Samantha Ronson arrested for DUI while driving home from a Vegas DJ gig


Bad news, mates. Samantha Ronson, better known as Lindsay Lohan’s ex-girlfriend, has been popped for a DUI while making the return trip home from a Las Vegas DJ gig. This is, of course, the same Samantha who we thought was the better half during she and Lohan’s on-off relationship a few years ago, and the one who convinced Lindsay that she needed counseling (not that it helped, obviously). Samantha is also the one that we thought was the saner half and the one that we felt badly for when Lindsay moved into the townhouse next door. Samantha also stood by Lohan (despite the drama) during her two DUIs, and it was widely assumed that perhaps Samantha was a relative bastion of sobriety even though it certainly didn’t rub off onto Lohan. Well, the sobriety aspect was not the case; or at least, it isn’t the case now, for Sam definitely was not sober when she was pulled over by the cops early yesterday morning:

Sam Ronson was arrested this morning for DUI outside Baker, California — home of the world’s biggest thermometer — TMZ has learned.

According to the booking sheet, 33-year-old Ronson is listed as 5’7″ and 102 pounds.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Lindsay Lohan’s ex-girlfriend was driving home from Las Vegas at 10:30AM in her black Porsche when she was pulled over for speeding.

We’re told she was given a field sobriety test and didn’t perform well. She refused to submit to a breathalyzer and was arrested on the scene.

She was transported to the Baker substation, where we’re told she blew over the legal limit. According to sources, she was cooperative the entire time.

Sam DJ’d last night at the Lavo nightclub in the Palazzo hotel in Vegas.

[From TMZ]

Let’s do some math here. Sam was evidently drunk from the moment she slid behind the wheel in Las Vegas until she reached Baker. According to the Distance Between Cities site, Sam would’ve driven about 195 miles (or approximately 3 hours 28 minutes) between these two locations, yet she was still drunk enough to blow above the legal limit when she was pulled over. This means that Sam was completely blitzed when she hit the highway (at around 7:00AM) in the first place. She’s damn lucky that she didn’t kill anyone in the process. Hopefully, this will be a wakeup call for Sam, and she’ll immediately straighten herself out instead of, you know, turning into a repeat offender like her famous ex-girlfriend.

While we don’t have access to the pictures of the relevant DJ gig, here’s the next best thing — Sam wearing the same shirt she wore that evening on two other occasions (April 18 and May 15) this year. She must really like that shirt.



Photos courtesy of WENN and Fame

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  1. Cherry says:

    A ‘relative bastion of sobriety’?? Are we looking at pictures of the same woman? She looks frighteningly unhealthy. I don’t know what she’s on, but she sure isn’t giving off any ‘sobriety’ vibes.

  2. Jazz says:

    Cue her and Lindsay getting back together in 3,2,1…

  3. Innocent says:

    Ha Ha. Not such a good influence now that her hard partying has been exposed.

  4. Jackson says:

    Yeah, when I read that story I wondered how drunk she must have been when she first took to the road. Absolutely disgusting. You don’t care enough about your own life to not drive like that then so be it but don’t potentially take other innocent people with you. I only hope the next time – and there will be a next time – that you face some real consequences.

  5. seal team 6 says:

    I also always figured that her bike accident, where she was “sideswiped” by a mysterious SUV, was a drunken spill. TMZ posted the photos she tweeted, and it was obvious what happened isn’t what she said happened.

    I loathe drunk drivers. I have never done it, and never will. A good friend of mine was murdered by a career drunk driver. Like other people said, Ronson was trashed when she got in her car. WTF is drunk at 10:30 am???

    I’ve also thought Samantha looks like she does meth or something. Very unhealthy.

  6. khaveman says:

    Chick needs a shower. Ew.

  7. Miss Marie says:

    I know the road from Las Vegas to LA – was she recreating scenes from the Hangover. I hope the judge gives her more than a light tap on the wrist-this could of had a very tragic ending.

  8. gee says:

    “Drunk” driving is a tricky thing. I do not think it’s fair that she will be charged the same way a person who’s had ONE drink and drove (a .09 or even a .04 even can land you in jail. She will likely get a slap on the wrist). Both are wrong, yes, but she was MUCH MUCH MUCH worse. This is no error in judgement, this is drunken driving. It’s disgraceful.

  9. embertine says:

    Can’t disagree, Cherry, although I wanted to like her initially. She looks like one of the ‘after’ photos from Faces of Meth.

  10. lucy2 says:

    What an idiot, she’s lucky she didn’t kill herself or anyone else. Is there anyone in that little circle of Hollywood party girls who HASN’T had a DUI? And they all can afford other means of transportation.
    5′-7″, 102 lbs – holy crap, that is SKINNY.

  11. Whatamess! says:

    ugly..&not just the situation

  12. Dig says:

    You got the wrong Baker on the map there. The one where she got busted is in the middle of Las Vegas and Barstow – about 1hr 30min drive from Vegas. Doesn’t excuse the DUI though.

  13. Kelly says:

    Poor thing, she’s such a homely girl. At least in these pictures she isn’t throwing up a gang sign or squinching her mouth to the side like she usually does.

    eta: Oh wait, she is – in the second picture. But it’s not the full-on gangsta squinch-combined-with-scowl.

  14. Miss Marie says:

    I was at an event last night – a benefit for a thoroughbred retired horse farm -there was a “meet and greet” with a local player now in the NBA. He has a driver – pays him only 50,000 per year to keep him safe. He said that is pretty common around NBA players. Why in God’s name wouldn’t these young folks in Hollywood be that clever. 50,000 is a small price to pay someone to drive you around and keep you and others safe.

  15. Roma says:

    When she DJ’d at my former club she was very well behaved and only drank a few Coronas. That was back when she was with Linnocent and LL was banned by SamRo’s people from attending her gigs because she was such a distraction.

    There is absolutely no excuse for drinking and driving. I’m sure the Palazzo would have been more than willing to comp her a room for a few hours to sober up.

  16. mia girl says:

    @lucy2 “5′-7″, 102 lbs – holy crap, that is SKINNY”

    I was thinking the same thing! That would put her at like a 16 BMI (which 18.5 or below being considered underweight). And she’s not even close to a health height / weight ratio. Plus she looks like crap.

    All this together tells me that too much partying and drugs/alcohol… Something is “ronson” in the state of Denmark…

  17. Ruth says:

    She does look scarily unhealthy (seven stone four and five foot seven? im two inches and two stone heavier and you can count my bones- she must be skeletal..)
    And why cant these people just get a damn driver when they know they need to be somewhere the morning after a party? Isnt hard, and isnt expensive.

  18. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Sam always struck me as two faced. I think she enabled the drunken mess that is Blohan and that she enjoyed the drama and publicity surrounding their relationship. I’m still not convinced that she didn’t tip off the paps that night they got those drunk/high photos of her and Sam.

    Also, I know of two girls approximately that height and weight and they both love their adderall. Adderall was probably THE biggest thing Sam and Blohan had in common.

  19. danielle says:

    I absolutely agree with MDIB! I always thought Ronson set Lohan up for paps – not that Lohan’s some kind of angel. But I don’t think Ronson was ever a good influence.

  20. poopie says:

    i still don’t get the whole DJ ROCK STAR THING. she spins forward, then backward : WHAT TALENT and can afford a PORSCHE??????geez..turns out she’s just another loser from L.A.

  21. Onyx XV says:

    It appears that Sam goes out of her way to look unattractive. The beat-up old looking clothes combined with the bad hair dye job, along with her unhealthy weight all amount to FUG.

    As others have said, it’s inexplicable why she didn’t just get a room for the night and sleep it off. What was the big rush to get back to LA? Probably doesn’t seem that important now, post-arrest.

  22. Jackson says:

    I am so with you, poopie. I can see if you MAKE the music, but PLAY the music? WTF cares about that? I seriously do not comprehend the big deal DJ thing.

  23. WillyNilly says:

    She gets a ton per gig, why didn’t she fly????

  24. txvxf says:

    Anyone wanna bet on how much of a fit her brother’s having over this?

  25. Sonny says:

    No excuse for drinking and driving. But on a sidenote. Baker is 1 hour and 20 minutes from Las vegas. Not 3 and a half hours like you say.

  26. Original Tiffany says:

    1. Made that drive a million times. How the hell are you still wasted at 10:30AM? That’s quite a bender. Amazing she made it all the way to fabulous Baker without killing someone.
    2. She looks like a piece of beef jerky with awful hair. 5’7″ and 102? Holy Batman! I’m two inches taller and have her by 50 pounds and am not fat. Amazing she is still alive.
    Also, you don’t get put in jail for blowing a .04. In fact if you blow a .09, you’ll get stuck in jail, and then get off with a wet reckless since the machines have a .02 degree of uncertainty, which means she may just get probation.
    I got popped 25 years ago and that is what happened to me, along with massive legal bills and probation. Never ever got behind the wheel of a car after a drink again. EVER. We all make mistakes, that was a big one for me, only 18, stupid, and sucked into driving because I was the soberest. Thanks buddies. I was .01 over the limit, so it was reduced-they may not be so lenient these days.
    I’m still stunned that you are that wasted the NEXT DAY after driving for 2 hours.

  27. Jingo Jango says:

    This girl looks like COPD/EMPHYSEMA. She is so sickly and gross.

  28. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:


    Um yeah. Super skinny. I’m 5’7 and 115 and believe me…I could eat at least 2 tons more of hot pockets and still look skinny. 102?! Wow. Just wow.

  29. mims says:

    Someone needs to buy her a bar of soap, laundry detergent and some shampoo. ASAP! She is just dirty!!

  30. Truthful says:

    she looks like a meth or oxy user..

    I will never understand the attraction that chicks have for her.

    Since her family has money too, this won’t end well. she nds rehab and a bath.

  31. MollyB says:

    I can’t stand her. Remember when she was with Lindsay and she would insist on doing that totally “bad ass” childish scowl EVERY. SINGLE. time she was photographed. She’s like a thirteen year old.

  32. jensational says:

    man, that girl is nasty! NAS-T!

  33. says:

    God God, TAKE A SHOWER!!!!!

  34. Ron says:

    Still drunk and 10:30?? Wow! I have been drunk as hell before and at 10:30 the next morning I am either still asleep or hung the fcuk over, but not still drunk. That’s an impressive amount of booze. And, she was such a good influence on Lindsay…

  35. buckley says:

    102 lbs?? Yikes.
    Judging by her face, it’s coke.

  36. junk573r says:

    She may not have been as hammered when she first got on the road. I know plenty of stories that start out with roadies in the car on the way to whatever even they’re going to. A two hour drive (or whatever) gives plenty of time to drink a few on the way.

  37. skilo says:

    Okay, a lot of people want to hate on Sam. I’m not gonna make excuses for her DUI, but if you say the girl has no talent you are dead wrong she actually has a band and is a good singer. So she does make the music as well as play the music. I know that she smokes and she is a pretty regular and heavy drinker, she admits that Hennessy Black is her absolute favorite drink. But I don’t think she is a regular drug user, she is way to good at keeping her commitments for that. Anyways people will think what they like about who they do or don’t like, that’s just my thoughts.

  38. Kim says:

    What a loser! Especially as her brother was just at a funeral of someone who died from alcohol/drug addiction. She is gross and pathetic. She has the $ to hire a driver. Her and Lindsay deserve each other. And her family thinks she is to good for Lindsay? They are 2 drunk, drugged up peas in a pod!

  39. dovesgate says:

    @36 In between Vegas and Baker is an even tinier place called Jean (a single casino off the side of the freeway). There is a gas station at the top of Halloran Pass. Thats it. Unless she brought the booze with her, she wasn’t stopping for drinks.

    Since it was 10:30am when she was pulled over, she left Vegas at 8:30-9:00am. So… she probably got done with her set, partied with her friends, and thought she could make it back to LA because it was too early to get a room. Dumbass.

  40. Andy says:

    Vegas has late opening hours so she was probably partying way into the am and made the mistake of thinking she could drive home after a few hours rest. Stupid.

    By the way It was her Brother Mark Ronson bachelor party, of course she would have been getting wasted. Should have got a plane home though.

  41. Tommy says:

    Who cares about the time of day?! She’s was most likely up drinking and partying till the wee hours of the morning. if she was as has been reported just on the legal limit at 0.8 she probably switched to water to late, and thought she was ok after a catnap. Quite a lot of people get a DUI like that.

  42. the original bellaluna says:

    Heroin face.

    No drunk driving! – obviously she’s not learned a thing from her ex’s troubles. Wouldn’t surprise me to learn she instigated some of it though. I’ve read before that while Blohan & SamRo were together, they engaged in “competitive” weigh-loss: who could be the skinniest. Hence, the Adderall.

    Here’s the mug shot:

  43. PrettyLights says:

    @poopie @Jackson There are a lot of DJs out there that don’t just spin other people’s/pop music but actually create completely new music and sounds. No idea what kind of DJ she is, but I think really good DJ’s can be underrated. I don’t mean a “here’s some Kanye mixed with Britney” DJ, but the ones who actually invent new equipment and push the envelope of new sounds and patterns. I have a lot of respect for them and think they are just as talented as people who sing or play guitar, ect.

  44. Milla says:

    Wow, 5’7″ and 102 pounds? I am 105 and 5’3″ and I have people telling me to eat a cheeseburger all the time. Rough! That girl can’t be OK…

  45. california angel says:

    yeesh i’d be plotzed too if I went to Vegas, drank, and was 5’7″ and 102 pounds why didnt she get a driver or fly?

  46. Camille says:

    @#18: I so agree with you! (Not that LL is some innocent angel of course).

  47. Chris says:

    Is that Andre Agassi in the background?

  48. Cherry Rose says:

    Some people are just naturally skinny. My friend is 5’10-5’11 and she’s only 110 lbs, yet eats like a horse.

    But I don’t get the attraction to SamRo. I get that she’s in her mid 30s now, but yeesh. She looks like she’s lived a hard life.

  49. Shy says:

    They really need to create new law in America to stop all those drunk idiots. There should be law: “If you will be caught drunk driving then you car immediately will be taken by government and no insurance will cover it. And you will spend 15 or 30 days in jail. No short terms”.

    THAT will teach those idiots in one second. If they will know that they will lose their $100 000 cars if they will sit drunk in the car then they will think twice before doing it.

  50. Mikunda says:

    I don’t get it – she is so unfortunate-looking, what’s the fascination…

  51. dovesgate says:

    Insurance doesn’t cover your car being seized due to illegal activities anyway.

    The biggest problem in California is that our state doesn’t recognize DUI’s as felony’s until either you’ve hurt someone or its your 4th one. That really ought to change considering each person’s right to life and wellness trumps Joe Blows’ right to drive a vehicle while smashed.

  52. Aries_Mira says:

    Impound the car, chuck her driver’s license and fine her $100,000. She never drives again! I’m so sick and tired of people like this, getting chance after chance and blowing it. People keep dying! The laws are no where near harsh enough to deal with the idiots who continue to do this.

  53. Overrated says:

    Ugly and dirty looking woman.

  54. skeptical says:

    Wow you’d think Samantha had carjacked with 3 innocent boys alongside and sped inside a busy city with cocaine in her system.

    It was a 0.08, just barely illegal. She went to bed, probably thought she had slept it off.
    The speeding is naughty.. but is anyone here seriously gonna say “I never speed on the freeway!”
    Outside of the cities, out on the freeways I’ve seen people hit 90 in 75 zones. Why demonize the girl?

    And it’s her FIRST OFFENSE geez. Not her second or third or fourth. And she’s not doing the “it’s not my fault” tweeting dance either.
    Why demonize the girl? Why call her a meth head? Why call her a bad person? Why the gloating?

    I’m more concerned about the 102lbs at her height! An addict couldn’t hold down all the gigs Samantha holds down.. but anorexics tend to be workaholic perfectionists.

  55. Amanda says:

    Wow, I can’t believe she was that hammered! And was all that driving necessary at that moment. Sleep it off, gosh!