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12 Responses to “Tom Cruise gained some weight”

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  1. Tinkerbelle says:

    Maybe Tom is just comfortable in his relationship and home life, I don’t think he looks bad.

  2. bitch says:

    and just when you think he can’t get any uglier… he goes and does a thing like that.

  3. rosie says:

    maybe katie should put tom on a workout regimen like he did her after the baby was born. suck it in tommy.

  4. anon says:

    i am afraid to say that for the image-weary celebrity type, putting on weight is a big no-no and usually a sign of stress. that or he may just be doing a bridget jones and preparing for his next movie role as a slightly chubby guy, who knows..

  5. surimi says:

    I think he looks fine, maybe he´s just taking a break from his movies, so what if someone doesn´t care about calories for a few weeks?

    this world is just crazy.

  6. MizLiz says:

    He could be on some sort of medication too…just because you’re a bigshot movie star doesn’t mean you can’t get sick. (I mean sick physically, we already know mentally he’s wiped out.)

  7. Well, it’s not like Katie ever has to see him undressed, so she probably doesn’t mind much. 😉

  8. Action says:

    Surimi, I agree. I think he looks fine. Sometimes the way one is standing can make them look heavier. His face doesn’t look any heavier. So if he did gain weight, it wasn’t THAT much.

    (Yes, I’m defending him, even though I can’t stand him.)

  9. millie says:

    compared to LAST year, he gained a lot of weight. I’m surprised because he’s such a control freak. the hair is also weird, not the typical Top Gun Tommy style. I think he’s getting old and I think he’s under a lot of stress, trying to manipulate the media, hide the truth and deal with an increasingly annoyed public. Not to mention the Paramount debacle. It’s funny how I was still buying his hetersexual act until he started to jump on couches and “make out” with Katie in public. Notice how he holds her hand or her leg even when they’re otherwise busy. Show me another 40-something heterosexual male doing the same thing. It’s so transparent.

  10. millie says:

    I just read that Brad Pitt could be taking over the Mission Impossible franchise. If this is true, Tom must be putting his fist through the walls just about now.

  11. ER says:

    He has to keep his hand on her, otherwise she might try to make a run for it!

  12. Alice C. says:

    Comparison between Suri and Chris: middle of the page: AMAZING!!…hread/685/

    Those VF pics were taken at the end of July. Suri was born at least 2 mos prior to what is officially stated. Suri, in those pics, has to be at least 5 months old per her head/neck control, etc.
    They want us to believe those pics were of a 3-month-old baby. Katie had Suri at least by Feb. and faked her pregnancy until April.
    Katie meets Tom, disappears for two weeks, and they’re *suddenly* in love without so much as even dating.
    Tom bought himself a ready-made family with Katie and Suri, and Chris Klein sold his biological rights to Suri.