Enrique Iglesias: “I have the smallest penis in the world, I’m serious”

When Enrique Iglesias sings “Tonight I’m f’ing you,” maybe he should add “and you’re going to be disappointed.” (Although I heard yesterday from Sue Johanson that size doesn’t matter. I think she means statistically, because on either extreme end of the scale it’s got to be difficult.) Enrique, who is engaged to gorgeous tennis vixen Anna Kournikova (or at least he was at one point, I can’t figure out the state of their relationship, but here are some cute pictures of them together in February), went on a bizarre tangent during a show in Australia. He talked about his small d*ck and about losing his virginity. He also claimed he lasts less than 10 minutes during sex. Disappointed indeed.

The Spanish singer stunned gig-goers by going into excruciating details about his shortcomings in the trouser department.

Onlookers were left baffled by his odd behaviour at the gig in Melbourne, Australia, on Tuesday night — which also included an episode where he discussed losing his virginity.

During the bizarre 20-minute interlude he declared: “I have the smallest penis in the world. I’m serious.”

He began the unexpected behaviour by inviting three men from the audience to join him on stage.

The foursome perched on a bench from where the conversation took an X-rated turn.

He quizzed his companions on the age they first had sex.

He initially claimed he was a virgin until 25 — preferring not to pay for prostitutes as he claimed his pals did.

He said: “I grew up with a lot of my friends and all of them lost their virginity with hookers, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

“They had to pay for it. I wanted to wait for the right girl so I waited until I was 25.”

But, within moments he changed his story and claimed he was in fact 17-and-a-half when he slept with his first woman, saying: “I was nervous as s*** the first time.

“Usually the first time is not the best. Let me be honest, I was 17-and-a-half, I was so nervous. It lasted ten seconds.”

One of his companions then claimed he lasted ten minutes the first time. Iglesias replied: “Really? I don’t even last eight minutes now.”

The audience member said the singer’s “good looks” would be great for getting ladies.

Iglesias then asked: “What does Spanish good looks have to do with the size of your penis? Maybe I have the Spanish looks but I have the smallest penis in the world. I’m serious.”

The singer then asked his companions to lift their shirts so they could all compare chests.

During the bizarre chat the four knocked back shots of whisky.

Iglesias told the crowd that he was on antibiotics and should not have been mixing them with alcohol.

[From The Sun]

Yes, the dude was drunk and talking smack. The Sun has a video so it’s not like they made it up or gleaned it from someone’s phone messages. Doesn’t Howard Stern always say this? Then he had a contest or something and a bunch of poor guys proved him wrong. Well, I’d rather have sex with a guy who is poorly endowed than with this dude. A teeny one may be disappointing but you can handle it without a problem. Especially when it’s attached to a dude as beautiful as that.





Photos are from April and June. He definitely has a performance uniform Credit: WENN.com

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  1. mia girl says:

    Don’t believe his small penis claim. In my mind, only a guy who doesn’t have a small penis would actually front that he does.

    I saw him in person at a restaurant in Miami and he is very good looking and dripping with the sexies!

  2. Chris says:

    “He also claimed he lasts less than 10 minutes during sex. Disappointed indeed.”

    Try letting her go on top for awhile, dude.

  3. Samigirl says:

    I’m willing to put him up with that title against a guy I *almost* hooked up with when I was 19. His penis was literally the size of my pinky finger…and I’ve got tiny hands. I made up some lame excuse about how I had to baby sit my little sister and RAN out of that dorm room!

    edit@Chris- reminds me of that song “This bed is on fire with passionate love, the neighbors complain about the noises above, but she only c*mes when she’s on top…” However….he may go sooner after seeing that view 😉

  4. arock says:

    agree with mia girl. doesnt change a thing though, i guess you could always turn off the lights.

  5. Quest says:

    He is such a cute drunken liar. He is an Iglesias, come on….Enrique is talking a lot of BS for the cameras.. I’ll hit it to prove it 🙂

  6. N.D. says:

    Bizarre doesn’t even begin to describe this.

  7. the original bellaluna says:

    CB, please put a warning in front of (or after) that last link. That was just…yuck.

    I don’t buy it, but if it’s true, he obviously knows how to use it. Anna’s been with him for years now.

  8. Anita says:

    I believe this. He does seem to have confidence issues and this is not the first time we are hearing this.

  9. HW says:

    Average is fine for this girl, big is fun, huge hurts, little sucks unless they are the king of technique… … but when its soooo little it keeps falling out… like a nubbby pencil eraser… Not fun. I hope he was joking and thought that self-deprecating humor was funny. I’m embarrassed for Anna, whether he’s itsy bits or was just making a joke, I’m sure she wasn’t pleased. Get the poor girl a vibrator and a shot of tequila.

  10. Celebitchy says:

    @bellaluna – it’s just a guy talking about it like they don’t show it or anything! I saw that on The Soup.

  11. Cherry says:

    Why the hell would he say that if it isn’t true? And why the hell would he say it if it is true? I’m so confused.
    Maybe he just compared his to his dad’s once? And is left with a weiner complex for the rest of his life?

  12. brin says:

    I’d like to hear from Anna Kournakova.
    *waving to bellaluna*

  13. carrie says:

    maybe he has a good technic to offset

  14. mln76 says:

    I think he was joking but yes men with small penises know they have them and sometimes talk about it usually in more private settings. (LOL) I find it doesn’t matter how big it is but what they do with it and what they are willing to do to compensate in other ways that matters, 😉

  15. Bubbling says:

    I always feel bad for the guys for that ol’ big penis/small penis smack. The truth is that size really doesn’t matter (for real y’all), but I guess it’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

  16. tapioca says:

    For me it’s better the guy is undersized and makes an effort, than the d**k-centric larger gentleman. Then again, I’ve never had kids and am doing my Kegels as I type, so it works for now.

    I believe Enrique has said something similar a few years back, then claimed he was just joking. He did go naked jet-skiing after Spain won the World Cup, so he’s not shy!

  17. Mari says:

    @miagirl- right on target. He wouldn’t say that in front of thousands if it was true.

  18. Adrien says:

    I believe you, sir. I’m half-Asian too, Enrique and I can feel your pain.

  19. the original bellaluna says:

    *waving @ brin*

    @ CB – Yeah, I know, I tried to watch, but he gives off such a…vibe. He was gross.

    @ tapioca – Video link of him nekkid jet-skiing, please? *smiles most charming smile* Oh, and FYI, Kegels work after child-birth too. 😉

  20. Jane says:

    Size matters. I like it in the middle.

  21. photo jojo says:

    I’m just gonna say that size really does not matter to me. I’d rather have a smaller guy who knows what to do with a woman than a guy who thinks he can rely on size alone. Also, I don’t particularly care for anyone to play pool with my ovaries, thankyouverymuch.

  22. Turtle Dove says:

    Samgirl – lol.

    Sadly, I have my own similar story.

  23. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    I thought it wasn’t the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean.

  24. azurea says:

    He really is just ripping off Howard Stern’s schtick.

  25. aloe juice says:

    I believe it. Both latin guys I f*cked were incredibly small (and neither were very good)

  26. whybenice says:

    Does he drive a jacked-up truck?

  27. Maritza says:

    Anna Kournikova doesn’t seem to mind, they’ve been together like 10 years.You can notice if it’s big or not but the bulge and I would say he looks average.

  28. Derpy says:

    My boyfriend makes jokes about his small dick and how long he lasts all the time, I find it absolutely hilarious.. seeing as how it is 100% false.

    I’ve.. uh.. put some mileage on the odometer.. and yeah, most guys who brag about how big, good, or long they can last, are generally boringly bad. I’ve been with a few men with giant dongs, wasn’t nearly as fun as some women seem to think it is, imo. I’ve been with seriously tiny guys and had amazing times, as they seemed to care more or have other techniques nailed down to make it a good time.

    I was complaining to the largest guy one time about the pain I felt even days afterward, his response was “Well that’s what you get for trying to stuff 10 pounds of shit into a 5 pound bag.”

  29. Anonymous says:

    Theres no way to generalize it and not really enough conesnsus on the matter– its just down to opinion. Guys with insecurities shouldnt go around spouting what we SHOULD think or feel, though, just ot make up for their fear– eg that its the ‘motion in the ocean’ or whatever that crap is. If a woman finds this true, thats fine; but the woman decides what she wants and there is nothign wrong if she wants them larger. Or average. Or small, or gigantic. Its her choice. Just like a guy has preferences for womens chest sizes. Its too varied to generalize and nothing wrong about it being varied.

    * I like em meaty and wide, and above average but not large, btw LOL

  30. antisara says:

    That falls into the “TOO MUCH INFORMATION” category…i don’t care to hear about his stump…

  31. Cakes says:

    I should not have read this before my coffee. Ewww

  32. Zombie Nurse says:

    There have been a ton of blond items about a pop singer who is, uh, petite in the nethers. Some people guessed that it was Inglesias. Maybe they were right.

  33. Original Tiffany says:

    It sure can matter! Once, sadly I was with the tiniest guy in the world. I couldn’t feel a thing and basically ran out and never looked back.
    I hate to say this, but in my job I had to do all the testicular scans and have had to look at many a penis. The smallest were definitely the Hispanic guys. Almost without fail.

  34. John Wayne Lives says:

    True or not, he is definitly insecure.

    @ Adrien… ouch. But, the smallest I ever dated was Asian/White…

    Is Enrique Hispanic/Asian? I didn’t know..

    @ Original Tiffany.. omg lololol! I am white and Latina and my boyfriends have been mostly white and hispanic, and as far as those two compare, I have to agree with you lol. Oh god, it feels so wrong to say!
    But it sure helps to explain why I flipped for my Colorado Mountain Man 😉

  35. Celia says:

    yes size really matters! if it’s too small I don’t feel anything and if it’s too big it hurts, so medium does it for me. 😉

    the comment about different preferences:
    I think regarding boobs it’s just an aesthetic thing, but penis size matters because I can’t feel pleasure with any size!

  36. I may be a vegetarian, but mama likes her meat!

  37. 4Real says:

    My husband always tells people he can’t play basketball…then smokes ’em on the court. Just sayin…that’s how boys are.

  38. Violet says:

    It’s an old, not-so-funny running joke of Enrique’s.

    There are some full frontal shots of him floating around the Internet, and he’s definitely got nothing to complain about 😉

  39. lrm says:

    i dont really care about the subject at hand, but my god that man is HOT.
    maybe he says this as a way of repelling some of the ladies advances….
    it’s got to be non stop and neverending-which might be a bit old sometimes….just sayin’.

    btw my husband drove a limo with julio iglesias and his band for one concert here in so cal years ago….he is completely the ladies man as rumored. apparently a nice guy and they drove thru a fastfood window with the limo; carl’s jr. maybe i cannot remember.

    but compared to many singers and actors, he’s a nice guy. it’s crazy what a little fame and money does to how you treat other ppl.

  40. Eleonor says:

    At least he’s honest someone likes it short, don’t know who.

  41. Elisha says:

    I don’t know what Latin men you ladies have encountered but there are no size complaints from me and I do think size matters especially when you’ve experienced it first hand, lol. I think you’ve been victim of statistics as far as 1 out of 5 men you sleep with will have small dongs, lol!

    That being said, he was obviously under the influence & joking.

  42. Original Tiffany says:

    Well, like I said in my profession I have probably seen thousands of dongs, so I’m a dong expert. Nuclear Medicine, not the other dong profession:)
    I hate making generalizations, it feels wrong, but trust me, I’m right about this.
    “Excuse me sir, but I am going to have to tape your penis up against your stomach now…”
    Can you even imagine having to say this? And then balance the balls on a rolled towel so they are even? No wonder I retired!

  43. the original bellaluna says:

    @ tapioca – Thank you! *bows gracefully*

    Well, I guess I’m going to count my lucky stars that hubs and I are *ahem* perfectly compatible.

  44. sapphire says:

    @ Original Tiffany-and you know what side the “soft tissue artifact” always hangs?

    Medium for moi. Although I agree with most posters, except at the extreme range, is all about the technique.

  45. Alix says:

    Maybe he’s a grower, not a shower, as they say. Either way, why the hell’s he talking about this?

  46. Thea says:

    @ 37…..roflmao….after I just spit bottle water all over my computer. Best laugh so far in my day. LOL

  47. Cheyenne says:

    It’s not the size of the ship, it’s the motion in the ocean.

  48. I’m speechless.

  49. Elfie says:

    I think he is lying. He said he had a small penis a few years ago, then took it back. Now his penis is small again. I bet he is just messing with us.

  50. ZenB!tch says:

    Has he not seen the Hangover… nothing can be smaller than that. That 13 inch dude is so not hot, I would never suspect that from him – EVER.

    I’ve never seen anything abnormally huge but I have seen super small once and that relationship ended before it started. Darn thing fit in the palm of my hand. That didn’t work for me.

  51. jess says:

    It’s probably true since he’s half Filipino. Asians have small dicks.

  52. glowkey says:

    @MissyAggravation — Best laugh I’ve had all week!

  53. Sillyone says:

    He is fibbing…I was with a man that has the worlds smallest penis…When it is that small size does matter!!

  54. Dea says:

    A Russian girl will not stick to a small one, period. I think he just does not care what people will write or think of him thereafter and wants to look “cool” and snoby

  55. VeneficaDelirium says:

    I’m sure he said this to see how many women would mind.

    I’d mind because he’s an attention whore.

  56. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    Yeah, because mixing antibiotics and alcohol makes you do crazy stuff…

  57. anastasiachs says:

    Mr Iglesias actually has his own brand of micro condoms, for very the very small penis. It’s true.

  58. beverly says:

    look at his shoes…he is wearing lifts to be taller. he and tom cruise shop at the same store.

  59. Máiread says:

    Jesus, The Sun is such a f’ingbehind-the-times rag. Why do ye bother with it?

    Enrique has joked about this in the past, specifically on the Graham Norton show in the UK. I don’t like his music but he his hilarious in a deadpan way.

  60. CCM says:

    He’s got a flat ass too. Just saying.

  61. mia says:

    AGREED! his endowment or lack of doesn’t take away from his hotness at all!
    In fact, he sounds a little bit humble, and for a celeb to even attempt humility makes them more attractive by far!

  62. Venefica Delirium says:

    I can’t believe people are actually buying this.