Sarah Jessica Parker in shiny Antonio Berardi: ruined by terrible hair?


Sarah Jessica Parker is still in London, living it up and promoting I Don’t Know How She Does It. I haven’t seen any red carpet photos of SJP in London, so I guess there hasn’t been a UK premiere yet? But we’re still getting a daily fashion show. This charcoal metallic number is Antonio Berardi, a designer I know little about, but he’s growing in popularity. It seems like half of Hollywood is wearing him these days. I think the suit is really pretty, and very flattering on SJP’s thin figure. It covers up what needs to be covered up (her arms), and the shimmer is lovely.


My only complaint is the hair. Jesus, SJP, STOP. She had a good hair day at the photo call, so why does it look like such a disaster in these photos? I feel like SJP thinks that this is “high fashion” – probably because designers send their models out on the runway with this kind of screwed up half-fro. File this hair under: Things That Only Work On The Runway.


And here are some more photos of SJP today – I love her coat in these pics:



Photos courtesy of Fame, WENN.

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48 Responses to “Sarah Jessica Parker in shiny Antonio Berardi: ruined by terrible hair?”

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  1. Ron says:

    The outfit is great on her, but the hair is tipping on 1976 Cher.I don’t know what hairstylist keeps pushing this look. It doesn’t look good on anyone.

  2. Rita says:

    The shiny Berardi is simply exquisite and the fit perfect.

    The Berardi blends in perfectly with the elevator motif. They probably couldn’t even see her in there. She appeared to be a floating head with bad hair.

  3. Kaboom says:

    Ruined by terrible head.

  4. Christine says:

    YES! The hair is crazy. And it takes away from the outfit and the beautiful eye makeup that goes perfectly with the dress. ‘Fro + shiny suit = too much.

  5. mannequin says:

    My hair is almost exactly like hers and I know for a fact that it’s hit or miss some days.
    I have a feeling that SJP is far too busy some days to spend countless hours dollin’ up like younger actresses without children.
    SJP’s hair is SJP, and therefore, it is good.

  6. Onyx XV says:

    Ruined by terrible face, is more like it. I love the hair and think it looks great. And that’s a very attractive suit. The whole ensemble would look fabulous on someone who didn’t look quite as equine.

  7. gab says:

    Cut that mop SJP – it is NOT doing you any favors! Agree about the suit – looks good while covering up what needs to be covered. But that hair is a mess whether slicked back into a pony or hanging down. It always looks like a 9 yo girl did her hair ffs!

  8. anne says:

    take off the head and it’s fine.

  9. Chrissy says:

    I’ve never thought a hair style with an extreme middle part is attractive on any woman. SJP has done it for years now … wish she’d move on to a different style! The suit though is stunning!!

  10. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Awww I love SJP. OMG I love the suit. Metallic is sooo in right now. Her new movie looks really good everyone has been trying to say its like Sex and the City and I am like how? LOL Looks good though.

  11. UKHels says:

    lovely from the neck down

    her hair looks like the same hairstyle she had in Footloose

  12. Chloe says:

    Yeah, I think it’s the mid-parting plus the waves that does it

  13. BB says:

    Just my opinion, but I don’t think it’s the middle parting or the waves… I think it’s the flat top that ruins it. With her face shape, flat roots that just stick on and drape from the scalp (terrible description, sorry, I don’t know how else to say it) only accentuate how long her face is. She needs volume in those roots.

  14. K-MAC says:

    love her hair! Love it! ALWAYS! Whether it looks 70s or a mess, I will always love it!

  15. LL says:

    Amen Onyx and Anne!

  16. Nev says:

    the hair, the strut, the shoes, she is fashion.

  17. BW says:

    I thought I liked the metalic suit. But in the last photo of that suit, I noticed that it has a print that makes it look like she has a penis.

  18. original kate says:

    why do women with gorgeous curly hair always straighten it? WHY?

    i’ve been in moderation hell for about 10 days now – can i please get out?

  19. Jeni says:

    I like her hair, I guess because it’s so thick and long, and I’m jealous. My hair used to look like that, but not anymore:(

  20. Lauren says:

    I LOVE SJP hair. At least she doesn’t have a dreadful bouffant that I see in the suburbs. Mothers with grandma 1 inch hair are a turn-off. LEAVE SJp ALONE..SHE is a hard working mom of 3 children!

  21. Sara says:

    Love it!

  22. Stellax2 says:

    Love the metallic suit, say what you want about SJP but when she wears something good, it looks amazing. I want that suit.
    Sometimes, I like SJP’s hair. When I hear people call her ugly, I don’t really understand. She’s not a beauty but when her make-up and hair are done properly, she tends to look good. I think some women’s arms and hands age very fast and some not.

  23. Calli Pygian says:

    Somebody get this woman an above shoulder length layered bob!

  24. GirlUSwear says:

    A stylist should know better than this; is the hair or the outfit the center piece? And no, it can’t be both – not in this instance.

  25. Mouse says:

    The metallic suit goes great with her eyes and I’m digging the vintage looking second dress. But yeah, the half combed look on naturally curly hair does not work for her long, older face. Either straighten it or let the curls curl all the way. On her, that hairstyle makes her look like she should be wearing a pointy hat and carrying a broom.

  26. Mooshi says:

    She said years ago that high heels kill her feet.

    So at this stage I look at her feet and think “Ouch”, and want to throw some cute flats to her.

  27. corey says:

    It’s all apart of her charm. I think she realizes that she doesn’t look like a model but she doesn’t seem to care or let it affect her fashion decisions. That’s what people like about her.

  28. beanie says:

    I happen to love the whole look. I think her hair looks great. Healthy and shiny. I would have put a bit more wave or curl on the ends though.

  29. bettyrose says:

    I can’t stand SJP, but we have the exact. same. hair. A fact that was pointed out to me repeatedly by drunken bar guys in my 20s. In my 30s, I’ve had the decency to dye it brown, but nevertheless, it’s a curly, frizzy mess. Sure, she has access to awesome stylists, but to me straightening curly hair is like botox or a boob job: denying who you really are. So, on that point, I’m gonna defend SJP against the h8ters.

  30. palermo says:

    I agree with the person who said hair parted down the middle and long doesn’t suit women after a certain age, like about 6. It definitely doesn’t make her long face look good

  31. Mauibound says:

    The hair does look a little rough, but the clothes are lovely and fit well…… Sigh, I wish I could afford her wardrobe. And look that good in it

  32. Blithe says:

    Heard a rumor that her husband likes to troll around for young tail at bars while she and kids are home. The great life of the hollywood elite.

  33. Ashley says:

    I like the half-fro hair. The horizontal poufiness does a decent job of focusing the eye away from the length of her face.

  34. Ashley says:

    Oh, and @bettyrose: I have naturally stick straight hair, but I throw it up in hot rollers everyday and make it super curly. Does that equate to a denial of my true self? I don’t really think so.

    I honestly don’t mean that to sound bitchy. It just seems to me that naturally curly-haired girls get judged for altering their hair, while the opposite doesn’t really hold true. I say, who cares? Hair is hair, and whatever style makes us feel attractive is great.

  35. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    Hot dress, but her hair looks like she got into a fight with her hot rollers.

  36. Str8Shooter says:

    Why the LONG face, My Little Pony???

    Its not the hair. Its not the clothes. Its the Mr. Ed thing that is on top of her shoulders.


  37. Moops says:

    I think the hair is a little too poofy on the sides – it accentuates the thin face. A side part, like many of you have said, would do wonders.

    Hair aside – what is the weather like right now in London? Is it really cold enough for her long-sleeved suit and that wool coat? If so, I am jealous. It was a blistering 96 farenheit in the midwest yesterday. I am so ready to turn off the A.C. and break out the sweaters (sorry, that’s “jumpers” for you Brits!) 🙂

  38. MadMonty says:

    I like her hair – am so BORED of everyone ironing the crap out of their hair until it is a long boring mop. A bit of volume and curl is awesome – in fact, she should just let it go curly. I’ve seen her hair better – but come on, there are way worse out there – at least her’s looks real!!

  39. Luise says:

    I think she looks like a blonde sort of pretty version of the wicked witch of the east. At least the long witch chin and long witch nose are symmetrical.

    Love the metallic suit.

  40. bettyrose says:

    @Ashley – I hear you. Hair is a great accessory. Do what makes you feel good. I’m sensitive because I feel like my hair totally suits me – and I think it suits SJP. Someday, big hair will be back in style! 🙂

  41. jennifer says:

    @bettyrose i hope big hair comes back i grow a natural 80s spiral perm. I spend forever in the mornings fighting the frizz into an updo bring back the spiral perm!

  42. Amanda says:

    I think she is really annoying along with that stupid show she was in. I am glad that is over.

  43. ZenB!tch says:

    @Christine beautiful make up ruined by her horrible face.

    Her hair looks like my hair (naturally Carrie curly) if I run a brush through it. That is totally and shockingly intentional. Electric shock pun intended.

  44. NancyF says:

    This is a woman with a lot of style who enjoys fashion.
    The hair-do, however, has to go. So unflattering to a woman over 28. It makes her look old and hard, and does a number on that nose of hers — very witchy!!

  45. dear kaiser says:

    One needs a beautiful face to pull off this hair. It really drags down her already long face. At 46 years of age, she should know better.

  46. Suzie says:

    I agree. The hair looks terrible in that shiny grey dress. The hair is too flat on top and too bushy below. Even tied back into a ponytail would have looked hugely better. Or cut to just touching the shoulders without the bush effect. Definitely a bad hair day.

  47. DiMi says:

    I like the hair. I’m black, and I don’t think a “fro” is ugly. Think about what you are writing.

  48. Magsy says:

    SJP always and I mean always has the worst hair. Try as she may having roots growing in and twotone, sometimes three-tone hair doesn’t suit a Hollywood figure. Bitch you can have your hair done everyday, no excuse for it. But she can’t cut it because she’s afraid to look older. And throw in the horse face too, she’s kinda stuck.