Shia LaBeouf’s sexy mother controls all of his money


Shia LaBeouf’s mother is the sexiest woman ever. He’s said so. A few years ago, Shia told Playboy that his mom is “probably the sexiest woman I know… She’s an ethereal angel. Nobody looks like that woman. If I could meet my mother and marry her, I would. I would be with my mother now, if she weren’t my mother, as sick as that sounds.” Shia’s mom is the nice lady in the photo above. Just FYI. Anyway, Shia later had to backtrack just a bit and clarify that he is NOT currently having sex with his mom. But the Enquirer has an interesting story about what Shia is giving his mom access to – his back account.

Shia LaBeouf’s mom controls his purse strings – and Shia’s girlfriend is fed up with his mama’s boy ways. Shia has earned millions starring in the Transformers franchise and other films, but he doesn’t spend it unless his mother Shayna approves.

“Shia’s a huge movie star – but he’s not the big spender he’d like to be,” a source told the Enquirer. “Shayna has complete control over Shia’s finances, and he has to ask her what he can buy and can’t buy.”

Insiders say Shayna’s goal is to keep her son grounded – and so far, Shia has obliged her demands. Recently, he told pals he wanted to buy a Porsche but he “knows his mom would freak,” says the insider.

Shayna, 68, also has concerns about Shia’s ability to make responsible decisions, the source added. But Shayna’s tight grip on Shia’s finances isn’t sitting well with his girlfriend of seven months, Karolyn Pho, says the source.

“Shia and Karolyn have become pretty serious, but they’ve hit a roadblock because she feels he’s too much of a mama’s boy,” the source revealed. “Karolyn has told Shia that she is annoyed with Shayna for interfering with his finances. She wants Shia to step up and show her that he truly wears the pants in the relationship.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

I understand the idea of a mom looking out for her son and actively participating in how he manages his money, but Shia is 25 years old. It’s past time for him to learn how to manage his own finances and spend his money on what he wants. Granted, I think if Shia had control over all of his money, it would be a mess. He would probably be like a mini-Charlie Sheen. But he’s a legal adult, and that’s the way it goes. Maybe instead of babying him, his sexy mom could force him to take a class in personal finances?

The photos below are from last night – Shia and his girlfriend out with Marilyn Manson. Shia and Marilyn are working together on a book of photography and a short film about photography or something. It sounds very pretentious and hipster-douchey, and you can read about it here. Shia is giving me major James Franco vibes.




Photos courtesy of Fame.

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25 Responses to “Shia LaBeouf’s sexy mother controls all of his money”

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  1. Eve says:

    I think the comparison is unfair with Franco…as annoying and self-absorbed as he is, I never hear/read about him behaving the way LaDouche does.

  2. RocketMerry says:

    Shia’s girlfriend is gorgeous! She also has that same flower-power vibe that his mom irradiates.

  3. macey says:

    sounds like the gf wants to be able to spend his money.
    I get the mommas boy issues but his mom is probably doing him a big favor, especially if she knows how he handles money. easy come, easy go in the celebrity world sometimes. Shes probably making sure it lasts him.

  4. Amanda says:

    His gf is super cute!

  5. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    His mother was 43 when she had Shia? Jennifer Aniston the gyno’s calling, there’s still time for that baby!

  6. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I think Shia knows his mother has his best interests at heart. Clearly won’t spend the money on herself and has always supported her baby, he has been acting a long time, I hardly think Shia would be anywhere without her and he knows it. Which is soo cute and sweet. If there is any truth to this EQ story, I think Shia made the right decision.

  7. carrie says:

    he’s enough clever to understand his hippie mum isn’t interesting by his money

  8. Eve says:

    @ Mitch Buchanan Rocks:

    There’s a Brazilian actress who gave birth to her third child (this year). She was 54 when she got pregnant (and no, she didn’t use fertility treatments — however, she went through a hormone replacement therapy that may have helped her get pregnant).

  9. Turtle Dove says:

    How can she walk side by side with him like nothing happened? I’d never demean myself that way, but I guess she has different priorities.

  10. WOM says:

    In some photos, Shia looks like Wil Wheaton. Right?

  11. Goofpuff says:

    Ugh way too momma’s boy for me in a gross way. I’m sure she’ll turn into the mother in law from hell.

  12. mike says:

    I think this whole momma’s boy thing is a bull, media/Shia’s manufactured bull.

    Like, if he really were a momma’s boy and if Mrs. LaDouche really had any control over him, he wouldn’t be out and about being a drunken douchebag.

    Momma’s boys don’t act like a lush, drunk douche, publicly humiliating his momma’s good name, from LaBeouf to LaDouche. He’s a phony and his mom is just a cover.

  13. Nymeria says:

    And the Oedipus complex lives on.

  14. hatsumomo says:

    Im reading between the lines here, but it sounds a bit like shia’s girlfriend is a gold-digger. Or at least she’s looking for some expensive gifts and a good time. They have only been together for seven months? Why should she care if he’s got control of his money or not? If not as if he’s broke and always bumming a twenty off her. I’ve been with my man for 5 years now and I still dont know what his finances look like.

  15. smh says:

    of course, behind all that bad boy image he’s actually a little mama’s boy…

  16. Mooshi says:

    Intelligent offspring aren’t always good at everything… handling finances.

    He can trust his mother and she is good with money.

    What’s the problem?

  17. Amy says:

    Am I the only one who (briefly) mistook Marilyn Manson for his girlfriend in the second picture? I forgot what she looked like and just thought “Huh Shia’s girlfriend is sickly looking and needs to see some sun.” hahaha but his actual girlfriend is very pretty!

  18. Annie_Grey says:

    Shia needs better friends.

  19. Kosmos says:

    If this is a momma’s boy syndrome, it would be unfortunate for his girlfriend. Leo DeCaprio definitely has the syndrome. What woman would want to take that on? Take the man and you have to take the mother, too. There would be no life for just the two of you.

  20. amelie says:

    I heard she’s not even his real girlfriend.

  21. smh says:

    @amelie i would believe that… shia is giving me closet vibes. and we know how close gay men are with their mothers. somebody mentioned leo dicaprio, who was rumoured to be gay by the end of the 90’s which explains why so many gay men have really long term relationships with b-list celeb girls. then again who really knows? it’s all rumour and speculation…

  22. SnOOKIE says:

    his mom is his real gf

  23. VintageBum says:

    oh my my, first off, I don’t think there is anything wrong with what his mother is doing..for the most part. Guys his age tend to be loose with money and she wants him to be down to earth. It would be nice to have less materialistic people in the world a lot more. Secondly, it could go either way with the gf, gold digger or genuinely just annoyed that Shia is so close to his mother

    Shia is a Gemini( and yes a believe that there is some validity to that) He seems to be the typical one at that: fidgety, scattered, prevaricating, glib, fickle, aimless and edgy. Sounds like a recipe for disaster if left to his own devices. Not saying that Geminis are all looney but hes an get the picture. Maybe she just knows how he is (it is his mum after all)

  24. Magsy says:

    Yuck a mama’s boy with a drinking problem…ooh he’s a real catch.