Megan Fox’s cat-face covers Elle China, she discusses her “beauty secrets”


Here is Megan Fox’s cover and pictorial for the August issue of Elle China. I have no idea what she’s promoting, but I do think that this is a new or relatively new photo shoot. It’s being promoted that way on Megan’s fansites, and it seems like this is some super-tweaked version of her 2011 Face. Is it racist to say that Megan is on the cover of a Chinese fashion magazine right now because she’s tweaked herself to look part-Asian? I don’t think it’s racist. She honestly looks part-Asian at this point. No disrespect to all of the beautiful Asian women out there – you are much prettier than Megan Fox. And she was much prettier before she screwed with her face.

Meanwhile, Megan sat down with Marie Claire UK to discuss her “beauty secrets”. Some are actually kind of interesting:

Less is more: My beauty philosophy is ‘less is more’, so my daily routine consists of washing my face thoroughly and moisturising with La Roche-Posay sunscreen [Anthelios AC SPF30 High Protection Fluide Extreme, £15.50]. I drink lots of water and think it’s important to get lots of sleep.

Hair color: I always wanted to be blonde when I was little, like Barbie and Pamela Anderson, but it would really damage my hair. It was exotic to me, as my entire family has dark hair. If I did it, I would go white- blonde- really platinum.

Femininity: My definition of beauty is simplicity, elegance and sensuality. Ava Gardner is my beauty icon. I think that when a woman is in harmony with herself and remains true to her values, she will glow naturally. Femininity doesn’t depend on what you wear or how you look. It’s an attitude.

No cardio: Sport gives me positive energy so I exercise everyday with my trainer, Harley Pasternak. Each circuit is 45 minutes long and I lift weights but never do cardio

No diet: I eat five times a day and don’t diet, but I do eat healthily- mostly raw and vegan food, with no dairy. It’s not always possible with travel and filming, but I try. I also take supplements like silica and fish oil religiously.

Makeup: I try to keep my make-up fresh, clean and pretty on the red carpet. My signature look is red lipstick worn with plain eyes, so I apply a light foundation, then on my cheeks I use blush or sometimes the same lipstick that I’m wearing. Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani Lipstick in 400, £23, contrasts well with my pale complexion and dark hair.

No makeup: Even when I’m working I don’t like wearing too much make-up, but when I’m on my own I go bare-faced as I like to give my skin a rest.

Moisturize with grapeseed oil: with I have to wash my face every 12 hours and then moisturize. I only take showers as I don’t like sitting in bath water. After my shower I moisturize with Grapeseed Oil from Whole foods [Cold Pressed Organic Oil, £12.60]. It’s a great moisturizer and lighter than olive oil.

[From Marie Claire]

Some of it seems pretty honest – in candid photos, Megan is often without makeup, and even though her face is tweaked beyond recognition, you can tell that she takes pretty good care of her skin. I’ve never heard about moisturizing with Grapeseed oil, though! Do you bitches really do that? When my skin dries out on my face, I use Olay’s Age Defying night cream. It works like a charm!





Photos courtesy of Elle China.

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  1. fancyamazon says:

    My cleansing and moisturizing choices are all from Lush brand. And my shampoo, and my henna hair dye, and well, all my bath products really. I love their celestial moisturizer. No store near me, and it drives my boyfriend crazy sometimes because it ends up being the central part of some of our trips to the nearest urban centre. : )

  2. carrie says:

    don’t forget botox and fillers!

  3. mannequin says:

    The words all sound right, but they don’t fit her. Who among us couldn’t be gorgeous with unlimited surgeries, unlimited shopping budgets and a personal trainer? Simplicity, huh?

  4. Quest says:

    Was this a creature feature editorial?

  5. keith133 says:

    she actually looks pretty hot in these pictures

  6. Goofpuff says:

    Yeah she left out all the plastic surgery she did. I love Lancome moisturizers. Their eye makeup remover works better than anything out there for removing waterproof eye makeup without tugging on delicate skin.

  7. ladybert62 says:

    She does have some interesting comments and doesnt come across as dumb as dirt which is what I thought she was.

    Those pictures belong in playboy not Elle!

    And she is right that sexy and feminine are attitudes – and the less clothes you have on, in my opinion, makes one seem desperate to achieve sexiness.

    Thus, it is ironic that after her comments, in those pictures, she appears with few clothes on!

  8. Rita says:

    The only “tweaking” I see is a bit of a “China Doll” face with the accentuated red lips.

    PS.-Our Asian sisters are not so sensitive or vulnerable as to see racism in a cover shot or innocent comment. They can do the math….they’re all really good at math lol.

  9. Penguen says:

    I love Lush, too! It’s too bad their skincare stuff breaks me out. I love everything else they make. Ever since I moved away from a place with three (!) Lushes to a place that has none, it’s been pretty dire.

    Kaiser, I’ve never heard about moisturizing with grapeseed oil but I can kind of understand. A lot of people actually use kitchen oils to clean their face. I used to use a combination of EVOO and castor oil to clean mine. It worked nicely, but was a pain in the bitch if I got it on my clothes.

  10. Theuth says:

    Having a sort of mixed skin (both oily and dry, depending on zones) I usually keep my face clean, using cleasing milk and tonic lotion on morning and before going bed: I don’t use makeup (the few times I put it on I’m very careful about washing my face after I’m done), I do a scrub a couple of times a week and I put on cream when I go out (sunscreen in summer, here in Italy the sun is brutal).

    But to me raw and vegan food ARE DIETS! Healthy, it’s debatable…

  11. Eleonor says:

    Does she give the cell number of her plastic surgeon?

  12. courtney says:

    not everybody in her chosen industry uses botox some examples that don’t are Joely Richardson her mother Vanessa Redgrave Sophia Loren & Joanne Woodward. to them it’s craft that matters not youthful looks

  13. corey says:

    there’s always this vacancy in her faces when she poses. I don’t think it means she is actually vacant, I just don’t like that sorta dazed look she does in her modeling. It makes her look like a blow up doll.

  14. MB says:

    Chick needs to keep her “beauty secrets” to herself because they clearly arent working! This once-hot girl is now looking pretty rough.

    Very unflattering makeup in the closeup boxing shot too.

  15. Laura says:

    I don’t think that was actually her who answered those questions.

  16. wunderkindt says:

    “Plastic surgery is really the key”
    (So how can we say this in Chinese?)

  17. Catherine says:

    Aside from the cover shot which really shows the extent of her surgeries, I think she looks very pretty here.
    @Theuth – veganism isn’t a “diet”. There are tons of fat vegans, professional athletes who are vegan, etc. And the health of veganism is just as “debatable” as any other food choices There are healthy vegans and others who subside on nothing but potato chips JUST like there are plenty of healthy omnivores and others who eat nothing but fast food.

  18. munchies says:

    wheres the Marilyn Monroe tattoo?

  19. velourazure says:

    she “never does cardio”? what kind of exercise routine is that? and it sounds like her publicist answered all those questions. she seems dumber than dirt.

  20. Roma says:

    Whoa whoa whoa. Don’t I remember her trainer saying that she eats horribly, like junk food or sweets all the time? Great, I hate that now I have to google her.

    Edited to add: Yes, it was actually here in an article about her trainer. Except it’s SHE who says she eats like crap.

  21. keith133 says:

    i think its pretty hilarious how all these bitchy women say she “messed up her face”
    i must not be looking at the same photos she actually looks very pretty

  22. Sue says:

    She is such a lier (“No diet: I eat five times a day and don’t diet, but I do eat healthily- mostly raw and vegan food, with no dairy.”)

    One of the last intiews she gave she said:

    (“I just stopped eating. I don’t eat very healthy anyway — I have a serious sugar tooth, so now I eat red-velvet cake before I go to bed every night, and if you eat meals later, you’ll put on weight faster, so I had dinner at 10 p.m.”) someone lying about something.

  23. keith133 says:

    that interview was over a year ago i guess she has probably changed her eating habits since then

  24. MJ says:

    I’ve heard of moisturizing with grapeseed, olive, coconut, argan and jojoba oils. I moisturize my body with jojoba and it’s really nice – dry to the touch once it’s applied. I also just started washing with Josie Maran Argan Oil Cleanser (which has a combination of the above oils in it) and it is amazing! I have mildly acne-prone oily combination skin and it’s really normalized since I started using it a month ago. Weird, but it works.

  25. Madeline says:

    She is really channeling Paz de la Huerta in that boxing pic. She just doesn’t have the spark/glow she once had… Considering all the photoshop that goes on in magazine editorials these are not good pictures.
    I use coconut oil (virgin cold pressed) as a body moisturizer for my dry skin and it works better than every lotion I’ve tried (which are too many to count). Grapeseed works well too, but I’ve never put oil on my face.

  26. jesikabelcher says:

    I dont understand why they put “sexy” pictures like this in women’s magazines… I dont get it??!?

  27. Sue says:

    keith133@ the interview I posted might be from 2008 but the link Roma post was from March 2011 about how she can’t put on weight even though she wants’ too yet she has a mostly raw and vegan food, with no dairy diet and according to her trainer she has “a really fast metabolism” and add that to her diet it not healthy.

  28. gabs says:

    Huh. She looks a little bit less plastic and alienlike in these shots than she has been looking lately. The covers not bad. I dont really see the she “looks asian” thing though.

  29. Deanna says:

    haha gratuitous ass shot

  30. PrettyLights says:

    I actually think she looks pretty here… it’s not like she’s an unattractive woman, she just won’t own up to going crazy with the plastic surgery after she got famous and I think it pisses people off.

    I don’t moisturize with grapeseed oil although I’ve heard it’s great, but I do use Maracuja (passion fruit) oil nightly and it’s fantastic for balancing skin and keeping it healthy and fresh looking. I recently switched to all natural skin care and let me tell you, it completely changed my skin for the better. Now I won’t put anything with chemicals on my face – even my makeup is mineral or natural. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to link to my blog here, but if anyone is interested I have a review of maracuja oil there that explains what it does and how to use it. Just google Natural Bliss passion fruit oil, I’m prettylightsbeauty.

  31. matt says:

    Oh stop, first off, part asian women are lovely, second, she looks fine.

    She was a pill but seems to have gotten past that stage in her life as many people do. She was young, got successful too quickly, it went to her head, and she learned eventually, not to be such a pain….it seems.

    Lay off her.

  32. Theuth says:

    @Catherine: I consider veganism and raw food “diets” because they are based on eating a restricted list of food, same as celiac and others.
    Plus, the healthiest diet could be lethal for one and the best thing ever for someone else. I don’t judge people because of what they eat, and I expect the same towards me…

  33. MJ says:

    Pretty Lights – I will def check out your blog! I’ve started using all-natural products over the past year and it has made all the difference. I suspect that a lot of the “acne” that plagued me throughout my teens and most of my 20s was really just reaction to crappy cosmetics.

  34. PrettyLights says:

    @MJ I’m in the same boat as you – I struggled for years with acne and blocked pores and at 26 was pretty much at my wit’s end. Since I went natural all those problems are gone and my skin is clear and glowing. I like blogging about it to help others who might be going through the same thing without realizing it’s all the chemicals from products that ‘treat’ those problems that are quite possibly causing it.

  35. DethHammer says:

    @Keith133, are you Megan Fox’s PR agent? Or do you think she reads this and you’re hoping she’ll date you? LOL :)

    I’m so SICK and tried of the gratuitous “ass shot” in fashion and beauty magazines. Though I guess it’s strangely apropos, since most of these celebudolls talk out of their asses anyway.

  36. DethHammer says:

    @MJ, which brands of all natural-products do you use? I have mild acne sometimes and I love to find out about natural and organic products that can improve upon my skin :)

  37. DethHammer says:

    @PrettyLights, I’m pretty sure you’re allowed to post a link to your blog here in the comments. Please do! :)

  38. PrettyLights says:

    @DethHammer thanks for your interest – here’s a link to a review of what I currently use and love:
    And here’s info on the passion fruit oil:
    Hope it helps you out :)

  39. Oddree says:

    @Rita…that last part was kind of unneccessary…

  40. Firecracker says:

    Megan, you know who else has that signature look of bright red lipstick and plain eyes? That extremely annoying girl from the Progressive Insurance ads.

  41. I am Legend says:

    I don’t give a damn about Megan Fox but a) she still looks good and b) I hated the fact they replaced her in the last Transformers movie. I’ve had the misfortune of seeing all three (I have kids) and I find it offensive that the female characters are considered interchangeable. The low point of the movie was watching her bimbo replacement do her supermodel strut through a battle scene.

  42. Melancholy says:

    I’ve used Olay since a teenager, and it’s awesome! Heh there’s my plug for Olay.
    But seriously, Olay for twenty five years, and no crow’s feet. :)

  43. Callumna says:

    I read a little Mandarin. Allow me to translate.

    How, Ms. Fox, do you manage to look youthful: Being 20 something.

    So youth then?: That’s right, works every time.

    How do you balance work and family?: Well my husband’s child has another mother. So that helps. Also, I’ve been fired from all my jobs.

    So no work, no kids: Yes, that’s right– balance. Works every time.

    Now, Ms. Fox, how about your timeless look?: This wax face? Well, I see every surgeon in town. That way I look oddly older because I act like all the people trying to look younger. I call it natural. But of course I mean ‘natural’ to Hollywood. You’ll finish the job with what we Americans call airbrushing and I’ll mention some products I need to endorse, and we’ll all just pretend that’s what I’m using to look like a “Real Doll.” Plus oil of grapes or something.

    Now, this is a women’s magazine so can you do some appropriate poses for us, Ms. Fox. We’ve only had one female leader in 5,000 years of history and she was a concubine so we’d like your advice for our new age. Something empowering to our young, newly educated girls who emulate you: Absolutely! I know just the thing. I’m a leader at heart– by Facebook and even Twitter. No pants, and I’ll stick my butt out until you say stop.

    Well, heh, heh, works for me … now start sticking it out and we’ll be sure to let you know just how far equals “demure” in our brothels. We’re told this “girl power” of yours means something like that in our culture. And would you kindly suds up and wash my car like how you got your one other job? Thank you, Ms. Fox. You’re everything we expected. This will lead our next generation on quite a path.

  44. Turtle Dove says:

    velourazure (19) “she “never does cardio”? what kind of exercise routine is that?”

    If you have a high metabolism you might want to forgo the cardio or reduce it. I don’t do much cardio when I work out because I get too thin (don’t shank me gals). Doing more than 15 minutes of cardio will skyrocket my metabolism and the weight drops off. I don’t like looking like a skeleton.

    Matt – I second that. Let the gal move on.

    I think that Megan (thankfully) is laying off the fillers, etc. She doesn’t need it. In my opinion, unless the pictures are candids, it’s impossible for me to ascertain any recent work. The amount of airbrushing they do in magazines smooths away everything even those nice personality lines. :)

  45. Rita says:

    @Oddree #39

    I find racism and prejudice to be such primordial ignorance that I refuse to cater to it. The “math” crack is a sarcastic referrence to the ridiculous sterotype which is a form of prejudice even though it’s complementary. My “humor” is in poo-pooing Kaiser’s concern of racism while making a somewhat racist remark.

    It’s a double entendre of sorts meant to snark myself as politically incorrect. I don’t know why I do such things as I understand readers can easily make the wrong assumptions but they just come strangely to my thoughts. Be well.

  46. DethHammer says:

    @PrettyLights, thank you so much! Your reviews are about a thousand times more informative than anything Megan Fox has blathered about.

    You and I have the same exact skin type, so it’s great reading your reviews! :)

  47. Catherine says:

    @Theuth – vegan only restrict like, four things – meat, eggs, dairy and honey. I’m sure there are at least four foods you never eat! So, yeah, it Luna sounds like you’re being judgy.

  48. Catherine says:

    * like! Not Luna. Stupid autospeller on my phone!

  49. Hakura says:

    Most of the items she uses don’t sound like they cost a house’ morgage, which is refreshing. But what makes me sad is that she had such a naturally beautiful face, & even uses natural methods to keep her skin healthy. She even comes across ‘enlightened’ by talking about how beauty has more to do with ‘attitude’ & confidence than ‘appearance’ alone.

    …And yet. She still went under the knife to have her face reshaped, tweaked & pulled. Not to mention that she definitely uses Botox, which is injecting poison into her face. To me, that’s just completely negating all the effort she puts into being healthy.

  50. Bobby the K says:

    You can also use cold pressed almond oil – it’s skin friendly and it is absorbed into the skin and doesn’t just sit there.
    She should have used some eye drops.
    To me she doesn’t look that sexy because she looks like someone trying hard to look sexy.

  51. Chris says:

    Is there any danger of someone getting a photo of her doing some work? You know: weeding the garden, vacuuming the car, putting the bins out etc.

  52. Sue says:

    I am Legend: @ I love how you say find it offensive that the female characters considered interchangeable yet you call Rosie Huntington-Whiteley a bimbo? And please let’s not act like Fox herself is not a bimbo. In the first two transformers with Fox she was duel and lifeless no emotion shown on her face what’s so ever she was really bad and don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that Rosie was any better just that Fox wasn’t some great actress with a big part that did in tell showing butt and boobs according to Megan herself that wasn’t replaceable, they should have gotten a actress that was still pretty but could act that how I feel.

    Hakura@ I’m with you and the others its hypocritical to say (beauty has more to do with ‘attitude’ & confidence than ‘appearance’ alone.) when you have so much plastic surgery done to your face that you don’t even look like the same person from 4 years ago.

  53. dovesgate says:

    I wonder if going natural would help my skin issues. I have dry acne-prone skin so whatever cleanser and moisturizer I use, no matter if I clean my face once or twice daily or not, it gets irritated and I break out. I am soooo sick of being in my early 30s and STILL having bad skin.

  54. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    Covershot: they photoshopped her wonky thumb to look longer than it really is–almost normal!

  55. keith133 says:

    @dethhammer no im not her “pr agent” or looking for a date although she could do worse i am stunningly handsome lol

    ps please stop talking about your acne its making me sick

  56. Hm says:

    Whatever she’s done, she looks gorgeous. Her hair, makeup, and brows look so much more natural and pretty – this is the best version of her so far.

  57. thePie says:

    “@Theuth – vegan only restrict like, four things – meat, eggs, dairy and honey.”

    Well, since biologically we are omnivores, ‘just’ restricting meat eggs and dairy is pretty extreme.

  58. DethHammer says:

    @Keith133 I was joking around, hence the LOL and smiley face accompanying my original comment, and I’m not the only one on here talking about skincare and skin issues. Thanks for singling me out and saying I’m making you “sick”, though :) Trollolol

  59. Adrien says:

    Elle China? So, does Megan even know she was on the cover of the magazine?

  60. ElleGin says:

    Why do celebrity women close their mouths anymore…
    Looking like a fish is a good thing now?

  61. Mary Jane says:

    Grapeseed oil is the best! Lighter and sweeter smelling than olive oil.
    Great hair treatment, facial masque, and body moisturiser — this stuff does it all for me. And inexpensively!

  62. wresa says:

    Nothing much to say about Megan Fox, but wanted to agree with the ladies who say natural skincare is better! I have struggled with acne and found that drinking Apple Cider Vinegar (organic only!) twice a day to be a miracle. Just a few tablespoons with honey and water to dilute it. Lemon juice helps fade the acne scars I’ve had since I broke out last summer. I’ve been doing this for about two months now and my skin is pretty clear and I only get a few blemishes a week, which is damn good for my former pizza face. :)

    This is after I went to the dermatologist, got laser treatments, put on antibiotics and retinol. The only thing I didn’t try was accutane. The laser facials are amazing, but the rest only made my skin worse.

  63. Dhavy says:

    She looks good so please don’t hate me for commenting

    I’ve use compressed organic coconut oil that I buy at Wholefoods for both my face and body it’s also lighter than olive oil and it doesn’t leave your face greasy and it smells great!

  64. Camille says:


    I’d rather she talked about why she chose to get rid of that awful Marilyn Monroe tattoo that she used to have on her arm. :lol:

    @mannequin: I agree. It doesn’t ‘sound’ like her at all. Wonder if her publicist answered the questions for her lol.

  65. bugsy says:

    Honestly, the only differences I’ve noticed in her since she began in the business are as follows:
    1. She obviously had a nose job, which pretty much every hollywood woman has had. In looking at old photos, you can see anything you need to know about it. A nose doesn’t whittle itself away with time. The only people I truly believe haven’t had nose jobs in hollywood are Jennifer Garner and Rachel McAdams. In childhood/yearbook photos, they have the exact same facial structure as they do today.
    2. Boob job. Again, everyone in hollywood has had it done except for the obvious flat-chested girls.
    3. Lip filler. Once again, something everybody does to attain and maintain what they have in hollywood.
    4. Fake tan. Obviously she’s stopped doing that, and it looks better, imo.
    She has given some WEIRD soundbytes, but she’s pretty harmless and honestly, very attractive both before and after the tweaking.

  66. aenflex says:

    I’ve been using nothing but Grapeseed oil on my skin, body, and face, for the last 6 years. It is amazing, it’s the only thing that touches my skin other than ogranic, fair-trade castile soap.

  67. VeneficA Delirium says:

    Oh god. What’s she promoting now?

    I know as a woman, my opinion doesn’t mean anything, but…not impressed. This looks like her from a few years ago. Pretty at best, but gorgeous had always pushed it. Then again, I see the word “gorgeous” referring to just about anything moderately attractive or better.

    And I’m jealous of everyone. I think that if I’m not jealous of you, you’re pretty much screwed. I’m jealous of the pitiful whiteknighting she gets.