Blake Lively in leather Gucci at the Teen Choice Awards: cute or orange disaster?


What is with the leather-as-summerwear trend lately? It’s so hot, the last thing I would want to do is wear anything made of heavy leather. Last week, it was Kelly Brook’s unfortunate high-waisted leather shorts, and now it’s Blake Lively in an orange Gucci Resort 2012 dress at the Teen Choice Awards. Her hustle might be one of the best in the business, but you know the girl is sweating her ass off underneath that dress. You know it’s not pretty, no matter how much powder she’s using (ick, the powder probably turned into a paste when it mixed with leather-sweat).

As for the color… it’s kind of the same problem Cameron Diaz had in her beige dress. Camy’s dress was beige and her skin was kind of orange. Here, Blake only has a light tan, but the dress is orange. Camy and Blake are both orange and beige blobs, just in different ways. That being said, I think Blake comes close to pulling off orange. I wouldn’t think she could do it, but then again, why would you want to?

Leonardo wasn’t at the Teen Choice Awards, by the way. But before Blake powdered up to shimmy into the leather dress, she spent the day with Leo in LA. They were photographed hanging out and going to lunch – you can see the photos here.

Oh, and the shoes are Louboutin, and the jewelry is Lorraine Schwartz. Too many diamonds for the Teen Choice Awards, and the earrings are fug.





Photos courtesy of WENN.

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63 Responses to “Blake Lively in leather Gucci at the Teen Choice Awards: cute or orange disaster?”

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  1. Isa says:

    It’s an ugly dress that does nothing for her figure.
    Love the shoes though.
    At least she doesn’t look like an ice skater this time.

  2. Bubulle says:

    I like it, she definitely has the body to wear this kind of outfit, I also like the shoes but not with this dress.

  3. Eve says:

    Maybe that’s because I had never paid attention to her face before but I was shocked when I saw the “before and after” pictures of her nose on Laineygossip.

    Homegirl had a serious nose job (maybe more than one).

  4. mia girl says:

    I love the dress and think she looks great in it.

  5. Quest says:

    Blake kinda wore it well but leather, seriously? How sweaty to you need your biscuits to get…I think it was a little too much for the TCA, not a big fan of the color, maybe if was a darker shade

  6. brin says:

    Love the shoes, the dress is ok, but I don’t like the earrings with that outfit.

  7. Vee says:

    She looks fantastic!

  8. duh says:

    It`s Fake Orange Blake. Of course it`s a disaster! Putting expensive clothes on her fake body won`t give her class. Or beauty. Or appeal. Or talent.

  9. Turtle Dove says:

    re: the link.
    Leo looks seriously old next to her. Numerically he’s not old, but she might as well be dating Jack Nicholson. The more he chases the young biscuits, the more I realize that he has nothing to offer a woman closer to his own age. Telling, non?

  10. Sumodo1 says:

    What? No Chanel?

  11. Addie says:

    I am starting to like the idea of Blake with Leo. She seems to be sweet, fun with ambitions of her own- nothing wrong with that.

    Rather Leo end up with an actress he can relate to with similar interests, than models used as “trophy girlfriends”

    He is taking a chance dating such a public woman (Up till now being very private in the love department)and I for one find it sweet.

  12. Roma says:

    @Eve: Huge difference with the nose jobs, I agree!

    Somehow our Saturday night gathering with friends turned into a gossip fest with everyone searching for the best before/after plastic surgery pics. Megan Fox won had a serious tie with Kim K but Blake’s change was also very striking.

  13. embertine says:

    I think she looks really good apart from the jewellery. Her make-up is relatively subtle and fresh and the honey tones of her hair work well with her skin.

    Also I love the dress, leather sweat and all.

  14. Whatamess! says:

    Why is she here?

  15. mia girl says:

    I linked to the pictures of Leo and Blake and all I have to say is…
    What is with those terrible socks that Leo is wearing?!
    So NOT attractive.

    @Turtle Dove – maybe the old man socks are adding to your “too old” theory…

  16. lil says:

    not showing much, but sure it is too tight, like 1 or 2 sizes smaller, but eh, it is Blake.

  17. girlwithapearl says:

    Fug City

  18. lisa says:

    I think she looks beautiful.

    The only thing I don’t like is the jewelry.

    In that full face picture she really looks her age 23. Sometimes she look older, but there I can see her youth.

    Leo is a 36 year old man. I hope he doesn’t hurt her. I never understood the hate directed at her. She seems very sweet. I guess it is because Men are attracted to her.

  19. Bubbling says:

    Those shoes look painful!!

  20. Sigh. says:

    The bar has been set so low for this one that she gets a golf clap from me just for combing her hair.

  21. Alexa says:

    LOVE THAT DRESS! (And nice choice of shoes to wear with it.)

  22. lucy2 says:

    I actually don’t hate it, but it’s so hot here, the thought of wearing leather is just icky.

  23. Katchitup says:

    Did Dicaprio go blind? Dating this woman? She is ugly and so fake. Sorry to say but it`s a fameho and a manho. Match made in heaven! They make me sick to my stomach.
    She looks hideous and clearly she is trying way too hard. Chasing A-list actors to make herself relevant and dressing like this to the Teen Choice Awards. Trying to be classy, Blake? Another flop for your resume!

  24. tapioca says:

    @Lisa: First off, I should say that I find her far too boring to “hate” her, but there are plenty of beautiful women who don’t attract the same ire as Blake, but then they didn’t come from money, win the genetic lottery, get (obvious but denied!) cosmetic surgery and then have a Hollywood career handed to them by their parents. They’re also slightly more subtle about their ladder-climbing.

    She’s like a young Gwyneth Paltrow – except that 90s Brad Pitt was a much better “catch” than doughy Leo!

  25. Cammie says:

    Seems like she would wear something more fun to the Teen Choice awards…That leather is too much.

    Also yeah she is serioulsy plastic..Fake Tan, Fake nose, Fake breast, and I think Fake personality..

    If Leo would stop rebounding so quickly he could find a good woman…

    He is acting like Tom Cruise what this Fake Lively Hookup…

    Some people don’t get the Hate for her..I don’t get the Love..what’s so special about her?

  26. jover says:

    Sign on cammie – give her pr team credit for making this marginal celebutard in every respect noteworthy. If she’s going to pose on these pseudo carpets, she needs lessons from 80s/90s supermodels. SHe is just not all that at all. Sorry.btw, she has a fake personality because she, like many of these young actresses, has no real education, life experiences or intellect, so there is no real personality behind the plastic.

  27. Blue says:

    I like the shoes and dress, but not together or on her, she looks like an orange. Also yuck on the jewelry

  28. S says:

    She’s working the colour, but for HEAVEN’S SAKE SHE NEEDS A FRINGE OF SOME SORT. There’s a reason she looks infinitely better on the set of Gossip Girl – because, more often than not, Serena has some sort of fringe-age, side-part, whatevs, thing going on. Argggh. Oh, but, yes, the cut does nothing to properly flatter her body. Reminds me of the electric blue Michael Kors – great colour but does absolutely no favours for her gorgeous figure.

  29. Amanda says:

    The dress fits her great, but I don’t think it’s the perfect color for her. It gives her an all-over orange color (hair, skin, dress, shoes) and I don’t think that’s always the best look ;) The shoes look like they really, really hurt.

  30. Ellie says:

    That girl just dosen’t know how to accesorize. Those earrings and shoes do not match. She should of just picked one out of the pair. Her hair looks like crap, too. She always looks the same. Blonde haired all american girl in a short, tight dress. She’s NO fashionista.

  31. Danziger says:

    I’d love the dress if it wasn’t for the fact that she’s wearing it in such a hot summer. FFfff.

  32. lola says:

    I like the dress and the shoes. She’s beautiful, but for some reason I think she’s a dead ringer for one of the ugly stepsisters in Disney’s “Cinderella” -she makes the same face with her smirk and nose scrunch. lol

  33. 4Real says:

    Oh I like it! Love the shoes just not with that dress.

  34. serena says:

    Horrible shoes.

  35. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    I couldn’t find the lainey bit, got intrigued by eve’s post, but found another side with good pics of the nose job.

  36. UKHels says:

    like the dress on her, like the shoes but they are too small

    earrings definitely do not go!

  37. KLO says:

    I like the dress and the hair. And I usually NEVER like her styling, this time it’s pretty good.

  38. jealousy and lies says:

    Blake is beautiful,successful a stunning lady.

  39. Turtle Dove says:

    #38 – Spoken like a true and loyal……. employee. Well done.

  40. Hibiscus says:

    It would look so much hotter without the sleeves as a strapless dress.

    Tight leather dresses are supposed to be sexy.
    Too much orange around the shoulders here.

  41. Denise says:

    I am shocked to say this, but she looks great. I will have to hate on her another day; compared to the parade of fug at this event.

  42. Shes color cordinated with the background.

  43. Calli Pygian says:

    Love the dress- the cut is fabulous- neckline, cap sleeves & narrow belt.


    The color is all kinds of wrong for her. And I do believe it is a trifle tight, n’est-ce pas?

  44. Caz says:

    Nobody else got the amazing Ross’ leather pants reference from Friends – totally cracked me up :)

  45. Denver Danni says:

    …cuz, I want Charles in Charge of me!

  46. mia girl says:

    OK, it’s been a full 8 hours since I saw the pictures of Leo and Blake in the link and I still cannot get over his terrible socks! Way more offensive than anything she is wearing.

    Did no one else click on the link? Am I the only one who can’t believe he is wearing those socks? Did I imagine their awfulness?!

  47. Chris says:

    I don’t know if it’s the dress, her or both but she looks absolutely radiant.

  48. Mia says:

    DRESS HAS A GREAT CUT, fug material (leather) – this look could’ve worked 4 her with different accesories.

  49. Erin says:

    Miss Plastic Surgery looks so much older than 23.

  50. Meadowlark says:

    I agree with her being boring as hell. She is a pretty girl, though. Not mad at the leather dress. And OMG, I can’t believe I never noticed how obvious her nose job(s) was/were. Kinda shocking.

  51. Abbie says:

    Well, pretty she can be, thanks to her multiple cosmetic surgeries, because I don’t think she would have been hired before the help of a good surgeon.

  52. Sophie says:

    It could have been a disaster on someone else but I do not think she looks that bad. She has an amazing body and beautiful hair. As to the face before plastic surgery she was nobody.

  53. JaneWonderfalls says:

    She looks great! Love the hair very simple and beautiful.

  54. Trashaddict says:

    Eeeew. Not her color. It’s time for her to bite the bullet and get a bigger boob job. She’s going to throw her back out if she keeps arching to push her tits forward like that.

  55. jane says:


  56. Marianne says:

    I actually loved Blake’s orange dress.

  57. corey says:

    holy nose job batman! and what is going on with the hair? the copper(ahem orange) tinge that she has been sporting has got to go. It looks like a bottle blond job on top of a box of frost and glow that cost twenty bucks. I’m neutral about the outfit.I tried but can’t form an opinion about it.

  58. Chris says:

    And the winner of The Teen Choice Award for TV Actress in a Drama goes to: Blake Lively in Gossip Girl”

    I guess y’all have to start referring to her as “award winning actress Blake Lively” for now on, huh? :)

  59. Chris says:

    And here’s her triumphant moment:

  60. Eve says:

    @ Mitch Buchanan Rocks:

    I was going to post the link to Lainey’s post but was afraid that my comment would be flagged because of it. Sorry.

  61. Eve says:

    Let me try to post the link (the pictures are really good for seeing the difference):

  62. crtb says:

    What a ugly color!

    I don’t get what the big fuss is about this girl? Go to any mall and you’ll see a dozen girls that are prettier than her.

  63. molly says:

    the dress is fine but she shouldnt have had that much plastic surgery done and then lie about it:P people watch her old movies!! Cant believe the media loves a liar