Victoria Beckham is already back to a size zero, brought Harper to Fashion Week


These are new photos of Victoria Beckham and baby Harper Seven Beckham in New York City. Posh is preparing for New York Fashion Week, of course, and she’ll probably be out and about for Fashion’s Night Out, which has already started and will continue throughout the weekend. There were lots of celebrities doing events last night, but I don’t see any photos of Posh – so maybe she’s waiting for the bigger events tomorrow night. Plus, baby’s first Fashion Week! Harper looks thrilled, right? Am I the only one who can see signs of both David and Victoria in little Harper? I think she’s already an interesting blend of her parents, looks-wise.

Anyway, should we talk about how Victoria is already back to a size zero? People have been talking about it all week, ever since Posh and Seven have started to get pap’d on the regular. Victoria is back to wearing form-fitting clothes, and it’s evident that she lost the baby weight instantly. A few days ago, she even went out in leather pants! Ugh. An insider told Us Weekly that Posh is already back to a zero, officially. And another source says that Posh is “obsessed with working out” and that she spends hours on the treadmill, running 4 to 5 miles a day. She’s also dieting. And breastfeeding. Even a slipped disc didn’t slow down her weight loss – she wore flats for maybe two days, and then after that, it was back to Louboutins and Choos. Oh, Posh. How soon until she gets Harper into a pair of baby heels?




Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Fran says:

    Those boots are fugly, totally don’t work with that sort of dress!

    Harper is so cute!! 🙂

  2. Cherry says:

    How cute is that dress? I love it. Great color!

  3. Absolutely fabulous! You can tell she adores that little sweet baby too. (Tears up a little…)

  4. trolleydolly says:

    I’m surprised she’s got the extensions back in, I thought she had bald patches after the last time she wore them.

  5. spinner says:

    Sweet little girl. She looks like her brothers.

  6. teehee says:

    Well if shes using clip ins, they are safer plus she left her hair alone for quite a while.
    Im glad she went long agian, it looks so much better on her. Much more glorious and ‘beautiful’ rather than trendy, as she tries to be with short hair.

  7. silken_floss says:

    I’m bothered that her child is not bundled up more. Harper is still a newborn and tempertures have been cooler in NYC this week :/

  8. po says:

    Ok, so Im flipping channels the other day and they were actually playing spice world. I was in my late teens when the spice girls were a big deal and really didn’t pay that much attention to them besides the constant video play they got on mtv. Omg, I just got a flashback to when mtv used to actually play videos. Wow. Anyway, so I’m about to flip away from spice world and then I see Posh and it occurs to me, who spends their early 20swe being a normal size 6 and then has childrena and goesit down toto a sizeflashback 0. Im notgoing trying to throw any pity parties here for some rich celeb but its got to suck to be that obsessive about your body.

  9. LadyJane says:

    Too bad she can’t seem to break the trashy horse hair habit. Not very high fashion. Her cropped pixie cut was amazing on her – and too few women can pull off that hair style so she should revel in it.

    As for her and her baby weight – or lack thereof – meh. Would we expect anything less from the robot? By the way she doesn’t give birth, she has the baby lifted and then a tummy tuck – the good old hollywood ‘lift and tuck’. I would say the surgery was the reason for the flats, not a slipped disk.

  10. gee says:

    I loooove the boot and dress combo!! Harper is so adorable. Also, I don’t doubt she overdoes it, but 4 to 5 miles a day is only one hour while walking. It’s healthy to get an hour of cardio a day. 4 miles can be done in a half hour for an experienced runner.

  11. Bubbling says:

    I so wouldn’t want to see her turning little Harper into mini me.

  12. manda says:

    Those boots look like they’re too big in the shaft. I would think she wouldn’t put up with that

  13. sandy says:

    Where does this BS come from? If she has a slipped disc there’s no way in hell she can run.

  14. Victoria says:

    Gosh that kid hit the ground running! She’s already being drug out for the paparazzi? All those flashes in that babies eyes? Is that good for her? Someone else mentioned no coat, the mother is more covered up than the newborn. She’s a pretty baby though, I think she looks like her daddy.

  15. mia girl says:

    Baby is really cute.

    Agree @lady jane and the “lift and tuck” theory.

    And not to be a stickler, but “hours on the treadmill, running 4 to 5 miles a day” seems dubious. I run 5 miles on a treadmill in less than an hour easily. Granted I run at a fairly brisk pace, but even so, if it takes her “hours” then she’s walking, not running on that treadmill.

  16. dd says:

    love posh hair,baby is cute!!!
    should get a play date with flyn!
    id die to see that


  17. madpoe says:

    I have not one but 2 slipped disc! I haven’t seen my treadmill in a year and my high heels I’m sure, have collected dust. its hard walking sometimes let alone running! b*tch please!

    And why do i feel like this little cutie Harper is a fashion accesory, 9 months in the making just to carry around unblanketed in a plaid rice bag. cmon!

  18. Miss says:

    I kinda feel bad for little Harper. I love me some Posh but why would she subject her little one to that so soon. All those flash bulbs going off in her face. Poor thing.

  19. serena says:

    THose boots are horrible. UGH.

    Little Harper is a cutie, she makes me awwwww a lot.

  20. cailinos says:

    Ines de la Fressange once made a killer comment about ‘illogical’ style, an example being, say, dangly earrings with a shell suit, or a shell suit with high heels. I’ve never seen VB transgress before, but here, a sleeveless, quite formal dress with hefty, slouchy boots? (Also, the puce colour and the red soles…noooo!)
    (Needless to say, I am a picture of sartorial perfection at all times …..)

  21. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    I still can’t believe she named the child Harper, all I can think of is steven harper and he is far from adorable.

  22. lola says:


    “By the way she doesn’t give birth, she has the baby lifted and then a tummy tuck – the good old hollywood ‘lift and tuck’. I would say the surgery was the reason for the flats, not a slipped disk.”

    Ditto times 1000.


    “And why do i feel like this little cutie Harper is a fashion accesory, 9 months in the making just to carry around unblanketed in a plaid rice bag. cmon!”

    Think so too. Her and Stefani are pretty equal on the using their kids as accessories.

    Granted, Posh looks amazing, but most women would look that great after birth if we had nannies, chefs, personal trainers and a plastic surgeon on speed dial.

  23. Goofpuff says:

    She didn’t gain that much during pregnancy. I’m not surprised she popped back to size zero only breastfeeding and eating right. Its genetics. I lost quite alot of weight in the first 2 weeks just breastfeeding and doing nothing (because of c-section). She can’t excercise with a c-section before 6 weeks anyway so those claims are bogus. Underneath those clothes I”m sure there are spanx holding the excess skin together.

    Also no reputable surgeon would do a tummy tuck after giving birth. They abdomen muscle is mush and the skin is too stretched out. They make you wait a year before they tummy tuck you so your insides can go back to normal.

  24. Me says:

    If you start off slender and fit, continue your pregnancy with exercise and proper food, and then carry on with that when the baby is born… there’s no reason why you shouldnt be right back to where you were shortly after the birth.

    Im currently 40 weeks pregnant with a weight gain total of 18 lbs. I started out at an appropriate weight for my height as well. I expect to lose the weight almost instantly, same as I did with my first. What I dont expect is a flat stomach immediately! It takes some time to shrink back!

    She actually looks a lot less stick like than usual. I think she looks fabulous.

  25. Harley says:

    I like Posh-ever since I saw her in an interview with her hot hubby. Ali G. was doing the interview and she was absolutely charming. Harper is adorable, but all I see is Becks in her at the moment. Hated this outfit, tho.

  26. aenflex says:

    I just can’t say anything bad while looking at pics of a mother holding her baby like that.

  27. sarah says:

    It’s her real hair. It’s pretty obvious, it’s thin. Stop looking for everything fake to make yourselves feel better. She looks great.

  28. Ell says:

    I’ve never been a fan but quite like the outfit and Harper is adorable. I don’t think she’ll be another Suri in heels, the boys seem like good well adjusted kids, I imagine they’ll bring their daughter up the same way.

  29. Bess says:

    I think Harper looks like two of her brothers, Brooklyn & Cruz.

    All 3 of the Beckham boys look and dress like normal kids their age. Hopefully Victoria and Davis will take the same route with their little girl.

  30. daisydoodle says:

    @Goofpuff, I agree 100%. I work in as a nurse in an OR, you just can’t do a tummy tuck after birthing, the uterus has to go down to it’s normal prepregnancy size, I wanted my tubes tied after my last child and my OB refused until 6 months later. Also, if these ladies get an abdominoplasty, they better be finished having babies. It’s easy to think that celebrities just have the money to “fix” everything, however, a lot of times it’s just old fashioned work-out and deprive method.

  31. Maritza says:

    What a beautiful baby, I hope she’ll grow up to have a huge beautiful smile and laugh hard, unlike her mom.

  32. cmc says:

    “…and that she spends hours on the treadmill, running 4 to 5 miles a day.”

    BAHAHAHA she must be really, really, really slow if that statement is taken at face value. If she’s running 4-5 mi per day, she certainly wouldn’t lose that much weight (unless she’s also not eating). But if she’s spending hours on the treadmill and doing that much, she would be walking VERY slowly.

  33. Mia says:

    Harper is adorable. So chubby and sweet.

    That’s Victoria’s real hair. She’s been growing it for years. She doesn’t look emaciated. She looks healthy. Like a woman who gave birth and is losing the small amount of weight she gained.

  34. mia girl says:

    @daisydoodle Your OB might have refused, but I know quite a few women who had their tubes tied immediately after giving birth via c-section (my sister is one of them).

    I also know two women who had cosmetic work done immediately after a c-section. I don’t doubt some celebrities lose weight via old fashion methods, but plastic surgery does happen pretty often.

  35. layla says:

    “…and that she spends hours on the treadmill, running 4 to 5 miles a day.”

    Hahahah – this is hardly OBSESSED with exercise. Many people run 5miles/day…. and they don’t take HOURS to do it.!!!!

    BTw… I LOVE this version of Posh!

  36. says:

    There is no way she is breastfeeding.

    A baby that small requires constant feeding and any breastfeeding mom would not wear a dress that zips in the back and makes quick access to the boobs that difficult.

  37. 4Real says:

    ITA with some of the others who pointed out WHY would she not bundle or at least put a blanket over her baby. She is treating her is if she is an accessory. I’d be affraid of falling or tripping while holding a newborn with sky high heels.

    I like the dress although its too long and I like the boots just not together. Put that baby in a safe and snug carrier or a cool papoose thingy and cover her WE GET IT she’s cute.

  38. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I didn’t know that women who had given birth were supposed to be making record times in the Boston Marathon, now I know better and now I know to throw garbage at the lazy bitch should we cross paths.

    My devotion to my community is unparalled in terms of the zeal with which I volley my home truths, but I’m coming to a maternity ward near you with my new Shame Hag Trilogy and your cankles had better show up. Par One: No Such Thing As Genetics, No Such Thing As Reindeer. Part Two: Extenuating Circumstances Are The Devil’s Obstetrics and Part Three: We Are All Me, So If I Can Do It, I Can Do It.

    She’s had a million kids, I think we can trust her to take of this one, as well.

    There’s the dress zipper, but whether you like it or not, I think it’s evident that dress is e exponentially better than the Winslet explosion of awkwardness. Great colour. Not that it matters, but I greatly prefer her short and dark hairstyles to the long and lightened.

    BABY FEET!!!

  39. gee says:

    I work in NYC and live right outside. Yesterday was breezy, but it was warm. And if you’re going from building to car, that baby isn’t under dressed. Maybe if she was going to have a sit outside it would be.

  40. Cheyenne says:

    Long hair does nothing for her. She should go back to the pixie cut.

    Why in the world would anyone want to be a size zero?

  41. Hautie says:

    I am not convinced that Victoria has went back to her horse hair ways. She has been growing her hair out the last two years.

    Being pregnant and being force to eat well and taking those pre-natal vitamins would have really boosted hair growth.

    And I saw a picture of her the other day… and it was obvious she had not glued in or sewn in any new horse hair.

    But that is not to say that she didn’t clip in some for Fashion Week.

  42. Rachel says: — I noticed that, too. I am currently breastfeeding a newborn and you have to make sure anything you wear has easy access ’cause those suckers feed constantly. That neckline would make nursing impossible!

    Also, the only way you could spend ‘hours’ on the treadmill and only accomplish 4-5 miles is if you were running on all fours. Which would require serious knee pads, I’d think.

  43. Blake says:

    Love the dress, hate the boots, hate the extensions. I can’t believe she just gave birth. What does she eat, packets of Sweet N Low and breath spray?

  44. Sue says:

    Really people you’re getting on her case because a “source” with no name told US weekly and (they’re so reliable and never make up stories) that she runs 4 to 5 miles a day, and you people take it as fact.

  45. Turtle Dove says:

    She looks great, but she’s definitely NOT back to her zero size.

    I recently saw pictures that show her hips, legs being more shapely. Even in these pictures, Posh’s arms look fuller.

    That being said, she looks way, way better than she did pre-pregnancy. She’s beautiful with a little extra weight on; it fills her out and makes her look younger and voluptuous.

  46. Ivy says: HA! That’s the first thing I thought when I saw the pics too!! Great dress and she looks lovely and all, but yea, if she was nursing her girls would be wayyy more ready to roll.

  47. Ms says:

    You don’t have time to dress and do your self up like that if you are feeding a baby 6 times a day 40 minutes each time. And sure even if you express milk the boobs will still lactate at around the time the baby is due to eat- making it tricky to wear certain clothes or be away for hours. Baby sure is a gorgeous dote but why go to a place with lots of people (colds,germs), loud music, crap light and flashes??? Oh that’s rite- must.have.attention.

  48. Hannah says:

    That baby is beautiful! Posh looks good with the extra weight. She was always my favorite Spice Girl after Sporty. Not feeling the boots though.

  49. daisydoodle says:

    Hey Mia, unfortunately for me, I had my babies the old fashioned way, through my vajay-jay….so no c-sections for me, my doctor said he could do it, but I would have to have an incision since my uterus would be in the way…Oh well, so sad that my uterus isn’t as important as a h-wood celebrity….

  50. Bamafresh says:

    Cute to see her dress her in “baby” clothes. I just imagined a baby fur and some boots knowing her. Very infant appropriate!

  51. Juliesunflower says:

    @madpoe, couldn’t agree more. When was Harper born that she is dragging her all over the place? The baby is not even dressed well for the weather. Babies are now the new tinkerbellsa.

  52. dani says:, I totally agree there is no way she is exclusively breastfeeding that baby with her own breast milk, that dress would make it impossible. now that doesn’t mean she isn’t feeding it someone else’s breast milk or perhaps she pumping. still i’m guessing no, because breastfeed babies just feed constantly and there are no reports of her feeding that kid in public.

  53. gg says:

    I’d really hate to see somebody who is such a slave to walk and balance-restricting heels of danger like she is, trip and accidentally toss the baby a couple yards onto the damn concrete. (See, Britney Spears when she almost did that, juggling her precious coffee in the ridiculous unnecessary heels.)

    So how soon before the “Baby Fashionista Hair Extensions” line comes out? I can see it now – short hair at the crown, and 12 inches of horsehair on the mini-robot. Fake lady from hell.

  54. May says:

    This is her 4th child not her 1st she knows what she doing so get off her back her boys are healthy and happy.

  55. Mi says:

    I love that outfit on Posh she looks great! And I also don’t think that she’s a size zero here, no way. And about Harper being underdressed, from the hotel(?) to the car that is not underdressed.

  56. JennJennM says:

    She doesn’t look like she’s reached pre-pregnancy weight as her torso looks rounded, not bony. She looks trim and healthy right now but will probably shrink further to her trademark skeletal stick figure. And the boots and dress do look hideous together.

  57. Moops says:

    Oy, the damage Posh will do to this girl unless she gets a handle on her own eating/body image issues. The boys are okay because of daddy’s influence. Let’s hope he steps up and protects Harper from being turned into momma’s little fashionable, skinny accessory.

  58. Blithe says:

    @JennJennM: totally what I was going to say. I wish she’d just stay at this size, as it suits her much better.

  59. Memphis says:

    Shes had three babies before Harper that she managed not to drop, so we can assume Victoria knows how to carry a baby in heels. And I doubt she had Harper just to use as a fashion accessory. Her boys seem happy and well cared for. Will she dress Harper up more than she did her boys? Probably. But as the mom of three boys I can’t blame her if she goes overboard on the girly look. It will probably be fun for her.


  60. Andie B says:

    She is looking good..think the hair is hers..don’t like the boots at all. The baby is very cute. Wonder if she will have another one.

  61. blinditemreader says:

    @Mitch Buchanan Rocks: Totes. Stephen Harper can go eat a bag of dicks. He’s ruining Canada. And to think only 40% of the country voted for him… sigh. 🙁

  62. Luise says:

    Harper looks just like her daddy. She’s darling. I don’t like Posh’s looks or anything about her.

  63. Penguin says:

    She looks great. Not every1 let’s them selves go just cos they’ve had a baby.

  64. Stephanie says:

    Maybe I am in the minority here, but this bothers me a little. The brainwashing has begun. :/

  65. Chris says:

    You can’t put weight on thoroughbreds. You also have to remember that David is/was an elite athlete so he’d know all about getting into shape and no doubt would be able to give his wife plenty of advice around training, recovery and diet.

  66. Trashaddict says:

    Maybe it’s just the flashbulbs, but Harper looks exceedingly pale. I agree she wasn’t bundled enough.
    I’m surprised she’s not crying in these shots.

  67. eternalcanadian says:

    I always worry when babies and children are exposed to a frenzy of camera light flashes because they can cause seizures and vision problems. I did notice one of Harper’s eyes flashed white (the other eye doesn’t have it) so I hope they have tested for retinoblastoma.

    Such a cute baby though! Definitely takes after Brooklyn the oldest brother.

  68. smh says:

    those arms don’t look size 0 to me, but she is getting pretty close. the problem is size 0 never looks good on women after a certain age. and what’s worse size 0 women do look like they’re over that certain age, they age prematurely. look at the olsen twins who had to get face fillers at age 21. fashion’s obsession with size 0 has to end because all the women who age badly seem to be obsessed with fashion, and it is a bad influence on those women.