Cameron Diaz is annoyed at J.Lo’s diva ‘tude and entourage on set

Star Magazine had this recent story about how Cameron Diaz is getting catty about Jennifer Lopez’s on set behavior. They’re co-starring in that sure-to-be crapfest What to Expect When You’re Expecting and allegedly have a mutual disdain for each other. Cameron is said to be more vocal about how much she dislikes Lopez while Lopez just totally ignores Cameron. I could see this happening, although it’s in Star so it’s possibly fiction.

“Jennifer and Cameron don’t like each other,” an insider tells Star. “They don’t interact much, but when they do, the tension is thick.”

The A-listers’ frosty relationship is particularly glaring because J.Lo, 42, has bonded with… other cast members [including] Brooklyn Decker [and] has also been linked to her on-screen mate, Rodrigo Santoro. “Cam sees all that stuff and hoopla around J.Lo’s divorce from Marc Anthony and whether she’s dating Rodrigo as a distraction from work,” says the insider. “She’s also annoyed by Jennifer’s huge entourage, which includes her mom, three assistants, makeup and hair people and her manager. She made a snide comment to the effect of, ‘How many people does it take for one woman to film a simple scene?'”

Cameron, 38, has even taken a shot at the acting skills of [J.Lo]… “She said Jennifer has a lot to learn and made a dig about how she’d be better off sticking to her day jobs – meaning singing and judging Idol…”

[J.Lo] “doesn’t seem to care,” says the insider. “She doesn’t talk about Cam or ask about her. She just acts as if Cam doesn’t exist.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, August 29, 2011]

I hope that’s true since it’s so awesomely bitchy.

There are tons more stories on J.Lo in this week’s tabloids. There’s yet another piece in Star, about how Marc allegedly wants his estranged wife back and is making headway in that department. They quote an insider who says “Jennifer is open to not going through a messy divorce. She is actually listening to Marc, and Marc has been trying to mend the relationship… Marc has been calling her a lot, saying he is sorry for the way he treated her and that he will change. And he says he has changed already.”

Meanwhile US Weekly has a completely different take on Marc’s phone calls to Jennifer. “He calls her nonstop, especially when he’s drinking, and they had a huge argument in early August. Marc is constantly harassing her and doesn’t think she’ll go through with the divorce… she has no interest in reconciling.” That sounds straight from Jennifer’s camp while the Star take is from Marc’s.

And In Touch has Jennifer trying to protect her assets from her Marc’s skeletal grubby paws. They quote an insider who says “Marc doesn’t want this divorce, and Jennifer thinks he might get his revenge by hitting her where it hurts – her bank account… She won’t give Marc one cent of her earnings.” But of course they live in California, with Lopez’s lawyer telling In Touch “By California law, Marc has a right to half of her earnings made during their marriage.” You know she’s going to fight like hell. This is about to get interesting.



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  1. Kaboom says:

    Lopez hasn’t been A-list in years, no matter what she thinks.

  2. lucy2 says:

    Considering all the previous divorces, you’d think both of them would have insisted on a prenup.

    I can totally see her and Cam not getting along, they seem very different.

  3. Jen says:

    I never really liked Cameron Diaz that much….I do now.

  4. Lindy says:

    Kaboom, could not agree more. Ugh. Somehow, Cameron does not strike me as the catty, bitchy type. She’s a girlfriend’s girl who has never really had trouble making and keeping good female friends in the past. she seems pretty down to earth, and while she can be glam when she wants to be, I can totally see her wanting to roll her eyes as a JLo-style entourage. I loathe JLo. She is not a movie star. Cameron is.

  5. Susan O. says:

    Well Cameron, I don’t know who isn’t annoyed but narcissistic JLO herself

  6. Riririririr says:

    Battle of the Prima Latinas!!

    Though truthfully, these two strike me as women who WOULD be good friends if they’d just get over themselves.

  7. Kimble says:

    She absolutely should have to give him 50% – she would have no hesitation if HE had been the one earning all the money!!!

    Diaz looks like she never combs her hair, so I’m not shocked she is appalled that someone needs a hairdresser and make up artist!

  8. brin says:

    Team Camy! This movie sounds like “Valenine’s Day”/New Year’s Eve” for pregnancy.

  9. Harley says:

    @Lindy-ITA! I love Cammy-despite her ARod stint (and I’m a die hard Yankees fan, but I loathe him! You will never be Jeter, Alex! /end mini rant). Cameron just seems like a cool chick.

    On the other hand, I absolutely can’t stand JLo. Ugh. As a Puerto Rican woman, I wish we had someone else in HW to look up to, bc JLo just annoys the f*ck outta me to the nth degree.

  10. MJ says:

    I can’t believe narcissistic JLo agreed to slouch in all of those red carpet photos so as not to appear taller than her gross skeletor ex (see above, red dress.) She must have really loved him at some point!

  11. Jonathan says:

    Maybe JLo can help Cami with her acne!

  12. Kasey says:

    Hmmm…..I can TOTALLY see this happening.

    I have mixed thoughts towards Cam. I have to respect her straight up openness in not wanting kids. I don’t like her taste in men. I think she acts kinda immature and uncouth (at least when she was dating JT). While I have only seen a handful of pictures of her that momentarily squelched my usual musings of “I just DON’T see how guys think she’s pretty/hot” I think she’s a simple, no-frills, rugged, fun-loving gal and a pretty decent actress.

    On the other hand, I don’t know when it started but I’m not a big J-Lo fan I think she is not a good actress (in the same camp as Anniston but at least Anniston can carry off a certain, specific genre and character in tv acting), really is a narcisstic type-A personality, yet she comes across/or tries to portray in public as really sweet, nice and relatable. She reads like a Puerto Rican Reese Witherspoon/Goopy mash-up to me.

    I can totally see Cam being understandably annoyed with J-Lo’s diva-tude and thinking ” oh this trifling, pretentious, puffed-up, Puerto Rican princess needs to be knocked down a few pegs” and verbally calling her out in her loud, boorish (but not catty) way. Because in my opinion, that’s just how Cammie rolls.

    I can also see Miss Diva-Lo being aware of Cammie’s feelings because she thrives on people catering to and uplifting her and thinking and responding “I’m neither lowering my fine standards nor deigning to tolerate or acknowledge that classless Cuban and her churlish, childish uncivilised ways!” and thereby ignoring and looking down her nose from upon her chicken-feather filled pedastal at “commoner Cammie”.

    All that to say… I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true. It’d be both of them feeling the same about each other but are coming from two vastly different points of view and separate sides of the coin! But it IS Star after all. On another note, it’d be interesting though to see them become friends they could bond over their equally horrendous taste in men.

  13. Quest says:

    JLo aka wanna-be A-list Diva will always be the queen of bitchiness and annoying as ever

  14. hottathanholywatta says:

    cammy all the way!!!!!! J.Lo is a washed up diva with the most annoying horrendous and regurgitated music ever! Who is buying these CD’s? tone def tweeners???

  15. Valleymiss says:

    Anyone else remember when J Lo did that interview in the late 90s (I think to promote Out of Sight) where she insulted several actresses, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz? If memory serves, J Lo dismissed Cami as “a lucky model.” Meoooow!

  16. karena says:

    Neither of these two women had any scenes together. They filmed the movie at different times. This story is bull.

  17. 4Real says:

    Wow I never thought I would like Cameron again…until now. Although, being 4yrs younger but looking 10yrs older then JLO must bug her just a little.

    All I can say about their divorce is DAYANARA is probably LOVING this.

  18. meg says:

    When I see him, all I can think of is Michael K’s perfect description of him: the puerto rican Ren.

  19. the original bellaluna says:

    Cami seems like the type to call her on the carpet in a very blunt way, like “Do you seriously need ALL THOSE PEOPLE just to shoot a film!?!” (I edited out the cuss words.)

    We already know J-Ho is a diva of Biblical proportions, so no surprise there.

    Who in the world though it would be a good idea to turn a pregnancy how-to into a movie?

  20. Kiki says:

    I believe Cameron once said many years ago that Jlo “era una simple latina con mucha suerte”.

  21. Dhavy says:

    LMAO Puerto-Rican Witherspoon Goopy mash, love it!

    It’a true! JLO is pretends she’s nice and sweet but everyone knows she’s threatened by any woman because if it wasnt for the ass, she’ll be another Latina from the block

  22. Hautie says:

    I don’t believe for one moment, that Lopez got married without a air-tight pre-nup.

    She has not hustle her ass this hard to loose it in a nasty divorce.

    And lets be real, she has already been to the rodeo. Those two previous divorce’s left an impression in her check book.

    So I find it hard to believe that Marc would get much from her financially. Maybe some property and his own debt.

    But Jenny will be keeping her cash. thankyouverymuch! 🙂


    Oh and this! @4Real

    “Although, being 4yrs younger but looking 10yrs older then JLO must bug her just a little.”

    ya think! hahaahahahaha!!

  23. The H says:

    Check out Miss Thangs ‘tude in this 1998 article:

  24. That's Interesting says:

    I hate them both. JLO is a diva b!tch with minimal talent who got very, very lucky. And has been wretchedly ungrateful ever since.

    Cammy has four year long relationships with douchebags like Justin Timberlake, Matt Dillon and A-Rod. I’d respect her more if these idiots were one night stands, but she actually gives up half her life for these idiots while pretending she doesn’t want one of them to settle down with her.

  25. lrm says:

    well, she wouldnt be J Lo if she werent a diva.
    and contrary to others, i think J Lo is a good actress and cameron is average at acting except for being john malcovich….
    she’s not that good-
    i’d say they are the same in terms of acting ability….
    slightly better than anniston, basically.

    and J Lo is ageing far better than diaz, even having twins.

    diaz is down t earth and not a diva so i could see her bugged by J Lo.
    I can’t even hate J Lo for that, though….it’s just her.

  26. Nancy C. says:

    j-‘low’ is so trashy. but she is good in movies. couldnt stand her on AI. Skeletor is hot in HawthoRNe. won’t be watching AI for the first time since it came on because j-ho is coming back. she was awful last year with that damn hair of hers. just saying. i thnk she is the one initiating this divorce. she can’t stand it when the honeymoon of a relationship wears off. she needs constant adoration.

  27. fizXgirl314 says:

    I don’t blame Diaz. It pains me to even think that I’m living in the same state as JLO (eyeroll)… I’d probably have a stroke if I had to work with her…

  28. Mairead says:

    Go Cammy! Go Cammy! Go Cammy!

  29. corey says:

    I used to really love JLo. Sad to say, I’ve developed a hate on for her within the past year. In my eyes,she’s gone from being confident,hard working and beautiful to grubby, pushy and opportunistic. Kind of wishing she would go away for a while so I can have a chance to miss her and go back to liking her again.

  30. sandy#1 says:

    j-low had a little success, there is no way you can make her think she is not that important, real important people (camie)who are accustomed to it, don’t need constant stroking. just sayin.

  31. serena says:

    LOL. Cameron Diaz tells Lopez she can’t act? DOUBLE-LOL.
    She is the one who sucks. At least Jen is watchable, not good but doesn’t suck like her. (but she sucks in music yeah)

  32. Stacia says:

    Hollywood will make a movie outta anything. I’m so tired of these estrogengy chic flicks that flop at the box office.

  33. original kate says:

    i liked j. lo better when she was a fly girl.

  34. Gabie says:

    Cameron Diaz seems really genuine & down earth woman..JLO is more shallow, greedy, egoistic, money minded woman who’ll do everything to achieve her way at any cost, just to make her satiesfied..JLO is quite a bitch..she thought she’s important but she’s not..I wonder why she still in show business..who wants to see her?? most of her movies are flops anyway..she’s not a good actress either..

  35. Trillion says:

    @that’sintersing (#24) Don’t forget she dated Cris Angel, that cheeze whiz Vegas magician. He is the gold standard of bedazzled douche-bags.
    But still, def Team Diaz. And I don’t even think she’s all that.

  36. Hakura says:

    @Celebitchy“But of course they live in California, with Lopez’s lawyer telling In Touch “By California law, Marc has a right to half of her earnings made during their marriage.” You know she’s going to fight like hell. This is about to get interesting.”

    How does one fight something like that? I mean, if the law claims he has the right to half her earnings from the duration of the marriage? I would think that said earnings would have been marked with dates, thus telling lawyers for certain whether or not employment & payment took place during the marriage.

    I just don’t see how she could get around California Law, other than trying to hide assets. But I think that was something she needed to do ahead of time.

    But he could sure use a piece of that pie, what with all his tax debts.

  37. Hautie says:

    California law only applies if she is a legal resident of the state. And then a pre-nup cancels out the whole 50/50 thing.

    I be willing to bet Jennifer is not a legal resident of California.

    Maybe NY or NJ… even maybe Florida. I suspect where ever the taxes were the cheapest is her legal state or residency.

  38. Annie says:

    OMG!! Thanks @ the H for sharing that article!!
    I always suspected that JLO was unbearable and that AI was an act and was used to mitigate the diva image ( the weeping when some contestants were eliminated…huge eye roll)
    But she is worse than I suspected!! and to think this article was before her supposed assent to the B+ list…she is a major narcissist.
    I’ve read that a majority of her co-stars couldn’t stand her…now we know why..and from her own lips!!!

  39. Pauline says:

    I just don’t know if I believe this. I’ve been trying to look for it to cite but I remember reading a few weeks ago how Jennifer Lopez was shooting scenes with Brooklyn Decker and that they got along great. That in general Jennifer talked about her kids and that she seemed like a happy go lucky person because she “laughs a lot” at least on set. That’s not to say she is some angel but I don’t think she is behaving like a diva – not on this set.

    I do have to disclose that I’m not a Cameron Diaz fan. I’m not a fan of Jessica Biel’s by any stretch but I remember Cam going beserk in public (Golden Globes?) when Jess started dating Justin Timberlake. Not to mention who dates Justin Timberlake? Especially, if you’re older than him and should know better. Remember the diva stories we heard about him a week or two ago? That I believe.

    Anyway, I wish I could find that article but perhaps when they promote the film Brooklyn will mention this and dispel the rumors. Otherwise, if she had an off day it could be due to her divorce and she is also starting to do AI in Atlanta as well as her movie scenes and people were mad that she and STeven didn’t talk to fans or talk longer with them but they must be exhausted.

    Who knows. Just that it’s too easy to paint her as a diva and it’s soo constant.

  40. sc says:

    Cam is trash talking and J Lo behaving as Cam doesnt exist.. Well always knew she is a classy lady and what with all the current ongoing hoopla in her life, last thing she needs is Cam buzzing around her like an irritating but persistent housefly..I say give her one nice swat J Lo and she will shut up..Hate her looks and her acting..What is she even doing here atleast J Lo is a talented singer and sexy..

  41. Kosmos says:

    I Love it…and despise JLo because she is so full of herself. I doubt seriously that Marc’s jealousy ruined their marriage or that he was so overbearing. JLo is the overbearing one and I think that it was she who had the upper hand in their marriage and completely pushed him around. I have never liked her because of her diva attitude. She also has minimal talent and her acting skills are unfortunate. Cam is right, stick to your day job, take your entourage and go away!

  42. Jennifer says:

    There was a blib in the newspaper about the same thing. Talked about how J.Lo had flown in on a private jet and was being whisked around in a limo with dark windows. Cameron had been spotted eating in a local restaurant. Definitely will take down-to-earth vs diva’ish anyday.

  43. Victoria says:

    Jennifer is older than Cameron, but her face looks younger. The difference: Lopez has tones of fat to inject in her face and Cameron does not. Vive le fat! (for once).

  44. ADS says:

    @ KImble. Just cause you read gossip blogs/mags or whatever doesn’t actually mean you know the people you read about. You clearly have no idea at all whether if he were the higher earner that SHE would go after HIS money. Let the law decide whether this man is entitled to half his wife’s earnings.

  45. janine says:

    What a bunch of crap. They finished filming that movie a couple of weeks ago and no one said anything bad was going on between them. I guess since Jlo has been absent as of a few days from the media.. they have to make up something to keep them going.

  46. janine says:

    And by the way,, Jennifer Lopez beats Cameron in the looks department hands down. Cameron has awful skin and is so thin I don’t know what people see in her.

  47. Ramona Q says:

    Yet another bullshit story pitting two powerful women against each other.

    Love one another, ladies! And love yourselves!

  48. HotLatino says:

    JGod is A list! Whether you like it or not @kaboom and that story is fiction, Cam hasn’t even started filming, her and JGOd are friends, they were on wetten dass (sp?) and they smiled at each other and were very cordial towards each other and JGOd’s rep said they’re good friends!!

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  50. Joanie Mcmanus says:

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