Kim Richards calls Brandi Glanville a “slut pig” in Real Housewives of Bev Hills trailer

If you’re not in the U.S. you can watch the trailer here

As Kaiser mentioned in the earlier story about shirtless Eddie Cibrian representing some bath and bedding line, his ex wife, Brandi Glanville, has been announced as joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. All the original six castmembers are back. Brandi isn’t an “official” castmember, probably because they don’t want to pay her on par with the others, but she’s on the show as a “friend.” The second season premieres on September 5th and a new trailer has been released. (Above) The first thing I notice is that it’s comical watching these heavily botoxed women try to cry, as mean as that sounds.

The most interesting part of the trailer is a scene between Brandi and Kim Richards. (Around 1:20.) Brandi snipes “At least I don’t do crystal meth in the bathroom all night long, bitch” The scene cuts forward and Brandi yells “I’ll kill you” and goes after Kim while Taylor tries to hold her back. Kim retorts by calling Brandi a “slut pig.” (US Weekly incorrectly writes that Camille Grammar calls Brandi a “slut pig.”) Later, Taylor is in some kind of tiff with Kyle and/or other people while Camille and Kyle are back at it again. Lisa’s scheming ex-houseguest Cedric comes back uninvited and is asked to leave one of Lisa’s party. At the end Taylor is screaming “you have no idea what she’s done to me” in reference to someone off camera.

Along with Brandi there’s another new woman on the show, Dana Wilkey, but we barely saw her on the trailer and I doubt she’ll bring the drama like Brandi. We’ve heard that Brandi becomes the new bitch, but I’m really surprised that she’s as combative as she is with Kim. I know this show is either heavily influenced by producers or fully scripted so that could explain it. Still I’ve had the impression that Brandi is more of a pacifist type based on how she handled her breakup and the one interview I’ve seen with her. I guess not.

Brandi posed in a bikini for the paps recently – a bikini that was reminiscent of the one that LeAnn Rimes wore in a Twitter photoshoot to show her “curves.” LeAnn regularly copies Brandi’s style. I would believe that she raided Brandi’s closet or bought a bikini based on an old photo of Brandi before I would buy that Brandi got a bikini to mimic LeAnn’s. Brandi looks good and she knows it. We’re about to see a whole new side of her.




Photos via Access Hollywood

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  1. teehee says:

    You know its just laughable, when someones insecurity and hatred exceeds their vocabulary.

  2. the original bellaluna says:

    It is absolutely HYSTERICAL watching these women try to cry! They all have perma-smiles and face-fillets.

    (I think I’m gonna watch it again. I needed to laugh this a.m.!)

  3. Truthful says:

    oh god, Taylor looks tragic!!!

    I Will be watching, Meth?? really?!!

    I’m there!!

    I hate how the Maloof chick talks to her husband, smdh.

    I wonder who Kim is involved with..Kyle’s husband is still good looking and tall I see.

  4. sapphire says:

    Somebody’s got to bring the over-the-top drama-why air it otherwise.

    Actually I think it would be fun to be in one of these shows- and just let the batsh*t crazy out for a ride.

  5. Rita says:

    Yeah, Brandi looks good and I’m glad she knows it. Brandi will “cut a bitch” with the best of them.

    I know these reality shows are scripted and they push the actors to get a response but Brandi seems natural for the part.

    Wow, Brandi and Eddie what’s-his-face on the same thread spread. It’s Like Richard and Liz.

    Wasn’t there a third “menage e twat” associated with Brandi and Eddie? A corn dog saleswoman, if I’m not mistaken.

  6. The Truth Fairy says:

    How is she on this show when she’s not married???

  7. maggiegrace says:

    Of all the reality shows, I think this is the worst. These women are awful.

  8. jamminatorr says:

    Thanks for the hulu imbed, meaning that anyone outside the US can’t see it. Sucks.

  9. Phillip says:

    Like Kaiser, I’m kinda partial to “slut pigs”! Who’d of thunk it, a slut pig formerly married to a Rat Bastard. Go Brandi!!!! 🙂 (PS Brandi; to be a regular your gonna have to trash Eddie and LeAnn – don’t hold back, you owe it to your boys to have your true feelings known for future reference, and you’ll have financial freedom and POWER!)

  10. Celebitchy says:

    @jamminator – there’s a very obvious link under the hulu video to the video for users outside the US. It says “If you’re not in the U.S. you can watch the trailer here,” and it was there from when I published this story.

  11. Caity says:

    These bitches are caarazy!! Love it!

  12. the original bellaluna says:

    @ The Truth Fairy – Many of the “housewives” on these shows are not, in fact, actual housewives. They’re divorced, or single, or kept women of some sort. Go figure.

  13. brin says:

    You go Brandi! She’s picturing the yodeler through all of this.

  14. Rita says:


    If I’m not mistaken, a couple of them are divorced now. Also, Brandi is listed as a “friend” of the housewives but she’ll have her own show next year.

  15. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I am super excited. Whats wrong with me? I just saw a drama filled trailer of women over 40 with more money then I can hope to have by the time I am that old and I got super excited.

    Oh well I am super excited this season of Beverly Hills looks awesome. I am like obsessed with the Real Housewives franchise. I do hope though that Adrienne and Paul aren’t gonna break up, I thought even though they bickered alot they were solid. I would feel so bad for their boys, just like I feel so bad for Kennedy.

  16. Original Bee says:

    I love the fact that Jiggy is in the cast photo! He’s my favorite housewife.

  17. Julbug says:

    can’t wait

  18. ashley says:

    Brandi’s disgusting. Yeah, her body’s hot, but it’s weird that you’re saying she’s pretty when her face is more manufactured than Kim K and Holly Madison combined.

  19. Jezi says:

    Can’t wait. Brandi doesn’t take shit from anyone. As we all can see with Leann and Eddie. She’s a sweetheart, but don’t get on her bad side 😉

  20. Rita says:


    How dare you say that, you “slut pig” (not really. I just wanted to stay in character with the thread).

  21. brin says:

    Leann must be feeling left out with Brandi and Eddie each having a post.
    Wah wah.

  22. arock says:

    like throwing crazy up on a wall and watching it slide down in slow motion. im surprised kim agreed to come back after last seasons debacle. you gotta admit, its ballsy pulling out the big guns and calling someone a meth head.
    at this point oral surgery is better than NY and NJ cast, though.

  23. sapphire says:

    @ Rita (still keeping the theme) no, you’ve been smoking crack.

  24. Tierra says:

    I read somewhere a cpl months ago that the producers were using Brandi to kind of bring out the catty-bitchiness of the others by having her strut her stuff in those bikini shots.
    Im sure most of the drama is scripted and instigated.
    I just hope Brandi dosnt start using the same pastic surgeon that these other women are using. They’re absolutely hideous looking with their fish lips and over filled and botoxed faces.

  25. hyena says:

    Have u watched Brandi’s twitter? She’s always bashes Eddie and Leanne. I do feel like she got the shitty endof things but handling it quietly and classy, nope!

  26. Jezi says:

    @hyena She might have handled it classier if Leann and Eddie had. Her responses were a direct result of their abuse.

  27. Tierra says:

    Brandi does NOT bashed Eddie or LR in her twitter. Not sure which acct you are following but its obviously not hers. She tells the ‘haters’ and drama starters to stay off her page. The only times she has brought them up was when LR was crossing her line with her kids and even then she was civil and it was only 1 or 2 times. At that time twitter was her only way to contact them since she is not allowed to call Eddie and doesnt have a way to reach him.
    Under the circumstances she was certainly entitled to her say. I would have went off a lot more if it were me.

  28. Ok,I finally see why Eddie hitched a ride on the Leanne bus.Mother-load of WTF!!Do women really live like THAT??My head hurts,just from watching it.

  29. girlygirl410 says:

    Brandi looks great! I also think Camille looks great. Go figure, that Kyle is displayed as the center of attention! This bitch started out as the one that everybody loved, last season. She showed her true colores.

    This next season is going to be great. I can’t wait to see LeAnn spin out of control. It will be subtle at first, then we can watch the crazy happen.

  30. yadicakes says:

    All these womens are lame but I do have to say…I love Brandi’s gray dress. It is so lovely

  31. Sue says:

    I think Brandi is a bitch don’t like her and NO I’m NOT a Leann fan.

  32. Onyx XV says:

    I confess I do find this shiz entertaining, but at the same time, I totally do not understand why they’re called “housewives” when only half of them are actually wives. There should be a rule – once you lose your man, you’re off the show… LOL, imagine the cattiness then.

    Also, @ Tierra: “They’re absolutely hideous looking with their fish lips and over filled and botoxed faces.” – ITA! Well said. They ARE hard to look at sometimes, their faces are so far from anything that resembles a human being!

  33. brin says:

    Brandi is not a bitch, she’s just playing one on tv(like the others).

  34. why? says:


    Brandi always bashes LR and EC? How so? Because she is just supposed to sit back and take whatever LR and EC do her? Have you seen LR tweets, which are just another means of LR to taunt BG? What normal person would continue to tweet about another woman’s kids after being asked to stop?

  35. fizXgirl314 says:

    Man, these people are the dregs of society… about as low as it gets for women. They are either complete and utter lunatics, or willing to represent themselves as such for money. The sight of their botoxed and plumped faces crying and contorting to make faces and words basically made me lose my apatite. If Brandi is willing to get on a show like this I can’t imagine it’d be hard for someone to “steal” her man away. It’s just LOW!

  36. Deb says:

    I am thrilled for Brandi to be on RHOBH! I have never watched a HW show but this is one I will watch! Sounds like a couple of people commenting here aren’t so thrilled makes one wonder why doesn’t it?

  37. hyena says:

    @ tierra

    Which Twitter are you following? She’s not that innocent.

    From yesterday alone:

    and responding to a comment about Leann by saying “F-ing thank u!”

    Bravolebrity1 Patti
    @EddieCibrian @BrandiGlanville Don’t let your wife’s insecurity
    influence the way you behave towards your ex-wife! #RHOBH
    25 Jul
    in reply to ↑
    Brandi Glanville
    @BrandiGlanville Brandi Glanville
    @Bravolebrity1 F*$k@ng thank u!!
    25 Jul via Twitter for BlackBerry®
    Retweeted by Bravolebrity1”

    Brandi, Leann and Eddie are all big losers and need to go away but for
    the record drinking and driving (Brandi) is WAY worse than cheating

  38. hyena says:

    Also I never said she wasn’t entitled to yell on twitter. She can do whatever she wants- it’s just not fair that people are saying she’s a pacifist and never said anything to or about eddie and leann.

    And @ why – why is leann not allowed to tweet about her stepsons and husband’s children? I could see if there was a lockout on public speaking and pics of them but brandi is always talking about and posting pics of the kids on her twitter.

    She just posted a pic of her other kids. “Look at me! Look at me!” What a desperate famewh@re.

  39. John Wayne Lives says:

    I think Brandi is just another famewhore and this show is gonna prove it. She’s opening herself up for this, and I think her whole “high road” act is gonna look like bs pretty soon. Classy? F*cking please.
    And come on with the gross faced women!

  40. Jezi says:

    @hyena because they are HER kids not Leann’s and Leann has photo ops constantly with the boys and happy family photos on her twitter and blog. She once tweeted about one of the boys being in the hospital and yet no one called Brandi about it. It’s been years of overstepping boundaries. Brandi asked her not to and Eddie once got mad at Brandi when the she was papped with the boys when they initially split and Eddie told her he wanted the boys out of the public eye and yet allows Leann to do it? That is the ultimate issue.

  41. why? says:


    Did you even bother to take a look at what BG was saying? Her twitter post was in reference to what? EC who was sending her harassing Emails. So you can’t argue that she is bashing EC and LR on twitter for no reason when her response was provoked by something that EC did? If EC hadn’t sent the harassing emails, would BG had said what she said? So in general the “concern” is because BG stood up to EC and LR and didn’t take what they dished out?

    EC drinks and drives, he was even caught on tape getting into a car after LR had posted twitpics of him with alcohol in his hands, so then you agree that EC was wrong? EC didn’t get caught, but it was still wrong that he promotes drinking and driving right?

  42. why? says:


    Why is Leann not allowed to tweet about her stepsons?

    1) Well let’s start with the obvious, because the kids mother asked her not to do it because LR was providing TMI (ie-LR tweets their location and then the next day photos of the kids with EC and LR appear on People mag or Celeb HW babyscoop site) and crossing boundaries(ie-tweeting an ER visit to her fans before informing the kids mother).

    2) Eddie Cibrian stated in court documents that it wasn’t child focused to expose his kids to the media/paps/tabloids and that anyone who did that was just trying to get attention for themselves, which is exactly what LR does when she tweets about them because as we can see what she posts about those kids gets plastered all over the internet, mags, and blogs.

    3) EC threatened to sue BG if the kids made cameos on her show because he didn’t want his kids exposed to millions of people. That is precisely what is happening when LR tweets about those kids.

    4) BG can talk about HER kids and post photos of them because they are HER kids ( a bonus mom’s rights are not equal to that of the kid’s mother).

    5) When BG talks about HER kids on twitter, it’s not plastered all over the internet/blogs/mags the way it is when LR and EC do it. How long afer LR posted that photo of the kids on her blog did it get picked up by the media? When BG posts photos of those kids how long does it take the media to post those photos? Oh wait, I don’t recall the media ever posting the photos of the kids or posts that BG has posted on her twitter page. The only posts of BG that are in reference to the kids are always in regards to something that EC and LR did wrong.

    6) Even EC doesn’t talk about his kids on twitter, so why should LR be saying anything about those kids to her “fans”?

  43. trixie says:

    John, you sound like a “clown” to me…tsk tsk…hyena, you are just as delusional. Those boys are BRANDI’s children, NOT LeAnn’s. Brandi can show as many pictures or tweet about them as much as she wants, they are HER boys. LeAnn is nothing but the whore who diddled their father while he was still married to their mother. When those boys are teenagers, they will understand and be as disgusted with LeAnn as we all are. Although, Im sure they will have already divorced by then. LOL!

  44. hyena says:

    Trixie and why seem way little bit too passionate about this subject. Are you friends of Brandi’s or did your husbands leave you for a younger woman?

    @why- I never said her tweets were unprovoked, just said she isn’t one to not say anything.

    in refering to the boys growing up to have a “wh@re” for a stepmother, that will be so hard for them considering what upstanding citizens there real parents are. Why no blame to Eddie? He stepped out on Brandi.

    I’m sure if Brandi ever finds another man to marry her, she’ll get over her delusions.

    Like I said before, brandi, leann and eddie are huge losers with no moral code. That’s th last I have to say about all of them.

  45. John Wayne Lives says:

    @trixie, I have no dog in this fight. Putting aside LR&EC and their obvious disgustingnes, I find Brandi phoney and irritating. And the RHOBH? really? I would like to take the liberty of reposting a former comment I made about Brandi and ALL the RH…
    “I’m sure Brandi will exactly fit the bill for the people that get cast on these kinds of shows… obscure claim to fame, heightened sense of self-importance and self-righteousness, plastic face, plastic body, a willingness to sacrifice her family, and integrity for her 15 min despite all former protests to the contrary. Yep, she’s perfect. How exciting. Another fake a$$ “wife” willing to let herself be the fool (real or scripted) for ratings and money. “

  46. why? says:

    @hyena/wayne lives

    Why are you so desperate to make BG out to be the villian because she dared to speak out about how EC and LR are treating her? So basically you are upset because BG dared to expose EC improper behavior towards her and her kids?

    People do blame EC, but LR gets the majority of blame because she just won’t shut up and acts like BG owes her something. EC is smart. He lets LR do all of his dirty work. Did you see how they prepared for the release of this pre-ad? They laid low for a week. So when EC has something very important to promote all of a sudden EC wants to lay low. LR should follow EC lead, but what else would she do since her hubby is too busy “sleeping” on his Charisma sheets?

    What delusions does BG have? BG is delusional because she doesn’t bend over backwards to make life easy for EC and LR?

    Why are you so desperate to convince people that BG is the villian because she is on RHOBH? Because the RHOBH is getting more attention and generating 10 times more news articles than EC Charisma ads?

  47. Ashley says:

    Ugh. I hate these shows and these types of women. Goes to show that one can’t buy class and/or dignity for all the money and botox in the world.

  48. John Wayne Lives says:

    @ why?… desperate? delusions? villians? jesus, calm down.

    Brandi is gross, plastic trash just like LeAnn, and going on Housewives is a predictible famewhore move. Just like the new bikini photos LR is about to tweet.

  49. hyena says:

    Why does disliking brandi and seeing her for what she is, make us leanneddie cheerleaders?

    I don’t care about LR and EC. I just don’t like Brandi. I can form an opinion on Brandi without being on a “team”.

    I also think all the “housewives” are trash so she’s got that going for her.

    I think you are taking this way too personally.

  50. skilo says:

    I have said it before and will say it again these shows are called reality shows but, but they are not true,complete reality. Basically they are a new generations version of soap operas. You don’t watch them to be enlightened or educated you watch them to be entertained.

    Brandi is not on the show because she’s a fame-whore she’s on the show to make a living. More power to her.

    I swear all you people who take the title so literally should petition Bravo to change the name to “Real Housewives and Former Housewives and other Bitches of Beverly Hills”

  51. why? says:

    @wayne lives/hyena

    Wow how odd, TWO NEW people show up claiming not to be EC and LR fans, but they consistently trash BG and try to depict her as the villian because she is on the RHOBH. Haven’t we seen this before? How odd that all of this comes when RHOBH and BG are getting far more press and articles than EC Charisma ads.

    BTW, doesn’t LR tweet several other women from the Realhousewives reality tv shows? So the Housewives show are bad when BG is on it, but okay when LR is in contact with people from the very same shows?

    Why is LR tweeing bikini photos? She just couldn’t stand the fact that BG is getting more attention than her. Is Liz visiting EC and LR because LR bikini twitpics gets more frequent when Liz is around EC.

    So for every new article that is posted about EC and his Charisma ad, 10 new ones about BG and the RHOBH appear and all of the sudden the “BG is a villian” posters come out in full force.

  52. Rudypatudie says:

    If Brandi was my husbands ex wife, I would have no peace.

    My god she is gorgeous. And really seems to have it together.

    I am not surprised Leann is losing her mind.

  53. ZenB!tch says:

    Brandi’s fake lips make her look trashy… really – it’s the lips. She’s too young for them.

  54. John Wayne Lives says:

    @ why?… I am not new. I am not on a team. Calm the f down, and have your opinion just like the rest of us.

    And I completely understand that so much of this is scripted or prompted, and these women set up eachother and get set up by the producers, and voila! Dramas!
    But that’s the point. They are all choosing to be laughable fools. Staged or not. These women are all an embarassment.
    And I have to ask, what kind of woman would choose this?
    TRASH is the answer.
    Besides, Brandi is the epitome of “The woman doth protest too much”
    gag. again.

  55. why? says:

    Guess what the most read article on People mag site is?

    It’s the RHOBH article.

    Well that explains why wayne lives/hyena are out in full force. How dare People mag, who is LR #1 mouthpiece, allow such an article that has BG in it rank higher than an article about EC and LR.

    So someone is trying to punish BG because the RHOBH article is the most read article on People mag by writing all these “BG is a villian because she is on RHOBH” posts?

  56. John Wayne Lives says:

    @ hyena… EXACTLY

  57. hyena says:

    @ why…. I am not new.

    I think you are personally involved in this drama bc u mention a Liz and I live for the gossip and have no idea who this is.

    Take a breather girl.

  58. why? says:


    We know who Liz is because

    1) Leann is ALWAYS tweeting about her

    2) Leann staged several photo-ops with her for two whole weeks

    3) Liz is in the background of just about every photo of EC and LR

    4) Whenever LR tweeted the Bikini photos(ie-honeymoon, 4th of July), Liz was there as evidenced by LR tweets stating that she is spending time with her BFF and the staged photo-ops that followed the tweets

    Hey, EC received one honor. The People mag article was the most cited article about his Charisma ads, so you can take a breather from hating on BG because the People mag RHOBH article ranked as their most read article.

    This is how immature LR is? That she gets upset when a project BG is in involved in is ranked as #1 on her mouthpiece?

  59. Messenger Of Truth says:

    (in response to jamminatorr) – “SNAP!”

    (“Brandi is not a bitch, she’s just playing one on tv”) That’s my line! “Brandi’s not a bitch, she’ll just be playing one on TV.” (CB 6/17/11) – “2 SNAPS & A HEY!”

    Calling all “cracktini” girls. Calling all “cracktini” girls. This thread needs you, stat! – “3 SNAPS IN A Z FORMATION!”

  60. John Wayne Lives says:

    @ why?… are you for real? Man, I thought the JenA fans were rabid. Who knew Saint Brandi garnered so much intense, exhaustive loyalty! But, sorry, i actually don’t know who Liz is?
    Or how she impacts this conversation. I beg you to elighten me.

    My point is simple: (and I’m gonna use points like you did tehe)

    1. Like seeks Like, also known as birds of a feather flock together
    2. RH is self-humiliating Trash.

    There is nothing glamorous or fabulous about these shows and what’s going on here. It’s cringe worthy and sad these women are doing this to themselves and their familys. It’s all tragic.
    This isn’t life. This isn’t living. It’s a farce. A joke. And so are these people.

  61. Tara says:

    B*tches of Beverly Hills. Love it skilo!

  62. hyena says:

    @ why

    You are friggin’ crazy and I’m not responding to you again.

    @johnwaynelives you are awesome and I would have a beer with you any day of the week.

  63. Jane says:

    Why are there so many Brandi defenders here? Doesn’t she read CB? Not surprised if some of the defensive posts are from her. She looks just as bad as the other housewives.

  64. John Wayne Lives says:

    @ hyena..”You are friggin’ crazy and I’m not responding to you again”… made me totally lol! thanks for the giggle 🙂
    A beer sounds just about right 😉

  65. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Messenger – Wow. Did this thread get hijacked just as surely as us “cracktini girls” hijack a Blohan thread? It surely did! (LOVE the snaps in Z formation – Men on Film!)

    Y’all need to calm down. NOBODY should be on these RHOwherever shows. They’re an embarrassment, to women and humanity. How shallow can a person be? And then to put 5 or 6 of them on the same show, stir the pot, and create drama? The end result will always be YIKES.

    LR & EC shouldn’t be plastering their business all over the place. But neither should BG. Being the Twitiots that they are, they do.

    I only feel sorry for the kids. I DEF wouldn’t want to read all this ish between my parents.

  66. GG says:

    Cracktini gal checking in…..Supporting Brandi all the way! You go girl 🙂

  67. Baylor says:

    Heard there was drama on twitter over custody days. Basicly Eddie is harrassing Brandi over custody days of the boys. Anyone care to enlighten me on that?

  68. hyena,John Wayne Lives**I wouldn’t mind joining ya’ll for a beer,it might help the headache I acquired from watching that trailer.

  69. Jen says:

    Maybe she’s not an official castmember because she isn’t a wife? I know Camille isn’t really either, but she was when she started…

  70. why? says:

    hyena/john wayne lives

    You asked who Liz was and implied that I was lying about her always hanging out with EC and LR, now you are upset because you didn’t like my answers to your questoin(which is that we know who is Liz is because Leann tweets about her, stages photo-ops with her, and takes her on her vacation with her and EC.)

    Seriously, didn’t you watch the RHOBH last year? So now that you are no longer a BG fan now, the RHOBH is EVIL? I just find it very odd that you had no problem with this show last year, but now that you are not a BG fan you are working hard to convince people that she evil for being on the show.

    Leann and Eddie must have been taken off of staged photo-op time out because someone is out in full force right now. I guess we will see, so on Friday or Thur I won’t be shocked if LR and EC release a staged photo-op. It’s always so predictable.

    How interesting that irena disappears and these other posters show up in her place.

    The women who are featured on these shows are not required to be married inorder to be on the shows. It’s just like Mob Wives, Basketball Wives, and etc…

  71. why? says:

    Check out the articles that appear on the bottom of this page under the Eonline column.

    “Playboy Club gets spanking from the Parents Televison Council”

    Wow, what a major blow for NBC/Playboy Club/Eddie. How interesting that on the day that EC naked on the bed linens ads are released, another article about how yet another group is boycotting the Playboy Club comes out. So people are talking about how RHOBH is trashy and yet it’s EC show that is being met with much criticism for being trashy and promoting porn. Perhaps EC should have refrained from the naked on bedding photoshoot. Seriously who is advising EC and LR? With so many anti-porn groups boycotting Playboy this shirtless ad campaign shouldn’t have even happened.

    So what will NBC/Playboy and LR do to fix this?

  72. Annie_Grey says:

    I love Kim. She cracks me up.

    Kyle and Giggy look gorgeous. lol

  73. brin says:

    In the years Brandi was married to cheater Eddie she didn’t seek fame, she was a wife and mother. Now she is offered to be on a successful tv show, why souldn’t she be on it? It’s her time to shine and support her children at the same time.

  74. the original bellaluna says:

    @ brin – Agreed. and mornin! 🙂

  75. brin says:

    Hey bellaluna….top of the AM to you, too! Glad we are here the same time.

  76. sarahberra says:

    I can’t wait. I love rhobh! Brandi will always be better than leann in my eyes because it takes a real sh* t person to be a homewrecker, move into the ex wifes neighborhood, then allow your friends to harass the mother of your bonus kids daily. Go Brandi, get the success you deserve

  77. John Wayne Lives says:

    @ why?… wow, at this point, I really think you are someone who is very personally invested in what is going on here. All the intricate details, who’s show is what, and what photo shoots shouldn’t have happened. Talking about “evil” and accusations of lying.
    Maybe poster Jane is right….”Why are there so many Brandi defenders here? Doesn’t she read CB? Not surprised if some of the defensive posts are from her. She looks just as bad as the other housewives.”
    And, no, I didn’t watch the RHOBH last year. I haven’t watched that sh!t for a year. I can’t f*cking stand it anymore, and all those f*ucking trash women on these Real Housewives shows.
    I’ve watched multiple seasons on multiple HW shows. And it all goes the same way. Everytime. Who the F*ck lives like that?! These women self-humiliate, and self-destruct. I’ts shameful.
    And from the looks of things, Brandi and the RHOBH is just the same.
    Screaming obsceneties at another grown woman on national t.v. is the opposite of classy Brandi G. Say it with me…Trash!
    I think maybe Brandi is freakin, cause the ugly is showing.

  78. John Wayne Lives says:

    @HorsePoor Hanna… Let’s go for two shall we..*rubs forehead* I think I need another lol

  79. hyena says:

    I’m in for the beers gang!

    Also, I’ve never watched any of the Housewives shows. Just reading about their trashiness gives me a headache. Hell, I didn’t even watch the preview trailer!

    Also @ why, if u think we are both new, then how would u be able to make a judgement that we have supposedly talked about watching these shows?

  80. John Wayne Lives says:

    @ hyena… lol Cheers! first rounds on me 😉

  81. Krissi says:

    @john Wayne & @Hyena –

    You guys are correct, @why is crazyyyyy and has to have something personally invested in all of this. I had to stop commenting on another thread a month ago because I thought she was rubbing the crazy off on me. She will never stop, and it is best if you ignore. We are all entitled to our opinions, why just doesn’t like it when you don’t agree with hers.
    I have also never watched any of the Housewives shows… but was curious on this one because of all the drama that surrounds LR, EC and BG. It has been a circus for years now. Still not sure if I will commit to watching it.

  82. John Wayne Lives says:

    @ Krissi… out of curiosity, was the thread she went crazy on you about a Brandi/Eddie/LeAnn thread?

  83. Pete says:

    They gave too much away with Brandi accusing Kim of crystal meth use. They actually went and took out that line from the trailer surprisingly.

    I don’t get why Brandi is only a recurring housewife. I was dissapointed and was hoping that she would be a regular housewife with her own position on the show. That would have been much better. They probably didn’t want her to be on the show as a main cast member because of the Eddie and Leanne situation.

  84. Krissi says:

    @John Wayne – Yes, it was a Leann/Eddie Thread on JJ. She goes by Gwen there. 🙂
    I think she only comments on threads about this triangle group.

  85. Heaven bound says:

    Krissi, John Wayne and Hyena, you are all spot on!
    Why? Only comments on the LR & EC threads.

    I personally think she is Brandi, the exaggerated defensiveness gives her away.

  86. Heavenbound says:

    @ Jhon Wayne, Hyena and Krissi,

    You are all spot on!

    Why? Only comments on the LR & EC threads.

    I personally think she is Brandi, the exaggerated defensiveness gives her away. She is so rabid in her bite back on anybody that opposes her opinions.

  87. Anonymous says:

    @ Hyena, Krissi and Heaven bound…
    lol I am totally convinced you guys are right, and that why? here on CB, and Gwen on JJ are the same person, and probably Brandi herself lol. I took some time to go over to JJ out of curiosity (and because I’ve pulled a tendon in my foot and have too much time to waste these last few, to next few days lol) and I’m pretty sure you’re right. Holy crazyness! Like I said, Eddie sure does have a type! I feel really bad for those boys now 🙁

  88. John Wayne Lives says:

    @ Hyena, Krissi and Heaven bound…
    lol I am totally convinced you guys are right, and that why? here on CB, and Gwen on JJ are the same person, and probably Brandi herself lol. I took some time to go over to JJ out of curiosity (and because I’ve pulled a tendon in my foot and have too much time to waste these last few, to next few days lol) and I’m pretty sure you’re right. Holy crazyness! Like I said, Eddie sure does have a type! I feel really bad for those boys now 🙁

  89. John Wayne Lives says:

    crap. i didn’t mean to post the same thing twice under diff names.. don’t kick me out 😉

  90. Kim says:

    Ive always thought Brandi seemed like a meth head or coke head so its funny she calls Kim that.

    Brandi married Eddie because of his fame and thought it would make her famous. She has been seeking fame for years. Any mother with young children who is on any of the housewives franchises is obviously in it for the fame. Im not stating anything we dont already know.

    The way these woman act on these shows is something I pray their children NEVER See.

  91. Krissi says:

    @ JohnWayne – I feel that if Gwen errrr Why? really is Brandi.. I wish she would just say it…. then it would make sense that she is so passionate/insane about anything related to LR/EC. I am positive why will be back on here sometime today to tell us how wrong we are and that we are all the same people and we must be doing damage control.

  92. charity says:

    MIZ HYENA good name for you lets not be forgetting Leanns hit N run,shall we . she ran all the way home only to be followed by the police

  93. charity says:

    by the way ame jean sorry john Eddies dimples are real his 2 little boys have them too. Brandis lips r real, her 2 little boys have those same lips thank goodness neither one got anything from the squnty eyed ,flaring nostrils liposuctioned, stringy haired grinch face. after all. Eddie said U can see all the way to Alaska through her nostrils.of course that was before she showed him her income stats

  94. hyena says:

    @ charity
    Obv my name is hyena for a reason. Snap!

    It doesn’t matter is Leann “skin and bones” Rimes is the worst person in the whole world, it still doesn’t make me think highly of Brandi “crows feet” Glanville.

    I think you are personally involved too because otherwise how would u know something Eddie said about Leann?

  95. brin says:

    The real slut pig isn’t even on the show and that’s Leann.

  96. John Wayne Lives says:

    @ Krissi….yeah, she’s nuts lol

  97. why? says:

    John Wayne Lives/hyena/krissi/heavenbound/IRENA

    I thought it was impossible for people to post under different names on this site, but as we can see you have managed to find a way around that. So can you tell us how you are able to get past the system so that you don’t get caught posting under all these different names?

    This is why YOU are REALLY upset and have been on this massive campaign to convince people that BG is the villian for being on the RHOBH?

    “Playboy Club gets spanking from the Parents Televison Council” From E

    There are 80 more articles just like this.

    So all of this nonsense from John Wayne Lives and hyena has just been an attempt to hide the fact that the Play Club has been having some major issues and that they are under the threat of being shut down. It’s funny hyena/Johnw Wayne lives thought that she could distract from the problems that the Playboy Club has been having with these boycotts by coming here and trashing BG and the RHOBH.

    The articles about the boycott started on July 26, but they didn’t pick up in frequency until EC ads were released on the 27. Which makes one wonder? Did Charisma know that this was going to happen, which explains why they put EC and LR on a staged photo-op time out. Wow, the saga that is EC and LR gets even more revealing each and everyday.

    What does hyena/heavenbound/kriss/john waynelives have in store next?

    BTW, isn’t LR manager’s name John?

  98. testing says:

    This is me Why?, I was just testing to see how easy it is to post under a different name.
    Because it’s obvious that SOMEONE is posting under several different names.

  99. Why? says:

    So is this what has Hyena/john Wayne Lives so upset and out of control today?:

    “Playboy Club gets spanking from the Parents Televison Council”

    Wow, what a major blow for NBC/Playboy Club/Eddie. How interesting that on the day that EC naked on the bed linens ads are released, another article about how yet another group is boycotting the Playboy Club comes out. So people are talking about how RHOBH is trashy and yet it’s EC show that is being met with much criticism for being trashy and promoting porn. Perhaps EC should have refrained from the naked on bedding photoshoot. Seriously who is advising EC and LR? With so many anti-porn groups boycotting Playboy this shirtless ad campaign shouldn’t have even happened.

    So what will NBC/Playboy and LR do to fix this?

    Oh look, LR fixed it by having her “fans” show up and and post as heavenbound and kriss?

  100. Why? says:


    So can you please tell us how you have managed to bypass the system so that you don’t get caught posting under all these different names?

    Did you get a chance to read all those articles about how Playboy is being boycotted? There are over 80 articles about it, you should check it out. You can find the article on Contactmusic, Reutgers, Entertainment Weekly, and many other sites.

    I hit the nail on the head. You are just upset and going after BG to deflect from the fact that Playboy isn’t doing as well as NBC and LR have been claiming. I wonder if CMT is having the same problems with LR movie? I thought I heard that at one point LR CMT movie had been pushed back to a later date.

  101. Why? says:

    See, I always knew that Krissi was Heavenbound. I knew it was only a matter of time before she exposed it. So how do you do it krissi, how do you manage to post under these different names without getting caught?

    So is that how you are planning on fixing the issue with the boycott of Playboy Club? Argue that I am BG? That didn’t work when you were posting as ellen and gungho did it?

  102. Why? says:


    Are you sure you didn’t have to stop posting in that other thread because you got caught posting under a different name? So how do you get past the system or fool it to make it look like your ISP are different?

    What Johnwayne lives has failed to tell you is that she/he is on another site posting the very same post about BG and the RHOBH that she is making here. The only difference is that she left out the part about how she use to ba BG fan. The format of her posts are even the same. The moment I read the posts from hyena and JohnWayneLives I knew that something wasn’t right.