Jason Momoa wants you to touch his 6’4″, 230 lb, all-throbbing-muscle body


Maybe I’m just using this new interview with Jason Momoa as an excuse to use a lot of photos of him looking sexy. Perhaps. Or maybe I find his words fascinating, because I imagine him whispering all of this in my ear before we go up to the hotel room for sexy times. Whatever you want to think is fine with me. Anyway, Jason was at Comic-Con, I think for both Game of Thrones and Conan the Barbarian. Unfortunately, there aren’t a ton of photos of Jason from Comic-Con, so I’m making do with what I’ve got access to. I think this interview was conducted at Comic-Con, and it’s all Jason talking about his amazing body:

Getting in shape for the lead role in the remake of Conan the Barbarian was no easy task for Jason Momoa. The Honolulu-born Game of Thrones actor and model endured a grueling 6-hour daily exercise regimen to play the iconic action hero played onscreen in the ’80s by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“We do two hours of sword work first … then have a little break, eat a broiled chicken, do two hours of weight lifting and have cardio,” Momoa, 31, told reporters at a Comic-Con event in San Diego. “Then I’d go home and basically the best thing I could do is sleep and rest.”

The routine helped the 6’4″ actor bulk up from 210 to 230 pounds.

“His diet consisted of basically chicken breast and peanut butter,” producer Fredrik Malmberg said. “Peanut butter for energy on set because you burn a lot of calories … and not to lose the muscle and the mass that he built up.”

When the film’s shooting finally wrapped – the finished version opens in 3-D on Aug. 19 – Momoa hightailed it to Italy for some serious carb therapy.

“I flew straight to Rome and just [ate] pasta,” Momoa said.

And it was a long time coming. “During the last week of shooting, all Jason was talking about was the amount of food he was going to consume as soon as it was over,” said his leading lady, Rachel Nichols, who plays Tamara in the film.

When Momoa returned to the small screen to portray Khal Drogo on HBO’s fantasy hit Game of Thrones, the actor put on another 10 pounds – this time of fat.

“I wanted to put fat on top of it so that [Drogo] would be seven feet tall and really, really big, because he’s not sitting around doing sit-ups,” Momoa says of his current build.

How’d he do it? Said Momoa, “I just ate Guinness [Stout] and pizza.”

[From People]

Jesus, he’s big. He’s 6’4″! And he’s all muscle too, just one big, thick, gigantic, throbbing muscle. I need to stop. I won’t be able to concentrate all day, thinking about Jason and how he’s throbbing. GAH.

So just consider this the early-morning Hot Guy Friday, y’all. You are welcome.





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  1. carrie says:

    i prefer to touch him than Vin Diesel today

  2. really says:

    Danke, thanks for the the early-morning Hot Guy Friday ….. cute!

  3. the original bellaluna says:

    The line forms behind ME! 😀

  4. brin says:

    Wow, whiplash….we went from Weiner Iglesias to Manfeast Mamoa.

  5. Ari says:

    He annoys me because he has never seen the original movie and told Arnold that he wanted to see his own first before his…now I don’t give two figs about Arnold but as an action hero who has done iconic roles…its unforgivable to my geek mentality no matter how hot a piece of a$$ Jason is (which he so is) but I am sure if he came up to me and threw me up against the wall, I’d get over it real quick 🙂

  6. John Wayne Lives says:

    I just LOVE these uber-man types! so gruff and big and burly 🙂 He’s the kind of guy you could picture picking u up and throwing you around the bedroom 😀

    @ the original Bellaluna… I can deal with that 😉

  7. mannequin says:

    All except for those eyebrows. It looks like his brain is getting ready to pop out his forehead.

  8. Gretchen says:

    I want to lick and nibble him all over. “6 foot 4 throbbing muscle” i’m about to explode.

  9. Nymeria says:

    He’s 6’4″?

    Oh. My. God. Yes, yes, I’ll touch his throbbing body. *elbows the original bellaluna out of the way* 😉

    (Or we could always share!)

    ETA: Yay! Moderated again. Hi, mods! Wie geht es Ihnen? Ich trinke Tee zum Fruehstueck!

  10. Quest says:

    *swooning* …give me a minute, make it 5. 🙂

    Edit: MILF (Momoa I Like to…)

  11. Jackson says:

    I will shank any of you bitches who cut in line!

  12. the original bellaluna says:

    @ John Wayne Lives – 😀 Can you believe hubs is actually an inch taller than this hot piece of man-meat? le sigh…

    @ brin – How’s that whiplash? 😉 Gotta take care of that, because it’s HGF!

  13. photo jojo says:

    You’re KILLING me this morning! Jeez, not even out of bed and seriously considering taking a moment to myself here…. *fans self*

  14. jc126 says:

    Okay, I will touch him!

  15. madpoe says:

    It’s really really good to see Lisa Bonet. I just can’t recall the last time I seen her. Her baby’s daddy is fine!

  16. spinner says:

    Where do I sign up??

  17. RHONYC says:

    damn, Lisa’s looks like she’s purring this thought:

    “that’s right bitches. he’s walking sex on a fuggin’ huge stick, and when we go home i’m gonna ride him like the fine-ass, bucking bronco that he’s built like!



  18. mia girl says:

    Lisa Bonet… you lucky bitch!

  19. photo jojo says:

    LMAO @ RHONYC!!!

  20. hstl1 says:

    He was so much cuter way back when he was on Baywatch. The forehead does make him look like a Klingon.

    Him + Lisa Bonet = Freaks me out. Do they really have a kid together?

  21. womanfromthenorth says:

    just yummy and Hawaiian!

  22. Coco says:

    He has bigger tits than me

  23. Delta Juliet says:

    So…I’m guessing I’m the only one who’s not seeing it?

  24. erin says:

    O.M.GAW!!! sweet heavens to betsy that should be illegal.

  25. Ari says:

    lol @ coco – that was my first thought too actually

  26. Quest says:


  27. aloe juice says:

    I love it!

  28. UKHels says:

    oh my god the man is the total fucking hotness

    One of the reasons I like ASkars is that he’s so tall but he looks teeny next to this total sexpot


  29. RedRightAnkle says:

    After his epic Comic-Con fail in which he said his favorite thing about doing the show was getting to rape beautiful women, ya’ll bitches can have him. The honeymoon is officially over for me.

    Though this moment did also give us the GoT panel-wide spontaneous facepalm, which was kind of awesome. But yeah, my crush has evaporated.

  30. Jen34 says:

    I’m gonna pass. I don’t care for a guy who looks like he could split me in half or crush me. Y’all can have him.

  31. Deb says:

    *SIGH* Come to Mama!

  32. AG says:

    I love this guy! Every interview I’ve seen with him, he’s funny, likeable, sweet — but — I saw the Comic Con panel discussion and his flippant comment about how he likes to “rape beautiful women” – and I have to say, despite his previous comments to the contrary, this casual rape joke really bothered me. I wish he’d apologize publicly!

  33. Ana says:

    Tall strong and sweet. Me wanna something, please. HOT.

  34. JM says:

    I’d ride him like a Harley on a bad road! YUMMY!

  35. womanfromthenorth says:


    After his epic Comic-Con fail in which he said his favorite thing about doing the show was getting to rape beautiful women, ya’ll bitches can have him. The honeymoon is officially over for me.

    Though this moment did also give us the GoT panel-wide spontaneous facepalm, which was kind of awesome. But yeah, my crush has evaporated.

    Really? He said that? I just read and interview with Bill Graham and he says nothing about “RAPE”. Where’s your proof he said this?

  36. Daniela says:

    To borrow your words, he makes my biscuits tremble. That’s just a whole lotta MAN. And you just KNOW he’d be good in bed. Hot damn!

  37. Jackson says:

    Ahhh, I hadn’t heard that comment from him. Why do the pretty ones usually end up being the assholes? Honestly.

  38. insidescoop says:

    yeah i thought he was all hot and yummy until i saw the comments about liking to ‘rape beautiful women’ at comic con. hmmmm, not so much

  39. Jezi says:

    I think he’s looking mighty fine in these pics…but I have to pass him over to my girl Deb…she claimed him first and I have to respect. LOL

  40. John Wayne Lives says:

    @ the original bellaluna… so that’s why you’re so cheerfull every morning 😉

  41. Deb says:

    @Jezi why thank you my dear… You know how much I lurved him in GoT

  42. Andria says:

    In an interview from way back, he talked about how hard it was to film the sex scenes in Game of Thrones: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1662566/game-of-thrones-jason-momoa.jhtml

  43. Jezi says:

    @Deb Yes I do recall your constant drooling!!! LOL

  44. original kate says:

    fabio lite.

  45. 4Real says:


    Thank you Kaiser!

  46. AG says:

    You can see the comic con videos here:

    Not sure which one it’s in – but he does say it – I think it’s obvious he regrets it after – but he never apologized. The rest of the panel look mortified.

  47. Calli Pygian says:

    @Daniela, he wouldn’t even have to be good in bed…he’d just have to be there, LOL.

    omg, Kaiser. Seriously, thank you from the bottom of my biscuits.

    He is simply freakin’ beautiful.

  48. “He’ll do press-ups and chin-ups
    Do the snatch, clean, and jerk –
    He thinks dynamic tension
    Must be hard work!
    Such strenuous living
    I just don’t understand,
    When in just seven days
    Oh, baby
    I can make you a man”

  49. r u ok miss? says:

    SO GORGEOUS! Thank you!

  50. Me says:

    Ok so Im about 9 months pregnant and feel like a brick house with a cobwebby bat cave yoohoo that is about to be used as an exit ramp… but that first picture of him makes me feel like a woman again. A giggly one. A giggly slutty one.

  51. T.C. says:

    Don’t know why magazines spend time on ugly, girlie-boys like Robert Pattinson when they have beautiful manly-men like Jason out there. I would lick EVERY part of this man’s body, three times. I mean every part. And he has a nice smile too. *swoon*.

  52. RedRightAnkle says:


    It’s been all over tumblr and twitter. Towards the end of the panel, someone asked Jason how it was going from a regular scifi show (he was on Stargate Atlantis) to a fantasy show on HBO and what he liked about the new show.

    He talked about how he loved that there was so much more that you could do on this show that you couldn’t do elsewhere, ie: rip people’s throats out and rape beautiful women and get away with it. At which point it sinks in what he just said and the entire panel collectively facepalms.

    Can I post links in here? I don’t know, I’ll post this then try and find the video.

  53. RedRightAnkle says:

    Jason’s rape comment is around the 1:48 mark:


    GIF of the panels facepalm:


    And yes yes, in before, “BUT IT’S A JOKE?!!!1” I don’t care, rape isn’t funny, and this was an instant lady-boner-killer for me.

  54. I have to wait in line!!Damn,there is no justice.

  55. Isa says:

    Is it me or do his eyes go in different direction?

  56. Blue says:

    Sigh, he is soooo yummy! Can’t. Breathe. Hot. And. Bothered.

  57. Io says:

    Oh, Lisa Bonet of [still] beautiful face and HOThotHOT hubby…. what could you have possibly done in a former life to deserve all this?

  58. Gabi says:

    That comment about his fav scene being raping beautiful women, obviously it was joke, I think he was being sarcastic, granted it’s was cringe worthy kind of joke, but that doesn’t mean he deserves the death penalty.

    Before, in every interview, when asked about it, he had said how difficult it was for him (and Emilia) to film it.

  59. alibeebee says:

    DAYUM THAT LISA BONET IS ONE LUCKY BEETCH!!I love him i find him volcanic hot.

  60. Stubbylove says:

    I would touch anything Momoa asked me to. Lisa is one lucky-ass beotch – luv her face in that pic. DAMN…just DAMN.

  61. RedRightAnkle says:

    Lol, who said anything about the death penalty. I just said that someone I used to think was hot made a rape joke and it totally killed the hottness for me.


  62. Nymeria says:

    Ohhhh no 🙁 I watched the YouTube video where Jason Momoa makes the comment that he gets to “[rape] beautiful women” in GoT, and my attraction to him has gone. That’s just never a joke to make, especially in a society boasting a high rate of sexual violence against women.

    Okay, ladies, I’m outta this race.

  63. sapphire says:

    Dumb ass comment, but he’s beautiful.

    I like the smug look on LB’s face.

  64. womanfromthenorth says:


    well thanks for the link, I think “ravage” would have been more to our liking and his.

  65. Anne de Vries says:

    I was going to comment about hawtness and how to me he’d be hotter after the pasta – love a big, bulky guy with some fat on there as well. It’s the ‘yeah I work out, but pass the nachos’ look. All these workout-obsessive guys that look like they’d scrutinise everything they (and you!) eat don’t seem like fun to me.

    Then I read about the rape comment. Urgh. Dude, Jason, just repeat after me: ‘I’m still cringing, don’t know WTF was wrong with me at that panel, and I’m SO sorry for being that insensitive.’

  66. regina says:

    Meh. He’s okay. But Lisa Bonet is so beautiful!!!

  67. Denise says:

    Damn this guy is hot! He is like a freaking piece of human art.

  68. DethHammer says:

    I have a guy friend who’s 6’4 and 234 lbs of pure muscle and he’s very sweet and not judgmental about what other people eat (unlike many workout obsessed men). So yea, Momoa just reminded me of my friend and how I totally need to call him and see how he’s doing 🙂

  69. YvetteW says:

    He wants me to touch his body? Not a problem. I can accommodate. Where/When???

  70. Taranaich says:

    @ Ari: No new actor in a film adaptation of a literary character has an obligation to watch previous adaptations. Do you think Christian Bale made a point of studying George Clooney, Val Kilmer, Michael Keaton and Adam West for Batman Begins?

    Conan’s been around since the 1930s. There’s no reason for Jason to have watched the film – and in fact, Marcus Nispel actually suggested Momoa not watch it, so that he doesn’t unconsciously carry anything over from it. All for the best, since – again – this isn’t a bloody remake.

  71. bluhare says:

    Please sir, may I have some Momoa?

  72. Erin says:

    I actually think he looks kinda Neanderthaly…meh, I don’t like meatheads. I prefer tall, just not meatheads.

  73. Mary Jane says:


  74. wresa says:

    RedRightAnkle – That GIF is hilarious!!

  75. Violet says:

    Thank you for the treat! He’s absolutely gorgeous.

  76. Kricket says:

    He was engaged to an Australian actress for years and then they broke up. A few months later Lisa Bonet gave birth to their first child so she was obviously pregnant whilst he was in a committed long term relationship.

    He can look as good as anything but inside he’s a stinking, lying son of a bitch. I wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole and knowing what he’s like definately takes off any desire to even see him, let alone shag him.

  77. Lairen says:

    Oh. My. God.

  78. beanie says:

    Oh My God!!!..Yum, yum give me sum!

  79. Meadowlark says:

    “Well, let’s see what’s going on in this arti-WOAAAH!!!”

  80. Sara says:

    Sexy 🙂

  81. Callumna says:


    His body is an amusement park. *shrieks, and faints.*

    If I return to consciousness I’ll remember what to do with him. Like riding a bicycle.

  82. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    This threat has the most entertaining comments thanks all 🙂 In the picture where he is holding up his hand he looks like Olivier Martinez, does Jason have some french heritage? And Lisa Bonet is stunning.

  83. Shannon says:

    THANK YOU!!!

  84. Nymeria says:

    Lisa Bonet looks like a spaced-out crackhead. I don’t get the “she’s so lovely” vibe. At all.

  85. DeeVine says:

    He’s hot but unfortunately when he opens his mouth he says idiotic things (also a hint of ego)

  86. hatsumomo says:

    Im sorry Kaiser, but this is NOT doing it. Typically though, you have good taste.

  87. Ruby Red Lips says:

    OMG!! Just read this post!! This guy is smokin hot!! I am all excited now….whoa!! Hot stuff! My new guy crush is here ;D That 3rd shot down…whoa….am in heaven!

    Edit, just read all the comments about the ‘rape’ comment…I know he was being sarcastic and didn’t think first…but that’s taken a bit of hotness away…either way its an idiotic comment or he’s a dumb sh1t for saying w/o thinking….

    Boo….feel less excited now ;(

  88. VeneficaDelirium says:

    I don’t have crushes on any celebrity anyway, but pass.

    He looks like a dull-witted, greasy beauhunk. You can see the stupidity floating around in his eyes. His body isn’t that hot either.

  89. joann says:

    oh my word…. ladies remember you cant rape the willing lol he could play a combo of drogo and conan… puhleage pillage away my love ! lol god i hope he starts making porn soon lmao

  90. ZenB!tch says:

    Of all the women in the world, HE is doing Lisa Bonet?

  91. ZenB!tch says:

    @VeneficaDelirium I kind of agree with you, I’m on IM talking “celeb husbands” with my friend and I really can’t think of any I have an actual crush on.

    I can appreciate a nice body (however, he is kind of dressed) but what I really see here is I WANT HIS HAIR!

  92. Iamanon says:

    So many people are way too harsh –

    No. 1 – Jason may have made the choice not to watch the Conan movie with Arnie in, however he is a big fan of the original Robert E Howard Conan stories, the derivative comics and art work (and people who’ve read the original Conan’s agree the Arnie version is not close to them anyway, although still a very good film)

    No. 2 – the ‘rape’ joke – come on! Yes it was a dumb joke but people laughed, it was a silly comment and I hope you can all confidently say you would never ever say anything a little bit silly faced with the pressure of a press conference! Man alive, get real.

    No. 3 – people are calling him dumb based on what exactly? Go watch some of his interviews and you will see he has it going on in his head as well as his body. Believe me I wouldn’t stick up for him if I thought he was an idiot. I think people are just judging based on a stereotype, assuming he must be a pretty but dumb guy.

    Yes, he seems too good to be true but he might just be as good as he looks 🙂