Tara Reid tweets boozed-up honeymoon photos from Greece


For Tara Reid, this week has been a very exciting one indeed. First, she stunned us all by getting engaged and married in the same day. Initially, Tara kept the lucky man’s identity so shrouded in secrecy (and booze) that even her rep didn’t know who she married; as a result, some poor Danish businessman got fingered as the groom. Eventually however, Tara revealed her ridiculously fake-looking ring and the identity of her actual random husband, Zack Kehayov. And then Life & Style published the above photo (which featured a very bad judgment call on Tara’s behalf to bare her wonky stomach) of the blissful couple in all of their random, drunken happiness.

Anyway, Tara has squeezed in this honeymoon business before she (inevitably) has to head off towards the “Celebrity Big Brother” set. As such, she’s been busily tweeting photos of her honeymoon in Santorini, Greece. While musing over these wee snapshots, Kaiser mentioned that Zack is kind of cute while CB and I both agree that he reminds us of someone but can’t quite place who it would be. Oh, I know! He looks like a very liquored-up version of the Old Spice guy (Isaiah Mustafa). Maybe. Seriously though, Tara looks really happy in these photos, but that could just be from all of the excellent Ouzo in which she’s been partaking. Of course, Tara’s not missing any teeth in these photos, so she can’t be that drunk, right? Or maybe she just brought her glue.


Here, Tara is wearing a shirt with the “Greece” emblazoned upon it. How touristy!


This one I like to call, “Tara on her cell phone. Firing her rep.”


Here, stained concrete next to the rose petals adds just the right touch.


Santorini really is a gorgeous island; and luckily, Tara did not fall into the ocean.


Images courtesy of Twitter and Life & Style

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22 Responses to “Tara Reid tweets boozed-up honeymoon photos from Greece”

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  1. Hautie says:

    I am going to see this as a positive for Tara. (fingers crossed)

    I hope this is a decent man and it helps her find a balance in her crazy life.

    Now who does he remind me of… looks wise? Billy Zane for some reason.

  2. Happy21 says:

    Why is anyone even wasting time on Tara Reid? She should be someone mentioned every five years in the “Whatever happened to…” column. Celebrity Big Brother? Puh-lease. She was a celebrity for like 3 years about 10 years ago. And of course she bared her stomach in her wedding photos – she’s Tara Reid!

  3. Rhiley says:

    Bedhead, you are quickly turning into my new favorite Celebitchy writer. Your captions for the photos are so funny. This was almost as funny as Michael K writing about the Barefoot Cuntessa.

  4. Seal Team 6 says:

    He looks a bit like Billy Zane.

  5. Embee says:

    She just can’t keep that left eye open, can she? Poor dear. Hope she is well.

  6. original kate says:

    whoa, nelly! she is a hot mess.

  7. In that 2nd picture,she looks minutes away from morphing into a zombie..

  8. brin says:

    Wonder if she remembers she got married.

  9. the original bellaluna says:

    I think he’s kinda cute. But I happen to have a soft spot for tall and/or bald guys. 😉

    I hope this turns out to be a good thing for both of them. Tara needs some stability in her life, and if this man can provide it, more power to them both.

    Frankly, I’d never return from Greece.

  10. rightgrrl says:

    Zack Kehayov = Jack Mehayov ?

  11. EU Annon says:

    Yeap! That’s what I was thinking. Billy Zane.

  12. ladybert62 says:

    well at least she is on a honeymoon with her husband and they seem to be having some drunken fun – unlike Ms. Kardashian who will not even go on a honeymoon with the new Mr. Kardashian since she is toooo busy and does not have a open day until some time next year in 2012!!!

  13. Green Is Good says:

    God almighty, is she even remotely sober in any of these pictures?

  14. Elizabeth says:

    @ Green is Good.

    Yes, weddings are supposed to be festive – but this worries me a bit since it is Tara Reid we’re talking about. Another boozy day, darling Tara?!

  15. TL says:

    Divorce in 9 weeks

  16. sally says:

    That outfit… She really does still think it’s 1999, doesn’t she?

  17. poodlemom says:

    The groom has a nice smile.

  18. UKHels says:

    she’s now in the Celebrity Big Brother house in the UK – and she’s not the weirdest one in there

  19. Victoria says:

    Taro er Tara who?

  20. Francesca says:

    FYI theres no ocean in Greece, just the Meditterean sea…

  21. Emily says:

    His eyes remind me of Oliver Martinez.

  22. Fran says:

    DAMN!! I was there on holiday in the same period! She didn’t even invite me!! 😛