Are Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner fighting over a reality show?


Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner have been dating for over four years now, and a new round of engagement rumors started up just last month. Whether or not the two are actually planning upon walking down the aisle remains a mystery, but In Touch is elaborating upon the story with an interesting embellishment. Allegedly, Jack is enamored not only with Heather but also with reality television too. Also, perhaps he might have gathered a few dollar signs in his head after watching Kim Kardashian’s wedding, which has earned her an ungodly amount of money? That’s what The Enquirer seems to believe:

“The thought of letting cameras in her home … fills her with dread.”

Soap star Jack Wagner and wife-to-be Heather Locklear are in a bitter showdown over doing reality TV — and she’s angrily threatening to call off the wedding. “Jack is a big fan of reality TV and has noticed how celebrities have been cashing in by letting camera crews into their homes,” a friend of Heather’s told THE ENQUIRER.

‘He’s excited to jump on the reality bandwagon and asked Heather to star in a show following their joys and troubles in the run-up to their big day next summer.”

Jack, 51, believes that a reality show, which would also feature his two sons and Ava — Heather’s daughter with rocker Richie Sambora — has the makings of a ratings winner.

But Heather, 49, feels she is above reality TV and despises the idea of a film crew intruding into their daily life, disclosed the friend.

“She considers herself a serious actress, and the thought of letting lights and cameras into her home in the morning before she puts on her makeup really fills her with dread. Heather told Jack that she’ll pull the plug on the wedding if he persists with the idea.”

Another source noted that Heather’s life is back on track after her struggles with substance abuse, “and she doesn’t need a reality TV show creating more drama than necessary.

“She prefers to spend her time acting, being amother and playing golf with Jack rather than putting her entire life on display.”

[From Enquirer, print edition, September 12, 2011]

I really hope this isn’t true because I don’t want to believe that Jack would be stupid enough to jeopardize his relationship with Heather over a lame reality show. And I don’t blame her one bit for not wanting any part of it either. While Heather isn’t and never will be some Oscar-caliber actress, she’s always been very successful on television and has singlehandedly saved a number of shows merely by virtue of her presence. Jack needs to realize that he’s incredibly lucky to have landed her and just be happy with that. Several million other guys would love to be in his place, I’m sure.



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  1. brin says:

    I don’t believe this (at least I hope it’s not true). Nothing kills a relationship quicker than a reality show!

  2. Bite me says:

    Thats jack Wagner new face, oh my

  3. Messenger says:

    I have been a fan of Heather’s since I saw her in a tv movie where she played an incest survivor. It was a horrendous depiction of child abuse and she was heartbreaking in the role. Jack and Heather are a match made in heaven. I hope they both know that by now. as for a reality tv show, that is the death knell for relationships and only the greedy and immature think their relationship will be the one to survive the brutal scrutiny. Besides, they look too happy to be fighting about anything. Just another non-story by some bored tabloid reporter imo.

  4. marybeth18 says:

    She’s right- she is better than a reality show.

  5. ShanKat says:

    I miss his eyelids. He looks like an old lesbian. I do think they’re perfect for each other…couple of drama queens, out in that Calabasas, snapping at each other about the cats and nicknacks.

  6. Diane says:

    Jeez, I hope this isn’t true. Don’t go there Heather!

  7. mimi says:

    Always loved Heather…hope things work out for her.

  8. Judy says:

    @Bite me: “Thats jack Wagner new face, oh my”

    That’s Heather’s new face, oh my
    (Why did they do this to themselves…ugh.)

  9. Redheadwriter says:

    @ShanKat Love the line “he looks like an old lesbian.”

  10. Goofpuff says:

    I want Jack Wagners manly face back. 🙁 what has he done to it?

  11. bagladey says:

    I totally agree with Heather on this one.

  12. Messenger says:

    I hope that the nay sayers and negative nellies that post all over this board are getting paid well enough for it to be worth the karma deficit they are accruing. what losers…

  13. Hautie says:

    Well look at what happen to Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin… their E! show helped them both get more lucrative work.

    Where as Heather can work as much as she wants. I suspect Jack does not have that same luxury. And he may think a show might boost his profile.

    Though I could see maybe a 2 hour wedding show. Where there would be limited time the camera’s were in the house.

    But it would end up killing their personal life.

  14. Lauren says:

    Jack has a role on the Bold and the Beautiful, very limited. They are perfect for eachother…vain and annoying.

  15. Charlotte says:

    Jack Wagner has had more work done than Kris Jenner.

  16. april says:

    I think they both look really good. It’s nice to see middle age people dating someone their own age. Everyone’s face changes with age. I think they are both doing a good job with their appearance.

  17. Princess Lizabeth says:

    Erm, what on earth has happened to Jack Wagner’s face???? I think he shouldn’t have gotten tweaked.

  18. Becky says:

    Heather looks great! Whatever work she’s had done is subtle. She’s a very pretty lady and has aged well. I hope she doesn’t do a reality show. I doubt she needs the money so what would be the point?

  19. coucou says:

    They look awesome in that lost shot…she looks so nice with her hair up…Jack’s resembling Bon Jovi…they’ve tweaked a bit, but i don’t find it freakish at all.

  20. crtb says:

    Don’t do it girl!

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