, he said that etc.

    My main reason for commenting on JA posts is I think she’s okay, a good comedic actress and most of all has a raw deal as shown here. She’s not a criminal, she’s not evil, she’s just a harmless hollywood actress enjoying her life while people are getting their knickers in a twist about her….I don’t get it.

    I repeat ‘People are clearly fascinated by her, why else would they waste their precious time commenting.’

  35. Laughterrain says:

    Egging on your talkshow host (Handler) to call Angelina a c u nt is NOT ‘harmless’. Egging Handler on to make racist attacks on children is also NOT harmless. Same with the personal vendetta she has waged against Angelina for 7 years. If you don’t follow the triangle, then obviously you haven’t kept up with all the things Jen has done to Brad and Angelina. She IS evil and very manipulative, conniving and scheming and its time she was exposed for who and what she truly is.

  36. Kendra says:

    Well Ell, this is a gossip site, and that is why we come here to gossip, whether it is negative or positive; we still have that right.

    You have every right to feel how you do about Jennifer, as I have every right to feel how I do.

    What I do not have the right to do is try to make someone feel bad about whom they choose to be negative or positive about.

    Also you have the right to read or not read the negative or positive comments if they bother you, but not the right to try to put someone down for writing them,

  37. Payton says:

    @ Ell..I come here just to hate and make fun of her.. so what?? Every celeb has got haters, what makes her so special?
    And yes, I need to get a life.

  38. Anita says:

    I am not sure why the Brangelina fans are not happy with this relationship, it seems like the most decent relationship Jen has had. Wish her well and move on. I hope they marry and have babies. I searched him on google and he actually seems very very intelligent and with many friends including Robert Downey, Calista flockart, Ben Stiller, Mary Louise parker etc. I like this couple. Hopefully they last. All that body language stuff is BS.

  39. I’m waiting for aniston and chelsea to marry,spawn little flesh eating demons,and declare Huvane master of the universe.(It could happen)

  40. original kate says:

    “Sometimes the dude just has longer legs and walks faster, with bigger strides.”

    yes, i agree that means nothing. i am 5’2″ with small feet and mr. original kate is 6’3″ with size 13 feet. kind of like a lab and a terrier walking together. do the leg math, dr. glass.

  41. roeyroo says:

    who makes that purse?

  42. P.J. says:

    After what happened with JLo and Marc Anthony, I’m having second thoughts about analyzing body language in photos. Those two looked happy, but it was just an act.

    Jen & Justin both look fairly annoyed, but they are wearing matching shades and mirroring each other in the way they dress, so it probably is unrelated to the state of their relationship. They’re probably just reacting to the photographer or looking for the security gate, or some such thing. Airports are full of annoyances!

  43. Ell says:

    I’m getting strange responses to my post. I made a general observation, I’m not attacking any individuals. Again, I think people must find Jen fascinating.

    @Laughterrain – I didn’t say I don’t follow the triangle, if you come on to the gossip blogs it’s difficult to miss, I said I wasn’t in to it, it’s bonkers that 7 years on it still rolls on.

  44. Laughterrain says:

    Anita, perhaps if the loonifers stopped belittling Heidi and Justin’s 14 year relationship just because they weren’t legally married and excusing and justifying Aniston’s actions towards Heidi’s relationship wit hJustin while AT THE SAME TIME, attacking Angelina, maybe we could move on.

  45. Payton says:

    @ Anita..I’m a Brangelina fan and I am rooting for this relationship to work so that maybe, maybe this will be the end of the ‘triangle’. I hope they marry and live happily ever after.

  46. Chloe says:

    So that swanky members-only club in London has members reporting to US Weekly on the guests. Nice.

    In other words, Huave, b*tch, please.

    I think these two are for real, Aniston would risk it if she wasn’t falling for the guy. Still, this ridiculous PR is more than transparent and doing more harm than good.

    “seemed manly and protective.” Gawd.

  47. Lucky Charm says:

    @ Anita, it’s not the Brangelina fans that are unhappy with this relationship. It’s Jen’s devotees that are. Most Brad & Angelina fans really hope this works out so she can FINALLY put the whole triangle to rest and leave Brad, Angelina & their family alone.

  48. Chloe says:

    Next piece of insider news: Jennifer pooped thrice this week and it was splendid. She giggled like a little girl, while Justin waited outside, each time very manly.

  49. HannahG says:

    Lol I love how this blog needs her.

  50. anonymous says:

    Jolie’s interview Brad Pitt is every thing a woman would want in a man he is a manly man. Jesus it can’t get more rediculous than this, but it is going to. Theroux is a manly man and he is holding her hand like it’s dead fish. These two are going to put on a show grand royale, do over every romantic scence,PDA, and words Brad and Angie have done in public just watch. JA have even started to show rings, Angie famous Brad ring with inscription, rings a bell? But chemistry between two people cannot be faked, and they just don’t have it. When Brad Pitt is with Angelina you can just sense love and affection between the two of them, nada. The never ending story, stay tuned.

  51. Laughternrain*I read your comments on the chelsea thread.Are we long lost sisters??

  52. Anita says:

    Isn’t it possible for Jen to be in love with Justin like Brangelina are ‘in love’. People, let us be happy for her. Instinct tells me this is it for Jen. I actually feel happy for her. I hope they get married and have beautiful babies.He is intelligent. I love intelligent men.

  53. jocular says:

    @Kendra, I don’t think @Ell was trying to make you feel bad about any comments you make, but you taking that inference says a lot to me at least.
    Afternoon quote from me to y’all
    A Rattlesnake, if Cornered will become so angry it will bite itself. That is exactly what the harboring of hate and resentment against others is – a biting of oneself. We think we are harming others in holding these spites and hates, but the deeper harm is to ourselves. ~E. Stanley Jones
    There were a few to choose from, it could be copy and pasted as said before to threads on either JA or AJ, though on this site more likely to be on a JA thread. It’s all harmless gossip, but some of the invective does annoy/irritate me. Hence why I post. Historically I’ve never had any interest in any of these people but somehow have developed some sympathy for JA, mostly because of comments from people here which are just silly, occasionally irrational, sometimes sexist and often just very mean. You (general) did this to me, damn it!!!!!!!

  54. mln76 says:

    Too bad Huvane is an obvious ‘mo he’s so devoted to Aniston.

  55. Laughterrain says:

    And jocular, those like me have developed sympathy for the underdog Angelina who has been attacked on 97% of the internet such as FF, US Weekly, E Online, Lainey, Gossip Cop, Perez Hilton, Huffington Post, IUC, Pop Sugar etc etc etc, you name it, all sites but Celebitchy and you have the nerve to complain about one of the extremely rare sites where the comments are more balanced for a change. Seems very rich of you to me. In fact, I became a fan and defender of Angelina BECAUSE of almost the entire internet being against her. The loonifers come across ONE site that isn’t 100% pro Aniston and you freak out and can’t take it. Mate you have absolutely NO idea what mean and irrational vective is because you’ve clearly never experienced on your side and have no idea what you’re talking about. Come back when almost the whole internet is against Aniston and her children (or family) are receiving death threats and people hope her children die from; AIDS, miscarriage, killed in their mother’s plane via a crash, that her children (or family members/friends) die in childbirth, that she dies a slow painful death of cancer like her mother did. Or that she runs a child prostitution ring and is sells her children into child sex slavery. THEN and only then you’ll have the right to complain about mean.

    Once Aniston has experienced all that hate instead of the 99.999999% love and easy ride she gets, then and ONLY THEN come back here and talk about ‘having sympathy’. Ok? Until then you have some nerve even talking about ‘mean’ and ‘irrational’ comments and the one site where Angelina fans generally AREN’T ambushed and attacked and can feel safe expressing our views. Don’t take that away from us as well.

  56. Jocular#55**Please email the first paragragh of your post to aniston and chelsea.(BTW-I love calling adult racist-child bullies out for an ass-stompin’)

  57. jocular says:

    how amusing! I just posted the below to your last attack on a previous post, once again I’m copying and pasting! I’m sorry, relatively new to gossip sites so haven’t read comments on every blog -I will however endeavour to do so.

    @Laughternrain I have never bashed anyone, that includes Angelina, I respect her as a woman who has got to the top of her game in her career and tries to help in humanitarian causes, which is more than most do. I am happy to bash you though because I think you are a bully with a hysterical tone which attempts to intimidate anyone that doesn’t agree with you. I’m actually coming to the belief you’d prefer that no one like Angelina – so you could be the lone screeching voice of dissent.

  58. jocular says:

    In reply to HorsePoorHanna – I want to amend my last comment as the only person I have bashed on this site is Chelsea Handler as I think she is a racist who should not have a prime time platform to spout her racism. Anyone including JA’s choice of her as a friend is baffling and I hope nobody shares her views. Any comments I have made around the site will reflect my dislike of Chelsea Handler and anyone including commenters I believe to be being racist- @Rhiley made a great point yesterday which I hope she won’t mind me reposting here, she said it better than I ever could.
    I used to like Chelsea but now I do find her very unfunny and unoriginal. She doesn’t just make fun of celebrities. All of her “jokes” are highlighting stereotypes of different races, ethnicities, and people who live with real life challenges. She throws around the word “retard” so callously and carelessly it is sad.
    That is a huge pet peeve of mine, when people use “retard” or “retarded” as an adjective to describe something that seems broken. She sterotypes Mexicans, African Americans, Asian Americans. She is a bigot, and it is sad that her lame humor is tolerated and makes millions.

  59. Tara says:

    I click on almost everything to do with Jennifer Aniston. I don’t really know why I do. I’m just fascinated… like if there’s something that’s really beige and I can’t look away… just keep gazing into its bland solidity wondering how? how did it get to be *that* beige?

    She’s really very attractive by normal standards though usually seems to dress in her grandmother’s version of sexy. I often look and look and look wondering just how she was able to make a particular dress look boring and uncomfortable.

    Thanks to the person who asked why she doesn’t just marry her publicist? That’s a question percolating in the back of my mind too… not even meaning to be snide. It really seems like she and Huvane have the chemistry they try to pretend she has with other people. Why not just go with that?

  60. Laughterrain says:

    This has got me so angry. How dare you! And jocular if anyone is a bully its you and the loonifers who attack Angelina 24/7 (and yes you have attacked her over the ‘cheating’), not those like myself who defend the victim and underdog. How dare you! A member of the bullying side attacking a defender and crying bully? Please. More hide than Jessie. Quit your pretence at being new to blogs. If what I said about all Angelina has gone through and the vicious attacks didn’t move you but instead drove you to attack ME for pointing out the truth, its obvious you are not genuine. But that was obvious to me a long time ago. You’ve got some nerve. How bloddy dare you.

    Edit: Too right HorsePoorHanna. I am gobsmacked at the blatant hypocrisy on here. It really is disgusting. Oh and claims of aggression only from the conveniently pro-aniston side? I’m forthright but not aggressive. You’re aggressive. If you CHOOSE to read it that way, thats on you. Yet still no comments on what I posted about the attacks on Angelina, only attacks on the messenger for stating the facts about Aniston coasting easily with no attacks or hate. Hmmmm No surprise. So transparent.

  61. jocular says:

    @Laughter you will always be able to write more and longer than me on this subject. I and a few others have broached you in the last 3 months I have been visiting this site about the aggressive way you address people, so it is nothing new to you. What you choose to believe is up to you the way you put it across to others is another matter. To reiterate I have not attacked Angelina over cheating, I have no idea if they cheated or not, and its not for me to judge, I’ve got my faults trust me. You’re putting words in my mouth because it suits you too. Anyway all the best, I feel any further interaction with you will spoil my day unfortunately.

  62. Laughterrrain says:

    Too right HorsePoorHanna. I am gobsmacked at the blatant hypocrisy on here. It really is disgusting. ABSOLUTELY disgusting. Oh and claims of aggression only from the conveniently pro-aniston side? None from the Jolie side. hmmm I wonder why…. Aniston fans with a MOTIVE? Of course. You’ll excuse me if I don’t take accusations of bullying from the one side with motives very seriously. In fact, I take it as a joke, coming from that side and an obvious smear attempt. Its typical of the loonifers. Their mo. So you know what you can do with your phony accusations of ‘bullying’. Insertion into the next hole down from the back of the neck and all. I’m forthright but not aggressive. You’re aggressive. If you CHOOSE to read it that way, thats on you. Yet still no comments on what I posted about the attacks on Angelina, only attacks on the messenger. Hmmmm No surprise. So transparent. Just quit the pretence. I don’t think you’re fooling anyone.
    But if you aren’t lying about being new to blogs; give yourself an education. Visit femalefirst.co.uk.

    Read TRUE bullying, abusive, irrational claims and meanness. And THEN come back here and apologise. Because then you will realise why Angelina fans have had their backs against the wall and why we are the way we are and you will understand.

  63. Cheyenne says:

    @jocular: After watching five minutes of one “Friends” episode I turned it off in disgust and never watched another one. My reaction to Aniston was largely indifferent; I thought she was (and still is) a vapid airhead with no interest in anything beyond her looks and her hairstyle. I was actually glad when Brad Pitt dumped her because I felt he could do much better than her. What really turned me off her, though, was the insane hate of her fans who were spewing death wishes on Jolie and her children all over the internet. I realize Aniston cannot be held responsible for the excesses of her fans, but it left a bad taste then and still does. One has to wonder what kind of celebrity has fans like that.

  64. Jocular**Yeah,Rhiley got it right!!

  65. thesea says:

    I think the purse is Chloe.

  66. Ell says:

    @jocular, you do realise you’re now on a side. If you dare to defend a celebrity or point out the obvious you are on a side apparently.

    I just don’t get the hateful comments.

  67. Laughterrrain says:


  68. Joculer**Remember everyone has (OPINIONS).While everyones views are not on the same page,everyone is entitled to their own thoughts on a situation.That doens’t make them bullies.People disagree ALOT on this site,and aren’t afraid to express their views,and they have a right to do so.Some take it more seriously than others,some don’t.That’s what makes this site so interesting.I feel if chelsea and her partner in crime can spew racism at innocent children,well who am I to deny them a proper ass-stompin’

  69. Anon says:

    People please – her publicist (who is also a good friend of hers for many years) was there because they were at the Shoreditch for a Horrible Bosses premiere after party. Maybe they dined with Louis Theroux, maybe they didn’t – but the reason they AND OTHERS associated with the movie, its stars and their entourages were at the club was for the after party. So no big conspiracy theory. When Aniston is on dates or out to dinner with friends in her private life, Huvane is not usually present, but he was there in this case because the event was related to her movie release. This obsession some of you have with her publicist is crazy – he is no more involved in her life, or holds power over her image than any other celeb and their respective PR people.

    Regarding US Weekly – there is no proof that they have any kind of exclusive deal with her or her PR people, and to think they do doesn’t make much sense given it is the tabloid that has a history of being most unfavorable towards her. Access Hollywood even has a video of her refusing to talk to one of US’s reporters at the UK premiere on its site here:


    As for how the story came about – probably out of the minds of some writer at the tabloid. There was a tweet from someone who was at the Shoreditch that stated they saw Louis there, and that was probably enough for US to go on and create an entire story about Justin introducing him to her, etc.

  70. Anita says:

    People have a right to like whichever actress or actor and root for them. Nothing wrong with that. The problem is cyber bullying. This includes ridiculing other’s comments.

  71. jocular says:

    @Ell you’re right unfortunately, it shouldn’t be that way, feels a little like secondary school. I did love the film ‘Mean Girls’ though! Anyway that said, I will continue to post on any thread that interests me. @HorsePoor Hanna I agree with your last comment. I have had interactions with @Laughter about comments made because I believe sometimes her/his replies to other posters has not been in that spirit. I have not said it about anybody else because I never had any reason to. I’m speaking up because I want to and I think sometimes people don’t bother because it doesn’t seem worth the struggle. (perhaps its not) Just because someone is on your ‘side’ that is no reason to excuse them any wrong in my opinion. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose, he he!! My Friday Night lights reference, love it!

  72. Laughterrain says:

    Ever thought jocular, that the problem is you? You seem to have a little problem with bullying and attempting to control and moderate others. See this thread http://www.celebitchy.com/164535/jennifer_aniston_justin_theroux_the_terry_richardson_conspiracy/

    where you were getting into a debate with nnn. You seem to have an issue. Perhaps you should look closer to home to see who the real bully is. Just saying…. Good to see others have spoken up about you. Its the principle of the thing.

  73. kira says:

    Aniston’s reps talk to US Weekly. When Justin and Jen first started going out (while Justin was still living with Heidi), Jen’s rep went out of his way to publicly deny the relationship. He went to People magazine many times, Celebuzz, Us Weekly, x17, etc. Her rep has a LONG history of talking to the blos/tabloids (to promote her). Every little rumor–he will pop out and have something to say, whether it’s her diet, her dog dying, what her new tattoo says…he’s there to talk about it. Of course, the noticeable exception to this is the cheating claims. Her rep never denied that one. The kicker is that they turn around and act like the tabloids are horrible. Aniston has complained that the tabloids “are ruining her life” on Oprah, etc. Just one more thing Aniston is very hypocritical about–besides the “uncool” cheating/lying and missing a “sensitivity chip.” 🙂


  74. thesea says:

    I appreciate you speaking up.

  75. Juliesunflower says:

    @laugterrain and kendra, KUDOS!!! All the soap in the world cannot wipe away the fact that Aniston is a homewrecker now so her fans should stop the hypocrisy and double standards .

  76. Laughterrain says:

    lois, Aniston not clingy? bwhahahaha. She is INFAMOUS for her clinginess and insecurity. If you took off your loonifer glasses you’d see that. And no couple that comes from homewrecking is ‘nice’.

  77. Cheyenne says:

    HorsePoor Hanna: I feel if chelsea and her partner in crime can spew racism at innocent children, well who am I to deny them a proper ass-stompin’.

    ROFLMAO! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  78. thesea says:


    And they chose one photo where they are out of step. There are photos of the same walk through the airport where they are in step. Here is just one example:


    Anyone who has studied body language seriously knows it is only read accurately through clusters.

  79. thesea says:

    sorry, I meant @78

  80. Juliesunflower says:

    @lois, Jolie is known for kicking a*s never a clinging vine.This post has really brought Jolie and Aniston fans out for the battle royale.

  81. Munkey says:

    @Jocular: At last, some common sense. Thank you!

  82. Pity says:

    I am not sure if the Jennifer haters understand this but if you want her to go away you need to quit posting on her threads. Ever wonder why so many tabloids and so many blogs post about Jennifer daily (and no it is not because her rep sends out stories). It is because her stories get so much traffic. Look at this blog for example. There has been a story about Jennifer every day and her story has the most comments all the time. Not one other celebtrity compares to the traffic Jennifer can bring.

    Another thing the haters have always complained that she needs to get a life and move on. Well she has done this. Jen is happy and she is in love. She has moved on. Perhaps you guys should do the same as well.

    Perhaps we can end the debate this way. Yes Jen and Angie both got their men under the same conditions. They are both homewreckers. They are equals in that. In fact the stories of how each of these couples met and got together is almost exactly the same. Angie and Jen both have someone in their lives who is paid to follow them to red carpets, help them navigate their way through interviews etc. These individuals almost never leave their sides. Anige has Holly, Jen has her Huvane. They both perform the same function. Holly denies stories for Angie in People etc. as a “source close to the couple” while Huvane denies as Jen’s rep. And no Holly and Angie are not friends. Holly is in a paid position. It really makes Angie look sad when her fans call this woman her friend. You should not have to pay people to be your firend. In both cases it is a little creepy.

  83. luce says:

    Sorry Pity the debate can’t end. The racist attacks on children are unforgivable.

  84. Melancholy says:

    “Justin has tension in his face, and Jen has tension in her jaw”

    That sounds well-matched. They can huddle together and wring their little hands.

    They cancelled that show Lie To Me, didn’t they? I loved that show! 🙁

  85. Anguishedcorn says:

    Same circus, different clown.

  86. Toe says:

    @Pity: I’m an Angie fan.
    I’ll accept they’re both homewreckers.
    I’m thrilled/elated that Jen got a new guy….BUT…i still have to spray some lemons on Jen for alllll the years of hate and beating Angie had to endure because of her. Everyone hated on Angie for 7 years. Angie is like the modern Jesus. At least give us 1 year to bash on her.
    I dont think we are asking much….

  87. thesea says:

    @53 Anita

    I agree, I love intelligent men too. I love listening to Justin interviewed. He is like a breath of fresh air in his thoughtfulenss. I think Jen is really intelligent, too. I remember John Mayer saying she was the most intelligent woman he had ever met.

  88. katnip says:

    OH MY.. considering he was with Jennifer Love and Jessica S.. is that really a great compliment to Jennifer Aniston.

    I would think she would want to reach a bit higher.

    But maybe they are all about equal..interesting..

  89. Baffled says:

    I like Jennifer Aniston and I like this guy. He seems to treat her well (body language aside). Perhaps he is proud of her because she is beautiful, talented, smart and funny. I don’t think she deserves constant scrutiny and trash talking. I also don’t think she seeks out this constant negative publicity.

  90. Pity says:

    So a couple of things. @luce “The racist attacks on children are unforgivable.” I have never once heard Jennifer Aniston attack children due to their color. Hating on Jennifer has nothing to do with your statement. If you are believing that fans of Jennifer attack children of color then address the fans directly. Attacking Jennifer does not change individuals who are racist. However not allowing their posts and directly addressing them does.

    @Toe “Angie is the modern day Jesus”. Really? This is the problem with the Angie fans. If you actually get out being a fan for a moment and look around you will see that famous individuals get attacked all the time. Take Tom Cruise. You may think that he is weird, but think about what has been said about him. He is gay, he is crazy, his marriage is fake,he controls Katie, their marriage is ending, on and on it goes. He is attacked non-stop. I personally don’t believe 3/4 of that stuff. The press is unbelievable about this man. He has taken way more abuse then Angie or Brad. Angie has never been attacked in the press that way. In fact much of the press around Angie is good. She is well known for her charity work, she is praised for this. US, People and main stream news write alot of nice stuff about her and Brad and their family. The last US cover about their marriage said amazing and nice things about them. I have never known People magazine to say one mean thing about this couple. The Angie fans have a huge complex and sadly don’t even realize that Angie and Brad get amazing amounts of good press, they are loved by many fans just as Jen is.

    The honest truth is that Jenifer had nothing to do with the bad press Angie received. Angie was seen as a homewrecker for the same reasons that Jen is seen as one now. That is the same as saying that Jen is seen as a homewrecker now because Heidi is upset. No Jen is seen as a homewrecker because she started a relationship with someone while he was in a relationship with someone else. Both have been called homewreckers in the tabloids so they are even now. Both have been called homewreckers because of their actions not because of what someone else said (eg. Heidi or Jen) Angie is also not Jesus. That is probably what has bothered me the most about Angie and her fans. Angie has made out that she is perfect, the perfect mother, she would never cheat with a man, the perfect UN worker, the perfect movie star. No faults in this woman. No one is perfect. We all have faults. The day that Jennifer issues a statement and says she would never cheat is the day I lose all respect for her. We all know she cheated – we all know Angie cheated. I admire individuals who don’t try to pretend they didn’t. That is why I lost respect for Angie. If Jen tries to be miss goody goody and pretend that she is perfect and would never do it with someone in a relationship I would lose all respect for her too. Angie actually endured “hate” as you say not because of Jen but because of Brad. Brad ended his relationship in a wrong way. If Brad had divorced Jen when he should have and then started a relationship there would have been no problem. Put the blame where it really belongs. Brad was a coward in all of this and the sad part is that it is the women who get blamed. It is always this way. And you know what is sad. If Brad decides he wants out for some younger thing in a few years. You know who will get the blame? Of course Angie. The even worse thing is that it is women doing it to women. I so wish that just for once Brad would have his halo pulled off a bit and seen for the real person he is.

  91. Runs with Scissors says:

    @Pity, you wrote a freakin’ novel and you’re still unconvincing. Your comments are riddled with inaccuracies and logical fallacies.

    Ugghh, I’m hoping others will attend to this because I just don’t have the patience (or the time).

  92. Firecracker says:

    I hope it works out for them. I don’t know why, but I always like to check out JA’s outfits. I think she sucks as a movie actress, I didn’t mind her in Friends. imo she needs a good guy, and I don’t buy into the whole “body language” Dr either.

  93. Cheyenne says:

    Pity: The honest truth is that Jenifer had nothing to do with the bad press Angie received.

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh honey, get real. Why else did she launch her pity party? Why else did she drown in floods of tears in that Vanity Fair interview? Why else did she whine TWO YEARS LATER to Vogue that “what Angelina did was very uncool”? If you believe she had nothing to do with the shitstorm Angelina had to deal with, there’s some oceanfront property in Idaho I’ll sell to you cheap.

  94. luce says:

    We all know Angie is not perfect, and she never said she was perfect. She put aside her rebellious character, and now she does her best to be a good mother to her children. Of course she will make mistakes like any parent. I respect her because she never responded to the attacks. I agree Brad was a coward in all of this.

  95. thesea says:

    @ firecracker

    I really love her outfits. I keep a folder on my computer full of her outfits I really like and try to learn from them. She just makes it look so easy. Even if she has stylists helping, she still has the final say. I love what she is wearing here and I think the bag and the summery scarf are fab. I dig the belt, too.

  96. Pity says:

    Cheyenne: Angie was called a homewrecker because of her actions – not because of what Jen did. Angie had an affair with a married man, just a Jen had an affair with a man in a relationship. Why is Jen dealing with a “shit storm” now in the press about her being a homewrecker? Because of what she did – not because of what Heidi said. Jen had every right to speak about how upset she was about a marriage ending. Just a Heidi has every right to discuss it if she wants to. I would never be upset with Heidi if she did an interview. It is her life and her relationship if she mourns it and is upset and cries so be it. If she did I would never say that Jen had the title of homwrecker because of Heidi – it would be because of her actions.

    Second Jennifer’s uncool statement came after Angie described how they her and Brad became friends on set, how neither of them were looking for a relationship but things just developed, how she would like to have a talk with Jen, etc. Can you imagine if Jen did an interview where she spoke about Heidi like this? If Jen did I would think she was rude and insensitive. What happened on the Wonderlust set should never be discussed in an interview it would hurt Heidi terribly. If Jen ever does this I hope that the press cruifies her. Angie fans need to stop blaming Jen for Angie’s reputation – Angie developed that all by herself. Just as Jen is now developing her reputation all by herself. Jen is seen as a homewrecker – I don’t blame Heidi for that do you?

  97. Sassy says:

    Have to know – why is the cylindrical purse unzipped and hanging open in two compartments? She is holding another purse. Maybe it is a camera case/earphone thingy.

  98. thesea says:

    @ Sassy

    I think it allows the purse to open wider at the bottom when it is unzipped to fit more stuff. Like it is expandable.

    I was wrong earlier in thinking the bag was a Chloe, it is by Tom Ford.


  99. Kim says:

    HOMEWRECKER! (him not Jenn) He was deep in a very long term relationship. In fact he was dating his ex WAYYYY longer than Brad & Jenn were married. Not married but a major committment. Committed to someone whether you are married or not doesnt matter you are supposed to be committed to that person only.

    So if someone hooked up with Justin tomorrow Jenn wouldnt be upset because they arent married? I think not.

    But I blame him more than Jenn since he was the one in the committed relationship not her. Like I blame Brad and not Angelina since he was the married one not Angelina. Either way going after someone in a relationship, married or not is hideous.

  100. Kim says:

    Pity – AGREED! The women come out as the bad guys when it was their men who were in committed relationships not them (Brad married to Jenn cheated w Angie, Justin in committed realtionship cheated w Jenn). In both cases the male is at fault but walks away unscathed?

    I wish someone would ask Brad in an interview how it feels to be a cheater. Why are they asking Angelina when she wasnt the one married. Granted Angelina & Jenn shouldnt have gotten involved with committed men – but the men are still more in the wrong in both cases.

  101. Cheyenne says:

    @luce: A coward how? What did you expect him to do, ride in on a white horse and demolish all Angie’s enemies? The paparazzi and Aniston fans were in a feeding frenzy. Anything Brad could have said would only have added fuel to the flames. The best thing he and Angie could have done was what they did: hold their heads up and keep their mouths shut. Don’t forget, he let Aniston cast him as the heavy and let her file for divorce.

    @Pity: Now you’re comparing Aniston and Heidi? Aniston should have had a fraction of Heidi’s class. Heidi has acted with class and dignity throughout this whole mess. She hasn’t gone off weeping and whining to the press. She’s kept her own counsel. Which is what Aniston should have done, but she had to go off screaming her hurt to the whole world. And once she started, she never let up. Stupid twit should have recognized that there is a very thin line between pity and contempt, and she crossed that line within a year of her divorce, if not sooner than that.

  102. Rena says:

    They are really moving fast but then they are 40 somethings.

    “Jennifer Aniston and her new beau Justin Theroux are moving to the next level in a new address.

    The pair, who were spotted this week on a cozy date in London, “are looking for a new house to move into together,” an Aniston source tells PEOPLE.

    The actress must leave her Beverly Hills home, which recently sold for a reported $38 million, at the end of the month.

    The couple returned Thursday to Los Angeles from the U.K., where Aniston, 42, was promoting her latest flick Horrible Bosses.

    The couple first stepped out together in May, and just last month, Aniston said of the relationship: “I’m very happy. I’m extremely lucky, and I’m extremely happy.”

  103. Rena says:

    How does anyone here know that any of these people were cheaters? Gossip and tabloid trash do not equal the truth you know? That is all I have to say on this subject.

  104. Norman says:

    so i am amazed that folks are not pointing out the obvious. come on, jp-fans! i am going to spell it all out for you. copy/paste these words to every site you visit. open the eyes of the stupid people that dont see through ticky’s desperate, pathetic ways:
    ticky and eddie munster’s so called relationship is purely for pr. she is trying to drum up attention and scandal to support the vixen image she is trying to create (cuz she has aged out of rom-coms) and pre-promote her next film. wanderlust was her last film shot and she has not had any offers since then (and thats why she is trying to fool the public with her “taking a year off” statement). she is a co-lead in the film- and she needs a hit to try and convince producers to hire her and finance films she is in. she piimps herself out for even the smallest role to try and show producers that she will go waaay above and beyond if they hire her. she is that desperate. she prob also has her agent lower her asking price for work. she desperately wants to remain in the limelight so she can continue to try and compete with angie. so pathetic.
    the “homewrecker” image is all part of an elaborate plan to try and change her image. she is trying to copy everything angelina cuz she now wants to be seen as edgy and as a bad girl. she wants angie’s career and fans’ adoration. eddie munster is her paid pr bf. she wants to create some type of controversy and for folks to see them as the new, hottest couple so people see their movie.
    because her pr strategy isnt working as successfully as she would like, she recently had her publicist huvane planting and denying info. again. because all the news recently was about whether or not brad/angie are getting married soon- huvane recently planted the “pre-engagement” rumors to the tabs. and ticky has told munster that they need to up their game and start holding hands in public now.
    and she copies angie (from the dresses to the lipgloss application in public to the black clothing to the tattoo and gets lip injections) and recycles brad’s previous quotes so that people make the comparisons. that is how she keeps the triangle alive. cuz without it- she doesnt generate enough publicity and will soon disappear. she knows it. she knows that she isn’t an a-lister. she is nothing without the brange. whats sad is that she is sooo beyond insecure and pathetic that she doesnt see how more and more desperate she looks with each and every move.
    so, expect more tattoos and more of her ridiculous pr relationship. his gf is in on it. they have a contract. just like she did with john mayer when she needed a date for the oscars to try and show up brad/angie on their night (cuz they were both nominated).
    she is still bitter and cruel and refuses to be ignored. thats why she stoops so low. from her oscars attendance to her friendship with chelsea handler.
    she would take brad back in a second. but we all know better- and aint no way he would even consider it.
    folks need to read his interviews and quotes more carefully. he makes passive-aggressive comments regarding ticky all the time. his latest mentioned the words “sh*t sitcom star”. too funny.
    for all the stupid fans that are blind, know this- brad hates ticky. trust that.
    she is a bitter, jealous, desperate, pathetic has-been that is trying sooo hard to cling to what’s left of her career. people are sick of seeing her and sick of her whining and sick of her exploiting brad/angie.
    she will never be as accomplished or respected as angie.
    ticky is a joke and her time is coming to an end.
    so expect more desperate copy-cat moves from her to try and stay relevant.
    when brad finally wins his oscar and gives his speech mentioning his one, true love angie- i will laugh so hard picturing ticky’s head exploding.
    ticky is a joke in hollywood.
    ticky is hollywood’s bicycle- everyone has had a cheap ride.
    p.s.- ticky (and/or her expensive pr team) reads these comments. anyone notice she suddenly stopped making her “platypus, duckface” faces in pics? we called her out for trying to call attention to her newly purchased lips (cuz we all know that they are really paper thin) so she can try and fool people into thinking she is sexy and desirable.
    so pathetic.
    ticky—-you will never be angie. you will never come close. you are done. you are just making yourself look like a fool now. try and keep what remaining dignity you may have left– just stop it now and be your self. and….go away and dont come back.
    pathetic hag.
    and btw- how did it feel to be butt-fuqked by butler in public. were you embarassed cuz he so openly disrespected you cuz he was sick of your fauxmance behavior during your booty hunter promo tour? it must have been humiliating for you since he gave sooo many interviews denying that you were anything more than acquaintance-type friends/co-workers.
    and we all know you are an avid chain-smoker to keep your weight down. you have a total smoker’s voice. you sound like a man. 🙂

  105. Ally says:

    I didn’t realize Justin was the nephew of Paul Theroux (great writer, author of “The Mosquito Coast”). That’s cool… and officially suggests he’s too smart for J.An’s California sun-fried brain (though his oufits suggest some clueless vanity).

    I always thought part of what made her marriage to Brad Pitt fail was that she did nothing but film and laze around in L.A. Pitt’s romantic history suggests he like strong women with their own busy, project-filled lives.

  106. Pity says:

    Cheyenne – Re: Brad. Yes he was a coward. Brad should have divorced Jennifer long before if what people believe is true that their marriage was over long before the actual official seperation. Brad should have filed for divorce long before the picture of Angie and him was taken on the beach in Africa. (Let’s be honest that was their way of saying we are together) The paps did not just “find them”. See Angie was labelled a homewrecker at that time. Jen had said nothing then. It was months before Jen’s interview hit the magazine. Jen did not change how Angie was viewed – Brad and Angie did that on their own by staging those photos.

    The second problem – they didn’t keep their mouths shut. Remember Angie’s where she talked about Jen? That is not keeping their mouths shut.

    I think that it is fine that you didn’t like Jen’s interview with vanity fair. It is also fine to critize it – but don’t pretend that that interview brought down the homewrecker title on Angie – it had started long before that when she “stole” Billy Bob (what a catch that was!)

    And what is with calling names “silly twit” – Adults remember. Fine to disagree but lets stop the names calling (yes that goes for those who call Angie names to – I don’t you notice)

  107. Norman says:

    if JA didnt steal JT from Heidi, then AJ didnt steal BB from Laura Dern. Cuz as all jenhags proclaim, “They werent married!”. lol.

  108. Cheyenne says:

    @Rena: Regardless of what People mag said, there is no way north of hell, in this market, that Aniston got $38 million for that house.

  109. Cherry Rose says:

    @jocular – Like I’ve said, the Loonies on here (both sides) believe that there is no middle ground in this. You either love them, or you hate them and thus must be attacked because your opinion does not match theirs. It’s best to try not to point out logic to them, because they think you’re insulting their precious Jolie (or Aniston) if you do.

  110. anonymous says:

    JA have ended up with an ugly man God Bless Her, Jolie fans and her fans should be glad for her, hopes she goes away and have those ugly children.

  111. Josephina says:


    Chelsea is a scary creature pretending to be human. That Jennifer fancies Chelsea as a worthy friend to be seen in public is more than an offense for most of us. It’s like being friends with the Grand Wizard of the KKK and then saying “Well, he doesn’t treat me that way.” Now that Aniston has a boyfriend, I bet the Chelsea’s Angie bashing will all of a sudden lose steam and become non-existent. Wonder why?

    Aniston IS responsible for the 2005 Vanity Fair article AND starting the triangle. She started the sympathy train. I got off the train when she would not shut up about it beyond the first year.

    She runs her mouth to the press and she looks foolish talking about a man who clearly does not want her. Name another actress who is stupid enough to reference their ex-husband post-divorce continuously and for years?

    “The honest truth is that Jenifer had nothing to do with the bad press Angie received.” Bollocks. Are you kidding me? The last seven years we have been burdened with a litany of poor choices/decisions from Jen in her personal and professional life to the point that now she is just ridiculed for her foolery and coattailing of the Brad and Angelina. Now you want to comment on those of us who are calling her out. Apparently, there does not exist enough common sense within the Goddess Circle of Friends to advise or prevent Jen from her sorry choices in men, her incessant name dropping about a dead end marriage, and choosing scripts for unremarkable supporting roles.

    Furthermore, that she felt it necessary to weigh in (“uncool”) on anything that Angie said 3 YEARS AFTER THE FACT to an interviewer…is beyond pathetic. She publicly confirmed to the entire world, like a dummy, that she still was not over her marriage to Brad. TMI.

  112. Jess says:

    He’s balding with small feet. I’m done!

  113. mary simon says:

    I think she got her nose tweeked again.

  114. Juliesunflower says:

    @pity, all these apologies from Aniston’s fans is a little late after all the name calling Angie got; some like chelsea went very low and started on her children(unforgivable) ridiculing them at every turn. Used to like Aniston alot but I became a diehard fan of Jolie after handler’s rant – the friends you keep says alot about you.

  115. Juliesunflower says:

    @norman, those are some of the sweetest words I have read. I am sure all Jen’s fans must be frothing at the mouth. LOL. This is a nice weekend post from CB!

  116. Taker says:

    They look sooo good!! .. And even way better together!…. They really do make a great good looking couple (End of story) and really all the brad and angelina hating fans need to get a life, brangelina is sooo…over-rated brad is an old guy with highlights and a small weiner and angelina went from hot to good looking…. (for a mom!) lol besides she has DSL 😀

  117. thesea says:

    I can’t wait to see what movie role she is going to pick next.

    It is extraordinary she sold her house in this market but as I heard one of her friends say in an interview, Jennifer is the type that is good at every thing she tries, whether it is decorating, or cooking, or pets, or acting, or whatever.

    I sincerely think the reason her marriage didn’t work out is because they were a bad match world view wise. No matter what happened I think it would have crumbled. I mean I think there was chemistry there, but not that long term deep connection. Anyone who has been married or had a marriage fail knows that having like goals is more important than any chemistry for the day to day.

    Sometimes you have stars in your eyes when you marry and are blinded by your passions and romantic notions.

    I think we all agree that Brad is a coward letting the women take the brunt of the abuse. But women are braver than men. That is why they need us so badly.

  118. Rachel says:

    @Norman-take your meds!

  119. Jollyjolie says:

    @ pity
    The Brange was seen in Kenya on the 19th April almost a month AFTER the divorce was filed on the 25th of March…get your facts straight.

    Besides why are people still talking about this? Both have moved on.

  120. galaxy.girl says:

    Warm Leatherette hehe

  121. Dark Angel says:

    They look sooo good!! .. And even way better together!…. End of story and really all the brad and angelina hating fans need to get a life, brangelina is sooo…over-rated brad is an old guy with highlights and a small weiner and angelina went from hot to good looking…. (for a mom!) lol besides she has DSL 😀

  122. Dex says:

    Geez … You women or whatever the hell you are??? Have like no lives really! What so ever. just the moment this came out and the hate started. look at all these negative comments already how can you sit there all day on your (what I assume) fat asses and just trash talk this women over and over and anything she does with out even knowing her you have no idea at all who she is or what she’s like but yet you talk as if what you say are facts and now you excuse it with “were not hating on her were just criticizing her outfits” Geez save your selfs some time and energy and just say you’ll hate everything she’ll ever wear for the rest of her life. Good for jen that she has all this attention but most of it is the same people over and over (aj) fans (haters) and its all so messed up and its so retarded too that you believe everything you see in one picture when theres tons of others on-line that look nothing like these pictures that keep showing up. The media takes bad pictures on purpose that wind up in sites like this for people like you to talk. This is the first normal pic of them ive seen in a while and look amazingly good and most of all together all those bad pics you guys talk trash on are in fact for you! I mean come on think about it tons of paparazzi all over them with tons of cameras taking tons of shots over and over yet the only ones that seem to ever surface on here are the bad looking funny ones with weird faces of her over and over! Its obvious its on purpose jen is so pretty especially for her age she doesn’t deserve all this negativity and b.s from all of you and yes justin’s body looks weird that last pov which you guys totally bashed on he looked a wrong size a bit (he’s not) but even if it was oh well lots of guys have that structure. The funny thing is we seen pictures of him over and over and you just now notice this??… Like all the other picture’s of him where all wrong and that ones the right one to you guys…. For you guys to start saying all that shit LOL! you J.P fans are too funny no sorry justin’s sexy in real life and you ladys i’m sorry to say need some real lives. Okay whatever i’m over this whole thing but at lease now I know why they call this site “celebitchy” do I really need to say it?…..

    (please no reply to this since I don’t care to reply back my self i’m only giving my opinion, which i’m in title to like you guys say its how you justify everything fucked up you say )

  123. luce says:

    Norman : you right, her PR strategy is disgusting (chelsea). They read our comments ; internet is a good way to manage good communication.
    Jen told Us Weekly she “had a blast” working on the comedy.
    “I got to be as crazy as a loon and not worry about the repercussions”
    The use of the word “loon” is a provocation. The girl is not innocent, she’s a good manipulative.
    Well done Jen !

  124. siska says:

    @pity..very smart take on the whole deal,,keep it up!! anyway..there are no use to try to make sense for JA haters..they just hate her..and whatever reason even when she did something harmless and positive..they will always tear it up..
    Its funny but..they hate her so much..so they hang up on her..when jen didnt actually care about it..she live her life as grateful as she is..

  125. siska says:

    even when she said word loon..they suddenly felt very offensive about it..he..he

  126. Shy says:

    That man will run from her very soon. She is too possessive. It’s like she had her dog as a toy and then Norman died and now she brought herself new toy – Justin. All man have pride. And he will not tolerate this for long. It’s kind of embarrassing. She drugs him everywhere like a puppet.

    You know like man meets woman and they date. No big thing…. And then in three weeks woman already find a house where they would live and already looking for a baby cloth. That man will run from her faster then wind. This is exactly Aniston’s relationship with this Justin guy. They began to date and in three weeks it’s in every tabloid, she takes him to every country and looks like she spends with him 24 hours a day.

  127. W001 says:

    aj fans – LUNATICS!
    you have created an ENTIRE narrative on aniston’s life based on tabloid rumour.

    we DON’T know that Heidi and Justin’s relationship was 14 yrs. WE DON’t know the apartment situation, or her moving out of their (i.e cohabited) apartment is true or not. we know LESS about the specifics of this couple then most HW relationships. and we definitely know a LOT less about this relationship than we did about Brad and Jen back in their heyday. what i do know is based on an interview with Justin in 2003, he was living in his own apartment and was in between relationships. check out NYT JT interview. that’s less than 7 yrs. and secondly, i find it interesting that after the little tidbit about heidi’s relationship with JT from heidi’s publicist, and then additional coverage from JT’s friends on how it wasn’t that long and it was off and on for a while, there is NO OTHER COVERAGE.

    and in terms of press coverage – the mud slinging by jolie fans is acute, and far more volumous than any negative press jolie gets. I would like any of you to go to JJ site and see the number of comments on a JA post that’s rude and denigrating versus the number that would be considered rude and denigrating on AJ post. I mean, LaineyGossip, as delusional as she is, acknowledged the rabidness of jolie fans to the levels of twi-hard fans. that’s NOT a compliment.

    i don’t know why when something positive is said about Aniston in the press, it has to be PR bought, versus something negative, it is the HONEST TRUTH. it doesn’t make sense.

    and if she was so keen on this pr relationship, she would take him to her premieres. she doesn’t. because, bless her, she understands the tabloid rumour mill will just eat this relationship alive. she hasn’t had a guy with her in the last 3 movies that came out, and her fragrance launches, etc. so spare me this crap about it being a PR play. if JT is a smart boy, which he is, you think he would go along with this? what about Vince Vaughn? it just seems ridiculous.

    and she didn’t start the pity party. if jolie AND brad have carte blanche in discussing their relationship every chance they get, then WHY doesn’t aniston have the right about her personal relationships, past and present. i don’t understand the double standard? And she made like 3 freaking comments over the last 6 years. Jolie stated once she would like to sit down with Aniston to have a ‘discussion’, or I know he was with his best friend at the time. Aniston has said time and time again, that she is HAPPY. EXTREMELY HAPPY. and BLESSED. she sounds grateful, and self-assured. and VERY down to earth.

    pity – bless you for being so diplomatic with these crazies. these fans got a couple of comments on their posts regarding ‘racist comments about their kids’ out of thousands of comments posted and characterize it as a deluge of constant attacks. off their rockers, this lot. there’s no point in reasoning with them.

  128. Jollyjolie says:

    The jenhens are out on full force..bahaha. Who let the dogs out. Its not just aj fans who think Aniston is famewhore lol..even cnn called her out on it.

  129. crazydaisy says:

    JA has the worst taste in men.

    And didn’t belly shirts go out a few years ago? I do have to say that like her or not, Jen does look great in clothes, but get with the styles, girlfriend!

  130. luce says:

    WWOO1 : ja fan FANATIC : I would like you to go to DLISTED site and see the number of comments on a AJ post that’s rude and denigrating versus the number that would be considered rude and denigrating on JA post.

  131. Ell says:

    @W001 – a good sane account of the facts, well said:)

  132. kira says:

    There’s a statement from Aniston’s people to People magazine, lettting everyone know that she and Justin are moving in together. Bold move. Nothing says true love like talking to the press about the intimate details of your relationship. Her people have been talking about her relationship more times than Kim Kardashian. I guess she wants to make it perfectly clear to everyone that she’s changed her image?

    Heidi, Justin’s longtime girlfriend, only moved out last month. She released a statement about it on June 14th, and called the whole thing “unfortunate” a few weeks ago. Now, weeks later, Aniston moves in with him? Talk about rubbing it in. She might as well wear “A LOW HEIDI” t-shirt. This whole lying/cheating affair makes them both look tacky and classless–particularly Aniston who talked about Pitt missing a sensitivity chip for moving on too quickly. Now, here she is rubbing it in that she’s moving in with this guy so soon? So hypocritical of her. 🙁

  133. Lady D says:

    @cheyenne, “there is a very thin line between pity and contempt,”
    Good to know I’m not the only one that feels this way. I was a little worried about my ability to emphathize.

  134. W001 says:

    dlisted doesn’t count. they lampoon EVERYONE. besides, please explain a denigrating comment on an AJ post versus JA post? please. for jolie fans, saying that dress looks ugly on jolie is the biggest affront to their ‘goddess’, so we need a barometer on what exactly you construe as negative on the posts, and what you construe as ‘more than on another post’.

    and for the love of god. no one has to be a ja fan fanatic to realize half the crap tabloids spew is nonsense. jp fanatics would understand this by now given the head the jp couple get.

    and missing a sensitivity chip comment was about the W article and photo spread. in the span of ‘insensitive crap pulled’ i would call the behaviour of pitt a year after the marriage ended as distasteful. a W spread on playing house, adopting a child, fathering a child, giving interviews talking about your relationship, all the while saying nothing ‘dastardly’ is happening is pretty insensitive. especially given how famous the ex-wife is and that she will have to answer questions in the press given she’s a public figure. sorry. heidi, if any wrong doing happened, will never get the brunt of this.

    and i’m impressed by how dedicated anti-aniston fans are. they are typically the first to know what aniston news gets published, and the first to comment on most posts about her. THAT is the definition of desperate.

  135. Toe says:

    OMG Amy whinehouse died!!! Google people!!

  136. Juliesunflower says:

    @woo1, sorry but the shoes are on Jen’s fans now and I hope they like way it pinches. Calling Jolie’s fans crazies shows desperation and the inability to hold brief for Jen. Case closed.LOL.

  137. Cheyenne says:

    @Toe: I don’t know anyone who didn’t see that coming. What a waste.

  138. foozy says:

    AMY WINEHOUSE IS DEAD. such a talent. what a shame. loved her RIP

  139. luce says:

    WOO1 : well try stephen, but you failed !

  140. W001 says:

    dude i thought the winehouse thing was a joke, but man, this is terrible. i know people have been saying she was on the fast track to this kind of an end but it’s still shocking when it happens.

    and who is stephen, luce?

  141. Cheyenne says:

    @W001: Stephen is Stephen Huvane, Aniston’s publicist. She never goes anywhere or makes a move without him.

    If you call Pitt’s behavior a year after he dumped Aniston “insensitive”, what do you call Aniston shacking up with Theroux only a few months after he dumped his partner of 14 years?

    Well, it’s all moot. In a year or less Theroux will dump her like all the others have done and she’ll have something else to whine about.

  142. Juliesunflower says:

    Amy Winehouse is dead! Total waste of talent. Fame is a heavy coat to wear which is why fans take umbrage when their favourites are attacked unjustly with no means of address to allegations. RIP Amy.

  143. Heaven bound says:

    @W001 and Dex

    I applaud you for your common sense and staying true to fact and not fiction. But it is a waist of time to try and reason with some of these people. Specifically with Cheyenne, she has this huge axe to grind apparently with someone she has never met. But thats why they are called ‘fanatics’ a person with an obsessive interest in and enthusiasm for something.

    I say to everyone invested in this triangle, try being a fanatic of your own life!

  144. Juliesunflower says:

    @lolita, the froth is too much in your mouth. Spit it out dear.

  145. Cheyenne says:

    Now really Lolita, I think you’re overstating your case. I’ve never read a single comment on here saying that Brad Pitt hated or still hates his ex-wife. I think he grew tired of her very quickly (there’s not really enough to her to hold anyone’s interest for very long), but he hung in there to try to salvage the marriage to the point when he realized there was nothing there worth salvaging. And then, of course, he met Angelina.

    As to the people you mention who refer to “my Shi” etc, they give me the creepy-crawlies. But they’re honestly not harming anyone.

  146. Lolita says:

    @ Cheyenne, I know he doesn’t hate her, and that’s my point. If Brad himself doesn’t seem to harbor any ill feelings against her, then why in the world do so many of his and Angelina’s fans seem to outright HATE her, and speak about her in the same way they would Casey Anthony (evil, manipulative, I’ve read it all)…

  147. Toe says:

    There are a lot of people on here i want to respond to but if you guys could just read JOSEPHINA post (114), she responds to most of you.
    I dont hate on Jen, but please, we must all accept that she really milked the triangle for her benefits and certainly the tabs helped her to that (and pity her too)
    If you go to Youtube and see some of Jens old interviews (with the friends cast)…there is something peronal she always had to battle with. I always wanted to know what it was, it was never asked in details. Maybe that was the thing that broke up her marriage.

  148. W001 says:

    @cheyenne. oh okay. well then i’m not stephen. and you are right – i misspoke (figuratively). i meant within a year. not after. because kid adopting, baby making and W photo spread happened all within a year. this is all beside the point.

    when people say she milked it, I don’t get it. i think she made 3 comments in the media directly and referenced to her former life off hand sometimes in response to a question. but she has every right to do that, as it is HER LIFE. she didn’t say feel sorry for me. she said yes, it was painful, yes that experience informed my experience on that film. but beyond that, this woman has never said please pity me, i’m sad, and always lonely. she said the exact opposite. if jp are allowed to talk about how they first met and how they first adopted, and how they decided to have kids, and then decided to have biological kids, etc, etc, why is it not okay for her to talk about her past – good or bad?

    and i don’t understand – how do we know that the relationship is 14 yrs? i thought it was since 2004 or something when theroux and bivens met? and that it was on and off, and that she’s in another relationship already? how do we know it’s a fact? because this relationship was never subject to the level of public scrutiny that brad and jen had.

  149. lil says:

    W001: fail!

    this part of your comment is incredible:
    “and in terms of press coverage – the mud slinging by jolie fans is acute, and far more volumous than any negative press jolie gets.”

    Let me change some of the words yousaid :
    I would like any of you to go to the FF or the IUC sites and see the number of comments on any JP related JA post (hundreds of them, and as old as 6 years ) that are rude and denigrating versus the number that would be considered rude and denigrating on a JA post. (actually they SUPER protective of JA, saying that those forums are for bashing the JPs only, not to criticize JA.

    As for Lainey, please, lainey has compared both sets of jen and JP fans to twi-hards, and she has said this of the jen fans. These are quotes from her:
    “the Holy Trinity of Crazy Fan Groups: Brangelunatics, Aniston freaks, and Twi-hard losers”
    “As for your excitement about Angelina”s pregnancy, I”m so happy to hear that. I was starting to believe that the only people who read my column are racist Aniston freaks and psychos, praying for a miscarriage and wishing ill on their new multi-cultural family. Thank Goddess for sane, well adjusted people like you.”
    “The moral of the story? The Friend is a Fraud, y”all. And to all you rabid Aniston fans who love bombarding me with hate mail and AIDs wishes – trust me, I sympathise with your situation. I know the pity poor me routine was just too hard to resist. I know how refreshing it was at one time to see a completely average, ho hum nobody marry a sex god because it meant that maybe you too could have had a chance at grasping the golden ring. I know how convincing she was as the “every girl”, as the celebrity you would want to have over for dinner, believing she wouldn’t care that you didn”t have Moet chilling in the fridge and a Balenciaga throw to put over her shoulders if she felt a chill. ”

    “some of the deranged blind item board members/Jennifer Aniston fans on that message board you go to??? ”

    You can check the quotes, it only took a 2 min search in google to find them.

  150. toni says:

    Wow! Unfortunately people will be taking about this 20 years from now. Celebrities divorce everyday, and some how this has a hold on the public. Why can’t people let go?

  151. Cheyenne says:

    @W001: She didn’t want pity? Then why did she practically drown herself in floods of tears during that Vanity Fair interview? If she didn’t want pity she wouldn’t even have consented to do that interview. And then she had to make that comment in Vogue three years later? If she was so happy and content and over it, she would have kept her mouth shut.

  152. thesea says:

    Anywho, back to the subject, I do think he is manly and I do think he looks very protective of her. I totally like this guy. He looks like somebody who could carry on a real conversation.

    Also, being a Greek woman, I think Jen is someone who is really passionate, so this guy must have it going on.

    now, off subject:
    I think we turn these two women into adversaries in our own minds. Why? I have no idea. Guess? Probably a lot of projection going on. Like the negative you can’t accept in yourself you project onto others. We are all prone to it.

    I am a Jen fan because of her vulnerability. That is what makes her so appealing. I can’t relate to badass women. I don’t want to be a badass woman. I just want to be me and I am actually vulnerable, sometimes gullible, exceedingly trusting, and I have been hurt. (But I have also been loved.) I wouldn’t want it to be any other way. Because it is real, it’s true for me. Tough exteriors just look to me like people protecting themselves at the cost of others.

    Being hurt is part of life and loving. There is no love without suffering. Jen was willing to suffer for love. Brad’s capacity for suffering was not very much.

  153. Cheyenne says:

    @thesea: Many women have suffered in life and lost people they loved, Angelina Jolie among them. The difference between them and Aniston is they didn’t make a career of whining about it.

    Vulnerability is one thing; nobody is invulnerable to loss and pain. How you deal with it is something else again. Whether you choose to wallow in self-pity or pick yourself up and move on is up to you.

  154. Norman says:

    people need to read the GQ interview she gave (the one where she posed naked to promote a family dog movie). her bitterness bleeds through the article. and yes- brad hates ticky. she has her bestie attack his kids and wife. read his quotes carefully- he has mentioned “love”, “woman he is with now”, “shiit sitcome star”, etc……he makes passive-agressive comments all the time. my personal fave- “I don’t care to speak about speculations, or, about unrelated third parties with whom I am in no way related to……” lol.

  155. Eve says:

    @ Ell:

    @Eve – with respect I really don’t get the point you are making, apart from reiterating what I said. Personally I wouldn’t waste my time posting something filled with spite and negativity. I’m not in to the Triangle, so Kendra I’m not interested in she did this, he said that etc.

    My point, which I thought was very clear, is that people who hate her or any other celebrity feel the need to express their feelings towards said celebrities just like those who like them.

    You wondered why someone who is so hated (Aniston) would get so many comments because you think hate should be a reason for avoiding someone — meaning if they hate her so much they shouldn’t comment on her posts. I, on the other hand, think hate is reason to care and comment on people. Sometimes I do that, sometimes I don’t.

    For instance: I hate Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts, Glee, Mel Gibson and Lady Gaga — each one of them for different reasons (except in Roberts and Portman’s case: I think they’re made of the very same cunning bitch material) — and sometimes I feel like posting about it. I have that right because this is a public website.

    I know that there are people who hate those I love. They have the right to express their opinion too.

    So I don’t think they’re truly “fascinated” by Aniston. The fact they post on the threads about her means they feel a certain way about her and would like to express it.

    By the way, I really don’t think she’s harmless. Just by looking at the people with whom she associates you can tell she can’t possibly be that nice.

  156. Pity says:

    Cheyenne: Since her divorce Aniston has started her own movie company, stared in 11 movies (3 of them over 100,000,000), revonated a home, entertained friends and family, vacationed, dated, etc. If that is not picking yourself up and moving on – what is? Or is the only way she can move on is to have a baby?

    Jennifer gave her Vanity Fair interview when she was sad and vulnerable. For some reason people believe that Jen should have pretended that she was not hurt and acted like the break up of a marriage was no big deal. I personally respect her for telling her true feelings. Yes she cried, yes she was upset. So? Should she have laughed and said that marriage meant nothing to her? Since that original interview she has specifically mentioned Brad/Angie twice. Once in response to Angie comments about her. Should Jen have keep her mouth shut when Angie said we would welcome a “talk” with Jen? Angie really asked for a reply. Anyone with an ounce of self-esteem would reply to a comment like that. I certainly hopes that if Jen gives an interview and says she would like a talk with Heidi that Heidi responds and makes Jen look a fool. She has repeatdly said that she is happy and content and loves her life. I think that she has moved on fine but that Brad/Angie fans haven’t moved on at all. They love posting how whiny and pathetic Jen is. They love thinking that poor Jen is desperate for Brad and is devestated by seeing pictures of him with Angie. Truth is she could not care less. Brad/Angie fans need to move on.

  157. HuvaneGetsPaid says:

    iggy pop and eddie munster= true love (not fake pr at all!)

  158. Anonymous says:

    I just don’t see that Jennifer has wallowed in self pity. She didn’t marry the first guy who came along (on the rebound). She was careful to process all her feelings, to be honest with herself about the pain of a failed marriage, and she shared a very small fraction of that with her fans. But the bulk of her time since then has been spent making movies, giving a vast majority of cheerful, funny interviews, doing promotional tours, renovating a famous house, and getting to know new people. I don’t think anyone wallowing in self pity could have accomplished all of that.

    There are so many gross exaggerations made to support a point that for some reason, and I think self reflection is in order for those who make them, it is hard to take these arguments and accusations even a bit seriously.

    “She never goes anywhere without her publicist.” Now that is simply untrue. It is a gross blanket, exaggerated statement made for the purpose of persuading others of something that is simply untrue. “Brad hates her.” “She floods herself in tears.” These statements are just so over the top exaggerated. “She is talentless.” Again, simply untrue. You could argue more or less of it, but I don’t think you could ever say in truth that she is talentless.

    Clearly many of you don’t like her. But I would like to hear the real reasons for a change. That would be refreshing. Perhaps you might do a little reflecting and get back to us.

    I don’t think anyone has done more to hurt womens rights than other women. Would you prefer we take away Jennifer’s right to smoke or vote? Would you really like the only options for a women to be respected to be on the arm of a man and to have children? Think about what you are saying before you drag the women’s movement back. When you denigrate other women’s choices because they are not the choices you would make you limit yourselves in the future. When you denigrate a women for her looks you behave worse than a ill bred frat boy. When you belittle a woman’s accomplishments you make recognition of your own a little harder. And when you try to make a woman fall because you don’t like her, that makes you a murderer of sorts. Women who deserve to will fall on their own anyway. You don’t need to push them over the cliff.

    Perhaps check for hyperboles before you submit your comments.

  159. loopygorilla says:

    July 22nd, 2011 at 8:45 am

    That is the best idea i have ever heard!

  160. As I logged out of my email I came across this little ‘gem’ from OMG! from Yahoo called ‘aniston goes public with beau’.At the time it had over 500 comments,and the majority of them VERY negative.So, I just wanted to be the first to let you aniston fans know that:Those people over there are in need of a SERIOUS ass-stompin’!!And I know if anyone can stomp a knot in a jen-haters ass,its you guys.And also,while being off topic,there were some comments that were quite helpful.So,just in case your feet get tired of stompin’ anti-jen scum into flower bed mulch you can:Learn tips on how to save money,refinance your mortage for 3.44%,AND find out what rich people are hiding from the rest of us.(I’d like to know that myself).Other than that paint on ya warface,and let the ass-stompin’force be with you!As for me,Santa Claus just sent me a reply email(Yeah,I mail my mess out early)stating that since I have forsaken my real life,in oder to make snarky,opinionated comments about aniston on Celebitchy,that I should be expecting snail slime in my stocking.Hmmm…I also have a very bad feeling the Easter Bunny may be on to me as well.

  161. Wings says:

    @ anonymous loved it from beginning to end.. that’s showing them…

  162. Josephina says:

    Wings, Pity and Anonymous–

    It is what she said in her interviews that we are holding her accoutnable as an insecure, pathetic, coattailing mediocre actress. If you are vulnerable and upset, then why in the world are you doing interviews with the public? She appeared no better than the women on the reality show Housewives of NJ, OC, BH and NYC. Furthermore, wouldn’t conversations like that belong solely with a therapist or close friends? Were they not enough of a support to stop her from taking it to the public? It was none of the world’s business to know her pain, however, she invited the public into her personal life by crying about her perceived loss and pain.

    The ugly truth is that her “progress” in moving on would have been further retarded had she not manipulated the media for sympathy and revenge. And this is why she is known more as a celebrity rather than as a remarkable movie actress.

    She made a choice to make it known to the public that she had a definite opinion about Angie, on a repeated basis. Her choices reek of immaturity and some of you think like her. Aniston does not have a relationship with Angie and is was proven during the uncool remark. She puts her business in the streets and is thoughtless when she speaks. You cannot claim to be over your ex if you are still harboring negative feelings about his wife and children.

    She completed the distasteful GQ magazine spread and interview 3-4 years AFTER her divorce and WAS STILL TALKING ABOUT ANGIE. Was she vulnerable then as well? Again, same scenario: interviewer asks her questions about Brad/Angie and she could not resist to comment. This time she was intentionally unpleasant…on record. Again, her choice to air negative feelings is ugly and a reflection upon her.

    Don’t cry me a river about this woman. She deserves the criticism she gets. Hopefully she will grow up soon.

  163. Mary says:

    Oh my God, I love Aniston threads! Just because of the commenters.
    Everyone should be over the triangle, but no, in every thread about Jen or Jolie there are people still focusing on this.
    Please, do not stop, this is really funny!
    Thank you all.

  164. Camille says:


    ‘Manly and protective’?? LOL!

    @Jenny #10: LOL! I agree with you. 😀

  165. Neo says:

    Made up story for jp fans to talk ugh… So retarded there happy and in love. no matter how many made up stories are invented or how many fucked up hating comments she gets you can’t bring them down …there not walking right together (so stupid!)….that didn’t for tell anything and oh her publicist happened to want to be there now I wonder why a publicist might want to be there and observe this… (new couple) just to later talk about there experience its not like its his job or anything please!…. at the end of the these negative stories and negative comments are made up and opinions what are facts is that there together Theres a bigger plan for the future looking into buying homes and they seem happy and in love..

  166. Camille says:

    @Eve #158: You nailed it. Excellent comment and I agree with *everything* you said 100%.

  167. shalibali says:

    I think its great that Jen is finding happiness. Angie and Brad put her through emotional hell with all their mag spreads. Its like Angie deliberately wanted to hurt Jen. Anyways, Jen did not break up a marriage, and yes that says something. It says that Justin wasnt ready to totally commit to his then girlfriend. also, if a man is happy, married or not he wont leave the relationship. Stop blaming Jen. I think shes a great funny actress , just like a modern day Goldie Hawn. And I hope this works out for her.

  168. Anita says:

    I am still trying to work out where Jen wins with the Brangie fans. If she is single, she has not moved on, if she dates, she is fake or the man is a loser or something. Jen has fans believe it or not, that is why she is still in this business. No harm in her finding happiness. Hope this is for real.

  169. bugsy says:

    @Cheyenne: “Many women have suffered in life and lost people they loved, Angelina Jolie among them. The difference between them and Aniston is they didn’t make a career of whining about it.”

    Aniston has said a couple of things over the years regarding the (very public) split. Pitt has also said several things. And finally, Jolie has said several things, many of them came first, and then Aniston responded to them, and Pitt responded to Aniston. They have ALL spoken about it, and they have ALL continued to let it be the main focus of why they’re so popular. They could have ended it. But they let the speculation continue. It’s part of show business, and I guarantee that they are all aware of how much it’s talked about. It keeps them in the papers. Because let’s be honest. A celeb CAN fly under the radar when they choose to. And finally, I couldn’t help but respond to your comment by saying that Jolie has pretty much talked about her dead mother in almost every interview she’s done since her death. If she can cry about her dead mother, then Jennifer can cry over her dead marriage. In the end, both women “lost” other people they loved. I agree with the several people on this site who say that the men are the bigger cads. Brad has let both women take a beating in the press. As for Justin, it remains to be seen, as we haven’t got the full story yet. And I also agree with the people saying that Jen didn’t “create” Jolie’s character as homewrecker, just as Heidi hasn’t “made” Jen out to be a homewrecker. It’s what Jolie IS. They were calling them out on local news channels for crying out loud, long before Jen ever gave that interview. BTW, I finally read it. And it’s sympathetic to her ex and extremely heartbreaking. She was vulnerable and heartsick, and that’s understandable. She doesn’t “milk” anything. She was married and with the guy for 7 years. It’s ok to be sad when it ends like that. And we have yet to find out if Jen really is a homewrecker or not. I know it’ll piss all of you off, but because he wasn’t married to Heidi, we don’t have a timeline. We have no idea what the state of their relationship is. Just as we would have no idea whether Brad is cheating on Angie or vice versa, simply because the state of their relationship isn’t public beyond what we are allowed to see. Brad and Jen were married, and then he met Angie, and then he got divorced and almost simultaneously impregnated Jolie. When you have that “stupid piece of paper”, you also lose the ability to keep certain things private. Everyone knows the state of your union. When a man picks up on you at a bar, you can check to see if he’s married. But you can’t check to see if he’s living with or sleeping with someone. It makes it really simple for people who are waiting for something better to come along. Jen may have wrecked a home (?) but we’re not going to know it. Heidi wasn’t famous, and they weren’t even “famously together”. Jen could have been in the dark. Even IF Heidi speaks out, it’s her word against Justin’s. That’s the convenience that keeps a lot of people from marrying. That little piece of paper comes back to haunt them when they want to leave.

  170. Anonymous says:


    “If she can cry about her dead mother, then Jennifer can cry over her dead marriage.”

    that was really funny

    and you make some excellent points I have never thought of about living with someone –


  171. kira says:

    Gotta love the fans. They have the corner market on hypocrisy. So, Jen is allowed to date some guy while he was living with his longtime girlfriend, but Jolie and Brad were wrong? Jen met the guy last October. There are pictures of them out together in May. His girlfriend of 14 yrs moved out on June 14th. She released a pissed statement about it through her publicist. Heidi also called the split “unfortunate” and said she won’t talk unless Justin/Jen say something first. Neither Justin or Jen have denied any of the cheating claims. But sure, there’s nothing there…riiiggght.

    If you are going to say that Brad/Angelina cheated, then the same goes for Aniston. Both situations are similar. It makes no sense to say that one pair cheated, and then bend over backwards to excuse someone else who does the SAME thing. 😉

    And talk about pulling something out of your you-know-what. Angelina did not talk about her dead mother for 7 years. Moreover, she does not bring it up every time she has a movie to promote. Aniston just brought up her break-up on James Lipton. She was asked about a movie, and then she talked about how it reminded her of her divorce. Last year, she did an interview for People titled, “Jen: 5 Years After Brad.” She has a history of using this relationship for publicity. Many people have noticed, including CNN, Pajiba, D-listed, Kaiser, you name it.

  172. Anonymous says:

    No, she talks about her kids every time she has a movie to promote.

  173. kira says:

    At least that’s a more accurate statement. The dead mother statement is absolutely ridiculous, tho.

  174. siska says:

    bugsy..your comment very smart and fair..love it

  175. W001 says:

    “And talk about pulling something out of your you-know-what. Angelina did not talk about her dead mother for 7 years. Moreover, she does not bring it up every time she has a movie to promote.”

    – no just a youtube video dedicated to her mother… her discussion on her mother is more than once, and Brad has also talked about it. And I don’t begrudge her for it – it’s her mother, it had an impact on her, and she can talk about it however many times she wants. I can choose to NOT listen or read. My point, is good or bad, these celebrities talk about their personal life. For chrissakes, Jolie has talked about the particulars of her family, how she decided that bio kids were not going to be an issue, and the personalities about her kids, her relationship with Brad, how she still is friends with her exes, how her father and her are working it out, etc, etc. She sold their pictures to tabloids as well! We know of her personal battles BECAUSE she talks about them. I don’t see why Aniston can’t talk about it either? Especially when she got asked about it – by interviewers, by James Lipton, by Extra, by ET, by Oprah. EVERYONE. And Bugsy’s post is worth reading again to understanding exactly why no one is hitting Aniston with ‘homewrecker’ labels yet (INCLUDING THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA). Because, we don’t KNOW ANYTHING about his relationship with his Ex. Where’s CNN with their expose on this?