Hilary Duff, 23, is expecting her first child with husband Mike Comrie


I should have known that Hilary Duff was pregnant. I’m ashamed to admit that my mind didn’t even go there when I noticed two things: one, her boobs were looking bigger in recent photos and two, she and husband Mike Comrie have been getting pap’d on a daily basis lately, for no apparent reason other than they’re probably calling the paparazzi themselves. So, Hilary is knocked up, and she announced it on her first wedding anniversary. Also, I found this shocking: Hilary is ONLY 23 years old. It feels like she should be about 35 years old by now, right?

Hilary Duff’s first wedding anniversary is extra sweet: she and Mike Comrie announced they are expecting a baby!

“This weekend, Mike and I are celebrating our one year anniversary! In memory of the special day, we decided to post some of our favorite pictures from our wedding!” she wrote on her official website Sunday.

“I can’t believe it has already been a year. Time really flies when you’re having fun! We also want to share the exciting news that baby makes three! We are extremely happy and ready to start this new chapter of our lives. Thanks to everyone for the continued love and support throughout the years!”

Duff, 23, wed pro hockey player Comrie, 30, on August 14, 2010 in an intimate sunset ceremony at a $29 million estate near the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, Calif.

“We both love kids and we’re really excited,” Duff told Us Weekly Wednesday at the Kendra Scott jewelry event in L.A., just days before sharing her pregnancy news with the world. “It was a big deal for us because we had a year to be married.”

[From Us Weekly]

I can’t hate on her! I’m happy for her, truly. I’m glad she got knocked up and I hope that her fast-track to the Hollywood Mother Mafia goes smoothly, and the initiation process isn’t too grueling (I think Jennifer Garner gets to shank newbies).

Here’s something more shocking than Hilary’s age: she’s got one movie about to come next year, and another one in pre-production! Wow. And here I was thinking that she had no career and having a baby was her cling to relevancy. Now I’m just being rude! Congrats Hilary and Mike!





Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. brin says:

    Great news…..congrats to Hilary and Mike!
    Hilary also wrote a couple of books, Kaiser.

  2. Chris says:

    Aww Lizzie Mcguire is gonna be a mum.
    Where do the years go?

  3. Franny says:

    Ive always liked her. She’s 10 days older than me so its been nice to have some one in hollywood who has had a pretty normal life, a compare to lindsay and so on

  4. Addie says:

    Wow this really made me realise that my age group (I’m 25) are all grown up and starting families (something I don’t plan to do)

    I just hope my age mate Linnocent doesn’t get any ideas, cos that won’t end well.

  5. Courtney says:

    congrats to the happy couple children are always a blessing. may hilary have a healthy pregnancy and delivery. a woman is damned if she does/damned if she doesn’t my mom had me at 22 and I turned out fine

  6. tapioca says:

    @Addie: Remember the good old days when Hilary & Li-Lo were rival Disney princesses fighting over Aaron Carter?

    Then one developed a superhuman sense of over-entitlement and snorted their career away whilst the other behaved herself and is a happily married, multi-millionaire stil working and with a baby in the pipeline. Kind of gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling that Hilary “won” doesn’t it?

    Oh, and “congrats” to them – pray the baby has her head!

  7. Addie says:

    @ Tropica. Agreed.

    Hillary = Happy growing family + drug free.
    Linnocent = useless family & no real friends + endless supply of crack/crystals whatever she’s calling it these days.

    Yep Hillary is the hands down winner.

  8. tripmom says:

    I can’t help but be impressed with her. She appears to be the only one to make it out of the Disney machine unscathed. Good for her.

  9. gee says:

    I freaking love Hilary Duff.

  10. aenflex says:

    Yeah I can’t hate on this piece of news. Good for them!!

  11. Emma says:

    Yay Hilary. My favorite real-life Disney princess. She comes across as a sweet girl, so I’m happy for her and the family. 🙂

    PS-Her wedding reception pics were gorgeous!

  12. Ell says:

    Lovely news. I like her, she always looks so healthy and down to earth.

    I just hope Lainey’s cheating blind isn’t about them, but no one else seems to fit:(

  13. Iggles says:

    Wow, you guys are right! I forgot about the Aaron Carter thing!

    Hilary totally won!!

  14. John Wayne Lives says:

    This is really cute 🙂 I hope her “happily ever after” continues. Congrats to the happy couple

  15. brin says:

    @Ell….I hope the blind isn’t about them (just don’t see it)…maybe it’s about Ben Affleck & Jen Garner (she just didn’t announce her prgnancy yet?).

  16. the original bellaluna says:

    Congrats, luv!

  17. Emily says:

    Kaiser, I definitely wouldn’t fault you for not noticing the boobs – she’s had so much work done to her teeth and face, it wouldn’t be surprising if she had gotten a boob job.

    She was so cute on Lizzie Mcguire. She’s still pretty, but she doesn’t look quite right to me now.

  18. Brittany says:

    @ brin and Ell

    Is this what Lainey posted?

    “A couple gets papped every day leading up to a pregnancy announcement – coincidence or conspiracy? Do babies make a man faithful?”

    I’m hoping it’s not them…

  19. Heatheradair says:

    She’s grown up really well. Not a train wreck, pretty as all get out, seems “wise” rather than “withered” at her age….man, this is my day to love on those grown-up Disney girls…..(or Nickelodeon, or whatever…..)

  20. PrettyTarheel says:

    @Ell & Co…
    I’m pretty sure it’s them, especially since they just had their first wedding anniversary, which the clues referenced. Such a shame!

  21. Eve says:

    Never noticed bigger boobs on her…that’s maybe because I can’t see anything else than her teeth whenever I look at her pictures.

  22. HeiN says:

    She’s cute. Aww. He’s not.

  23. Cherry Rose says:

    I like Hilary, mainly because when her contract with Disney expired, she didn’t go the Miley Cyrus route and try to become a sex kitten. Not only that, she seems to be a lot more mature than most of the Disney girls.

    Congrats for her being pregnant. I wish them the best.

  24. jc126 says:

    Congrats to her.

  25. brin says:

    @pretty tarheel…I don’t see the anniversary referenced (at least not on the Lainey site), just that a couple is papped every day leading up to a pregnancy announcement…will that keep a man faithful?

  26. Faye says:

    Woo! Congrats to them!

  27. Saor says:

    I’ve watched the Lizzie McGuire movie with my little sister countless times, so this is weirding me out a little. She’s forever 16 in my mind. But I’m so happy for her! She’ll be a great mother, she’s definitely mature and able.

  28. PrettyTarheel says:

    @ 25. (Can’t see your name)
    Here’s the link to the original blind item. It references the fact that it doesn’t have to be after a year, it can be much less, also that she is more famous, he is ok at what he does, etc…

  29. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Hopefully Bouncing Baby Chequebook will bring in all of the millions of dollars in magazine spreads and tabloid photos that their wedding didn’t. You have got to cocksure sense of your elevated status in Hollywood before you pull one of those ‘I’ll sell you my life, for the cash–wait, ‘children”, because if you find that in fact no one is particularly interested in the exploits of ‘The NHL Cruddy Furniture Heir’ and ‘Saint ‘She’s Not On Crack, Therefore Crown Her Queen of Heaven’, you might look clueless or egomaniacal. Because there is nothing that billionaires need more of than other people’s money. I guess that’s the true sign of success, to be able to sponge off the money of others while spending very little of your own…unless it’s a Paricle Board for Humanity Rally and there’s some hungry-looking venture capitalists abounding or one of those ‘Medi-bots’ of yore that could freshen up your veneers while Dr. Gynoplasty fiddles about with nitrous oxide and your neo-cortex to help you forget that particularly tacky little gambit.

    Congratulations and all, but I wonder if they’ll try to hawk baby pictures next. Are ‘Lohan’ and ‘Hagiography’ the only options?

  30. brin says:

    Oh man. Thanks @Pretty Tarheel, guess I saw the abbreviated item….that sux if it’s true!

  31. Annie_Grey says:

    YAY. She’s going to be a good mom.

    btw, she’s starting to look like Alyssa Milano.

  32. TQB says:

    I SO called this last week! I was all, naw, those aren’t implants, those are baby boobs.

    I have WAY too much time on my hands, clearly.

    Good on them, btw. Yay for her for apparently escaping child star mayhem and having a happy and productive adult life.

  33. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I will admit up front that I’m not terribly familiar with the idea of “blind items.” But it always seems to me that they’re just a way to make up shit and get people guessing as to who they’re about. They can write whatever the heck they want if they just don’t name names, is that it? :-/

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that I’ve always kinda liked this girl. She has always seemed to be genuinely sweet and kept her nose (*ahem* Lindsay *ahem*) clean. Good luck to her!

  34. eternalcanadian says:

    I’m surprised how many people think Hilary is young to be a mum. 23 is not young, just my opinion. When an 18 (or in some cases 17) year old can enlist in the military and carry an automatic weapon around I say that’s old enough to be getting married and having children if you’re off to war.

    What I like about Hilary is she is actually someone that can be a good role model for today’s youth. She pretty much escaped the negative stuff that Britney, Miley, Lindsay, etc., have gone through. Plus it is refreshing to see someone well-known get married before having children which is opposite those television shows and people that glamourize teen pregnancy and not getting married when they have kids.

    I hope Mike gets well soon as it can’t be easy for him trying to recover from all those injuries. He just had a second hip surgery and he’s only 30. But at least he’ll get to be 100% involved in the pregnancy and being with the baby instead of on the road or at the rink all the time.

    Good luck to Hilary and Mike!

  35. liv says:

    hilary isn’t as sweet as she seems.

    about the blind item, he’s a hockey player and the riddle mentions how he’s considered a C-/C, but he would never be the one to wear the C on his sweater – implying that he’s not the captain of the team. thus, i’m guessing that the husband in the blind is a sports guy, so it fits with hilary and her husband

  36. CooCoo Catchoo says:

    Those Chicklet teeth of hers – I don’t know anyone else to has veneers – are the usually so big and ugly? I’ve heard cosmetic dentists on TV say that Duff’s DDS should have used smaller veeners. Can you have them removed and replaces? If I was her, I’d sue that dentist – he totally killed her looks. Reminds menkf what Meg Ryan’s doctor did to her face.

  37. ViktoryGin says:

    Wow. I suddenly feel very old.

  38. remom says:

    Oy not the she is only 23… She will be 24 in a month. It’s not the teen years, I’m happy for the couple who seem like a solid pair without drama. People don’t realize when you start working as a kid you grow up faster. She’s been financially stable before she hit 18.. I like how they announced it, all coming from them. I hate the “I won’t answer” even if it’s obvious, that gayheart chick was doing.

    “her boobs were looking bigger in recent photos and two, she and husband Mike Comrie have been getting pap’d on a daily basis lately,” – uh probably because it is their anniversary..? lol don’t paps all know the milestones in celeb lives? and then try to find out where they go/what they’ll do.. Her boobs they don’t look that different and with different bras the size can change but it’s hard to tell, it’s not like she has them hanging out. I guess the black’s a clue but a stretch. I was looking to see if there was rumors, it looks like the paps completely missed it .. and in a book interview I read paraphrasing, “she said she wanted to wait a year of marriage before having kids”.. well that’s a fact now!

  39. keisha says:

    The hand wringing and judgment going on about Hilary Duff is f-ing crazy. She is married, long term relationship and is stable, mature from all reports and ‘is 23 too young questions’ would be hilarious if not for the ridiculousness of it! The people calling her “slut(nuts to me even if she wasn’t married!)” Why can’t people worry about the 16 yr olds with no money, living with parents, unmarried and getting $ from a reality show for punching people?

    I speculated she was pregnant when I saw pictures of her at a medical building couple months ago, very baggy top. Congratulations to the Mr./Mrs.

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