Petra Nemcova dumps James Blunt

Petra Nemcova may have traded in boring British pop singer James Blunt for a man more capable of supporting her charity. She was seen out at The Black Dahlia premiere with British aristocrat worth hundreds of millions in old money:

Petra Nemcova, the Czech supermodel and tsunami survivor whom he has been squiring since June, attended the premiere of The Black Dahlia in New York last week on the arm of Nathaniel Rothschild, a Brit even more eligible than Blunt himself. “The two were inseparable at the after-party at the Soho Grand,” I am told.

Blunt, 29, who was educated at Harrow, has made several million pounds from the worldwide success of such hits as You’re Beautiful. Nat, an Old Etonian, who leads the hedge fund Atticus Capital, is, however, the heir to a £500-million banking fortune.

The 35-year-old son of Lord (Jacob) Rothschild, Nat has been resolutely single since his marriage to the actress Annabelle Neilson ended in 1997 after just two years.

That’s bad news for Blunt, but not surprising. These two didn’t seem suited for each other, and his sickly-sweet poor me act can only work for so long.

Here is Nemcova posing for swag at Fashion Week. [via]

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  1. Angelika says:

    To be honest, I doubt that they’re romantically involved. It might be true that she dumped James Blunt, but would she already appear in public with another man short after only showing up with Blunt by herself at all events?

    That would seem quite bitchy of her, and I don’t think she’d do that – just showing up with a totally different man without any break-up statements before!

  2. Celebitchy says:

    Hi Angelika,
    It seems weird to me too, but if you’re a celebrity you must realize that you can’t just hold some guy’s arm at a premiere – unless you’re starring in a movie with him – and not have people assume you’re together. Maybe he gave a large donation to her charity or something, but it seems strange.

  3. Angelika says:

    I agree, I personally think they’re just friends – and I guess as long as there weren’t any break-up rumours with James Blunt, she might have thought that no-one would talk about it because everyone obviously knows that she’s dating James.. But well, we’ll see!

  4. millie says:

    Phew! thanks for letting us know, I hope it’s true, I can’t stand James Blunt

  5. JRZYGRL says:

    I hope it’s true too but only because I LOVE James Blunt!!! His voice and his lyrics melt me and obviously they did something for Petra too! And if the rumors are true and she did in fact break up with him, well then she’s only perpetuating the age-old stereotype that models really are dumb!!! And I’m sure James will recover just fine. Models are a dime a dozen wherever you go! But there is only one talent like James Blunt! One day her beauty will fade and her butt will sag, but James will always have his music! Good Riddins, Petra! James, call me!!!

  6. Victoria says:

    It should be noted and corrected that James Blunt is not 29 as stated in the above article. He was born in February 1974 which would make him 32 years of age. How are we supposed to have any faith in the celeb rumors you publish if you can’t even get their ages right!