Courtney Stodden, 16, and 51 yo husband confirm reality show plans

16 year-old bride Courtney Stodden and her 51 year-old husband, character actor Doug Hutchison, appeared on an Australian morning show yesterday. Courtney did her adult film star faces and Doug made a bunch of ridiculous statements about how they’re just living for the moment and embracing love or something. “Sexy love,” Courtney clarified. When they were asked if they were doing a reality show he said they’re being “seduced by producers” and were in negotiations now with someone prominent. Courtney promised us a “reality show like no other.” You mean disgusting and borderline illegal? This girl turns 17 next week, but she’s still not legal in many states, married or not.

“51 + 16 = love,” Doug told Australia’s The Morning Show was the secret of his successful marriage with his blonde bombshell wife by his side.

“51 + 16 = sexy love,” Courtney chimed in with her husband who is 35 years her senior.

In the video obtained by, Courtney is wearing a brown tank top showing off her naturally curvaceous figure and dished on what it was that first attracted her to her husband.

“His face, of his body of his sexy hair! Talk about seducing – he seduced me immediately. I knew off the bat that he was the one for me and that was it. When you find that one man you know you love, go for it!”

Doug said he and his happy 16-year-old bride have been “seduced by a lot of producers” and are working on a reality show about their unconventional yet happy marriage.

“It’s going to be a reality show like no other,” said Courtney. “Out of this world.”

[From Radar]

My favorite part of this video was the beginning, where they recapped Courtney’s face in her E! interview. Also that part where she said she was attracted to her new husband’s “face, his body and his sexy hair,” and said “he seduced me immediately,” while he looked all embarrassed. I love how she said she loved everything about him and then rattled off very superficial attributes. If you can get past the extreme skeeze factor, it’s actually pretty funny. Check out the 3:45 mark where she shakes it back and forth. These two are like a Saturday Night Live skit. Those little dogs slay me. I hope they don’t get a reality show, though. This is too much and way too unacceptable, even by reality standards.




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  1. Katie says:

    I never want to read the word “seduce” (or any other form of it) again.

  2. mannequin says:

    Is this new show going to be on hoTV?

  3. whitedaisy says:

    Gah. What have we come to?

  4. Robbie's Girl says:


  5. the original bellaluna says:

    Of course. Because nothing says “reality show trash” like Barbie-blonde extensions, an inappropriate age difference, extensive plastic surgery, and a pink dog.


  6. Bex says:

    I’m sorry but really, he’s an aging queen, this has to be a publicity stunt.

  7. MeMyself says:

    It looks like he’s missing a tooth in that last photo…

  8. tiki says:

    she’s a twitchy little thing, isn’t she?

  9. Maja says:

    Poor dogs 🙁

  10. Sandra says:

    Bex- I TOTALLY agree. He’s gay!! It’s so fake.
    BTW he seems to be n something….

  11. Liz says:

    What ARE those faces she makes!? I’m not even trying to be mean to bring too much attention to all of her obvious plastic surg, but sheesh, what IS that!? Drugs? Debilitating idiocy?

    Also – “because I love his face, his body, his hair…” sounds like I should have gotten married at least a couple of times.

  12. anne says:

    Beyond hilarious! Her mouth always looks like a ventriliquists’ talking dummy. Well……….

  13. tiki says:

    when she introduces her ‘manly little boy, bizarre,’ who exactly is she referring to? oh, wait, it must be the dog since the hubby is anything but manly. i’ve never actually seen someone swish while sitting. he’s talented.

  14. Maritza says:

    This couple is so fake, he looks gay and she seems to be on something, either that or she is overacting. Who on earth wants to see their show when the least you will see is reality.

  15. weeble says:

    Right now my toilet is seducing me to come upchuck in it.

  16. brin says:

    I always need a shower after reading one of these threads….blech.

  17. Dorothy says:

    Well, I’ve been proven wrong. Just when I thought the Kardashians were the worst of the worst as far as reality shows…along comes another mind-numbing show. God lord, have writers for TV up and left Hollywood? Is that why we are forced to be subjected to this trash?

  18. Thea says:

    You know just when I thought my day had tumbled into frigging hell….well here they are. I honestly cant stop laughing. Can someone please get those dogs away from these people? Call PETA. Please save the doggies.

  19. Blue says:

    Ugh my stomach turned *barf*
    They’re reality show would be like a car accident (can’t look away) but I can’t with her faces and voice. I think she makes me feel more sick to my stomach than him. She is too inappropriate.

  20. Thea says:

    ROFLMAO @ 13 remark. Swishes while sitting. OMFG……dying over here.

  21. Ari says:

    lol @ mannequin you cracked me the f*ck up just now

  22. Stubbylove says:

    Beautiful. Love. Blessed. Except for that damn left tit that keeps on saggin’ and needing to be propped up!

  23. *bRaZiLiAn* says:

    LMFAO!!!!! Why the F*** does she insist on acting like a cracked u PAM ANDERSON????

  24. WOM says:

    Ugh. Wanna bet that TLC fills the gap left by Kate Plus 8 with this show? Because a show that glorifies legalized pedophilia is gonna be a ratings winner!

  25. Franny says:

    I love how she keeps adjusting her plastic bra strap but not her purposely fallen tank top strap. She is such a Pam Anderson wannabe, without being as naturally cute as Pam once was

  26. Jeannified says:

    This girl is so absolutely full of herself, it is unreal! I can ‘t believe this guy was dumb enough to marry her. They are both total douches!

  27. Jeannified says:

    This girl is so absolutely full of herself, it is unreal! I can ‘t believe this guy was dumb enough to marry her. They are both total douches!

  28. Quest says:

    Oh F%&* it, this just suck. WTF…They are just handing out Reality Shows to any whore that comes along, huh

    I get sick just watching her facial features

  29. Ja says:

    No, this is not inappropriate. Not compared to the case of Kim K and the Mormon stuff. The trend of monstrosity worshiping is already set.

  30. NeNe says:

    They are the purest form of Trailer Trash. They might even have Lindsay, Kim K and her whole clan beat, if you can believe that.

    I firmly believe that their whole marriage is a scam, and after their ‘so called’ reality show fails, which, it most probably will, they will DIVORCE immediately after.

  31. guilty pleasures says:

    There has to be a way to make this NOT HAPPEN!!! Really? Even those who would tune in out of morbid curiosity couldn’t keep watching, but can we all pinky swear that NOT ONE OF US will even mistakenly skip by the channel if this hits the airwaves!!!
    NOT ONE OF US!!!

  32. merski says:

    You guys, here’s my THEORY.
    These two are just ACTORS bound together by a bussiness deal, because they’re trying to make some money off of a reality show. I CHOOSE to believe that. And you know why? Because if ANY of this is even REMOTELY genuine and true, then HOLY SHIT folks, run and hide, cause the ARMAGEDDON is upon us!!
    And that’s my take on this.

  33. Denise says:

    Excuse me, I have to go throw up.

  34. Seal Team 6 says:

    If they didn’t do a “balloon Boy Family” reality show, they won’t do one of these people. Or, if they do, it’ll tank. People enjoy watching trainwrecks, but not child sex trafficking.

  35. Mugs says:

    SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!!(in gomer pyle’s voice)

  36. Seal Team 6 says:

    It’s a sad day, when Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are a saner, less skeevy couple than someone.

  37. PrettyLights says:

    I can’t believe she would liken herself to classic beauties like Marilyn Monroe… girl is FAR from MM and will never be close to that. Did she really describe herself as ‘classy’?? And apparently, her 16-year-old life story (she says that the song is) is that other girls hate her because their men want her… smh. Girl is so full of herself, it’s painful.

  38. RocketMerry says:

    Ew. Ew. Ew.
    I so wanted to believe that she was not 16. How disgusting. And that quote “51+16=love”? No. 51+16= pedophile. Ew.
    If a tv show is made of this, then it would be like stating that this kind of situation is legit. It must be boycotted.

  39. TheHeat says:

    I believe I speak for most members of the human race when I say that I feel totally insulted by the fact that these two skeezies think that they are fooling anyone with this utter crap. They aren’t even good actors!

    P.S. I was dying to reach into the screen and fix her strap. What a skank! If she is really 16, can you imagine what she’ll look like at 35???

  40. Nanz says:

    It took 30 seconds for me to vomit in my mouth a little. I wish I wasn’t such an uptight B so that I could sit through the whole video. But I just CAN’T look.

  41. Lisa says:

    Aside from the creepy factor they are actually funny! I can honestly see her enthusiasm with him. They look happy so whatever floats their boat. Their business, their life.

  42. Rita says:

    I think her implants are 16 years old.

  43. lola lola says:

    I happily vow that I will NOT watch any show they are involved with. Not now. Not ever.

  44. Blergh says:

    @Franny- I was totally thinking the same thing about her tank top strap! Clearly she had it down like that as an orchestrated way of being “sexy”. She just tries way too hard.

  45. suggabugga says:

    I agree, he is a Queen and she is his protege, he is trying to turn her into what he never could be. the question remains, who’s playing who?

  46. CJ says:

    I’m with Merski – this seems fake. At this point, if you want a reality show career, you have to be as outrageous as possible because everything else has been done to death. Also, that dude is gaaaaaay.

  47. says:

    Her pink haired dog channels more classy, Hollywood beauty that she does.

    The whole thing is disgusting.

  48. TaylorB says:

    I just can NOT believe that these two dipsh*ts are for real, mostly for my own mental health and faith in humanity. First of all the dog in his lap is called ‘Tuna’ (could that be code for his skanky 30+ year old fake ‘wife’) and her male dog with the pink hair is her ‘manly man’ named ‘bizarre’ (code for her 51 year old gay ‘husband’??) Secondly, if this is for real and she is 16 this is sick as hell, she belongs in serious therapy and her parents and Doug belong in hell for exploiting this poor child… allowing her to dress like a hooker and marry a pervert at 16?? I have to wonder if this is how those Toddlers and Tiaras kids are going to turn out.

    And just because it was annoying as hell I have to ask, did you all notice how she kept adjusting her dress but never bothered to actually pull the strap up? I guess the dingbat thought it looked more ‘sexy love’ off the shoulder.

    And one more thing, ICKY, ICKY, ICKY,ICKY, ICKY.

  49. Jules says:

    There is no way she is 16, why perpetuate the lie?

  50. Jingo Jango says:

    Could we contrast a real 16 y/o blond’s picture next to hers. There is no way she is a teenager. This bitch has some serious alcohol/pill poppin miles logged all over her face. My wager is no less than 26.

  51. Catherine says:

    She looks more 46 than 16. Poor girl.

  52. Jules says:

    AT the 4:14 mark he trys to fix her earpiece for her and she recoils from him. That was about all I could bear to watch on mute. How come they hardly look at eachother the whole 5 minutes I watched? Total sham.

  53. BooBooKitty says:

    The other day my hubby said to me ‘It used to be Japan that was the centre for weird shit- with Toddlers and Tiaras and that weird couple it’s America now…’ and I agree. For such a prudish nation you’re very good at sexualising children. Reap what you’ve sown.

  54. coucou says:

    boobookitty back the hell up, don’t turn it into a national issue, GET REAL. Have you seen France’s TEN YEAR OLD fashion model? We do not corner the market on sexualizing children, that unfortunately is a world wide epedimic and blight on all society regardless of race or creed. Open your eyes and your mind, please. Wake up and join the world.

  55. piedlourde says:

    I’m loving this! I so look forward to all the upcoming snark on The Soup — Joel McHale’s gonna have a field day for sure.

  56. aenflex says:

    fucking funny comments here! sheet!

  57. Pyewacket says:

    He is every bit as creepy as his Salton Sea character.

  58. photo jojo says:

    That girl has GOT to be on drugs of some sort.

  59. ladybert62 says:

    He and she are disgusting – those little dogs are adorable!!!

  60. gg says:

    I wonder if she has seen her own face when she’s trying to talk with forced duck lips? And why did she stop there when she was surgically enhancing stuff? idiotic waste of false persona.

  61. Sassy says:

    He’s gay. She’s 50. You can’t convince me otherwise! Ugh.

  62. EarthWindFire82 says:

    *in Cleveland Brown voice*

    That’s nasssss-ty!

  63. dread pirate cuervo says:

    This Courtney is a dude & nothing will make me believe s/he was born with a uterus. Also, from the quotes, it sounds like s/he took ESL classes from a sex worker. But that Yorkie pup is too cute.

  64. Jenn says:

    That girl’s parents should be arrested for sheer stupidity, if not abuse. She didn’t get to this state at not yet 17 overnight. She looks like a 30 year old hooker. And she is totally getting off on the attention.

  65. teehee says:

    I am a dummy and always want to believe in the good, so I would have to say that after watching the clip, I come across with the impression that although they are jsut as money and fame greedy as the rest, they have some very cute chemistry.

    It would indeed take a lot of love to keep a mature man with a dumb box of hair like her anyway.
    Funny that she reminds me of myself a bit and she is born in the same week as me LOL
    I guess perky dingbat is written in the stars for some of us. 😛
    I get their fun admiration for each other but my gosh she is so messed up in the head to be actin the way she does.
    Its a double edged sword– youre happy if they are happy, but you wish she were better off…

  66. Lady D says:

    “I think her implants are 16 years old.” Hilarious.
    guilty pleasures, pinky-swearing fervently.
    To recap: “ICKY, ICKY, ICKY,ICKY, ICKY.”
    I’m so giggling at my desk here.

  67. Jilly Bean says:

    she looks older than him….

  68. Lindsey says:

    HOw many times did she tug on her top?

  69. sarah says:

    This couple is odd. He has gayface and she is clearly unbalanced. Perhaps the parents consented knowing he prefers boys? Even their dogs are unnatural.

  70. notapedophile says:

    Aside from the stupid faces she makes, especially with her lips; his face, his body and his hair seduced her? That’s why she fell for him? and she’s sure what’s in front of her “her tits” are what he noticed about her? Pedophiles everywhere must be building shrines too these two morons!

  71. Gal says:

    I like how she keeps messing with her strap but she won’t pull it up. They are both gross and she’s on something.

  72. Kelly says:

    I’m home sick, and this really made my day!

    I’m glad others were as obsessed with the constant boob-tugging. WTF? I never understood the plastic bra-strap thing – if you’re wearing a garment that’s that skimpy that you need to try to “hide” your bra-straps, your boobs are too big for it. She was obviously trying to draw attention – not that she needs to., LMAO! The killer poodle (or cockatoo, or whatever it is) embodies classic Hollywood glamour!

  73. Happy21 says:

    I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. I don’t believe for a second she is 16 years old! They make me sick. Doug Hutchison is a good actor. They are a joke. I don’t watch reality but if I did I would feel guilty that this one even made it on the air. I don’t want to see anymore of these people than I already have to!

  74. Joe Shmoe says:

    He’s gay and she’s pushing 32. None of this is real. It’s a peformance.

  75. Chloeee says:

    ….did anyone else want to claim Canadian citizenship throughout that whole interview???

  76. atlantapug says:



  77. Jennifer says:

    Sorry, Atlantapug, but this Atlanta gal needs that bleach! I’m going to take a bath in it right now.

  78. Shannon says:

    It is very strange how fixated they are on bringing everything back to them having sex. Courtney especially seems to delight in using words like “seduce” and that combined with her hypersexual appearance is just so messed up. It’s like she can’t discuss anything else. It makes me angry. Someone abused her. She reminds me of the facade that porn stars put on to hide how fragile and broken they really are. She dresses and speaks in a provocative way because it distracts people from seeing who she really is – a screwed up little girl who doesn’t know how to function in the world aside from using her sexuality as a bargaining chip.

  79. Amy says:

    Umm…is he missing a tooth?

  80. Erinn says:

    Classy man; immediately seducing a child.

    I can’t believe they dyed the Chinese Crested’s hair. Pink. On a male dog. She’s such a mature, worldly child. Or maybe ‘ironic’. Yeah. And the names! Dear Lord, imagine what they’d name their children.

    I just still can’t get over them. Every time I see these two I feel like puking.

  81. Tristyn says:

    This is so fcuking ridiculous !!!!

  82. faye says:

    I only watch these for her weird facial expressions. I even mute the sound.

  83. Camille says:

    Yuck. *shudder*

  84. Happy21 says:

    I must add that I never figured she was a virgin when she got married because there is no way if she truly is 16 years old that she would act that ‘adult’ sexual. She was a molested child. I have no doubt she was abused sexually as a child if she is 16. Sick, sick shit and she is still being abused but now its by her husband. Its horrific.

    LOL, But I really doubt she’s 16.

  85. mzjask says:

    this is amazing!!! i am so glad i caved and am getting cable i cant wait to laugh and cringe at this crap while shoveling handfuls of popcorn down my hatch!! everything they show you on tv is complete shit- why not go for the gold with these two?!
    ahh, to each their trashy own i suppose.

    the thing i find absolutely brilliant is the background of this video. first of all- there i am waving to y’all from the comfort of my desk in that AON building directly behind that palm tree in between them, hiyeeee!!!!
    and even lovelier, is the park at which the interview is being “shot.” Macarthur Park is a place where grown ass men wont even hang out after dark. gang activity, prostitution, drug users- oh and people on the corner selling fake id’s… so maybe this place is the correct place for courtney, lol. although, if the interview Really took place there with her dressed like that, i think courtney would be on the news for another reason- for being abducted raped and murdered!! if you wanna promote the “high life” as in living in beautiful los angeles, there are TONS of better places.

  86. I Choose Me says:

    I started to watch the video but I just can’t with her face and the try-hard and him with the skeeve. I feel like I need to wash my eyes with holy water now.

    @tiki. I’ve got tears, your comment made me laugh so hard. 😀

  87. natalie says:

    in all “reality” here, doesn’t that make the show about a pedophile?

  88. sam says:

    america can we not watch this show? like, seriously, please don’t watch the show.

    and for the love of god, get this girl a shirt where the straps stay up.

  89. Palermo says:

    These comments have me cracking up here! If this whole thing isn’t the saddest commentary on how far we have fallen I don’t know what is.

  90. original kate says:

    she’s the oldest looking person on this entire page. gross.

  91. taxi says:

    They’re so gross I don’t see how they could get a sponsor. How could a 16 year old be so dysfunctional that she’d pick this creep as “the one”? Weren’t there any cute guys at her high school?

  92. Angelduster says:

    I hope she does not fall pregnant.
    Can you imagine if these two people bred?
    I would feel so sorry for any child that is spawned from these two if their wildly inappropriate, ” sexy love” happened without any protection.
    Please, please, please do not breed!

  93. fizXgirl314 says:

    haha why is everyone seducing each other in this video? It’s one big seduction fest there isn’t it? He’s got his hand around her but he’s barely touching her back, he’s like bouncing it off her back or something… like he’s scared to touch her. Either he’s gay or this is a sham or both… Does she not realize they’re going to have to have fake intimacy with this guy if they get a reality show? This is a new low… I’m hoping the show doesn’t do well but even I can’t resist the lure of watching this dumbass make coked out sexy faces…. LAWD!

  94. Kitty_Cal says:

    I wanna see her birth certificate. That trick looks at least 35…

  95. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    I didn’t believe Aniston was really dating Justin. I didn’t believe Garner was pregnant. I don’t believe this couple is for real, but with my track record I guess I have to assume they are madly in love and age is just a number. Mazel tov!

  96. Andie B says:

    She is not 16!! Is she? She doesn’t look a day under 35. These two are shameless publicity whores. My Gaydar is beeping like mad just looking at him.

  97. Your mama says:

    Wowser! Couldn’t even watch the video. Maybe they need to be on a reality show to pay for more plastic surgery. Her 16 looks like our 40 plus! Think of all the celebs in their late 30s & mid 40s and tell me she looks younger than them. Get the eff outta here! They are delusional & I’m not smoking the crack they are selling.

  98. Your mama says:

    Me too @ Kitty_Cal

  99. Devon says:

    She channels Marilyn Monroe, Sharon Tate? She’s classy? WHAT THE F*CK? I don’t know how those reporters kept it together. FML.

  100. Memphis says:

    Um making a show about a 51 year old man and a 16 year old child is called child porn not a reality show.

    That man is one sick F-K and she is a famewhore just trying to get noticed in Hollywood. Her “parents” should be smacked..HARD!

  101. Baylor says:

    This girl should be Leann Rimes new best friend. Can you imagine those two together?! Both trying to outdo each other in terms of attention-seeking and immature behavior?! Yikes!

  102. judyjudy says:

    She should be careful with that “he seduced me immediatly” bit. Didn’t they say at first that their friendship was “innocent” in the beginning and that he did not make any sexual advanced towards her, given her age? So if the story now is that he seduced her immediatly (with that sexy body and face and hair!) wouldn’t that open them up for investigation?

    But really though, I would totally watch their show just to see those dogs.

  103. daedalus007 says:

    Any day now, someone from her home town is going to bust out a high school year book from 1990, and point to her graduation photo.

  104. Kloops says:

    Both are raging addicts and famewhores. Match made in reality tv heaven. They’ll get a show, but it won’t last. Neither has any draw for an audience beyond a few cursory viewings.

  105. dr.bombay says:


  106. uberskeeze says:


  107. g says:

    She makes Pamela Anderson and Anna Nicole Smith look like Grace Kelly.

  108. notsoanonymous says:

    The clips from her ‘music video’ just kill me. That was filmed in a brackish water canal between Duck Lake and the ocean in Ocean Shores, Washington. Every time I see it I just die!

  109. VeneficA Delirium says:

    This chick’s mouth moves like she had a stroke or something and when it isn’t moving, her lips form an upward snarl like the Joker’s. She looks like a twat.

    Also, shocker.
    I didn’t even know who this guy is, so he obviously married her to revive her career and this twit needed a launch into her fifteen minutes of B-level stardom.

    I don’t see any victims here, just two opportunists using each other and riding on the coattails of controversy for publicity. This couple can screw off.

  110. mojoman says:


  111. bettyrose says:

    ROFLMAO! That youtube video is hysterical. She’s not even properly lipsyncing to a song with like three lyrics. And the chorus “d-d-d-d-don’t.” Priceless.

  112. Trashaddict says:

    I found it much easier to watch with the sound off.
    Makes it less nauseating.
    She looks like one of the neighbor wives in Edward Scissorhands.

  113. marybeth18 says:

    I cannot wait until SNL does the skit- I think Abby Elliot could do a pretty brilliant Courtney.

    I just can’t with those faces she pulls…

    If you feel like regurgitating your last meal, check out her twitter.

    It reads like a fan fiction version of a Harlequin book:

    “Took a stimulating stroll on Hollywood BLVD with my pink pup. I love how the evening breeze slightly blows through my hair & touches me. ;-)”

    “Off to run my productive-fulfilled errands under the humid sky, while nothing but utter sex-appeal slowly drips from my rill curvy-bod. ;-x”

  114. VeneficA Delirium says:

    She has the vocabulary of a harlequin romance writer. She probably just learned what “seduce” means and is trying to use it to sound intelligent.

    I get serious gay vibes from hubby.

  115. Annie says:

    I call bs. The way they are acting is simply too over the top to be real plus what is up with all Courtney’s weird facial tics? I think this is just a stunt orchestrated by people after a reality tv show like Balloon Boy Dad and it will come out that this chick is actually 25-35 years old.

  116. Jezi says:

    LMFAO!!!! If it wasn’t so disgusting it is hysterical. I mean the beginning with her seduction face…LMAO!!! I can’t. Did you see the woman interviewing her? Her face? She looked like “WTF???” Too funny!

  117. John Wayne Lives says:

    it is so hard for me to believe this “girl” is 16. ouch.
    and I think she’s total pill popper.

  118. MrsOdie2 says:

    At the risk of sounding like a bigot, no straight man looks at a teacup yorkie that way.

  119. VeneficA Delirium says:

    @Marybeth: Boy is she in love with herself, isn’t she? Yeah, nice body but without the tupperware tits, who cares? Her face still reminds me of Nicole Sullivan when she parodied Britney Spears on MadTV.

    I also don’t get the point of spelling “real” as “rill”. The word’s still the same length.