Anna Nicole makes bank from tragic photos

The photos of Anna Nicole, her son Daniel, and newborn, taken just one day before Daniel’s tragic death, have fetched over $600,000 dollars for Anna and the photo agency, Getty Images. Anna’s portion of the profits is unknown, but she may use the money for a memorial for Daniel:

Reps for the 38-year-old Smith and her photo agent, Getty Images, have received more than $600,000 for the rights to snapshots of her late son, Daniel. The lad posed with his mother and his new sister in a Bahamian maternity ward the night before he was found slumped dead in a chair Sept. 10.

In Touch magazine paid as much as $400,000 for the print exclusive on photos, and the Paramount-produced television shows “Entertainment Tonight” and “The Insider” forked over an estimated $250,000 for the TV exclusive.

In Touch won the rights, I hear, after topping People’s bid of $350,000. A spokeswoman for In Touch told me, “There is an incredible amount of emotion attached to this story and the photos, and our story will be a tribute to Daniel’s life as a well as a celebration of it.”

I’m told that Anna Nicole has vague plans to use a portion of the money for a Daniel Smith memorial, and it wasn’t clear yesterday what percentage of the proceeds Getty is taking as a commission.

Paramount is warning people not to publish the photos, but they’re still available plenty of places online.

There is no word yet on the cause of Daniel’s death, and the pathologist hired by Anna has made some carefully worded statements that he doesn’t seem to be the victim of foul play, and that there was no trauma to the body. Daniel does not seem to have died from a suicidal overdose, although he was on a “low dose” of antidepressants, which were found in his system. He was only 20, and most antidepressants carry a black box warning for increased risk of suicide in teenagers and children. He was only on the drugs for a month to six weeks. (I am not against the use of pharmaceuticals, which have helped many people overcome depression, but it seems like something to look into in this case.)

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  1. marines all the way says:

    Maybe it was new drug or he had some kind of reaction to it. Or a fixtureof anti depressents and bipolar meds…I dont know, just my guess.