Kim Kardashian’s wedding was tacky & the Humphries family was “appalled”


Prepare yourselves. Gird your loins. This is the post for the twenty-million stories about Kim Kardashian’s wedding. I feared that today would be like this – all of the tabloids are coming out, and Kim’s wedding crap is featured on everything. Let’s just take a deep breath and knock this junk out quickly:

*People Magazine put Kim on the cover, obviously. I hate her headpiece, it’s so… “LOOK AT MY KATFACE.” The People story online is basically just trying to get you to buy the special wedding issue, but Kim tells the mag, “It was like we were in heaven.” Kris Humphries says: “I’m going to remember how perfect it was.” Kim says she felt like a princess in her Vera Wang gown. Meh.

*Kim borrowed $10 million worth of jewels from Lorainne Schwartz. It was mostly the headpiece.

*Us Weekly has a story asking if the wedding was “Fairy tale or fake?” The wedding could end up earning $17 million, and everything was overblown and tacky. One guest says, “There were rhinestones up the wazoo! It was 100 percent Kardashian.” There were “200-plus staffers and plenty of TV cameras documenting the whole thing for an October TV special on E!.” Another guest says, “It’s so hard to take it all seriously. Everybody felt awkward, like it was all for the cameras and more like a TV show than a wedding.” And apparently the Kardashians were telling everyone, “This is our version of the royal wedding!” FYI: The groom’s family “mostly looked appalled by the entire thing,” but they “cheered when Kim and Kris were pronounced husband and wife.”

*Kris Humphries’s teammates call him “Kate Middleton”. Because he “just married into royalty.” Eyeroll.

*You know how millions of dollars were spent on the wedding? None of it went towards getting the Humphries family to California. They paid for their own economy class tickets.

*I don’t know what’s happening with the honeymoon. For a while, Kim said they weren’t doing one until next year, but apparently they flew to Naples, Italy and are there now.

Here are Mr. and Mrs. Humphries yesterday at JFK:




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. ladybert62 says:

    What a surprise! Kardashian and tacky in the same sentence – knock me over with a feather!

    With that dress she has on in the picture, why bother even wearing it – just go naked from the waist up.

    Tacky, tacky, tacky – it has only just begun to rain the “kardashian/tacky” drops!!! Run for cover!

  2. brin says:

    I’d be appalled,too. This is just like “My big fat gypsy wedding”…money doesn’t buy class (sorry, klass).

  3. Hautie says:

    Sadly, I don’t think Kim cares for Lurch. She just wanted to get married.

    Khloe getting married to a pro ball player probably had to have made her crazy. Plus Khloe and Lamar seem to enjoy each others company.

    Kim was not going to end up any older, without her own ball player. She had been on a husband hunt for 2 years. But it had to be one that would let her have total control. Enter poor Lurch.

    So now Lurch is strapped to this female. That seems like she is not too interested in holding his hand in public. On their honeymoon.

    I suspect she will not be living with him either. But will show up for any games that are nationally televised.

  4. Jackson says:

    I’m glad I don’t pay attention to those magazines enough to see all of this crap. I just can’t believe anyone cares enough about this idiot to warrant this kind of attention. It sickens me. And that headpiece or whatever you want to call it is terrible. She doesn’t wear it, it wears her. Tacky doesn’t begin to describe this woman, this family or this sham wedding.

  5. Bubulle says:

    Of course she got married for the cameras, she’s a famewhore. Everything about her is tacky and fake.

  6. Denver Danni says:

    Uh, not to take away anything but…Rose McGowan “I escaped a cult.” What the what what? Waaaaay more interesting. lmao

  7. alma says:

    “*You know how millions of dollars were spent on the wedding? None of it went towards getting the Humphries family to California. They paid for their own economy class tickets.”

    This is sooooo beyond tacky!!!

  8. RobN says:

    While flipping channels the other day, my husband and I came across coverage of her wedding. My husband said “I don’t really get her; is she supposed to be good looking?” It’s moments like that when I know I married the right person. I don’t think poor Lurch is ever going to feel that way.

  9. Jen says:

    Um, didn’t they just get married? He is already not wearing his ring! Look how awkward that third picture is. He is holding Kim by her wrist like a child. And why isn’t Kris on the cover with Kim? Wasn’t it THEIR wedding?!

  10. whitedaisy says:

    I feel sorry for Humphries and his family. They have no idea what this is going to feel/look like as their lives are played out on camera until this “marriage” folds.

    I mean, look at that photo where he is trying to hold her hand. She is over it already.

  11. the original bellaluna says:

    “And in other breaking news, it was announced today that water is wet!”

  12. John Wayne Lives says:

    you know, i think there is alot of famewhore stuff from the Kardashians that get no more than a “meh” from me these days. That’s who they are. But not buying the inlaws plane tickets? Well that’s just tacky.

    and let’s hear more about Rose’s cult escape! it was CO$ right?

  13. Ferocity says:

    I know this woman drives everyone (including myself) crazy. But I want to know how she gets and keeps her hair so shiny.

  14. lucy2 says:

    That guy must be dumb as a box of rocks to marry into that nightmare. His family should have been appalled the moment he told them he was dating her.

  15. Lila says:

    Why are the Humphries surprised the wedding was tacky? This is the chick who got famous from a sex tape. And have they seen the show? Sorry, but while I can imagine the wedding was appalling, I don’t understand why that should be in any way a suprise.

    As for the parent’s plane tickets – Kris earns millions too. Why wasn’t he getting them some plane tickets? He should at least show some basic decency!

  16. cmc says:

    Wow, I totally get the backlash/sentiments about the Kardashians but I’m surprised that not ONE poster on this site admits to being a fan or following them.

    Objectively, I know how awful she is, but I have a soft spot for ANY full-figured woman in the public eye that refuses to lose weight just so people won’t call her fat any more. Makes me turn a blind eye to a lot of obnoxiousness, sure. I’m totally buying the People magazine though because I’d rather see a normal-sized twit on the cover than the usual emaciated ones.

  17. Emily says:

    so…. did he not get a wedding ring?

    I am actually more interested in the story in the top corner of the cover about Rose McGowan’s cult experience.

  18. Melissa says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that hated the head piece! I saw on one of their shows or something that she is obsessed with Jasmine from Aladin, this is too cartoony..I dont like her hair or the head piece and I’m sure I won’t like the dress either once we can finally see it!

  19. Harley says:

    @Hautie-presactly! Some of your comments made me chuckle-it’s funny cuz it’s true! 🙂

    Her head piece was so ’80’s tacky! I can’t believe someone didn’t tell her that! It looks awful. And I agree that Khloe marrying a baller must have driven her batsh!t crazy.

    Is this famewhore family ever gonna go away?

  20. anonymous says:

    Anybody who thinks putting on a wedding that might rival a real royal couple is some kind of nuts! They weddings are a national function with real Kings and queens in attendance, who did she have at her wedding Lilo princess of we know what. I am so glad that I don’t watch they show these people are so out of it.

  21. Quest says:

    Kardashians = Cheap Dumb Ass Fame Whores, who like to get paid for nothing

    How could these stories, ever surprise us?

    And Chris H is just along for the money train ride.

    Place your bets and odds on this marriage and a reality spin-off.

  22. brin says:

    That Rose McGowan item will be Kris Humphries in a couple of months with the headline “I escaped the Kardashian Kult”.

  23. Devon says:

    I love how he’s not wearing a ring.

    Ferocity, I believe she gets her hair glazed. From my understanding, it’d be like dying you hair with the equivalent of a high gloss top coat for your nails.

  24. bondbabe says:

    Of course Kim is royalty – she’s a royal pain in the ass!!

  25. TXCinderella says:

    Who cares about Kim. Rose McGowan looks like she’s messing with her face. Her story sounds much more interesting than Kartrashian’s. So sick of them.

  26. hayley says:

    she does not look attractive at all. she never does with her hair up.
    and the makeup is horrible.
    also, am i the only person who would chose paris hilton over the kardashians any day? at least paris was entertaining. every story about the kardashians is how they spend a ton of money to look trashy, or how they got their faces jacked again. paris gave us drug scandals and all that good stuff.

  27. dorothy says:

    I will not be purchasing People magazine. In my opionion it was a tacky, tasteless wedding. As my grandmother used to say..”you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”.

  28. yepp says:

    i would applaud her for being full figured? really?! but she really does not embrace it,yeah she apppears to be a little thick because she wears clothes that are to small for her. but she really wants to be an emaciated stick. so she gets no credit. and i HAVE NEVER SEEN nor will I EVER watch that show… is that bad that ive seen her suck RayJ(for free) off but not the show?

  29. Ferocity says:

    @ Devon!

    Thank you! My hair is a hot mess (though slowly improving due to lack of shame in seeking hair advice).

  30. AliceV says:

    I’m convinced she just got married so she could get pregnant, get divorced and then get herself another reality show about being a single mom.

  31. jo says:

    OMG She just wanted to get Married.. they haven’t even known each other for a year.. didn’t they stop seeing each other and he said something like ” she was good for getting me known” something like that.. He is so goofy looking and Khloe says he has no filter.. It is not a matter of being blunt it is because he is dumb,,, This will last all of 6 month maybe.

  32. taxi says:

    lucy2, you’re right. His parents are probably real proud of their porn star daughter-in-law who’s going to
    re-release the tape now for more $$$. And guys, wouldn’t it be great to go to work with all the guys having seen your bride’s nekkid parts doing the nasty on a big screen TV?

    He’s gotta be dumber than a box of rocks. Is Kris already planning the divorce reality show? Wait, she will.

  33. Lee says:

    Says a lot about the marriage that the groom didn’t even make a tiny add on in the cover pix!!! All Kim — all PR — all tacky!!!

  34. Lady D says:

    Devon, naive question I know, but does glazing wreck your hair? I too really like the shine of her hair and I haven’t heard of this process.

  35. Roma says:

    The Rose McGowan cult stuff was really old, I remember reading about it before. Believe it happened in her childhood?

    Unless she got involved in another cult… which would be about a million times more interesting than the Kardashians.

  36. ltlstar says:

    Am I the only one who noticed “NO ring” on Kris’s left hand?

  37. Annie says:

    LOL this Kris really does look like he could play Lurch…and his IQ seems to be about the same as Lurch’s too. I feel sorry for the guy. Married 3 days and she’s ignoring him in favor of the cameras already.

  38. Blue says:

    They couldn’t get a sponsor for his ring or the inlaws flight? That is so disgusting and tacky but not surprising. Wasn’t it said that when she went to meet them for the first time she gave his sisters & mom? jewelry from the DASH store.

  39. Tiffany says:

    I can’t help it, I am a sucker for a People baby or wedding issue. So they will be getting my $5. Why, because I really can’t hold high while oohing and ahhing in a checkout line. I have some dignity left. But it does make me feel better that there are others out there who think like me. *waves to cnc*

  40. Sigh. says:

    ITAW everyone that she was 100% annoyed with most of the attention being drawn away from her by Kourtney having a kid and Khloe getting married to a relatively high profile athlete, and that p!sses her off (Pun intended. I’m looking at you RayJ. With safety goggles on…).

    And how is the engagement ring he *allegedly* purchased worth $2mil (which is 2/3 of his NBA yearly income, BTW) but he couldn’t/didn’t pay to fly his own family in or get Mama Kris to whore up some sponsors (Yes, I know that would never happened, because that would make this about more than just the Kardasses)?

    This is all a game. For both of them. Another disingenuous HW marriage. Throw it on the pile with the rest.

  41. maggiegrace says:

    I wonder if they filmed their wedding night. I wouldn’t be surprised. Everyone in the world knew what her pu**y looked like before he did.

  42. Jo says:

    Lady D. – Glazing will definitely lighten your hair. It’s much easier to use one of the many shine sprays they have on the market now. I just got one from Scruples and I love it. (No, I’m not getting paid for advertising for them.) As for K-trash, she’s a bad joke. She wouldn’t know class if she stepped in it. Anyone who gets pissed on in a sex tape – CMON! You know that’s all her new hubby can picture when he tries to get it on with her. I picture lots of little blue pills in his future!

  43. Truthful says:

    I hope no one buys this cover and let People magazine absorb and lose all of the money they paid this bird for the rights to pics. LOL.

    I’m not buynig it..

    I’d like to know more about Rosie’s story and the cult too.

  44. Runs with Scissors says:

    I don’t know, maybe it’s just me and my old fashioned self, but if you have a SEX TAPE out, in which you let a man PISS on you, maybe a huge white wedding dress is a bit much?

  45. KLO says:

    We can badmouth them all we want, but they look content with the marriage and the whole shebang. I think Kim just wanted a sweet guy (doesn’t matter if he’s a little simple, you can’t be a total loser if you’re a famous athlete) to have a child with. I think they just took the plunge and thought- hell with it. I think if I was in their shoes I would have done the same. Maybe their marriage will be awesome.
    You never know, because lots of marriages beginning with a fairy-tale romance end up in a bitter divorce.
    And even if they end up getting a divorce, they’ll survive. So – what the hell, they might as well give it a go. Kim isn’t getting any younger and she obviously
    wants to have a baby.

  46. azurea says:

    I’m sure Kim is having fabulous honeymoon
    sex while gazing at all of her tabloid covers over Kris’s shoulder.

  47. Jayna says:

    Why blame the Ks? I doubt Humphried lifted a hand or a dime for the wedding. He makes millions. He’s the one that should have paid for his family’s plane tickets.

  48. 4Real says:

    OMG I haven’t seen anything this tacky since Katie Price got married. What a vapid and disgusting bunch these people are. I can’t BELIEVE all that money and they didn’t offer to pay for HUMPHREYDORK’S family to fly and stay. KRIS is a gross and evil PIMP. Looks like I’ll be flipping mags around in the grocery line like I do with “TEEN MOM” covers again this week.

  49. grazi says:

    I already can see myself looking at this website and finding a headline about their divorce, along with 200 comments on how everybody knew that would happen! lol

  50. the original bellaluna says:

    Ferocity – She got her hair fiple (that’s 5 times, in kid-speak) glazed.

    I’ve also heard that using a porcelain hair straightener (expensive, and totally beyond me, as my hair couldn’t be any straighter than God made it) makes hair shiny.

    Also, for hair-health, I recommend…N.O.T.H.I.N.G. No blow-drying; no curling/straightening; no colouring; no highlighting; NO. THING.

    I wash and condition my hair. It is healthy as all get out; grows about a foot a year (or more, according to the gal who cuts it); has natural highlights; was longer than down-to-my-bum (until I got 2 Pomeranians-worth – also according to the gal who cuts my hair) when I got it cut. (My hair is STILL at back-bra-strap length.)

    Get a good shampoo, a good conditioner, a good “hair lady,” and some “Silk.” (It is an AWESOME product that eases the stress of combing – wide-tooth comb only – out wet hair, lightly conditions hair, and smells great!)

  51. Beautrice says:

    Wow Kim looks divine. I really want to meet kim one day. I love the way she looks on the photo and I also love her husband. Kim you are a jewel to my soul. Looking at Kim makes my heart rejoice, she is indeed a blessing. That head piece is stunning.
    BTW I must buy that People magazine before Friday. Hope I get it here.

  52. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    Her husband is going to be loving the extra hoochies that throw vagina at him on the road trying to get some of that Kardashian fame on them.

  53. Devon says:

    I’m not sure what glazing does to your hair damage wise. I’m too nervous to get anything major done to my hair anymore since my last dye job was balls. I have a few shine sprays and gels that work really well and they don’t damage my hair. My hairdresser recommends to get shiny, healthy hair, is to use a leave in conditioner if your hair is on the dry side and some anti-frizz serum. Don’t wash it everyday and when you use a blow dryer or use any hot equipment, be sure to use an additional heat protector. I’m cheap and use Got2Be blow dry cream, Garnier Sleek and Shine and Nexus leave in spray. When my hair is dry, I use Got2Be shine spray. Works wonders for me!

  54. Minx2 says:

    OMG! The headband! ROTFLMAO! It’s such an 80s thing, it’s like something out of The Wedding Singer.
    I suppose the family was entertained at the rehearsal dinner with Kim’s sex tape. I haven’t heard, until now (thanks Running With Scissors) that it involved pissing.. Yuck. And yet the girl graces the cover of People. In a big, white dress and a veil. I try not to make a comment that would sound harsh but gosh.. WTF is wrong with this picture?

  55. It is ME!! says:

    That dress she is wearing in the last pics look like the inside lining of a GP medium tent.

  56. eileen says:

    Vomit. That is all.

  57. geekychic says:

    …and this is so not fair: in the second pic, kris h. is hot to me! i can, honest to god, see his appeal.
    and this coming from the girl who hates butt(ler), farr(aw)ell etc…
    why?? why???
    what’s the message?!
    be tacky, cheap, easy, botoxed, vain and narcistic-and then BUY yourself a cute husband??
    great, just great.
    i, for the love of god, do not know what would they have to pay me to stand even 10 sec of her nasal voice and vapid, superficial life.
    people in africa are dying, children are suffering and all she ever does is worry about her beauty, beauty (health related), beauty (in comparison to her sisters), beauty (bussiness related) and guys.
    makes me wanna barf.

  58. eileen says:

    Also on the hair health thing: I take Biotin-the stronger kind you get BEHIND the pharmacy counter, not the kind you get at the aisle. If they don’t have it-then tell them to order it. My hair is growing and its thick and healthy. First time in my life-a friend who is a model told me that little secret and she was on a Pantene commercial. Holla!!! 😀

  59. Alex says:

    Beautrice: Seriously…..

  60. garvels says:

    I am embarrassed to be American, if this family of whores is what we call our Royalty!

  61. Hellen says:

    Poor Lurch Middleton. Now that he’s played his minimal role in all the hoo-haw, he will be marginalized and treated as one of Kim’s fashion accessories until she gets tired of himand moves on to somebody else. Separation and divorce prediction: 8 months.

  62. Gal says:

    She won’t let him hold hands with her because she wants to make sure we see that tacky ring.

  63. Seal Team 6 says:

    Linnocent and White Oprah were guests.

    Enough said.

  64. corey says:

    I am also “appalled”.

  65. Madisyn says:

    The Humphries family was given an invite and told where and when to be there. THAT was the extent of involvment for the parent’s of the groom. The KardASSians are pathetic.

    Like Parasite and Blohan before her, its a looong way down. It will happen, maybe not for a while, but WILL happen. She’s just marketed and branded better than the other two twits AND she actually listens to her management.

    I really feel sorry for the Humphries family. I’m sure his parents were dead set against this from the start. I believe he’s definetely in love with her, but can she say the same about him? I know he loves the attention being with her brings but I do feel sorry for him because she’s going to dump him fast and dump him hard.

  66. jover says:

    I read that Vera Wang was at this farce; why would any legitimate fashion designer be any near this hee haw clan?

  67. Cherry Rose says:

    Rose McGowan’s father was head of the cult Children of God in Italy. Just an FYI. This hasn’t really been any recent news. She’s talked about it before.

    @Beautrice – Just…no words.

  68. Usedtoitall says:

    That’s not Kim’s hair why are people acting like it is. Her whole family except the little sisters wear hair extensions. Stop acting. Its a weave baby. I do hair and know what I’m talking about!! People only point this out on black women. Kim’s hair is fake as a three dollar bill

  69. Firecracker says:

    Re the hair thing, I bought an otc product that you apply like color, can’t remember what it was called. A shine product I think. But…if you have any grays be careful. It lifted the color off the gray hairs.

  70. mel says:

    I know alot of you guys probably dont watch the K show but last Sunday, Khloe opted to not go on the family vaca to Bora Bora. She stayed home with her hubby which I think her relationship with Lamar will last alot longer than this fake made for tv soap opera. BTW supposedely Kim lost her $75,000 earring in the ocean….eyes rolling.

  71. zesty says:

    Tacky with a capital T. This family is so self-absorbed, why would anybody think it would be different with this event?

    And why is he holding her by her wrist there? How awkward.

  72. Firecracker says:

    That headpiece is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen! I watched the short video on People, and it was sooo planned out that it was disgusting. The bride doing the slow look down, and then up again when she was walking down the aisle w/Bruce. I just about threw up at my desk at work.

    That hand gripping in those pics is weird. Does anyone else notice that in a lot of pictures they never kiss, they just look at each other? Probably the minister that married them wasn’t a true minister, so it was just, well now I can’t think of what they would call it. When people have a ceremony but aren’t legally married.

  73. the original bellaluna says:

    Madisyn – psst! Meet me on the Linnocent thread!

    Yes, Lardassian Kartrashian is totally over him.

    I really do feel for his family, who is probably all “But why do want to marry the girl who got peed on in a porno?!?” And “Bitch has THAT MUCH money and makes us pay our own way coach? To attend her stunt-queen-publicity-wedding-sham? AUFKM?!?”

  74. LittleFATMe says:

    WTH?! Rose McGowan’s face is – huh?
    As far as the “cover” story of People, we now see why I don’t read it! i used to LOVE People, now it’s crap!
    OF COURSE SHE IS TACKY – she is only famous because she got peed on – right? See I don’t even know what sex tape she’s from!
    Though I am glad for her because I love me some Khloe & Lamar!

  75. Amy says:

    Ugh, I saw the sketch of the three dresses (I can understand two different dresses for the ceremony and the reception but 3!!!!) and none of them appealed to me. I always thought Kim looked pretty even though she always cakes on the make up and I was hoping she would go for classic and timeless (after Khloe’s horrible wedding dress).

    I guess I can console myself with my current copy of Vogue magazine–Kate Moss’s wedding is featured in the current issue and in my opinion she wore the best wedding dress I’ve seen on a celebrity this year. Sorry Kim!

  76. Dorothy says:

    Kim looked pretty and Kris was handsome yet I don’t like this televised thing. It’s one thing that Kate and Will got married via satellite because of the royalty (true royalty); it’s another to just be doing it for show off.

    I trust they will have a happy life and keep the rest of the families out of it! 🙂

  77. Memphis says:

    For something being touted as “The Royal wedding 2.0”, they certainly missed the mark. Everything about this wedding looked Tacky.As.Hell.

    The backdrop alone was beyond nauseating and everything looked as if a child had gotten hold of a “bedazzler”. Regal? Not my first thought.

    I will say she didn’t look as over the top tacky as I expected. And I actually liked the idea of her headpiece as a nod to her heritage and it would have been nice *IF* she would have executed it better. But Kim ended up more Disney princess than regal, exotic bride.

    As for her groom, he knows (even with his rudimentary IQ ) what he has gotten himself into so I can’t feel to sorry for him…well except for the fact that all his friends have seen his wife getting p!ssed on in a sex tape.

    And as to why he didn’t fly his family in.. well we all know he spent every dime he ever made on Kim’s big ass engagement ring *wink wink* so poor Lurch is broke till next payday.

  78. Goofpuff says:

    *ugh* I can’t believe I read this thread about that stupid wedding. But the whole wedding is like a bad accident…can’t look…away…

  79. marge says:

    About shiny hair… (becasue what can one possiby ad to this k-mess?) I do not use conditioner but rinse it with a mix of 1/3 white wine vinegar and 2/3 water. Not only does it help remove any leftover shampoo, but the vinegar makes your hair shinier as it makes the cuticles “close”, it conditiones it (for real!, but I don’t know why) and it’s very green option as it shortens your time in the shower and use only one product (with it associated packaging) instead of 2

  80. bluhare says:

    I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I bet her headpiece was a nod to her Armenian side. It’s got sort of an harem/veily thing going on.

    The K’s made something like $17 million off this wedding. It’s disgusting. I told Mr. Bluhare to start building the bunker in the basement because civilisation as we know it is about to crumble.

  81. Penguen says:

    I’m sorry. When I think about American Royalty, I think about the Kennedys. A family whose legacy actually involved MAKING POSITIVE CHANGE.

    Things like, I dunno, starting the Peace Corps, steering our country through some of the worst of the Cold War, etc – NOT getting possible butt implants and talking about being a size two.

    Sorry for getting a little soapbox-y, there.

  82. hmmm says:

    The Kardashians are such money hungry whores and I am disappointed People put them on the cover and that they even paid for that. Ughh What’s the world come to?

    With this cover People is now on the same level as trashy US Magazine and National Enquirer. I will never buy their magazine again!

  83. Madisyn says:


    I got your message, I’m on my way.

  84. Mary jones says:

    Lurch didn’t pay 2 million for that ring. Lorraine Swartz either gave them a huge discount or gifted it to her. This was reported somewhere online. I can’t remember where.

  85. Sillyone says:

    I can only wish they are going to be the only ones on the plane back and well….crosses my fingers and wishing real hard where that plane ends up. Good lord I am going to hell for wishing such a thing.

  86. Gypsy says:

    Parents and their plane tickets:
    They are Mid-Western folks, and Mid-Western folks don’t take money ffrom their children, nor take take handouts, and above all they are frugal, they know that the back of the plane gets there at the same time, so why contribute unnecessarily to a wealthy airline when that money could go to their retirement.
    ALSO: The father owns or is part owner of a restaurant franchise in Minnesota — They are not poor.

  87. fabchick says:

    And somewhere in LA khloe is laughing her ass off. Her dress was prettier than kim’s, her wedding was a classer affair, she had more notable guest (lamars teammates and championship winning coach) and she married the more successful guy when all these years everyone assumed princess Kim would marry some top notch A lister. Khloe= #winning#

  88. Hautie says:

    @ Beautrice

    Dang Kris, didn’t I just see you over at the other post praising the beauty of Kim?

    Or is this Dina Lohan!?!?!?

  89. Madisyn says:

    Post 16, you said

    “Wow, I totally get the backlash/sentiments about the Kardashians but I’m surprised that not ONE poster on this site admits to being a fan or following them”.

    Well your partly correct.

    I WILL NOT admit to being a fan, cuz I’m not.

    I DO NOT watch the TV show.

    I BARELY follow them on these sites and if you go back several posts, you’ll see that. (Except for this one because I feel strongly about the “appalled” part)

    Although I had absolutely NO INTENTION of watching the wedding, however, I will tape it and scroll through it, just for grins. Just because of the over-the-top lunacy and ridiculousness of it all. So take it anyway you want too.

  90. Ashley says:

    It irritates me when magazines run a cover featuring only the gloating bride (which I seem to be seeing more and more frequently). Last I checked, the groom plays a pretty big part too.

    A woman I know whose son got married wasn’t allowed to ask the professional photographer to take formal pics of her and her son. The bride said to her “come on, weddings are really only for the bride and her parents”.

  91. kelly says:

    If she married Reggie Bush, he would be on the cover too.

  92. marybeth18 says:

    I co-sign pretty much every comment here:

    I think Kim wanted to get married (again), and Kris was the easiest target. I think she wanted to marry Reggie Bush, or someone at his fame level, but the only one she could nail down was a 26 year old second tier b-ball player. I thing this marriage was more about money and ratings than love- ie. I have to get married because I need something big to film and to be the center of attention.

    I refuse to support the Kardashians at any point- commenting on this thread is the most that I have done. I haven’t clicked on a single story about the wedding, I refuse to watch their shows, I won’t buy the magazine. I’m breathlessly anticipating the day they are irrelevant, though I don’t hate them like I hated Paris Hilton.

  93. Sandrine says:


    What is Biotin? I feel like I’ve heard of it but is it a pill or some hair product? I have baby fine hair that I have to cut short because it looks so stringy if I grow it out and I NEED something, ANYTHING, to make it thicker and healthier! I have met very few people with this problem, I can’t ever find a decent stylist who can cut my hair evenly or decently….it’s even too thin to do extensions because the tracks would be obvious. I know I’ll never have thick beautiful hair but it truly is the bane of my existence and torments me! Does anyone else have any input? I’m seriously about to just get a freaking wig 🙁

  94. Madisyn says:

    Cherry Rose and Hautie

    I was thinking ‘Beautrice’ was Innocent. Same delusional praise, same idiotic thinking.

    Of course, Hautie could be on to something. . . it very well could be Dina.

  95. blc says:

    Haha, @fabchick: I agree with you 100%!!! I was thinking the same thing. Khloe looked way more beautiful at her wedding, had a nicer dress, and had a much classier wedding (as classy as a televised wedding on e! can be). Khloe is totally winning and I bet her marriage lasts longer than Kims.

  96. lola lola says:

    This family is the definition of vulgar.

  97. Hautie says:

    @ Sandrine

    As odd as this may sound, but a good pre-natal vitamin does wonders for your hair and nails. And relatively cheap to purchase.

    It can be as simple as a really good daily vitamin. To get your hair to grow and thicken up.

    And for the love of gawd… do not get any extensions. Of any kind. There is only one outcome for them. And it is a super short hair cut.

  98. Beautrice says:

    Lol pple said they hate cutie Kim Kardashian yet they pay more attention to any post Kim is mentioned. So ironic!!☺ You see why kimmie is so popular & a princess? We admire Kim but so jealous to admit it.
    Kim made it clear that her wedding would have 1980s outlook & she made it happen! Rayj didn’t pee on Kim, stop the lies & even if, Kim is my idol.

  99. Hautie says:

    “stop the lies & even if, Kim is my idol.”

    It is official… it’s Dina Lohan! 🙂

  100. jane16 says:

    Just when you think these idiots couldn’t get any more vulgar, they do. This is the first thing I’ve looked at about this trash-fest, & it will be the last. That ridiculous thing on her head…it looks like a necklace got stuck there. btw, I’m working next to an Armenian & she says there is nothing Armenian about the headpiece, they don’t do that she says. I think Katface just has a Jasmine complex. These horrid people are completely loathsome. They have no manners, are completely oblivious to everyone around them. I can’t stand any of them. The fact that they’re so popular, making so much $, shows what a sad state our culture is in.

  101. jane16 says:

    Hautie, LMAO!!! I think you’re right!

  102. Beautrice says:

    BTW as much as I love d Kardashians, I do abhor Khloé Kardashian. She is vulgar, classless, obnoxious, treats pple with disrespect, arrogant, jealous, insultive, has a criminal records, lacks extremely self confidence, insults her mum & doesn’t talk or behave like a lady. The same pple dt are saying dt Khloé’s wedding would last longer than Kims also said dt Khloé’s wedding wldnt last! I am proud of Kim for wanting to be married, dt shows how responsible Kim has been! Kim has class & her wedding showed it. Let’s accept it, kim’s wedding was like a royal wedding. In no way can Kim & Khloé’s wedding ever get any comparison. Why would anybody stay wt a guy who wldnt want to marry her!!! I also noticed that pple that prefer Khloé are pple wt gutter attitude.

  103. Beautrice says:

    @Hautie u are so funny

  104. Firecracker says:

    Oh, Beautrice. We aren’t paying “so much attn” to her…we’re making fun of her. Big difference. “Princess”, my ass! Oops sorry, I just had to.

    Edit: this was in response to #98.

  105. Hautie says:

    “I do abhor Khloé Kardashian. She is vulgar, classless, obnoxious…”

    Yet that nasty porn tape of Kim K. somehow made her a princess.


    Everyone wave at Dina!

  106. SEF says:

    How funny that the whole cover is about Kim – no picture or mention of the groom at all.

    Could it be any clearer that he’s just a warm body that fit the groom’s suit she had hanging in her closet?

  107. jane16 says:

    Dina, go away, or we’ll start making fun of your horrible famewhore family also. Oh wait…guess we already do that.

  108. jane16 says:

    Hautie, didn’t she also do a full spread for playboy? Yeah, such a princess!

  109. Beautrice says:

    What is Kris & Dina? Lol

    Am watching Keeping up wt d Kardashian now on TV. Wish u all could see d joy Kim brings to my soul by only watching her. Such a sweet lady. Awwwwww, her husby is lucky.

  110. fizXgirl314 says:

    bluhare, I’m Armenian and I’m not sure what you mean by it’s got a “harem/veily” thing going on… Armenians don’t have harems. You must be confusing them with Turks…Or some other muslim religion because Armenians are Christian… also not sure what a “harem” has to do with a headpiece? In any case, that headpiece is tacky and doesn’t really have anything to do with Armenian traditions. Although, not to say that I haven’t seen Armenian women wear headpieces to their weddings but it’s not based on tradition…

  111. fizXgirl314 says:

    Beautrice: How old are you? I’m guessing teens? ’nuff said…

  112. Candy says:

    A wise old woman once told me that you can’t turn a ho into a housewife. Good luck Kris

  113. BerMan says:

    He is not wearing a “wedding” ring and she looks like she is only wearing the “engagement” ring. … Hmmm Ahhh “reality” t.v. its fun until it makes you sick.

  114. Macy says:

    I WAS a fan of the Kardashians, until news broke about Kim’s lavish 200,000$ wedding cake… THAT THEY DIDNT EVEN SERVE TO THE GUESTS. It’s tacky to flaunt your wealth, while there are children right here in America who go to bed starving at night.

  115. Beautrice says:

    A ho cld turn out to be d best hswife anyways. However Kim wz not a ho. She dated Ray? Can sm1 define a *whore* for me? We are really calling Kim K names just to make her look bad or shocked that she cld get such diamonds & outpour of love all over d world! Its unfortunate though. I so wish my wedding cld be like Kims. Am dreaming it, hope I will achieve it. Somebody help me say Amen!☺♡҉

  116. Madisyn says:

    Beautrice wrote: “So ironic!!☺ You see why kimmie is so popular & a princess”?

    Uh, ‘smiley face’, ‘kimmie’, ‘popular’, and ‘princess’?. Really? Hold old are you Beautrice? Its NOT Dina, even she doesn’t write in such worshipful adolescent terms. Could be Ali and her 7th grade education. OR Mama Pimp Kim got pointers from Mother Crackhead on how to put your NON-MONEYMAKERS to work, trolling the internet for stories about their daughters and writing positive, glowing comments. Could it be the Jenner girls?

    EDIT: Went back and TRIED to read the last few comments but they were incomprehensible. I can’t continue to argue with an uneducated teenager.

  117. LAK says:

    @TXCinderella: Rose Mcgowan did not deliberately mess with her face, she was in a pretty bad car accident recently which requiredfacial reconstruction. I guess the only problem is that she went to a pretty bad surgeon who made her face look totally fake. She should have gone to Iman for her surgeon”s number because she had similar situation in early 80s, but you can’t tell, so good was the work done to reconstruct her face.

  118. DetRiotgirl says:

    The only thing I have to say about this mess is that I too am surprised by how much better Khloe did in the marriage department than Kim. As much as I don’t care about the Kardashians, I have to give some props to Khloe for far exceeding my expectations about the length of her marriage. Khloe and Lamar actually looks surprisingly happy together, and about as close to “real” as this family ever gets.

  119. Camille says:

    They look ridiculous together. No sexual chemistry between them at all either.

    I will be amazed if this marriage lasts longer than a year.

  120. Mary says:

    wonder what she will do in her next wedding……..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  121. Kate Nonymous says:

    Did they not notice that her last name is Kardashian?

  122. Cherry Rose says:

    I give it a year, or two if Kim manages to get pregnant. Of course, Pimp Mother Kris will probably have something to do with them getting divorced, probably over a superficial reason.

    @LAK – That wasn’t really recent. It was a few years ago, and if I recall, all Rose had was a cut under one of her eyes from where the sunglasses cut into. Hardly enough to need complete facial reconstruction. Which is a shame she messed up her looks, because she used to be so pretty.

  123. Shoe_Lover says:

    I’d rather read the story about Rose McGowan and the cult than this mess.

  124. Firecracker says:

    omg, I can’t take anymore K’s! Now TMZ is reporting that Kourtney and Scott are gonna get married too.

  125. eileen says:

    @Sandrine: Biotin is a vitamin catagorized as vitamin H or B7. You can’t overdose on it since it is water soluable. Ask your pharmasist if they have the stronger doses behind the counter. It promotes hair growth and nail growth-I’ve taken it for 7 years and its the first time I’ve ever had long hair-I was born with thin, fine hair and an oily scalp! Triple threat! The Biotin behind the counter is a little more, but IMO-worth it! Good luck! 😉

  126. Kelly says:

    Nothing surprising at all about the tackiness. This family is disgusting. I wish the magazines/paparazzi would stop interviewing her and taking her pictures. If they did, she would thankfully go away.

  127. b626 says:

    WShameful the way the Humphries family was treated! Don’t forget about the hotel room adjacent to the wedding reception-600 bucks a nite for the cheapest room. Can’t afford it? Tuff shit. Don’t go. So they didn’t. Way to go Kris H.Way to stick up for your family, NOT

  128. Andy says:

    Can someone tell me what is a “wazoo”?? as in “There were rhinestones up the wazoo! It was 100 percent Kardashian.” :S

  129. Madisyn says:

    Up the ‘wazoo’ means, ‘up the ass’. In the context you used, it also means ‘everywhere’.

    Firecracker, of course they are. Koutney and Scott want their payday too. Disgusting. I’m finding this rather amusing in an odd way. Instead of ‘marrying for money’ in the tradional sense, these skanks are getting ‘money for marrying’. If I didn’t see it, I wouldn’t believe it.

    *Waving* to Cherry Rose. While it seems most people KNOW how its going to end, sadly Kris Humphries does NOT. I mean all the KardASSians bad mouthing him left, right, and center when the ‘end’ comes.

  130. Laura says:

    Wazoo is a slang for anus.

  131. ZenB!tch says:

    She dresses so badly

  132. Emily says:

    @Beautrice, in answer to your question, a whore is someone who makes money for having sex. Kim is getting money from her sex tape, in which she had sex. Kim is therefore a literal whore.

  133. Anon says:

    Vera Wang is supposedly a long-time family friend that designed Khloe’s dress for free as her wedding gift.

  134. dovesgate says:

    “you can’t be a total loser if you’re a famous athlete”

    Oh really?
    Tiger Woods (cheater)
    Michael Vick (dog fighting)
    Kobe Bryant (cheater/sexual assault)
    O.J. Simpson (murderer/robber/kidnapper)
    Mike Tyson (rapist)
    Tonya Harding (remember Nancy Kerrigan?)

  135. khaveman says:

    Kim looks BIG. Like thunder bu**. Hated the tacky tiara.

  136. Jaxx says:

    I guess it is my age showing but I have never been a fan of strapless wedding gowns with the boobs displayed as if on a platter. It seems to me that if you wear white or cream that gown is supposed to represent the bride coming to her groom with purity and innocence. Even though few brides come to their wedding night a virgin I still think they ought to hold off on the rabid cleavage in their wedding gown. It just looks tacky to me.

  137. Mouse says:

    Every time I see a picture of them together, their body language seems off. No chemistry and creepy, nothing like happy newlyweds at all. And why isn’t he on the cover?

  138. Amy says:

    Dani – I am so with you about Rose McGowan!

  139. Andy says:

    Ohhh! Thank you Madisyn and Laura.

  140. Beautrice says:

    @Emily hmmmm, as a lady myself {who isn’t a virgin}, I find it absolutely absurd calling any lady a whore! I take it dt u are a virgin. If kim is a whore, so many pple wld love to be one considering dt she is one of the richest women on earth. How many whores & porn stars make as much?

  141. zantasy says:

    Aw come on!you guys are so harsh! Your comments are not nice at all! We should at least be happy that Kim is now happily married to a hawwt and gorgeous b-ball player!

  142. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    @Beautrice – I believe Emily was pointing out the literal translation of the word, whore. So, in the broad scope of it, yes, Kim could be deemed a whore by definition that she was or is, making money off of sexual acts. Be it she’s getting her paycheck directly after the deed or later, with the sale of the video of the deed.

  143. Judy says:

    Can’t stand ANY of the Kardashians, and especially the mom, Kris, and think they are the epitome of trashiness; however, Kim is GORGEOUS on the PEOPLE cover…she looks like an ad for Estee Lauder’s “Beautiful”…she is exquisite. However, she looks like hell in that long tobacco-colored dress. Kim is NOT fat or even close to it, but those boobs are ridiculous–why don’t women realize that gigantic boobs make them look fat.

  144. Beautrice says:

    @Mourning the Death of Music: My question is, are you a virgin? If you are not, good for you, if not, how are you better? My take is, be happy for others when something good happens to others.

  145. dovesgate says:

    Beautrice, I’m going to pretend you aren’t being obtuse just to stir the pot and think you really are just ignorant of what is a common term (and the oldest profession). I’m going to go out on a limb and say Mourning the Death of Music doesn’t profit from sex acts… so she isn’t a whore. It has nothing to do with virginity.

    A whore is someone who profits from sex. There is no other definition. A virgin can be a whore if he or she is profitting from, say, blow jobs.

    I think the term you are confusing whore with is “slut” which means someone who has sex with many people. No one here is calling her a slut (that I saw). We’re calling her by the title she has earned herself. A whore.

  146. Beautrice says:

    @dovesgate: What would you have expected Kim to have done, when Vivid decided to release that sex tape she made with her ex? The film came out and she did what every other smart business woman should have done. In all these, someone who looked beyond her past and focuses on the future has taken her as his wife. That is what love and marriage all about. Who is God to judge her? Seriously don’t you guys want her to be happy?

  147. alyssa says:


  148. blu_planet says:

    Maybe the Kardashians didn’t pay for his family to fly out, but dude has a nice salary I’m sure and HE could have paid for it

  149. telesma says:

    I read the menu and thought it was terribly pedestrian and unimpressive for a celebrity wedding. I didn’t pay any attention to the rest of the wedding, but if the menu was any indication, yeah, kind of tacky. Trying to impress but far from succeeding.

  150. dovesgate says:

    @Beautrice I would have expected her to not sign the release and to fight to keep it from being released like Jennifer Lopez did. If it had been released without her consent she probably would have made money from suing them, just not as much from allowing it to be released.
    I’m not going to argue with you whether its better business to be or not to be a whore. That is not the question. Obviously there can be alot of money in that profession. If she’s proud of selling sex for money, more power to her. But, a spade is a spade and should not be confused with a diamond.
    To answer your last two questions – God is God. And if you follow that faith then he is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, and the ultimate judge of us all. I hope, abstractly since I’ve never met Kim and don’t care to, that she is happy with the choices she has made and she doesn’t come to regret them.

  151. Sassy says:

    Perhaps the Humphry parent did not want to have someone paying their way to the wedding. Perhaps they declined. Perhaps they are normal and saw the wedding as the farce that it was.

  152. Claire78 says:

    He just creeps me out!

  153. z says:

    I hope she gets pregnant and turns into a fat ass!!!I feel bad for the husband.. not only did he marry Kim… he married her mom Kris…look at at how Kris Jenner treats Bruce on TV.. its sad. I remember watching an episode where Bruce had an office to himself and he had all of his track memorabilia all over the walls…(he was once famous too..and he worked very hard on those gold medals the old fashioned way)then slowly Kris his wife took over and re decorated that entire office with all the junk she is selling under the Kardashian name.. so tacky. another episode she took over the garage when they remodeled it..She left no room for Bruce and his Helicopters (his hobby) there is nothing left for Bruce…Then Kris has the audacity to want to change her name from Kris Jenner to Kris Kardashian…that was an insult to Bruce’s last name… so so sad. I know Kim will pick up after her mom and probably do the same to her new husband…like mother like daughter…oh well Bruce and Kris Humphries better get used to Kim and her mom…. oh lets not forget we probably already know Kim WILL NOT PROBABLY NOT and I mean NOT change her last name to Humphries…her mom already probably put a silly idea into her daughters head not to change it…the only Kardashian I like is Kloe and her brother Robert…Kloe is not fake and she has a real marriage to Lamar. Now they make a cute couple.. I love watching thier show “Kloe and Lamar” I think Kloe and her brother and Bruce are the ONLY ones that keep it real..oh p.s.. Kourtney needs to dump Scott… he is just living off her fame.. poor Mason.. and I just saw TMZ and there was tape recording of the producers talking about getting Kourtney and Scott to play out that they are lovey dovey on the show so they an build a storyline to get them two married.. talk about scripted reality shows!!!!… if Scott and Kourtney play this out on the next few episodes or next season…well you gotta ask how much they got paid to be fake on tv..just sayin…

  154. z says:

    p.s.. you cant put a price on LOVE…”its priceless!!” love comes from the heart not dollar signs or material things…

  155. galaxy.girl says:

    So is she pg already?

  156. Kitty_Cal says:

    I found one thing I like in this ridiculous non-sense so please forgive me: the circlet Kim is wearing. I find that an unusual and rather lovely bridal piece. Everything else? Pretty friggin’ tasteless.

  157. DiaBLa says:

    I am so sick of this trash. so tacky. to spend so much money when so many people are jobless and hurting..i kinda liked her first dress…yes you must have 3 dresses to get married….but the rest is so tacky. hated the hairpiece thing. i wish all these people would go away.

  158. sooz says:

    awww. that is sweet! kim and her first husband.

  159. Big Pile OF POOP says:

    Looks like Kim arranged this whole engagement and marriage and this weak fool is just along for the ride.

    BTW, looks like Kim started to neglect the a(( and work on blowing up the boobs- they look bigger than ever.

    Reality tv relationships/marriages = fake and for money. They always dissolve after the show is over and I HOPE SOON cause I’m sick of hearing about these FREAKS> YES.. F R E A K S!

  160. Big Pile OF POOP says:

    Looks like she doesn’t even want to grip his hand.. he has to hold her wrist.

    Sorry but all these bi***es are fake as hell with the most annoying voices on the planet- stupid slu* bit**es. THeir mommy is such a terrific influence… mommie dearest that gold-digging disgusting pig!

  161. DonnyWarfield says:

    Kim Kardashian is a beauty with a GREAT figure. Sorry to all you haters and jealous women who can’t stop making stupid “fat” comments about her. Most men like a woman with a beautiful, curvy figure like that. Very pretty face too. With that being said, I think she is kind of stupid and very full of herself. I would not want to be married to her. On the otherhand, from what I have seen of Kris Humphries, he is not very bright either. I also can’t stand the way he sticks his nose in the Jenner’s business. Very inappropriate especially considering that he just met them. He is not only kind of stupid but also very arrogant to make comments like that. Thus, I think they might be a good couple.

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