Ryan Reynolds in an off white suit in Spain: too orange, too Crocket and Tubbs

Here’s Ryan Reynolds in Madrid promoting Green Lantern along with costar Peter Sarsgaard, who looks completely over it. Green Lantern was out in the US last month to somewhat disappointing box office. (Box office mojo has it with the largest second weekend decline for a superhero film this year.) The film also got negative reviews. It had a budget of $200 million and has so far made $131 million but it’s yet to be released in some parts of Europe, hence this promotional tour. There are always DVD sales.

Anyway Ryan looked hot but a little cooked in this white beige suit. He’s too orange-y with the bronzer against that light color. Plus that shiny blue shirt is just ridiculous. But it’s Ryan Reynolds and you know he’s working a tight ass underneath those pants, which fit him very nicely. Then you scroll down and see his dark brown shoes and wonder if he didn’t bring enough shoes with him on this trip. That outfit needs some white loafers.

We last heard that Ryan was getting busy with Charlize Theron. I doubt it’s serious or will last for them, but they sound hot together. They’re both so pretty.






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  1. The Truth Fairy says:

    Someone is color blind!!!! That suit is BEIGE not WHITE.

  2. Celebitchy says:

    Ok I’ll make it beige!

  3. Mari says:

    Lay off the spray tan, dude.

  4. Cath says:

    This guy just looks like such a string bean to me. How is he the sexiest man alive? He looks like the kind of dude who would date Jessica Simpson. ERGH.

  5. Kaiser says:

    It’s not really beige, though. I would call it off-white.

  6. fancyamazon says:

    If he didn’t seem to be such a jerk I would find him very attractive. I used to, back before his image eroded. Now all I see is douche-face.

  7. carrie says:

    all is awful:tan,color of the suit,satin and the movie…beurk

  8. Celebitchy says:

    Thanks Kaiser, I was thinking that too. Gah I am too easily influenced when it comes to judging color.

  9. Kaiser says:

    Celebitchy – Stand your (color) ground! It is a kind-of Miami Vice style.

  10. You don't say says:

    He always looks so beady eyed to me and mix that with too much tanner and pants cut way to short in the crotch. Not an appealing look at all.

  11. Quest says:

    Off-white I would say and the color really does nothing for him, not the best suit color I’ve seen him in.

  12. filthycute says:

    Don’t you mean Crocket and Tubbs?

  13. Kaboom says:

    I think the real problem is the shiny and color-inconsistent shirt.

  14. Celebitchy says:

    Ha filthycute, yes I will fix it.

  15. 4Real says:

    LOL!! Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s TUBBS! LOL!! He looks yummy but I like undershirts on a dressed up man. I know…it’s a pet peeve.

  16. Jezi says:

    I love him….I don’t care what people say, he’s adorable. Funny, cute and his body is yummy!

  17. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    I’d like to see him in pink, now that would be Miami Vice.

  18. curleque says:

    I have no prob with the suit. But that shirt paired with it (or alone) is just awful.

  19. Chelsey says:

    MAN they both have giant foreheads…!

  20. hoganbcmj says:

    Too gerbil/squirrel faced. He looks like he should be playing the part of one of the Chipmunks in a movie where the chipmunks are not CGI. He should be playing the super-hero, Green Chipmunk.

  21. The Truth Fairy says:

    Agreed. It’s off white :)

  22. MJ says:

    He needs a belt. Sarsgaard is way hotter – I find Ryan Reynolds to be a little too frat-boy.

  23. Firecracker says:

    I’m curious why people always call it “orange” when someone has a little color to their skin? He doesn’t look orange at all to me, I think he looks good, with a little tan.

  24. K-MAC says:

    He looks great in that suit and Mr. Sarsgaard is always hot!

  25. MB says:

    Damn. Maybe I am alone but I think he looks fantastic.

  26. junk573r says:

    I don’t get the appeal of his face. His facial features take up 30% of his actual face. There is so much unused space. Or maybe it’s just his giant onion that makes his face look disproportionate. :/

  27. Kimbob says:

    This dude doesn’t get the job done for me. I agree w/some of the bloggers. Someone mentioned ‘too frat boy,’ (can’t read your name..begins w/M), but I wholeheartedly agree.

    Ryan Reynolds always looks too smug to me….like he’s just so full of himself. Yeah…forehead goes on forever, eyes WAY TOO CLOSE TOGETHER…nah, he ain’t my type..so what, right? There’s someone for everyone, or so I’d like to think. Give me Colin Farrell or Jonathan Rhys Meyer ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. Even Fassdong…I love me a BAD….VERY, VERY BAD IRISH BOY!!!

  28. Thea says:

    Actually that suit and shirt depending on whatever lighting looks several different shades. Shirt looks grey and then light blue in some pics. But I still think he is cute, although not a good actor.

  29. the other mel says:

    His mouth is so little and odd and he does give off the frat boy vibe. He has a nice ass, I’ll give him that. Aww, he’s got plenty of fans, he doesn’t need me on board. You other gals, or guys, go for it.

  30. mick says:

    Do we all have a perfect face, of course not! A lot of us think RR is perfect. Let the guy be, if he doesn’t do it for you, why are you reading about him.

  31. I Choose Me says:

    That suit is EGGSHELL bitches!

    Lol at the great colour debate. :D

    I agree with whomever said that Ryan needs to lay off the tan. Hm, I’ve been thinking about it and I just realized that I only find him hot with a beard, ala Hannibal Kane in Blade.

  32. 4Real says:

    I’m getting a Jason Stackhouse vibe from him too….

  33. Maritza says:

    He looks great no matter what color his suit is.

  34. Melancholy says:

    I agree other mel, his mouth is weird and tiny! Also when he has that Green Lantern regalia on, his eyes look even closer together than they normally do, like a cyclops. Shudder.

  35. Turtle Dove says:

    Thanks for the post, CB, especially picture 4. Shazam.

    Thank God for the Canadian Ryans and their tight pants.

    I’m new to the RR love and from what I’ve (back) read the hate for him started with his relationship with Scarlett. She’s a weird one with the media and he started to act all elusive like she did.

    Am I missing something? Fill me if I am. :)

  36. Dirty Martini says:

    Eggshell, beige, off white, white, ecru. Meh. Whatever.

    I’d totally do him on a crayola box.

    He is ccccccuuuutttttteeeee.

  37. Ally says:

    Oh no, you’re gonna give some doltish producer ideas for a movie revival of Miami Vice!

  38. anonymous says:

    Ryan is really cute and for all the comments that say he looks orange, I don’t see it. He rides a motorcycle and it has been over 100 degrees in LA. if you don’t tan in that kind of weather something is wrong. A white suit in the summer is fashionable. He dresses as it fits him and he always looks nice. The people, who dislike him the most for whatever reason, look for any place they can Post a negative comment about him. It is so odd all the personal attacks he gets as if he did something personal to them .

  39. Lou says:

    WHITE LOAFERS??? Luckily, Reynolds does not seem to share your views in relation to fashion. No man in Europe would wear white shoes. On a boat, maybe. Off-white suit, pearl grey silk shirt, brown shoes. Perfect. The guy knows the meaning of the word ‘propriety’ and knows how to fill a suit. Some of the comments are shocking. Man is indeed the lowest animal.

  40. MissVJJ says:

    Maybe its my computer screen but he looks completely normal to me. Very sexy actually. I’d have no problem doing him.

  41. LindaLou says:

    He just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t get the hub bub over this man. He isn’t scary ugly but he is just so plain vanilla, meh!

  42. Joanna says:

    RR looks fantastic! He is hot!!!!!

  43. Scarlet Vixen says:

    Maybe it’s my computer screen, but I don’t see orange anywhere–he and Sarsgaard are the same color. It just looks like a tan to me.

    But then again, I’m madly in love/lust with the man. And the ‘frat-boy’ image is really inaccurate–he’s hilarious. He made a life-long fan out of me when he did a little biographical essay for Entertainment Weekly awhile back. He’s very down-to-earth and self-deprecating in that Canadian way. :) My husband is also a Canadian named Ryan with similar height and build, so he says my crush on RR is ok. LoL

  44. Kosmos says:

    Whether white, beige or whatever, it’s a summer look, that’s all….I think it’s just a look and is fine for the moment. I can’t tell whether he is orange or just tan. I only complain when people wear clothing choices that look outright bad or do not fit their bodies properly. This suit does not fall within either category.

  45. Camille says:

    I don’t care what anyone says :p , I <3s RR. He looks great here, yum :) .

  46. Tara says:

    4th pic from the bottom says it all – cross eyed like a mofo! Very “I work at the Armani Exchange outlet store” looking. I like the suit, hate the Studio 54 shirt, hate the tanorexic color. Whats left?