Prince William & Duchess Kate’s purple photo-op: too matchy & dated?


I love these newish photos of Duchess Kate and Prince William so much. These are from Scotland, and the weekend wedding of William’s cousin Zara Phillips. I’m sure these photos were arranged, somehow, and a photographer knew that William and Kate were going to be walking by this part of the royal grounds at a certain time. So, this is the image they want to present, to a certain extent: Kate in skinny jeans (that look baggy on her), William in glasses. Both of them look… middle-aged! Right? They could pass for an attractive couple in their 40s. They also look totally dated, like they walked out of the 1980s. Like, is Thatcher still in office? Look at their matchy-matchy crew-neck purple sweaters. That seems like a Kate-Move, right? “Will, why don’t you wear your lovely lavender sweater, darling? We’ll co-ordinate and it will be lovely!” So maybe that’s their goal – William wants to look like a hen-pecked middle-aged husband, and Kate wants to look like she really, deeply cares about coordinating their casual outfits.

Kate and William also care about being seen to be caring about money. I’ve felt for a while that William is probably just as cheap as his notoriously penny-pinching father, and my guess is that William might have been behind this move – after the wedding, he and Kate took a discount flight from Edinburgh to Manchester. Reportedly, Kate and Will scored seats worth 16.50 pounds each, but they had to pay extra to check their bags.

Once they were home, Kate then recycled the same purple sweater (with a different pair of jeans) for an outing to her local Tesco in Wales. Styleite claims that Kate was out buying Frosted Flakes. Because the Duchess doesn’t do bacon.





Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. jen says:

    Did you see the photos of Kate shopping at the grocery store yesterday? She’s just like you & me lol.

  2. Iggles says:

    Wow. Seriously, they do look like a middle aged couple! Hard to believe they’re both 29! O_o

  3. Jules says:

    Give that girl a sandwich! She looks very haggard.

  4. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Iggles, I agree. For a second I thought I went all Rumplestiltskin on myself and it’s now 20 years later…

  5. Tierra says:

    William looks like he’s annoyed that he’s being photographed and Kate isnt smiling so I dont think these were planned pics.

    I havent worn a color under my sweaters since the 80′s. gawd I love these
    I dont think the colors are that similar, its just the style.

  6. Kaboom says:

    I’d say the middle aged bit mostly hangs on Will’s hair loss.

  7. Rosi says:

    well, those news about wearing dresses again and taking the normal airline are only spread out to conceal the fact how much money they spend. if that doesn’t help any more then comes the pregnancy. monarchy – what an outdated costly project, it should be forbidden…

  8. Nah, nah & nah... says:

    Bizarre *spelling out “period” for emphasis**

    I want to read the part of the marketing/pr plan that explains the payoff of looking like 40 year old Oxford Brit Lit profs. It would be really cute, IF IT WASN’T SO CREEPY!!!! It’s like the BeautifulMind-Russell Crowe/some non-werewolf/scifi-movie-Kate Beckinsale version of the royals.


  9. yuya says:

    As a 43 yeard old, I look younger than her. I’m telling ya ladies, and extra 10 pounds will take years off your face.

    Who was it that said: At one point, a woman has to choose between her body and her face.

    Princess doesn’t even have to choose, 10 pounds would look really healthy on her.

  10. Denise says:

    Give them a break! In a world that is falling apart economically, and crazy over the top high spending celebrities, they are normal and refreshing. If they lived the high life, they would be critiqued for living high while everyone else is suffering. They are not looking for glamor shots or photo ops, so take them as you find them.

  11. Miss Marie says:

    Aw, be nice folks. Instead of bowing to crazy folks like Jennifer Aniston, let’s applaud normalcy! This young couple will be around a long time, God willing, and amongst the leaders of the world. People don’t like when folks put down Barack and Michele – Kate and Wills are no different. RESPECT those who deserve it. Don’t honor trash!

  12. Lacey says:

    Awww… I’m a sap– I was a fan of this picture as soon as I noticed they were holding hands. So cute!

  13. Chicken'sMom says:

    I think they look just fine, being relaxed on a walk.

  14. Hautie says:

    “William looks like he’s annoyed that he’s being photographed and Kate isnt smiling so I dont think these were planned pics.”

    Agree. She does not look aware of the camera’s. Cause if there is one thing Kate knows is how to find the camera and smile.

    They were caught off guard but it is nice to see them actually touching. Normally there is a three foot barrier between them in public.

  15. mln76 says:

    They are both probably hung over after partying at the wedding.

  16. ladybert62 says:

    Oh I think you are a little tough on them – it is cute that they are always holding hands – and yes, she is toooo skinny – but I like the matching sweaters. Call me old fashioned!

  17. P.J. says:

    This is a couple walking around their own backyard — what are they supposed to be wearing, couture?

    I think Kate looks really nice without makeup. She’s naturally beautiful. Her sweater may be a classic, but her skinny jeans are 2011.

  18. BW says:

    Darling hubby and I have been accidentally matching when we get dressed for 30 years. It’s a sign that you’re really in tune with each other. I remember back when we were dating, a waitress even pointed out that we were dressed alike, and it never occurred to us until then.

    So they look like a middle aged couple. They ARE a middle aged couple. Good for them for attempting to be a normal as possible given the circumstances.

  19. JennJenn says:

    “I’ve felt for a while that William is probably just as cheap as his notoriously penny-pinching father, ”

    Prince Charles has been a bit of a spendthrift of late with double-digit annual increases generating negative stories in the UK media.

    Agree with other commenters that the pair do look middle-aged in the photo, due in part not only to the outfits but to Wills’ thinning pate and Kate’s sun and cigarette-damaged skin.

  20. LMS says:

    I don’t think they look dated, they just look British. Kate would look younger if she gained five pounds. Her thinness ages her face.

  21. kibbles says:

    Both seem plain, boring, thrifty (by Royal standards), haggard, and 20 years older than their actual age. Maybe these two really are soul mates.

    I wholeheartedly support their thrifty ways though. They are living on tax dollars. Out of respect for their country, they should show some restraint whenever possible. Taking commercial airliners and sitting with commoners is a good PR move and it’s a good way to save money rather than wasting thousands of dollars on a private jet.

  22. Anon says:

    “Aw, be nice folks. Instead of bowing to crazy folks like Jennifer Aniston, let’s applaud normalcy! This young couple will be around a long time, God willing, and amongst the leaders of the world. People don’t like when folks put down Barack and Michele – Kate and Wills are no different. RESPECT those who deserve it. Don’t honor trash!”

    @Miss Marie: Much as I enjoy posts on Wills and Kate, I have far more respect for someone like Aniston (or anyone in a similar position) who worked hard for everything they have earned. She’s a multi-millionaire on her own merit and talent and that’s far more worthy of respect to me then someone born or married into a position.

  23. brin says:

    I think they look the way a young couple should look, they are refreshing and down-to-earth.

  24. danielle says:

    Do the rich sometimes have…questionable fashion taste? It’s not just the sweater/collered shirt thing. She’s wearing sneakers with skinny jeans. And I’ve regularly noticed she and Pippa both mixing brown and black – and not in a fashionable way. Just randomly wearing wearing black belt and brown boots or vice versa. Weird. And I’m saying that as a fan of the new princess, lol!

  25. Onyx XV says:

    Even with the balding, I still think he’s a handsome guy. As others have pointed out, she would look younger with an extra ten pounds or so. 15 would be better. These photos affirm for me my conviction that skinny jeans do not look good on anyone.

  26. Lauren says:

    Another beautiful girl ruined by the pressure of the Royal Family. I cannot imagine the stress Kate has to endure on a daily basis. Someone please help her.

  27. Smokey says:

    “recycled the same purple sweater”

    What’s with calling a piece of clothing “recycled” when it’s worn again? I hardly think she should be criticized for wearing it more than one time. Clothing isn’t meant to be thrown out or given away once it’s been photographed. Calling it “recycled” misses the meaning of recycled and smacks of condescension.

  28. bluhare says:

    @min76: I think you’re dead on. Rumour has it William was karaokeing Livin on a Prayer at the reception. The bride and groom didn’t even go to bed; they partied all night!

  29. MourningTheDeathofMusic says:

    @kibbles – Exactly what I was thinking concerning being prudent with his funds in these tough economic times.

    @danielle – They’re out walking in their garden (yard), that’s the most appropriate time for her to wear her sneakers. They provide comfort and stability on possibly uneven ground.
    Plus, she looks, in general, that she’s dressed for comfort, not for show.

  30. megan says:

    It’s really nice that they’re holding hands :)

  31. LL says:

    I kinda like him in glasses…

    …and the hand-holding is adorable.

  32. ghoulish_moose says:

    She totally needs to put on some weight. She looks so scrawny and old. I bet she looks shit naked. Can’t be nice for Wills, ugh.

    Get some pie and mash down ya =D

  33. Pyewacket says:

    She looks so much older than her actual age.

    @Miss Marie- They are figure heads and do nothing other than shake a few hands, attend to a few charities and suck off of the British people. Hardly deserving of the same respect as President or Prime Minister, who actually work.

  34. Phalbe says:

    Aww! They’re a lovely couple. Call off the paps and leave them alone!

  35. SANDIP says:

    Love them, her recycling clothes is so cool.

  36. Delta Juliet says:

    Same as everyone else said…they look cute, but OLD! My hubby and I are 8 and 10 years older than them and we both look waaaay better (with less money, and more hard workin’ lol)

  37. madpoe says:

    Every day at the exact same time, Prince William likes to take his purple walking stick and stroll the gardens. awww..summertime!

  38. Miss Marie says:

    @Anon, you must be kidding. Jennifer Aniston worked hard for what she has? Compared to you and me? Her world is all about luck and timing. There are a zillion talented folks out there that never get recognized. Stop drinking the Kool-aid with the glazed over eyes fawning about folks in lala land who don’t really care about YOU. Jennifer Aniston is all about Jennifer Aniston. Btw, try this little exercise. Write something down, receit it and then stand in front of the mirror practicing. That is about the depth of Jennifer’s Aniston’s talent. REAL people like Wills giong off to war – now that is sacrifice.

  39. Mary says:

    They both look like college kids. Nice to see a royal couple relaxed.

  40. Joanna says:

    I think they look cute. The Palace would not look kindly on Ed Hardy t-shirts and Juicy Coutre.

  41. marge says:

    @madpoe LOL
    @Joanna: good point. I guess that having a strict dress code must suck

  42. zesty says:

    I think he looks adorable with his little glasses.
    Is it really that cold in Scotland this time of year that they need to wear sweaters with shirts underneath? The photo of her shopping wearing the same sweater showed two women behind her wearing sleeveless tops.

  43. fizXgirl314 says:

    These two obviously genuinely love each other, are comfortable with each other and seem to be down to earth. They may be 29 but they have a lot of responsibility.

    Besides, it’s really not that nice to make comments about someone’s thinning her. That’s genetic. It means he can’t change it or wish for it to go away in case you’re wondering…

  44. guilty pleasures says:

    @denise, hear hear. Harmless walk in a sweater garners critique? They cannot do right by some people.

  45. dj says:

    They have been together (approx.) 9 years before the wedding. My husband and I unconsciously wear the same colors on the same day. It happens folks. I like seeing a nice couple holding hands together.

  46. danielle says:

    Morningthedeathofmusic – I’m not picking on the sneakers – I’m just saying they go better with straight leg or boot cut jeans, or even yoga pants! Or capris! Or many things other than skinny jeans.

  47. Mika says:

    I’m over Will and Kate. Why is it that for 9 years they were super private and the media were AWFUL to say shit about them, but now they’re out parading their love like it’s a Sears commercial?

  48. lin234 says:

    I’m surprised no one noticed how miserable she looks when she probably thinks they are alone. These are probably the first candid pictures of her since her engagement.

    Those mouth lines are not from being too thin. Even when she was at a healthy weight, she always had those deep lines. She’s just old looking. He looks miserable too.

  49. Nymeria says:

    @ zesty (#44) – Scotland can be pretty freaking cold this time of year. The weather varies a bit – warm days, then freezing days – but some people there are entirely used to it & don’t need the sweaters, while others never quite get used to such unrelenting cold. (60F is considered warm there.)

    Also, it may be that she needs the sweater because she has depleted all of her body fat by whatever diet she’s on. People who are anorexic / bulimic tend to get cold more easily. Just a theory – while I strongly suspect she has an eating disorder, I can’t verify this fact.

    Anyway, back to my earlier point – my cousins were all born & raised in Sweden and Finland (big family!), and some of them have taken to the cold like ducks to water, whereas others are constantly shivering. Here in Florida, some natives are all about the 90F heat and other natives are uncomfortably hot most of the time.

    Long post, I know… just musing along. :)

    ETA: @ Mia (? – sorry, cannot read your name) (# 49) – lol at the “Sears commercial.”

  50. Pyewacket says:

    I would like to know WTF Jennifer Aniston has to do with this, and why she is being picked on vs any other actress out there.

    Sorry Marie, but the Royals hardly are REAL people, nor do they work hard for their money. What has William done to earn the millions he has? Nothing! He inherited his wealth through family and title, not from hard wok, so you might want to re-evaluate your REAL people comment. They live a life far above even Jennifer Aniston, who you seem to have a major hard on for.

  51. Kim says:

    Denise- hahahahaha! Normal? What “normal” people do you know who have a multi million dollar wedding and wear $500 dresses to a kids art studio (LA visit), etc.

    They seem nice enough but normal is not a word to describe anything about their lives.

  52. garvels says:

    @Miss Marie-Ha ha ha. I completely agree with your comment.

  53. DoMaJoReMc says:

    Nope….I love it. They are adorable!

  54. JulieM says:

    Miss Marie: “REAL people like Wills giong off to war – now that is sacrifice.”

    Um, when did Wills go off to war? Are you thinking of Harry? The palace wouldn’t let William get within 500 miles of a war zone. And when, exactly, does he even fly? I bet his squadron mates love him being gone all the time and they have to pick up the slack.

  55. Leticia says:

    They look adorable in their coordinated sweaters! And I don’t think she is too thin. I’d rather be underweight like her than overweight.

  56. The Original Ashley says:

    @ Miss Marie: they deserve respect because they were born and/or married into a family that was better at war and scheming than yours or mine? Talk about skewed logic. Barak and Michelle worked at what they have. The only work she did was wait around and William plays GI Joe (and even then it’s Harry who’s going to war, not William who seems to be permanently on vacation). When either one actually does something other than shake hands and smile for photographers then maybe I’ll think about respecting them. Until then find someone more worthwhile to idolize.

    And charity doesn’t count. William may have been born to a charitable woman like Diana but I’ve never seen him do half of what she did. When he is smiling for pictures he always looks like he’s only doing it because he has to. The Royals are charitable because without it what else would they do? They have to please the plebs (while taking their hard earned money) somehow.

  57. mln76 says:

    I’m no Jen Aniston fan but I absolutely agree with Anon. These people’s family fortune and estate are compromised of the taxes that Will’s family has leached off the UK and all of their colonies for a millenium. They may personally be nice enough but they are gloried welfare recipients. Aniston is ambitious and used her P.R. tactics to achieve what her actual talent couldn’t. You’ve got to give her credit for getting what she has without being a great beauty.

  58. Anonna says:

    Clothes matter little. Their body language is quite interesting. He’s walking too fast for her, and she’s trying so hard to stay sync’ed. She looks unhappy, he looks in charge and content.

  59. Melinda says:

    They look fine, irritated by the paps, but fine otherwise. They have strict dress codes. She can’t even wear open toe shoes for god sakes. People are going to pick these two apart no matter what. They look miserable (because cameras are in their faces as they try to take a walk probably while hung over), they recycle clothes (shouldn’t they??? They would get flack if they didn’t), they aren’t stylish enough (they aren’t pop stars!)

    I’m going to reserve my flack to those more deserving. There are no shortage of them after all.

  60. The Original Ashley says:

    I finally see the likeness to Pippa. Instead of the Middleton’s selling their souls to get into aristocracy, it looks like they sold their youth. I’ve never seen two girls in their 20′s who looked so much older than their years. Not even Lezlo is that haggard.

    And the poster who said “they are middle aged”, uh since when is 30 middle aged? Obviously my definition of middle aged is different from yours because when I think middle aged I imagine someone 45-50.

  61. Stephie says:

    I think they look really preppy, not dated. And if they arranged that little photo op, I don’t think he’d look so disgruntled. But then, how else could someone have snagged these shots, they do have security don’t they?

  62. labikina says:

    They are both 29 so technically they are still in their twenties. I can’t imagine what they are going to look like in their forties! They need to eat more, drink more water and quit smoking or they will age HORRIBLY.

  63. nemera says:

    I think people who are use to being photographed have a way of ignoring the cameras. It unfortunately becomes a way of life. I hope Catherine has the mental strength to withstand all the constant critiques she will get from women. Every outfit, hairstyle, her weight, the way she walks, talks, or IS will be picked apart by people that don’t know her.

    And it will be the women that are them most vicious.

    women eat their own. It must be genetic because it starts young and it transcends race, culture, socioeconomic status.. matters not. Women will make sure you feel the worst about yourself as possible.

    Sad.. Hope she is strong enough not to let it break her.

  64. Ell says:

    Doesn’t look like a photo op to me.

    I think they’re honestly trying to live as normal a life as possible when not doing royal duties. Where is Kate supposed to buy food? Seriously Tesco is probably as good as it gets in Anglesey and North Wales.

  65. whitedaisy says:

    I really like this couple and could not care less if they dress matchy-matchy. They give me hope for the future.

  66. Luise says:


  67. T.C. says:

    “I think Kate looks really nice without makeup. She’s naturally beautiful.” Actually she does NOT look good without makeup. She looks OLD and haggard. I can’t believe she is only 29 years old. Even Lainey pointed out that her weight loss has made her age: the face vs. the body. And Lainey LOVES her some Kate. At 29, Princess diana looked younger than Kate, healthier too.

  68. Hmmm says:

    What happened to Wills’ “job”? When was he last out on his copter?

  69. Hibiscus says:

    Enough boring dressing and walking!

    Start making babies already!

  70. gee says:

    LOOOVVEEEE. Stanning hardcore. I love them.

  71. fizXgirl314 says:

    nemera, I don’t think that is necessarily true… just ask anyone who has been abused by their father/brother/boyfriend. Men can be pretty brutal as well… probably a lot worse too because they tend to be more vicious and include physical violence. Not saying that we as women don’t need to improve our interactions with each other, just that I don’t think this wildly spread concept that “women are vicious” is necessarily true.

  72. They’re cute, they’re in love, what’s not to like?

  73. Amy says:

    Awww they are holding hands! How cute! They rarely are affectionate in public so it’s nice to see them like this (even if they both look annoyed by the presence of photogs). And matching too!

    Also William looks good with glasses!

  74. nemera says:


    I agree with a lot of what you said; but the truth is there are not a lot of men posting on this site are there. And particularly about women and how they look.

    And when I say women can be vicious. Go and read the threads. Women for the most part don’t use fist. They use words as their mode of attack. And how many women do you know can recount something ugly that was said to them by another woman. Sometimes a verbal attack goes deeper and leaves a scare that is far deeper than a bruise. And I am not making light of physical abuse.

    It is just so unreal how it all comes down to her appearance. Her character is discounted because to some she is to skinny, or not fashionable.

    I much rather have Catherine than some of the other women that are held up as “icons”. Substance on Fluff for me every time.

  75. Anastasia says:

    I’m 40 and look younger than her. She REALLY needs to gain 10 pounds. When she gets pregnant, she’s going to look great.

    I like his glasses, wish he wore them all the time.

    Mostly they bore me.

  76. snoots says:

    I love these photos! The handholding, the glasses, the coordinating outfit! Awww.

    I had a dream last night that I was on a cruise with these two & they were so boring but mainly because Charles & Camilla were there too. Duchess Kate ranted about fat people during dinner. It was an epic bummer.
    This all means I read too much gossip.

  77. Annie says:

    @ namera….what she said…for gods sake give these them a break!!

  78. janie says:

    could be an accident. my husband and i wander out dressed alike all the time, i think it happens when you are together for awhile.

  79. hoganbcmj says:

    Wow, she is way too skinny. That is not attractive. She looks like she’s been photoshopped. Eat a burger, girl.

  80. ElleGin says:

    I don’t think the jeans look baggy on her. Where is the excessive material? It’s nice that they are making an effort to save money in the ways they can. Would you rather see them squander money on clothes and luxury? I guess then we would be bitching about how they don’t think about the “people”.

  81. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    Does she even own another pair of jeans? Thrifty is one thing, but even I have more than one go-to denim option.

  82. dahlia1947 says:

    i like these shots of them just going about their business, holding hands. I think they got pissed when they saw the photogs.

  83. Krista says:

    This is just what stress does to one’s body…it ages you faster. Look at the U.S. Presidents. They all aged faster after taking the Oath. I do wish Kate would gain just a little weight…I think she would appear so much happier. As for William, love the glasses, but he appears to be balding faster….quite a pity. They are such a handsome couple.

  84. molly says:

    They’ve been together so long, they probably are like a middle-aged couple at this point. I love the smart academic look. It suits them. As for Kate’s weight, she will be putting on the pounds once she is pregnant, that is a given. In fact, maybe she has morning sickness based on these photos. She doesn’t look well.

  85. sandy says:

    Kate seems to be smiling and has some makeup on in that Tesco pic. In this pic she looks like she doesn’t have any make up on and shockingly looks very plain (especially the second pic ) compared to her Canadian tour pics. The fact that she isn’t looking smug and all made up makes me think this wasn’t a photo-op. Maybe they are too clever and want to look like this so that people think this isn’t a photo-op. You never know these days what is reality and what isn’t.

  86. Whatamess! says:

    What’s with you &your constant need to kiss Jennifer Aniston’s butt?

  87. Sara says:

    I like that she wear clothes more than once.

  88. faye says:

    How old is Kate anyways? She looks 35.

  89. Ell says:

    I imagine they’re both hungover after the all-nighter.

    I’m completely baffled why so many of you are convinced this is a photo op, where’s the reasoning? Why on earth would they need a photo op? Royals, especially these two do not need and absolutely do not want a photo op, it’s not hollywood.

  90. Anonymous says:

    They are from England, it is a different style over there. What’s funny is people are scrabbling around to find the same outfits as we blog. After a lot of people start to wear them, some of you will then want to get Kate’s skinny jeans and sweater look too. Kate and Pippa’s wholesomeness is their whole appeal. Woman in their 20′s not flaunting their bodies. Such a different concept for North American woman in 2011.

  91. curleque says:

    I agree with the others… my SO and I frequently accidentally match, but before we leave the house there’s usually a standoff to see who will change. Sometimes one of us will give in, but usually we got out in public in matchy matchy outfits not as a sign of solidarity but of stubborness.

  92. RomanianPrincess says:

    @Bill Hicks is God: Maybe you meant Rip Van Winkle…although come to think of it…Rumpelstilskin did grant wishes…*takes a moment to ponder*

    Oh, speaking of Rumpelstilskin…when’s their first born due? Hopefully extreme skinnyness factor will not affect her fertility…

  93. Suzie says:

    They both look like two very decent, normal people who are clearly very fond of one another. They deserve to be left alone and given privacy. There will be plenty of photo opportunities in the future for us to stare at them at public events and scrutinise what they are wearing. We, who are far from perfect…

  94. Kellie says:

    Her style of dress is not original. Young women are conservative all of the world-England does not have the monopoly on this. Neither she nor her sister should be considered as “wholesome” Did you not see the pictures of Pippa bumping and grinding on the dance floor in her purple bra, or how about during her break up with William when Kate wore a black dress with a plunging neck line. Or all the “crotch shots” getting out of cars-hardly wholesome or lady like. Dont drink the kool aid!

  95. MissVJJ says:

    I love her and I am happy to see she doesn’t give a damn what people think about her. It’s tiring to see celebs trying so hard all the time! Whenever I wear skinny jeans, they are baggy on me like they are on her. Not all of us have huge hips, thighs, calves, cankles! Shes a beautiful girl and FOR ONCE on this crazy planet we have someone who is slightly like the rest of us!

  96. Dena says:

    Not to be crude, but . . . If you look closely, it looks as if he dresses on the right.

  97. fizXgirl314 says:

    Sorry to reply late and this is probably a dead topic at this point but my home ip is blocked so I can only use the website from work haha..

    Anyway, I’m not saying women don’t have any issues to contend with or improve… I’m just saying men get away with A LOT more. Visit a few male oriented websites, it’ll make your head spin. A bit of gossip here and there is probably the least of our worries in the grand scheme of things. All the problems that men cause the world would completely overshadow what people do on this website (although again, not saying some people don’t need to tone down the hate).

    In my experience, women seem to get twice the condemnation for half the offense that men do. Men can do really cruel things, say cruel things and even when they play “practical jokes” they can be pretty nasty… just sayin’.

  98. amber says:

    Everything the Royals do is PLANNED!! So this pictures were planned, cause NO photograpger can get that close to them in scotland without being allowed.Even holding hands they don’t look happy together and they look like they might have been fighting too.I agree Kate looks like she is in her late 30′s and she SO has a eating DISORDER!!! This two will be divorcing in a couple years mark my words!!!

  99. Laura says:

    William looks sexy with glasses.

  100. eternalcanadian says:

    Whoa, what the heck happened to William and Catherine? They look so old and haggard here! Perhaps they’re hungover from Mike and Zara’s wedding celebrations?

    I know I’ve been ragging on Catherine for overdoing it with the makeup and black eyeliner, but good golly she looks awful here. Those “marionette” lines around her nose and mouth are just so deep!

    And William, wow, he’s aged so much from when he graduated from St. Andrews. It’s not just the hair, but the face and the lines around his eyes. Military life does not agree with him physically. I’m surprised the RAF allows people with non 20/20 vision to fly as otherwise why is William wearing glasses?

    I agree with amber the photos are staged because no media can get anywhere near the Royals without permission or knowledge. They put in some sort of law or something in Britain after Diana died.

    Well, at least they are holding hands as they never do in public although it looks a bit awkward here and they look testy with each other. Can’t be the photographer because they knew they were being photographed and yet they went outside in their matching clothes.

    And oh hey, looks like William is sporting a moose knuckle. :P

  101. marlio says:

    It really doesnt MATTER what william and kate are wearing. They are just taking a walk and as long as the clothes are clean and warm, WHO CARES!!! Im sure they didnt appreciate a photographer intruding upon their privacy like that and you wouldnt either!