Jennifer Love Hewitt goes shopping in a little black dress: adorable or too short?

Jennifer Love Hewitt went shopping with a friend yesterday in a short black dress and nude heels. Unlike the last time we saw her in some schlumpy blue sweats and an “I Love Coffee” t-shirt, she looked happy to be photographed and well put together. She was out at celebrity-friendly boutique Fred Segal, so it’s safe to say she either planned to be photographed or called the paps herself. I can’t fault her for that since I find her kind of adorable. Her hair is looking a little fake to me in that high pony, but other than that I think she’s super cute in this outfit. The skirt may be a little short, like it could use three more inches of fabric at the bottom, but that dress is flattering from most angles and I love those shoes!

Hewitt was announced two weeks ago as one of the leads in the movie Jewtopia, based on a novel and successful play of the same name. It will costar Ivan Sergei of Crossing Jordan. She’s only been in one big screen movie after 2006’s Garfield 2, a film called Cafe last year that I’ve never heard of. So this is really good news for her and she’s probably happy to get her face out there with a friendly photo op. Hewitt also guest starred on an episode of Hot in Cleveland that aired yesterday, so she may have been celebrating that as well.

Doesn’t this dress remind you of one that Kim Kardashian just wore, except not as short and boob-baring? Hewitt is dressing like a Kardashian more frequently as of late.





Photo credit: WENN and Fame

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  1. KLO says:

    I like it! It doesn’t make her look bigger than she is. And it’s not too short, her legs are nice, why not show them off.

  2. Blue says:

    I love her, she’s cute. Please don’t compare her to the Kardashians. She’s much better than that.

  3. Ari says:

    The Kardashians wear clothes that fit their figures if anything at least they get that right. Nothing wrong with Jen taking a few pointers since she has been known to cover her fabulous body up and look dumpier than it actually is. She looks great in this outfit and hope to see more

  4. Kloops says:

    Obviously a staged photo op. She looks fine but is over dressed for shopping and past photo evidence indicates she doesn’t normally do a LBD to shop. She is definitely looking Kardashianesque. Reeks of desperation.

  5. Liz says:

    Why can’t she ever dress properly?

  6. Laura says:

    While she is overdressed for a shopping trip, which is kind of obnoxious, I’m glad she’s showing off her natural figure and isn’t going on some stupid diet to be stick thin. She looks great!

  7. Delta Juliet says:

    Personally, I wouldn’t dress like that to go shopping. But then, I’m usually at Target, not some boutique sooo…… 😉

    She looks cute.

  8. serena says:

    She looks very cute. And I’m happy for her, she has talent as an actress and should go on.

  9. brin says:

    Much improved….well done, JLH!

  10. mannequin says:

    If she’s comfortable in it, if she likes the look, then go for it.

  11. antisara says:

    I think she looks pretty…it’s simple, she’s not trying too hard and she’s smiling…so it’s a go in my book!

  12. Quest says:

    A little short but she looks great.

  13. ladybert62 says:

    (1) The hair is cute
    (2) The dress is too short
    (3) Who in their right mind goes shopping in what 5inch heels? Please.

  14. bigchili says:

    I like it. I think she looks cute & happy. And I like the height that the length of the dress & the heels give her. If the dress was longer, then I think she would look shorter and wider, so I don’t think it’s too short. And she’s smiling so I don’t even care that it’s staged.

  15. StephanieMarie says:

    What ridiculous footware for shopping!!!
    The dress in no way requires those shoes…She coulda wore some really cute espadrills or a nice little wedge heel instead..Much more comfortable and shopping appropriate footware…

  16. B says:

    Anyway… I like her beautiful smile 🙂

  17. esblondie says:

    I like her, a lot. She seems real, and i’m not just talking her body type. I also like that she wears questionable outfits sometimes – that she doesn’t seem like a stylist put together every outfit she wears even when she goes to the grocery store. Regular people don’t have stylists – half the time I’m wondering how I look when I go out the door but at the end of the day I just don’t give a crap. Maybe she doesn’t either? Which would make me like her even more.

    Also – maybe she had plans other than shopping that requires the dress and heels?

  18. daisydoodle says:

    She looks healthy, more than I can say for a lot of celebrities…I’m tired of the “skeletal look” being the standard of health. Otherwise, I think might be a little too short, but she’s young, enjoy!

  19. Pix says:

    She looks cute, but did she gain weight? I never pay attention to her so I don’t know if this is what she looks like.

  20. bibliocephalus says:

    I love her, always have- it always makes me sad when the blogs beat up on her. She IS dressing much better lately, (rock that bod, sister!) and looks great. Yeah- stupid shopping shoes, but seriously, Hollywood is everything BUT sensible, they work fine given the context.

  21. Kitten says:

    She looks very cute-she really is a pretty girl. Let’s not lie-her legs aren’t the best, but she has a nicely- shaped figure.

  22. Jen34 says:

    JLH sets the bar pretty low for herself, so I’m gonna say she looks good. But only because the bar is set low. I don’t really care for the dress.

  23. spinner says:

    I have never understood her appeal. She looks like a chunky rodent.

  24. Bubbling says:

    She cleaned up really nicely, so I ain’t mad at her even if it was staged (most likely). And the hair, she has some gorgeous hair, doesn’t she?

  25. Ana says:

    JLH lost weight, right? She looks super-cute. Nice legs, lady!

  26. It is ME!!! says:

    I am no fan of hers, but the dress is fine, and not too short. But it certainly isn’t a size 2 like she tried to claim she was a few years ago. She is too hippy for a size 2. Nothing wrong with being a size 8 or 10, Jennifer. You look healthy- embrace it!

  27. bagladey says:

    @Quest: A little short but she looks great.

    Ditto that.

  28. Stubbylove says:

    Love it – way to go Jennifer – a winner.

  29. Melinda says:

    To the ladies out there that think it’s ridiculous to wear heels while shopping- I always wear heels when I shop. It’s a way for me to curb my spending. 🙂 Can’t shop as long, therefore don’t spend as much money.

  30. kaligula says:

    @Bubbling, that’s my main thought, too– her hair! i spend 17 minutes a day visualizing that kind of hair on my head, hoping it will eventually be manifested a lá “The Secret” :))))

    also dress is awesome, she’s just a beauty from head to toe

  31. Miss Marie says:

    Gross. She needs to cover up her chunky legs. She needs to get toned before exposing her flabby stumps. Why do women insist on wearing outfits as though they are fit and trim when they aren’t?

  32. Original Tiffany says:

    She looks cute! The dress is a bit short, but cute. She makes me want to cut bangs into my hair.
    She is wearing Louboutins. I wore mine to a club the other night and was dying by the end. I’d still shop in them though, they are so pretty.

  33. Kim says:

    She seems nice enough but is way to desperate to stay in the limelight. The dress looks good. I wish she would embrace that she is a bigger/curvier girl and not fad diet for magazine covers and stuff herslef into to small clothes in an attempt ot look thinner but really just make her look bigger.

  34. spinner says:

    @ Melinda…that’s thinkin on your feet!!

  35. Ellie says:

    I think she looks good, For once!

  36. Bitchbelying says:

    Now she has an amazing body actually. Sorry Leelee but this body is way better than yours. Why don’t bodies like Jennfer’s get praised more often, rather than those of leelee’s. J

  37. Maritza says:

    Jennifer Love Hewitt is much prettier than Kim Kardasian, she also wears much less makeup too.

  38. Sassy says:

    I saw the episode of Hot in Cleveland last night, and she looked adorable. She is very appealing and warm and very pretty. She looked buxom but not really fat. She is just a hippy, busty girl. She wore jeans in one scene, and from the side she looked thin. Not so good from the front, though

  39. Karina says:

    The dress is super cute, not too short. The heels she paired with it make it look a bit shorter than it actually is (heels make it look like there’s more leg on display than there really is, thus making the hem of the dress appear shorter). I do own a few dresses this length & wear them grocery shopping in the summer: they’re comfy!

  40. Amanda G says:

    Well it’s certainly a step up from the sweatpants/t-shirt combo she had on last week.

    She has great hair.

  41. Truthful says:

    looks good to me.

  42. mln76 says:

    Oh she’s sooo been reading the blogs and staged the photo op. Who cares though she looks good. Much better than the last 500 outfits she’s worn.

  43. crtb says:

    Love the hair and the pretty smile! She looks better with some meat on her bones. Don’t like her skinny. Dress is OK for shopping. Not too short but I couldn’t stand all day in those heels. My feet would be killing me!

  44. TXCinderella says:

    I think she has a sweet personality, but this dress looks terrible on her. It makes her look chunky. It’s not neccessarily the length, but the style. An A-line would have been much better to camoflage her hips.

  45. 4Real says:

    Yes FINALLY she pulls off a cute outfit! I’ve been looking for a cute almond toe nude pump. Those are FABULOUS!

  46. lucy2 says:

    It’s cute, but totally staged to counter the recent sweatpants photos.

  47. Firecracker says:

    She looks great! I bet in person she looks even thinner…that dreaded weight that the camera adds.

  48. Isa says:

    I think she looks super cute! The bottom part is kind of short but it’s okay because she’s covered up everywhere else.

    I love her bangs. She has pretty hair.

  49. bogie says:

    Yeah you are my fav on this site celebitchy. You are right she is adorable. I am glad you wrote about her instead of certain othe people that write on this site.

  50. Krista says:

    Sigh. She isn’t fooling anyone. When you have to wear a LBD and nude heels to go shopping, your figure needs quite a bit of help. But hey, at least the heels will help her tone up a bit.

  51. april says:

    Way too many photos. She looks good.

  52. tia says:

    OMG!! Terrible legs!! yuck. She so doesnt need to have that short dress on.. maybe some capris and cute open toed heels would have worked better for her… very unfortunate looking bottom half.. yikes!

  53. kmct319 says:

    She definitely tries too hard. Maybe the What Not to Wear crew could help her. Her non-celebrity friend looks more appropriate than she does.

  54. Blo222 says:

    She looks sooooo cute! All u haters, are really mean! She is a beautiful woman! A VERY good singer. She Is the best actress ever! I love the shoes!!!