Jennifer Lopez reportedly wants full custody of her kids


Jennifer Lopez covers the new issue of Us Weekly this week, in what I’m assuming is yet another “exclusive but not really” piece, where Jennifer lets her people spread all kinds of information and pro-J.Lo agit-prop in the hopes that we will all see her as an innocent victim of the cruel Marc Anthony. I’m not saying Marc was not and is not cruel – he very well could be. But I’m already starting to get tired of this “victimized” Jennifer. I want her to start dating. I know it’s soon, but you know she’s already weighing her options – hell, she managed to get the cover of Vanity Fair two seconds after her split. Trust me, she’s already got a new guy lined up. Roll him out, Jennifer!

Anyway, the Us Weekly story – Jennifer is allegedly going to fight for full custody of Max and Emme. And Marc hasn’t even seen the kids since the split!

Reportedly, Marc hasn’t seen 3-year-old Max and Emme since he and J.Lo announced their split on July 15! It sounds like there might be a bitter custody battle brewing between Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

According to a new report, J.Lo, 42, is seeking full custody of their 3-year-old twins Max and Emme and is determined to make sure she is their primary caretaker. Wow, too harsh?

Marc hasn’t been seen with the twins since the mid-July split, probably because they’ve been traveling with J.Lo — first in New York, then in Miami and now in Atlanta where she’s filming What To Expect When You’re Expecting.

Max and Emme were seen at a playground with their mom on July 31 and then were spotted multiple times at the pool in their Atlanta hotel.

“They are always with their mom,” a source tells Us Weekly. “Jennifer lights up around her kids. She’s incredible, balancing work and being a good mom.”

[From Holly Baby]

I think there might be something to this report, just because Jennifer was putting herself out there like a Sarah Jessica Parker in her Vanity Fair piece. Jennifer told Vanity Fair that she can’t stand to be away from her kids for more than 24 hours, and that she could never leave the twins at home with nannies. Instead, Jennifer uses family members to look after the kids, like her mom, her cousin Tiana Rios and her best friend, Arlene Rodriguez. In the Vanity Fair piece, she also claims that she’s planning on moving back to NYC, which I have a hard time believing. She says: “I liked my upbringing there and it gave me incentive. Just the street smarts and the savvy.” Bullsh-t. She has to be in LA for Idol, and beyond that, she likes LA better, I think.

By the way, there are rumors about Jennifer and Puffy/Diddy. Gross. I want her to get into some drama with Ben Affleck. Or somebody else truly scandalous, not Diddy.



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  1. mel says:

    Why is working and taking care of two kids such a big deal now. My mother had 8 kids and worked 2 jobs. Plus J-Lo can afford a nanny since she got a $20 million raise from American Idols.

  2. brin says:

    Hmmmm…it will either be nasty or she has a lot of sh*t on him and he won’t go up against her.
    I hope she doesn’t go near Ben Affleck…let her go off with Diddy.

  3. Denver Danni says:

    Doesn’t he have other children sprinkled around – didn’t seem to anxious to fight for custody of them either.

  4. Heatheradair says:

    Actually, I’d sort of love it if she went back to Diddy. Would prefer a Kanye hookup (would LOVE that) but the combination of Diddy Empire and JLo Empire would be a money-maker……just no Affleck. They sucked the life right out of each other……

    *love, love, love that white coat/dress thing – gorgeous.*

  5. mia girl says:

    I think she’s is going to get whatever she wants in this divorce by giving Anthony enough money to cover all his mess with the IRS. He’s in a real bind.

  6. Cherry says:

    Are these photos new? She looks amazing! And completely wrinkle-free. Hmmmm.

  7. CallieTrichid says:

    I KNEW it! Re-read the Vanity Fair article yesterday–puts this into a new perspective.

  8. Pyewacket says:

    God, I do not want to see anything with her and Affleck. I cannot stand Lopez and do not understand why anyone would want to break up a family in order to see drama between Affleck and Lopez.

  9. Eva_baby says:

    Of course she’d get back with Diddy first chance. She was all about him back when they were together. He was her entree to the Grammy’s where she wore that scandalous green dress that put her ass the map.

    The only reason they broke up in the first place was because she was advised to distance herself from that Scary Black Rapper and immediately married poor canon Fodder Chris Judd, the most non-threatening guy in the world.

    Ben Affleck probably would’ve been her first choice. JLO probably saw herself doing an Angelina Jolie. But I’d put money that Jennifer Garner is no Jennifer Aniston. I could easily see her going all Sydney Bristow on JLo’s ass!

    Diddy is acceptable now, though. He is richer than Jay-Z. He doesn’t owe money to the IRS like her poor soon to be ex.

  10. Justaposter says:

    Did anyone see the pictures of her new clothing line? I think it was on ET.
    Anywhooo When I heard Jennifer’s new line I am pretty sure my first thoughts were what all of your first thoughs would be.

    I was really surprised by the clothing line. They were actually nice. As in what women would want to wear instead of Jenny from the Block crap she tried to sell.

    I can see her going for full custady. Does anyone know if the first wife has that as well?

  11. Deb says:

    I am with Pyewacket. Why would you wish him with Ben Affleck – who is married and has children. Don’t understand why anyone would advocate for breaking up a marriage so you can be entertained watching Jennifer Lopez trap another man or in this case, one of the ones that escaped with his life the first time.

  12. lucy2 says:

    Not surprising, in that article she talked like they were HER kids, not THEIR kids. I don’t see Marc putting up much of a fight though, he doesn’t seem interested in much but himself.

  13. Eleonor says:

    Husband number 3 in the making?

  14. Susan O. says:

    It can’t be for the support payments, I think JLo has more than Marc

  15. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I hope the reason the kids haven’t seen their father for that long is legit and not just a way for her to hurt her soon to be ex-husband. Unless he was abusive she doesn’t need to use the kids in a divorce, they are innocent, and should be seeing both parents and being comforted through a terrible time.

  16. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I hope the reason the kids haven’t seen their father for that long is legit and not just a way for her to hurt her soon to be ex-husband. Unless he was abusive she doesn’t need to use the kids in a divorce, they are innocent, and should be seeing both parents and being comforted through a terrible time.

  17. the original bellaluna says:

    Of course she does! Full custody = child support. (duh) That, and not having to pay child support herself. And supposedly she’s kept the kids with her while she travels, so it’s not surprising that he hasn’t seen them since the split. MA does actually have a job or two of his own, so not a shocker he’s not K-Fed’ing her around the country. I can totally see J-Ho using those kids to hurt him. Wouldn’t put it past her for a Bronx second.

    As far as the tax stuff, THEY already paid it off while they were together, supposedly. (According to the first “Poor Little Put Upon Me” cover story in US.)

    Lastly: stay away from Ben, J-Ho. Diddy or Kanye are definitely more your over-the-top, obnoxious, fame-whoring speed.

  18. Tierra says:

    ugghh…Im already tired of her.
    I never did get the hype with her. She’s mediocre at best in her music and acting. She’s lucky she’s still as attractive as she is b/c thats about all she has going for her.
    I think she’s is going to milk this divorce for all its worth and then some. Just a matter of time before everyone is thinking “STFU already”. I know I already am.
    I bet Marc has been quiet thru this b/c he is planning his own tell-all after she’s done planting all her pro-JL stories and then the truth will come out.

  19. bluhare says:

    I’m with pyewacket and deb. Bringing Affleck into this is mean. He’s married with two little girls. After all the crap flung around here about Aniston lifting Theroux from his gf, suggesting Ben/Jen is really poor form. Although I wonder if Jennifer Lopez herself isn’t behind it with her mom and that emailing Ben for advice thing. Would have loved to see his face when he saw that in his inbox.

  20. duncecap says:

    that pic on top with the sideswept hair and grey purse is the first time I’ve ever thought JLO was pretty.

    Maybe the hair is covering up some of the crazy.

    Also, I’m STILL frantically searching for that blind item about her pooping on Ben.

  21. ohso says:

    I hope Jlo does not end up with Diddy. Why would you want to marry a man with 3 or 4 baby mama’s and 6 kids. This marriage would be only for the money and status. Hmm sounds like it would be just like another celebrity couple(entertainers) minus the kids.

  22. Lisa says:

    Ewww! Wack diddy just NO!!! I seriously doubt she’ll go back to diddy. If anything JLo Will find herself a much more powerful and rich man a la Hayek!

  23. danielle says:

    Doesn’t Anthony have a bunch of kids? I think he visits, but he doesn’t strike me as the type of guy who necessarily wants custody – always thought Jennifer wanted kids more than he did.

  24. antisara says:

    She’s so totally trying to look like Maria Carey! Same hair color, same lenght, same styling, WTF? Oh and she can keep her ugly kids. Marc has some gorgeous offspring with ex Dayanara. Im team Marc on this one even if he has the international macho syndrome.

  25. antisara says:

    @Lisa: girl, jello doesn’t have what it takes to score a billionaire, she so burnt she should pull a Federline, if anything. She’d kill to be a hundreth of Salma.

  26. Maritza says:

    I had read once that PDiddy is into tantra sex,she probably came back for more. As for the kids I don’t think Marc is interested in having custody of the kids, he won’t be bothered by having them around with all the traveling he does for his concerts. I have a feeling he has moved on and already has a woman with him. Jlo looks like her sister Linda in that top photo.

  27. cmc says:

    Love how she says she got the street smarts from growing up in NYC and wants that for her kids…um, the NYC she grew up in (Bronx, wasn’t it?) isn’t even remotely comparable to the cushy life those kids are going to have. What, like they’re going to be riding subways and going to corner stores and playing around the streets with friends?

  28. John Wayne Lives says:

    JLo is gonna get fun again! yaay!
    *passes popcorn* tehe

  29. LL says:

    @Eleonor — #4, actually.

  30. carrie says:

    i want an Affleck’s comeback:they were so entertaining together(who remember the videp clip with Affleck petting her ass?)

  31. Yessiiirrreee says:

    Is it me, or are any of you getting freakin tired of hearing how these over worked hollywood mom’s are, balancing being a mom and career?

    Yea…try doing it as a Single mom with no nannies, chefs, maids, etc..around…try juggling kids, running a household , laundry, taxi driver, cleaning, homework, while your ass is dead tired working at a job (or two), where it barely puts food on the table, or a roof over your heads!

    Bitch, please. She plays Momma, when those camera’s are rolling.

  32. TQB says:

    I’m with everyone who thinks Anthony doesn’t want shared custody. He didn’t seem concerned about it for his first set of kids.

    I am really sick and tired of the JLo PR Machine. It has honestly convinced me to believe the opposite of everything I hear about the demise of this marriage.

  33. 4Real says:

    Unless she’s proven unfit or HE is proven unfit it will ALWAYS be JOINT with Primary custody to the mother. She’s just milking this BS to the hilt.

  34. Joe's Mom says:

    Wonder what she means by “full custody”? Does it mean she wants “primary custody”, with MA getting visitation, OR is she trying to terminate MA’s parental rights altogether for some creepy reason? I do not think Ben Affleck would go back with her under any circumstance, even if he was single. I always thought he seemed thrilled to have gotten away from that relationship in the nick of time. He seemed so happy to put his Red Sox cap and grubbies back on, and never look back. JMHO. Diddy might be a good choice, if he’s available and willing. I don’t think she’ll settle for less than being part of a major “power couple”. And as far as her moving back to the ‘hood — maybe with Diddy they could be a “street-smart, savvy power couple”? Then again, what about her latest co-star, Rodrigo Santoro? Could he be waiting in the wings? Or with all due respect, would that be too close to going back to husbands #1 or #2?

  35. Camille says:

    @Tierra: ITA with you.

    Am over this mess already. Enough of the pity parties already.

  36. Bubbling says:

    Bitch looks good, you gotta give her that. I’m also thinking she is pulling Selma Hayek with the next one. It’s nice to see she is interested in bringing up those twins, she doesn’t strike me as the worm mom type

  37. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I think Jennifer has to be really careful now, she is known for jumping from relationship to relationship, she now has kids and you can’t just bring anyone around your children, plus Marc probably won’t go for that. Plus I have no idea why people keep thing Marc is poor, he is well known in the states and around the world especially in the Latin countries, Most of the albums he put out were very successful in Latin America and he started his acting and music career way before Jennifer…so Marc is no poor man.

  38. missy says:

    I have a funny feeling this is going to wind up being an alcohol dependency thing. She’s going for full custody?
    Something in the vanity fair article made me think “whoops, he’s got issues with alcohol”….just my gut feeling. Mark my words.

  39. cprincess says:

    oh yeah -shes such a hands on mother…
    Nannies weren’t for her…
    Give me a break-shes fulla shit.
    Her ego is the size of a house and I cannot figure out why-shes mediocre at best….
    Benny Medina is a genius…shes been itching for the VF cover…
    Time to cancel my subscription.

  40. dj says:

    I called the Diddy re-connection!

  41. hatsumomo says:

    I don’t believe anything out her camp for a damn second. And I dont think she’s has ever changed a diaper either. Faker!

  42. Emily says:

    Yeah, I want her to get with someone scandalous, too. I have a feeling that after being married, bitch is going to bring the drama with her next guy, and I want him to be able to meet her level of diva-ness.

  43. HotLatino says:

    She should go back to Diddy, he’s hot. Anyways the hate some of you have for her cough antisara cough is laughable. She’s successful and powerful and why do I get the vibe that if she were white you guys would love her, hmmmm.

  44. the original bellaluna says:

    RE: Custody. In CA, there are 2 forms of custody: physical (with whom the kids reside) and legal (who is going to be financially responsible when they get caught tagging or crash the car into a building; children’s religious upbringing; health care decisions; schooling input).

    Physical custody is usually with one parent or the other, with set visitation (or “as agreed” if parents are capable of that) for the Non-Custodial Parent. Some parents opt for 50/50 physical custody, which I think is ridiculous unless they live within 5 miles of one another and all schooling/child care stays constant. Child support is based on who has how much custody and who earns what.

    Legal custody is generally 50/50, unless you can prove some seriously escandaloso mess to FCS (Family Court Services) and the judge.

    As my mother, the family law paralegal for most of my life puts it: Short of him fornicating in front of the children while drinking and doing drugs, it’s v-e-r-y difficult to get sole physical AND legal custody, or terminate parental rights.

  45. Maggie says:

    Those magazine cover shots are arranged waaaay in advance… just the luck of timing with her split

  46. bluhare says:

    I bet Lopez sat for the interview before the announcement so they would have time to get her on that cover. Makes me wonder what Marc’s got on her now she’s playing this hard, really hard.

  47. Kosmos says:

    Everything has to revolve around her…those are his children, too and he has a right to custody as well as she. Sorry, do not like her and never have. Ben Affleck is with a wonderful woman now, so why do people try and match them up? Ben has a beautiful wife who is authentic and a great person. He’s got two or three children and he would never go back to this egomaniac of a woman.

  48. What did Mark Anthony do such that he won’t share parenting with J.Lo?

  49. I practice family law, and it is a very rare situation that a parent’s conduct causes him/her to lose custody of his/her children.

  50. Nikki Girl says:

    I may not like her that much, but she honestly comes across as a good mom to me. I think she wanted those kids more than anything in the world. And I do believe she feels more comfortable having her mom and relatives watch them instead of nannies, and I think that’s cool, especially in Hollywood where all celebrity parents seem to heavily rely on nannies.

    I doubt Marc will fight for full custody, I don’t get the impression he has ever been a great father to any of his children and I think he’d be fine with letting J. Lo be their primary caretaker. I read an article that said she has been their primary caretaker their entire life anyways and they’re not even used to being around Marc much, and I honestly believe it.

  51. The Truth Fairy says:

    Diddy is going to come out of the closet any day now. He’s always been bisexual but he likes men more and more. And besides, he is D-list now. JLo will set her sights on someone who is solid A-list.

  52. crtb says:

    Marc isn’t involved in his other children’s lives. JLo will get full custody.

  53. Joe's Mom says:

    She’s never dealt with a divorce with kids involved before. Somebody probably told her to “go for full custody”! She probably thought that was a great idea; she could support the kids herself, so why keep him in the picture at all? Kinda like Halle Berry probably thought at first, about how she’d simply sever Gabriel Aubry’s relatioship with his daughter.