Jennifer Love Hewitt is picking up Bachelorette rejects on Twitter

Here’s a way to get a date, just watch reality dating shows and try and pick up the rejects. That’s exactly what unlucky-in-love actress Jennifer Love Hewitt did after seeing the runner up on The Bachelorette, Ben Flajnik, get passed over for JP. Hewitt sent a tweet to Ben, got a positive response and went on a date with him. She’s been single since breaking up with her last boyfriend, Alex Beh, in May. At least I assume she’s been single, since she would have told the press all about it if she’d had a date.

Jennifer Love Hewitt hasn’t been shy about her feelings for Ashley Hebert reject Ben Flajnik. “OMG! Ben F [accept] my final rose!!!” she excitedly tweeted on Aug. 2, a day after Ashley dumped Ben for JP Rosenbaum. “Gotta book a flight to Sonoma!!!”

Guess what? She wasn’t joking. Life & Style can reveal that the actress flew to San Francisco on Aug. 6 for a sexy date with the 28-year-old winemaker. The two hung out at San Francisco hot spot Lion’s Pub. “Ben from The Bachelorette is making out with Jennifer Love Hewitt,” one eyewitness claimed. Another fan who saw the two even said they may be a couple already, exclaiming, “Oh yeah, Ben and Jennifer Love Hewitt appeared to be dating. All in all, Ben seemed to be perfectly content as the second-place loser on The Bachelorette.”

Although a rep for the actress refuses to comment, Steve Carbone of tells Life & Style, “These two had no contact with each other until after Jennifer reached out through Twitter on Aug. 2. Ben’s obviously doing fine since the Ashley breakup, as he’s now been on a date with Jennifer Love Hewitt!”

[From Life & Style]

Is it patronizing to say that I find this sad? I like Jennifer Love Hewitt and I want her to be happy and everything, but it seems like a massively bad idea to pick up a guy from a reality dating show. No matter how decent Ben may have looked on the show, (and I have no idea because it’s not like I watched it), he’s a guy who went on the Bachelorette and was willing to go through that in the public eye. Usually those Bachelor and Bachelorette participants aren’t in it to find a partner and want the fame and money that goes along with it.

Plus it’s sad to me that she did this through Twitter and is now leaking details to the press. I guess I shouldn’t hold her to a higher standard, since she regularly gets dressed up to go shopping for the paparazzi and made us privvy to the details of all her past relationships. She’s not above the same famewhore tricks that everyone else plays. So maybe this will be a love match after all since J.Love and this Ben guy have that in common. She can teach him a few things.

I checked J.Love’s Twitter and she seems to be on it constantly. She calls her followers “lovelys” and tweets about giving “twugs” and “twisses.” She’s moving from sweet to “annoying” territory quickly. She gives good duckface too:


Here’s that Ben guy:



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  1. brin says:

    Sad. She signed up for the Leann Rimes course “How to Be a FameWh0re Using Twitter”.

  2. bub says:


  3. silken_floss says:

    I can smell her desperation from here. Sad, really

  4. guesty says:


  5. Turtle Dove says:

    Social media does celebs no favors. Her tweets are sad… so, so sad, and make her appear narcissistic. Do we need to know you’re watching tv on a Sunday and every other mundane event in your life?

  6. lisa says:

    She maybe nice but I have always gotten a weird vibe from her. She seems to have some deep issues. And at some point no matter how sweet the person is when relationships end (she has had several) it can’t always be the guys. Even if they are a douche. Sometimes there is something wrong with the woman. She use to talk about her weight all the time, and the beading of her private area.. I get the creeps about her sometimes..

  7. Pyewacket says:

    It’s no more desperate than Jennifer Hudson, who I love, MARRYING a guy from the I Love New York VH1 reality show.

  8. NancyMan says:

    As the old songs goes- ‘Nice work if you can get it’….

  9. sapphire says:

    Little, bitty beady eyes. She should seriously dump the liner and bangs.

  10. Truthful says:

    she’s love starved and they are fame starved..everyone gets fed, LOL

  11. Bronson says:

    i live in somona, he’s a pretty good looking guy in person…i feel sorry for him now kind of.

  12. Denise says:

    She had a decent career at one time. I understand being lonely, but this is sad and tacky.

  13. gg says:

    Tacky. She needs to put it away. He is cute though and I love her bangs.

  14. Camille Moskowitz says:

    I think she’s lovely, and I see nothing wrong with her contacting Ben. He’s available, she has obviously seen a great deal of him on the show, and likes what she has seen. I think it would be great if they found love. Why are people so jaded? They deserve to be happy, and women deserve to take the bull by the horns. We shouldn’t have to settle for guys because they’re the only ones who asked.

  15. Loko says:

    i actually watched the show and, unless ben’s of the acting caliber of an al pacino, he seems like a genuine person. is it fair to judge someone as a famewhore when you haven’t even watched the show? or label someone as “desperate” because she liked what she saw of a guy and went for it? and why isn’t it okay for two single people to meet in an unconventional way? jennifer hudson and nikki reid did it… so what? this article and many of the comments seem judgmental and cruel.

  16. Eyeroll says:

    Come on, now. Never asked a guy out or flirted via the Internets? I don’t see it as desperation per se. I see it as going after what you want. No harm in that.

  17. sashavice says:

    She listens to Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato? Is she 12?

  18. dahlia1947 says:

    Oh, I don’t know what to say about this. Seems kind of desparate on her part, but poor girl’s a romantic that’s all.

    Leave Jennifer Aloooone!

  19. jokerjim says:

    Never understood the hating on Jennifer Love Hewitt.
    I think she is attractive and seems to be cool, at least to me.
    What do I know

  20. Leah says:

    I agree Joker Jim. And isn’t everyone on Twitter an attention whore? That’s what social networking is afterall. The comments on here are a little cruel for someone who seems to actually be a nice person. Plus have we seen her drinking, doing drugs wearing no underwear yet? ☻

  21. Leah says:

    @sapphire: Beady eyes? She has like huge eyes. I have seen beady eyes that are scary. Plus the bangs make her look cuter, look at the 2nd pic. (no bangs and huge eyes)