Angelina Jolie’s full Vanity Fair pictorial, plus more quotes: “I’m the worst!”


Here is the full Vanity Fair pictorial for Angelina Jolie’s October cover story. The photos were shot by Met Alas and Marcus Piggott. The photo shoot is weird – it’s like Angelina didn’t have any problems with letting the kids get photographed, but the photographers decided that we should only see the kids covered up or blurry. Angelina’s face looks good, though. My favorite photo is the black-and-white one, where she’s wearing the white blouse. We had the first excerpts and shots from Vanity Fair last week, so I won’t be reviewing those quotes again. However, various Asian sources have even more quotes from Jolie’s interview. How did they get them so fast? I have idea. Here you go:

Angelina on her jewelry line, “Style of Jolie”: She revealed that she created her own jewelry line for “fun” and she said that although it’s never been a huge ambition of hers, she did it because she wanted to design pieces she could wear, with the proceeds going to charity. “Yeah, I did it for fun. The proceeds go to the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, a foundation I started with Gene Sperling. I like certain types of jewelry I wasn’t finding, big chunky stones with gold. I worked with a designer, saying, ‘If I had an ideal ring, it would look like this.’ Or, ‘I’d love a pair of earrings that look that.’ But I never wear jewelry. Unless I go to a premiere. I’m the worst.”

A typical day in Malta, getting fish pedicures with the boys: “I hung out with the kids. Usually we have swim class in the morning for the twins, then art class. The boys got this crazy fish pedicure. There are fish here that eat the dead skin off your feet and I thought it would be fun to send the boys. They were in hysterics, they said it was ticklish.”

Angelina wants her kids to have “authentic” experiences without her: “The kids have been learning about the history of Malta and going to the catacombs. I wanted them to have the full experience of traditional tourism, so I let them go without me.”

On watching her own movies: “Brad jokes with me, because I’ll watch a movie and I’ll be asleep in five minutes. I’m terrible. There’s some of my own I’ve never seen.”

On going to premieres with Brad: “Since I’ve been with him I’ve seen all the ones we’ve gone to the premieres for. I think I liked ‘Jesse’ [‘The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford’] because I knew how hard he worked on that. It’s interesting: when you live with an artist, it’s not the film but the process you respect. I know he took a risk on that, fought for it, stood true to what he believed He didn’t cave when people were pressing him, and he made a beautiful film.”

Angelina and Brad read each other’s scripts: “We read each other’s things. More now than when we were first together. We throw each other scripts and say, ‘Is this good, or have I lost my mind?’”

[From China Daily, Asian Age and Newstrack India]

I like what she says about The Style of Jolie jewelry. Most of it is oversized topaz and semi-precious stuff, set in yellow gold, and looking very “1970s, with a muumuu”. Even Angelina admits she’s not a jewelry person, which is basically like saying, “I did this for giggles, Jesus, I would never wear this crap.” But The Style of Jolie is getting sort of popular – celebrities are already wearing the stuff on red carpets.





Scans courtesy of The Fashion Spot.

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  1. Sarah says:

    DAMN she’s gorgeous.

  2. Eve says:

    So incredibly beautiful…

    God, the contours of this woman’s face! Perfection.

  3. Kathi says:

    Kaiser, your choice of preview pics is the best!! 😀

  4. WTF says:

    saw whatever you want about the Jolie…that profile is stunning

  5. someone says:

    how is it humanly possible to be this beautiful? love her!

  6. dano says:

    Brad Pitt is an artist?LMAO

  7. Addie says:

    Absolutly beautiful inside and out!

    Love how she is so open about her life and experiences.

    An amazing breathe of fresh air of class and intellegence, words that are practically non-existant in Hollywood today.

  8. Sam says:

    Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, and this beholder thinks there are more beautiful people than AJ. The photos are ok but I wonder what they would look like without the photoshop.
    (oh come on people they are, there arent any non photoshopped posed pics in mags)

    I do wonder why she is trying to poke out Shilohs eyes.

  9. Sue says:

    I don’t think she says she wouldn’t wear the jewelry because she has worn some of the pieces on the red carpet and one necklace in The Tourist but she just did it for fun and the charity.

  10. Mia says:

    Good article. The pictures are beautiful.

  11. Goofpuff says:

    Who wouldn’t want to be able to design jewelry that they like? Lucky her. No matter what jewelry person you are, you stop wearing it when you have kids because they’ll try to rip the necklace/earrings off you and eat it.

    *sigh* I miss my jewelry.

    Her photoshoot is lovely and photoshopped, but her profile is the same as ever and gorgeous.

  12. justez says:

    She is incredibly beautiful. I wish I had her hair.

  13. Lucky Charm says:

    Her bone structure is perfect, and her eyes look so blue in that last photo. I really like that pink color on her, I wish she would wear it more often, because despite what she says, I don’t think the paps ignore her more if she wears black. No wonder Brad has to pinch himself in the morning when he wakes up to such beautiful perfection!

  14. sauvage says:

    Photoshoppers, I hate you. Angelina Jolie is a gorgeous woman in her thirties. Why exactly did you have to ‘shop her into a gorgeous woman in her twenties? What for?

  15. sassenach says:

    Yes, the pictures are airbrushed but unlike so many celebrity magazine pictures, she actually looks like herself.

    She is not airbrushed beyond recognition. We all know whether you love or hate her that she is just as beautiful in candids as she is in the mags.

  16. Sam says:

    AJ isnt able to get through her own films without falling asleep. Guess I am not alone.

  17. Moops says:

    She looks very pretty in these photos. But am I the only one who finds her and Brad … dare I say it… a bit boring? I mean all these “stories” about her and Brad reading scripts, about her and the kids going to the movies, sightseeing, etc. – it is nice and supportive and homey and family-oriented – but completely uneventful and un-reportable. And maybe that is a calculated move on their part? Maybe if their lives are pleasant and drama-free people will become bored and the paps will stop hounding them?

    (Anyway… the countdown begins for people to rip me apart and call me a “hater” for expressing this relatively neutral opinion.)

  18. Cherry says:

    @Moops I agree… I miss the old Angelina, who collected knives, slept with girls, partied, had terrible taste in men and walked around with a bottle of her husband’s blood around her neck. I guess she’s more beautiful now, her features have evened out a bit, but she’s also become a bit… DARE I SAY IT?… bland.

  19. olivia says:

    Why is there pictures of those kids, in this article? Why does she constantly have to expose them? Can’t her work stand on it’s own ground? Or is it the only way she can sell Angelina Jolie anymore??

  20. Duh says:

    Why would she care if her kids are photographed for a magazine? They did it before for w magazine but those pix were not that great because brad was the photographer.

    I read the whole interview and the interesting parts are about the movie she directed. The rest is just blah and meh.

  21. Duh says:

    Cherry, she still has terrible taste in men.

  22. sandy#1 says:

    she’s lovely, inside and out, i don’t think they are boring at all, in fact, this site don’t have half as many stories of them as other sites, which is fine, because there are other celebrities out there, but jolie/pitt are among the favorites.

  23. Ell says:

    Her looks get better with age, it’s all about the bone structure. I like the top pic the best.

    @dano – I have to confess I had to re-read the section about Brad being an artist too, his acting just washes over me.

  24. WeegleFeegle says:

    Ugh. I hate it when celebrities will let people photograph their children, it’s complete exploitation.

    I’ve never liked AJ as a persona. Everything she’s done has always screamed insecure, attention whore, IMO.

    She is really hot though.

  25. Sigh says:

    Her beauty is just legendary. Those cheekbones! Eyes…lips. She’s in the same leagues as Liz Taylor, Greta Garbo, Ava Gardner, Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth.

  26. Abbie says:

    @Moops I agree.
    A calculated move indeed. They have become a brand, a boring brand at that.

    Dont worry about those who will call you a hater. They worship at the alter of Saint AJ and know no better.

  27. Lewis says:

    Looks older 🙁 but its ok 🙂

  28. Nick says:

    I don’t like she skinny body so bad lookin

  29. mln76 says:

    Gorgeous woman as always but what I love about her is that she is (and will always be)interesting/controversial…She doesn’t just rest on the laurels of her fame but is always doing something unexpected. Very glad she grew out of her self destructive past and decided to do something with her voice.

  30. jinni says:

    I actually don’t mind that she has her kids in these pics because, unlike Brad, she doesn’t really complain about the paps. Sure she wishes they’d back up and not scream in her kids face, but IIRC she’s said that she just explains to the kids why these people want to take their pics. Brad’s the one that’s always complaining about the kids being hunted, but then has no problem creating more public interest around his kids by taking personal pictures of them himself and having them published for the whole world to see. This makes him look like a big hypocrite.

  31. kiko says:

    i’m glad that we both agree that she is an awful actress..

  32. carrie says:

    she acted in so many awful movies that i don’t understand why she’s so famous but she’s really beautiful (even if she’s very photoshopped here) and i dislike how she doesn’t protect her kids’s anonymity

  33. really says:

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!

  34. evon says:

    that cover is very hideous. she has definately looked better in her old VF covers.

  35. Cheyenne says:

    @Cherry: Most people outgrow their wild side sooner or later. Her life may seem bland to you but I imagine she finds it infinitely more satisfying. Wild gets boring after a while.

  36. anne_000 says:

    The kids are always photographed by the paparazzi whenever they go out anyways. They’re not “anonymous” at all. They’re probably some of most recognized children of celebrity around. But this is mostly because of the paparazzi. So what if at least once, the kids get photographed in an artistic way. Anyways, the photos here don’t really show the children’s faces. The one shot that does is kinda fuzzy, but we all know how Vivienne looks like anyways from the millions of other photos the paps took.

  37. Cut the Cheese says:

    I just love reading these comments!

  38. Cheyenne says:

    Poor olivia, how you you manage to live with all that bile and bitterness? It seems to be eating you up from the inside out.

  39. *All my rowdy friends have settled down*(Hank Williams,Jr.) There comes a time when Mr.Adult,Mr.Family comes a knockin’.And,I suggest you open the door,or your gonna end up on a reality show,or *gasp* dancin’ on the counter at the local Bar,to drunk to realize:Hey,I’m 45,damn time flies.(I’m sure we all know or met,the badass rebel who refused to grow up)BTW:Lovin’ The Jolie!! ***EDIT***Point I’m making:Refer to the just posted*Tara Reid* thread.

  40. Ruth says:

    It always strikes me as kindve odd that all of AJs charity work is kinda swept under the carpet. Yes she is aesthetically perfect. We know, it is kinda obvious. But she is actually one of the most philanthropic celebrities out there (I say celebrities to exclude people like Bill Gates, who has given billions to charity) She actually DOES her United Nations goodwill ambassador stuff an awful lot. And no-one talks about it.

  41. blonde on the dock says:

    These are obviously over-photoshopped. Almost cartoonish. AJ photographs beautifully but to say she’s the most beautiful woman in the world is silly. And Brad’s an artist!Hahahahahha Now she’s a comedian too. I don’t dislike this couple but the adulation by some of you is a little over the top. Same people, same comments any time I click on an AJ picture. Or an Aniston for that matter.

  42. anonymous says:

    Whenever Brad or Angie is on the cover on a major magazine it is hard to find. I tried to find Brad Pitt on the New Yorker, did not. Now I am trying to find Jolie’s Vanity Fair don’t see it, exactly what is happening, I can usually find them for other stars.

  43. Cleo says:

    I get this snooze alert whenever she talks about Brad Pitt. I guess I don’t care or somehow they’ve managed to make themselves completely painfully boring to know about. how did they do that?

  44. DiannSteph says:

    I think Angelina’s beautiful in this pictorical but I don’t always see the “beauty” in everyday pap pics like some do. But she’s definitely had a major rhinoplasty. The fact Jennifer A. gets criticized for it and not Angelina..always blows my mind.

    That last pic of Angelina her nose is barely THERE.

    This is what Angelina used to look like. Her rhinoplasty really made her face pop IMO.,xcitefun-young-angelina-jolie-15.jpg

  45. blonde on the dock says:

    @Cheyenne: The same could be said of you on an Aniston thread. Kind of hypocritical dont ya think? You are so defensive of this woman. Sorry don’t mean to be nasty, it’s just something I’ve picked up on and I think it’s weird.

  46. anonymous** I couldn’t find Brad’s New Yorker,either.I did purchase Jolie’s VF,there were only two left when I grabbed mine.I hope you find Jolie’s VF,I recommend it to all Jolie fans.

  47. rose80 says:

    @ blonde on dock… Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  48. laylajane says:

    They added weight to her in these pictures . She always looks terrible because she’s too damn skinny.

  49. Cheyenne says:

    Oh come on, blondie, did you have to drag the ex into it?
    Try to stay on topic. It can’t be all that hard.

    @rose80: Maybe you could if you had an original thought even once in a while.

  50. ANg says:

    She wishes that her hands look as they do in these pictures. Her cheekbones are not as defined in IRL as they are on the cover.

    She looks meh in candids

  51. Sakyiwaa says:

    She’s ‘Truly Scrumptious’!
    Fabulous interview!

    Brad IS an artist. He has way better filmography than Jolie. Anyhoo, I love them together! And their kids too!
    I LOVE it when she talks about Brad., she always says the most loving, edifying, desirable things about him.

    Something the Ex never did…

    I’ll never grow bored of them. It’s ‘slim pickings’ for likable celebs these days. I’m prolly gonna grow old still ‘loving’ them… u know, when Lilo is president and Kim K wins an Oscar…:'(

  52. Green_Eyes says:

    She is a beautiful woman. When you see raw footage of her out when she is speaking to women in third world countries she has no makeup on, no airbrushing and her beauty shines thru. She lightsnup when she speaks of her children or her humanitarian work..because it’s from her heart. Yes she had a wild side and things she may not be proud of herself..or maybe she is because it made her the strong woman she is today.

    I admire her because she has spoken out on several occasions about her cutting herself to feel pain just to feel when she was younger. Growing up in a home where I was constantly beaten, yet my little sister never touched and being our fathers angel. It didn’t take long for my sister to learn to cute herself and beat herself w/ objects to feel… (our parents fought knock down drag out and also the most horrific verbal arguments whenever they drank). My little sister shut her emotions down to survive then did those things to herself to cope. I never understood as I was the one always being beaten to a bloody pulp on the floor and resented my sister for not acknowledging what happened while she did those things to herself). However, when I heard Angelina speak about that chapter of her Lofe I came to understand my sisters obsession w/ cutting and beating herself (usually w/ a flashlight…only know as I walked in on her one day when she did so.. Because to family ot was I fell at work, or cut myself at work, yet to her employers it was an accident at home. While I was spending yrs of trying to cover my multiple bruises and missing class or work because I couldn’t move or had a head gash).

    Anyway… I have admired Angelina for coming forward leaving nothing in the closet in hopes of helping even one girl to seek help..or family to understand. So she may have what some deem a boring life now .. I do also. When you’ve lived thru chapters such as nasty divorces (her parents), and the thongs she did just to feel… As you het older you embrace those in your life that bring you a peaceful family structure…to some it may seem boring.. To some of us it is our sanity and moments of blissful family peace we have been searching for…..

  53. ANg says:

    Why she whoring her children in mags?

  54. Sakyiwaa says:

    @rose80. Lol!!! Cheyenne really just has such FANTASTIC comebacks!

  55. Edita says:

    Most beautiful woman inside and out.

    These pictures don’t do her justice, she looks even more stunning in candids.

  56. Zzzzzzzzz says:

    I like the way she talks about Brad. It’s not OMG we hump every day and look how wild and exciting our life is together, but she ‘gets’ him and her respect for him as a person really comes across when she talks about him. I find that infinitely more appealing and GROWN UP than the stuff she and Billy Bob were up to when she was younger. And why is it now a problem that a mother of six with a long term partner is not collecting knives and blood and getting high at every red carpet? She’s a mother, she’s a partner, she’s seen more horrors and triumphs than any of us will in a lifetime and she’s got some perspective in her world. Some of you talk like no one is allowed to outgrow their juvenile tendencies, least of all Angie. Of course she’s grown up, it would be bizarre if she hadn’t.

  57. Sakyiwaa says:

    @rose80. Lol!!! Cheyenne really just has such FANTASTIC comebacks!

    @GREEN_EYES. Love your post. So touching! 🙂

  58. rosalee says:

    I cancelled my Vanity Fair subscription, not because of the same interview with Jolie four times in the past few years but because of the over use of airbrushing not one photo “subject” looks human even the beautiful Jolie looks like a mannequin – @DiannSteph thanks for the photo have you seen the Access Hollywood footage of Jolie’s career which shows the evolution of her face

  59. Cali says:

    Cheyenne, notice how its always others that drag the ex in, not AJ fans?

    For those who whinge about the AJ fans being defensive ( after 6 gee, I wonder why?) ever stopped and looked at it from the other side? Ever thought that after 6 years of people bashing Angelina, that fans are defensive because of all the hate they’ve seen, and over-compensate? No, of course not. Logic and understanding is too difficult to do for some.

  60. blonde on the dock says:

    @Sakyiwaa: yeah kinda makes one wonder if someone hasn’t had a little pee pee in Cheyenne’s cereal every morning. lol No offense intended but the comebacks are pretty good.

  61. G says:

    Angelina is so beautiful, it’s breathtaking. Just one point of irritation though, anyone else notice how they photoshopped her nose to be a bit smaller/cuter? They don’t need to be messing with her face.

  62. Green_Eyes says:

    @ Sakyiwaa- thank you.. It is just the truth from my heart.

  63. hstl1 says:

    Everybody will probably hammer me for this…. she is such a gorgeous woman but her tattoos just ruin the pictures for me.

  64. rose80 says:

    @ Sakyiwaa… LOL.

    Cheyenne is just as odd as those that come in and say things about AJ that she doesn’t like. For her to assume that I do not have an original thought because I agreed with another poster on their accurate observation of her behavior is ridiculous. At times (and this is my thought by the way)she shows signs as having a borderline personality disorder behavior. She does after all take personal offense to the comments that people make about AJ behind their keyboards and displays abnormal levels of inappropriateness and intense anger…responding to nearly every single, miniscule, and negative comment made about AJ with a personal attack to the original poster, or in this case a secondary poster who agreed with another commentator. And this is just one example. This behavior goes to show you the level of her mindset and her incapability to formulate a witty, mature, well thought out comeback to my comment.

    @ blonde on dock…bookmark this page, Cheyenne will tell you to stay on topic, BUT she will steer off the road at anytime she wants to. I recall a post made about AJ’s fashion choices…dozens of posts later Cheyenne is the first one to mention Aniston and accused other posters who didn’t like AJ’s fashion sense of being “haters” and being on “team aniston”.

  65. Cherry Rose says:

    @Cheyenne@Cherry: Most people outgrow their wild side sooner or later. Her life may seem bland to you but I imagine she finds it infinitely more satisfying. Wild gets boring after a while. This!

    Let’s not forget that Angelina is also 36 now. I think her priorities in life have changed, as evidenced by her humanitarian work and of course, being a mother.

  66. Edita says:

    New pic of Angelina & Jane Goodall

  67. coucou says:

    DOUCHE ALERT: Lewis #28

  68. Monette says:

    Pippa is also a Virgo? I’m sorry I obsess so much about this but Kaiser as a Virgo yourself you should totally do a piece on the similarities between Blake, Beyonce, Pippa, Lean. They have some true hustle in them.

  69. Duh says:

    Cleo, I agree. The only reason I liked the interview is because she really doesn’t talk about Brad all that much. LoL

  70. Edita** I was just reading the online ‘People Mag’ article! *Jane’s Journey* a cinematic biography about Goodall.It chronicles her worldwide travels,personal footage from her childhood,and charity work with Jolie.*Jane’s Journey* will debut in select theaters’Sept 27th’,along with a special live performace with Goodall,who will answer viewers questions.Also appearing,Pierce Bronson and Dave Mathews.(This is why I never grow bored with The Jolie.)

  71. AngelMay says:

    She looks more anorexic than Nicole Richie even did at her worst. The woman is a skeleton. She seems to get a pass on this, though.

  72. Katherine says:

    ” . . . she shows signs as having a borderline personality disorder behavior.”

    LOL! Paging Dr. Bombay.

    Can we please can the lame attempts at psychiatric analysis. You are on a gossip forum and you don’t know the posters or the celebrities. Try to remember that.

  73. Edita#56**You do find the best pictures! Gorgeous Jolie!!

  74. Daisy424 says:


  75. Cheyenne says:

    @blondie: C’mon now, this is getting down to sandbox level. Somebody peed in my cereal? You mean like somebody pooped in your Froot Loops? See, I can go there too, but what would be the point? Anyway, I like Angie, never mind if you don’t. I don’t love her, but I admire and respect her for what she’s accomplished. I think she is a beautiful, intelligent, talented woman. Feel free to disagree, but there was no reason to drag the ex into the thread. She’s got nothing to do with anything.

    @rose80: Wow, did I ever it a raw nerve. My bad. But if I were you, I would refrain from making off-the-wall diagnoses of people you’ve never met and never will. It’s an exercise in futility, not to mention terminal silliness. (Let me know if you have trouble deciphering the big words.)

  76. Cheyenne says:

    @Cherry Rose: It never ceases to amaze me how people seem to expect Angie to remain frozen in time and be the same person at 36 as she was at 21. I wouldn’t want to meet anyone who hadn’t progressed at all in 15 years.

  77. Josephina says:

    Leave Cheyenne alone! …Not that she needs anyone to defend her.

    There are so many of us that find Jolie to be absolutely gorgeous. Her bone structure… high cheekbones, big, almond-shaped beautifule green eyes, beautiful smile, long legs that wrap around Brad’s torso…

    Her exotic looks and her passionate nature appeal to the masses on a very large, global scale. She is much bigger than just an American actress.

    If you look at any of the YouTube coverage of her recently as well as in the last 15 years…her beauty cannot be denied.

    Angie was never an ugly duckling. She was pretty as a baby… pretty in her teen years… hot and sexy as a young adult.. and remains a beauty icon in her thirties.

    She has ageless beauty like Sophia Loren, Catherine Zeta Jones, Princess Grace, Elizabeth Taylor, Monica Belosi. Yeah, she is already a Hollywood legend.

    She was drop dead gorgeous in Mr. and Mrs. Smith and just as lovely in The Tourist. She is a box office global magnet, an Oscar Winner, Brad Pitt’s live-in lover, Mommy to six beautiful children, an activist, a writer, a director, a very well-known humanitarian, and a philanthropist. She rides motorcycles and she has a pilot license so she can fly airplanes.

    She is a very accomplished woman at just 36 years of age. She keeps pushing herself each day to learn about the world and stays on mission. PLUS…she is STILL a badass.

    Nooooo……she is not boring one da*n bit. Keep making it rain, Angie!!!

    Let ’em keep screaming at the ocean!

  78. Sakyiwaa says:

    @rose80. Sorry if I offended you. From the bottom of my heart, I know it gets real ugly on these threads sometimes… I’m really sorry about that. I wish we all wouldn’t take some of the ‘hate’ so seriously. We all should be able to disagree convivially. But I know, you know, it hurts when someone is derisive about something you are passionate about… Hate spews… I chalk it up to inflamed emotions… Cos obviously, you ‘got’ to the said fan…
    Somedays, I get pissed. Other days, I can get genuinely amused about all of it :-D!

    In any case, Celebitchy, in my opinion, for all its craziness, has some of the sanest ‘loons’ and ‘hens’ I’ve ever come across…

    Wanna see ‘crazy’, trip to FF, E!online, JJ and Dlisted… ‘Em ‘loons’ and ‘hens’ take it to a whole ‘nu’ level!

    We’re just playing in the sandbox here, they’re at the BEACH over there!

    Hope you truly have a lovely day :-)!

  79. Deltona lakes says:

    You do have the best comebacks.. One thing I’ve always noticed about JP’s fans/admirers they can always back up their postings with links to legit articles/videos, not tabloid BS i.e. the star, enquirer, life &style

  80. Camille says:

    Absolutely beautiful woman.

    @Josephina: Great comment.

  81. Camille says:

    Absolutely beautiful woman.

    @mln76, Zzzzzzzzz, Josephina: Great comments. ITAWY. 🙂

  82. Sakyiwaa says:

    Oops, look’s we’re beyond ‘sandbox level’! Ahahaha! Just read Cheyenne’s post :-D…

    In reference to my post therefore…, we’ll take the BEACH, obviously,the other folk’re playing among the sand dunes on the Kalahari Desert…!

  83. Cheyenne**The *Comeback* Queen!!LOL

  84. Cheyenne says:

    @Josephina: re Jolie as badass — a few nights ago I watched The Replacement Killers with Mira Sorvino and Point of No Return, that dreadful Bridget Fonda ripoff of La Femme Nikita, and couldn’t help thinking how superb Angie would have been in either film. Just the kind of kickass part she is so good in. But to give credit where it’s deserved, Mira Sorvino was excellent in Replacement Killers, and La Femme Nikita is a movie that didn’t need to be remade. That part belongs to Anne Parillaud.

  85. Freya says:

    I guess because the children are very much part of her life, olivia (post#20).

  86. Freya says:

    Cleo (post#44), you get this snooze alert…, you don’t care, and they’re painfully boring…, but you’re here posting!

  87. Grace says:

    She looks nothing like this in real life anymore. The photo editors at VF should get a bonus.

  88. rose80 says:

    @ sakyiwaa…not at all…seriously!

    @ cheyenne “My bad. But if I were you, I would refrain from making off-the-wall diagnoses of people you’ve never met and never will. ” …Yet you come in and “diagnose” people everyday who say anything remotely negative about AJ. You call people names all the time…hater tends to be your favorite 12 yr old terminology. Furthermore, you defend AJ as if YOU know her when you never will, So before you suggest to decipher anything for anyone you need to decipher your own hypocrisy.

  89. Cheyenne says:

    @rose: Just to clarify things, would you mind sharing with us your professional credentials that quality you to label as “borderline personality disorder” someone you have never met and know nothing about? Because I’d hazard a guess that the limits of your reading in this area is the tabloids psychologists in In Touch Weekly and Star magazine. The ones with mail-order degrees in “body language”.

  90. miss_bhaven says:

    She is so pretty…Aishwayra Rai kind of pretty and you dont see that very often.

  91. lisa says:

    I think the problem that some who are not fans have with the VF article is she didn’t give them anything to bitch about. Angie is a 36 year old woman.. and mother of 6 children and a partner in a relationship for almost 7 years.

    Why do these people never question Drew Barrymore who was on drugs and AA before she was old enough to do anything. Or Johnny Depp who was in trouble, or Robert Downey and his past. Never here a word about people talking about their past or how they lived. Most of which have a looonnnngg rap sheet. Other than what Angie has said herself about what she has done, this woman was never arrested, in rehab or on some sex video. Never had a mug shot, yet she is still pigeon holed as what she said or did 15 or more years ago.

    She is an adult. And even in her wild years, she was never as scandalous as some of these people doing a yearly perp walk.

    Get over it and stop acting like she, as some have said, is stuck in the past. Obviously Angie moved on, Grew up as most people do. Why can’t some of you that are not fans can’t. One would think she did something to you all on a personal level.

    Angie to me is a beautiful woman. Naturally so. And looking at candid pics of her and such… well it is obvious. And the people that actually SEE her or meet her in person seem to agree.

    I take that more to heart than people that have not.

  92. Moops says:

    Just to clarify my original post: I absolutely agree that people should grow and mature as they age, and that it is preferable, even admirable, for them to settle into a peaceful, family-oriented existence. Millions of us in our 30s and 40s have done exactly that – given up our wild-child ways in order to raise children and contribute to society… which is why it is, by definition, BORING!

    That is all.

  93. blonde on the dock says:

    @Cheyenne: I think the example below is the hypocrisy rose80 is talking about. It was a comment made by you to another poster.

    @Blowfish: The problem with you isn’t what’s on top of your head, it’s the f*cked-up mess INSIDE your head.

  94. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    I have always been a fan on Angelina. From her movies to the decisions she’s made in her personal life. I think she’s rad. And I love that she never apologizes for being who she is.

  95. sandy#1 says:

    wow!!! angie has lots of admires, all of her fans/and non fans seem to be drawn to every post about her,and her sweet family, she truly is one of a kind, to bring everyone together like this, her world is beautiful.

  96. LeeLoo says:

    Bravo. I especially love it when everyone tries to put her, Brad and Jennifer Aniston in the same article for something that happened 7 years ago. While I do not agree with the way or timing that Angie and Brad hooked up, I will say that they seem to have a solid relationship. I just wish they took a classier route and held off on being photographed together until Brad’s divorce was final. But in the end I think they make an excellent couple.

    I really like Angie. She’s one of the few celebrities who doesn’t seem to treat everyone she comes into contact with as inferior. For being a child of Hollywood, she seems to have a keen understanding of how the world works.

  97. Blondie** Did you read the ‘blowfish’ comment? It was really a mean,distasteful,rude comment about a little girl.No,sympathy for blowfish here.

  98. Deltona lakes says:

    @blonde on the dock
    Why don’t you give it up with Cheyenne. She’s much smarter,quicker and wittier than you. Your comebacks are often lame.

  99. Magsy says:

    I can just see the little altars and shrines popping up throughout the land as people pray to Sainte Angeline!!

  100. hatsumomo says:

    Why dosent Celebitchy just ban Jolie-Pitt stories altogether? Sigh, Im not working right now, so I read Celebitchy because its a fun way to pass time and I typically do enjoy reading the comments, but really ladies, have a frickin glass of wine and chill.

    and Cheyenne, you are getting pretty nasty again. Take a breather.

  101. Melissa says:

    Wow there’s too many comments to go through. But Jolie is gorgeous as usual.

  102. Cheyenne says:

    @thesea: Considering the source, that was the nicest compliment I’ve had in quite some time. Thank you!

  103. rose80 says:

    @ cheyenne…actually I do not read any tabloids. I’ll leave that to you since you are the authority/stan on the jolie-pitt family. Once again, you prove my point . You are clearly obssessed with this woman to the point of personally attacking posters who say something negative about AJ. And when people tell you to relax or point out the hyprocisy in your statements you personally attack them. While some posters may find this humorous I find it somewhat odd that a grown woman comes into a gossip thread and attacks other because she doesn’t like their opinion about someone whom they never met. I could see if you are family or on her payroll, but you’ve been doing this for free…for a very long time. I’ve been a celebitchy reader for years and you are front and center on AJ threads attacking posters for saying things about AJ. That, my dear, is hypocrisy. You do not want people to say anything negative about AJ but in turn you state negative comments about people you do not know. Immaturity at it’s best. Would you like to state your credentials as to how you can label people all of the names that you call them? If you can dish it, surely you can take it…and you’ve been dishing on every AJ thread when people say something about AJ that for some odd reason you personally do not like.

  104. rose80 says:

    @ Cheyenne…by the way, I have said nothing negative about AJ…so you can relax some. I merely pointed out your behavior which is clearly over the top at times. Please explain your many personal attacks on posters who say something negative about a woman who you do not know and I will explain how I came to the conclusion about you having a personality disoder. You see I can say that it wasn’t very nice of me to say that, but you personally attacked me first because I agreed with a poster about an accurate observation they made about you …that can’t be disputed. On top of that, the observation was politely pointed out to you, yet you felt the need to attack. So when I see someone who repeatedly personally attacks others because they have a opionion about someone that is in no way shape or form related to you, you come off just as bad as those that you deem “haters” etc…

  105. Heavenbound says:


    Dont waist your breath, I have been saying this about Cheyenne for years… It is truly boggling that someone can defend so fiercely a person that they don’t even know. Did I say boggling? ..Actually its disturbing.

  106. Cheyenne says:

    @rose: This is an open blog, right? Feel free to bash any celeb you want on here. But come prepared to back it up or get called out on it.

  107. Josephina says:


    If persons reading your posts find your comments/opinions off, unjustified, foolish, mean-spirited or whacked… They are going to tell you.

    You are making unfavorable remarks about someone (Jolie) who is greatly admired and adored for many reasons other than just her beauty, by a lot of people. There are other sites like Female First who would welcome you with open arms!!!

    The Beatles were very well-loved by the public, but I just saw them as 4 scrawny dudes.

    We are just big fans of Badass Jolie. Her life seems like a whole lot of fun all the while oozing out an inner sense of peace and fulfillment.

  108. Kelly says:

    Just love her and nice she is donating the jewelry money to charity.

  109. nemera says:


    Her FANS like her. We have never ever called her a Saint. or referred to her as such. In fact I think most of the fans she has appreciate that she has flaws and has never hidden them or lied about them. Something that can’t be said for a lot of other celebrities.

    She is who she is. Doesn’t apologizes for that fact. The thing about your comment is that you obviously have a problem because despite all the media hits and crap she still has a HUGE fanbase. That will not change. So you may want accept that.

  110. Addie says:

    Even as an Angie fan, I have to agree with @rose and Blondie on this issue.

    A lot of us know how great Angie is.
    If others don’t agree, that is their right to (Just like some Angie fans detest anything Jen Aniston and make it known through commens)
    No need to defend Angie while badmouthing anyone who disagrees with your view of her.

    Angie ignores the hate, why can’t some fans?

  111. Imelda Fegan says:

    I am sorry ladies, do not get it at all about this woman. I realsie its me – I’m missing something that everyone else seems to see! but to me she is not attractive at all. Too skinny always in black no vivacity in her eyes face or expressions. That chin that forehead, those cracked lips that hairsyle (which is never styled or coloured)and is thinning rapidly ugh
    – not to mention her history of taking other peoples partners (Billy Bob, Brad).
    I am not buying any of this new manufactured AJ/Mother Theresa.
    Mother Theresa like figures do not live in $100 mil chateau’s. There is a reason people, she has admitted to having NO female friends – who has no female friends… ya gotta ask yourself why.

  112. Cali says:

    Imelda Fegan, Angelina has never had a history of ‘taking other people’s partners’. Thats tabloid lies. BBT and Dern had officially split (via the date Dern’s publicist made the official press announcement). Also, Brad and Angelina did not have an affair, we know that now, so NO, she did NOT take Brad either. She has never been involved with even one taken man, let alone ‘has a history of’.

    Also Angelina has been doing humanitarian work for a third of her lifetime and long before she even met Brad, it is something she takes very seriously, and this can be seen in people like Nelson Mandela supporting her – he knows who is genuine and who isn’t. And why do you assume just because a celeb does humanitarian work, they have to live in poverty, too? Does Bill Gates live in poverty? Bono? Or any other celeb who does charity work? You CAN have a mansion and still contribute a large amount to charity, they don’t need to live in a tent and deprive themselves of luxuries to prove themselves to people like you.

    As to friends, AJ never said she has no female friends (she has at least 3 I can name off the top of my head that she is often photographed with), she said not many. And yes, the answer is obvious. Look at the posts on this thread inc yours. Women are women’s worst enemy. We are bitchy, catty, jealous and spiteful. As a woman (who has never had an affair nor to my knowledge been cheated on), I can tell you that men make better buddies. There is no competition, no backstabbing and gossiping. I’d prefer someone who doesn’t have a lot of gossipy backbiting women as friends than someone who does and who posts a lot of spite and bitterness which only proves why women make bad friends and Angelina is genuine. The best friend a girl can have is a male, NOT a woman.

  113. rose80 says:

    @ everyone…I think people are failing to realize that I did not say anything negative about Jolie. What I find odd is that Cheyenne…and no she isn’t the only one, but she sticks out the most on these threads, defends this woman who she does not know by attacking other posters who type anything negative about her. To defend someone so ferociously that you do NOT know is odd. I have said this on other posts as well about the people that hate her to a point of what I think is slightly unhealthy. It’s odd behavior on both ends of spectrum. Especially when you resort verbally attacking posters for their opinion about a celeb.

    and @ Josephina…you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. I haven’t made any comments about Jolie.

    and @ Cheyenne… what are you talking about? I don’t blast any celeb. You should be prepared to be called out on your over the top behavior when people say something about a woman who is not even related to you that you do not like. Personally attacking people because they say something about a woman that you do not know is immature. You can defend Jolie, this woman whom you do not know all you want, without personally attacking other posters. You aren’t her guard dog.

  114. Gabriel says:

    Angelina is the sweetest!

    Celebitchy, did you see Clooney’s ex Elisabeta Canalis while on smoking?

    She said she quits because of the children but she’s a nasty liar, these pics are recent and they show she smokes again!

  115. rose80 says:

    Thank you @ Addie, I actually read more than I post on this site, but some people in particular take it too far when they attack other posters for having a different opinion about a celeb. It’s beyond immature and I don’t think it’s healthy. After all Celebitchy “aims to be a friendly, welcoming site where people can discuss entertainment stories and current events in a lighthearted, safe environment without fear of harassment, excessive negativity, or bullying.”

    Unfortunately, some of the excessive negativity and bullying has been overlooked on certain threads.

  116. Imelda Fegan says:

    Look clearly neither I nor anyone else here knows this woman personally, we can only voice opinions and I’ve stated mine. This woman like all these people are vastly privledged and in her case, I think overrated so if I want to say something to balance it out a little then I am entitled to do that.
    Sorry it WAS bitchy (wel what’s the name of this site!) and I wouldn’t be as harsh in real life but in real life most of us dont get revered the way this woman seems to, especially for her looks which dont do anything for me whatsoever.
    She could have her pick of men yet she picks ones that look like they were either in a relationship or as near as to make little difference. And you saw their behaviour just after they hooked up with that magazine shoot yuck…why even go there.. not necessary. You dont stick it to another woman like that if you’re a genuinely good person.
    If you want to remind people about all the good stuff she’s done, then you’ve got to be prepared to be reminded of all the bad stuff too.
    Never seen her once in her recent past where shes been photographed with female friends, obviously I could be wrong on this.
    I was reading an interesting article in english Sunday Time on Ewan McGregor who has just adopted a chinese baby that nobody knew of. He said adoption was a very private matter and he couldn’t understand at all people making such things so public. Dont even get me started on the children that are carted around the whole world and not given a proper stable life where they have a fixed abode go to school, make friends have at least some chance of having a childhood. To me it seems almost cruel but thats just me.

  117. Julia says:

    @ Imelda

    No offence but Jolie like MOST actresses don’t need to flaunt her friends to the media !

    I mean I have seen Jolie with some friends in Namibia or with Marianne Pearl and Holie who are both closed friends of hers but I have yet to see one picture of Charlize’s friend (female or male), Cate Blanchett’s friend (female or male), Kate Winslet’s friend (female or male), Sandra Bullock’s friend (apart from Ryan Raynold), Meryll Streep’s friends of both genders…and she is older, hence she had plenty of time to flaunt one of her friend’s pictured with her, Nicole Kidman’s friend,…

    It seems to me that argument of ‘friend’ is only used in Jolie’s case as to justify a so called perceived coldness.

    Well if it only needs that, ALL the actresses i mentioned above are even more qualified for the same antipathic feeling because according the same rule : they have ZERO friend !

  118. Derpy says:

    So… Love Angelina chills on posting a bit, and the panties-too-tight-brigade decides Cheyenne is their next target to call out for basically absolutely nothing?

    I pretty much read every comment in every JP thread, Cheyenne is nowhere near any form of what some of you are trying to make her out to be. If you are taking words, that she is typing on a site called Celebitchy, so incredibly serious as to be offended, mayhaps you should take some time away from perusing the comments. Celebitchy has a policy against trolls and bullies, believe me, I’ve seen Kaiser and CB dish out plenty of bans for people that have clearly crossed lines. Cheyennes comments are hilarious, and being that I lurk here a lot, I’ve read some comments she makes about her personal life, while I won’t repost what she has said, her attitude and words give me this exceedingly awesome mental picture of what she would be like hanging out and having some wine with.

    About the article and pics, I’ve enjoyed them. Thoroughly. Can’t wait for ITLOB&H

  119. Imelda Fegan says:

    So the only thing you disagree from my comments is the “friends” comment which she herself stated!
    I thought you’d be up in arms over my comments about her children/accessories and am in no way dissing children in fact I feel sorry for them.
    Yes thats right I really said I feel Sorry For The Children Of Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie. They dont need or deserve to live the life they are living, film set to film set, premiere to photo op etc etc
    Do you really think with all their money that if they wanted to be more discreet & private they could be. Especially in relation to the protection of their children.
    Also (vent not over yet!) for someone who has done so much charity work (aka publicity work) you would think she would try to avoid looking like a starved refugee herself just as a matter of simple principle.
    Her cup definately runneth over why look like that – oh I know cos she’s as vein as all the other actresses out there hence the immobile features too.
    She’s a fake – nobody goes from being a blood vial wearing inappropriate brother kissing person to Mother Theresa, its all still there underneath the orchestrated PR machine.

  120. Melissa says:

    @rose80: Right on.

    @Imelda Fegan: I disagree that people can’t change. They can. Especially after having children. I’m not saying that everyone changes after having children, but some do. I would hate to think what it would be like if I were judged for the crazy sh*t I did in my early twenties before I had my two kiddos and realized that the world didn’t revolve around me. I can still hear my Father banging his bible…….

  121. Cali says:

    ….As I said above, both BBT and Brad were single or seperated and in the process of getting a divorce when they got together with Angelina. There is nothing wrong with that at all, whatsoever. In fact, many people date when newly single or when going through a divorce. That is totally normal and absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. The photoshoot was for work, to promote M&MS. All actors have to do promos for their shows/films. The Producer ordered that photoshoot – it was work. It wasn’t personal, and it wasn’t their choice nor their fault. again, they did nothing at all wrong except do the job they signed on to do.

    I believe those the belief that children must be rooted in one place like pot-plants is closed-minded and outdated. Many army families move around constantly – should we have no troops with children? The JPs have a great life that any child would envy. They get to experience culture and learn through life experiences. Studies show that children of army personnel, Diplomats and various Dignataries and other families famous or otherwise that travel, are scholastically, culturally and socially streets ahead of children that do not get this wonderful experience. Children that grow up travelling all over the world are the most confident, assured and educated children. Its a brilliant life and one anyone would envy. Also, the JP children go to an International school called the Lychee Franceai (spelling?) which has branches of schools in every major city in the world and the branches are all on the same timetable so no matter where the children are next, they just continue on from where they left off. Children of Diplomats, dignataries, army personnel etc along with the celebs attend this school which was designed just for this type of family setting.

    Criticism of Angelina is fine, as long as its based on fact and credible opion based on reason. As is reminding us of any ‘bad’ things she has done (as if the haters ever let us forget), *if* they are in fact ‘bad’ or if she even did them at all, and its not hearsay, tabloid lies and gossip. No one deserves to be judged on petty gossip and lies. So far, I have yet to come across 1 actual and factual ‘bad’ thing that Angelina has *actually done*, and not said to have done by tabloids.

  122. Deltona lakes says:

    # 118 Imelda
    Please spare us your pity for children you don’t know. Cheyenne is not a bully.. It’s people like you I detest.. Who constantly bring up tabloid BS.. Like I said before JP fans can back up everything with real links to legit sources all anti Jp fans bring is tabloid sh**t. If you find angie unattractive that’s fine but don’t say she’s an heroin addict or anorexic . It sounds so stupid… if you don’t like how zahara’s hair is not done to your liking or the way Shiloh is dressed that’s okay
    too. But dont insinuate she’s shouldn’t have adopt her because she’s white and
    she’s a unfit mother because she doesnt dress her daughter in frilly pink… People
    have every right to defend these uncalled barbs…Cheyenne I’m behind you 100%…

  123. Imelda Fegan says:

    Yeah me too – I’m Irish Catholic so I totally know that – you’d think with all that religion I’d be a bit more generous of spirit about AJ but I just cant. Somethin’ about her (well most things about her) stick in my craw too much and although I get people change the extent to which she did and the calculated canniness of it all makes me dislike her even more than before.

  124. Imelda Fegan says:

    Dont get what youre saying at all – I specifically said Im not dissing the children but your comments about hair and dressed are a little below the belt. Read what I said again I dont like the way they are carted around the world and not protected from the evil glare of publicity (that leads to comments like your own) that I strongly disagree with.
    As a mother myself I would imagine a fixed abode, stable school life with opportunity to make friends is best for kids. I dont really see her acting in the best interests of her kids by moving them around constantly from film set to film set constantly caught on camera, photographed in magazines etc how can be in their best interests. This is nothing to do with their hair or clothes.
    They do seem like they are an accessory to her – she could protect them better from all that if she wanted yet she doesn’t. Why I dont get it and I dont get her – end of.

  125. Cali says:

    #118 Imelda really shows where you stand despite your pretending to want to understand. Your last post was full of superficial and shallow things such as attacking her looks. Angelina has been doing humanitarian work for 1 third of her lifetime and you’re saying she’s fake and that Nelson Mandela can’t spot a fake when he knows one? You’re stuck in the past and won’t let go, refusing to let AJ move on from her past. Btw, what she wore was a tiny pinprick of blood in a locket, not a vial. Just like mothers have a lock of their newborn’s first haircut in their locket same as with lovers. There never was any ‘vial’. Nor was there any inappropriate brother kissing. She gave her brother a kiss on the mouth, closed lips. Nothing at all wrong about that. Many cultures greet relatives on the lips. New Zealanders even rub noses. I bet you think that xenophobically think thats ‘inappropriate’ too. You act like Angelina changed from a really bad person like a Nazi or something, to what she is now. There was no ‘drastic’ change. She was never an evil person. Maturing doesn’t mean you make a drastic change contrary to your nature. There was no sudden or major change so I don’t know what you are going on about. You clearly have your mind made up to keep Angelina as a 14-20 year old because it suits your purposes and you refuse to give her the benefit of the doubt. You were not genuine in discussing her and only wanted to validate your closed-mindedness and prejudice of Angelina founded and based on nothing but lies and misunderstanding.

  126. Julia says:

    @ Imelda

    No offence but for a mother and a catholic, since you bring those information yourself, i find you rather harshly critical towards another mother.

    I mean, there is NOT a single way of raising a child and you like anyone wouldn’t like anyone criticizing your ways of bringing up your children. And you will be right in that regard.

    I for one beleive that a woman, a mature one and a mother at that, one would know where critic about another mother is way below the belt and cross that ‘decent’ line which has nothing to do anymore with the ‘entertainment subject’.

    Jolie’s children are hers and the ways of raising them is personal just like yours are too.

    I find it obscene and out of line so called other mothers constantly criticizing other mothers raising hability when there is no sign of mistreatment and abuse.

    Also for all you women out there always faking concern for those children, you have some massive nerves, because there is no way someone can straightforwardly play the concern delicate innocent flower acting hollier than thou with their moral card and yet constantly trashing those children mother. Guess what, it makes you a hypocrite and as an individual, a much much worse sinner than Jolie in her wildest days.

    What good does that make to a child when someone, an adult at that blatantly insult his/her mother relentlessly calling her names, a druggie and worst : impliying she is no good mother to them ? In what world is that kind of indidvidual deemed as a good person with good morals ?

    If Jolie is responsible for her sins, WE are also for ours and insulting a fellow mother knowing that someday, somehow her children will read this, doesn’t make you better.

    After that, you can’t be credible and speak about being concern of those children wellfare with a straight face. And you too will be judged by your own acts, by your own sayings, by your own insults towards a fellow mother and her motherly hability, towards someone you don’t know, using shamelessly her own children as a mean to get to her.

  127. Cali says:

    Julia, (claps for 1 minute long) very well said. I’m constantly amazed on the net to find some people are actually mothers, I shake my head with pity. I myself would be more worried about the hatred these children are being exposed to than the JPs who bear no hate or malice toward anyone. I know which family I would rather grow up in and who’s children I would feel sorry for. I’ve seen people like this on many forums and they eventually drop the pretence of wanting dialogue and expose their true colours. They don’t want to listen to reason, they want validation for their hatred and judgement of another human being and mother. Nothing we say at this point makes any difference because they want to cling onto their little belief and never let reality, ration or reason or human kindness come into it. They will *not* be shaken from their narrow mindset, they’ll cling to it with all they have. I feel sorry for them and their family.

  128. Imelda Fegan says:

    Sorry ladies I am not a hater and I will not make any personal comments about anyone here since I dont know you and you dont know me – you all bring up very good points.
    All I’m saying is that if someone has that amount of money why cant they protect their children more from the glare of increasingly evil publicity. For her publicity comes with the job she’s an actress and again in my opinion not a great one – but we shouldn’t even know the ins and outs of her kids lives, where they go to school their hair, their clothes etc – they didn’t choose a life like that, she did. Kids need protection from all that. There are lots of celebs that we dont know the names of the schools their children go to and thats they way it should be.
    By the way have to laugh at the Nelson Mandela comment he has been photgraphed and socalised with everyone from Kate Moss to Naomi Campbell so that doesn’t give her any particular kudos – again IMO.

  129. blonde on the dock says:

    @Deltona lakes: yes Cheyenne is a bully and so are you! Imelda is just stating her opinion. You have completely scewed what she is trying to say. I don’t agree with everything she has said regarding how people can change because I do believe AJ has outgrown her youth. But I do agree with her on AJ and the exposure of her children and the constant moving around. Why do you think Prince Willian and Harry were off limits while growing up? Ask Jaycee Dugard why she doesn’t want her kids exposed. There is always one thing in the back of my mind though and that is where would the adopted children be if AJ hadn’t come along? It sickens me to think of it.
    Again, this is only someone’s opinion. You have yours. At the very least agree to disagree and stop taking it so personally so this can be a friendly site versus a war zone.

  130. mln76 says:

    I love the people that have chosen to whine about other posters because they can’t think of something nasty to say about Angie and Jane Goodall LOL. Your friends say everything about who you really are. Whereas others choose to surround themselves with the dregs of society while playing the goody-goody Angie has earned the respect of people who are above reproach.

  131. Josephina says:


    Ahhhhh, oh boy…..Ahem.

    The REASON why you are in conflict right now with a few posters is becuase you either co-signed or said that you did not get why people adore Jolie as much as they do. This is not just about Aniston v. Jolie.

    I do not think there is ANY actress prettier than Jolie.

    Judging by her photos in magazines, candid untouched pictures, movie roles, and live interviews… She is one of the most photographed women in the world. And she is very popular.

    I love how she lives her life. I love that fact that sexy Brad is her man and is smitten with her and their life together. I love that she sees life from a global persepctive and multiculturalism has become a natural part of her life.

    I love that she is well-traveled and can speak intelligently about many different cultures without offending the people of the culture. I love that she is a mother of six children and not just one child. I love that she loves motherhood. I love her commitment to raising awareness about the dismissed and discounted human rights of refugees all over the world. I love the fact that she spends her earned money on improving the quality of life ( building schools, starting and funding foundations for improvement, donating money to existing charitible foundations) for refugees and their surrounding environment. I love the fact that she has already penned her experiences for us to read for future generations and references. I love the fact that she is courageous enough to activate policy and dialogue amongst international and domestic lawmakers. I love the fact she directly spends time with the refugees herself to hear their story firsthand so that she will never forget their life experiences.

    This is why WE, Cheyenne and others, defend her. She is doing much more than her fair share of helping others. She is a symbol of global citizenship, and shame on you for being so simple-minded.

  132. Cheyenne says:

    Imelda Fegan: …her history of taking other peoples partners (Billy Bob, Brad).

    Can we put this lunacy to rest once and for all?

    The Pitt-Aniston marriage was on life support for at least a year before he ever met Jolie. If he hadn’t dumped Aniston for Jolie he would have dumped her for somebody else. The marriage was DEAD. Over. Finished. Deal with it.

    Billy Bob Thornton was never engaged to Laura Dern, her assertions to the contrary. She kept pushing him to marry her and he had no intention of obliging her. And Laura Dern, who got pregnant by her current husband while he was still married to and living with his pregnant wife, is nobody to whine about stealing other people’s partners.

    As for you not liking Jolie’s looks, chacun a son gout. I personally have a distaste for over-tanned bleached blondes with anvil-shaped heads who haven’t changed their hairstyles in 15 years. But that’s just me.

  133. Imelda Fegan says:

    Not even going there with the Jolie versus Aniston comparisons or we could be here all day.
    She needs the limelight in some ways for her career I dont think the children do or should be exposed to the extent that she does it. The media today is a very dangerous place and the children of anyone let alone a person in the public eye needs protection from it. Can you imagine how frightening it must be for them somtimes with cameras flashing and crazy photographers that surround the circus that is her life.
    its not right for kids its just not right.
    I know she cant stop some of it but with a lot of money and tools at her disposal she could do better at shielding them from the madness-its possible that these kids are just well kids and dont want to deal with the craziness.
    If you ask me her hairstyle (which is what we were initally talking about-appearance) hasn’t changed a great deal in years. Not you-know-who’s.

  134. Cheyenne says:

    @Imelda: The paparazzi camp out on their front doorstep, or as close as they can get. They will do anything to get the money shot. A couple of years ago one of them was caught cutting a hole through the hedges to get picture of the kids playing in the yard. The only way they can avoid the paparazzi is to keep the kids locked up 24 hours a day. That is no good for the kids. I think they deal with it as well as they are able.

  135. Cheyenne says:

    @Heavenbound: Don’t “waist” your breath? Thanks for the best laugh I’ve had all day.

    • Maxine says:

      Maybe at some point you will realize how immature you sound every time you type a comment like this.

  136. rose80 says:

    @ Josephina…”The REASON why you are in conflict right now with a few posters is becuase you either co-signed or said that you did not get why people adore Jolie as much as they do. This is not just about Aniston v. Jolie”


    Let me tell you this one more time…I said nothing about Jolie nor did i cosign anything that someone said about her. If you haven’t read through all of the comments, you should not assume that you know what was said. Now scroll back up to the top and read one by one. I told Cheyenne that she doesn’t need to personally attack people that say something negative about a woman whom she doesn’t know and that she can defend this woman that she doesn’t know without verbally attacking other posters. I also stated that at times she can be hypocritical of others when she does the same thing…mention Aniston when no one else does and calls other posters names in the process. In sum, at times she takes it to far in “defense” of a woman that she does not know and in my opinion, it’s downright odd. What part of that aren’t you understanding? Read through the posts before you type because you clearly skipped over some of them. Pump your brakes and read.

  137. anon says:

    ” And Laura Dern, who got pregnant by her current husband while he was still married to and living with his pregnant wife”
    I notice this is never mentioned, ever but the Angelina lie, that she broke-up BB and Laura Dern is always repeated though not true.

  138. Nymeria says:

    @ Cheyenne – Come now, every last one of us makes a spelling, grammatical, or lexiconical error now and then when posting.

  139. Cheyenne says:

    @rose: You still all up in my kool-aid? Give it a rest, honey. Your obsession with me is getting scary.

  140. rose80 says:

    @ Cheyenne…My last post was to Josephine who failed to see what I was talking about, so she was informed. I’m not all up in anyones kool aid…is this 1993? The only obsessive people are the ones who “love” and the ones who “hate” this woman that do not know her.

  141. Cheyenne says:

    @rose: Don’t kid yourself about Josephina, hon. She’s a very intelligent woman. She knew exactly what you were talking about. Friendly suggestion: just let it go. Once and for all.

  142. Camille says:

    AJ is a beautiful woman inside and out. She also gives a great interview.

  143. rose80 says:

    @ Cheyenne… What are you talking about? This all started because blonde on dock called you out on being hypocritcal and I agreed with her and in return you personally attacked me which you do to other posters as well and I had something to say about it. Evidently you can’t recall what you say to people. Josephina said I made comments about Jolie…which I did not. She needs to get her facts straight before she accuses someone of doing something that they did not do. There is no “kidding” myself about anything. Josephina displayed some lack in her reading comprehension skills and/or clearly did not read my posts at all, and I ‘ll assume since you are in agreement with her you aren’t understanding that personal attacks on people because they have different opionion then you is immature, especially when it is in relation to a woman that you’ve never met. And if you would prefer for me to let it go, try not personally attacking people for having an opinion.

    And one last time, I said NOTHING about Jolie.

  144. rosalee says:

    WOW this is better than watching the Big Bang crazy girls and boys with your tin hats are far more gigglious then Sheldon. Take your meds and have a cup of tea..some of you have been riding the crazy train for far too long.

  145. Judy says:

    Just feeding the trolls that only come into the threads about AJ and BP to make snarky remarks ? Let them say what they want and stop sucking up the thread with a bitch fest. Let them snark and ignore it. They did the same thing in high school and it got them attention and by trying to blast them the only thing you are doing is giving them the arttention they cannot get elsewhere or they wouldnt be in here at all lol

  146. Eve says:

    @ Derpy:

    Totally agree with you (# 119).

    By the way, thank you for taking on for the team on that other thread 😉 .

  147. Josephina says:

    Rose 80:

    See your excerpts below:

    “Cheyenne is just as odd as those that come in and say things about AJ that she doesn’t like. For her to assume that I do not have an original thought because I agreed with another poster on their accurate observation of her behavior is ridiculous.” You called Cheyenne odd and she kept her pants on. She simply called you out for co-signing and you let your panties get in a crunch.

    ” At times (and this is my thought by the way)she show(s) signs as having a borderline personality disorder behavior.” This was extreme…maybe your are a licensed practitioner? Somehow, I doubt it. This statement made moer sense to me when I replaced “she” with “I.”

    “She does(do) after all take personal offense to the comments that people make about AJ behind their keyboards and display(s) abnormal levels of inappropriateness and intense anger…responding to nearly every single, miniscule, and negative comment made about AJ with a personal attack to the original poster, or in this case a secondary poster who agreed with another commentator. And this is just one example.” Scratch out “she” and replace with “I,” scratch out “AJ” then replace with “me.” …Finally, the earlier post has been properly edited to describe yourself using your own words… Wow, your argument IS valid!

    “This behavior goes to show you the level of her mindset and her incapability to formulate a witty, mature, well thought out comeback to my comment.” Again, replace “her” with “my” and, well, you get my point.

    “@ blonde on dock…bookmark this page, Cheyenne will tell you to stay on topic, BUT she will steer off the road at anytime she wants to…” …What nerve!

    Look, Blonde on the Dock probably likes Aniston more than Jolie. That’s fine. BTW, you did co-sign (original comment re bile and bitterness) and you acknowledged it.

    I will now state the obvious: I do not see you necessarily as an ardent fan of Jolie and had responded in kind.

    I am a proud fan of Jolie and often enough, I choose to comment if I read outstanding remarks that lean toward defamation of character or slander… towards the Brangelina clan AND their fans.

  148. rose80 says:

    @ Josephina…like I stated in an earlier post…I never said anything about Jolie. That is afterall what you said I did. remember “…”The REASON why you are in conflict right now with a few posters is becuase you either co-signed or said that you did not get why people adore Jolie as much as they do. This is not just about Aniston v. Jolie” ”

    Now all those excerpts you pulled from posts…where did i mention anything negative about Jolie?…and FYI I like her, jsut because I do not attack people who or gush over every thread doesn’t mean I’m not a fan, I read more than I post. Furthermore, the only thing I co signed was a comment about hypocritical behavior. And it’s a fact that what was stated can be seen as hypocritical. You are all over the thread and still haven’t read what was “co-signed”, now scroll back up and find the comment that I co-signed on and tell me where it said anything negative about Jolie, because you won’t find it.

  149. jane says:

    i love her she’s great