Ali Lohan skipped her grandpa’s funeral because of her hair extensions

Whenever I try to conjure up an image of the most empty, useless person I can think of, the face that normally comes to mind is a hodgepodge of features distinctly recognizable as belonging to the Lohan family. And in case I had any doubt that each of the Lohans is utterly selfish and terrible, I think I’ve found proof positive that they really are.

Remember a few months ago when Michael Lohan’s father passed away? Michael made a big deal out of Lindsay not coming to see her grandfather and somehow made it sound like Dina was keeping the kids away from the funeral – even though Lindsay and one of her brothers are over 18 and Dina has no say over them. However it turns out young Ali didn’t show up for the funeral either. Why? She needed to get her hair extensions done.

If you recall, about a month or so ago, I posted a little thing in here about how Lindsay Lohan skipped the funeral of her grandfather because she was in an argument with Michael Lohan. I said she should have gone and most of you said she didn’t have to. Hey, at least she had some kind of reason for not attending. I mean in retrospect if she had gone, Michael would have probably just tried to sell the photos of it anyway, so he is probably just pissed he couldn’t go out and acquire any more items from the Right Said Fred line of clothes.

But, one person who was also not there was Ali Lohan. Not caught up in a huge squabble with her dad, one wonders what her excuse was for not showing up. Well according to Fox, the reason Ali didn’t show up at the funeral was because she didn’t have time to get her hair extensions done the day before and didn’t want anyone to see what horrible hair she has.

Ummm. I guess we can congratulate her for telling the truth instead of making up some kind of in bed with the flu story. Can you even comprehend how shallow someone must be that they would not attend the funeral of their grandfather because they didn’t have time to get hair extensions? What the hell has this world come to? How vain can a kid get? I’m sure it was a horrific drama for her, but don’t you think that the parent she currently lives with would have at least acted like a parent and told her to get the f**k to the funeral? Yeah, well the mother of the year obviously didn’t do that because she was probably more concerned with how the look would affect her future commissions. She has to make a living after all, and she only has so many kids.

[From Crazy Days and Nights]

With any other family I’d call bullshit on that story, but it’s the Lohans so it’s probably true. How hard can it be to put your hair in a ponytail? Or if Ali were truly stressed about her hair, then wrap it in a bun so nothing’s hanging down. Granted a bun on a teenager who already looks sixty isn’t the best option, but it is what it is. Definitely better than skipping your grandfather’s funeral. I do appreciate that she didn’t make up some bullshit excuse, but holy cow, that’s low. I’m sure that did a lot to encourage familial peace.

Here’s Ali and her hair extensions along with mom Dina leaving Henri Bendels in NYC last Monday. Images thanks to Fame.

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  1. Little Red says:

    … The mind boggles.

    Every day, in every way, I thank God that I am not a Lohan.

  2. huh says:

    Yeah I missed my grandfather’s funeral b/c I hadn’t a manicure.

  3. Murmur says:

    Good job Dina. You’ve created another monster. How many years til Ali kidnaps some kids in a car and goes on a high speed chase with them.

  4. Kayla says:

    The famewhore mother, not the father, is to blame for how these loser girls grow up. The mother is a coke head herself and thinks she is alot younger than she really is. These are no talent low life people who do not belong in Hollywood and are NOT CELEBRITIES!!! MAKE THEM GO AWAY!

  5. Christina says:

    what do they mean by “make up some bs excuse”… is this something that came from her or is it a rumor?

  6. devilgirl says:

    I don’t care what Michael Lohan has done, that does not excuse either one of those no talent, media whoring girls from not paying their respects to their grandfather. Screw Michael, the funeral was for the grandfather, not their father. Neither one of those stupid twits ever misses attending a premier or club opening or party. Just goes to show how truly trashy the whole damn bunch are!

  7. gee_gee says:

    Oh, the times I have missed important events because of hair extensions.


  8. Bodhi says:

    Color me surprised :roll:

    This family is trash, pure & simple & no amount of make-up & high end clothes will ever change that.

  9. lee says:

    while i completely agree that it’s horrible to skip a funeral, especially of a close family member like that and ESPECIALLY for such vain reasons, i am compelled to wonder what kind of relationship the kids had with their paternal grandfather in the first place. if he was anything like michael, i would have skipped the funeral too.

    not to mention, who’s the real source of this story? did ali actually admit to this being the reason for her absence?

    *shudder* now i need to go cleanse myself from the fact that i just defended the lohans.

  10. perpetua says:

    Extensions are horrid. Unless having a disorder, disease, or using it for a “movie” I cannot see the point, they are GROSS.

  11. Alecto says:

    I’m sure she wishes she could visit hot topic to show her angst.

  12. aleach says:

    ugh this whole entire family sucks!!

  13. RaraAvis says:

    I’ll bet if you blow in her ear you can hear the ocean.

  14. Kate says:

    Thats not true.Ali and her mother both have restraining orders against Michael.Its wellknown she didnt attended due to past incidents that happened.The press has become ridiculus.

  15. Kaiser says:

    I don’t care, I’m totally defending Ali… any excuse necessary to avoid spending any time with Michael.

    “Whenever I try to conjure up an image of the most empty, useless person I can think of…” …A combination of Jennifer Aniston, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton and Kate Beckinsale. 8O

  16. mojoman says:

    Well, if I have to defend the lesser of two evils I would say hmm…oops I forgot this is the Lohans!

  17. Jaclyn says:

    What is with celebs and their ugly, ratty hair extensions? Just show off your actual hair, is it so hard?

  18. aspen says:

    I’m with those of you who find extensions nasty. What ever happened to just growing out your hair? Washing it and keeping it conditioned? Brushing it for God’s sake? The advent of extensions as “the” thing to do with hair brought on a whole greasy-looking trampy-type pole dancer fashion that I find abhorable. I mean, sure…a few of them wear it well and look great with the faux length, but mostly they just look as though they didn’t spend enough time getting ready in the morning.

  19. Anon says:

    I’m gonna do the unthinkable here and defend the girl: we have no idea what kind of relationship (if any) she had with this grandparent, she had a difficult relationship with the parent who was using the occasion as a new reason to go to the gossip rags, and she does not owe the world excuses for this private family matter.

  20. Gracie says:

    An even better look would have been a dark hat. She mustn’t have cared for her grandfather. But funerals are usually a way to show support for the survivors.

    No class.

  21. amanada says:

    ugh! totally agree that she is useless. how does a 14 year old look like shes 40?

  22. Kate says:

    Which family is worse – the Lohans or the Hogans? :p

  23. Jeanne says:

    Hope Grandpa haunts you and your raggedy ass extensions.

  24. anti-tox says:

    I missed mine because I was adopted and didn’t know when he died.

  25. glenn says:

    where is emilio estevez when lindsay lohan needs him to get out there and admit that these magazines are lying again and so are the rumours. now i don’t care what these rumours say. i don’t believe them. i only believe the star that these rumours are talking about. because rumours dont know how to keep quiet.

  26. kuckoo says:

    I don’t believe that Ali was very close to her grandfather, or even knew him at all, otherwise she would’ve definatly gone, regardless of how her hair looked. However, if she is admitting to skipping his funeral due to her hair extensions… well, it shows her honesty, and I don’t think people should judge her based on that. Most teenagers are a bit vain and superficial, and this seems like a childish, immature moment for Ali. Look, maybe she is vain and shallow, and what she did was very rude and disrespectful, but I won’t judge her as a person due to one little rumor. :|

  27. christine says:

    wth. idk if its true but if it is tats really messed up! hair!?!? c’mon shes like my age nd she dresses like a 20 year old :x

  28. kATY says:

    r u effing kidding me? if it was the last time i would get to see my grandpa i wouldnt care if i was bald with yellow teeth!! lol

  29. serena says:

    poor grandpa x°D such shameful granddaughters..but ali omg..I’d prefered if she came up with a BETTER excuse, than tell the shitty truth..(sorry 4 my english hwr) that’s really orrible, not a laughable matter anymore..