Sherri Shepherd & Joy Behar got married (not to each other)


It’s strange that two members of The View got married within 48 hours of each other, right? One wedding was seemingly planned – Sherri Shepherd was engaged to her fiancé for a while, and the wedding plans have been consuming her for months. So why is it that Joy Behar seemingly bridal-blocked Sherri suddenly by getting hitched last Thursday and announcing it on the day that Sherri got married? Out of all of The View women, I would have never chosen Sherri and Joy for a catfight. But something is there, I can feel it.

So, yeah, Behar married her boyfriend of 29 years, Steve Janowitz, on Thursday. They don’t even live together! Seriously, they keep separate apartments.

The View co-host Joy Behar is going to have plenty to talk about when the show returns next month. After dating for 29 years, the View co-host, 68, and beau Steve Janowitz have tied the knot.

“She was married in New York City last night in a private ceremony,” a rep for the show tells PEOPLE. “She will discuss it on Sept. 6 on The View when the show returns for the 15th season.”

Behar’s wedding date, Aug. 11, also coincidentally marks the 14th anniversary of the ABC daytime show’s debut in 1997.

In 2009, Behar announced she and Janowitz, whom she referred to as her “spousal equivalent,” had plans to wed. But later that year, she said broke off the engagement, blaming “cold feet.”

Behar also hosts The Joy Behar Show on HLN.

[From People]

It sounds like some kind of quickie thing with barely any guests. Which is fine – not everyone needs or wants a big wedding. But the comparison to Sherri’s wedding is stark – Sherri had EIGHT bridesmaids:

Joy Behar isn’t the only newlywed on The View. Co-host Sherri Shepherd and fiancé Lamar Sally tied the knot at the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago, her hometown, on Saturday, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Shepherd’s eight bridesmaids included The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Niecy Nash and Community’s Yvette Nicole Brown, and her 6-year-old son Jeffrey walked her down the aisle.

After using her wedding dress as her carry-on luggage on a flight from New York City to Chicago earlier in the week, Shepherd, 44, spent the days leading up to the wedding battling nerves and fitting in a few last-minute workouts at her hotel gym, according to her Twitter musings.

She even Tweeted nearly up until it was time to walk down the aisle, writing on Saturday afternoon, “Sitting in the room in my gown waiting for Sal& groomsmen to take their pics… can’t let him see me b4 the wedding… but I’m bored as heck.”

Right before the ceremony she Tweeted: “What happens when you are in your wedding dress and you have to tinkle? Uh-oh!”

The 30 Rock actress devoted months to trying to get in shape for her big day, which will air as a special on the Style network on Sept 13.

Shepherd, who calls her husband “Sal,” had been prepping for a large ceremony since getting engaged in December.

“His family’s from Detroit and mine are from Chicago, and we’ve got really close friends that we want to share the day with,” she told PEOPLE as she planned her nuptials. “So, it’s going to be pretty big.”

[From People]

Congratulations to Sherri and Joy, and I hope they will both be very happy in their respective unions. Do you think that when The View comes back on, it will be some kind of wedding-conversation bitch-fight? Probably not. But it would be funny if it was.





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  1. Tazina says:

    Since Joy’s wedding was so low key and kept entirely quiet, not much “stealing of thunder” was going on. I’m sure Sherri got more than enough attention on her day.

    Sherri’s husband looks like such a sweet fellow. I hope he will be allowed to make a decision now and then.

  2. Dorothy#1 says:

    Yay for them! I love Joy so much, she is really funny!

  3. mln76 says:

    I miss the View catfights of yesteryear but genuinely I think as Joy has said several times the only reason she’d marry after all these years is for legal reasons. I doubt she was trying to steal any thunder.

  4. Happymom says:

    Does it sound like Joy even went to her wedding? If not-that’s kind of odd.

  5. rtms says:

    Oh I fully believe she did it to upstage Sherri. Now the opening ep of the new season will be all about the surprise wedding of Joy, the woman who kept insisting she didn’t need a marriage. While Sherri looks like a fool with her elaborate wedding. These two women hate each other, I think Joy considers Sherri a real dunce and takes every opportunity to make fun of her on the show.

  6. mln76 says:

    well rtms did you ever see the episode where Sherri admitted she didn’t know if the world was round or not??? She IS a dunce.

  7. Jackson says:

    I don’t think Joy did it to upstage Sherri. Joy really does not seem like the type to do that. In all honesty I kinda like Joy and I hope nothing serious like a health issue or something came up where she and Steve decided they weren’t going to wait any longer. Sherri is kind of crazy and not very intelligent but I do like her openness on the show and apparently on Twitter as well. I wish all four of them the best.

  8. oh hey says:

    If Joy has said in the past that she didn’t need be married, she must have done it for legal reasons. There are couples who have been together for a long time, practically considering themselves a married couple. However, if their partner dies, ends up in the hospital, etc., the other partner has no rights. If they own property together, the surviving spouse wouldn’t get it unless the deceased made a will. If someone’s in the hospital, they don’t have visitation rights.

    Seems like Joy and her boyfriend figured out they’re not getting any younger, so they had to plan for any future issus.

  9. bellavista says:

    It doesn’t seem like Joy did. I wonder if she was invited. It was a large wedding so I’m sure Sherri invited all her co-hosts.

  10. Zasu says:

    Maybe Joy had a shotgun wedding!

  11. sandy#1 says:

    i like sherry, she has been around for a while, she has had her share of problems, so i hope this guy treats her well, she deserves to be happy, she’s doing a great job on the view show, and now hosting another, good for her, i like joy too. i think she is too above upstaging someone else, at least i hope she is, how sad would that be?

  12. Jane says:

    I can’t help but think Joy’s marriage had more to do with making sure she and her husband would legally be the one calling the shots if something happened to one or the other. They are both in the age bracket where health problems will be cropping up or already happening. It would make things much simpler if they made it legal so there is no question about who makes important decisions if the other is not capable of doing so.

    Maybe we will find out when the show returns from hiatus if she planned this before Sherry planned her wedding. I seem to remember Joy saying if she did get married no one would know about it until after the fact because she did not want any fan fare about it at all.

  13. karen says:

    i just hope this does not turn out to be star jones period on the view again [wedding ,sherrie, sal, sal, married,]over and over again-should be like lizzy.

  14. Kermit says:

    I just want to know how one gets a WEDDING DRESS as a carry-on. Seems, I don’t know, unwieldy? Do you stuff it into an overhead bin??!?

  15. Marianne says:

    Even though Joy’s wedding was probably more low-key, I think she still stole Sherri’s thunder, because her wedding was out of nowhere. And is everybody talking about Sherri? Everybody is talking about Joy.

    I don’t know. Joy never seemed to think that marriage was necessary, and all of sudden you get married when your co-worker gets married? And then announce on her wedding?

  16. Callumna says:

    Joy has a daily show where she could talk about the wedding without upstaging anybody, but announces she’ll discuss it on the View instead? Same day that Sherri will be doing same? Strange choice and a little unclassy.

    Speaking of unclassy, did Sherri send out messages of her need to urinate to the world while in her wedding dress getting ready to head to altar?

    Time to revoke all minor celebs tweeting privileges, we never knew they were this idiotic. Sure we began to suspect around the late 80’s and 90’s. But we didn’t have this much proof.

  17. Jen says:

    I find it very odd, too, that she got married two days before Sherri, then announced it on the day of Sherri’s wedding. If she wanted low key, why the announcement and why on that day?

  18. werty says:

    Sherri Shepherd & Joy Behar got married (not to each other)

    They do however deserve each other (cause there both old * fbeeeeep hbep*)
    See i can beep myself(=

  19. Tazina says:

    Coincidences do happen.

  20. Irene says:

    Its very bitchy. She could have waited at least another week. Announcing it on sherri’s wedding day? If it wasnt an intentional upstage then joy is just stupid.

  21. Blue says:

    I think it’s weird. You’ve been dating someone for 3 decades and decide to get married 2 days before your co-host and announce it on her day. That’s not nice. The entertainment news I watch always mentions Joy’s marriage then talk about Sherri’s as if she was the who got married out of nowhere. Unless something really serious is going on and they (Joy & hubs) couldn’t wait otherwise I think that was a bitchy thing to do.

  22. ZenB!tch says:

    Joy is 68??? Who is her surgeon? S/he does good work. She looks great, not too botoxy.

    I don’t care if anyone steals my wedding thunder as long as I can look 50 at 68. My vanity needs are small

  23. lakemom says:

    Joy is 68? Wow! She looks fabulous. Congrats to both Sherri and Joy.

  24. annette taylor says:

    I think Joy was being bitchy I think she knew what she was doing. All this time, she has said she wouldn’t get married. If it was for legal reasons fine but not within 48 hrs of the person you work with. This is all Sherry has talked about since January. I doubt she was at the wedding since she just got married 2 days before. I was shocked when I read that Joy was married, I read it twice before I got it.

  25. tracking says:

    Agree it’s weird, and seems petty. You’ve waited this long, and can’t wait a week? Really? Sherri and her new hubby look adorbs.

  26. 9 out 10 experts recommend says:

    @Jane- I too recall Joy making a passing comment about marriage. I think she made it known she wants her now husband be the one to pull the cord. Basically she wants him to be there for important matters like medical decsions and she too wants the same for him. Fair enough they have been together for ages. Congrats to both!

  27. kathleen storm says:

    Poor timing on Joy’s part

    Happy for Sherri. I really like her
    Want some pics…..

  28. wunderkind says:

    The only surprising thing about this story is that Joy got married to a man. I seriously thought she was gay!

  29. Debbie says:

    I think it was totally thoughtless and selfish of Joy after all her preaching about being happy and fulfilled in a 29 year monogomous relationship with “her significant other” to suddenly marry prior to Sherri’s Big Day.
    How could you so blatently slap a coworker in the face? Shame on you, Joy, but then guess you don’t have any shame and like to steal somebody else’s thunder. Nobody tried to steal yours when you became a grandma. Maybe they didn’t care or were too secure in their own skin to give a damn.Can’t say the same for you. You look a a fool….what’s new?

  30. Angie says:

    I do think the timing was intentional on Joy’s part. I do think that it is possible that the producers put her up to it. It certainly will work out well for The View. Ratings will be sky high the first day because people will want to see if Sherri is upset about it. A feud can be just the thing to spark an increase in the ratings.

  31. spiccio904 says:

    I don’t care what anyone thinks, it was rotten of Joy to run to the alter 2 days before Sherri and then announce it on Sherri’s wedding day. It was intensional and just in bad taste, period.

  32. I just love Joy. I glad she finally tied the knot. I can’t wait to see the pictures.

    As for Sheri, She is, just as Sal’s mother said, a big mouth.

  33. jill says:

    There are 365 days in a year and Joy picks 2 days before her co hosts well publicized wedding to get married herself…uh I don’t think it was a fluke folks. She is an idiot.

  34. Deborah Rose says:

    Oh come on you Sherri zealots. Sherri’s been stealing the limelight on The View since she started. I had to stop watching her self-serving mind dribble Whathapho???. She is not the brightest bulb by far. She actually said, “oh did the Greeks come before Jesus” when Joy was talking about Epicureanism. She tries to steal every scene with her guests, and yet, she still relies on cards to say stuff a child could memorize. C’mon. Sherri came out of nowhere, and she’ll be nowhere without The View. Joy, on the other hand, has been a star and will be one with or without The View. As will Whoopi and Barbara