Taylor Armstrong got a book deal, will include photos of her abuse injuries

Taylor Armstrong aka Shana Hughes, aka Taylor Ford, just got a book deal following her husband’s tragic, and possibly suspicious, suicide. Several stories came out after Russell Armstrong’s death that he was abusive and had beaten Taylor, which were supported by similar allegations of abuse and restraining orders taken out against him by two of his exes. Taylor’s book will reportedly focus on domestic abuse and will include photos she took documenting the injuries that Russell inflicted on her.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s book will be about domestic abuse, but desperate for money, a source reveals Taylor will be including the photos hoping it will boost sales.

“Taylor’s acting like she’s not trying to bank off Russell’s suicide, but by including photos of her injuries after he allegedly beat her, that’s exactly what she’ll be doing,” an insider told RadarOnline.com.

“It’s no secret that Taylor’s been strapped for cash since Russell died, and since she hasn’t received the advance on her book yet, a few of the Housewives have been helping her out financially.”

As RadarOnline.com was first to report, Taylor kept photographic evidence documenting the abuse she was allegedly enduring at the hands of Russell.

“Taylor is hoping to have the book out by the end of November, just in time for the holiday sales,” the source said.

“Not only is Taylor going to write about her own personal experiences, but she wants to spotlight other celebrities who have been involved in domestic abuse situations.”

[From Radar Online]

I think Taylor is a con artist and that she’s definitely cashing in after her husband’s death, but that doesn’t mean she had anything to do with his death (if it wasn’t a suicide) or that she’s somehow trumping up these abuse claims to bolster public sympathy. If the guy did it to his ex girlfriends, that’s enough evidence to convince me that he beat Taylor too. We heard yesterday that Taylor ran up $90,000 on Russell’s credit cards in the weeks following their separation. I’m sure that Taylor is a piece of work, that she’s manipulative, and that she’s both a money-grubber and someone who squanders money on useless sh*t in an attempt to feel like she belongs. Again, if Russell’s death was suspicious, I don’t think Taylor is at all complicit in that given that his business partner also “committed suicide” just a day later. It sounds like someone wanted those two dead, or that they were in over their heads and thought that death was the only way out. There’s something untoward about Taylor inking a book deal so soon after her husband passed, but if she suffered abuse that’s her story to tell. She needs to do something to bring some money in, the way she spends it.



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  1. TXCinderella says:

    Speaking ill of the dead and he can’t defend himself. This is a sick twisted woman!

  2. dorothy says:

    A book deal? Really? Your husband just died..this is creepy and tasteless.

  3. Kirsten says:

    If my husband beat me and I finally had the strength to leave him I would totally rack up 90,000 on his credit card! It is sad he died, but if he was an abuser then he was a monster. She should write the book so she can support her daughter.

  4. mc says:

    Did you see where Russell’s biz partner also “completed suicide” the next day? TMZ has the story here: http://www.tmz.com/2011/08/27/russell-armstrong-business-associate-commits-suicide-next-day

    Funny how this hasn’t come up in the press hardly at all. Something’s fishy about the whole situation, it’s very sad for that poor little girl.

  5. ol cranky says:

    I’m sorry, this woman has been shown to be a user and extreme manipulator. I have seen people like that target others and intentionally push them past their limits to destroy (and, in the case of one sociopath with whom I worked) another person’s mental well being with the plan that person would need to be treated clinically or even attempt suicide (this helps the manipulator deflect any attention from their own bad deeds and point the finger at the other person or otherwise discredit them). She just reminds me way too much of people who gleefully manipulate and destroy others for their own purposes but try to make themselves out as victims.

  6. Celebitchy says:

    @Mc, I had already written that in the article.

  7. Thea says:

    I think she is pretty disgusting to air her dirty laundry for one, and to make a quick buck off of someone else’s emotional issues. She has a child by this man and I think she should keep her personal dramas, personal. Abuse isnt pretty and should not be swept under the rug, but this makes me curious as to what type of emotional manipulation she may have also played in that role.

  8. Susan O. says:

    A neurasthenic twisted soul and fugly to boot. A character from a horror show.

  9. the original bellaluna says:

    She is trashtastic.

    “Other celebrities?” Bitch, please; you are not a “celebrity” you are a reality show fame-whore. One who is totally trying to earn a buck off of exploiting whatever you want about your dead husband.

  10. carrie says:

    he just died and all she does is trash him in a book. Maybe he was an abuser but she looks very manipulative

    i hope the best for their kid

  11. garvels says:

    Does she even think to consider her daughter’s feelings? It will be interesting to see how Russell’s parents react to this book and Taylor’s allegations of abuse. I find it curious that Taylor writes about the abuse after Russell’s death, when he is unable to defend himself. This woman is one twisted manipulative beotch!

  12. Jeanette says:

    Why do we continue to watch trailer trash on tv??? In essence throwing our money to them?? Thatll be a great read for that cute little girl she has.

  13. the original bellaluna says:

    garvels – Actually, I’m kinda hoping his family will sue her ass, either to keep her from doing the book or for a share of the profits. Just because she needs to be knocked down a few pegs.

    Now, a “How I Survived My Abuser” would be a good story if it was a story like mine or so many other women’s stories.

    But I really, truly feel like she’s just in it for a buck. And that…I cannot stand.

    She’s got a child with that man, a little girl who just started school and who just lost her father.

    Put your child first, not the almighty buck.

  14. Shelly says:

    Does anyone remember the big “anti abuse” speech Taylor stood up and gave to the ladies at the shelter?? Something to the effect of, if you walk away from your abuser you could be just like ME! and live in Beverly Hills someday!!! She was lying when she told the ladies that she had managed to escape her abuser and was now living the good life. What a hypocritical liar! I would never believe one word she wrote.

  15. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Awesomely well said Ol Cranky. It is scary how people can behave like this – push someone past the edge and play the victim.

    This woman is seriously creepy – there is something very wrong going on here and Taylor, with her clown face, is making a mockery of geniune domestic abuse victims.

    Celebitchy, How about banning articles of this person so she can fade into obscurity and not cash in on the tragedy surrounding her husband. I’d rather read about Parasite Hilton than this manipulative scum.

  16. krissy says:

    Does anyone even like her?

    Who will buy this book without feeling dirty?

  17. lola says:

    I cannot stop looking at her huge deformed mouth. It looks like she had a plastic surgeon purposely create a larger mouth for her. It is just creepy. 38 my ass. More like 45.

    By the way, this woman is a piece of shit. She was always the gold digger and will use anyone for money. This chick is so full of lies. Anything for drama and money. I hope she is sued for everything and taken off the show.

  18. Original Tiffany says:

    I know she is a scammer and a liar, had changed her name a couple of times and was horrid on the show. I could not and still can’t stand this one. BUT, if my husband beat the crap out of me on the regular and the last time so bad I was in the hospital for 3 days, and I finally left him-I’d run up his damned cards too. Actually, I’d have been smart and been hiding money away for a while waiting for my chance to leave. Of course saving and these girls just don’t go together.

  19. This woman is a fucking piece of work.

    Have some god damn decorum, you raging bitch. Focus on your children instead of your bank account – they already have to spend the rest of their lives wondering why daddy abandoned them, they don’t need to worry about why mommy shittalked deaddaddy for financial gain.

    He’s dead. He died tragically. You win, Taylor. Time to stop playing the victim and attend to the real wounded – YOUR CHILDREN.

    I’m sorry. I’ve been purposefully avoiding the Armstrong Suicide because I know it just ramps me up – but I saw this headline and I just went into full on Steve Zissou Rage. How dare she.

    Selfish C*nt.

  20. Jackson says:

    Oh yeah, I’m so happy her book will be out in time for the holidays. Yuck. And putting in pictures of her injuries? You really want your child, HIS child, to see that? This woman is nasty and will apparently do anything for a buck. Except get a job, apparently.

  21. anne_000 says:

    She told Andy on WWHL that her last name was “Taylor” when he asked her about her name change from “Shana” to Taylor. So her list of names includes “Shana Taylor.” o_O

    Shana Hughes –> Shana Taylor –> Taylor Ford –> Taylor Armstrong.

    Taylor’s been making a lot of money & press off of telling the world how she thinks Russell is/was horrible, including season 1 & 2, a proposed Barbera Walters interview, a future book, etc.

    I read over at Radar Online that she recently enrolled kindergartner Kennedy into a private school that charges tuition of $10,000- $15,0000, that she has a $9,000/month rental house, & that she drives around in an Escalade.

    I guess Russell has always been a money-maker for her (debt or not) both in life & in death.

  22. original kate says:

    she has pirhana teeth.

  23. garvels says:

    @the original bellaluna-I completely agree with you. My sister was a victim of domestic violence and the whole situation was quite scary and left our family feeling quite helpless in terms of intervening into her domestic issues. She would always deny the abuse until one day her young sons came to her crying that they wished daddy would move away. She thought she was doing them a favor by keeping up appearances to save the marriage but she soon realized that the stressful living situation was affecting her son’s sense of security and well being. Domestic violence is quite serious but I am having a difficult time buying into Taylor’s victim story due to her on screen lies and manipulation tactics.

  24. Str8Shooter says:

    Ugly on the outside…clown face…and even UGLIER on the inside. Poor guy never stood a chance married to some shrew like this.

    If only people would stop watching this ‘reality’ garbage maybe they’d go off the air already.


  25. Kim says:

    What a piece of crap she is. Her poor daughter. She doesnt gives a rats ass about her daughter or she would think about how negatively this will affect her and not do it.

    If Taylor was abused she shouldnt be making a mockery of it by cashing in on it. She should be real about it and donate the book proceeds, ALL OF IT, to womens shelters and not more botox!

  26. wunderkindt says:

    So now she’s exploiting suicide and abuse?

    It’s really suspicious that she is jumping on this deal so fast-like she’s enjoying the fact that Russell is dead and is looking for a big pay out.

    She treats his death as an ‘opportunity’for herself, so how do we know that she isnt really a suspect????

  27. lin234 says:

    Ol Cranky: Exactly! Just look at how she manipulated everyone last season and she really pushed Kim to the edge then sat back and played the victim when Kim was only trying to tell the truth.

    Whenever she has been caught in a lie, she makes another one up. She never admits she’s done anything wrong. Even during the reunion show, she ever-so-subtly threatened to air Kim’s “state of mind”.

    That type of situation scares me in terms of trying to speak the truth but going against someone who plays with people like puppets. Lisa has caught on her tricks.

    Abuse is serious stuff but if I were to ever buy a book about it, it wouldn’t be from that liar. She looks like the joker in the first picture with the red lipstick.

  28. fizXgirl314 says:

    she’s despicable… and THAT FACE… If I had to see that face on a daily basis I would hang myself as well. Agh, she disgusts me…

  29. Hootie Hoo says:


  30. Kelly says:

    She is a disgusting and awful person with no class. I have no sympathy for her.

  31. kazoo says:

    i hateeeeeee her smile. so creepy.

  32. z says:

    she just needs to be taken out of the show PERIOD!!!!!! and making a book about your abuse and including pictures of it is down right tacky and disgusting!!!! lady your husband comited suicide and your exploiting him already for money!!! makes me want to vomit with disgust.. BRAVO…… REPLACE her already and move on.. frankly I don’t want to see her on the show anymore…

  33. Nickie serrato says:

    Scammer liar do not buy I to her lies