Anderson Cooper mocks Kate Gosselin

I love Anderson Cooper. Like not as much as Micheal K at D-Listed, and I’m not an Anderson-loonie or anything, but I’m getting there. The more this guy deigns to comment on pop culture, the more he endears himself to me. We last saw his adorably giddy laugh as he mocked Gerard Depardieu for peeing on the plane. (I’m sure Cooper has said plenty of other witty stuff in the interim, but it’s not like I watch CNN regularly. If it doesn’t reach the gossip bubble and isn’t big news, I usually don’t hear about it.) This time, he held it together as he lambasted Kate Gosselin for bogarting the pizza on a family road trip that was shown on the second to last episode of Kate Plus 8. In his aptly-named “ridiculist” segment, he laid out how obnoxious Kate was.

Now we heard about Kate’s freakout yesterday, but this is the first time I’m seeing the entire clip and Kate’s behavior is even worse than I thought. She demanded the last piece of pizza for her lover the bodyguard Steve, then she lambasted the nanny for letting one of the kids hand over the slice without wrapping it in foil first, calling it “disgusting,” since the kids have “dirty hands.” When the nanny Ashley tried to make it up to her by asking if she could make some mac and cheese for Steve, Kate shrilled “No, he doesn’t eat macaroni and cheese or salad! That’s my whole point!

Cooper explained it well. “Yeah Ashley, stupid Ashley the babysitter, he doesn’t eat macaroni and cheese or salad, that’s the whole point. This is your job. Haven’t you learned anything about the kids’ mom’s bodyguard’s culinary piccadillos? What are you even getting paid for?”

Ashley yelled out the window of the RV “We will survive, pizza is not a freaking big deal. I am so sick of your dramatics.” Then Ashley quit and left. (It was unclear yesterday whether she had quit for good or just ditched the road trip, but she did quit.)

Coopers summary is so clever. I’m sure a team of people wrote it, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. “It is a cautionary tale really, so many lessons for all of us to learn. Wash your hands, guard your food, and if you somehow, against all odds, find a woman who is willing to help you take eight kids on a cross country road trip, for goodness sakes let her divide the pizza any way she wants.”

Did TLC throw Kate Gosselin under the giant bus, as a few of you commented on yesterday’s story? Producers easily could have cut that segment, but they know good viral-worthy television when they see it. It’s more like Kate dug her own hole, and continues to scream and belittle everyone from it. They probably have way more stuff they haven’t shown where Kate acts like a witch and have been holding back until now so she will continue to do the show. It’s just sad that her kids are no longer going to have a camera crew to buffer them from their mom’s rages. I’m praying that there’s an even worse Kate meltdown in the final. Bitch should go out with a bang.

Here are some hot photos of Anderson Cooper, because we don’t need any more Kate Gosselin. Does this guy ever take a bad picture?





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  1. Astrid says:

    Hillarious! And yes he is hot!

  2. Sandra says:

    He’s so hot!

  3. Bella says:

    how GORGEOUS is this guy…and intelligent, witty, sweet…just perfect! love him

  4. DiaBLa says:

    I just Love that Silver Haired FoX! Hot, Hot, Hot!
    I can’t stand Kate. She is such a bitch!

  5. Devon says:

    I want him to snuggle with him and his laugh!

  6. whitedaisy says:

    Love Anderson Cooper. What’s not to love? :0)

  7. Janice says:

    Hahaha, that was funny! Gotta love Anderson. Kate….I’m so happy she’s not my mother. I think I’d be suicidal.

  8. Chrissy says:

    Actually, I don’t think that’s Ashley. I think the person saying all of that is Kate’s best friend that also came on the trip. The clip yesterday showed Ashley with brown hair. Regardless, Kate’s behavior is DISGUSTING. Not acceptable. Awful. Sooo glad this woman will be off TV!

  9. brin says:

    He’s seen it all….Katrina, Iraq, and now Kate Gosselin, no wonder he’s mocking her over pizza.

  10. Perry Rhinitis says:

    I love the shade of his eyes, especially with that hair. :D

  11. Kara Ann says:

    Thanks to Anderson’s commentary, that was actually fun to watch!

    I love him!

  12. Sue says:

    Does anyone else feel that Kate buts the guy she screwing Matt above her kids and that he as much of an ass as she is? Matt could have said let the kids have the piazza I’ll eat something else but no like an ass he let her yell at her kids and nanny over a slice of piazza which would have never happened if he was Jon. I have a feeling that if the kids can’t get her another TV show soon she going to ship them off to Jon and be done with it.

  13. eileen says:

    brin-so true! lol
    He is super-hot….the (silver)Foxes are always unavailable!

  14. Nanea says:

    Oh, Coop! Gray hair, blue eyes and all!

    I still don’t get why K8 would need bodyguard when A-listers are perfectly capable of riding the NYC subway on their own.

    And I still don’t get why KG was ever relevant at all. I hope somewhere down the road someone will release all the outtakes into the wild wide world.

    Meanwhile I hope someone has made sure there are good therapists on standby for the kids, they will need them.

  15. Jackson says:

    I love AC. That is all.

  16. theaPie says:


    Those poor kids. Their own mom calling them (obliquely) disgusting. Not good enough to hand a piece of pizza to an adult.

  17. Anne says:

    Anderson Cooper. Oh how I love you. I would happily undergo a sex-change.

  18. mia girl says:

    I want to be President of the Anderson Cooper fan club!

  19. Goofpuff says:

    Kate doesn’t need a bodyguard. He’s really just paid to look pretty and be her lover. It obvious from the way she blows up over pizza.

  20. lucy2 says:

    She really is the worst.
    Love AC.

  21. Obvious says:

    I disagree with everyone who says she does not need a bodyguard.

    She is becoming one of the most hated people in America (baby killers and rapists and terrorists not withstanding). She could easily need protection from those who hate her. And the reason he sleeps with her at night you ask? Well that’s easy. When she’s asleep it’s the best time for the children to stage a revolt, so she needs help at night. see? it all makes perfect sense.

  22. anne_000 says:

    What kind of male bodyguard is so wimpy that he has to take pizza away from children who were in the process of eating it just cuz he refuses to eat salad & mac & cheese? Prima Donna much?

    Also, why would a grown man “reserve” one slice of left-over pizza from the night before when he knows there’s 8 hungry kids around? Is he a teenager or something? Can’t he get himself a fresh lunch? Especially since Ashley says there are 2 fridges so full of food that the doors are hard to close.

    As another poster said, Steve should have spoken up & ended the stupid issue by just getting something else for lunch. After all, since he saw the hungry kids were eating it, he should have acted like a mature person & gotten over his “I want only pizza” issues.

    Kate keeps upsetting her children with her unnecessary screaming fits.

  23. alma says:

    Wow!! she cares more about the body guard than her kids! that guy is capable of getting his own damn pizza!! :/ he’s just standing there like an idiot!! i hope the kids are shiped to John seems like he’s got a better life now.

    i loved this clip though!! Anderson is hilarious!!

  24. Bad Fairy says:

    Who watches this crap?

  25. Joe's Mom says:

    Bogarting the pizza!!!!! LOL!!!! How do you know that word, Kaiser?????? Oh, and wouldn’t that be great? If TLC did a whole show, week’s worth, series, whatever . . . . on Kate’s “out-takes”, melt-downs, brain-fries, whatever . . . that they have accumulated over the years, and haven’t dared show before now???? I might even watch that!

  26. Original Tiffany says:

    Jeez, this isn’t even the worst of kHate. Youtube Kate’s worst moments, first you’ll laugh, then cry for those kids and Jon-run Jon, run!
    I love AC, that silver haired fox. Most get grey, he gets silver. Nice:)

  27. Joe's Mom says:

    PS: Kate, FYI, I’m surprised with all those kids you aren’t familiar with the remedy any 8 year old knows for decontaminating “suspect” food. You simply stick it in the microwave for 25 seconds on high and then eat it. Most disgusting germs and filth can’t survive that . . .

  28. Judy says:

    @Sue: Who is Matt? His name is Steve.

  29. duffy says:

    I love Anderson Cooper!

    Okay, why was there only 1 pizza w/8 slices knowing Steve (aka bodyguard/luvah) will not eat salad? Does she not make enough money to have enough food for everyone?

    Does everyone remember Kate the first season when she was so health conscious and refused to give the kids anything but organic food? And she would berate Jon if this was not done?

    Its funny that she’s more concerned about Steve getting clean pizza than her own kid’s hygeine…go clean your kid up.

  30. Lia Belle says:

    She does need a bodyguard cause when I see her I’ll probably want to kick her ass because she’s so stupid!! :P Team Jon!

  31. Katie says:

    Sigh. Anderson Cooper. He does wear the hell out of those suits.

    I work at fast food establishment, and we have a TV in our dining room. The only channel it plays is CNN, so when I work the closing shifts I get a lot of AC time.


  32. tess says:

    can we all make a pact NOT to watch the kate episode? last thing we need is high ratings…which might tempt TLC to bring her back!

  33. mln76 says:

    Doesn’t she have enough money to get another pizza pie if she knew before hand it wouldn’t be enough for everybody???

    The only thing that makes watching Kate OK is a little bit of Anderson in the mix. I mean she can even make Sarah Palin look like a reasonable person in comparasion. I am looking forward to his talk show.

  34. Madisyn says:

    Anderson had just the right amount of disgust and sarcasm. Perfect. She really is a vile shrew, beyond “disgusting”.

  35. the original bellaluna says:

    Could they not have bought, oh say, 2 or 3 pizzas? I mean, when both of my older kids were teenagers, hubs and son could both eat a large EACH. Daughter could pack it away pretty good, too.

    So I got 2 or 3 larges or one of those Giant New York Pizzas. It’s really not complicated.

    And how old is Steve anyway? His eating habits sound like those of a spoilt 4 year old.

  36. bros says:

    she is indeed a vile shrew, as someone put it. what a monstrous temper tantrum over a stupid slice of pizza. this woman really thinks she is something special, entitled beyond belief, simply for the contents of her acrobatic uterus. what an idiot useless piece of crap her lame body guard is standing there like a lump on a log instead of being the bigger adult in this meltdown. I hope she’s done on TV for good. I wonder if TLC got sick of her shit. and Im betting Kaiser has seen reality bites, which has the famous line “don’t bogart that can…”

  37. Feebee says:

    That was great. I wasn’t expecting AC to be as insightful, thorough or frankly very funny as he was. Great delivery. Serious newsman does comedy. Maybe he can take on SNL next, they need some versatile hosts.

    I think Steve the BG did try and say something, whether it was ‘don’t worry about it’ or ‘where’s the pizza I reserved’ I couldn’t tell because Kate just talked over him, surprise surprise.

  38. Johanna says:

    What’s with all the John praise? Can’t we agree that they’re both bad parents?

  39. Leigh says:

    No, you’re right – Anderson Cooper never takes a bad picture.

  40. sluggo says:

    Yeah, obvious much that she’s screwing Steve?

    You know, her bodyguard. He gets paid for, well, GUARDING her BODY. I admit that I always used another verb besides “guarding,” but I learn something new every day. So they call it “guarding” now instead of “boning” or “screwing” or “shtupping”? Duly noted.

    And you must admit: after a messy afternoon of horny Khate-wrangling, the guy not only NEEDS a slice of The World’s Only Pizza (salad is just not sustaining enough!), he probably needs a long walk through a deluxe car wash to rinse all the bitch residue off his various nooks and crannies.

  41. ol cranky says:

    “Did TLC throw Kate Gosselin under the giant bus, as a few of you commented on yesterday’s story? Producers easily could have cut that segment, but they know good viral-worthy television when they see it”

    @CB – I have an awful feeling that this is what they have left when they cut the really bad stuff. When I first saw this, I also caught another clip of her with Steve and, I have to say, I don’t understand why he’d cheat on his wife with Kate

  42. Anastasia says:

    Johanna, I don’t think Jon is a bad parent. I also don’t think it’s appropriate to even comment on him, since he’s been living OUT of the public eye for quite a while now and is no longer a public figure.

  43. crtb says:

    I love love love Anderson Cooper. He is one of the best looking men on this earth.

  44. Cherry Rose says:

    Oh Kate will find someway to keep her kids on the air. She got a taste of luxury, and there is no way that is escaping from her without a fight.

    I hope that Jon can now step in and take the kids away from her, and her exploiting ways, now that TLC has nothing to do with them anymore.

  45. Dirty Martini says:


    Of Course she needs a bodyguard!!!!

    How many of us on here would love to throttle her ourselves? Show of hands?

  46. texasmom says:

    @sluggo — that’s hilarious. I feel like I need to wash my eyes after I watch her, anyway!

    I think TLC has thrown her under the bus throughout the series — she acts like a bitch, has always acted like a bitch, they’ve always shown it, and she’s always shrugged it off as being “real.”

    The only difference I see here is that they are finally showing other people’s reactions to her real-time, with all the behind-her-back talk. And while I can’t blame everyone who works with her for grousing about her ALL THE TIME, it is bad, bad, bad for those kids. She may be a bitch on wheels but she is their main parent and they need her to be good and they need to believe that she is, too. That babysitter and the production people who are starting to bad-mouth her IN FRONT OF THEIR KIDS are in the wrong for that. They can go do that at a bar later, I’d love to hear the stories they can tell!

  47. jc126 says:

    Everyone should mock Kate Gosselin.

  48. Elisha says:

    I agree Johanna

    I think the reason why John is in seclusion is because the public gave him the boot & without the kids he didn’t have an excuse to be on camera. He’s equally guilty of taking advantage of his kids just like this digusting trash, Kate.

  49. lakemom says:

    She makes all that money and can’t afford to buy another pizza?
    Egads, I feel sorry for those kids.

  50. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    So which kid went hungry?

    Steve’s an adulter, so maybe he should just swallow a box of cornstarch to keep down his urges.

    A lot of goodwill, trampy co-eds, graphic T-shirts, other people’s money, and dignity went down in the dust during Jon’s extended Lost Weekend, but when the dust cleared and he was left holding the lipids, he slinked off and has been out of the public for some time, now. Maybe he got his post-traumatic-Cthulu-disorder regarding his ex-wife out of his system and he’s behaving like a human again. She was the one who had to go on with the show, not him, right?

    That’s no best friend, that’s a regretful drama major. Those endowment dreams seem like they were ecactly that, no?

    I’d wear Anderson Cooper’s wardrobe, unaltered, and I’m a woman who is five feet tall. I have to insist that the spelling conversion from American to Canadian Standard English be done in celsius: fahrenheit does not make a lick of damn sense to me and I don’t want to run off to conversion charts every time I ‘Drop It Like It’s Delaware’…ew.

  51. monette says:

    If I were Kate I would give that man anything he wanted. I would slap the s*** out of anybody who touches his food. I mean a woman is entitled to at least a dong and if she has 8 kids, that she herself gave birth to, she is entitled to at least 3. So if that’s the only dong she is getting she should hold on to it by any means necessary.

  52. Eve says:

    I love him too!

    I refuse to comment on “reality” shows’s “stars” though.

  53. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    That was awesome. Christ I can’t believe this woman. I’m so glad she doesn’t have a show anymore and I hope she won’t have one but I feel bad for the kids. I think she will be pimping them out to networks as soon as she can

  54. Donna says:

    Remember how she put the blame on Jon for cheating on her when they divorced. I truly believe it was the other way around. She blames everything on Jon or whoever because she refuses to take any blame for anything. I have never in my life seen such a piece of crap person like Kate Gosselin. I haven’t watched the show since Jon was booted off and I totally refuse to watch the last one. No way will I put more money in this witches pocket because no matter what she says or how much sympathy she begs for, she has plenty of money socked away to keep her in luxury for a long time.

  55. LL says:

    @Jo – Mady, I think.

  56. Mr.Smurf says:

    I love Anderson Cooper….funny thing is my last name is Anderson. I heard he was gay……….going to my room to cry now. He’s hilarious. If I had tv, you can bet I’d watch his show.
    Sad thing is, I used to like Kate, and was like what the heck Jon when he cheated. But now that I see how she is on camera, just imagine how she is when she’s not on camera. Crazy.