In Touch: Angelina Jolie is still an insatiable, kinky freak in the sack


These are some newish photos of Angelina Jolie choppering (Is “choppering” a verb? “To chopper”? Spell-check says it isn’t, but I think it is.) out of Richmond, England yesterday. I don’t know what this means for those rumors that Brad Pitt basically abandoned Angelina and the kids in Richmond, just miles away from the riots in central London, while he was off filming in Cornwall. Is Angelina abandoning the kids to the looters too? Probably not. I bet she was just off for a joy ride or something. Note the Louis Vuitton bag! The same GD bag that she’s been carrying for months. Surely Louis Vuitton sent Angelina some other purses, considering she’s the newest face of the brand? Right? Beyond the money, you become a spokesperson for the brand for the free stuff. Why is Angelina carrying the same old boring monogram bag?

In other Brangelina news, did you know that Angelina and Brad still have hot sex? True story. Angelina is so insatiable that Brad can barely keep up and Angelina might end up cheating on him because her need for O’s on demand is so strong.

Ever since she settled down with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie has been trying her hardest to transform her image from kinky sex fiend to earth mother. But as In Touch has learned, behind closed doors, Angelina is just as kinky – and insatiable – as ever.

“I really think Brad would do anything to sexually satisfy Angelina, because he would lose her if he didn’t,” an insider reveals, adding that for the sake of his relationship, Brad has tried lots of things in the bedroom he’d never dreamed of doing before. “Angelina likes it rough and playful.”

And she definitely likes to use props. “She has an antique chest in the bedroom where she keeps her sex toys,” the insider whispers. “She also likes bondage, to a certain point.”

But even with Brad working overtime in the sack, Angelina has trouble staying faithful. The woman who once bragged that she “likes everything: boyish girls, girlish boys, the thick, the thin” – craves sex constantly. And the insider reveals that she’s often “tempted” to cheat.

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

The rest of the piece is just an interview with Angelina’s old nanny. Not a nanny who used to look after Angelina’s kids, mind you, but a woman who used to look after Angelina when she was, like, 2 years old. There’s a lot of stuff about what a son of a bitch Jon Voight was to Angelina’s mom Marcheline, and how Angelina is more like her father, blah, blah.

As for the whole “OMG, Angelina is so kinky, she has handcuffs!!!” – ugh. Yes, the bitch likes whips and handcuffs and leather and knives. We already knew this! And if she’s making Brad “work overtime” to please her, than good for her.




Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Boo says:

    Oh, of course she is insatiable. She is every man’s (wet) dream in every way imaginable. We know. We get it.

  2. Goofpuff says:

    She has a bunch of LV purses she bought before become the face of the brand. She just really likes LV purses and that particular brown monogram. I’ve seen her with lots of those purses. I’m sure they’ve sent her lots of LV purses, but she probably has her favorite go to purses like anybody else and isn’t interested in trotting out the latest fashions (evident in her always boring clothing choices when not dressed by a stylist).

  3. TL says:

    If it makes you feel better Boo she did have to have plastic surgery to obtain her looks. So she’s not natural.

  4. WillyNilly says:

    “Why is Angelina carrying the same old boring monogram bag?”

    Maybe she’s trying to be ‘of the people’ in that ‘you too can save up everything for 5 years. Just buy ONE bag, peasants, and it will go with EVERYTHING!!!!”

    Or maybe she’s lazy. She’s never struck me as a fashionista.

  5. ladybert62 says:

    Those bags are simply ugly. Trampie is probably just following her usual rutting patterns and is probably getting it on with some female or two in jolly ole england.

  6. the original bellaluna says:

    I happen to like that boring monogram bag very much. Ahhhh, would that I could afford one. Le sigh…

    And if Brad can’t keep up, I’m sure he could get an RX for viagra or something. It’s not really all that complicated.

  7. Toot says:

    If Angelina is geting it on with others, like some claim, at least she has enough sense to choose people who won’t rat her out. We all know that would be a HUGE payday for the talker who has proof.

  8. N.D. says:

    She carries this one old bag all the time because LV didn’t thought about writing into her contract an obligation to wear different designs. While all the free load they provided probably went to friends/relatives/refugees/coworkers/whoever of hers.

  9. Cheyenne says:

    adybert62: Those bags are simply ugly.

    Well, enjoy your Michael Kors knockoff from K-mart. As for “Trampie”, she didn’t steal your man, did she? Jesus, get over it.

  10. smith says:

    Then all is still right in this crazy old world of ours …

  11. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Louis Vuttion bags aren’t that expensive. Now Prada or Fendi is a different story. I see more women with Coach and Louis Vuttion bags then I do with Prada or Fendi.

    Also another absurd story from a tabloid. A woman who enjoys committed relationships will cheat on the father of her kids for kinky sex. Highly unlikely. My goodness taking tabloid stories seriously, for me, is like faking orgasms…I just can’t do it.

  12. Derpy says:

    Dear Angelina,

    I am a thick girl who acts like one of the boys, knows how to keep secrets, and prefers bondage over niceties.


  13. lil says:

    The tabloids don’t know when or where are they going for example, where did she chopper to?, but they know what happens in their bedroom? yeah right.
    A least she’s shown as a woman, not just a mother, but then, as always it will be an excuse to then invent further stories like those FF rewrite everyday, LOL.

  14. MJ says:

    Jeans! Recycled beige wedges from last month! Bitch be slippin’.

  15. Raven Sparrow says:

    Where does that woman find the energy for all that sex? After all the travelling, the kids, the movie making and UN work!

    Goodness, come 8 pm and I’m already dying for my bed hoping Hubby will decide to watch more TV just so I don’t have to tell him once again “no , honey, not tonight, I’m soooo tired!”

    I call BS.

  16. tapioca says:

    I doubt they roll on-roll off more than once a week. Drasting dieting can throw your hormones completely out of whack.

  17. mew says:

    Must be a happy man that Brad. Which man wouldn’t love to have a woman who’s insatiable? :D

  18. Sophie says:

    It’s not really that shocking or surprising is it?

    Ooh, remember that story about how she and Ralph Fiennes used to have kinky S&M session in hotels in London? hot.

  19. Cahtan says:

    She doesn’t change out her purse the same reason I don’t, because all of her shit is already in it!!! Who wants to constantly switch all of that stuff out…

  20. Cahtan says:

    She doesn’t change out her purse the same reason I don’t, because all of her shit is already in it!!! Who wants to constantly switch all of that stuff out…

  21. So,thats why Brads lookin’ so happy these days!!

  22. Maritza says:

    By now the whole handcuffs and tie me down thing has got to be so boring for both of them, I don’t believe none of those stories. It’s all a bunch of gossip to keep her interesting to the public.

  23. Penguen says:

    @ Cahtan –

    yeah, me too. Changing my purse just doesn’t happen much. I’m waay too disorganized and carry too much crap in my bag to be moving it all. I have stuff, it’s somewhere in my messy bag, and it stays there until I frantically tear my bag apart looking for it. It works for me. :)

    Re: Angie’s handcuffs. Honestly, I think just about every girl I knew in college had a pair. I think they’re like, standard issue with when you get your dining hall card.

  24. Cheyenne says:

    Cahtan: She doesn’t change out her purse the same reason I don’t, because all of her shit is already in it!!!

    You too? I hate it when I change purses, get to work, and find out I left the office keys in the other bag. Something always gets left in the other bag.

  25. teri says:

    I’d love to find out ; )

  26. lorelei51h says:

    Has anyone making these comments about their sex life been in their bedroom while they were going at it? I don’t think so! As far as the purse goes I would love to have a Louis Vitton purse. I keep using my old favorite and change it once a year when I switch to the summer version, so what is the BFD?

  27. Toe says:

    She’s a very affectionate girl. Thats all i can see from pics and clips from youtube. At the oscars 2 ears ago, Brad had hid hand up her dress….so yeah, they must have a healthy sexlife.

  28. That's Interesting says:

    @ Raven Sparrow AGREED. Plus, she hardly eats so where is she supposed to get any additional energy from?

    Six kids, writing, directing, producing, acting, publicizing her films around the world, her charity stuff. Unless this woman has 72 hours in her day there is NO WAY these two have sex more than once a week while half asleep.

    I know we’re supposed to believe she is superhuman, but that’s all part of the image so obviously she has to be having mind blowing sex all the time on top of everything else she does. The fact that she probably passes out at 9PM with swollen feet and half her make-up still caked on her face doesn’t sound nearly as glamorous.

  29. mln76 says:

    Anyone notice the new pics out with Angie coming back on the heli from visiting Brad? She’s got a huge grin on her face. Apparently someone just got some nookie ;)

  30. Lindsay says:

    Love Angelina – LV is similarly priced to the other brands you named. Coach is mid-market. The price isn’t the reason for their popularity. Part of it is that most of their bags are the very definition of conspicuous consumption. Also, they are the most commonly counterfeit. If you want to buy a great bag look at the other fashion houses. If you know nothing about bags or don’t have a style of your own independent from trends buy a monogram bag from a company with a recognizable logo (those two and Chanel are arguably the most familiar to the average person.) Having a brand logo that recognizable is very valuable asset in the luxury goods industry. That’s why CL spent so much and fought so hard to keep Fendi from making shoes with a red sole after this there will be a ton of cheap shoes with red soles. They will lose the one thing they had over JC and MB for women who will pay $1,000+ on a pair of shoes.

    As far as counter fitting goes before crack downs 9 out of 10 LV bags on eBay were fake and it is estimated somewhere close to 50% of the monogramed LV bags in the US are fake. Ironically the monogram style was created to prevent conterfitting.

  31. rosalee says:

    The bag is great – it’s spacious enough to carry all those sex toys to destinations unreported. Geez..she enjoys sex, stop the presses.

  32. Maya says:

    In Touch seems to have it in for AJ, even more so than other tabloids. Leave the poor woman alone!

  33. Very Telling says:

    @mln76 Brad and Angie don’t have sex.According to Intouch Weekly they HATE each other. As a matter of fact they are in a fake/pretend relationship just to protect their”brand” Also they broke up years ago. According to the 50-60 cover stories- “IT’s Over” ,” Brad Leaves Angie”,” Brad Walks Out”…ITW has info about their sex life but don’t even know ehere they are living in Richmond GMAFB. ITA @Maya every story about AJ in the last 2 years in ITW has been negative, she hates/abuses her kids,she is cheating, she is a drunk, etc

  34. photo jojo says:

    I’ll take “Things that are DUH for $200, Alex”.

  35. That's Interesting says:


    Leave the poor woman alone? Are you for real?

    Every tabloid has it in for some celeb. Either Angie Jo is a tough mama like she and her handlers say she is or she is some poor woman who can’t handle being criticized by a tabloid.

    You loons are always so sensitive to ANY criticism of your Saint. So what if In Touch happens not to like her, or any other famous woman for that matter. She has a ridiculously cushy life where lots of press people treat her like she’s better than Mother Theresa.

  36. Very Telling says:

    @ That’s interesting Can’t stay away from this woman you can’t stand.Maya was right that this particular tabloid only writes negative stories about her. While all tabloids write negative stories most of them occasionally write positive or neutral stories about a celeb.Although I’ve noticed The National Enquirer only writes negative stories about Oprah. As for Angie and Oprah they both ignore the tabloids so all is good.I see Brad is back in richmond with the family and has wrapped filming in England on World War Z.

  37. anjessa says:

    Yeah right. Taking care of six kids and her crazy schedule on top of that…that could probably keep Jesse James from cheating!

  38. anonymous says:

    There’s a reason why Brad Pitt is still with Jolie notice how Jolie dresses,even looking like a bag lady sometimes, not much fan fare with clothes and Brad Pitt encourages it with his choice of ugly boat neck gowns. What’s the saying a lady in the street and a what in bed?

  39. Some HAtTER says:

    I cannot stand this woman. She is not all that hot and I find the fact that she smokes completely disgusting. I’m tired of hearing about her.

    Ugly – smoking – Skank..

  40. gossip lover says:

    @ hater go get your meds you sound crazy
    Angelina stopped smoking before she was pregnant with shiloh, relax,chill,why so angry

  41. Grace says:

    Lots of women are kinky behind closed doors. So what?

  42. lisa says:

    She has actually been seen with 2 different bags.

    regarding their private time, each has said they try to make time for each other. which is clear considering Angie just flew out to spend some time with Brad. Now he is finish with the London shoot. I’m sure it is hard to find alone time with 6 kids. But if you are “good” as Brad as said.. YOU find a way. It must make for some fun quickies.

    I notice since the rags screamed for YEARs that Angie didn’t have friends they can’t say a “friend” it is now “an insider”.. yeah right.

    @some hater.. WTH are you rambling on about. I think you are on the wrong thread.

  43. Amanda says:

    This kinda story makes me love her even more tbh. There’s nothing wrong with being a sexual woman.

  44. Cheyenne says:

    @some hater: You got her mixed up with Aniston, honey. Aniston smokes like a stack. Angie quit years ago.

  45. Venice says:

    Angie stopped smoking when she adopted Maddox. The only pics of her smoking since then was when she was filming Good Shepard, for the movie. Some of the rabid haters are insane. The others I think are just making up crap to have a laugh.

  46. crtb says:

    Anyone with six kids is NOT having a lot of sex! They are way too tired.

  47. Skankalicious says:

    I smoke, too. Does this make me a skank? OF COURSE NOT. I am a skank for many other reasons.

  48. sandy #1 says:

    i like angie, she is just doing what most people do every day,… just doing it with class and better than most.

  49. Lady D says:

    Skankalicious, love the attitude.

  50. Skinnybetch says:

    Rough & kinky sex is the BEST kind of sex.

  51. Lucky Charm says:

    LOL, as if she has the time or energy for all that on top of her well documented, busy schedule! Not that she probably doesn’t pass it up very often when the opportunity arises, but I just have to LMAO at these stupid stories.

    And even though she has never, does not, and would never cheat, she’s certainly not the first, last or only woman who likes to spice things up & get a little freaky in the bedroom. Especially when you need a break from being Mommy every once in a while.

  52. Venefica Delirium says:

    Are we still making this about Jennifer Aniston even though they’re mutually uninvolved with each other’s drama?

    Once again, people take this couple way too seriously. It turns me off from them. They seem to take themselves way too seriously as well. I don’t like them. OH WELL.

    I remain pretty loyal to the policy that the more you talk about your sex life, the less you’re getting. I know that they technically didn’t tell the media about their sex lives, but we’ve been hearing the same one-note stories about Angelina Jolie’s knife fetish for about ten years now.

    She and Brad Pitt probably do it standing on their heads for sixteen hours in a sensory deprivation tank and chanting. That’s the only kind of sex I imagine them having.

    @LuckyCharm: I mostly agree with you (keeping my personal opinion on Jolie to myself), but I think it annoys me because people act as though she invented sadomasochism. No, she’s just vocal about her sex life. What she enjoys, probably millions of women (including myself) also enjoy.

  53. louiset says:

    Kaiser, how is it abandonment when Brad is there to work has been before the riots? Not to mention the family could leave at anytime. You’re acting like they were on vacation and Brad ran to the airport leaving his family behind. It’s bizarre that people are desperate find something to hate about them.

    Haven’t all of the tabloids, including IT, been saying Brad and Angelina hate each other and Brad is having an affair with every actress and assistant in sight? I don’t know how tabloids stay in business when the story changes weekly.

  54. Funnelweb says:

    I am SO sick of Outta Touches need to paint Angelina as a cheater. She is far from trampie and is one of the most monogamous and serious people in Hollywood. Of course, gullible people like ladybert62 no doubt believe the bs these trashloids spew. “Thats Interesting” is just a typical loonifer who pretended they were neutral when all along they come from Female First. NO ONE has ever callefd Angelina a saint except the haters and FFers. She has never pretended to be one and nor have any fans called her that or acted like she is. Your insanely jealous psycho loonifer vitriol shows how unhinged and delusional you truly are.

  55. Venefica Delirium says:

    You know…it is possible to disagree about a celebrity without having to be jealous of them. Are you jealous of Jennifer Aniston?

    The “jealousy” accusations just because they said something you didn’t like are stupid and immature.

  56. Junjee says:

    Lindsay, what is JC? Jeffrey Campbell? I’m not familiar with that one. I know that MB – Manolo Blahnik and CL – Louboutin. *is ashamed*

  57. Rose says:

    @Venefica Delirium, when was the last time you heard Angelina talked about her sex life. I’m not talking about Brad saying mom and have to get away and get dirty, or Brad telling the kids mom and dad has to go kiss. I don’t remember recently Angie talking about her sex life, please remind me when was the last time and what did she say.

  58. MourningTheDeathofMusic says:

    “And if she’s making Brad “work overtime” to please her, than good for her.”

    Then, not than.

  59. Lucky Charm says:

    @ Junjee – JC is Jimmy Choo. Fabulous shoes!

  60. Mook says:

    Angie doesn’t smoke. She quit when she was training for Lara Croft over 10 years sago.

  61. blonde on the dock says:

    She’s sooooo skinny! Personally I think it would be like screwing a skeleton. Painful!

  62. lisa says:

    @blonde on the dock:

    well lucky you.. you never have to worry about it.

    Brad seems very content with his choice of mates. and so does Angie..

  63. Playtynum says:

    I thought the headline read “unstable” instead of “insatiable”…

    Anyhoo not a fan but leave them alone ,let them have their time.

  64. HRH says:

    I totally believe what Very Telling said. I don’t think they’ve been together for a LONG time, but they don’t want all the Brangeloonies to kill themselves

  65. Moi says:

    I totally believe what Very Telling said. I don’t think they’ve been together for a LONG time, but they have to protect the brand.

    And PLEASE, Angie, get a haircut and gain some weight. The heroin and plastic surgery are ruining your looks.

  66. telesma says:

    How would you like to know that your mom f*cked Voldemort?

  67. anonymous says:

    What do most of you think Brad Pitt meant when he said he tells his kids he and Angie is going off to have mommy and daddy time. I think Angelina is still Angelina in that sexual sense behind the scence, she has just toned it down publicly because she has children and have to garner their respect. Brad Pitt has one of the best deals in Hollywood.

  68. Sakyiwaa says:

    Outta Touch is BS. I like the ‘faking orgasm’ line. Totally applies.
    Though, so… Angie loves sex. BFD. I love my JCs, MBs, CLs, BVs, Fendis and LVs. They’re awesome! Oh yeah, FYI, Angie hasnt had any work done. She been asked b4 by the Daily Mail. And she said she neva done it. Id lyk to see an interview by her surgeon stating otherwise. Neither does she smoke …otherwise produce pictoral evidence.
    Bottom line, love her! Keep doing YOU, Ange.

  69. Gatekeeper says:

    Wonder if she also has a bathtub in the bedroom?

    Because they can keep an eye on the kids while…you know…with the handcuffs and leather ….

  70. Venefica Delirium says:

    @Rose: No need to get all indignant over it, sweetheart.

    I’m not going to look for it, but over the past ten years I’ve heard the same stories about her knife fixation or getting off on tattoo needles. If you don’t believe me, that’s fine, but in all honesty, I don’t have the “evidence” as I wasn’t prepared for her fans to get all defensive (what else?) and expect me to post it.

  71. Addie says:

    Bottom line, love her! Keep doing YOU, Ange.

    Here here Sakyiwaa!

    Being true to herself is what she does best.
    She has lived and continues to live a very full life.
    Go Angie.

  72. Gatekeeper says:

    Actually, I believe that ALL people, no matter how ‘important’ or ‘unimportant’ are entitled to a bit of gd privacy and think stories like this are purely pathetic. If we can’t laugh at them or see the humour in them, we should completely ignore them.

    Funnelweb is right. My goopy comment earlier is really nothing more than a stab at goopy who seems to be a great deal more…uptight?…than Ms Jolie.

    It is not wrong or mean to find humour in anything nor is there any hatred involved which is, I suppose as are many other things, defined by those who see them.