Johnny Depp is terrified that Kate Moss will tell-all in her alleged memoir


I’m doing this story just because I wanted to spend ten minutes looking up old photos of Johnny Depp and Kate Moss. Sigh… the 1990s. So much fun. I wish there were more couples like that these days. They were wild and fun and they really loved each other. Anyway, I didn’t even know this was a story, but apparently there are lots of rumors going around about Kate Moss possibly penning a memoir. I did a 2-second Google search and found that Kate was also writing memoirs in 2009, 2006, and beyond, so… this might just be BS. But it’s fun to consider that one of the most private and secretive celebrity-models out there could be telling her story. Go here to Styleite to read more about the memoir rumor.

So that’s the jumping off point for this Enquirer story – Johnny Depp is worried what Kate might write about him in her memoir:

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp dated from 1994 to 1997m and sources say she plans to spill ugly details about his boozing, drug-taking and partying in her upcoming memoir

“Johnny’s worked really hard to shed his badboy image, and he’s livid that Kate is going to write about her crazy antics,” divulged an insider. “He doesn’t want his past dredged up, Plus, he’s worried that someday his kids will read all about what a wild man he was.”

“Johnny is a family man now and Vanessa will flip out if she reads the nitty-gritty details about his wild life with Kate,” claimed the insider.

In the past, Depp has referred to his time with Moss, saying, “I was a horrific pain in the butt to live with.”

The insider says: “Kate is still bitter about her breakup with Johnny, and she’ll no doubt use the book as payback… Johnny has called Kate and sent e-mails asking her to leave out any reference to him. But Kate knows Johnny is on eof the main selling points of her life story.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

Yes, the Depp part would be the first part I would flip to – he was the best of Kate’s exes. I mean, Pete Doherty?!? I still can’t believe Kate was with Doherty. So Depp is the selling point…that, and all of those alleged orgies Kate has had with half of London. God, she’s so much fun. I’ve always thought Kate and Johnny were still a little bit hung up on each other – and I’ve always thought Vanessa Paradis looked an awful lot like Kate.

Honestly, though, I doubt Kate is ready to write her memoir – but I think she might do it at some point, maybe when she’s not making millions a year from modeling.



Archive photos from the 1990s.

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  1. londonLady says:

    such bull. As if she is “not over JD”. The woman just got married and they split up nearly 15yrs ago. Please..

  2. k says:

    Is that Iggy Pop?

  3. ladybert62 says:

    we have all done wild and crazy things about which we would not want the others involved to pen a memoir! I understand Johnny’s concern and I doubt she really is writing one now that she is supposedly settled down and married. we shall see.

  4. Penguen says:

    Awesome pics, Kaiser. Brings me back.

    Honestly, I kind of doubt she’s planning on doing this. She just got married – would she really want to have her new husband read that sort of thing? Just my thoughts.

  5. brin says:

    I don’t buy any of this. I don’t see Johnny Depp worrying about his past image and I don’t think they are still hung up on each other.
    @k….yes, that’s Iggy Pop.

  6. constance says:

    I doubt she’s going to set it all to paper. Kate’s daughter grows ever older and more aware of her mother. I would like to believe Kate feels the same about some of her juicier past tidbits being aired out as facts in the same way Johnny does.

  7. Nymeria says:

    Oh. My. God. I can’t even focus on the topic of KM’s alleged memoirs. I look at photos of Depp and am stricken by how unbelievably gorgeous he looks.

    Damn it, why’d he have to go and defend Polanski?

    If those memoirs hit the market, I, too, am flipping straight to the parts about JD.

    *gasps in mock surprise* “JD” was the name of Winona Ryder’s love interest in Heathers!

  8. margaritachum says:

    i think this is bs. johnny depp is not that kind of person that is ashamed of what he did in the past. at least that’s what i wanna believe.=)
    those pictures are beautiful and i would do the same is-this-real face as johnny if i was standing in front of iggy.

  9. Gabrielle says:

    I just have to share, that when I was around 12, I had a huge obsession with Johnny. I literally had 1000 pics of him all over my room. This was when he was dating Kate Moss and whenever I’d see a picture of them together, I’d paste a picture of my head over her body. Then I’d light candles around it. My parents were, like, worried. I really hope she writes this book.

  10. JaneWonderfalls says:

    Kate and Johnny made such a sexy couple, I could only imagine:-)what crazy things these two indulged in. But I think this is bollocks, Kate has never seemed like the type to put all her personal business out there. If she does I think it will be tasteful and tactful.

  11. kieslwoski says:

    Thank you so much for this post, this was my favorite couple of all time, they were so in love so stylish so beautiful! Love the old pics!

  12. TL says:

    Kate Moss? Never saw it. The appeal is what again?

  13. Leigh says:

    That picture of them sleeping is just gorgeous

  14. lrm says:

    this is so weird-for some reason i thought about these two this morning before reading this!

    and really, i have no reason to-i do love JD but i dont see all of his movies or keep up with fan data or anything….
    so, funny this should come up.
    Kate really was beautiful she has a unique though almost ordinary look….but she can photograph and wears clothes so well….

  15. the original bellaluna says:

    Nope, not buying this story.

  16. WOM says:

    Kate Moss is so much fun? Really? I thought she was pathetic. If she does “write” this book it could be used as a manual on How To Prematurely Age Yourself — she looks like a hard-living 48 year old. No offense to 48 year olds.

  17. lrm says:

    Although, I will say, getting or being married does not mean you are ‘over’ a past love-
    there are some with whom you will always have chemistry, a spark, a connection, even if they are not the right ‘marriage partner’ for you….etc.

    i have no idea if there’s anything still with these two-but just sayin’-it’s funny when ppl call b.s. simply b/c ‘she is married’ or ‘he just got married’…..

  18. OriginalGracie says:

    Ok, in that last pic it looks like he is smelling her ladyparts.

    Not that there is anything wrong with that! Johnny Depp can smell me anytime.

  19. jinni says:

    I want to know the reason why he trashed that hotel room back in the day. They were exciting together. Also, I always believed that he mainly stayed with Vanessa because she got pregnant and gave him the family he always wanted, not because he was in love with her. Not to say he doesn’t love her now.

  20. gg says:

    I’ve been face to face with Mr. Osterberg and all I could think about was the deep crags. he’d just dyed his hair black too and it threw me way off.

  21. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    @Gabrielle: your anecdote was sooo cute. That is totally the kind of stuff my friends and i would get up to in the 90′s.

    Ech. I look at these pics and I feel like listening to that Pet Shop Boys song, ‘Being Boring’..

  22. Roma says:

    @Gabrielle: That just killed me. About your parents being, like, worried.

    I had a half Johnny Depp half Edward Furlong obsession. And thousands of pics as well. I was into deep, troubled men.

  23. UKHels says:

    Kate is famous for her discretion, I think this highly unlikely

  24. jinni says:

    I’d also like to know what he was going through after River Phoenix died at his club and the press was acting like The Viper Room was Johnny’s own personal drug din and kind of blaming him for River’s death as if he personally handed River the drugs that killed him.

    Also, any gossip on Wino Forever. All she (Ryder) has ever said after they broke up about that relationship is “that it was intense” and that Johnny was “her first everything.”

    Also, if she knew/meet Angie when she was married to Johnny Lee Miller (since Kate is best friend’s with Sadie Frost who was the wife of Jude Law who is JLM best friend/best man at Angie and Johnny’s wedding) and if she got any stories about her that we haven’t heard of.

    Anyway, I’m sure this book isn’t going to materialize, but it’s fun to image what would be in it.

  25. texbrook says:

    I want to believe they weren’t crazy together, but sweeter and so in love they couldn’t stand it. She looks crazy-young in that first pic!

  26. samab says:

    these two were really I mean really crazy beautiful….I’m not crazy for her look now but when she was that age…stunning.And I agree thepic where they are sleeping and hugging is the best.

  27. Samihami says:

    Oh, please. I doubt if that stoner chick can remember what she did last week, much less what happened so many years ago.

    Also, has Iggy Pop ever worn a shirt? Really not a good look for him.

  28. dorothy says:

    Fear not Johnny…your bad-boy past only make you more appealing today. If Vanessa has a problem with it, call me..I’ll come pick you up.

  29. Turtle Dove says:

    Can’t stand her but I’d read it for the Depp stuff. There was hotel room trashing and probably a lot of drugs’n'booze.

    I know that this is post Kate, but I always wondered why Johnny ran off to France after all the Viper Room stuff – ie: Anthony Fox. That’s a story worth hearing that no-one seems to talk about.

  30. The Original Ashley says:

    I always thought Moss looked like Paradis too (except Moss is prettier), and that’s what makes it creepy, like he replaced Moss with a look a like. Even Moss must think it’s weird. And I wonder why. She was madly in love with him and still is. No doubt she would have married him. But him, not so much. I think he likes the life Vanessa gives him and doesn’t want Moss’ coke fueled life. I was always under the suspicion as well that Moss was UK to the core and Depp travels between France and LA so it wouldn’t have worked. I got the impression she didn’t like America.

    Plus fun fact, Moss got the CK job (you know the one that made her famous) because Paradis couldn’t do it. Klein originally wanted Paradis.

    I can’t imagine Moss saying a lot of bad stuff about Depp. We already know he was a drunk and he smoked weed. Madonna’s brother put an excerpt in his book about the times he partied with Depp, Moss and Campbell. He said Johnny and another famous person stayed downstairs smoking weed and he, Moss and Campbell hung out in the attic doing coke. Not exaclty news.

  31. heyyyy says:

    holy smokes – what a gorgeous couple, especially in that top photo

  32. Ellen Ripley says:

    Wow, I never knew they were a thing. What rock was I under that whole time?

    Anyway, Johnny sure has a type, eh? Large eyes, small mouth. Gorgeous photos.

  33. Dana M says:

    @Kaiser/CB: tell me more about the saved by the bell guy and his jump off. That engagement was fast! Wonder what happens between he and his wife?

  34. gee says:

    I would absolutely read this book.

  35. Eleonor says:

    She’ll never write that book, and it’s a pity. That was an HOT couple.

  36. LeeLoo says:

    Oh please, yes they dated and yes Kate will probably write a memoir someday but this story is completely bogus.
    Johnny doesn’t strike me as the type to keep secrets from his kids and Vanessa knew exactly the type of person he was in his past. While he may not want the whole world to know, none of us would be truly surprised. Plus, the whole world knows of Johnny’s previous bad boy ways and we’ve forgiven him. Even if this story were true, I doubt we would be surprised or even care that much about what Kate had to say about Johnny.

  37. Raven Sparrow says:

    It IS Iggy Pop!!! For a split second there I thought it was Jennifer Aniston! :)

    I really don’t think she’s one to write a memoir, nor is she very secretive…I also don’t think Johnny is that worried about it.

    Vanessa P. is one very lucky lucky lucky lady….

  38. Kim says:

    Like we dont all know the story anyways. We all know he partied big time, drugs, etc, trashed hotel rooms, etc. I can see him not wanting his kids to see it but they are going to hear anyhow with both their parents being famous & in public eye. I dont think Johnny really cares what she writes.

  39. Nikki Girl says:

    I don’t buy this story for a second. But I love the old pictures of them, so fun! Though I definitely think Kate Moss looks WAY prettier now that she’s grown into herself and has gained some weight!

  40. fabchick says:

    lovely pics. they were a beautiful couple. I would totally read the book but would still love Johnny no matter what.

  41. Kelly says:

    I agree, they were a phenomenally beautiful couple. However, she almost looks like a completely different person now.

    I always thought they broke up because she’s not really that bright and didn’t stimulate him intellectually. But I also kind of recall reading that distance was a factor, that she really hated LA (in part because she couldn’t drive) and so when he was working she was pretty much stuck in a hotel. And also that he was really hot-headed.

  42. teehee says:

    You know I neeeeeeeeeeeever thought I would say this, but that pic of Kate- she actually looks kinda nice there. Not beautiful btu at least slightly pretty– which I have never thought of her before. I think its the youth and pre-hardness of her current looks… plus no dumb-face ala model posing… the naturalness of the pics is refreshing :)

  43. TQB says:

    I’m sorry, at what point did the world forget that JD is a bad boy rock star partier? Is that not his appeal?

    You know who cares about this: Disney. He made their pirate movies huge and they know they can’t control Johnny and his crazy eyeliner wearing, smoking self. And to them I say, stick it.

    All the same, I don’t think Kate’s in any hurry to dish, either. This is some reporters “what if?” fantasy. Because if the book were written, these parts would be GOOD.

    ETA: please feel free to continue to take ANY excuse to dig up 1990s JD pics. PLEASE?

  44. original kate says:

    the only part of that book i would be interested in would be the johnny depp sex. the rest…meh.

  45. hatsumomo says:

    I would totally love this to happen, but yeah, it wont prolly for another 20 years. Ive never really been into Johnny but I can these twos appeal, the last photo of them sleeping together is beautiful! And besides I dont think Vanessa is going to mind about his past or it coming back to the spotlight. She’s French and she is not stupid. I think she knows Johnny more through than anyone in the world.

  46. 4Real says:

    I’m sorry I can’t even understand what I’m reading b/c I’m completely drunk off these JD photos. He is SO DAMN HOT!

  47. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Number one: I sent CB a link this morning that “Blaaake” is writing a tell-all, presumably in “crayon, booger-streaks and earwax,” (my analysis):

    Secondly now, I just read her home, which was supposed to have been a drug education/whatever centre has been robbed:

    And Bar-what’s-her-face in a mud mask? I need a G&T. Clearly.

  48. maggiegrace says:

    The amazing thing is, he’s kind of like Robert downey, in that the older they get the better they look. JD still looks AMAZING>

  49. Liam says:

    Johnny doesn’t want his wife and kids to know what a gigantic douche he was in the 90′s, karma is catching up with you Depp.

  50. Bill Hicks is God says:

    @maggiegrace: RDJ LOOKS GOOD BECAUSE HE IS AND HAS BEEN IN RECOVERY. Or don’t you read/care about such trivial life and death battles? STFU.

    @Liam: There’s an expression: “Young, dumb and full of come” for a reason.

    (Where’s that waiter with my G&T…)

  51. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Changed my mind. Martini, extra dry. 1 olive and 2 pearl onions.

  52. John Wayne Lives says:

    I bet Kate hates that Vanessa was the one who got him to settle down. AndI do think VP lookes like (a poor man’s) Kate.

    God, he is so beautiful!

    and lol at that necklace she’s wearing in the sleeping pic. Everybody wore those in the 90′s. God, that was a fun time to be young alive!

  53. Bill Hicks is God says:

    @Celestine: Is there storyboard to accompany that screenplay? You wrote it so well…and look up what a run-on sentence is while you’re at it.

  54. Claire78 says:

    I loved Johnny and Winona together – they looked made for each other. Although Vanessa and Johnny is gorgeous too. Vanessa is stunning, when she was younger she was so beautiful, still is. She is beautiful in the same kooky way Kate is. He seems very happy. Johnny defended Kate when all the drug stuff came out a few years back saying ‘leave her alone, she is a sweet girl’.

  55. Maripily says:

    Kate Moss…drug addict, sex fiend, child neglecting drunk…is so much fun! But Peaches Geldof and Lilo are the dregs. Isn’t that a bit hypocritical? Why do some celebs get a free pass, but others don’t?

    Anyway, JD was soooo breathtaking gorgeous back then. He still is, but wow…those pics are bringing back the monster crush I had on him in the 90′s.

  56. mike says:

    On Johnny not giving a fig about the world knowing his past…

    Well, that would depend on exactly what past he’d want kept secret, wouldn’t it?

    Men behaving badly, people (unfortunately) forgive too often, even though it really is not ok. But who knows what else is in his closet? For crissakes, Depp is one of Polanski defenders… Maybe he’s had underage girls in the past, in an orgy with Kate, perhaps?

    There are some things people will dismiss as “boys being boys.” And then there are some things that will kill your appeal forever.

    PS I do think this story is BS, but people are being too naive to think that Depp is too cool to care about skeletons in the closet. Nobody is, especially for someone with his sketchy past.

  57. Rose says:

    Oh please Maripili, like JD was anything less than she? They were both beautiful damaged photogenic people.

  58. LIVEALOT says:

    (sigh) another reason why i love her… she had HIM. (sigh)

  59. Anita says:

    Johnny has nothing to worry about, he can do no wrong. He could strangle little girls carrying kittens to an old people’s home and will still be loved.

  60. Carolyn says:

    the 90s were awesome times to be in your early 20s. Johhny and Kate were the absolute IT couple. @Gabrielle my mum was worried about me in the 80s due to Duran Duran covering my walls, occupying a lot of my thoughts and my insistence that Roger Taylor was going to marry me. I doubt JD is worried about being in Kate’s book, he never pretended to be a saint and Vanessa hasn’t been either.

  61. faye says:

    I never understood how that chick got to be a supermodel.

  62. Venefica Delirium says:

    @Faye: I don’t either. I think she looks like a cavewoman. But, then I think many of today’s supermodels aren’t too special anymore.

    I don’t really get why people like her that much either. She seems like your typical Gen X model and/or coked out diva.

    Also, maybe I just never knew much about her relationship with Johnny Depp, but Johnny Depp has been with Vanessa Paradis for a very long time and to me it seems that many people really like convincing themselves he’s doesn’t love her for some reason.

    I’m still a little bit not pleased with his defense of RP, but he overall seems decent enough to not string a woman along for ten plus years “just because” he impregnated her. He seems like a hopeless romantic maybe, but definitely not some kind of dog or someone incapable of speaking up for himself if he was unhappy. If anything, he’s quite outspoken.

    I think people probably read way too many Harlequin romance novels.

  63. Estella says:

    Meh. I liked Johnny and Winona better. Wino forever!

  64. mln76 says:

    I love Johnny I do but it was really hard to forgive the whole Viper Room thing. He co-owned the drug den where River Phoenix died and it was infamous for being completely permissive people shooting up etc all over the place. He was pretty much a raving drug addict. Of course he gets a pass because he’s Johnny D but his history isn’t pretty and their are some actresses who’ve done much lest but no one believes they’ve changed. Double standard much?

  65. kathybxoxo says:

    Johnny Depp isn’t afraid of shit!

  66. jinni says:

    mln76: Was Johnny supposed to act as a hall monitor and stop every person from doing drugs?

    River was an addict before the Viper Room even existed and was doing drugs earlier that evening before he even got to the club. He was on a path to destruction it just so happened that that path ended at Johnny’s club.

    Also, I’m sure Johnny did drugs, but I always thought he was more of an alcoholic than drug addict around that time.

    Lastly, it is unfair that actresses like Angie Jolie are still having people bring up their wild past and I would say it has to do with her being female, but whenever someone write about RDJ they bring up his drug using past yet Drew Barrymore doesn’t get the same treatment. So, I don’t think it’s just a gender thing or sexism. I think that for some reason certain people will always be assoicated with their dark pasts, while others not so much.

  67. Amanda says:

    I don’t get why people think Kate Moss is pretty. There is absolutely nothing attractive about her. Her face is plain and her body is awful.

  68. STOPGOOP says:

    I ADORE her! They are both gorgeous and I’m absolutely certain had a blast in the good old days… I doubt she would pen a memoir this early in her life. She is still a fashion icon with loads of modeling contracts still ahead of her. I hope she does it when she is 60 or 70 – I will surely read it!!

  69. dp says:

    Johnny was not “a raving drug addict”, he did the same things then as he does now, he drank and he smoked pot. He still does both, but “a raving drug addict”–is a ridiculous and untrue statement.

    • Jrss says:

      I must reply, no offence to you but I know for a fact that Johnny Depp was into hard drugs for a long time. He has even admitted it in many interviews. So I will spill about one of my experiences. When JD was making Gilbert Grape he was “DATING” one of my best friends who was a dancer in Austin Texas, near where the “Grape” shoot was. She looked alot like Kate and Vanessa. She and JD were shooting Coke and Heroin and drinking big time. JD would come into the club where we danced on his days off during the shoot. He was very sweet but very damaged at the time. He has also publically said as much about that time of his life. If you watch the movie JD is almost green from so much drug use. His friends were very worried about him and he cleaned up his act some what after the movie shoot.I was worried about my friend too, and got her help. They fizzeled after the movie wrapped. He has always had poblems with substance abuse, which was clearly one of the contributing factors of his relationship with Vanesssa ending. He is back to drinking excessively.

  70. Ramona Q says:

    Just thinking today how much the ’90s rocked! Great fun fashion – a gal could wear a prairie dress and Doc Marten’s and look cool. This was before all the ladies on tv looked like porn stars! Oh, Elaine Benes, I loved your style.

  71. Carolyn says:

    Ramona Q too right. It was bothering me why Depp would be worried about the prospect of a Moss book and didn’t make the Disney connection until an earlier blogger (#43 can’t see your name) pointed it out. Touchdown!

  72. mln76 says:

    I know nobody is reading this anymore but from what I recall at the time of Phoenix’s death and previous LAPD had placed SEVERAL complaints about the going’s on at the Viper Room. And yes a club owner can decide whether or not drugs will be permitted you’ve all heard of bouncers right. I honestly think Johnny was just young and troubled himself. BUT I wish he shut the Viper Room down on his own instead he only did years later because of a lawsuit.

  73. fug says:

    she is so fugly they looked doing drugs all the time, such and ugly couple

  74. lol says:

    the only book i will be interested in read will be the book of vanessa paradis in the part she says how she f*cked johnny depp and how she does know, they are so hot, kate moss is fugly and she did’nt look good with johnny, but vanessa is perfect with johnny she is perfect sexy exotic just like him

  75. KLaw says:

    Celestine, there are not any run-on sentences in your post. Hicks needs another martini.

    I love these photos!

  76. Meh says:

    He’s cupping a feel in that last pic *grin

    Sigh…I miss the 90′s.

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