Rumer Willis and Zac Efron are heating up, he’s even met the parents


Strange couplings (like Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn) have certainly been in vogue in Hollywood this year, but my mouth is slightly agape at the notion that Rumer Willis has been quietly dating Zac Efron for an indeterminate period of time. Yes, I know rumors have circulated since January of this year, but so far, there aren’t any photos of these two crazy kids together at all. Still, In Touch reports that the relationship has grown serious enough that Zac’s even “met the parents,” but they’re actually just talking about Demi:

Zac Efron and Rumer Willis, 22, have been hanging out all over Hollywood lately, and while they have yet to address dating rumors, he has already been introduced to Mom.

“Rumer is close to her mom. Demi’s opinion matters,” says a pal.

Though Zac, 23, has crossed paths with Demi Moore at industry events, this was a more formal introduction and a chance for them to get to know each other. “Zac brought Demi flowers,” says the pal. “She was super-polite and they got along well.” Sure, meeting the parents might scare some dudes off, but when one of them is gorgeous Demi, the chances are slim!

Despite being spotted recently with Ashley Tisdale, a pal says Zac only has eyes for Rumer.

[From In Touch, print edition, August 8, 2011]

Zac does like the ladies, right? He dated Vanessa Hudgens for years while they worked together filming and touring for their “High School Musical” trilogy of whitewashed Disney goodness. Maybe he really digs girls with boob jobs and tragic 90s style. Although I’m sort of scratching my head over what Rumer would see in Zac, but she does seem to like those trendy “it boys” like Chord Overstreet. Still, Zac is no longer an “it boy,” and I’m still not buying this relationship. After all, Zac was photographed doing this with Ashley Tisdale on July 2 of this year:



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  1. spinner says:

    YAY!! Rumer has finally found her place as the perfect beard!!

  2. Eve says:

    He will be the girl in this relationship, right?

  3. Enny says:

    What Rumer sees in Zac: another star to hitch her wagon to since being the spawn of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis still hasn’t given her a respectable career

    What Zac sees in Rumer: a beard with famous, industry-connected parents

  4. Heatheradair says:

    well that’s odd and unexpected.

    yeah, I feel like she could rip him to shreds with her bare legs, BUT – I sense a strange degree of staying power with these two….

  5. ladybert62 says:

    W H A T!!!!!!! I thought he was gay!

  6. Pyewacket says:

    Like this will last!

  7. brin says:

    Yeah, perfect….they can trade outfits.

  8. The Truth Fairy says:

    Wait a sec. If he needs a beard, couldn’t he have found someone prettier and with a higher profile?

  9. Alynn says:

    @Eve LMAO!!! So true

  10. carrie says:

    new beard! what a career!

  11. Mr. Greek says:

    The guy is GAY (nothing wrong with that) and if this is true, then Rumer is wearing the beard and taking it on the chin.

  12. Violet says:

    From the neck up and despite the makeup, she looks more manly than he does.

  13. Kaboom says:

    This can be considered his coming out in my mind.

  14. bagladey says:

    OMG, P-L-E-A-S-E, I can’t take any more photos of that face. P-L-E-A-S-E, no more pics of Rumer; I’m not joking that I can’t take it.

  15. Hibiscus says:

    Potato-Head and Gay-Face
    cooking it up!

  16. Blue says:

    What an odd couple. If he is gay and she’s his beard, that is a terrible choice.

  17. Zzzzzzzzz says:

    Not buying this story one bit. They’ve been friends for awhile. Also not buying the Zac is gay thing. Maybe I’m being naive but I just don’t think he is.

  18. Alix says:

    Why is she dressed like a hooker?

  19. honeybunxo says:

    whoa whoa whoa whoa whooooa dwight!!! when the hell did zacky n hedgy breakup??!!!!!! well i kne they broke up but i thought after a couple months or something that got back together??? wow im usually so glued to zacky wacky that i thought i knew him…but its apparent that i dont!! **sarcasm**

  20. TL says:

    I read where Zac vacationioned with bruce during the new years in france but paps had rumor in LA so I dont know about this.

  21. madpoe says:

    Is that pix of Rumer just not a good one? She looks like a ghost! Snow blindness!

  22. Emily says:

    Zac and Tisdale are only friends – she is also best friends with Vanessa and has a bf. Do I think he’s dating Rumour, nope. I do think he is gay.

  23. kim says:

    her legs are brighter than her shirt:/

  24. Alice says:

    Sweet blindness! I’m all for pale skin but Rumer could cause a traffic accident in direct sunlight like that! Also, gross. Zac Efron and Rumer Willis? Talk about a mismatch in the looks department. If my face was removed and I was told I had to pick between Rumer Willis’ face and Tori Spelling’s face, I’d run toward Tori’s face with open arms.

  25. Truthful says:

    nahhh,I think he is being forced to act like he likes girls due to all of the gossip…this chick just doesn’t get it.

    geez, she looks…nevermind.

  26. Kitty_Cal says:

    I could never even spend an evening hanging out with Rumer Willis as I know I would spend most of the night staring at her massive chin.

  27. hmm says:

    I think he’s a cutie but he looks like he’s really small and short. I think he’s probably shorter than Tom Cruise.

  28. Kimbob says:

    Yeah…I agree w/everyone else. He’s trying to further his career(?) & yeah, probably the beard thingy too.

  29. Kim says:

    He dates masculine, non attractive girls so public thinks he is straight. Shame he is ashamed and doesnt come out. He hooked up with Rumor because of her family connections in the business. Does he really think the public thinks he is straight?

  30. eternalcanadian says:

    Hmmm, crazy thought, but what if Zac is using Rumer to get to Demi? 😛

  31. kris31 says:

    Am I the only one noticing the crazy pastiness that is Rumer Willis’s skin!

  32. Maritza says:

    Zac is really cute. I think he makes a better match with Ashley Tisdale, then again if he is gay then Rumor makes a perfect beard.

  33. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    I’m getting a bit of a Disick vibe from Zach, and Rumer’s got great legs.

  34. Elfie says:

    Maybe is me trying to deny it, but I don’t think he is gay.. Maybe bi?

    Anyway, if they are dating is probably a career move, her parents got connections right?

  35. Heatherrr says:

    I would like Ashley Tisdale’s body please.

  36. Calli Pygian says:

    Umm, whaaaaaat?

    Mebbe it’s just cos he likes Bruce, and this is what he sees when he looks at a woman, and particularly at Rumer:

    Just sayin’.

  37. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @TL, it wasn’t a vacation, it was a business meeting. Bruce and Zac were negotiating Rumors bearding contract.

    What an impressive résumé.

    1. Daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore

    2. Extra in some crap movie with Anna Faris.

    3. Mrs. Potato Heads stunt double in the Tpy Story trilogy.

    4. Professional beard to Zac Effron.

    She’s really going places!

  38. Red says:

    I really want Ashley’s abs as my own…. Yeah I know… girlfriend WORKS at them.

  39. april says:

    He looked more handsome when his hair was longer and it swept up. I don’t like the way he looks now. When he was with Vanessa Hudgeons they looked like a real couple, so I’m not convinced yet that he’s gay.

  40. Rosa says:

    You have got to be kidding me!!!

  41. Sami says:

    Who started the gay rumor and why? That boy is not gay. Just because he doesn’t want to be with Vanessa any longer? So juvenile. Grow up. Leave the kid alone.

  42. poopie says:

    RUMER: you do NOT have the legs for shorts ! cover them up ! good god she’s pale !

  43. Phil Shubano says:

    She is hideous and disgustingly pale …

  44. Eewww! says:

    Geez people are hateful and gross.

  45. Jaariel says:

    Well, he just confirmed the rumours that he is GAY!
    Enjoy your beard, Zac…

  46. Kendra says:

    Gross and gags!! I thought he was cute with those blue eyes until he sleezed it up at the club with whats her face giving him a blow job in public – I think he’s scum (and the chic who blew him). As for Rumer, whatever. She has to work with what mom and dad gave her, and she seems to deal with it – so no hate there. Just wish she wouldn’t hook up with losers – even she can do better than that!

  47. Jen says:

    It pains me to see those unfortunate high-waisted booty shorts. WTH was she thinking?? I know that was a while ago, but I just can’t move past that.

  48. Ruby Red Lips says:

    In that last photo he resembles a younger Bruce Willis….thats all I’m gonna say…

  49. Anon says:

    Zac’s,out doing his cover up’s again. Ugh haha! I knew he would since that story came out about how they got him with that boy in the party like i said before

    And it’s okay for me to say this because let’s face it no one will believe me anyway :D. But everyone of his close friends knows about him and understand that it has to stay this way because of his career.
    But i really wish he would just come out and know that it would not make his career go down the drain… It would only grow his fan base with the gay community…

  50. Jayna says:

    Zac is gorgeous and actually talented. He will get the right role.