Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are expecting twins

Charlie Sheen, 43, and his third wife, Brooke Mueller, 31, are expecting twins, thought to be boys. Brooke is due in April, and her mom spilled the beans to People Magazine.

“Brooke and Charlie are expecting twins, and they are so excited,” Moira Fiore, who spent time with Brooke last week, tells PEOPLE. “Obviously, I am floating on air.”

Fiore says that the couple “think the twins are boys” but aren’t sure.

“Brooke has had all day morning sickness but is coming to the end of the first trimester so she hopefully will feel better soon,” says Fiore of her 31-year-old daughter. “It has been rough for her.”

Still, “Brooke looks so beautiful,” adds her mom. “She is just glowing.”

Sheen, 42, who is already a father to three girls, has expressed interest in having a son. In August, Brooke told PEOPLE she thought they would have a boy. “Odds are it’s a boy, but we’ll be happy with either sex,” she said at the time.

[From People]

Sheen and Mueller join a long list of other celebrities with twins, including Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, Marcia Cross, and Angelina Jolie to name just a few. Rebecca Romijn is also pregnant with twins due this winter.

There’s a good reason why Sheen and Mueller keep saying they think they’re having a boy/boys. If Mueller is due in April that’s not far along enough to tell the sex of the baby by sonogram. Mike Walker in the National Enquirer reported in the October 20th issue that the couple opted for “sperm spinning,” which is a lab method of separating the X and Y sperm to increase the odds of having a specific gender. Sperm sorting through a technique called Microsort has a success rate of 76% for boy babies and 91% for girl babies. Sheen is right that odds are on their side that they’ll have a boy, thanks to some help from technology. Maybe they’ll have a little girl thrown in there too! Congratulations to Sheen and Mueller. Hopefully the new arrivals won’t suffer from any opposing views Charlie and Brooke have about parenting.

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are shown at the Emmy Awards on 9/21/08 and at the opening of the Yellowtail Sushi Restaurant at the Bellagio in Vegas on 8/29/08. Credit: PRPhotos.

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  1. McKenna says:

    Is there something in the water? Why is everybody expecting twins? I thought it was a rare thing.

  2. Mr. T says:

    This guy is nuts having another family. He doesn’t strike me as winning the award for having intelligence.

  3. Carrie says:

    Of course it’s twins! One baby just isn’t good enough any more.

  4. photo jojo says:

    Some of these couples HAVE to be using fertility drugs/IVF. They cannot all possibly be natural.

  5. daisy424 says:

    Thanks for the info CB, very interesting what science can do these days.

  6. Shelly Shellz says:

    I like Charlie…and Brooke seems alot more wholesum then that dumb ass Denise.

  7. Shelly Shellz says:

    Re:Jojo…I Know!! Its so funny b/c my brother has a set of twin girls & my sister (who already has a daughter) just found out she’s having twin girls 2. There’s only been 1 set of twins in my family b4 this. My grandparents had 20+ kids…none of the multiples…there really is sumthing going on.

  8. Jen in Dallas says:

    Brooke seems okay, but do we really need Charlie Sheen populating more of the world?

  9. Syko says:

    Twins are the new black.

  10. Codzilla says:

    Christ, here we go again.

  11. Nova says:

    All these celebutards having twins unnaturally really irks me. They all say they have twins that run in their families(cough*cough* J-Lo)…but this is getting ridiculous. I really believe part of it is because these women are waiting later in life to conceive(i.e. 35-45 years of age) OR…they arent able to conceive naturally, so they use IVF. I had twins naturally, and yes they run in my family. My mothers father was a twin….anyway…my doctor told me that once a women hits 30, the chances of kicking out two eggs is much higher. So there ya go.

  12. jennifer says:

    Is it just me or does his wife always seem to be…uncomfortable in photos? The last pic, how she’s pulling away, could TOTALLY just be the timing of the shot, maybe a second before or a second after she was right up against him and relaxed. But I see a LOT of these pulling away type pics of her. I mean, I don’t blame her, I find the man repulsive, but still, she DID marry him, so… 😛

  13. vdantev says:

    two words: fertility clinic

  14. Chamalla says:

    Next week: Corey Haim and Corey Feldman announce they too are expecting twins.

    I’ve seen a twin explosion in my normal-not-famous circles, too. Four girls from my college class all had twins within a couple months of each other. I’m pretty sure they all did it the old fashioned, inexpensive way, too.

    Curious things are happening medically these days, huh?

  15. Lisa says:

    Wow, that boy moves fast, doesn’t he?

  16. Buttercup says:

    Don’t any of these celebs get pregnant the natural way anymore? Bizarre.

    Anyway all the best of luck to the Sheens.

  17. prissa says:

    I predict the next celebrity couple to announce twins will be Mariah & Nick Cannon.

  18. Cowbell says:

    Why do some people act like its a scandal if they used fertility methods. So what?

    Good for them.

  19. Jeanne says:

    Why does Charlie Sheen always have that disturbed/angry/bemused look on his face? It’s a little scary. He’s got some issues. Good luck Brooke; you’re going to need it.

  20. Aquarius says:

    My sister is due in early April and at her most recent sonogram, they were able to see that she’s definitely having [another] boy…So, maybe it just depends on having a clearer view since it’s still so early. Initially, she wasn’t supposed to find out when she did, and was surprised that they already could tell.

    She called my mother who was driving at the time, and who kept asking, “Are you sure?” My sister’s emphatic descriptive “yes” was enough to cause my mother to miss the exit she needed.

    Or, hey, we could all get a very big surprise right around April Fool’s Day….This generation in my family is all boys, so I wouldn’t mind if the doc got it wrong.

    I hope that Brooke’s pregnancy continues to go well, aside from her all-day-long morning sickness, which will hopefully cease soon.

  21. Trashaddict says:

    Jeanne, I’m not a guy but maybe a guy would tell you that the look on Charlie’s face is “what the hell have I gotten myself into now??” Wonder if he blew off his ex because she didn’t want to try again for a boy. I understand how a dad can really want a son, but I still think that would really suck if it were true.

  22. Shay says:

    This twin thing is getting old. When are celebs going to start the 1/2 a baby trend?

  23. xiaoecho says:

    Syko….you stole my thunder 🙂

    3 months ago when some-one or other couple announced they were having twins I made a snarky remark about busy fertility clinics and I was howled down for my cynicism by at least some on this thread who are now saying the same thing

    People are dreadfully slow

    …and Cowbell: Exactly!! So what?

  24. geronimo says:

    Xia – I remember that. Last laugh time, eh! 8)

  25. xiaoecho says:

    Geronimo…….I don’t like to blow my own trumpet……..but it feels so good 😆

    ..and thanx 4 remembering

  26. geronimo says:

    Xia – It just reminded me of another story in the past where my position was roundly denounced only then, a few days later, to see the same people saying exactly what I’d said in the first place. I was seething with rage at the time but said nothing! These things HURT!! lol. So I’m now living vicariously through your trumpet-blowing!! 😀

  27. mitchy says:

    Wow! Yet another set of twins, that’s awesome, hopefully someday I will be blessed with twins also 😀

  28. Delaney says:

    in vitro can result in twins more often -?

  29. Heather says:

    if she married him then shes not ok