Video of Matt Damon telling Jimmy Kimmel to f-off (update: poll)

Apparently Matt Damon was scheduled to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live several times, but kept getting put off due to time constraints. He finally got a chance to come on, and Kimmel launched into this long annoying introduction, practically describing his entire career. Then Matt sat down and Kimmel told him there wasn’t enough time to do an interview.

Matt told him to f off good-naturedly, but when the band was playing and the credits were rolling he really got pissed, his face got red, and he told him to f off repeatedly and stormed off stage. If he was left waiting to be interviewed for several nights and finally got told there was no time, you can’t blame him. That was a pretty cheap stunt for Kimmel to pull.

Update: This is probably a joke as commentors have mentioned, but the verdict is still out. Damon covinced me, but the way it was set up with clips of Damon not getting on the show makes it seem like it was staged. Before putting me down for defending Damon, commentor Gman said that Damon cancelled on Kimmel several times and that’s why he was snubbed on the show. Yes, I do have a pup-tent for Damon. And, yes, I can be pretty gullible, which is why I have a penchant for gossip. It looks real to me, but it could be a joke.

Please discuss the merits of the setup vs. real argument without attacking people for having a different opinion on it. That’s called an ad hominem attack and it’s pretty weak.

Thanks to Fark for linking this.

Another Update: This is a much-contested topic. You can vote on whether you think Damon is acting or not in the poll below.

Is Matt Damon just acting during his freakout on Jimmy Kimmel Live?
Is Matt Damon just acting during his freakout on Jimmy Kimmel Live?
Yes, Damon is just acting pissed off
No, Damon was genuinely pissed
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63 Responses to “Video of Matt Damon telling Jimmy Kimmel to f-off (update: poll)”

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  1. jess says:

    yeah i would be pissed too. kudos to matt for putting that douchebag in his place.

  2. k says:

    Dudes, the whole thing was a goof…did no one get that?

  3. millie says:

    I can’t figure out why he even bothered to go on Jimmy Kimmel show. He’s much too good for that jackass.

  4. 1daylion says:

    It was a goof. Monday they will have more about it

  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s a total joke!!!!!!

  6. recklesskellie says:

    You are all morons! It is an obvious joke! I can’t believe anyone thought this was anything other than hilarious. I have a new found respect for Matt Damon. He has a great sense of humor. More than I can say for the person running this website!

  7. Viv says:

    It was obviously a joke. I’m sure Matt was in on it. I mean, did you notice how the audience was still laughing and clapping?

  8. ab says:

    it’s a joke guys, obviously. i think it was funny and cool of matt damon to even go on kimmel.

  9. Brandon says:

    I don’t watch Kimmel on any sort of regular basis, maybe once or twice a month, but even I know that is fake. For like the past six months or so that I have caught an episode, Kimmel has said that he is sorry but they have run out of time for Damon. I do find it quite hilarious that people actually fell for this though.

  10. gman says:

    NO, it WASN’T a joke. It’s official, the whole thing was for real. Kimmel is well known for (a).Sh owing up ego-inflated celebs. (b).Keeping the cameras running even during the uncomfortable moments and then sharing those moments with the viewing audience.
    That’s why so many celebs refuse to appear on his show. They are so insecure, self-centered and lacking in both humility and a sense of humor and will not risk doing anything that pierces the bubble of bullshit that they surround themselves with.
    Matt Dickhole is just so in love with his deeply closeted self that he couldn’t accept that Jimmy had every right to pull this stunt considering that Damon had cancelled, (at the last minute both times mind you), on Jimmy. Then when he finally got around to actually putting in an appearance on the show, he expects Kimmel to sit up and wag his tail because the great Matt Damon decided to finally grace him with his presence? I’m glad we were given a chance to see the real self-absorbed asshole behind the nice/sensitive guy facade that Damon has been inflicting on the ignorant moviegoing audience for so many years.

  11. gman says:

    oh, and by the way, whoever wrote the blurb about the video is an idiot that I pray is NOT getting paid to do this for a living, because they are clueless ass-clown that obviously has a massive pup-tent for Matt Damon.

  12. docweasel says:

    Its an Andy Kaufman type thing. He used to do stuff like this all the time, and to this day people don’t know which were real and which were goofs. That’s what makes them cool.

    Speaking of which, does anyone else get that Ali G’s entire Borat schtick is ripping off Kaufman shamelessly? He’s just taking it to lower levels of bad taste, but basically he’s doing Latke Gravis’ dumber cousin.

    And unfunny shit it is, too.

  13. gman says:

    oh Docweasel…about this…you are WRONG!!!
    Tho about the Borat thing…you are DEAD ON correct. Unfortunately, almost all successful entertainment these days has been ripped off from something else…whether Shakespeare, Kaufman or Sinatra, almost all originality is deader than disco and mullets.

  14. gman says:

    Oh, and speaking of hairstyles. All you idiots, male and female, MOHAWKS ARE NOT COOL. THEY LOOK INCREDIBLY RETARDED. Even the Mohawk Indians rarely wear them anymore, and they are the only ones who have and real legit reason to wear the hideous things!
    Fashion tardz….

  15. Brandon says:

    Fake. That does not make it any less entertaining and funny. But 100% fake and you are a tool if you truly believe it is real, gman.

  16. gman says:

    oookay Brandon, cause you are the expert! The fact that you claim to know the show and not KNOW THE SHOW makes YOU the tool.
    Said the hammer to the toilet plunger…

  17. Brandon says:

    Yeah, I’m really gonna believe an ACTOR blowing a gasket on a COMEDY SHOW in front of everyone is real. If he were truly pissed he would not have gone out there, or he would have been the one to end the “interview.”

  18. Celebitchy says:

    Ok, you guys convinced me that it’s a joke. I watched this at midnight once and put it up. I’ll change the post.

  19. gman says:

    He wasn’t pissed when he went out, you halfwit. He honestly thought that Kimmel was not going to screw with him after cancelling on Jimmy, at the last minute, twice before! Matt Damon is infamous for being a self-absorbed asshole control freak. (It’s probable what makes him such a good actor yet such a shitacular human being. And for the record, Damon did “end the interview”, when Kimmel pulled the prank on Matt and Damon blew a gasket and walked off! Maybe you should watch the video a couple dozen more times until you catch up with the rest of us who have I.Q.’s over 30.

  20. gman says:

    Celebitchy. It’s NOT a joke, but your defence of Damon was off, that’s all.
    And by the way Brandon, just because it’s a comedy show doesn’t mean people can’t behave, (or misbehave), like normal idiot humans. It’s taped LIVE, and as a result, isn’t the clinically controlled, filtered, edited pap you’re used to being fed by the entertainment industry.
    Kimmel is INFAMOUS for ambushing asshole stars on his show….DUHHHHHH!

  21. Brandon says:

    Haha, keep thinking that gman. I’m sticking with fake. I think you need to use a few more insults though man.

  22. Brandon says:

    It’s actually taped an hour before it starts airing, despite being called Live.

  23. gman says:

    Ok, i’ll keep that in mind. You seem to be a sucker for abuse. Issues much? Oooh, a whole hour before taping? Most shows go weeks. Most talk shows half a day. A whole HOUR? What intricate planning it must take to alter an plan, enact, then re-edit entire show with only an hour to work with…

  24. Brandon says:
    And I’ll use the Wikipedia to back me up on the Damon thing. That part may not be definitive but I’ll take its backing over the gman.

  25. gman says:

    Yes, Wikipedia. The ultimate in reliable info sources. Where is enough people BELIEVE their opinion of a thing and click the right button, it becomes FACT.
    Soooooo legit.
    Thanks for proving my point tho…

  26. gman says:

    Oh, and for the record. Here is the official quote from your source…which doesn’t back you up by the way…
    “…At the end of the show, on a somewhat frequent, yet not daily, basis, Jimmy thanks the guests as usual, but then adds “Our apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time.” The joke of course being that Damon was not scheduled to appear that night. Kimmel told that he says this “for no good reason at all.”[1] He ad-libbed it for no apparent reason.

    On September 13, 2006 on a primetime special, Matt Damon appeared after a very long introduction. However, the show was about to end and was asked for next week with a foul-mouthed response. During the credits, Damon pretended to be very furious and was calling Kimmel names.”
    When they use the word “joke”, it is in reference to the joke being PLAYED ON MATT DAMON, not Damon’s response to SAID JOKE. Damon’s honest angry response is referenced at the end of the quote.
    Like i said before. Watch or read your reference material THOROUGHLY before using it to defend your little opinions. You’ll find you are humiliated far less often by those around you.

  27. Brandon says:

    The important part of the quote is below. The rest is open to interpretation. Yes he answered back “foul-mouthed” but that does not mean what he said was real.

    “Damon pretended to be very furious and was calling Kimmel names.”

  28. Brandon says:

    And of course all of that type of stuff on Wikipedia is opinionated, I am most definately not saying it is 100% correct. I am simply saying it is more reliable than you or I.

  29. Brandon says:

    And I am well aware of the whole “joke” of Kimmel saying there was not enough time for Matt Damon, which I mentioned in my first post here. That part of the Wikipedia quote has nothing to do with the validity of what took place on the 13th where “Damon pretended to be very furious and was calling Kimmel names.”

  30. this is tard defined, is all I’m saying. who here is working for the ab company?

  31. jess says:

    wow. there is some anger in here tonight.

  32. Angelika says:

    I think it was a joke, too, and it just shows what a brilliant actor Matt Damon is, because I believed him every single second!

    And gman – please get off that website, you’re rude and annoying and all you do is talking nonsense and pissing other people off! If you don’t like Matt Damon, this website or whatever, then go and get yourself something else to do!

  33. Anonymous says:

    I’m also totally guessing that the whole thing was a joke. I’ve been to the Jimmy Kimmel show before, and the door that Matt exits from is the door through which the audience enters. It leads out to the main lobby and then to Hollywood Blvd. His driver would not be waiting there, and he wouldn’t be able to access the green room/dressing room area, which most guests need to return to before leaving to retrieve their belongings, stylists, whatever… Talk shows are very precisely timed so that they don’t run out of time for their guests. This has to be a joke on both ends.

  34. b says:


    1. they aired the “argument” during the closing credits. If this had been real someone would have pulled the plug.

    2. you can’t argue that the show is live and that’s why the sequence appears — then how did Damon’s mouth get blurred and his words bleeped? Obviously they have time to edit the footage if they want, more than enough time to pull the plug if they wanted to.

    3. He walks across stage to exit through the stage exit door instead of going backstage… Walking past a smiling Uncle Whatsisname… While the crowd claps and cheers… And Jimmy chasing after him apologizing…

    Does any of this sound plausible?

    4. As someone mentioned in the comments, the “no-time-for-Matt-Damon” has been a running gag. Regular viewers and audience members knew this, which is why they were laughing at his ridiculously long introduction, and laughing through the heated argument afterwards.

  35. recklesskellie says:

    i want to apologize to the person running this website for my comment. i am pretty gullible at times myself. gman is lookling like a complete fool.

  36. millie says:

    Does Jimmy Kimmel ever get anyone good on his show? I never watch him or Carson — vastly prefer Conan and Craig Ferguson, at least they don’t take themselves too seriously. I’m just surprised Matt Damon would bother with him in the first place.

  37. Randi says:

    Why don’t you see stuff like this on the View?

  38. Angelika says:

    The only thing that sucks about not living in the US is the fact that I can’t watch Conan or Jay Leno or any of these brilliant guys.. I watch it on every holiday when they have it on some weird cable channel – Conan is the best, he’s a genius!

  39. marines all the way says:

    LMAO that was funny shit! lmao! He turned red, god I love that guy! LMAO! NO NO peep peep!! lol

  40. Pam In Houston says:

    I think it’s fake primarily because Jimmy runs after Matt. If Matt was truly THAT mad, would you run after him when he stormed out,and risk getting your a** kicked when he turns around to clock you? That’s the biggest clue to me it’s fake! Too dangerous to give immediate “chase” if he were truly furious!

  41. Celebitchy says:

    Hey thanks Kellie. B and Anonymous, thanks for letting me know. I’m convinced now it was a joke, but I think I’ll just let people discuss it and won’t update the post again. It’s a sensitive topic, who knew? You have to admit Damon is a great actor.

  42. docweasel says:

    gman, here’s the thing: 99.99999% of ANYTHING you see on TV, and I’m including so-called “reality” tv here, is showbiz- its scripted. Its planned out. Its pre-produced and usually rehearsed as well. There is waaaaaaaaaay too much money invested to let ANYONE get on a show and just wing it. It would probably shock you to know how scripted the fucking INTERVIEWS are. The off the cuff jokes. The ad-libs.

    I’m in showbiz, don’t the shoes fool ya, and I can tell you, VERY LITTLE THAT GETS ON THE AIR IS NOT PRE-PLANNED. On anything. If its not on the page, its not on the stage. This isn’t highschool. This is high-finance corporate TV, and its professional. There are mistakes sure, but they wouldn’t pull crap like that and just ‘see what happens’.

    If you think so, you are naive. I’m willing to bet 99% of stuff like “Punk’d” is preplanned and the ‘victims’ are in on it, just like the old Candid Camera came too eventually when they would burn up 2000 feet of film waiting for something funny to happen, eventually they started planning reactions etc: there’s just too much chance it will totally suck if you leave it to luck.

  43. AC says:

    there is no way in hell they’d have kept the cameras on him if it wasn’t a joke…

  44. MizLiz says:

    I knew there was a reason I never watch this Jimmy Kimmel. He sounds like a complete a-hole and a total waste of time. At first I thought Matt’s tirade was real, but my husband thought it was just a gag. Looking back on it, I think it shows what a good actor Matt is to convince so many people.

  45. Celebitchy says:

    Liz – my husband thought it was a joke and I was fooled at first too! I agree that it does show that Matt can really act. He did a great job.

  46. Liz says:

    gman- OMG so funny! Dude, you are AWESOME! LOL and im not joking. “whoever runs this site is an ass-clown” oh my hell, so funny. I’d have to agree though. anyone who knows anything about anyone knows that this is totally the real deal, jimmy kimmel style. people shouldnt get paid to run bull shit sites.

  47. k says:

    Think about it, folks…would any talk show host bump A-lister Damon for D-lister Rob Schneider and some unknown novelty acts? And what talk show doesn’t trot out the biggest names first? The whole thing was a goof, down to Damon’s furious “reaction”. Of course he knew he would be “bumped”; he was brought out 90 seconds before the end of the show. The camera even cut to Ben Stiller looking at his watch and grimacing at Kimmel’s overlong intro.

  48. docweasel says:

    uh, I’m guessing “Liz” is gman’s sockpuppet?

    gman, you are a tool pure and simple. Anyone who would waste as much bandwidth defending an idiot’s premise really needs a hobby. Get help, please.

  49. gman says:

    hmm, now that i think of it, your right. It was staged. Thanks docweasel i am a tool. I also like to have sexual relations with men. Bye

  50. Matt Damon says:

    I am matt Damon and the events that took place on the jimmy kimmel show were real. I hate that idiot. I come on his show and he he doesnt have time for me who does he think he is I am Matt Damon. If any of you think this is fake you idiots. This is so real.

  51. kd says:

    Cute stunt. Funny. Love Damon. Believe it or not, I saw him in Whole Foods once. I went to fill up a container of filtered water and there was this great-looking guy there, also filling up. I didn’t look at him, but he said to me, “Oh, you’ve got a spigot-thing on yours. That’s a really good idea.” I kind of went, “Huh?” (and I thought, Why is this incredibly super-hot guy talking to ME? He’s the kind that usually only talks to super-model types.) His container was one of those gigantic bottles. He said, “I’ve been lifting this thing and filling my glass with it.” I turned to him and went, “Ha ha. Funny,” and got a really good look at his face. And before I could say, “Hey, has anyone ever told you you look just like Matt Damon?” he took his huge container of water and said, “See ya!” and left the store. I SWEAR it was him! So the guy has a sense of humor… and he talks to real girls.

  52. Anja S says:

    Geee, Matt Damon has no sence humor at all. Did he expected toppics related to current Middle East policital situation??? I could swear, Jimmy Kimmel waited for smart and funny comment from Matt….. He got f**ks and ridiciously red face instead.

  53. Matt Damon says:

    Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon Matt Damon

  54. k says:

    they also show ben stiller in the audience during jimmy’s introduction. Ben looks at his watch because it is taking so damn long. anyone who watches jimmy kimmel knows this is the exact type of joke that he does. how is this even a question? it is so obviously fake and anyone who thinks otherwise is retarded

  55. Reggie says:

    THAT WAS THE GREATEST EVER! He was genuinely pissed off. He’s a good actor and all, but that was no joke. Did you see how uncomfortable Kimmel was?! He sure as hell wasn’t acting. As much as I like Damon… THAT WAS HIL-FREAKIN-LARIOUS!(

  56. damon, matthew says:

    well well well-

    no one has figured out i was trying to help my buddy jimmy out with his paltry ratings, huh? all of you on the internet can really work wonders for a guy’s carreer.

  57. Cigar says:

    he acted SO fool

  58. Guillermo says:

    This is a real and all u r idiots if u think not.

  59. Tmack says:

    If any of you bitches actually watched kimmel once in your lives or the man show for that matter you’d understand that he’s notorious for pranks like this

  60. Anonymous says:


  61. Anonymous says:

    well i dont know what this is but jimmy kimmel shouldnt be on television anyway. remember ” win ben steins money”? the most unfunny pathetic thing ive ever seen in my life.. ive laughed more watching autopsies.