Jennifer Garner will not allow Jennifer Lopez to get anywhere near Ben Affleck


Immediately after Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony split, Us Weekly published a great cover story all about what down in the last weeks of Jennifer and Marc’s marriage. One of the best stories involved Jennifer’s mom, Guadalupe, emailing Ben Affleck and asking for his advice on what Lopez should do. Us Weekly even claimed that Ben replied to Guadalupe, and after that, there were lots of stories about how Ben and J.Lo (Bennifer 1.0) could and should get back together. Oh, and there was also a story about how Guadalupe always adored Ben, because they were gambling buddies, and how she never warmed to Marc Anthony.

Anyway, some people were like, “OMG, how rude! I can’t believe J.Lo would even get near Ben Affleck, especially since he’s married to The Dimple Princess!” Because this is high school, and exes can never, ever speak to each other, and if they do speak to each other, it means that they’re boning. Well, according to Star Magazine, Ben’s Dimple Princess is getting ready to cut a bitch over this whole situation:

Jennifer Garner isn’t taking kindly to rumors that her hubby, Ben Affleck, reconnected with his ex Jennifer Lopez – and she’s doing her best to make sure it never happens.

Garner is telling friends she will fight like hell to keep her family intact and J.Lo out of Ben’s life. Garner doesn’t believe that J.Lo and her husband should have anything to talk about now – especially since “they parted in a very unfriendly manner,” says a source.

Jennifer [Garner] has also told friends that she believes family is the most important factor in her life – and she intends to keep her family together forever. My source adds that Ben and Jennifer are “still very much together and will always put the welfare of their children first.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Yes, we know that Jennifer thinks “family” is the most important thing is life. Nay, THE ONLY important thing in life, and she thinks that every woman has “no deeper want” than to become a mother. I do believe that Garner is a great mom, and that she loves and adores her family, and her girls and her husband are her top priorities in life. I also believe that Garner sees J.Lo as a threat, probably because Garner not only loves her husband, she KNOWS her husband. Ben Affleck is a dog, and his self-destructive streak runs deep, and there are probably lots of women in his life that Garner is threatened by.

Is there a limit to how much she’ll fight back, though? At some point, after Blake Lively and after Jennifer Lopez and after the gambling (which is still a big problem, allegedly), isn’t Garner just exhausted from dealing with all of his baggage and issues? That’s what I always wonder when I photos of them – why is she holding on to this marriage like Ben’s got the last dong on earth? The answer everyone always gives is “the kids”. Sure, I’ll buy that she’s invested in the marriage for the kids, but at some point, won’t “self-respect” and “I can’t deal with his bullsh-t for one more minute” come into play?

Also: this woman cannot find a flattering casual outfit to save her life.







Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. Glyrics says:

    Good for her! Lopez is trash

  2. mln76 says:

    Ok I know people are going to accuse me of attacking Jen but I’ve been a kind of sort of fan of hers since Alias. I LOVED Alias.

    I don’t really believe this story. I don’t think Affleck is going back to Jlo. But I do think he’s a shitty hubby and I think Jen is just a really bland person. Lainey’s nickname for her ‘taupe’ is so accurate. She wants what your average sorority girl wants marraige, kids, and a perfect life. All of her ambition went out the window when she landed Ben. And Ben is too lazy/and or scared to crawl his way out of his marraige just yet.

  3. mick says:

    @MLN76 AMEN!

  4. brin says:

    I don’t see Ben getting involved with JLo again, but I do wish Jenn Garner would dress better (that might keep Ben around longer).

  5. Liz says:

    I really miss Sydney Bristow.

  6. ladybert62 says:

    Good for Dimples.

    From what little I know about Lopez/Affleck, I would not trust either of them together – so put an end to it before it begins.

  7. Mari says:

    I think Ben’s attitude is “if she leaves-cool, if she stays-cool.” I don’t think he cares either way. Jen is the one who puts all the effort into the marraige to keep it going, and maybe, she doesn’t mind doing it.

  8. RealityBites says:

    @brin It only took about 18 months of Ben being with JLo & she dressed to the nines. I seriously don’t think it’s about how she dresses with Ben, although it seems to grate on everyone else nerves for some reason.

    I firmly believes when a man or woman wants to leave a relationship they will. I’m sure by their happy little faces, that Violet & Sera enjoy their little family even as others root for it to fail.

  9. Turtle Dove says:

    If she got a divorce, she couldn’t Lord her lifestyle over childless females.

  10. Anon says:

    I’m all for keeping families together and all, but I believe a lot of women land the man and let it all go. Women need to keep their men on their toes as well, I don’t care how long you’ve been married, especially if you’re married to somebody rich/famous. Jen Garner just keeps herself way too frumpy to be married to a man with as much money and fame as Ben. JMO…

  11. Pix says:

    Since this is high school I think she is essentially a band geek and she feels like she’s dating the star quarterback.

    Jennifer Gardner stays because she fought so hard to get Affleck in the first place. She had an affair with whoever she was dating at the time and I believe had a hard crush on him during her marriage to Scott Foley while filming Pearl Harbor.
    I believe she will always fight for her man and look the other way b/c she feels like she won the big prize.

  12. Jezi says:

    Is it just me or does Jennifer Garner look pregnant?

  13. kimmy says:

    I don’t necessarily think Ben and Jlo will get back together. I also don’t think Ben is really that great of a husband or really cares one way or another if his wife leaves him. I think part of the reason he married Taupey Dimples is b/c she is the EXACT OPPOSITE of Jlo. Can you imagine being with someone as high maitenance as Jlo? It would be EXHAUSTING. Maybe being “taupe” really is her personality and that it perfectly OK. But I do think Jen Garner will get fed up eventually.

  14. tracking says:

    Garner puts herself out there as very traditional. I doubt she envisions herself divorced for a second time. She’s getting older, her career is waning. She’d lose a lot of status if she were no longer Mrs. Ben A. I think she’ll put up with quite a bit (obviously) to keep that dubious prize.

  15. the original bellaluna says:

    I’m just putting this out there:

    Maybe JG is a freak in the sheets, and she just dresses “normal” (you know, for comfort & not really caring if the kids spill stuff on it) when she’s just doing the “normal” Mom stuff. (Or maybe I’m just projecting here.) ;)

    Do not, repeat, do NOT attack!

  16. anonymous says:

    Why people think because some of these men are rich, famous and make movies they want wives that dress up all the time, worst the misconception that they don’t want a family. Look at his best friends Matt Damon, Brad Pitt they have wives that dress pretty much the same and they all have small children.

  17. the original bellaluna says:

    *waving to brin & Jezi & ladybert62*

    Yes, kimmy, I’ve said before it would be positively exhausting to be with someone like J-Ho. Can you imagine how much maintenance someone like that takes, all day, every day, for weeks or months or years!?

    “How do I look? How do I look from the back? Do I look pretty/sexy/hot? Look at ME! LOOK AT ME!! LOOKATME!!!!!”

    It’d be like having an even higher-maintenance, way more expensive Stewie. “Look what I can do! LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!! LOOKWHATICANDO!!!”

    No thank you, I’ll pass.

  18. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I can’t say if Ben and Jen G have a bad marriage. I do think Ben was really into Jen Lopez and loved her, lusted after her. Ben wanted Jen Lopez bad but you know his career meant alot to him too.

    Anyway, I just wanna say I can totally relate to Jen G’s animal instinct to fight for her family if thats what she feels she needs to do. I would dress a whole alot better but I would be the same kinda mom and wife. I can never say that Jen isn’t a good mother. I gotta say I would do some undercut and lowlife things to keep my family intact. Its just different when you become a mom, I imagine. It would be your whole life and of course Jen G loves Ben Affleck and has, clearly, since Pearl Harbor. So I know Jen isn’t gonna get rid of Ben anytime soon, she loves him.

  19. brin says:

    @Reality Bites…if they have serious problems, they definitely need to work on them or end the marriage, I’m just saying it wouldn’t hurt to wear something nice instead of throwing on whatever is there.
    @Jezi….she def. looks preggers.
    *waves at bellaluna*

  20. Ell says:

    It’s a shame people focus on the way she dresses. I think she’s quite stunning in a natural way and she looks incredible for her age, not all filled and botoxed like Ms JLo.

    I have no idea on the state of their marriage, all I see are two very happy little girls, so I doubt their home life is filled with tension and conflict.

  21. theaPie says:

    Goodness, in some of these photos she AGAIN looks so pregnant. I’m beginning to wonder if she and Ben aren’t trying for another and she is having trouble with miscarriages.

  22. karena says:

    Does anyone really know what goes on behind the closed doors of the Affeck/Garner household? This is all a bunch of gossip and second hand news. And having been there, it is dambed hard to leave a marriage when kids are involved so cut Jen Garner a break if all of this gossip is true.

  23. Ann says:

    If you’re the only one fighting for “your family”, maybe your “family” is just you and your kids.

  24. Jayna says:

    Jen. Isn’t worried about jlo. She’s worried about new hot young costars

  25. RealityBites says:

    @Ell @Karena Co-signing!

    Jen doesn’t give a rat’s a** about what people think about her when it comes to her clothes & she shouldn’t, she is a grown woman. She dresses for herself so obviously she must feel comfortable in her own skin which more than I can say for most of us who dress more for the public & let clothes define totally who we are.

  26. Kat E says:

    she is so preggers . . . Hang on there, Ben & Jen! Prove Hollywood wrong with your commitment to FAMILY

  27. Mimi says:

    Can’t stand J-LOW or Ben Affleck. They’re perfect together!

  28. Alix says:

    Children or not, I don’t understand why anyone wants to keep a husband who’s a dog.

  29. Jenny says:

    she’s totally pregnant- her tummy is round and high, not low and spare-tire-like.

  30. 4Real says:

    Oh she’s pregnant again!

    @J-#12, Not just you I see it too…

  31. may says:

    So true! Why does everyone attack Ben ? Like everyone in Hollywood are angels.Compared to the charlies sheens and Lindsay lohans in Hollywood ..Ben and Jen are very normal. The way they raise and keep their marriage and family low key and out of the spotlight speaks for itself.I hope they last and prove everyone wrong.

  32. MJ says:

    I highly doubt JLo would be interested in hooking up with Ben… they broke up after he got busted getting a beej from a stripper here in Vancouver.

  33. Hautie says:

    Anytime you have to force a marriage by getting pregnant, you will always have fears. And you should.

    As I stated earlier in the week, no one has hustle as hard as Garner.

    And I can totally see her being on high alert with Lopez being single. Simply cause of the gossip.

    Affleck obviously loved Lopez.

    Crazy stupid love.

    But together they destroyed each others career’s.

    And I don’t see Affleck willingly letting that happen again. Simply because Lopez can not keep her mouth shut about her personal life.

    So if Affleck left, it will because it was a long time coming. Not because he wants another run at Lopez.

  34. oh says:

    Is it just me or does Jennifer Garner look pregnant?
    She is, she is. Why is he still sleeping with her (and does not use a condom) if he wants out ?

  35. kieslwoski says:

    I agree with the poster above Garner really fought for Affleck, and what else does she have besides the family, it’s not like she is Meryl Streep. I also think that LAiney’s blind from this week is about them:

    THis woman turned a blind eye on his fucking around with Blake Lively, if she can live with that she will withstand his gambling/cheating etc.

    And I agree she has no style sense at all! SO sad, with all that is at her fingertips she always looks like hell. ANd she has a great figure.

  36. Cabos says:

    Let him do it. Let him go back to JLo. Let’s see how that works for him. Stupid man.

  37. janine says:

    I’d be worried if I were her too. She knows how much Ben loved JLO and I feel any woman would feel a little threatened knowing that your husband’s gorgeous ex is single again. I’d feel a bit threatened too if I was a bit unsure of his love for me. I’ve never seen him with her the way he was with JLO. He always seems so withdrawn, bored and moody when we see pictures of them together. It can’t just be because of the paparazzi, they should be used to it by now. I sometimes feel that Ben hates the paparazzi because he feels it was one of the reasons for his and JLO’s breakup.

  38. Maritza says:

    There is nothing she can do about it, if he wants to stray he will do so whether she likes it or not because that’s the way he is. I don’t believe he will go back to her but he just might want to have a fling for old times sake. I do think Jennifer Garner is pregnant, that may keep him calm for a while but kids do not tie down a philanderer.

  39. denise atona says:

    the more jenn garner tries to fight back the pissed ben gets,its will be better for not to be too inquisitive,no matter what she does what will happen will still happen,jen garner juz need to concetrate on other things and pretend as if nothing is happening,else ben might be pissed of,he did not really send whether some stays or not,i think he is a freak

  40. Denise says:

    Reality check; if he wants to go, there is nothing that she will be able to do to stop him. That includes dangling the children in front of him. Affleck is strangely distant like he is not a participant in his own family life.

  41. LIVEALOT says:

    well said ANN!

  42. BC says:

    J Lo stayed with Ben after the whole stripper-gate blowup (for about 6 months). J Lo had her chance to leave and she didn’t. She tried to hold on to Ben when he was trying to escape that relationship. I just don’t see J Lo and Ben getting back together or being on friendly terms in the future. They had a very ugly breakup. Ben married someone who is the total opposite of High Maintenance diva.

    I don’t think Jennifer Garner is all innocent in her past relationships either. She cheated on her husband with her costar Michael Vartan. People like to forget that bit of information. I’m not slamming her. If her marriage was in trouble…She could date whomever / whenever she wanted to. Jen Garner has pattern of dating her co-stars. She dated her first husband Scott Foley while working on Felicity together. I believe Scott had a serious girlfriend before that on the set hook-up.

    Jennifer Garner is not a victim in her marriage. She wanted Ben and she got him, just like she got all the other hot guys she married or dated (the woman has great taste in men). I think Jennifer has more backbone then people are giving her credit for. Actually I think Jen G is the dominant one in the relationship. Whatever she says goes. I think Ben only controls his career and Jen rules the roost / kids. Jennifer is a Super Mom. I just get the impression Jen G already had ideal how she always wanted to rise her kids. When she had them… Ben was left out of her grand plans / decisions for caring for the kids. Everything had to done her way. I know a few moms like that. Very possessive moms that leave their husbands with nothing to do for the kids (because they don’t think they will do it right). I think Ben lets Jen do what ever makes her happy. I have heard many men say they stay married by letting their wives have their way. Keeping them happy.

    • Oyster9 says:

      Agree w BC. finally someone w some sense and some time to post on a blog.

      I think Affleck has his sights on something higher than “poon” — he figured it out much earlier than brad Pitt that he wants to make a mark, and you don’t do that by boning all your actresses. Yu won’t get the real ones to audition for you w that kind of rep. He wants to be taken seriously as a director, and the serious ones don’t get distracted by fangirl C-listers offering bjs

      Garner is a take-charge woman who likes to be underestimated and has her agenda snapped on tight: family values She is the only type who could hold down a man like Affleck. She knows he is tortured by his mother’s marriage and this is his shot to get it right. She keeps him on his toes by on-screen romances w some pretty hot men: Kutcher and McConnaughey just to name two. And remember the sex therapist.

      Jlo was his rebound from Paltrow, both threw themselves at him and gave up bc he had no respect for them. Emmy Grammy or not. Read the articles.

      garner is one of those field hockey girls in college who landed the jock, keeps him straight and rules the roost. He stays out of the way at home and is happy. These two are better than showbiz.

      Not all actors and actresses are idiots. Remember these two are a director/producer couple now.

  43. oh says:

    I also think that LAiney’s blind from this week is about them
    I just read it. If it´s them then it´s just sad.
    If you truly love somebody set them free. Don´t make them your prisoners. Don´t use your children to blackmail your husband.

  44. mln76 says:

    I don’t think the Lainy blind is them because Taupe did go to college I think it’s Christy T and Ed Burns because she’s said in several interviews she took classes @ Colunbia.

  45. Kara Ann says:

    they kind of remind me of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe in that I believe that both of the women are dominant and both are committed to family. I also think that like the reese/ryan situation that the females determination to make it work isn’t shared by her partner. Having said that, I don’t dislike either female and I believe that they just chose the wrong kind of guy. Lastly, I think that Ben and Jen won’t be able to keep it together. I just wish that Ben would leave honorably rather than as ryan did although many believe that that is aleady not an option for ben i.e. he has already cheated. I sometimes get the feeling that anything outside of that wouldn’t have allowed ryan to make his getaway. Same with Ben.

  46. Paley says:

    I did not like the way Garner treated Gary Busey on the red carpet before some awards show several years ago. He kissed her, so what? She acted like she had been kissed by a serial rapist.
    I firmly believe she is pregnant, and I believe Jessica Simpson is pregnant.

  47. Justaposter says:

    “Maybe JG is a freak in the sheets, and she just dresses “normal” (you know, for comfort & not really caring if the kids spill stuff on it) when she’s just doing the “normal” Mom stuff. (Or maybe I’m just projecting here.)

    Do not, repeat, do NOT attack”

    the original bellaluna… oh honey you have just discribed moi! LOL

  48. Truthful says:

    errr, what ever happened to the guy she left for Ben???

    her first husband. I’d like to see if he still has all of his hair, has he settled down or is he grazing the gutter..he was a cutie.

    ps. there is nothing Jen can do, if he screws Jho, I think he might but he’s not gonna leave his lil girls..they’ll both stay together, even if the love has disappeared…for the kids.

  49. BlackMamba says:

    Yeah the only people that came to my mind when I read Lainey’s blind was Bennifer 2…did she go to college? Cause the blind says she went to college just so she could “speak” to him.

  50. Rhiley says:

    I think she wears outfits that make her look pregnant and that keep people guessing as to whether she is pregnant, but I don’t think she is. If we didn’t think of Jenny Anne as the the contemporary etheral goddess mother, well then, would we really think about her? Probably not.

  51. Ramona Q says:

    WhenEVER there is a chance to pit 2 women against each other in the tabloids, it will happen. Don’t buy any of this for a second.

  52. oh says:

    Truthful, her first husband is married to a woman much younger than JG and much more beautiful. They have a daughter.
    Her other ex just got married, his wife is much younger than JG and looks like a Playboy Playmate: blond, tall, beautiful, long legs, big boobs.

  53. iseepinkelefants says:

    This woman has no self respect. She’s the perfect Stepford wife as long as her marriage and her life look perfect to the outside world.

    I almost feel sorry for Affleck. More and more it seems like Garner will go “Snapped” on his ass if he tries to leave her. She comes off like a vindictive nutter who will go Lorena Bobbit on him in the middle of the night. Yikes she’s even creepier than I thought. Good luck trying to get away from this one Ben. She’ll kill you before she lets that happen. Nothing’s going to break up her perfect little family.

    Maybe those rumors of her trapping him with a 3rd child are true? Methinks someone’s been poking holes in the condoms.

  54. RMac says:

    Disclaimer: I’ve been a big Jen fan since Alias.

    I like that she doesn’t always dress up or is “on” just to run errands. I think it’s weird that people want to see her dressed up all the time just because she is famous. It’s nice to see someone in Hollywood look normal and do normal things. I honestly don’t know how people like Victoria Beckham (I like her!) tote around kids and run errands dressed in skin tight dresses and 6 inch heels. Please! Let people wear their jeans in peace!

    Also, I’m not quite sure I believe this love triangle thing. I definitely believe Affleck has some… issues, but Jen G doesn’t have a public history of being slightly unhinged like JLo. Then again, if it is true, I can’t blame Jen G for wanting to keep her family intact. Besides, Ben is having a good run of movies at the box office so I’m not sure he’d risk all that again. Jen G helped him clean up his image, at least for awhile.

    And I agree with some other comments: Their children look awfully happy in the midst of all this, so who knows what’s really going on.

    I’m more likely to believe Boobs Legsly caused Jen G more concern than JLo.

  55. mimi says:

    He never looked happy with Garner. Not even once.

    He married her when she was 8-9 months pregnant and she keeps playing the kids card to keep a man who obviously doesn’t love her and possibly doesn’t even like her.

    It has nothing to do with Lopez.

    and nothing to do with how she dresses.
    I never met a man who stayed or left a woman because of her outfits.

    She is not a very attractive woman in my opinion, but that is irrelevant.
    He was never in love with her.

    She cheated on her previous men and had no problem to marry or date for reasons that had to do with her career opportunities, fame and money.

    I don’t know if it’s the status and media exposure that comes with staying married to Ben that she wants or if she really see him as some sort of prize, but she definitely shows no care for how HE FEELS and his want.

    As for Lopez and him- they didn’t do anything to each other’s careers other than bring more media exposure.

    Sometimes you are riding high and sometimes you make bad choices or some bad work.
    They still have amazing careers and their relationship had nothing to do with their success.

  56. honeybunz says:

    Oooh well if jgar and baff are having issues they should resolve them before baby #3 comes which looks to me like about 4 or 5 months from now!! And I agree that just because a woman isn’t in heels or dresses and pearls doesn’t make her completely boring!! Although I’m celibate **sorry if tmi** but when I was active I get ACTIVE…gotta keep things interesting…role play biting lace and ice cream u know normal stuff!! LOL but I live in lace tanks and jeans!! And you’d have to put a gun 2 my head n threaten to pull the trigger to get me n heels **sometimes even n church** I usually wear flats or low wedges…so don’t let appearences fool you!! But I wouldn’t mind ben with jlo again only because she seemed happiest with him and hasn’t seemed that happy before or since ben!

  57. Wilz says:

    Didn’t we just decide from the Moyer/Skarsgard article that Star Magazine is full of shit? So why are so many people quick to believe this particular story? I don’t get it.

  58. irishserra says:

    JG too frumpy for a guy like BA? WTF?? He chose her; he married her. End of story. At least it should be. What shallow assholes there are out there. Anyway, I’m pretty sure Garner is pregnant. I’ve been reading about it all over the place and she absolutely looks pregnant.

  59. Nikki Girl says:

    This story is bs. I don’t think J. Lo is reaching out to Ben Affleck whatsoever, and even if she did, I don’t think Ben would have any desire at all to talk to her. That ship sailed eons ago, I get the impression that’s a part of his life he’s a little embarrassed of and would never want to revisit.

    Also, call me crazy, but I find it refreshing that Jen Garner wears dorky, mom-ish outfits. She’s in amazing shape, but she dresses awful, I like that she just doesn’t give a f*ck about fashion, it’s nice to see in a world where other Hollywood moms are tottering around in 6 inch stilettos and skinny jeans, as if that’s realistic for a mom running around after her kids.

    However, I dislike that comment she made about every woman having “no deeper want” than to have a child. It’s absurd to say that basically every woman’s purpose in life is to have a child. Every single human on earth has a different path, and just because a woman chooses NOT to have a child or cannot have a child does not make her any less of a woman than those who do. It was a rude, ignorant comment and it just made her look unintelligent, which sucks because I usually like her. :(

  60. fabchick says:

    lmao at whoever caller her taupey dimples. She is boring as hell and he always looks miserable. I also agree that you cannot let yourself go when you land the man, you gotta keep them guessing. She is the type that will not let go no matter what. She ain’t leaving him no time soon. She will shank JLo’s ass.

  61. Carolyn says:

    Whilst I doubt the truthfulness of the article (it is an American tabloid after all), if Ben wants to leave he will. If Ben n Jen want to stay together they will. Ben & JLo together was bad karma for both careers – they won’t risk that level of ridicule again. If Jen isn’t happy in her marriage she’ll put up with it because she’s been engaged and married before and probably doesn’t want another divorce. Ben is a very attractive man, despite his weaknesses.

  62. Madison says:

    Her husbands the problem not JLo, she’s never been able stop him from cheating on her with other women, that’s her problem not JLo or Blake or Rebecca or any other woman.

  63. jesa says:

    It was rumored that Jen G was behind the leak of the nude photos of Blake Lively. Rumored they were sent to Ben’s cellphone when on the set of The Town. I think Jen G is much more devious and clever than people give her credit for. She waited until Blakes’ ‘trophy’ relationshipwith Leo hit the news in Cannes to release them. Perfect timing. Also maybe a double dose of jealousy.

  64. Ithica says:

    This topic has desperately needed discussing for SO long…many thanks. Jen is bore bore boring w/ a capital “B.” Only time I’ve seen her look “somewhat” decent is when they attended some fundraising dinner for Obama. Freak in the sheets definitely not. No front, back, side to side or reverse cowgirl even on his birthday…poor Ben. JLo on the other hand will & has done all of the above for her man (she was w/ Diddy remember?) which brings me to Marc Anthony…WHY? His face, his height & all the ex’s/baby mama’s…ugh! I guess love was involved. I never pictured JLo as the mommmy type but she needed some positive press & she has enough $ for nannies so the opportunity presented itself. Jen has already mentioned they won’t raise the girls in CA so I guess she’ll do the Demi & move to some place like Idaho or Ohio (double ugh). I guess she’s dressing like she already lives there #thatsallfolks

  65. stella says:

    any person believing this shit is really a fool. NO ONE knows about their relationship but them! its really horrible to have lies spreading about you all over the internet. And give Ben some credit, why do you just assume he’s a cheater?? All those stuff are LIES LIES LIES! thankfully, neither one of them seems to care about those rumors and tabloid stuff and they said on numerous occasions that they don’t read them. Leave them alone people

  66. Hazel says:

    @ BC im with you one that .. JG is in control and anything she says goes in that marriage. No way J-low and Ben hooking up. I dont believe this story. I do like Ben and jennifer garner together and hope they make it work.

  67. jemshoes says:

    If this is true, tabloid heaven! Which is also why I don’t buy any of it. ;)

  68. really says:

    Jen (GARNER….. aka Mrs. Affleck) is SMART, I wouldn’t let that cow near my pinkie toe, let alone my man!

    Those Jlo types have no shame, as seen at the Royal Benefit for William and Kate……. I detest those type of cows (skanks), and I have zilch respect for Jlo!

    Love Jen!

  69. Amy says:

    Seeing as how Ben Affleck’s career ended with him going out with J. Lo, I highly doubt he would get back with her. He’s even said himself the publicity surrounding them was insane and destroyed his career. Only recently has he gotten back in the Hollywood game due to a series of successes at the box office. I think part of it is 1) He is no longer with J. Lo and not overexposed so people aren’t sick of hearing about him 2) he is picking better projects to be a part of (not saying Garner is helping him here, she has been in some flops recently).

  70. oh says:

    I don’t think the Lainy blind is them because Taupe did go to college.
    Yes, she did. BUT she has a BA in DRAMA.
    We know that Ben is “an activist”, he´s interested in politics.
    This one is from People:

    “Though her domestic routine keeps her busy, Garner already has another film in the works… She’s also enrolled in an online political science class, saying, “It was a New Year’s resolution to start doing something for my brain.”

    This one from

    “Former ALIAS star JENNIFER GARNER is taking a political science class online to help her keep up with politically active husband BEN AFFLECK.”

    So… It´s them.
    Sad, just sad.

  71. Jayna says:

    Jen has major hots for her husband. Anyone who thinks she isn’t all over her tall, dark and handsome man, as she calls him, is dreaming. That girl loves her man. Ben dumped jlo and is glad to be out of that mess.

  72. kibbles says:

    I don’t think her casual style is a big deal nor do I think it will be a major cause of any marital strife. She’s still tall, skinny, and can look like an attractive celebrity on the red carpet. She definitely looks better than the average housewife.

    If you’re married to a bad man, you can be the most beautiful woman in the world and have the nicest outfits and it still won’t matter. If your man is good and committed to marriage and family, he will remain faithful to you for the rest of your life. Her fashion sense has little to do with the rumors that their marriage is falling apart. It’s Ben who is the problem and I don’t blame her for trying to prevent her marriage from imploding due to his wandering eye.

    I agree with comments that she really wanted Ben and probably felt like she won the prize for a long time. Like with many marriages, she’s probably come down to earth and sees that maybe he wasn’t such a good catch after all. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still love him or isn’t committed to this marriage for her kids and pr purposes.

    She was supposed to be the next Julia Roberts, but her mediocre movies always fell short of giving her that title. She was never an A-lister and the main reason why she has remained in the spotlight all these years is due to her marriage with Ben. They might get a divorce eventually, but I see them together for a while. I give her credit for trying to have a very normal marriage and life in Hollywood.

  73. Pat says:

    I totally agree with you Kibbles, look at JLO she’s beautiful and always made an effort to look sexy for Marc Anthony, yet she suspected he cheated on her, Ben allegedly cheated on her with strippers in Vancouver when they were engaged and she also has said she thought Diddy cheated on her too during their time together. So it doesn’t matter what you do, if he wants out or wants to cheat and he’s a dog, it will happen.
    I do believe that Jen Garner wants to keep her family together, but everyone has a threshold, she can only put up with that crap for so long. You can say that you’ll never leave someone and maybe you feel that way now but there will come a time when she will have the courage to divorce him, she’s been divorced before she’ll do it again if she has to, it’s just harder to make that decision when kids are involved.
    Ben doesn’t treat her well, he ignores her and it’s almost as if he’s embarassed to be with her. He is away more than he is around and when he is around it’s just to see his kids and even that isn’t for very long. So I agree with Kaiser too, in Jen’s case when will self respect come into play with her? Maybe her family, friends and therapists need to intervene and talk some sense into her, it’s not like Ben is helping her career or vice versa.

  74. Jayna says:

    Pat, how is he away all time? She moved To
    Boston with the kids during the whole
    Preproduction and shooting of the
    Town. He went with her and lived during her most recent shooting of a movie. I think from his interviews he’s very happy in his life personally and professionally. I believe him and think he’s thankful. Five, ten years down the road
    I think it could be different for him, but not now. He told Ellen he was in love with his family the end of last year.

  75. mimi says:

    People talk about Blake, but never about Rebecca. I find it strange.

    Anyways, if Garner was the one to publishe Blake Lively’s naked pics, than, she deserves more credit than I gave her.

    Why do some people here are treating PR or career reasons as legitime reasons for a person to leave a person he loves (as one person here claimed about JLO) or to stay with a person who doesn’t love you/ doesn’t treat you well ( as was claimed as the reason that JGA stays with him)?

    You are supposed to be real in your private life and to be with a person you love.
    If your private life is your PR strategy or your props for media exposure than you are pathetic as Tom Cruise and Katie.

  76. crtb says:

    Ben will NEVER go back with JLo! He worked too hard to sabotage the relationship at the end. He did everything he could to force her to end the engagement. He might have been in love with her in the beginning but he had a serious change of mind as the relationship progressed. Why else would he have gotten caught with the stripper?

  77. Aria says:

    I think everyone else has said it! Ben Affleck and Jennifer did end in a bad way, sadly. Neither would want to or can’t go back and certainly not cheat.

    Also, I think Ben did fall in love with J. Garner and loves her still. But she shouldn’t feel like she won any sort of prize because as much as they may love each other I think he ultimately settled for her.

    As someone else said here on in another post about the other Jennifer, Ben seems to have some hang-ups (like, real psychological issues) when it comes to women. Yes, he has been in long term relationships, but not many of them functional at all.

    He likes to lay the blame on the women but never takes any blame upon himself. Isn’t that weird?

    Also, side note my friend calls Jennifer Garner “squishy face.”

  78. Jlo Fan's says:

    J lo doesn’t need Ben Affleck.

  79. Rita says:

    I think Ben should answer all this comments. Also He always dated all His co-stars and got engaged to some breaking up later. Why JLo thinks that Ben will run back to her by causing problems in his marriage. I think she is behind all the Guadalupe thing.

  80. Marcie says:

    everyone forgets how she got Ben to begin with. She chased him while filming daredevil, even tho he was engaged to jlo at the time. No surprise. She had cheated on her husband and then cheated on the next guy with Ben. What goes around comes around, except if you keep getting pregnant. Keep him trapped cause you know how to play the game.

  81. myviews says:

    If Jen G were worried about JLo, she wouldn’t keep the same cook/executive housekeeper that Ben and JLo had, Krista. She would have fired her immediately. Jen dealt with Blake and she’ll deal with every female that comes her way the same way — with FORCE. “Get out!” Like coming between a hippo and water, I wouldn’t want to be the woman who publicly vies for Ben’s affections. Yes, he is amorous. But don’t be fooled by her girl’s girl style, she pays a lot of dough for her look, fashioned by Zoe what’s her name. It’s all deliberate to look like “best friend” and many people confuse her brand with who she is as a person. Don’t be fooled – she is no push-over or girly-girl. The woman is tough as nails and she will tear another woman’s ovaries out!