Prince Harry gets back to business after his liquor-soaked Croatia trip


Here are some new photos of Prince Harry in a nice suit, arriving to attend the WellChild Awards in London. Doesn’t Harry look nice? Both Harry and William always wear such nice suits, beautifully tailored. I also think I’m looking at ginger bulge there too, right? Yes, it’s probably just some odd bunching in the crotch of the pants, but let me go on thinking that Harry was having some dirty thoughts in the car and he didn’t get a chance to calm himself down. In America, men are told to “think about baseball” when they get over-excited. What do they tell boys in the UK? “Think about cricket”? I especially like this dirty little look that Harry gave to *someone* – God knows who. Whoever she is, she’s a dirty girl.


So Harry is back in London after taking a single-dude trip to Croatia, where he basically just went to clubs and partied his ass off. Maybe he’s getting over his breakup? I doubt he can even remember the girl. He went to Croatia with a group of friends, flying in on Saturday. He went to a club called Veneranda where he got wasted, started dancing, moved to the edge of the pool, kept on dancing, lost his balance, and then jumped into the pool. He climbed out of the pool and then kept on dancing. There’s video:

Here’s what I love – Harry kept dancing even though he was soaking wet. He stayed there for hours longer, and at some point he borrowed a dry t-shirt. He didn’t pitch a fit and demand to go back to his hotel to change. No, Haz rolls with the punches. I also love that he was mingling with the commoners – he and his friends refused the offer of access to the VIP area. The Mail has more about the trip – plus photos – here. We have some of the photos too:





Photos courtesy of WENN & Fame.

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39 Responses to “Prince Harry gets back to business after his liquor-soaked Croatia trip”

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    His Ginger Hotness is almost too hot to be true. Sigh…

  2. Julie says:

    Everytime I read he kept dancing and never stopped, Ecstasy just popped in my mind. Either way, this boy is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!

  3. Turtle Dove says:

    He’s a young guy, so he should be out having a good time. Looks like he almost hit that beam running across the pool.

    I’ve always wondered if William is jealous of Harry since he can be a bit more wild.

  4. ShanKat says:


  5. Tierra says:

    Dayum, Say what you want about the royals but Harry looks like he knows how to have a good time. He looks so cute when he’s in his work mode but then so fun-loving when he’s out partying. Id love to dance with him.

  6. Katy says:

    Damn, I am seriously reconsidering my stance on gingers, can’t…stop…visualizing…bulge *sigh*

  7. Megan says:

    Geez Louise, he is such a hottie.

  8. spinner says:


  9. caligirlsmom says:

    Dang – he sets my inner cougar purring. I hope my daughter finds someone like him 🙂

  10. Me says:

    Wow, he’s decent for a red head isnt he!

  11. kimmy says:

    i wonder if these girls knew it was prince harry??

  12. Rachel says:

    I can’t believe today is the 14th anniversary of his mother’s death. Time flies.

  13. Lynnie says:

    Wow, did that little boy turn out to be a good looking man!

  14. Lantana says:

    I wonder if William is jealous? Probably not…somehow I just can’t see William having that much fun.

  15. gee says:

    He is so hot.

  16. eternalcanadian says:

    Wow, Harry is really quite a bit of all right. Those pictures sure show how yummo he is. Amazing at one time many people thought William was hot, but now he’s just “meh” and he’s only two years older than Harry! I wonder if Harry got the better genes from the Spencer family as they are a pretty good looking bunch compared to the Windsors (the genes skipped over Zara and Phillip)

  17. NaomiCampbellsPhone says:

    Step aside, Wills and Charles, I want Prince Hot Ginge’s sexy mug to be on my coins!

  18. Luise says:

    He is so darling.

  19. mannequin says:

    I don’t know….I think Price William suits my taste best. If Ole Harry would dye his eyebrows to be a bit more prominent ( or at least existent), I might consider his hotness.

  20. april says:

    He rocks that suit. Blue is definitely his color. It brings out his eyes. Extremely handsome.

  21. KsGirl says:

    Prince Hot Ginge wears the SH*T out of a suit. DAMN.

  22. Emily says:

    @eternalcanadian, but a few years ago, William WAS much hotter than Harry. Okay, maybe like a decade ago… When he still had his hair, and Harry was just a little ginger kid.

  23. lyn says:

    i love Harry! 🙂

  24. Mary Jane says:

    I am 46 and should NOT be having thoughts like these…

  25. Hey Nonny says:

    “The heroic” Right. I don’t believe any soldier would have lots of time-off like this ginger thickhead here.

    The Royal Family are getting chavvier by the minute.

  26. Memphis says:

    See this is what Redmond O’neal could be if he could only get off the smack.

    He could have easily been a well rocked ginger, but sadly.. No.

  27. atticfaerie says:

    “I am 46 and should NOT be having thoughts like these…”

    He’s the same age as my oldest son Is it wrong for me to get all hot and bothered by these pics?

  28. Magsy says:

    He’s the best looking man on this whole bloody website!!! How refreshing after having to look at all these fugly men on here Jude Law, Matthew Fox, Chaz Bono.

  29. bluhare says:

    What is it about Harry? He’s just a hot ball of cuteness.

  30. Suzie says:

    Harry has still got time to sow a few more wild oats. Plus he is single and unattached. As long as he doesnt spawn a series of illigits and keeps rubbers handy at all times, he should be OK.

  31. kikay says:

    PHG knows he’s got it!You see that look,it’s like he’s asking us, “do you wanna”?

  32. evadstructn says:

    The image of him all wet in a cap and ugly jeans is awful. He looks just like the type of bloke i would avoid at all costs. He comes across like an arrogant git to me. yuck

  33. Katie says:

    So beautiful.

  34. Kat says:

    He is too hot for words…damn, Harry!

  35. dahlia1947 says:

    He looks really really good in that suit! Back to business is right.. 😉

    I’d like to meet him so we can get down to business! YUmmy!!! This man works out for sure!

  36. dahlia1947 says:

    I was not too thrilled about him dancing on the edge of the pool. He could’ve slipped cause of the wet surface and cracked his skull!

    That was very very reckless of him. I wonder if security is usually with him?

  37. Cheyenne says:

    Which side of the family did the red hair come from?

  38. Deeana says:

    The red hair is from Diana’s side of the family. Her brother is a red head.

  39. Ms.JAPrufrock says:

    Young Harry has a bit more dash than his brother William. Nothing sends me more than a handsome fella in a fine suit. Oh, didn’t Diana say once that Harry will get all the girls?