Beyonce’s VMA baby-bump debut inspires conspiracy theories


Have I finished eating my words yet? Probably not. As everyone reported last night, Beyonce debuted her bump at the VMAs. I thought the on-stage reveal was really cute, just because of the reaction shot of Jay-Z looking so proud and happy, and Kanye West losing his mind with happiness. It was adorable. Here’s the video – I liked the performance a lot:

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Us Weekly’s source says that Beyonce is three months along (side eye… really?) and that Bey was simply “too excited” to hold it in any more:

Destiny’s child, indeed! Fans worldwide were floored — and thrilled — when Beyonce unexpectedly announced her pregnancy at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards in L.A. Clad in a loose, red Lanvin gown, the singer, 29, first rubbed her belly and told photographers the big news outside the show venue; her rep then confirmed it to Us Weekly.

Later, after a joyous onstage performance of “Love on Top,” Beyonce unbuttoned her sequined D&G jacket and playfully rubbed her tiny bump once again. In the audience, dad-to-be Jay-Z (her hubby of three years) beamed as pal Kanye West congratulated him.

“She’s close to three months along,” an insider close to the music supercouple tells Us of the normally private star. “She wasn’t going to announce it but she is so excited she couldn’t hold it in.”

And the first-time dad Jay-Z (real name: Shawn Carter), 41, is just as pumped. “Jay is ecstatic and over the moon,” the insider says. “He really wanted this so badly.”

So far, the Grammy-winning duo haven’t found out the gender of their first child — and are keeping other details close to the vest. “They barely told anyone…They kept it really secret until they were sure,” the pal explains, “and now she simply couldn’t wait to tell the world!”

The baby news does complicate their professional lives, though — shooting for Beyonce’s high-profile film project A Star Is Born has been delayed, while Jay-Z has a big-time tour to deal with.

“They will have to make adjustments,” admits the source, “but this is worth it!”

[From Us Weekly]

Have you heard the conspiracy theories? They exist – go here. The basic gist is that Beyonce hasn’t left the public eye in months, she was just on stage, performing with no bump just ten days ago, and now suddenly she has this big bump? Some people think that while Bey might be/is probably pregnant, she was wearing a fake bump last night. Lainey says Bey is famous for Spanx’ing it, and CB confirms that it wouldn’t be so weird for a pregnant woman to wear Spanx during her first trimester (although I would imagine it would be very uncomfortable, and not that great for the baby).

I’m going to give Bey the benefit of the doubt, though. I think she was just excited and she decided to make a big deal over debuting her bump. It’s fine, y’all.



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  1. rose80 says:

    oh please, a pregnant woman’s body can literally change over night. Leave her alone, she’s happy.

  2. tripmom says:

    spanx does not hurt a baby. the uterus is a pretty tough protective shell. but i don’t know how the heck a pregnant woman would even be able to breathe in spanx! uncomfortable doesn’t even seem to cover it.

  3. Cali says:

    Her bump is not THAT big now and the gold outfit she had on 10 days ago is not tight around her waist. I believe that her bump is real and she is relaxing her tummy now and not trying to suck it in. And FYI Sandra Rose is a notorious Beyonce hater so she would try to make anything positive into a negative if it concerns Beyonce!

  4. velourazure says:

    i think a fake baby bump would be weird even for her….

  5. Leigh says:

    Re: a flat stomach a few days prior.

    I have a cardio kickbox instructor who was able to contract her stomach almost flat at 7 months. (the woman isn’t human)

    With Spanx and Bey’s core strength, a few situps ahead of the show would allow her to do the same, no problem.

  6. Pyewacket says:

    That has got to be the dumbest song ever, and since when is screeching at the top of your lungs talent?

    I don’t really know why it is so important she is pregnant. Seriously, lots of women go through it, what’s the big deal?

  7. BrandyMc says:

    Congrats! Idon’t care for her as a singer, but I am thrilled for her!

  8. Mimi says:

    Hater comments in 3…2…1. I thought Beyonce looked and sounded great. What an exciting time for her Jay!

  9. mia girl says:

    Just saw the pictures of her performing 10 days ago. (on Lainey’s site). And while yes, she is wearing a revealing outfit, it has loose fabric draped across the belly that could easily have masked the beginning of a baby belly.

    Plus, after three pregnancies I can tell you that at the beginning, your belly just looks bloated and then the one day to the next it decides to pop! She probably just popped in the past week or so and hence why she is so eager to show it off.

  10. Jules says:

    Spanx rules! You can breathe in it! How calculated to announce your pregnancy on TV! What famewhoring.

  11. Bee says:

    I’ve heard of women wearing spanx during preganancy. Most of the conspiracy theories I heard were about publicity preganancies due to the poor sales of 4

  12. Relli says:

    There are actually special spanx for pregnant woman, decency doesn’t lose out just because you are with child.

    My boss wore them a week before giving birth. and i would be willing to bet that they are pretty comfortable because they would relieve your back from carrying the entire weight of the baby

  13. Hautie says:

    Oh good grief. Let the poor girl be happy.

    All of Beyonce’s costume’s tend to be custom built, to keep her stomach flat. So there is no need for spanx. haha!

  14. CT says:

    I’m six months pregnant and still sleeping on my stomach. It’s uncomfortable, but possible to make your pregnant stomach flat!

    So I think Spanx would work just fine. And that costume she wore last week was VERY loose in the midsection.

  15. vicky says:

    Oh…are they still together?

  16. All pish, when it finally decided to appear, my bump appeared pretty much overnight, so this 10 day thing is all utterly viable. At 8 months I can weirdly still sook in and make it much much flatter, which is probably what she was doing out of necessity in the early stages. People that come out with stuff like:

    “I don’t really know why it is so important she is pregnant. Seriously, lots of women go through it, what’s the big deal?”

    – It’s a gossip site, Beyonce is a big star, that’s the deal. Why can’t we women just be happy for another woman that is happy and leave it at that?

  17. girl says:

    Spanx are not going to be bad for a baby. Maybe something as heavy duty as a corset would be bad but I wore spanx through a lot of my most recent pregnancy because I gained more weight than I expected (I had lost a LOT of weight before pregnancy and well, the bump didn’t look nice). My doctors had no problem with it.

    Good luck to her and her husband. I hope they have a nice boring (as in no medical concerns, etc.) pregnancy and baby is healthy.

  18. tripmom says:

    I’m surprised to hear that Spanx are commonly worn during pregnancy. I could barely breathe even in a bra. Then again I had triplets, and the only way I could get a nice deep breath in was to lie on my side. I just could not tolerate any kind of pressure on my stomach at all. So maybe my perception’s a little skewed. 🙂

  19. teehee says:

    Why do people suddenly forget the term “pop”, which is in so many situations, lavishly thrown around when describing a woman’s baby belly?
    It is called “popping” for a reason.

  20. fabchick says:

    If you look at pics 10 days ago there was a slight bump at her New York shows and she was seen holding her stomach also look at her shoes 10 days ago she had on really short heels when she usually wears 5 inchers when performing. I like how she announced it. She didn’t have people guessing for month (side eyeing you mariah) and she didn’t go and get paid by any weekly magazines. FYI like Cali said Sandra hates Beyonce. There is even a rumor of a restraining order.

  21. Riana says:

    Meh, not believing the conspiracies. Though I’ll be honest and admit between 4 Intimate Nights and the VMAS the change was shocking. I can see why the theories would come out.

    I dunno. On the one hand I get the reveal. Even thought it was semi-cute. On the other hand there’s just something kinda gross about announcing your first child’s presence on an award’s show for a network obsessed with The Jersey Shore.

    She’s usually so private (I respect that) announcing it like that was a bit off putting.

  22. Jezi says:

    OMG that’s so ridiculous. I started showing at 3 months with my first child and I was about her size. My belly literally grew overnight and a baby bump is more prominent at night when you’ve bloated up.

  23. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    *rolls eyes at US weekly*
    I don’t think it was famewhoring at all the way Bey announced her pregnancy. First off people have been up her ass with false rumors of pregnancies for like ever. Its been like 5 times she has been accused of being preggers. She had to deny it each time. Second this saves all the trouble of paps trying to get pics of the baby bump. So basically Bey killed two birds with one precious baby bump.

    Bey made sure no one got to announce she was pregnant but her and two she has the proof and paps don’t have to worry about getting a pic of the baby bump. Angelina kinda did it the same way when she got preggers with the twins. Brad and Angelina just showed up at the Independent Spirit Awards and put rumors to rest.

  24. Katie says:

    I think that dress just makes it look especially pronounced, which is why she chose it. She looks bigger in the dress than she does in the pants/blazer on stage. You can have a food baby and hold your stomach that way in a dress like that and you’ll pregnant (or maybe that’s just my fat ass!). And seriousy, who can be anything but tickled at Jay-Z’s response there?

  25. Sue says:

    She looks further along than 3 months, especially for a first baby. You tend to pop out earlier for subsequent children. I find that famous people tend to give the wrong due date so that the photogs aren’t hounding them when they are really due.

  26. palermo says:

    We all know it’s just the CoS cult members who wear the fake baby bumps …

  27. Ren says:

    I’m guessing Noemie Lenoir isn’t happy about this one…

  28. bitca says:

    Yeah; not necessarily a Conspiracy/Fake Bump. My mom reined in my twin bros with a girdle for months while performing a theater repertory season. When they act like jerks, I tell them it’s because their heads prob got squashed a bit.

    If Beyonce WAS stuffing a Future Bey-Z in her Spanx, wonder if she’ll get totally slammed in the media? Since the pre-natal austerity police appeared on the scene, the experience of pregnancy has been far more… well… confining.

  29. bitchbelying says:

    Rarely does Beyonce do FAKE publicity drama. SHe’s so secretive as it is, I don’t think she’d scoop so low as wearing a fake baby bump. GTFO! SO Yea, the bump is real IMO.

  30. Franny says:

    I’m really excited about all of this, I just think its slightly weird that she is doing the “I’m so preggers” pose at 3 months. Don’t people usually do that when they are like…8.5 months along and just need help carrying your huge stomach around?

    Also, I think she should have waited another month or atleast 2 weeks to announce. The 3 month mark is so tricky.

  31. kimmy says:

    as gross as it is announcing your 1st baby on an awards show, i can’t help but go “awwww”. Bey was beaming and Jay’s reaction was ADORABLE. he was SO EXCITED and happy. Kanye made me LOL too. 🙂

  32. Heatheradair says:

    Uh, I’m of the “so what if she padded the bump” mentality — seems like the “big reveal” was all about the timing of the VMA’s, and if she wanted to make it VERY OBVIOUS, why not add a little cushion to the belly? We’re not really gonna know the difference a few weeks from now, anyway.

    so, i’d buy that it was “enhanced.” If she enhances herself thinner when it suits her, why not enhance in the other direction if it’s gonna net you the extra attention?

  33. MollyB says:

    Spanx won’t do anything for (or to) your bump. Spanx can hold squishy fat in but it’s not going to hold in a huge, hard muscle like the uterus, anymore than it could hold down your biceps.

  34. Lala says:

    I’m 5 months pregnant and can suck my bump in and you wouldn’t know the difference. Many people don’t know or don’t believe that I actually am pregnant. After I eat you can definitely tell if you’re around me enough.

    She looks beyond radiant and I am so thrilled for them!

  35. Sisi says:

    One outfit was designed to camouflage the pregnancy, the other to show it off. Imo thats the difference we are seeing.

  36. the original bellaluna says:

    If she’s only 3 month pregnant, girlfriend is going to BLOW. UP.

    Seriously, I didn’t show with ANY of my (4) pregnancies until 5 months.

    Now, can we please answer the important question: Does this mean no more atrocious porn-like videos?

    Seriously, enquiring minds want to know!

    Also, I think they will both be good parents. Sometimes we learn from the parents we have how to be good parents. Sometimes we learn how to not be bad parents.

  37. Larissa says:

    Seriously, thats barely a bump yet!
    Some people really have nothing to do! hahaha

  38. bitchbelying says:

    Lainey’s article about the bump is friggin hilarious. Everyone should read it. Brilliant.

  39. Courtney says:

    @Fabchick keave Mariah out of this she had a right to keep quiet as long as she wanted and was actually told to by her doctors because twins are a high risk pregnancy and she’d had a miscarriage before. Beyonce announcing it the way she did was cute and who ever mentioned corsets being dangerous not neccessarily true Shirley Jones wore corsets throughout the production of Music Man and was pregnant through most of it and her son Patrick turned out perfectly healthy

  40. BlackMamba says:

    Sandra Rose HATES Beyonce, word on the street is she was stalking Bey and since Bey didn’t give her the time of day she got REALLY ANGRY. There is even a rumour that Beysus took a restraining order against her. Sandra Rose did the same thing to Rihanna, she like to stalk pretty girls and when they refuse her advances she turns into a vindictive monster. As for B If you look at the pics from 2 weeks ago she had a bump that was hidden by the loose top that she was wearing and like someone said before HER BUMP IS NOT THAT BIG you just see it more because she was wearing tight clothing this time and is literally pointing you in the “I’m pregnant” direction.

  41. says:

    Congrats to her!

    We still can’t blame pregnancy hormones for the crap album and crap videos though…

  42. Scarlet Vixen says:

    With my first pregnancy I went to bed one night at 4 months not showing AT ALL, and woke up the next morning literally not fitting into anything. I popped and popped big. With my 2nd it happened in just a few hours–came home from work with a flat tummy, and as I was changing into my jammies that night looked down and went, “Where the heck did YOU come from?” Some women really do just pop that quick!

    I’m guessing Beyonce is 4-5mos. She looks much bigger in the orange gown because drapey clothes tend to make you look bigger than snug fitting clothes. I think she’s looks beautiful–she’s got that 2nd trimester ‘mommy’ glow. 🙂

  43. Stacia says:

    Jay Z is a first time dad.? He allegedly had a kid with a model before Beyonce…see here:

  44. Alice says:

    Here’s hoping the baby takes after Beyonce in the looks department.

  45. honeybunz says:

    I’m sorry well her baby must be a obese embryo because she’s looking a good 4 or 5 months!! That’s a jen gar bump right shur!! And there claiming she close 2 three months?? Wth?? At 3months a fetus is like no biffer that a closed fist why is her belly protruding like she’s closer to popn?!! And I saw pics of her ten days ago…yes I believe this pregnancy is planned methodically timed and all for her failing album…those pics 4rm 10 days ago show the top of her stomach and its flat and I dare say slightly cut n trim!! I don’t care what ppl say beyonce is a liar and media whore and everything about her is contrived n forced!! Whether she truly is pregnant or not she has an agenda!! I see a miscarriage and quite possibly even divorce coming soon!! Gotta keep that money train a moving!!!

  46. rose80 says:

    @ honeybunz..Chill out. How can one see a miscarriage? That’s a disgusting thing to say about people who are clearly happy to be expecting. I’m not even a fan of Beyonce, but your comment is over the top. As far has her latest album goes, it went platinum and her shows sold out within minutes so she is still having success with it, albeit a modest one this time around, it’s far from “failing”

    I can’t believe I just defended Beyonce

  47. Bamafresh says:

    Bump speculation is a shady area. Everyone looks different and goes at a different pace. I remember looking completely normal one day and literally overnight had a bump. And I remember some days when if I sucked it in hard enough even at 5 months, I just looked like a little bloat, but my daughter would move the next day and I looked 8 months. The fetus can be tricky!

  48. Beatrice says:

    It’s great that she and Jay Z are so happy to be expecting, and I hope she has a smooth pregnancy and a healthy baby. It’s bad, but I have to confess my first thought was –Oh no, here comes another endless series of celebrity pregnancy PR stories (like Mariah.

  49. apsutter says:

    Her outfits for the previous concert concealed her tummy. She always had fabric hanging over it she’s probably wearing the preggo spanx they make

  50. Scarlet Vixen says:

    @honeybunz: You’re an idiot.

  51. Rhiley says:

    I feel a little bad for Khloe Kardashian Odam because she always looks how Bey Bey does 3 months preggers wearing the orange dress, sheets, tent thing.

  52. TQB says:

    In case we’re still debating whether or not sucking in/spanxing a bump is “bad for the baby,” when you get to be 9.5 months preggo (as I am) many women wear belly supports – which can be just a band under the belly or a whole harness contraption over the shoulders. It lifts up but also compresses the baby’s space. It’s not harmful, but potentially uncomfortable. I was wearing one due to ligament pain, but seeing as it’s AUGUST the combo of the heat and the squishing was too much.

  53. the original bellaluna says:

    TQB – My heart goes out to you. Today is my oldest’s 21st birthday, and it was a nasty, hot experience! I used to wet a beach towel, point a fan in my direction, and cover myself with it. And “sucking in” only strengthens abdominal muscles, which are definitely needed during the delivery!

    Those emeralds only belong on a May-baby, like ME!!

  54. Denise says:

    Congrats to them!

  55. Leticia says:

    I love the massive rings she is wearing in the orange dress.

    And I hope the baby looks like her, esp if it’s a girl.

  56. fabchick says:

    @ courtney there was not a shot at mariah I actually like mariah babe.

  57. fuefinawg says:

    Oh, great … another celebrity baby that people will treat as “the second comming.” How many friggin doamonds will they be draping on this kid at the hospital? Will the baby bottle be encrusted with diamonds? Or will her nipple be as she’s suckling it? Obviously, we all know I don’t give a rats ass about celebrity babies ..

  58. File Finder says:

    I think that the conspiracy theory that she’s wearing a fake bump is just about the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. However – I was hoping you’d give the theory that the baby pops out…and looks exactly like Kanye!

  59. Janet says:

    Sandra Rose is upset because she has claimed B was pregnant several times before and was always wrong.

  60. TQB says:

    @Bellaluna, thanks! I’ve completely forgotten what it feels like to be cold.

  61. mel says:

    Bey wont be touching up the roots anytime soon so that should confirm that she truly is preggars.

  62. Janet says:

    I see the tabloids were cluesless again they’ve had Khloe, Katie Holmes, etc with “baby Bumps” but no mention of B

  63. LOLITA says:



    she has been paid hush money for years!

    GOOGLE ; jayz son

  64. bogie says:

    Who cares if it is a celebrity baby or not. You watch people for a loooonnnngggg time apart and together…it is nice to see them building their family. Beyonce and Jay-Z have been around forever. If she just did the red carpet thing the paps would still hound her….with her doing the red carpet thing and showing it off on stage…mentioning it too….kills the money the paps could make off of her being pregnant. I think she did it the right way.

  65. mymy says:

    That is not an almost 3 month bump.Come on girls.She is a big woman and she would not “pop” that big at three months. First child and all. that is a five month “pop’. I mean this woman glows in attention. I so believe she added a little bump for effect. To each their own. I wonder sometimes. I really do

  66. bogie says:


    Hush money?!?! A man is legally bound to pay child support. So paying someone off to keep quiet is pointless…not to mention she would gain more if she did talk…being connected to these two. Also these two have been together since Beyonce was 21-22… you are basically saying he cheated on her. Where is your proof of that. A man who is rapper who knows how to wear an effing condom. You know those guys just get their think sucked on and are not having the sex.
    Leave them be. Actually it is Jay-Z’s friend’s son..TYTY.

  67. Camille says:

    So I guess since everyone is making such a big deal out of this couple getting pregnant, that this kid is the second coming of Jesus or something?

    I don’t get why this is all such a big deal. I feel very ‘meh’ about it personally. Women get pregnant all the time. 🙄

  68. Viv says:

    There have been quite a number of “serious” articles on the kid. Jay Z DOES have a son in the Caribbean and the mother is a beautiful woman who apparently used to date him for a quick minute. She has publicy said that she will not give interviews as she and Jay have decided to keep all details private. It is a cute kid, too. It’s not a real secret but Bey and Jay don’t exactly comment on stuff. It’s kind of out of character for her to show a 3 month baby bump so my money is on 4 or 5 months. These people are too private to reveal anything at under 3 months.

  69. rose80 says:

    serious articles Viv???? Really??? Like who? Mediatakeout, Sandra Rose, Bossip, or whatever other “urban” (their term not mine) blog ran with that story. The mother would get way more money with interviews and court ordered child support payments than the million dollars in hush money that Jay Z reportedly gave her. This story is FALSE. Let it die already.

    Not all rappers have a baby momma somewhere.

  70. crtb says:

    To bogie,
    Jay Z already has a son. Known fact! This will not be his first child. There all always pictures of the child on the black blogs.

  71. sam says:

    A baby is a beautiful thing. I wish them luck!

    Spanx – If I was jumping about singing like she was I would wear some support on my preggo belly too!

    Timing – who cares if she is 2/3/4 months along – she hasn’t given an interview yet so everything we think is pure speculation.

    Body – Every body is different and behaves different ways and to be honest she probably was sticking it out a little at the VMAs. Heck I can do that and I am not pregnant.

    Announcement – Why not announce it on stage? Its better than selling out to a tabloid. Nothing celebrities do surprises me, even if its not how I would do things myself.

    Gold dress onstage in New York 10 days ago – definitely slinky, but also if you look closely it is cleverly loose over the belly.

    Congrats to the couple 🙂

  72. 4Real says:

    Oh was my comment ummm too “bitchy”?? Whatever, I thought it was tacky to announce it like that and made a blessing like that seem like a sideshow. I mean is nothing sacred with this broad? There was a story out just Friday about his cheating so the timeing is a bit curious.

  73. Andie B says:

    Outfits can be cleverly tailored to hide a bump until it gets bigger and you are ready to show it off. At 10 weeks preggers I looked a little 13 weeks I had a very obvious bump. Each woman is different. I’m just guessing, but I think she is probably 14-16 weeks along. I hope she has a trouble free pregnancy, and a healthy baby.

  74. Viv says:

    rose80: yeah, I wasn’t talking gossip sites. I have no doubt Jay Z pays her more than adequate child support and she knows that. Not everyone wants a fight when they deal with someone who is generous. Jay Z doesn’t seem like a deadbeat or a hush money payer. He is likely just taking care of them. I wouldn’t be commenting to the tabloids either if the guy treated me well. Surprise- some rappers do sleep with normal people who have common sense.
    So what if he has a son. No big deal.

  75. RealityBitch says:

    she;s further than 3 months. it doesnt show at 3 months,starts showing after the least for normal women!

  76. Isa says:

    Seriously? Some days I’d look super pregnant and some days I wouldn’t. Especially in the beginning, hormonal changes can make you bloated and make you show more. And this last pregnancy I wore my size 3 pants on Sunday but tried to put them back on again on Tuesday and couldn’t button them. That looks like a 3 month bump to me.

    Even when I wasn’t pregnant I could eat a decent meal, put on something that draped over my belly and stick it out to look that size. Maybe that just says something about my lax muscles though.

    Anyway, I had my baby boy last Tuesday! His name is Jackson and he so sweet! He’s still in the NICU though, but hopefully will be home soon.

  77. bogie says:


    ITS NOT A KNOWN FACT…HAS THE MOTHER SAID SOMETHING OR HAS JAY Z SAID SOMETHING. YOU PEOPLE ARE JUST JEALOUS. Those people get stalked so there would be concrete proof if he did have a kid. All you got is a photo and nothing elsa. If she could be paid off by hush money than she would be talking cause she would get more money and status by being connected with these two. You are just jealous cause they got their love marriage and soon the baby in the baby carriage. The problem is you vultures always trying to come in and eff up the party. You say he has a son whats the big the deal…than why mention it if it is no big deal. You just full of envy cause it is a pair that did things the right way.

  78. bogie says:

    Again if he had a six year old than you are trying to claim he cheated on her since they have been together for close to a decade.

  79. Isa says:

    RealityBitch-Every woman is different. At 6 months your uterus is the size of a soccer ball already. It would be completely reasonable for a woman to start showing before then.
    Especially if you’re on the smaller side. People always asked if I was having twins or if I was about to pop. But really, I had no where to hide a baby. I do know some thin women that take forever to show too. It just all depends on the woman.

  80. manda says:

    that is really dumb, the whole “fake bump” thing. I read part of the linked article, and just because the writer has seen it before, or thinks it possible for some people to do, doesn’t really prove that beyonce is doing it. B seems like one of those woman who gets HUGE when they are pregnant, you know? also, the outfit she wore two weeks ago has a drapey piece over the belly, it wasn’t skintight! even less proof.

  81. Cali says:

    @ BlackMamba

    Okay, the craziness from Sandra Rose makes more sense now because I was very confused at her HATE for Beyonce and now Rihanna ;-/ This has to be the reason she never shows up in person for any celeb invites ( even though she brags about being invited) because she is so mean, ugly and nasty that she would just die if any of these celebs confronted her Wow!!!!! And I’m very happy for Bey she looks happy & great!

  82. honeybunz says:

    Stans r delusional!! Beyfakeapregnancy has yall trained like good lil monkeys and its laughable that the things that any other celebrity would get roasted skinned alive and talked about for all of a sudden because its beyonce she gets a pass?? She above anything petty?? she is incapable of scheming?? I tell ya…the blind leading the blind!! You guys are going off what your fed through beyonce and jayz like they set the bar for honesty!! You don’t know anymore than the next person what these 2 are capable of or what there mindset/intentions are so stop acting like beyonce invented birth…music and the earth!! This chick is calculating and knows exactly what she’s doing!!

  83. Shazza says:

    Congratulations, Isa! I hope Jackson gets healthy and at home with his Mommy real soon!

  84. sandy#1 says:

    hey, if all these no talent bimbos, hack can fame seek their way to the top, for nothing more than a new boyfriend every other month,(jen A., kim K., linsey low what ever, etc. surely a beautiful, talented, entertainer can get a little love? congrats to the happy couple

  85. donnamae54 says:

    All the narcisistic personalities in Hollywood is coming out. Kim Kardashian, then Beyeonce, and the biggest enchilauda of them all Jennifer Aniston, when is her prenancy going to be announced, I guess stars is going to rain down from heaven when JA announces her baby news.

  86. BlackMamba says:

    I have to SHARE this comment from a “loyal reader” of Sandra Rose(as she calls them)….
    “Damn…enough already! I think you’re upset because Bey’s not having your baby. You got all bent out of shape when her and Jay got married, too. Get some new batteries, pop in the “The Beyonce Experience” and calm your nerves”.
    Hahahaha! I don’t know how much you guys visit SR(oh by the way SR is a lesbun(her words)) but she has her likes and dislikes so take everything she writes with a grain of salt.

  87. blinditemreader says:

    B’s methods of announcing her pregnancy was a little too ego-driven for my liking. Mini Oprah in training…

  88. corey says:

    When they’re smart, they’re ugly. when they’re not ugly, they’re stupid. When there is nothing wrong with them…make something up.
    This sandrarose chick clearly has issues. typical jealousy and bs.

  89. Ajanni says:

    Sandra Rose is a notorious Beyonce hater…this site should consider the source before linking to something so preposterous. Her whole site is devoted to hate and maybe if she chose a different route she would not be such an ugly, vile woman.

  90. annaloo says:

    Congrats, B, but Janelle Monae wants her stage look back!!!

  91. Cali says:

    I am reading Sandra Rose less and less because she is just too NEGATIVE!. I’m surprised she hasn’t been sued too with her “Medical Minute” pieces where she accuses Celebs of having all the illnesses and recently said Jay Z had “Erectile Dysfunction” lol I guess she mad about that too!!!! Is that photo in her gravi her? If so, I know why she is angry and all my questions have been answered lolololololol

  92. Belle Epoch says:

    TOO SOON. Amost 3 months? Should have waited, but fame whore had to strike that silly pose. That’s just Chinese food. The real bump starts out lower down.

  93. HannahG says:

    She’s just an odd girl in general and in my opinion she is worse that Gwyneth regarding ego and pretentiousness.

    No one would have noticed she was pregnant. She’s all “privacy privacy” and when she has a new album it’s all “oh look I’m holding the love inside me even though there is clearly nothing to hold there and it’s the size of an apple”

    Beyonce has to make EVERYTHING about her.

  94. SolitaryAngel says:

    I don’t care for Bey but I do like the way she announced it! Also, as often as she falls on stage, she needs to be careful.

  95. Courtney says:

    Mariah did those stories to document it for her fans whom she’s really close to so stop critizing her. a star doesn’t get a private life anymore as much as they might want it and some feel preasure from the press to announce a pregnancy before they’re ready. looks are secondary as long as everyone is healthy

  96. MissVJJ says:

    This video wreaks of Illuminati symbolism.. Good luck raising your child with no soul Beyonce!

  97. truth be told says:

    Excuse me. ANY woman who is in tip top physical shape especially one who exercises 4-5 times a week does not show a baby bump in the first tri-mester. OK?

    Signed mother of 5. I a still slim..U people have been duped for years with this entertainers shenanigans. She looks more 5 months..Which is 2nd what’s the feel sorry for me story going to be? I had an a emergency section 4 months from now. Please..

  98. truth be told says:

    Oh yeah and the Michael Jackson style copy cat after she said several years ago “I didn’t grow up like the Jacksons” we had Jaguars.
    very nice..such a nice girl isn’t she? that was before Janet Jackson had complimented her and said she had done everything right. and she can’t sing..annoying.I am waiting.

  99. smh says:

    Beyoncé looks very beautiful when she is natural and does not wear that horrible “look at me!mememememe!” grin on her face. That said she is not a great singer, the real star of DC was Kelly, who had a beautiful voice and looked great, the other members were shunned also, I’m thinking Beyoncé had a role in holding their careers back also. Her father sure did. I hope Kelly gets more exposure and better songs from now on.

  100. Vincent Perza says:

    Really cool post Jessamyn. Great searching tips! Thanks

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