Madonna loves Nazi sympathizers, hates hydrangeas


I was already going to write something about how Madonna is basically a Nazi-sympathizer at this point, but then I saw this video. This video is so… old-school Madonna. Like it’s 1989 Truth or Dare, Queen Bee bitchiness over NOTHING. Over some dude handing her flowers, and Madonna acts like she was just handed a pile of dog crap. Watch the video:

God, she’s just such a pill. “I absolutely loathe hydrangeas. He obviously doesn’t know that…” Is it something that is known, even by Madge-loonies?

Anyway, back to Madonna and how she loves Hitler. Jesse James has just found his new girlfriend.

The red Kabbalah bracelet around Madonna’s wrist is supposed to ward off the evil eye, but can it withstand some skeptical side-eye, too?

It’s being reported that her dismally reviewed new feature W.E. whitewashes the Nazi ties of its main characters, Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII; according to Variety’s Leslie Felperin, the movie “conveniently ignores matters of historical record, such as the fact that the duke and duchess were honored guests of Hitler at his Berchtesgaden retreat as late as 1937.”

So that’s one thing, but here’s another: Guess who’s thanked in the end credits? “John Galliano and, particularly bizarrely, Leni Riefenstahl,” says Felperin, “which suggests Madonna has, if nothing else, reasons to be grateful to other people accused of harboring Nazi sympathies.”

Indiewire also points out that the credits misspell Riefenstahl’s name, because things were going so well before then.

[From New York Magazine]

Now, last year, I knew there were going to be problems. Madonna went on record claiming – like she was speaking The Truth – that Wallis and Edward “weren’t Nazi sympathizers.” Except that the historical record is very detailed on this subject, and it’s more than “Oh, Wallis just met Hitler on vacation once.” Wallis and Edward were political allies of Hitler, and had Hitler’s plan to conquer Britain succeeded, he would have installed Wallis and Edward as the Nazi Vichy heads of state. There is literally no excuse for getting this critical part of history wrong. That alone is unforgivable.

But then Madonna adds in Galliano and Riefenstahl. Taken on his own, I think I might have forgiven Madonna’s inclusion of Galliano in the credits. Galliano and Madonna have worked together for years, they’re friends and collaborators, and she’s showing a rare moment of loyalty in her support for him, despite his anti-Semitic implosion earlier this year. But Leni Riefenstahl, director of Triumph of the Will and one of Hitler’s favorite propagandists? For goodness sake.




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  1. daisydoodle says:

    I have only one thing to say about Madonna…she would be very easy to start an IV on her. That’s a nice thing, right?

  2. Cherry says:

    Ouch. I agree, this looks bad. I don’t believe Madge is a nazi sympathizer herself, but putting all these clues in a row makes her look, well, not good. I have no idea why she’s doing this, but I have two theories:
    1. She just loves to shock people -as we all know-, ran out of bodyparts to bare, and now wants to see if she can get away with THIS.
    2. She’s looking to create some much-needed buzz around that movie of hers, as it looks like it’s about to bomb after all the bad reviews.

    I actually think that hydrangea bit is priceless. ‘I guess he doesn’t know that.’ Do you reckon the guy handling her the flowers actually DOES know she hates them and WANTS TO PURPOUSLY BUG HER? I hope so.

  3. Boo says:

    She needs to get over herself with the hydrangeas. The rest of the world has been over her for a couple of decades already.

    Ignoring history or making up one’s own version of it is *so* Sarah Palin…I’m glad Madge isn’t getting away with it.

  4. Onasan says:

    Oh, and I absolutely loathe your faux british accent, dahling!

  5. Rio says:

    If you’re going to give a pass for Madonna’s relationship with Galliano, you’d have to give a pass to her admiration of Leni Riefenstahl as well. She (Madonna) tried to get the rights to Riefenstahl’s story for YEARS.

    Riefenstahl was and is a very controversial figure, but ultimately she was never found guilty of anything. From an artistic standpoint her films (even Triumph of the Will) are marvels and she was one of the first prominent female filmakers, so that might be why Madonna thanked her. Who knows. I just don’t know the justification for saying Madonna’s inclusion of those credits is okay for one but not the other.

    For the record I have no intention of seeing this movie. Madonna is an utter twit and I doubt she’s read a history book in her life. Well, she probably read the front flap of the dust jacket…that counts, right?

  6. RovingLass says:

    Because she says it, it makes it so. She is Madonna after all and can change history with a blink of an eye.

    Her hands are looking so old.

  7. whitedaisy says:

    She is so over but doesn’t realize it yet. This movie bomb ought to seal the deal…

  8. Hibiscus says:

    Hitler-Connection or not –
    Leni Riefenstahl is the most important female director in film history and one of the most innovative directors and influencial photographers ever.

    The aesthetics she developped in the 1930ies, the way she portrayed the human body – it is still apparent in every Calvin Klein ad you see and in fashion photography in general.

    I think one must differentiate between political alliances and artistic archievements in this case. Both sides are there and one thing doesn’t deny the other.

    No comment to the quality of Madonna’s film, I don’t know anything about it yet.

  9. Brittney says:

    The video that comes up after that one shows the same guy later asking her where the flowers went, and she tells him her assistant took them. She’s at least fairly good at being civil to fans’ faces, but my god, what an insufferable person she must be on a daily basis.

  10. Shelley says:

    She’s always been an arrogant piece of trash; now she looks just like Gloria Swanson in “Sunset Boulevard.”.

  11. Kimbob says:

    Madonna needs to keep her day job. She’s a singer/dancer…an entertainer on THAT LEVEL…and THAT’S ALL. Otherwise, she’s irrelevant. NO Madonna…you cannot “white-wash history,” NO Madonna…you’re not an avante-garde director, NO Madonna…you NEVER COULD ACT…@ least THAT FACT is recorded for all posterity historically.

    Hey Madonna, you wanna enjoy films? Good…then just give it up & enjoy films like the rest of us & JUST WATCH THEM….’cause you suck as a director.

  12. Blergh says:

    She looks like ten kinds of hell.

  13. lulu says:

    It’s so weird if you watch a few more of those clips. She comes across as very, very nervous. Her face looks ridiculous. But when you hear all those people screaming, you kind of get why many ‘stars’ are so arrogant…the whole thing is pathetic.

  14. Dominique says:

    Kimbob, you sure do have a strong opinion for a film you’ve never seen. Weird.

  15. Kimbob says:

    Dominique…critics have already blasted it out the water….for me, that is enough. In my eyes, my comments aren’t premature…again, just speaking for myself.

  16. Suzie says:

    The only thing I like about Madonna is her voice, and that is only a handful of numbers at that. I dont possess one of her albums or cds. From what I remember in her heyday she used to be like one of the Village People in drag on stage. Prove me wrong, but she strikes me as a hard hearted bitch, with well hidden moral boundaries. Showmanship and ego appear to be her main preoccupation in life. I guess she must have above average singing talent.

  17. MarenGermany says:

    When somebody gives me flowers I am always grateful and happy.

    I hate how some celebrities dont appreciate the little things in life.

  18. lrm says:

    i think she may have been joking out of nervousness with the ‘he obviously doesn’t know that’-which is easy to miss b/c of the utter pretentension of her even saying she loathes the flower to begin with.
    who the hell cares, madonna? just say thanks and move on. next.
    but i think that second part was a joke-like she knows some journalist would not know.
    at the same time, it’s her classic bitch underpinning the statement ‘why didnt he find out what my favorite flower was’?
    as for the credits, i would imagine it is whomever gave her any artistic insight/input/inspiration,etc
    and if John G. has, over the decades, then she does not need to ignore him b/c it’s currently fashionable to hate him.
    That’s ridiculous. People inspire people artistically, even if they are not nice human beings.

    I’m just as appalled as the next person about the dearth of human decency and common sense out there these days….BUT, I do not expect actors and artists to BE the moral or ethical voice of society. And it’s insane when people call out films for not being politically correct. It’s a disturbing road that I do not want to go down.
    Yes, it’s a fine line when a film showcases certain content/messages, but requiring films to be PC or ‘give a positive or educational message’ is yet another form of fascism that I don’t want to be part of…..shudder.

    It’s entertainment, folks, not the history channel. We’ve begun to take cinema way too seriously. At best, it can inspire and add beauty and value; at worst it can be ignoranta nd ugly. But the job of discerning that rests w/in each person.
    The end.

  19. mln76 says:

    I am more offended by the Galliano defense than L. R. because you can argue that L. R. didn’t realize what Hitler’s intentions were whereas Galliano just went full blast on a Anti-Semitic rant. The whitewashing of the Wallis-Simpsons is also indefensible. There wasn’t much romantic about their relationship as the woman cheated on him and manipulated him from the beginning as it’s been established by declassified documents.

    When you put everything together it reminds me of the Seinfeld where the dentist converts so he can make jokes about Judaism but not in a humorous way.

  20. tapioca says:

    I don’t think admiring & thanking Leni Riefenstahl for her body of work makes you a raging anti-semite any more than choosing to purchase and drive a Ford makes you a Nazi sympathiser (as Henry Ford was)!

    Anyway, historical films are rarely accurate and frequently whitewashed, from The Patriot “forgetting” that Mel Gibson’s character was a slave owner, to the Americanization of the capture of the Enigma coding machine in U-571.

    And it’s going to flop anyway…

  21. Seal Team 6 says:

    Good God!

    The US and UK governments shipped Edward and Wallis off to the Bahamas for the duration of WWII, so that they were far away from England, and so the Americans could keep an eye of them. The Nazis planned to enthrone Edward and Wallis as King and Queen if they successfully invaded England. Why? BECAUSE THE NAZIS KNEW EDWARD AND WALLIS WERE LITTLE NAZIS!

    This isn’t speculation, this is fact.

    Madonna has REALLY jumped the shark on this one. Disgusting.

  22. DetRiotgirl says:

    Yes, this is… a mess. I wish Madge had just stopped opening her mouth all together about ten or eleven years ago. I still have a great deal of affection for old school Madonna. But, some of her recent shenanigans are diminishing even my good will towards her past.

  23. spinner says:

    I don’t like to let the critics decide what is worthy of my attention & what is not. I will decide that for myself. I am enough of a History buff to know that History is written by the victors…& not often truthfully. Looks like Madonna did her research off the beaten path & took another angle. We shall see.

  24. Seal Team 6 says:

    “I think one must differentiate between political alliances and artistic archievements in this case. Both sides are there and one thing doesn’t deny the other.”

    You seriously have to be kidding. Riefenstahl may have been innovative, but she was one of Hitler’s darlings, and a firm Nazi. She should have been thrown into prison. She was morally no different than someone like Goebbels.

    Madonna mentioning Riefenstahl is appalling, as is any rationalizing of her doing so. Very few things are black and white, but this subject has no grey.

  25. Seal Team 6 says:

    @min76 –

    I agree. Natalie Portman, among others, had the integrity to denounce Galliano.

  26. Juliet says:

    Why do music artists always feel the need to break into the film industry?

    Just stick to what you’re good at (or pretend to be since not all artists who crossover to the film industry are even THAT good singing in the first place)

  27. mariaj says:

    Galliano ” worse than Riefensthal? Well, one had ant ” antisemitic rant ” while drunk, the other was an active activist if not for Hitler himself , for much of his propaganda.

    BTQ, in the first picture, Madonna seems Bette DAvis. I mean, not the Bette Davis face, the age og the last Bette Davis.

    Call me cruel, but in a way i like that despite all the money, and all the work to look youner, all that she achieved is to look like an old actress in her old age.

  28. mariaj says:

    i correct, in the THIRD picture.

  29. Darlene says:

    Leni Riefenstahl was a genius and I think she did what she had to do to survive during WWII. She made great art and I don’t think she ever truly believed in Hitler or in his missions. I don’t think admiring her or her work makes one an anti-Semite or a Nazi supporter.

  30. Eve says:

    I was going to say something about Leni Riefenstahl not being exactly the “indefensible” here. However, I don’t believe for a second she was as innocent as she claimed to be, regarding the crimes committed by the Nazis and her own connections with the Party (plus, her most famous movies, albeit innovative and well directed, were extremely important to Nazism and its “iconic” image up to this day) but Rio, Hibiscus and Mln76 beat me to it. Indeed, her body of work IS remarkable.

    P.S.: I even wanted to do my final term paper for college (Social Communication) about the influences of her work in political propaganda and even ordinary advertising but gave up because couldn’t find enough material to do a proper job.

  31. mia135 says:

    In all seriousness though, how can you actually “loathe” a flower? You can prefer some flowers over others, and some flowers can leave you “meh”, but seriously – how can you actually hate a flower unless you are allergic to it or something?

    Or unless of course said flower does not have its head up your butt and worship at your feet twenty-four seven.

    Honestly, she is just so pretentious, disgusting and full of herself. For all her fame, wealth, fake English accent and lady-of-the-manor pretenses, she has never learnt the true art of being gracious.

  32. Juliesunflower says:

    No justification in being a nazi sympathizer but I am impressed by her loyalty to Galliano since he became a pariah.

  33. cailinos says:

    Fans go on about Madonna’s high IQ, yet the fact that she quite seriously declares identification with Wallis Simpson shows that IQ does not equal wisdom, nor education. Wallis Simpson did one good thing only: she spared England a weak and dangerous king.
    This is not ancient history, this is living memory for a vast number of people, and Madonna, though probably well-intentioned, should get better advisors. *Harrumph!*

  34. Eve says:

    @ Mia135:

    I don’t get that either (one hating a flower). I also don’t get why she didn’t simply thanked the man and gave the flower to somebody else (later) if she hated it so much.

    Madonna has officialy become a caricature of herself in the past 5 years or so.

  35. fabis says:

    Madonna is a bitch !!…she is not connected with this world !!….in fact, her face looks like an Alien.. hahahaha..
    here is the proof, you can watch this website:

  36. Jess says:

    A couple of facts, only for discussion. Hugo Boss, (the House of Boss) designed the black gestapo uniforms.

    Dr. Werner Von Braun, designed the V2 rocket and other advanced rocket technology for Germany while they tried to destroy England. This man is also the “father” of the US space program (using the same rocket technology from the V2) and probably helped create NASA and all the space technology that came from it.

    Not judging, but stating facts. They, (including riefenstal and others) all did the same thing and worked for the monster that was Hitler.

    Madonna is arrogant and it sounds like her movie stinks. History seems to be fluid depending upon the person, unfortunately.

  37. Leticia says:

    @Boo, why did this story about Madonna remind you of Sarah Palin? Odd that you are so easily reminded of Sarah Palin.

  38. Jaded says:

    You can take the girl out of Bay City but you can’t take the Bay City out of the girl. Try as she might to elevate herself above what she perceives as the unwashed masses, to become some sort of faux Kaballah-spouting prophet, to have her so-called acting skills accepted by serious thespians, to direct worthy, intelligent movies, she CANNOT re-write history. She is and always has been solidly lower-middle class and no amount of money or fame can wash away her sluttish ignorance, or her ruthless arrogance that only came by way of shameless self-promotion and overweening ego.

  39. LadyJane says:

    It is a rainy day here too (re lindsay post). I am broke and tired and my baby is sick. But knowing my face doesn’t look like THAT has just brightened my day. Thanks.

  40. l cranky says:

    I thought she thanked Galliano because he did the costuming for this film

    Like most celebrities, Madonna is a petulant, overbearing, self-enamored twit. Celebrity seems to have become nothing but a bizarrely prolonged adolescence. As her brother so aptly put it, Madonna is a fervent “believer” in Kabbalah as a way to justify, excuse and exonerate her bad behavior.

  41. machiavelli says:

    I figure GRACE is not her middle name?

  42. Kelly says:

    She is so pretentious and ungracious.

    That lipstick is not doing her any favors – her mouth looks horrible, pursed and squinchy. She is not aging well (DESPITE the zillions of dollars and thousands of hours of effort she puts into her appearance), but couldn’t she go with a subtle gloss or something? Red lipstick isn’t great on most older ladies – of which she is now one.

  43. dovesgate says:

    @36 Don’t forget Hitler and Porsche working together to make tanks for the Germans and the Volkswagon Beetle (the “people’s car”), which Hitler supposedly named himself.

    Kodak used slave labor from German camps.

    Hugo Boss not only designed the uniforms but he joined the Nazi Party. Thats how he got the contract.

    Fanta was made by the Coca-Cola company for Germany when the Coke syrup couldn’t get to them during the war.

    Chase Bank froze European Jew’s accounts. Kind of hard to escape the Nazi’s if you have no cash and the bank won’t give you your money, eh?

    Bayer was a subdivision of IG Farben who manufactured Zyklon B (the gas that Nazi’s used in their gas chambers) and apparently helped fund Mengele’s experiments. Not sure if it’s true or not but supposedly Bayer didn’t like that aspirin was created by one of their Jewish employees so they said a different (Aryan) employee really developed it.

    I’ve also read about a company named Siemens, which used Germany’s slave labor to construct the gas chambers that would later kill so many people. In 2001 they applied for a trademark on the name “Zyklon” which they would have used for… gas ovens.

  44. cailinos says:


    You don’t have to be a bleedin’ duchess to behave graciously to people, and whether one is ‘lower middle’ or ‘upper top drawer’, politeness and kindness aren’t difficult, particularly after years of spiritual training!
    (I’m telling Madge, not you, Jaded)

  45. WestValCalli says:

    Whatever happened to Baby Jane? NOW WE KNOW!!

  46. junk573r says:

    Just throwing it out there, I can’t stand one specific flower. I don’t remember the name of it but it was used in a funeral for someone very close to me. I wouldn’t think twice about throwing it out as soon as I got it. I wouldn’t be snotty about it though.

  47. LeeLoo says:

    I have a love/hate relationship with historical films. Mainly, I want historical fiction/films to fill in the gaps the history books leaves out not rewrite history as Madonna seems to have done.

    Has anyone else noticed Madonna’s hands show her true age? Everytime I look at these pictures I think she looks like hell. I don’t know if it is because of too much or too little plastic surgery. At the same time, I feel like a shallow horrible person saying that. But I feel she would look a lot better and aged a lot more gracefully had she not gotten the extensive plastic surgeries.

    What I fail to understand is Madonna’s need to keep herself relevant. She’s a 50+ year old woman who literally reinvented pop music and has more money than God. Her need to stay in the limelight is not only selfish but shows of her desparation to be loved and adored at all times. I just hope she realizes that she is only tarnishing her legacy by staying in the spotlight for so long. It’s time to exit with dignity.

  48. SEF says:

    I dislike her as much as anyone. SOMEONE (a lot of someones, actually) keeps buying her records and going to her shows, though.

  49. CanCan says:

    Madonna is becoming one of those embarrassing past their prime public figures who don’t know when to sit down. The horrid plastic surgery just just adds to her cringe worthiness.
    Now her sad transparent attempt to create controversy just seals the deal.

    She’s been heading into becoming a parody for quite some time. It started with the Faux British accent. It continued with her continuing obsession with the movie industry. She married Guy who was a red hot director and she systematically dismantled his career.

    Her problem is that she has no depth to be a decent actress or director. She is unable to go beyond stunts and the superficial. Her chosen subject for this film and her decision not to go ‘there’, speak volumes about her as a person.
    Wallis and Edward were both insufferable nitwits tolerated only because of social status.
    Instead of delving into the more dramatic, difficult
    and frankly more interesting aspects of these two, she decides to go 2 dimensional. As usual.
    She wanted controversy but can’t make the actual product thought provoking.

    Why is she thanking Hilter’s propagandist director? Does she fancy herself as pivotal and important?

    Please Madonna. Sit down. Just. Sit. Down.

  50. mia girl says:

    Alas, I prefer the Madonna of yesteryear, who would have received those flowers and exclaimed:

    “I fucking hate fucking hydrangeas. Asshole!”

  51. Julie says:

    Nasty bitch on the inside, seeping out of the plastic on the outside.

  52. lolas says:

    oy, Madonna looks rough. My mother is 62 and she looks considerably younger (and she hasn’t had plastic surgery). But I watched that video a few times and I thought to myself, ‘hmmm, come to think of it, I don’t think I like purple hydrangeas either.’ I’d like to think I wouldn’t blatantly act so gracelessly though.

  53. Str8Shooter says:

    Way back in ’91, Truth or Dare opened the general public to how much of an ungrateful, NASTY cunt Madonna really is. When she brought the cameras to her mother’s grave that did it for me.

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. She is, once again, trying to be ‘contraversial’ as she has NO acting/directing talent whatsoever, and has to hide that fact.

    Vile human being. PERIOD.

  54. mia girl says:

    Tip of the day courtesy of Michael K @ Dlisted:

    “Note to you: Now you know that the only way to protect your brown-skinned baby boy from the claws of Madge is to line his crib with hydrangeas. Some vampires hate crucifixes, Madge hisses at hydrangeas.”

  55. Hautie says:

    My bias take on history.

    I always saw Edward as a user. He was bitter about basically becoming a second class citizen, for marrying Wallis. One put into exile.

    The Royal family treated them like sh*t. Made it a point not to let Wallis carrying the HRH to her name. Then they were basically ran out of the country.

    And Edward was bitter.

    I believe even when Elizabeth became Queen. She never had a positive word to say to him or about him. She was a girl who was only Queen because he abdicated. Then she loathed him and Wallis. Then made a point for them to know it.

    If using Hitler, to put the screws to his own family, over what he perceived as petty behavior. He would have done it.

    These were people who were used to behaving badly and getting away with it. Yet Edward got ran off. So he made a plan to get even. Even if it meant kissing the ass of a few Nazi’s. While embarrassing his family.


    Now Madonna.

    Bless her heart.

    She is still desperate to be popular. Still trying to mean-girl her way into power.

    Instead of aging gracefully and become a better example for her own children. She is still out there acting like it is 1991.

    With all her money, she still has the worst makeup. Bad bleeding red lip stick. And a face full of botox.

    And it all reeks of desperation. Even the mean-girling some poor man for giving her flowers. After all these years, she still has no manners.

  56. ol cranky says:

    “Her problem is that she has no depth to be a decent actress or director.”

    @CanCan – she had no depth or talent to be a singer/recording artist and yet she became a star, why should her lack of depth or talent impede her from being an actress or director?

  57. Nick says:

    She old but looks great with makeup

  58. mln76 says:

    @Hautie I think your take is interesting but still an overestimation of Edward’s character. From what I’ve read British intelligence would have allowed him to stay on the throne and the couple to marry if not for their Nazi ties BEFORE the abdication. The abdication for love was simply a cover story, remember that the Windsors have alot of German ties and only abandoned their German last name due to WWI so in effect Edward was raised believing he was more German than English.

  59. Novaraen says:

    Another reason why I have been over Madonna for 20 years now. She’s done…stick a fork in her. Done!

  60. smh says:

    i hate hydrangeas also as they were my sister’s favourite. and i hate my sister.

  61. smh says:

    nevertheless mandonna should have acted classy and saved her comments for later, she very well knew they would be documented. and that faux brit accent! ugghh there are no words. the fact that she thinks a bracelet on her arm will defend her against the evil eye (LOL) speaks volumes about her intelligence. and they tried to market her to us as this intelligent woman, no, shoved her through our throats as a supposedly intelligent woman through the 80
    ‘s and 90′s! so glad her heyday is over but she needs to get a clue and take her terrible songs and leave!

  62. L says:

    @hautie Except that there is tons of historical evidence that Edward was leaning towards the nazi’s way before he ever met wallis. I’ll grant maybe he dialed it up a notch to piss them off afterwards, but he was a strong supporter of the Reich before that whole scandal.

    And honestly, he and Wallis both would have done ANYTHING to get back in the royals good graces. They were obsessed with it. I don’t think they were clever enough to use hitler to piss off their relatives. They supported hitler because it’s what they believed.

  63. L says:

    And also I hate lilies. They remind me of funerals.

    But if someone gave me bouqet, I’d be gracious and take them. And thank the person for crying out loud.

  64. anne_000 says:

    For her being near live microphones for decades, u’d think she’d know that ppl would hear her comment about the hydrangeas. Maybe she wanted the public to hear it in order to train her fans on what not to do. Regardless, that was rude of her to have said that in public.

    These recent photographs of her remind me of Bette Davis’ movie “Mrs. Skeffington.” It’s about a ‘beauty’ who’s able to keep her youthful looks far longer than other women can, but then all of a sudden looks her old age after a sickness.

  65. cailinos says:

    I know this is a Madonna thread, not a history seminar but:
    The D&D of Windsor let rip more freely with their shady politics after the abdication not least because, should England have been vanquished, they believed they would be reinstated in a puppet monarchy for Hitler.
    What a close shave for Britain, and what a strange twist of fate…but NOT a couple worthy of sycophantic reappraisal, I think.
    (I do think it should be emphasised that by the 1930s, the royal family can be said to have moved on from any fellow-feeling for Germany, and during the war, probably felt distant from other close relations in Europe who abandoned their countries.)

    *says she, a supposed republican*

  66. Seal Team 6 says:

    You have to remember, too, that quite a few British gentry and aristocracy were actual Nazis, various Mitfords being the most famous and infamous.

    Also, “David” was known to be very immature, quite thick, had facist leanings, and a bit of a satyr. George V, before his death, stated that he hoped David didn’t have any legitimate children, so that no one stood between Bertie (George VI) and Lilibet (Queen Elizabeth) and the throne. His family and the Government knew how dangerous he was. “The King’s Speech” does a good job in a few short scenes, of showing what David was like. Guy Pearce was excellent.

    Also remember that Wallis decided not to marry him, I think sincerely, and he abdicated and pursued her. Maybe she had been promised a payoff. Who knows.

  67. michkabibbles says:

    i can take madonna or leave her, but this is another case of editing film to make someone look the worst. right after she said “he obviously doesn’t know that”, she states “how could he possibly know that”. still should probably have saved it for later, but taken with the second part, it’s not so bad. there’s a reason the clip is only 16 seconds long.

  68. Lou says:

    I think the whole point is that their friendliness with the Nazis happened before the war, even before the invasion of Poland. And, when the war started, the Duke was already gone from the throne. He was friendly with the Nazis, before the Nazis did all the horrible stuff, so after, when you’re no longer a king and living in occupied territories in Europe during a time of war, do you play nice with some horrible tyrant? I don’t think Edward had a moral compass or a backbone. He wasn’t going to take a moral stand against anyone. He was a lazy opportunist. He may or may not have been a Nazi supporter but all of the evidence for his support occurred before the Nazis were considered evil (the real evil was communism at that time, the reason why he felt Britain needed German as an ally) so it’s at least fair to consider that he might have changed his mind after people started learning all these horrible things about the movement.

  69. Jules says:

    I absolutely loathe Madonna. It’s gratifying to see she has gotten the face she deserves.

  70. danielle says:

    I was assuming her white wash of Wallis and Edward was just because she’s a vapid twit who values style over substance, but maybe she really is a Nazi sympathizer herself… vile woman.

  71. cailinos says:

    One last po-faced histo-comment from moi:
    the Nazis started doing ‘horrible stuff’ years before 1938, in full view of the rest of Europe and America.
    Back to Madonna! Dear lady: why not retire and enjoy the fruits of all your hard work: travel, learn the joys of cooking, read real books, do nothing… Jaysus, wouldn’t the rest of us??

  72. bluhare says:

    @Hautie/Seal Team 6: Wasn’t the royals’ blacklisting of Edward/Wallis for so long because of the Queen Mother? I think I remember reading that she never forgave Wallis/Edward because she thought becoming King set George VI on the road to his early death. So Elizabeth II’s attitude is probably directly from her mother.

  73. Minty says:

    Ummm yeah, because Madonna rolling her eyes before her remarks is the epitome of graciousness. That bitch had cameras, microphones, and reporters focused on her and she still behaved that way? Absolutely NO class.

  74. the original bellaluna says:

    WTH is going on with her FACE? I’ve been trying to figure it out since I first hopped on CB this a.m. and I can’t!

    I loathe lilies – they smell like a funeral; are cloyingly sweet; and remind me of funeral services, and sitting in church on Easter Sunday trying not to choke to death on the smell.

  75. Green_Eyes says:

    @ Jaded I soooo agree w/ you once again. Well said! Though if she HAD common sense, she could learn manners and how to behave in different social circles..
    As for high I.Q. I don’t see where..her past work shows a creative and manipulative person.. But I don’t perceive her as having a high I.Q. However, i’ve known people that have high I.Q.’s and not a dash of common sense when it comes to anything.

    To me it seems Madge tries to be on Angelina’s level (note..Angie adopted Z.. Madonna all of a sudden adopts a child from Africa but not thru proper channels. But hey she’s dare anyone question her motives. Angelina directs a film (though fiction set in a realistic setting and location to bring attention to a war torn country..So Madge has to do a film based on real people w/ an unrealistic storyline. Angie talks about world events but in her own voice and does alot w/ HHRC.,madonna tries to sound as if she is British and an expert on what again??).

    She was and always be a low class act that used provocative shocking tactics to climb the charts. I admit in the 80′s I liked some of her music..but Truth or Dare showed her true colors,,,, she’s just a manipulative and low class individual. To equate her w/ Gloria Swanson is even an insult to Gloria Swanson. Who must be rolling over in her grave…

  76. Lushus L. says:

    IMO, Madonna looks like Mae West in those horrible photos yet in the video she looks so pretty. It’s confusing to me. Anyways, Team Hydrangeas!

  77. newtsgal says:

    If she wears a red Kabbalah bracelet to ward off evil….. please tell me…just what the hell color bracelet can I wear to ward off this OLD-washed up, hydrangeas hating crypt-keeper?

  78. michkabibbles says:


    i didn’t say it made her a saint, my point was that the film was cut to show it in the worst possible light.

  79. Jackson says:

    Oh Madonna. You are such a proper fukking LADY, aren’t you? What with your fake accent and all. How dare some peon hand you a flower that you LOATHE? The nerve. This bitch needs a serious womp upside the head and I’m not even kidding. Maybe it’d knock that accent, and attitude, right the fuk out of her.

  80. jc126 says:

    I don’t think it’s too too bad, with the final “how could he know that” comment. Nothing compared to what a c-word she used to be.
    Although not as nice as she was around 1996-early 2000s, she seemed so much better then. What happened to that Madonna?
    Is she doing that Kabbalah?

  81. UKHels says:

    ahhh Madge, always showing a total lack of class…!

    re: her intelligence – I put her in the same category as Clooney and Leo (just because you talk about shit doesn’t mean you know shit)

  82. cailinos says:

    Have to ask about the face, with no snarkery intended: can you see something awry with her chin? As though there were an implant there to pull out some slackness elsewhere? I’ve noticed this weirdness in other pix and wondered. Most of the work is obvious and easily recognisable, such as the cheeks, and fillers in the folds by the nose/lips…but this chin thing keeps boggling me!

  83. Ally says:

    There’s an excellent documentary about this, and the declassified FBI files that prove Edward’s sympathy for Hitler’s Germany. It’s called “Nazi King” and can occasionally be viewed here:
    It’ll probably be shown again after Madge’s movie comes out.

    In addition to the trip to Berlin you mention, Edward also repeatedly let state/war secrets slip to the Italians and Germans at embassy cocktail parties, including a crucial piece of information about the Maginot line.

    It’s also helpful to remember just how German the English royal family is. Remember, Victoria married a German prince. And until Edward’s father changed it to ‘Windsor’ (randomly choosing it from one of their castles), the actual family name was Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (from near present-day Bavaria). This helps explain Edward’s unfortunate swaying loyalties.

  84. taxi says:

    It seems natural to unconsciously adopt speech patterns & accents of the people around us, for years. Madge may be exaggerating but I think a bit is understandable.

    David was an irresponsible hedonist & a bit dim to boot. Wallis didn’t really want him if he wasn’t going to be king, hence the push to friendly-up the Hitler crowed, with expectations of being reinstalled on the throne with a Nazi victory.

    George VI had lung cancer, didn’t he? Constant smoker. That was David’s fault?

  85. jc126 says:

    I don’t know about the chin. I’ve seen “something” in pics with the chin, but I can’t articulate what it is.
    it’s funny, in that last photo, she almost looks like her old self. Like circa 80s Madonna in the face.

    I am not going to see her terrible movie, but I don’t subscribe to the view that celebs should just “shut up” and not speak out on anything. SHE may be an idiot on this bio/the Nazi sympathizer thing, but plenty of celebs aren’t on the issues they’re passionate about.

  86. Diane says:

    High IQ?? My arse. She’s an idiot. Vulgar and ignorant, uneducated and uninformed. Seems fitting she’d admire Wallis Simpson, a world class manipulator, and ugly inside and out, just like Madonna.

  87. bluhare says:

    @taxi: I believe the QM blamed Edward/David as the stress of being king exacerbated his decline. Back then doctors thought smoking actually opened up your lungs (as evidenced by riders in the Tour de France taking smoke breaks), and that may be why he developed the habit. But stress will make anything worse, and I think that was her point. Plus not being able to live a quiet life in the country as she and George thought they were going to do before Edward abdicated.

  88. mary simon says:

    madonna is ugly, inside and out. what an ass. I remember how she treated Kevin Costner in Truth or Dare when he nervously tried to compliment her on her show. she should be gracious to what’s left of her fans.

  89. Deven says:

    Madonna doesn’t know a thing about history or what the truth actually is or was. She assumes no one else does either so she can portray whatever she wants to, right or wrong. This is what passes for intellect these days?

  90. Jayna says:

    I love you, Madonna. bitchiness and all. I have seen four of her concert tours and they were all phenomenal. She gives her all on stage and then some. Her music from the early 90s forward holds many memories for me. Glen Close said recently after filming all day she relaxes with a glass of wine and music. Asked what music, she said, Erotica, that it is a brilliant album, which I agree with. Just get back in the studio. Madonna, and finish your new album.

  91. Catherine says:

    She went past her expiration date rather quickly it seems. She really looks her age now. I love that she got caught being a snob. Someone should whack her across the face with those hydrangeas.

  92. Juliesunflower says:

    Despite all, Madonna is still the bomb!

  93. smh says:

    Imitating Angelina with the adoptions and directing and such, she just seems to look through the headlines and is always on the look for what/who is the most popular at the time and goes on to milk that. the same way when the band Prodigy was the best, she decided to sign them up on her own label and they have declined since, then she wanted to work with Aphex Twin who declined her calling her a vampire and a pig (truer definition was never made) and his career seems to be in decline, and back in 1993-’94 she used to emulate the likes of sinead o’connor and courtney love, then they fell from grace big time, she collaborated with/kissed britney and she became a hot mess along with christina–who became virtually invisible to the general public; she wore a t-shirt with kylie’s name on it and she got breast cancer and her career faded and… hey wait, there’s a pattern here! whatever she gets her hands on seems to wither, just like her gay ex-husband who was a successful director before marrying her… Angelina, watch out!

  94. Chris says:

    Meh. I doubt this will make the evening news and therefore won’t hurt Madonna. But as an earlier poster said there are a lot of corporations in business with the Nazis and for some reason they’ve been given a free pass. The hypocrisy is sickening. I heard BMW was in business with them yet Jerry Seinfeld drove them in the Seinfeld show.

  95. sassy says:

    Bitch looks like Mae West……
    When Mae West WAS 80!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Lily says:

    She just needs some buzz. She will have a new album to promote in early 2012. It’s all marketing, the controversy, the film, the b*tching… Do you think she gives a d*mn about the film? No! Not at all! It’s just her way to say: Hey, look at me, ask me about my future projects, tell me how great I am, let me get some spotlight! She has always done the same thing. Hope she fails with her album, though. She’s the biggest fraud in the music history. Britney, Christina, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Gaga and all the others Madonna-worshipers are just the inevitable consequence.

  97. moonage says:

    Mmm, those pictures make me think of Fay Dunaway and Jerry Hall, morphed.Kind of a bastard child, in Madges case though, just a bastard…

  98. pwal says:

    September 6th, 2011 at 4:23 pm

    Angelina, watch out!


    Angelina would have to worry if she had contact with Madonna and JMO, I don’t think that Angelina is angling to be around Madonna. After all, Madonna copped an attitude when Angelina said that international adoption is a good thing, if you go through the proper channels.

    And look at how differently Angelina and Madonna reacted when someone in their charity tried to steal/defraud the charity. When Angelina found out that someone stole $500,000 from her Maddox Jolie Cambodian charity, she shut it down and re-established it as Maddox-Jolie Pitt Foundation, disassociated herself from the douche who stole the money and kept it moving. Whereas, Madonna completely scuttled her Malawi charity and seemingly didn’t do anything to the douche boyfriend of her trainer who did the stealing – essentially punishing the Malawian (sp) people who could’ve benefited from the charity.

  99. Alix says:

    Off topic, but: these “get the look” pop-ups are driving me BATTY.

  100. Lushus L. says:

    @Sassy, LOL! I hope you know that’s what I meant too! I still think Madonna looks very pretty in the clips. ;)

  101. Kim says:

    I dont think making a movie with characters that MAY have been Nazi sympathizers necessarily makes one themselves a Nazi sympathizer.

  102. smh says:

    @pwal i was jokingly saying that about Angelina watching out for Mandonna. however, you bring up interesting points. i didn’t know about calling her out on the proper channel thing, didn’t madonna also almost-kidnap her daughter Mercy, who did have parents but had to be looked after in an orphanage? if she truly cared for the child, then why didn’t she help out her family instead so the girl could be returned to them, and also donate to the orphanage and make sure that the children are cared for. no, she wanted that baby and she had to have it even if it meant taking her away from her bio family. and she has this extremely strict diet which she makes her whole family follow, that put a lid on things and made Guy divorce her. see if i adopted a starving child from africa i would pamper her with tons of nutritious things like the jolie-pitts do for their kids. the difference is, no matter who had the more “scandalous” past, angie really cares about the people she is advocating, madonna does not. she just wants to remain in the headlines forever.

  103. Love the bitch’s hair regardless. Very retro, like Veronica Lake.

  104. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    I absolutely loathe bitchy, ungrateful, and plastic surgery addicted pop stars who think their shit don’t stink. She probably thinks her directorial skills are on the same level as Leni Riefenstahl, and that’s why she mentioned her. I’m sure everyone around her is afraid to tell her otherwise. She makes great music, but her attitude has always been shit.

  105. CanCan says:

    @ol cranky
    Her lack of depth doesn’t impede her ability to sing, act or direct. Her lack of depth impedes her ability to do it well.
    You can’t capture subtle emotions and situations when you don’t understand them in the first place. She is a blood sucking cultural leech without one ounce of originality. She rips off others. Nothing she has created has ever been her idea.

    Even her plastic surgery is like a hammer to the temple.

  106. Jayna says:

    @SMH, why don’t you go adopt a third world child instead of sitting on a message board criticizing someone who does and talking about how she feeds them. Wow. I admire anyone who adopts children, especially those that aren’t newborns. All her children look healthy and they aren’t used as photo-ops except Lola is old enough to go to red carpet events with mom now. I have no idea of her private life and neither do you. But adoption isn’t a photo-op. Anyone who does loves these children.

  107. pwal says:


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    Re: Angelina’s comment about adoption…

    The thing about it was that it wasn’t like Angelina was trying to get into the controversy about Madonna’s adoption. If anything, it seemed like Angelina was avoiding getting wrapped up in it, much like when Octomom had those babies. Angelina was asked a question by some random journalist; the next thing you know, the press was creating a catfight between these two.

  108. Jenn says:

    Madonna is an elitist, Nazi cunt. There’s no excuse for what she’s doing. Whether she really believes in what she’s doing or is courting controversy (and shouldn’t a woman close to 60 know better?), she is whitewashing history and thanking anti-Semites. You can’t rewrite history. That’s what they were and are. Wake up, Madonna- you’re no longer interesting or relevant and 1984 doesn’t really want you back.

  109. Memphis says:

    I absolutely loathe Madonna, She obviously doesn’t know that..

    Well now she does so all is right with the world.

  110. JT says:

    Is it impossible for her to have a normal looking expression? Honestly who makes faces like that?

  111. Adrien says:

    Like who gives a full stem of milleflores to a lady? It looks like someone just picked the flowers from someone else’s garden and offered it to Madonna.

  112. smh says:

    @Jayna if i had that kind of money i would, and I didn’t make that up about Mercy’s adoption. That girl’s family didn’t want her taken away from them, all I’m saying is that if you really care for someone you want what’s best for them. In Mercy’s case it would have been supporting her family and having her returned to them. And she doesn’t seem to care that her Malawi school project money was exploited either. If she really cares about the people, and not the headlines, why doesn’t she investigate this further? That was a large sum of money and could have helped many Malawi children.

  113. Melissa says:

    Really with the hydrangea’s? The biatch can’t even act polite for a short amount of time?

    And I’ve been reading for a while now that she is trying to re-write history and sugar coat with this movie.

  114. Emily says:

    Of course she sympathises with WS. Bitch will start saying she’s the reincarnation of her, next. Do they have reincarnation in Kabbalah?

    I can’t stand those stupid little white flowers taht you get with red roses. I think they’re called baby’s breath or something? I just don’t see the point of them when there are roses to look at. And they’re soooooooo 80s. And not good 80s, bad 80s.

  115. Bad Fairy says:

    She was a jerk then, she’s a jerk now. The reason she endorses Gagag’s theft is that it makes her relevant again and makes her money. The humanity of our heroes is always sad, no?

  116. sassy says:

    LushusL: You got to it before it did. But Madonna used to be so beautiful to look at in old photos of her. She probably would still be if she didn’t f with her face like that.
    She so looks like Mae West in Myra Breckinridge!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha. So bad….
    I’m evil.

  117. the other mel says:

    God, she’s such a snot.

  118. Peena says:

    What’s this Leni Reifenstahl love? I don’t care how nice her art was, whatever good she accomplished with it is by far outweighed by the harm she did to the Jewish people. I mean that’s morality a grade schooler can wrap their head around, I don’t know what logic prioritizes artistic skill over six million dead people. I just can’t believe that people are willing to overlook this. You can acknowledge her skill and the suffering of millions at the same time, but you cannot dismiss the latter or look at the former in isolation of the latter, particularly when that skill was used to manipulate people into participating in one of the great tragedies of all time. You know what’s never gonna be copacetic, though? Thanking her. I mean, ugh, OBVIOUSLY.

  119. endoplasmic ridiculum says:

    love her. she’s a bitch nut in the best way…….

  120. Juliesunflower says:

    @smh, you are talking rot when it comes to the adoption of David and Mercy. First, David’s mother died and his father put him in an orphanage so he can marry; two, Mercy’s case is even more pathetic – two parents alive they put her in an orphanage when in Africa, extended family relationship is the norm. Good African families take care of their own – everybody is responsible for the child so taking your child to an orphanage is an abomination unless the child was found in the gutter as new babies or lost. David and Mercy’s parents are douchebags to do this in Africa.

  121. endoplasmic ridiculum says:

    and she’s adopted a black child… so very Nazi right? NOT.

    Please armchair activists. Nail the appropriate people – this woman so does not believe in the supremacy of the Aryan people.

  122. Ms.JAPrufrock says:

    Oh, the irony! Dame Madge “looathes” hydrangeas, a flower that traditionally represents “vanity, boastfulness, heartlessness, and even frigidity”–the very essence of who she is revealing herself to be! Btw, my information on hydrangeas came from the book, “The Secret Language of Flowers”, by Shane Connolly (the florist for Kate and William’s royal wedding).

    Also, the fact that she would use the word “loathe” to describe her feeling towards something as innocent as a flower displays her pretentiousness, which is also evident by her affected English accent.

  123. smh says:

    I was talking about Mercy, not David, second, the “rot” you were talking about came from Mercy’s biological family, and families like her place children in orphanages because they have no financial means to look after them. They never wanted their baby taken away and always opposed against Madonna’s adoption. She should have respected their wishes and helped out the family instead. What I am saying is nothing irrational and all apologies to the remaining few Mandonna fans that I do not worship your false idol. If you can’t take it just stay out of this site and probably others too because there aren’t many left out there who still like her. In fact she was pretty much hated from earlier on however the media kept shoveling her down our throats as if she were some kind of musical genius. She’s just an attention/whore, a nasty and stupid old shriveled cunt and I have never liked her, and never will. Deal with it or stfu and gtfo. Over and out.

  124. Sara says:

    Really how can anyone take her seriously with her fake English accent? Aren’t the Birts laughing their asses off at her?