Linnocent allegedly bought a Ziploc bag full of powdery, drug-like substances


My aunt reads this site religiously (hi, Aunt Karen!), so I feel weird about admitting this. Okay, here goes: I’ve bought drugs before. Just pot (mostly). Back in the day, when I was getting high, drug deals had the decency to go down in someone’s house, in an enclosed space, with the blinds down. Sometimes I would go my dealer’s house, but more often than not, he made house calls (sidenote: I miss my dealer). I don’t get these new-fangled drug deals that take place in broad daylight, on the sidewalk, in front of dozens of witnesses. How do you pass off the money and the drugs in a secretive way when you’re just standing on a busy sidewalk in the middle of the day? Such is my problem with this video of Linnocent reportedly, allegedly buying drugs on Tuesday, in Venice Beach. Here’s the video:

To my eyes, it looks like a white, powdery substance in that sandwich bag, right? And Linnocent is trying to be all sly, playing a little game with the money and the cigarettes and the lighter. And I love how she’s trying to be, like, some hardball negotiator, acting like she’s too important to get involved as she sits there crack-scribbling in her notepad. That’s her crackie poker face. She’s trying to pretend like she doesn’t need to buy.

Anyway, Linnocent’s “powerhouse publicist” (Radar’s words), Steve Honig ran to Radar to cry about his poor innocent Linnocent.

Lindsay Lohan is firing back at reports that she was spotted in Venice Beach yesterday buying something that looked suspiciously like an illegal substance from someone that gave her a Ziploc baggie.

Lindsay Lohan’s powerhouse publicist, Steve Honig has denied his client was doing anything wrong and blamed the paparazzi agency that took the video as: “Knowingly and consciously making inferences about Lindsay that are completely untrue, and creating a fictitious story to get more people to visit their site.

“We were not given a chance to comment on this story before it went up, and no effort was made to gather the facts about what actually occurred.

“When I addressed this with the agency, they told me ‘we’re not the New York Times.’ They have made a horrific mistake; the worst part is, they know it but don’t care.”

So….. What WAS the suspicious looking substance in question? has exclusively learned that the plastic bag did indeed contain various rocks and crystals — but they were all of the legal variety – sea jasper, a meteor, rose quartz and quartz, all purchased by her pal from a store down the street.

[From Radar]

For the love of Crack, STFU. “Sea jasper, a meteor, rose quartz and quartz…” AND COCAINE. You forgot cocaine in that nonsensical list. I have an image of Linnocent crack-squawking into her phone, “Say it was moon dust!! Say it was Parmesan! Say it was… whatever, dude. Do you wanna come over and do some lines?”

In fact, there’s only one thing that makes me question whether this video does in fact show a drug deal going down: the simple fact that Linnocent is such a good and consistent customer, it makes no sense that her dealers don’t make house calls. I mean, seriously.



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  1. Firecracker says:

    Hilarious, just hilarious! But strange that they did it in front of everyone.

  2. Princess says:

    that’s my girl!

  3. Seal Team 6 says:

    Just made some Irish Crackfast Tea and opened a new box of crackscotti so I can settle in and read this thread. Does anyone want some? I ahve a whole pot of Irish Crackfast brewed.

  4. skilo says:

    @Kaiser You probably bought pot like a lot of us did when we were younger and yeah you could just stop by a dudes house or he could stop by yours. Nowadays though a lot of these people either live at home with their parents or are cooking meth at their house or something. The thing about a busy street in broad daylight is if the cops don’t see you it doesn’t matter. Because in a way you’re very anonymous, if you invite a buyer or a dealer to your home you run the risk of them coming back when you don’t want them to, or giving your address to snitch you out.

  5. mia girl says:

    I JUST posted this in the “Lohan throwing herself at some rocker dude thread” so forgive if you are reading twice…

    As little regard as I have for Lohan, I have a hard time believing that a person with her baggage could be so dumb as to buy drugs like that out in the open.

    I mean my brain almost won’t allow me go there because it would require me to suspend all logical thought, as well as all faith I have in humanity’s basic intelligence.

    I so don’t want this looser to take rational belief from me that I am, against my better judgment, believing that this can’t be a drug deal. Could this guy be selling something other than drugs to people on the street? Is this near the tourist area in Venice?

    God help me! I am torn between the realization that a person might actually be more f**king stupid than anyone I thought could ever be or the realization that I am willing to believe a Lohan crack lie. What a moral dilemma. I need some wine…

  6. the original bellaluna says:

    Quartz, my arse! Dude in black (up against the palm tree) is wiping his nose a little too consistently, and conveniently disappears; both other dudes are sketchy (at best), looking around all paranoid-like.

    Blohan has probably pissed off her regular dealers, so she’s resorting to a “new venue” for her drugs.

    And please let us remember that this is the Blohan who has had basically NO REPERCUSSIONS ENFORCED for her “prior bad acts” so WTF does she care if people see her?

    Seal Team – I’d love some, thanks. I’m making bacon for some Craken BLT’s for dinner, and I’m parched!

  7. Firecracker says:

    I’ll take some, Seal Team! Wonder if the judge will have her in for a talking to. Lol. “Now Lindsey, don’t do drugs. You are free to go”.

  8. Seal Team 6 says:

    Okay, is this believable? yes. Because:

    1.) She is an idiot who thinks she can get away with anything. And does.

    2.) She had watchers.

    3.) I live in a rather gritty urban downtown, and walk or ride my bike a few miles to and from work every day. Drug deals are made openly in front of me. They are quick about it, but it’s not done in an alley or a bathroom or anything. It’s done right on THE main drag downtown. It isn’t a highway, however. The speed limit is low, the traffic moves slowly, and the sidewalks and buoldings are right on teh road. The dealers just keep an eye out for cops, and ignore those people they know live in the neighborhood (such as myself). So, yes, I believe Linnocent would do this.

    Also, that is NOT crystals in the bag.

    And, preemptive reply to Innocent: X17 are sleazebags, but usually right.

    Judge Sautner is a frigging idiot. She should be being drugtested.

  9. skilo says:

    @miagirl I know it seems crazy to most people but honestly drugs are sold to people in open public places in broad daylight all the time. It’s kind of like that “hiding in plain sight thing”.

  10. Seal Team 6 says:

    @Mia Girl — Yes, she is that stupid.

    @Orgi B — She gets restraining orders against her dealers!!!

    @Firecracker — Milk with that?

  11. gloaming says:

    She probably called the Paps beforehand and set the whole thing up herself. She’s certainly aware of the paps watching her in the video…….

    Obviously she’s desperate for publicity, but this to me is no different than someone from camp Lohan planting a story about her screwing Guy Berryman from Coldplay.

    She’s not getting any acting jobs anymore and she needs people to keep talking about her and she’ll stoop to anything to stay in the public eye.

  12. RobN says:

    I really wanted to read this and comment, but I couldn’t get past that first picture of LL. Holy crap she looks bad, the kind of bad you’re going to feel badly about making fun of when she inevitably drops dead. So bad that making comments about it doesn’t even seem sporting.

  13. Lucy says:

    Sigh… dumb girl.

  14. Firecracker says:

    Seal Team,
    No milk, no sugar, just lots of crack! I’m making a batch of Crack Russians too for anyone who wants them. Black Russians only better due to the additives.

  15. Seal Team 6 says:

    I’ll also spronkle in some meth, too, Firecracker. It’s a recipe I read on the men’s room bathroom wall at the Chateau, called “Linnocent’s Appalachia Tea.”

  16. Kaiser says:

    gloaming – I thought that too! It seems like she’s aware that she’s being photographed and taped. She’s such an a–hole.

  17. mln76 says:

    Obviously a drug deal. I actually feel bad for her (just a little teensy bit) because it’s a slippery slope to Dana Plato-land.

  18. Firecracker says:

    Seal, sounds good. Is there pot in this delicious recipe too? For a floating herb flavor.

  19. Firecracker says:

    Kaiser, I love this site and all your articles! Everyone is really nice here.

  20. Cat says:

    Maybe they used to do house calls and she tried to stop paying like she normally does.

    Also, I now wonder how her “powerhouse publicist” is paid…

  21. Seal Team 6 says:

    that is in the crackscotti

  22. Melinda says:

    @mln76- Last week my husband was trying to compare Linnocent to Tatum O’Neil, and I was like, are you freaking serious? In Linnocent’s dreams! She is more the next Dana Plato.

    For the record, I think it is sad and I am not wishing death on Linnocent. They do have a similar look you must admit.

  23. Leigh says:

    @Seal Team 6
    Re: drug-testing …
    but wasn’t she drug tested just the other day? Or at least recently? (I swear I remember a pic of her exiting a drug facility the other day

    So wouldn’t she (in theory) (a) be really looking if she had stopped for an upcoming test and/or (b) be thinking she probably won’t be tested again for a while?

    Re: crystals. I make jewelery. Collectable stones don’t moosh around in a bag like that unless its a bag of loose diamonds. Any diamond heists recently?? 😀

  24. Oi says:

    Yeah she’s a consistent customer, but given all the rumors about her financial problems, and then the theft thing, I’d say she’s a bad payer. I wonder if she’s alienated her dealers with her obviousness. This guy doesn’t look like the typical Hollywood dealer (at least what I picture them looking like). Aren’t those guys supposed to be very “high class” and “discreet”? I think this is the guy that would sell to her, and maybe he even set up the deal in the day like this on purpose. I think Lindsey is too out of it to care. She went through the motions of being subtle, and that was enough.

  25. Lucky Charm says:

    @ Seal Team 6, I’d like a cup of that tea with honey.
    @ Firecracker, that sounds yummy, pass one my way please!
    Everyone knows that she didn’t move to Venice Beach for the drugs, lol! And I’m taking offers for the bridge I have to sell in Death Valley.

  26. Seal Team 6 says:

    Melinda –

    OMG — agreed! Just look at Tatum. Even after everything she’s done to herself, she still has her looks, alot of friends, and still has somewhat of a career. Plus. she’s always seemd smart and engaging to me, even when she was a kid.

  27. Seal Team 6 says:

    @Leigh —

    Nope, no testing as per Judge Sautner. That photo had her coming out of an office building, that also had doctors, therapists, etc.

  28. JaneWonderfalls says:

    Wow my only question is can Lindsay actually take a flattering picture? Looking at her from her days on “Mean Girls” she has aged so much, she’s way younger than me and looks probably 10 years older than me, gosh! Drugs are horrible, why do people continue to harm them selves. I really feel bad for her so much that I can’t even find anything sarcastic to say, I feel she is digging her own grave. What a talent gone to waste!

  29. DreamyK says:

    Hah! This from the woman who walked out of a jewelry store wearing a necklace she stole. She thinks if she is way obvious she can try and appeal to people like it was a mistake or we were seeing things.

    As an aside, I once heard a woman describe her drug seeking mode as feeling she was invisible. She picked up her drugs and shot them up in the middle of the road in the middle of the day. Addicts are very sick people. Lindsay knows where this road leaves and Honey Badger just don’t give a sh*t.

  30. beclove says:

    God those pics… MY EYES!

  31. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Firecracker, those sound delish! May I have one please?

    @ Seal Team – Does she really “restraining order” her dealers? OMG, are they the ones she claims are “stalkers?” Holy moly, you’re onto something here!

    Linnocent Blohan absolutely IS that entitled.

    Where I live, I’ve seen deals on the main drag – the speed limit is only 35 MPH, and there are a couple vacant stores/businesses where I’ve witnessed the deals in their parking lots.

  32. bub says:

    Did anyone investigate that there is even a place to buy “quartz” nearby? If so do they package it in BAGGIES?

    The whole thing looks sketchy.

  33. Seal Team 6 says:

    Ohg, I bet all my crackscotti that’s who she POed, her dealer, or at least a guy who facilitated her buying. It explains alot about how she suddenly went cold on him after years of being buddies (he had her personal cell number). He wanted money. The whole situation was weird.

  34. Kate says:

    Who buys “crystals” from a guy on the corner? Don’t they have stores for that? Doesn’t matter she could shoot up in front of the paps and nothing would happen to her, remember shes free to do drugs and drink, judges orders lol.

  35. filthycute says:

    This is the point of no return for Lindsay.

    She knows her career will never recover, she’s aging in Hollywood, a junkie, a thief…and it’s easier to pretend she’s none of those things until she’s dead than it is to get out of Hollywood and get healthy, unwatched.

  36. Charlotte says:

    God bless her, if Linds has to buy the good s#*t on the street, her career is OVER! She’d definitely D-List (No offense Michael K.) if she’s gotta hit the sidewalk for her fix. Anyhoo… is she sitting on the sidewalk writing poetry or something? I know she’s wearing sunglasses, but she looks clean (hygiene wise) and coherent. She seems to be holding a cogent convo with some young fans. The only think I could understand the paps saying while shooting the video was “drugas”and “Linseeeee”.

  37. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Seal Team – I really think we’re (you’re) on to something here – that would explain a. lot.

    @ Kate – They have stores, and I’m sure they have kiosks too. The only “crystal” you buy in a Ziploc from a random is meth.

  38. Dawning Red says:

    In a bizarre new revelation regarding Lindsay Lohan, it has recently been alleged that she was purchasing cocaine from a dealer in Venice Beach. Her publicist, in trying to downplay the story, has explained it as a purchase of quartz and jasper rocks. However, the real truth is far more shocking.

    In a surprising twist to the story, it has been discovered that the minerals Ms. Lohan bought were in fact Dilithium Crystals. which she is using to power her space ship, the USS Cone, back to Trill, her home planet.

    A spokesbeing from Trill, a member of the United Federation of Planets, confirmed this story. “Really, if you look at all the spackles all over her body, the yellow splotches down her legs, how could you pre-warp drive humans NOT see that she’s from Trill? Yes, to the untrained eye they look like marks produced by decades of drug use, but they’re really just colored storage pouches for various chemicals our race needs to survive. Vitamins like Meth, Zoloft, Adderall and Dilaudid.”

    “Look, we’ve been stuck here for years in this cesspool of the universe, and we’ve been forced to prostitute ourselves just to get the crystals we need to go home. Yes, Cadet Lohan has done an outstanding job doing so, but we’re ready to leave now.”

    That being said, the spokesbeing beamed up, and it is expected that Cadet Lohan will move, or rather pilot the Cone back to her homeworld shortly.

  39. Skins says:

    God I love that first picture

  40. Madisyn says:

    Her dealers do make house calls but she was out having ‘water’ at Hals Bar & Grille. Honestly, who in their right minds believes Blohan is buying quartz f*cking crystals?

    For those who think Blohan wouldn’t do this out in the open, think again. I DON’T believe she saw the camera (a departure from glomaing and CB). Two, even if she knew they were there, she doesn’t really handle the merchandise, the men do.

    If you rewatch the video at the 1:40 mark, Blohan is passing him the money, fumbling with the cigarette pack and lighter, and the dude is just putting the baggie in the cigarette box. (you don’t see that last part cuz cars are blocking the view) Don’t ask me how I know, just take my word for it.

    Please pass the crack snacks. I need a little something something.

    Skins, that is my all time FAVORITE pic.

  41. AngelMay says:

    Bitch is snorting meteors now? That explains everything.

  42. the original bellaluna says:

    Oh, Dawning Red, you are en fuego today!

  43. Rhiley says:

    I kind of doubt that she was buying drugs as well just given it was so out in the open, and she seems so aware of the camera on her, but watching the video all I could think was Corey Haim. Didn’t he die in a Venice Beach apartment? Even if she isn’t doing drugs, she is obviously doing nothing with her life. You know her community service will not get done. Wonder how she will crack her way out of it? Moonstones and pixie dust, for sure.

  44. Miss Diagnosed says:

    I’m sorry but when I buy crystals, NOT of the meth variety mind you, I go and buy them myself. Why would she have some dude go and buy them and then give them to her on a street corner? Also, when you buy different varieties, they usually put them in separate tiny bags and then in a bag that has the stores logo on it, not thrown all willy nilly in one Ziploc bag as they can get scratched up that way, and the energies of the crystals will mesh.

    This chick is an idiot and she’s trying to dumb the rest of us down to believe her shite. Not buying what you’re selling Lindsay.

  45. mia girl says:

    @dawning red!
    OMG your posts today have been epic! Go write a screenplay and just remember us little people when you hit the bigtime!

  46. JuJuBee says:

    I’m going with what gloaming said, nothing but a set up by Lindsay. I know Linnocent has a bag of crystals for brains, but I don’t think she’s that brazen to be caught out in public buying drugs. This trick lives for attention and I wouldn’t put it past her to set something like this up, just to keep the gossip mill churning. This is just a cheap stunt for some publicity. Bitch is desperate. I tell ya, the only way she hits rock bottom is when people start ignoring her. That would be the kiss of death.

  47. nathalia says:

    Oh my god! They are brazilians! hahahaha So proud of you guys!

  48. tuttle88 says:

    I believe her, I always buy crystals in little plastic baggies from a guy on the street and take ages negotiating with him.
    I also boy oregano in little baggies from a guy who’s business cards say “Party Planner”, he just has the best herbs.

  49. sarah says:

    I live in pdx. Downtown w/ my boyfriend I saw like 4 drug deals by the same dealer while waiting 8 minutes for the bus. I joked he was handing out friendship bracelets and was very good at meeting new people. I don’t doubt that she’s delusional enough to make a deal in the middle of broad daylight in front of people.

  50. Ashley says:

    So bummed that this post didn’t picture Lindsay’s magic crack shoes.

  51. Madisyn says:

    My last comment wasn’t posted, must have went to spam like Ebony Skiksa on the LeAnn Whines post.

    JuJuBee, great points. I may have to rethink my position of ‘she doesn’t know the camera is there’.

    bellaluna, Seal Team, Leigh, remember tomorrow is the deadline for Blohan to fax her confirmation she’s ‘in therapy’, like all the good thats gonna do. What an utter waste of time and money, for all involved.

  52. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Madisyn – Have a Cracken BLT&A*! They. Are. Awesome! Ohmygosh! I forgot about that! (How did THAT happen?) The 11th, not the 21st?

    *That would be bacon, lettuce, tomato & avocado, you dirty-minded little thing! 😉 All infused with crack, of course. I’m sorry, I mean “quartz” and “meteorite.” Silly me!

  53. Rhiley says:

    And while Emma Stone is named the new face of Revlon and is busy this weekend promoting her second starring role in a summer release, Lindsanity Cokehan is busy farting around Venice Beach trying to provoke any pathetic amount attention her desperate life can muster.

  54. KG says:

    I’m not a Lohan fan, but I live around the corner from Hal’s, which is indeed down the street from a place that sells crystals and metaphysical stuff. Hal’s is NOT a grungy low-class place! I think you guys are wrong this time! It’s way to highly visible for someone to make a drug-deal out on Abbott Kinney Blvd in daylight. (Now, in a bathroom or round in back–that’d be something else). Because of the high tourist volume we’ve got loads of extra cops around–in uniform & undercover. She’s not in a grungy part of town this time–she’s not near the medical MJ clinics on the boardwalk or anywhere near the hobo meth heads we have lurking about.
    I feel really sorry for her–she’s a mess. But you are probably wrong!

  55. la chica says:

    Lindsay lives in Venice, not LA. I think she did not expect to get caught. Yes she is that stupid. But the other part of it is that she truly doesn’t give a shit. Evidence: She drank while at Betty Ford. She showed up to court with her nails painted :F**k you”. She drank while wearing a Scram. She still isn’t doing what the court has told her to do. Lindsay doesn’t care. She thinks she is above it all, untouchable.

  56. Milla says:

    LOL the video is in portuguese!

  57. Thea says:

    1. She is a crack head and you cant deal with them, their basically crack driven and focused on that and nothing else.
    2. She insults me with the fact that just because she is stupid the rest of us are.
    3. I would love to see her doodle notebook. I can already see what she will say about this. “I went to the therapist the other day (pic from other day) and I am journaling all my thoughts and ideas for new screenplays, etc.”
    4. She has sadly hit the bottom. All she has to do now is just lie there. It is really sad.

  58. Madisyn says:

    bellaluna, keep a special crack eye out for any news, especially at the end of the day, in case RADAR gets the ‘exclusive’ that Sautner has ordered her back to court. The last time, it was towards the end of the afternoon.

    As for that BLT and avocado, YYYYUUUUMMMM! Avo’s are my favorite, I can eat them out of the skin with a little hot sauce, on pizza, on most sandwiches like ham & cheese, almost everything that I can AFFORD to eat them on. Now I’m a little upset with you. I have no avo’s, that really does sound good.

    Can anyone tell me, what is ‘sea jasper’?

  59. Thea says:

    If she seriously wanted to buy “crystals”, she would have went in the store if it was up the street. I think that is her alibi. She brazenly bought shit out on the street and is going to say but I was buying crystals. Anyway, those stores will not put them in ziploc bags. She is just an idiot. And she knows what she is doing.

  60. Bess says:

    @Madisyn, do you think there will be any consequences for Lindsay’s little street shopping excursion or will she just skate on this too?

  61. phlyfiremama says:

    Because, yeah, I mean I get all my geological rocks & gems from some guy on the street…I don’t see a problem here (snicker)

  62. mojoman says:

    yeah crystal METH is more like it!! by the way, Innoceeeent, where are youuuuu???! kindly explain this entire mess.

  63. Bodhi says:

    I hate LL as much as anyone else here, but I seriously doubt that she was actually buying drugs on a street corner in the middle of the day. I, too, have participated in my fair share of drug deals & I have never seen a street deal that was that ridiculous & flagrant. She knew the camera’s where on her. I don’t know what the hell was going on, but I really don’t think that she was buying drugs on the street out in the open like that. She hasn’t fallen that low yet.

    Remember that SUPER sketchy video of Brooke Muller trying to pawn stuff? THAT was bottom of the barrel behavior… LL hasn’t reached that level, but she sure is on her way there

  64. Madisyn says:

    Thea, ”

    If she seriously wanted to buy “crystals”, she would have went in the store if it was up the street”.

    Yes, of course. And they’d come in cute, little artsy bags. Not in a f*ckin ziplock.


    No! Nothing will happen. It never does and it most likely never will. Its obvious to anyone with a half a brain and know Linnocent’s modus operandi.

    Seal Team,

    You seem to be the elder statesperson for TMZ, I gotta wonder, every media outlet, from RADAR, X17, DListed, and dozens of others covered this ‘drug’ story, yet there’s media silence on TMZ. Why? Are we back to TMZ being in Blohans ‘good graces’? For money, of course, gotta pay for those drugs somehow.

  65. DemoCat says:

    I will turn 49 in a couple of weeks, and I look younger than she does (maybe it’s because I’ve never smoked or taken any illicit substances, nor have I ever had more than 20 drinks in my life). She looks ROUGH. I am not wishing death on anyone, but how long is it until she joins Amy Winehouse? It only takes one mistake. (Granted, we’re still awaiting the toxicology report on Amy.)

  66. sluggo says:

    Wait a crack-brained minute … Her publicist is claiming that baggie was full of crystals “all purchased by her pal from a store down the street”?

    If her friend purchased the crystals, and our favorite crackie is just looking at them, WHY IS SHE GIVING THE GUY MONEY?

    Why give money for some random bag of stuff that her “pal” has presumably already BOUGHT?

    And since when are ‘ sea jasper, a meteor, rose quartz and quartz’ ALL uniformly opaque and merged into a couple of large white chunks?

    Bitch, please … The only rocks involved in this are a) big fat clumps of drugs in that Baggie and b) the ones LInnocent’s crack-wrangler thinks we all have in our heads.

    “They have made a horrific mistake; the worst part is, they know it but don’t care.” So true, if you consider that quote as being pertinent to the legal system which allows her chance after chance after chance after chance after … (repeat for next ten years)

    I’ve been so jealous of the delightful goodies everyone’s sharing … I’m on a diet but I just cannot resist any more! May I have one of your cracktinis if I bring some crackembouche? They go well with just about everything.

  67. Annie_Grey says:

    It looked like she was dealing, to me. Keeping notes of what was sold, etc.

  68. Murrie says:

    Dammit, just put her in jail already.

  69. KG says:

    You people are amazing!
    Chica–Venice is part of the city of Los Angeles! (we’d like to be our own city, but we aren’t.) so LAPD is our police department!
    Yes they do sell crystals in baggies–go to a store where they sell beading supplies sometime–the bags are various sized baggies.
    Maybe the guy was star-struck or thinks she’s cool & saw her in the metaphysical bookstore.
    I’ve lived here 10 years and know my community. People don’t sell drugs in front of that restaurant–there are many other places very close by that aren’t out in the open. Maybe she’d buy them & wouldn’t care–but it’s not a place anyone would sell them.
    Also–you guys are amazingly mean–there but for the grace of God go each & every one of you!

  70. Melinda says:

    I thought Spencer Pratt was the only one that blew all his cash on crystals. You live and learn I suppose.

  71. Madisyn says:

    “CRACK SQUAWKING”, two of my favorite words.

  72. RocketMerry says:

    Aww, Linnocent…I knew you’d bright up my day with more news of your horribly self-perverted life. After all, there WAS a news item all about your sister, so…next Linnocent news in about an hour, right?
    Oh, and seriously, does Linnocent talk to kids with THAT mouth? While buying drugs?! That part really disturbed me.

    Side note: I don’t think that Innocent comments here anymore. Maybe she changed nickname. I had to change it too some months ago(mail problems), but at least I kept my HappyFeet avatar and a similar name! Come on Innocent, give us a clue!

  73. michkabibbles says:

    kg: there but for the grace of God go each & every one of you!

    uh, no. there are plenty of people out there who are in terrible circumstances that they can’t control, and that can happen to each and every one of us. lohan has made choices that led her to where she is. yeah, she has shitty parents, but at some point she has to become an adult and take some responsibility for her own actions. there but for the grace of god goes every entitled jackass who refuses to learn from their mistakes.

  74. Isa says:

    Whether it were really cristals or drugs, I think her behaviour is shocking in that video.

  75. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Hey ladies!! *waves*

    Oh my god, I havent laughed so much in ever… quartz crystals?!?!? Yeh right!!! Who the h*ll would be dumb enough to believe that load of cr*p?!?!?! Maybe rocks of cr*ck coc*ine….or if meth comes in ‘crystal’ form

    As I posted on the other Linnocent thread is she doing this in broad daylight because she is saying ‘pls help me someone’ or because ‘f*ck u all, I can do anything illegal wth absolutely no consequences’???

    Sadly its more likely the latter and even sadder.its no doubt completely true!

    (Apologies if any repeat of comments above, woke up this am and saw this & had post b4 reading ur comments – just off to read now) 😉

    Edit: @ KG, naive much?? Linnocent has moved into ur neighbourhood, so drug deals in broad daylight in front of this restaurant u talk about, of course!!! I’m sorry to disappoint ur view but u have a cr*ckie living with u so what do u expect?!

  76. Venefica Delirium says:

    Hoo boy.

  77. Ruby Red Lips says:

    I seriously believe after rewatching the video that Linnocent knew the paps were there and was thinking I bought dr*gs in front of u…filming…but I’m so smart u didn’t notice…. (which just proves how utterly stupid she really is)

    Linnocent is desperate however smug and entitled she is/acts and that is extremely sad and potentially very bad news. Stooping to this level does not bode well

  78. rissa says:

    woo hoo! now she’ll go to jail for sure!!!!! :/

  79. Shy says:

    You know what bothers me the most? It’s those awful paparazzi. When they start to whisper like they are in some porn movie : “Droga, Droga”… I turned off the sound. It was painful to hear those whispers. Like they were pleasuring themselves. Didn’t they teach you in “paparazzi school” that you have to be quiet during shooting? 🙂 Where do they found those amateurs?

    I remember the last time it was bothering me so much – it was during Britney’s meltdown. And they were shooting her in her home during window and whispering disgustingly.

    And did you noticed that almost 99% of paps are now immigrants? You can hear it when they speak with their funny accent. What happened? Do they work for cheaper? Do they work for food? What happened to american paparazzi?

    The problem is that all those new paparazzies sound very stupid when they talk to celebrities with their funny accent. They sound like 15 years old. You can hear this one here when he speaks to Lindsay and say some nonsense. I burst out laughing when I heard that 🙂 I was like: “Sit down loser”. Can you imagine how hard is it for celebrities to walk when those losers speak some nonsense to them every time?

    I remember it was that incident with Orlando Bloom when I actually started respect paparazzies. It was when Orlando got in car accident and then freaked out, left his passengers bloody in the car and wanted to run. And paparazzi told him that he needs to go back because it would be hit and run and he will be in trouble. You can hear it here in 2.05 Now that was a Man. And not those 16-19 years losers they hire now.

    P.S. And on that night Orlando died for me forever. He caused an accident and then wanted to run. What a pussy. I lost any respect for him forever.

  80. brin says:

    Double shots of delusion for everyone!

  81. samab says:

    I used to buy back in the day and that’s the way you get it.

  82. Sillyone says:

    You know TMZ won’t say a word about this..They only report on her “denials,” or how “innocent” she is and how everyone is out to get her…I try to only check that site once every week and the only thing they seem to have is how great she is…I could really punch Harvey in the throat without feeling any remorse…Is it to early for a cracktini??? With some of those delicious melon balls????

  83. Sheigh says:

    Damn, her face is just an amusing bad mix between Cher and E.T !
    Ugly as hell!

  84. JQ says:

    As a former active cokehead, I’d like to lend my perspective. Once upon a time, I lived in Miami, the land of cocaine. And true, I was a good customer. I’d go to my dealers or my dealers would come over. I had many of them in case one was out of stock. I hated to run out. But there were times when my regular go-to-people ran out. I’d have to resort to people I didn’t really know (thanks to my ex) and we’d go down to South Beach and wait for the person to meet us on the street, walk and talk for a little bit like we were old friends, “slyly” make the trade and that was it. So perhaps her usual folks were out or out of town. If you’re an addict, you don’t just sit home waiting for your people to call you. You go out and score the stuff you want. I am so happy I cleaned myself up and moved far, far, far away from where I could ever possibly find cocaine again. If you’ve never tried it, please don’t! It is pure evil.

  85. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Ruby Red – *waving back*

    @ brin – It’s still a little early here, but sure, why not? 😉

    @ Madisyn – Love avos too! Instead of using mayo to make tuna salad, I just put the tuna right in the hollow of the avo and sprinkle with lemon pepper. Yummy, low carb, and good fat from the avo!

    You know there will be no SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES from this incident. Linnocent hasn’t faced any SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES for her actions in a long time.

    I highly doubt that a police force that THREW AWAY and then HAD TO RETRIEVE FROM THE TRASH HER BAGGIE OF COCAINE (which they couldn’t then use as evidence and, of course, wasn’t hers, because those weren’t her pants – ridiculous!) (and wasn’t that the same night she carjacked those guys while drunk/high?) will do anything about this.

    So yeah, no consequence. She’s all out of f*cks, and has been for years now.

    @ JQ – Good on you!

  86. Seal Team 6 says:


    Sorry, but “your community” certainly does have drug deals made in the open, out front of restauarnts, in bistros, at the ebach, at a park, on someone’s front steps. Every single community in this country does. And, Vencie isn’t exactly Mayberry.

    Also, we aren’t “amazingly mean” at all, we are smart ass realists, but please do note you are reading “Celebitchy’s” forums, and not “Christianity Today’s.”


  87. Seal Team 6 says:

    I find it very interesting some of you think she was DEALING, not buying. Hmmm…

  88. mannequin says:

    Uh huh. Crystals. This sounds just like the kind of thing she would claim in court, and she would claim that these “crystals” were overpriced and she’s actually a victim.
    Sorry but these gentlemen do not look like herb salesmen. Lohan, on the other hand, certainly looks like a common crackie.
    Just go away Lohan.

  89. Rio says:

    “The problem is that all those new paparazzies sound very stupid when they talk to celebrities with their funny accent…Can you imagine how hard is it for celebrities to walk when those losers speak some nonsense to them every time?”

    Wow, that’s…horrible. God forbid someone from another country doesn’t speak flawless English. What losers!

    And for someone so enamored with paparazzi, you’d think you could use the plural correctly (hint, I just did. It’s Italian, named after a character in Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita”. Oh, jeez, another foreigner. What a loser!)

  90. HowLowCanYouGo says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t say she was doing research for a movie LOL.

  91. Waldemar says:

    So, I was really bored and found the website for this street were Hal’s Bar is located (Abbot Kinney) and so far as I can see, there are no shops there that sell anything remotely close to crystals and/or meteors. There is a Green House Smoke Shop, though, but I doubt they sell crystals. For the rest it is all art galleries, clothes and bars.

  92. brin says:

    Mornin bellaluna….Never too early when it’s related to Lilo!

  93. GiGi says:

    Um, yeah. That was a street deal if I ever saw one. Notice the way the guy in the hat tries to be very casual when people come around… turning away from Lindsey. Drug. Dealer. He even has the little drug dealer pouch.

    I’ve known many people (far less narcissistic than Lindsey) who actually like to buy drugs on the street. They like the danger. Add in her complete self-absorption and you have the perfect recipe for the person who would do this. She isn’t concerned with being caught… she would just blame it on her friends anyway.

  94. TXCinderella says:

    Why wouldn’t she be more brazen, she never gets in trouble for anything. She gets more breaks than a window on a house in a golf community.

  95. lucky says:

    I also have a hard time believing she would be so daft, but then again she likely feels somewhat invincible by now…

    what seems worse is she can just sit and hang out with friends in the middle of the day rather than, ohh…perhaps…. WORK or do her f*ing community service?!?!

  96. Original Tiffany says:

    Those are SO drugs. Give me a break, when was the last time you saw a white meteor? Or white rose quartz? Or had a sketchy dude who keeps glancing around give it to you?
    I think it is hilarious that the paps are Brazilians-makes it even better. Bejio to all my Brazilian friends!

  97. Shy says:

    You didn’t understand my point. Maybe I sad it in the wrong way 🙂

    I’m myself from different country and have funny accent 🙂 What bothers me is those losers they hire as paparazzi. There were a time when those paps looked and sounded normal. Like that one in Orlando Bloom video. Those were photographers and that was their job.

    But now it looks like they (TMZ/X17 sites, agencies) hire those paps somewhere in the streets. They sound so stupid when they say something to celebrity. Like that two in the Lindsay video.

    Even any ordinary person knows that when you shoot something interesting and plan to put it on Youtube – be quiet. Don’t say anything. You will ruin the picture. And those two are suppose to be professional paparazzi. They stalk Lohan. And then they are: “Droga, Droga… Look Sandro – Droga”. And they had to whisper it like they are watching some hot neighbor undress herself. And they are sitting in the threes and watching…

    And those questions to Lohan at the end? I’ll quote: “How the day going so far? So what are you studying Lindsay? You have any project coming out? You gonna be working any movie Lindsay? Nice car by the way. Nice car Lindsay. Hey you’ve got your own paparazzi now? That’s cool”….And keep in mind that Lohan ignores him completely during his conversation with himself 🙂

    And they say those random stupid things because they don’t know what to say. I wonder why they even say something at all. I seriously suspect that professional people behind camera want normal money for their work. After all those sites then sell those tapes for good money. But there are atoo many celebrities and those losers from the street are just cheaper.

  98. Madisyn says:

    Waldemar, even if there were 20 damn ‘crystal shops’ on Abbot Kinney, that IS NOT what was going down in that video. Again, her dealers just came to her. She was just outside for a smoke and to make her drug deal happen, as she was JUST drinking ‘water’ inside the bar, just waiting for her dealers to show up. Then after the deal went down, it was off to the crack lair for a litle firing up of the pipe.

    Mornin bellaluna, brin, Ruby Red, don’t you just love the ‘crack squawking’ denials. I think I’ve changed my mind about her not knowing the camera’s were there. I can’t believe I was so stupid. I’ve noticed this pattern before, the idiotic camera shots or video and then her crack denials. Again stupid on my part.

  99. Kimbob says:

    Yep…it’s a drug deal, for sure. Wow…she just doesn’t give a s#%^t anymore…just wow.

    For all the crack tailgaters…I’m drinking an iced crackucino. Does anyone want one? Also, someone puleez pass me a double shot of delusion w/a couple of melon balls. I love how you all have these crack tailgate parties!!

    @JQ…read your blog. Congratulations on your clean time/sobriety. I’m happy for you. After reading your blog, I know you know what you’re talking about. And yes, that s#%^t is EVIL!

  100. the original bellaluna says:

    *passes Kimbob double delusion a la melon balls* I’d love an iced crackucino – it’s already hot here, and not yet 8 a.m.

  101. Boo says:

    Lindsay tweets that the story is “absurd and gross.” Let’s deconstruct that, shall we?

    Absurd: unreasonable, illogical, or inappropriate. Which of these adjectives could she be shooting for? The video looks like a drug deal…so it is not unreasonable or illogical to assume that it is, in fact, a drug deal. Inappropriate? To suggest a known drug user and five-time rehab failure is buying drugs?

    Gross: indelicate, indecent, vulgar. Okay. Pot, meet kettle. The video itself is gross–a bunch of losers loitering around outside a bar and playing handsy switcheroo with the money and drugs, but to suggest that to call a spade a spade is gross…well, methinks she dost protest too much.

  102. Firecracker says:

    Sluggo, “now wait a crack-brained minute”, LOL!

    I am sooo late handing out the Crack Russians, sorry! One for Bellaluna and Lucky Charm.

  103. the original bellaluna says:

    Firecracker – Thank you ever so! Yeah, Sluggo nailed it with that one. 😀

  104. KG says: has jasper, rose quartz, aventurine, etc. etc….crystal balls, tarot readings, angel readings…it’s half a block from that restaurant.
    But believe what you want. What goes on in your brain and your heart is your own business.

  105. Miss Diagnosed says:

    Madisyn- Sea Jasper is a stone that aligns the chakras, balances yin and yang, protects against evil spirits and forces, and is supposed to bring courage and relief from pain.

    I don’t believe that she was buying crystals, as I said in an earlier post, as most stores will put the separate crystals into tiny bags and then into a larger bag, most likely with the stores logo on it, or a plain bag, so as not to have the crystals energies mesh.

    If the crystals are part of Lindsay’s new “therapy”, well I’m not knocking New Age or holistic therapies, because for some people it can work, but for Lindsay, she needs tough, intense therapy, like Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for people who have Borderline Personality Disorder. This hippy dippy stuff is just going to coddle her, and make her feel like, “Yes, everyone is out to get me. Nothing is my fault. I am the centre of the Universe.” It’s bullcrap.

  106. Boo says:

    KG, okay. The store sells crystals. But if the crystal-selling store is half a block away, why wouldn’t Lindsay just stroll on into the store herself and buy what she wanted rather than loitering in front of a bar waiting for some shady looking guys to deliver the goods to her? And if they were a gift for Lindsay, why did Tattoo Guy take them back? And why did Lindsay and Baseball Cap have an exchange of a completely different item later in the video? And why does a friendly exchange of New Age Crystals require a brown-suited lookout and a collection of furtive glances? I’m really just curious, as her story requires so many leaps outside the world of reason.

  107. KG says:

    Who knows what really happened. Tattoo Guy might have seen her in the store & got them for her after she left. You’d be surprised–there are mixed feelings about her in this neighborhood. The helicopter traffic from her is incredibly annoying…but this part of LA (including Santa Monica) has lots of celebrities (plenty hang out on Abbot Kinney) and has seen lots of celebs with drug problems. Plenty of people are sympathetic. There are lots of people in programs around here & although we’ve got some serious crime & drug stuff going on–there is still a sort of hippie vibe & sometime people do stuff–like giving another person healing crystals. I wasn’t there–I don’t know what happened, but it IS possible. Also—I think that lookout is a valet. (And I agree with you about her needing real therapy! Crystals are fun, but that poor child is a mess and probably would benefit from getting out of the public eye too.)

  108. Kimbob says:

    Original Bellaluna, thanks for the shots and melon balls! They were crackalicious! Just back from the gym & see we have a response from Lilo about the video. Haven’t read it yet, but am about to. Guess I’ll crank up my espresso machine again…lol!

  109. Miss Diagnosed says:

    KG- She is NOT a “poor child.” She is an ADULT! I am so sick of people calling her a child. She is a grown woman who is self centered, narcissistic, spoiled, and a pathological liar. She has had more breaks than any person deserves, and she has pissed them all away because of her bad attitude.

    Yes, it would be lovely if she got herself together and her life back on track, but she doesn’t care about herself or anyone else, so why should we? I obviously don’t wish her any ill will, but as a law abiding citizen, I’m sick to death of seeing her get away with things that would see me rotting behind bars for years. She’s made her bed, and she should be lying in it.

  110. Nanz says:

    And what about the KIDS who approached her. Fool is doing drug deals in front of KIDS!

  111. Gossip says:

    Without a doubt, that is a drug deal. No ifs, ands or buts.

    Sitting off to the corner in front of the bar waiting for the dealer, having her enabler make all the negotiations after inspecting the goods. Reaching into her purse for the money, handing it off to the second guy, he then hands her the goods. She reaches somewhat greedily for it and you can see a moment of panic in her face when it gets dropped in the handoff. This is also when she see the paps – so she and her friends hang out for a few more minutes to make it look as if that’s all they were doing.

    Cocaine is a demon. I feel very sorry for her. As Jane Fonda recently said, she will never be able to recover until she moves far away from LA and her family in NY.

  112. Boo says:

    KG, Hal’s has valet service for dinner only, per online info. Now, maybe this particular employee showed up in the middle of the day, hours before his shift began…it certainly is possible.

  113. Joe's Mom says:

    Either it’s just what it looks like and she feels untouchable (or stupid, or brain-addled) at this point, or maybe she’s concocted some sort of scheme, knew she was being photographed, and if she got busted and her concoction was taken and analyzed and turned out to be “Ivory soap” balls, she could say, “Look I’m so INNOCENT” and everyone says horrible things, and picks on me for no reason, and I’m just sitting her with my baggie full of soap and look what happens!!!! It’s SO UNFAIRRRRRRR!!!

  114. Alejandro says:

    I’m on her side this time. X17 is about the lowest of the low among paparazzi agencies. They will twist any story to make a profit and are not above fabricating, hiring ex gang members, sexual predators and illegal aliens to work for them. They even hooked up with sociopath Sam Lutfi.

  115. gg says:

    Dude. Venice Beach is Drugsville. They have hawkers trying to funnel people into the “Medical Marijuana Doctor Offices” all along the strip. And being a rock collector myself, nobody sells minerals in plastic baggies – they would slice a hole in it pronto. As if anybody believes it’s legit rocks.

  116. theotheryael says:

    you know that scene from “liar liar” where jim carrey screams “STOP BREAKING THE LAW, A**HOLE” into the phone?

    i’m wondering how close linnocent’s management and lawyers are to doing the same to her.

  117. Madisyn says:

    Miss Diagnosed, thanks for the info.

    “Yes, everyone is out to get me. Nothing is my fault. I am the CENTRE of the Universe.”

    Although your quote is a ‘new age’ type mantra, the problem with Blohan is she thinks the world revolves around her and is ‘the CENTER of the universe’.

    Alejandro, although I completely agree with you that X17 is the lowest of the low, I personally think the video speaks for itself. Blohan looks altogether too comfortable with those people surrounding her.

  118. Nikki Girl says:

    Because that dude definitely looks like he’s in the business of selling new-age crystals. LMAO!

  119. Venefica Delirium says:

    I dunno, but you don’t get that face JUST from partying hard. I never thought she was really that pretty to begin with, but this is a major decline. There’s put away wet, and then there’s this.

  120. the original bellaluna says:

    Boo, sometimes valets have the best connections for *ahem* recreational items/activities. IF that is actually the valet, as KG posits.

  121. ViloDeMenus says:

    Frankly I think it’s bath salts, the hallucinogenic bath salts. This makes more sense to me as she could send someone in to get them for her and do a completely clumsy street deal in front of the 100’s of paps she forgot she called so she can feel like she’s still a famous starlet. Honestly she’s an unemployable idiot. Passing money on the street for a baggie of anything is exactly what it looks like.