Bachelorette Ashley was never into villain Bentley, producers made her fake it

I will freely admit that I don’t watch The Bachelorette, like more freely than if I did watch it. From what I know from the mocking recaps on The Soup, one of the biggest plot points this season was Ashley getting hung up on a jerk named Bentley who treated her like crap, left the show on his own volition, and whom she still kept talking about constantly. (Here’s a link to a clip of The Soup where they compiled all the times she mentioned him.) Bentley came back to the show in episode six for Ashley to get closure because she was still supposedly pining for him. Like a lot of this ridiculous show, that whole Bentley plotline was cooked up by producers, according to the National Enquirer. I believe it. It would make more sense than Ashley falling for the guy after the way he treated her. Here’s part of the Enquirer’s report:

“Ashley really wasn’t a strong ‘Bachelorette’ and producers knew it,” revealed a show insider.

“Usually the contestant understands that she has to perform. They’ll act out their own little scripts while the producers nod and wink.”

But naive Ashley didn’t get it in the beginning – so they rigged it, say sources. Producers reportedly decided to cast divorced, Utah-based business owner Bentley as a villain -and Ashley allegedly got on board, according to the insider.

“Before she even met the guys, Ashley set the stage by telling show host Chris Harrison she’s been warned about Bentley,” explained the insider. “She then goes on to play the doormat to Bentley’s cad.”

Acting every bit the bad guy, Bentley, who left in the third episode, made crude remarks about Ashley’s body, her “boring” kiss and “overall attractiveness.”

In an outrageous travesty, Ashley pretended to be smitten with Bentley even as he was trashnig her, said the insider.

“It was the most exciting story line on the show – and when Bentley left, things started to fall apart.”

Producers quickly realized that dental student Ashley was boring – and without Bentley, “The Bachelorette” was downright dull.

Fearing that viewers might flee in droves, execs brought back their villain in episode 6.

“Bentley’s return was a completely manipulated and scripted event that Ashley was talked into and coached through,” said the insider.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, August 8, 2011]

I guess that’s not surprising at all. It sucks for Ashley in that she’s been stepped on all over the place and has been made to look like she’s too stupid to know any better when that may not have been the case.

Ashley is down to two suitors, J.P. and Ben. If you want to know who she chooses and how their relationship supposedly turns out, go here for major spoilers. Given that hardly anyone who has ever been matched on these shows is still together, I think you know the outcome.

Entertainment Tonight has a clip from the upcoming finale on Monday in which Ashley’s sister challenges her about her choice (they don’t reveal which man it is) and says that Ashley seems to have had stronger feelings for the last bachelor, Brad Womack. Ashley’s sister is a real bitch to her, but given how fake this show is she was probably put up to it.




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  1. brin says:

    I’m shocked (not really).

  2. Quest says:

    *mouth open* Surprising…I really did not see that coming, considering it’s a Reality Show. (???) >_<

  3. aloe juice says:

    I started watching this season, but stopped… because it just got boring. It’s so scripted you have to be stoned to enjoy it.

  4. Chrissy says:

    Always thought Ashley was boring so I didn’t watch this season. What a dumb casting decision from last year. Changing her hair color doesn’t change a dull personality!! I’m SHOCKED though to hear a couple from this show didn’t work out! :0)

  5. bigchili says:

    Hmmm, I’m not sure about this story. Is this show scripted? Yes. Was Bentley possibly in on this to cause drama? Yes. Is Ashley a good enough actress to pull that off? I don’t think so. I think she’s just trying to save some face now. Especially, if it’s true that her & JP have already broken up.

  6. Chelle says:

    I agree with Bigchili. What person would even agree to look like a huge dumbass on national television? None of these guys were into her. She really is just trying to save face here.

  7. tiredofrumers says:

    non-story. all of the shit is fake on every bachelor/ette show. everytime i see them on the tabloid covers, i yell in my mind “STOP TRYING TO MAKE (whatever their name is) HAPPEN!” yawn

  8. guilty pleasures says:

    Wow Denise, harsh much? We don’t really care about CNN level researched accuracy here, just havin’ some fun. Lighten up.
    PS- do you really think much/any celebrity ‘news’ is true and verifiable. Poor little soul.
    Re TB, this is the first and last season I’ve watched, and only due to having absolutely NO alternatives. Ashley was simply too naive, clingy, and all around strange.
    Great little bod though.

  9. connie says:

    I actually went to HS with Bentley, he was a few years older but I had classes with and was pretty friendly with his younger brother. What I found to be the most surprising is that they were raised mormon. And not in a, they grew up in the mormon church and changed their beliefs kind of way. Devoutly commited to their religion. I don’t watch reality dating shows, so I’m not sure if this was in the story line, but I was surprised (when I too saw on the soup) that he would even pretend

  10. Devon says:

    Apparently, at least according to Reality Steve, JP and Ashley are still together. The taped After the Final Rose the other day and they were still together. I only buy that the show *can* work is if they actually get married. The show is batting 1 for 20+. I don’t count Jason and Molly since Molly wasn’t the actual winner. If Roberto and Ali get married, then it will be 2 for 20+.

  11. Raven says:

    It doesn’t matter. Reality TV is like Fox News. There is barely any truth to it but the viewers swear up and down it is real and factual.

  12. Vesper says:

    I don’t buy this story at all. Seeing Ashley’s “breakdown” when Bentley left was so intense that there is no way it wasn’t authentic. As well, some of Bentley’s comments were so vile and cruel, as were his attempts to use every opportunity to play Ashley, that I find it unimaginable that a human being — the producers, or Ashley herself — would encourage some guy to demean her to the level that Bentley did.

  13. BeckyR says:

    Ashley IS the most boring B or B-ette since this series started. Geez, go back to drilling teeth, Ash. Bye-bye!!