Beyonce Kardashian’s Bazaar UK pictorial: tweaked, drag queen catastrophe?


I kind of love how Beyonce’s NEW FACE is on every magazine cover over the past few months. I know she’s promoting her album, but to me, it just feels like Bey is completely delusional about how different she looks and she thinks that every time she does a photo shoot, people will be like, “Damn, she looks great!” When we’re really like, “OMFG, WTF did Bey do to her once-pretty face?!? SHE LOOKS LIKE A CAT.” It’s a nose job, but there’s something else in the mix that’s messing her up. Anyway, here’s Bey’s photo shoot for the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK. She looks like a Kardashian. There are some excerpts from the interview too:

With just a month before her big 3-0, Beyonce has been reflecting on an amazing decade. And as she poses in a stunning new photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar UK magazine, she admits performing in Egypt just two months before the country’s uprising started was a memorable experience.

The pop star admitted she found it incredibly moving to see Egyptian women wearing burkas singing along to her female empowerment song Irreplaceable – while many of their male partners standing nearby were obviously unamused.

Despite protests from ultra-conservative Islamic groups ahead of the gig who did not approve of her risqué outfits and booty-shaking dance moves, the American singer’s concert at Port Ghalib on the Red Sea was a roaring success.

She tells the September issue of the magazine: ‘There were a lot of women in the audience in burkas. They were singing along to Irreplaceable – it was amazing! Some of the men got really upset! They were like to their women, “We have to get you out of here!”….I guess some of them (men) do get annoyed. But I never want to do “the banner thing”.’

Although many women today steer away from the word ‘feminist’, the Texan insists she’s always been one, although she believes the movement needs a new name.

She explained: ‘I don’t really feel that it’s necessary to define it. It’s just something that’s kind of natural for me, and I feel like…you know…it’s, like, what I live for. I need to find a catchy new word for feminism, right? Like Bootylicious.’

In fact, Beyonce is such a feminist, she admits she finds it strange to see females who only socialise with males.

She said: ‘I’m afraid when women never hang around with other women. That’s a little scary to me – why is that?’

And when it comes to women she admires, Beyonce admits her close friend Gwyneth Paltrow is her role model.

She admitted: ‘She pushes her boundaries all the time. You go to her house and she makes you feel like you never want to go home. She is what I strive to be one day.’

But it appears Paltrow is just as appreciative of her friend, telling the magazine how much she respects Beyonce. She said: ‘She is what it means to be a superstar. No one else can sing and dance like that, while having humour and genuine bursting sweetness. She has her own recipe for it… I wanted my own character (in Country Strong), to have some of that mega-wattage. So I studied B. She was my homework.’

The former Destiny’s Child singer is now preparing to turn 30 on September 4 – marking the end of her very busy 20s. During her 20s, she launched her solo career and became a married woman when she tied the knot with rapper Jay-Z, 41, three years ago.

Now looking forward to her 30s, Beyonce said: ‘This is such a pivotal moment in my life! I’m transitioning as a woman, and I’m finally able to express myself as I am.’

[From The Mail]

Haha, bitch can’t even remember her 20s, they were so long ago. As for the friendship between Dame Gwyneth and Beyonce… this is one of the first times I’ve really heard Bey talk about Goop in such glowing terms in a formal interview. Usually Goop is the one forcing the relationship, talking about Beyonce constantly. The whole thing makes me feel bad for Madonna. Poor Gristle, tossed aside for new tweaked meat by a goopy, narcissistic twit obsessed with being cool and young. And poor Beyonce! She has to hang out with Goop. It’s all so sad.




Bazaar UK photos courtesy of The Mail & The Fashion Spot.

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  1. brin says:

    I actually recognized her here…the last few times I’ve seen her, it didn’t look like her at all.

  2. RocketMerry says:

    It’s the eyes. She did something to her eyes.
    I won’t even go on a rant about beautiful women ruining their bodies and faces, I don’t feel like repeating myself. They’re exhausting.

  3. Cherry says:

    So many little gems in this interview…

    – Bey has ‘always been a ‘feminist’. Please. If frolicking around in your underwear and declaring that girls ‘rule the world’ is ‘feminism’ now, I give up.

    – Gwyneth Paltrow is her role model. ‘She pushes her boundaries all the time.’ Yeah, the boundaries OF NAUSEA.

    – ‘I’m afraid when women never hang around with other women. That’s a little scary to me – why is that?’ Which women is she talking about? Who cares what they do? Why are we even talking about this?

    But my favorite part is where she wants to invent a new word for feminism, ‘like ‘Bootylicious” LMAO!!!!

  4. Pyewacket says:

    Who is this person?

  5. Elizabeth says:

    She looks so different and in a weird “what did she do to her face?” way. And she’s no feminist, that’s for sure.

  6. s says:

    Shakira called she wants her look back

  7. Tierra says:

    I think its sadder that she thinks she’s still relevant in the music industry.

  8. Addie says:

    Does she really look that different from before?

    Dunno, she always wears caked on make-up and or photoshoped to death that I’n not sure what she ‘really’ looks like.

  9. e.non says:

    ***I need to find a catchy new word for feminism, right? Like Bootylicious.’***

    bitch please.. considering her ass and crawling across the floor are what propelled her to stardom, it’s insulting to hear her invoking women’s empowerment.

  10. Dominique says:

    You’re reaching. She doesn’t look like anybody’s damn Kardashian. :/

  11. luls says:

    Its just a change in hair and makeup. I’m one of those people who can look radically different depending on the way im styled. If you look at pics of Beyonce at different points in her career, you can see that her styling is always evolving. (Not on the drastic level of Lady Gaga or Rihanna, but still evolving.) So im disagreeing with all of you on this one. I dont see any plastic surgery. Sorry.

  12. Goofpuff says:

    Yeah, I’m sure its make up but she does look different in her “regular makeup”. She has tweaked with her face. And they photoshopped the HELL out of her here tryign to make her face more narrow and anglicize her. Its sad.

  13. Deven says:

    It’s an endless, repeticious cycle. Find a pretty, somewhat talented girl, decide she needs more everything, keep her lacking confidence in herself, changing everything more, and on and on. It’s boring, banal, and tragic.

  14. itstrue says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s ironic that her like first hit was “can you pay my bills”? That was when she was broke, now she can do it all by herself. She’s not a feminist, she’s just rich now.

  15. says:

    The fact that her idea of feminism should be called “bootylicious” shows that she has no clue what feminism is about.

    She really should just STFU and concentrate on making catchy, meaningless pop songs.

  16. jover says:

    Sign on cherry tierra and others – she is past the narcissitic (sic) stage to total self-delusion. Boring, banal, utterly commercial corporate pop hack how much did she and her handlers pay for this spread/interview.In what universe is goopy and this self-deluded dimwit cool? NO, jimi, janis, carlos, sly stone at woodstock were cool, bouncy and goopy are plastic and useless; bouncy only cares about herself so it will be poetic justice when the public stops caring about her. There, I feel better.

  17. Tammi says:

    New face? I dont see the difference.

  18. Sigh. says:


    So, so, sooooooo sick of IDIOTS like Gaga trying to teach Art Appreciation 101, Fantasia with Theology, and this FOOL thinking the struggle for empowerment and equal treatment of women is best encapsulated into the word “Bootylicious,” which just HAPPENS to be about shaking her ass in a club.

    What an ASS (and I ain’t talking about her hind parts).

    Like too-tight pants on a thick girl, psuedo-intellect just shows how dumb you really are.

  19. mew says:

    She tries to be so hard high fashion and fails equally hard. Those pics are the parade show of too much everything, especially Photoshop. She should just ease a little and try to be a bit more natural.. but whatevah.

  20. original kate says:

    “I wanted my own character (in Country Strong), to have some of that mega-wattage. So I studied B. She was my homework.”

    considering how abymsal goop’s performance was in that movie this is hilariously cringe-inducing.

  21. Just Me says:

    Muslim women singing along and Muslim men getting upset??? This bitch needs to stop watching so much faux and cnn “news.” If anyone disapproved of her trashiness they wouldn’t have been caught dead at her concert. Dumbass bigot!!!!

  22. TrixC says:

    She comes across as a complete twit. No wonder she gets along with the Goop.

  23. GossipVixen says:

    The pic used in the thumbnail is seriously freaking me out! Do. Not. Like. She certainly does look tweaked in the nose and eye area at the very minimum.

  24. Kim says:

    Preparing to turn 30 my behind. She is way past 30!

  25. LBeees says:

    She looks pretty! I’m not seeing the before-and-after tweaking, Kaiser can you do a side by side comparison post so we can judge?

    =) xoxoxoxoooooo you’re the best

  26. LBeees says:

    She looks pretty! I’m not seeing the before-and-after tweaking, Kaiser can you do a side by side comparison post so we can judge?

    =) xoxoxoxoooooo you’re the best

  27. Ally says:

    I think she gets Botox around the eyes. That usually makes them pull up on the sides, making for that cat-face look, as evidenced by Kim K.

    She’s pretty clueless about the broader significance of feminism, but I’m glad to see someone of her fame magnitude rehabilitating the term. The establishment has been trying to make it a dirty word for women for the last decades.

    Women shouldn’t be made to feel that preserving their civil rights is ‘uncool’. Like any other group — ethnicities, se%ual orientation, etc. — they should not be pressured to renounce their rightful status in a modern society.

  28. Jamie says:

    her face looks almost Nene Leakes (RHOA) in the red dress photos

  29. Meadowlark says:

    Does anyone else think this whole Beyonce+Goop=BFFs! thing is like two popular high school girls who become obsessed with each other?… I bet they have the lamest sleepovers ever; what with the cucumber water, exercise tips and crying over how hard it is to be a strong woman in today’s world.

  30. honeybunz says:

    **deep breath followed by heavy sigh** this bish again??!! I swear I can’t stand the way this poptart **my apologies to poptart corp** lies and fakes the funk!! That whole part about gwyny the goop goop paltrow mad my stomach turn sideways and pass poop through my lungs!!! It disgusts me how beyonce tries to get in where she fits in!! She says whatever she needs to say and supports whoever the it person is at whenever time just to benefit her one true love:herself!! If beyonces a feminist than how does she explain run girls run…pay my bills..bootylicious…soldier…ego…crazy n love…deja vu…I don’t know algebuh…and all the rest of her tacky I need a man plz don’t leave me smack my ass bubble gum illiterate songs?? If she don’t go somewhere with that turning 30 crap!!! Yea she’s turning 30 like gina neely turns quiet n demure!!! She aint!!!! And yes beyophomet has been tweaked plucked prodded and sucked from head to toe…anything to please white ppl…blacks don’t want her anymore mexicans never did and now white ppl are seeing her true **albeit bleached away** colors!! Beyonce britney-like melt down in 3…2…1

  31. aenflex says:

    Didn’t she used to be black?

  32. Venefica Delirium says:

    When are people going to realize that “nude” lipstick looks anything but natural?

  33. Cherry says:

    @14. itstrue:
    ‘Am I the only one who thinks it’s ironic that her like first hit was “can you pay my bills”? That was when she was broke, now she can do it all by herself. She’s not a feminist, she’s just rich now.’

    You’re so right. I hadn’t even realized that that was what this song is about, but I just looked up the lyrics:

    you pay my bills
    can you pay my telephone bills
    can you pay my automo’bills
    then maybe we can chill
    I don’t think you do
    so you and me are through

    And this woman has the nerve to say that she has always been a feminist! It’s just so dumb, so superficial. Apparently, women’s empowerment is en vogue now, so female artists claim that they are feminists, without even knowing what that means. It’s like saying that feminism is the new black.

  34. Rose says:

    She really was stunning to start with, it looks like she’s had a nose tweak and maybe an eye brow lift? Awful and so uncessary!

  35. madpoe says:

    wOw! what a coincendence!
    Like just last night I was standing on my bed in 4 inch heels taking pix of myself! And then last nite i stood in front of my tv in stilellos aiming my remote like a diva! it never fails to amaze me how mags seem to go out of their way to alienate real woman, while making a selected few into glamazon monsters. then they get to b*tch and moan about the price they have to pay. uggh!

  36. K-MAC says:

    she really does look like a Kardashian here….bizarre

  37. Mouse says:

    Yay for photoshop! *yaaaaaaaaaawn*

  38. bluebob says:

    cool pix

  39. coucou says:

    Grrrr, does Beyoncé really merit all of this vitriol? I’m neutral, but do think she has talent when it comes to singing, dancing and acting.

    As for “Can you pay my bills?” I do believe that Missy Elliot sings the same in her song “All In My Grill.” But, because Missy is harder, it passes as tough love or something. Who’s gonna diss the Miss? Oh not i, not i my friend.

    And i do like the messages in her songs “Irreplaceable” and “If I Were a Boy.” As for her shakin’ her bootylicious all over the place, well, so do Riri and Shakiri, and i don’t see anyone hatin’ on them for it.

    Jus sayin’.

    As for her and Goop – yeah, now that does kinda suck, but not any more than it did to see her collaborate with Gaga in that freaking Stop Calling song and video…

    She’s just thinking about the career, like Gaga i guess, but Goop? What career does she have besides being bland, blonde, blanc, and boring as hell. What is Bey doing hangin’ around her, i mean, other than making the Goop look better?

  40. Alina Letson says:

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