George Clooney brought Stacy Keibler to Toronto, but it’s still sketchy


In my last post about this weird George Clooney-Stacy Keibler situation, I told Keibler to “red-carpet girlfriend debut or GTFO.” It just seemed like Keibler was a little crazy, and she was the one to push endless stories about how she and Clooney were totally in love, while Clooney was spending his time thousands of miles away from her. Well, Clooney invited Keibler to Toronto, BUT… there’s still no “red carpet girlfriend debut”. Clooney is in Toronto to push The Ides of March and The Descendants. Yesterday, it was all about The Ides of March, and for the premiere, Clooney walked the carpet solo. Not that Keibler wasn’t there – according to LaineyGossip’s Twitter feed, Keibler was the first person on the red carpet, wearing this tacky-looking stripper’s get-up. She looks kind of busted, in my opinion. I wonder why she’s covering up her neck? Hahaha, you know what they say (cough). But she does have a great body – her legs are amazing.



But! Stacy is still getting her “debut” as Clooney’s girlfriend in Toronto. There have been multiple sightings of the two of them together in Toronto, and there was even an exclusive photo of the two of them sipping champagne together, although it looks like that photo has been pulled. There’s too much evidence of the two of them being loved up, so now I can no longer think that Cray-Cray Keibler is just stalking him. But I do wonder why George is moving so slowly with this one? Why not walk the red carpet with her? Maybe he took one look at this dress and was like, “Girl, when we get back to LA, I’m buying you a stylist.”

I threw in a photo of Ryan Gosling at last night’s premiere too, just in case Clooney & Keibler weren’t doing it for you.




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Toot says:

    Ryan looks good. George is just a dirty old man to me. Stacy’s dress looks just like something a call girl would wear.

  2. Rita says:

    While I think Leo and Blake are having a little more “serious fun” than Stacy and George (God, what if her name was Gracy?) this is what I think is happening (no inside sources, just intuition).

    George and Gracy had a random hook up at some wild party or perhaps in a McDonald’s parking lot and Gracy is taking advantage of George’s good hearted “dong-nature” to get some press out of it. For George, it’s just another day at the biscuit factory.

  3. whitedaisy says:

    Stacy looks like the love-child of Heidi Klum and Christine Taylor.

    Just sayin’.

  4. VintageBum says:

    Oh my my her dress looks like she made it in some sort of horrid home-ec class o_O

  5. You don't say says:

    George was smart not to pose with her following the Brad/Angelina show. It would have looked like he was posing with his daughter, or the way she is dressed, like a paid escort.

    He might pose with her for his other premiere when he has no competition from the masters and he has time to get her better clothing options. Hooker sheik (sp) is not the way to make a good impression.

  6. tripmom says:

    She looks insane, and to be honest, not very attractive in the whole face area.

  7. Kaboom says:

    What’s with the bruises on her legs? Rough play?

  8. Snowbunny says:

    She does not look good, the stripper/hooker dress looks like something you would find at a low end store. Wasn’t there a rumor about a stylist finding designer frocks for her? I think it is obvious she didn’t have a stylist, who would take credit for that!

    I’m glad they weren’t photographed next to each other, George would have looked like a dirty old man, well maybe he is!

    Thanks for Ryan Gosling, that saved the day.

  9. Jayna says:

    She will be a filler for him. She’s fills the empty space for companionship and sex. But she’s not going to be one of his two to three year live-in girlfriends.

  10. thinkaboutit says:

    Nice legs yes, but I don’t find her face lovely at all. Interesting choice…

    And what the heck is going on with her hairdo??

  11. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    She looks like Sarah Larson and the shows are wow.

  12. ShanKat says:

    Everybody looks busted that close to RG (but SK does look particularly busted in the face). But what’s up with Ryan’s double-stitched suit? Beautiful fabric, love the color, noyce fit…but oy vey those lapels.

    Blondie scruff is hot. I love how one side of his face is earnest, while the other one is kind of smirky. Sexay.

  13. Anonny says:

    He’s obviously not buying her red-carpet-wear yet.

  14. Turtle Dove says:

    Is that powder from a Tim Horton’s donut on her chest?

    What with the arms outstretched pose? Uhh… too much basking for so little talent. Pull it back a few notches, Stacey.

    George and Ryan look good, and I have to commend GC on his ability to sell a movie. He really is a star – sketch and bones chickas too young for him – but a star, nonetheless.

    Thanks for posting on your day off, K.

  15. lisa says:

    She is not my idea of beautiful, but she has a killer body..

    I agree with one of the posters about the dress; it does look trashy. I just never ever understood George C. (shaking my head)

    but maybe the thing is the women George likes to date are more inline with who he is as a man. So looks in this case are deceptive. George needs to drop that face he paints for the public. It is obviously not who he is IMO

  16. LucyOriginal says:

    “Keibler was the first person on the red carpet, wearing this tacky-looking stripper’s get-up. She looks kind of busted, in my opinion. I wonder why she’s covering up her neck? Hahaha, you know what they say (cough).” Excellent description Kaiser. What’s up with the bruise in her left leg? Is she wrestling with Clooney (gag)?

    I heard the rumour that she had a stylist helping her out…Was it going to be worse than this one? Cray Cray needs to pull it together, to be elegant next time and not to wear heels next to her fling(boy)friend.

    Kaiser, thanks for putting the photo of Ryan to save this topic!

  17. pwal says:

    What’s up with her face? Normally, it’s cute, but it looks overly pulled here, which is ridiculous since she’s 30-ish.

  18. Snowbunny says:

    I will vote the shoes rock, they are hard to see as one is distracted by the rest. Her face, bad makeup?

  19. tracking says:

    He sure likes ’em trashy. I’m beginning to think he’s disgusting.

  20. Thea says:

    Is that a big bruise on her right thigh? She looks rode hard and put up wet. Nice legs and bod, but this one is going to need some help.

  21. Jenny says:

    George should be ashamed of himself. What was he thinking. I’m sure he will have her fixed up for his next carpet or he will have to trade in her for a new model.

  22. cailinos says:

    Ryan Gosling (fabulous name, dear) does it for me alright: what he does is remind me of the word ‘gormless’.

  23. seVen says:

    I Dont see why anyone would date Clooney, youre only gonna end up getting dumped anyway.

  24. Bubulle says:

    I totally believe all his relashionships are all PR stunts. He broke up with his long time girlfriend 2 months ago and now he’s already parading around his new GF like nothing happened.

  25. Disco says:

    I’m pretty sure that dress was in the last Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog, LOL!!!!!

  26. Maritza says:

    That black velvet dress is horrible! I still haven’t seen any pictures of them together side by side. This sounds to me like a PR stunt.

  27. Amy says:

    I really haven’t had any opinions about any of George’s girlfriends–I just know none of them will last very long (apart from his relationship with Lisa Snowdon but I wasn’t paying attention to celebrity gossip then). I like Stacy, I remember her from Dancing With the Stars and she was a really good dancer and I think she almost won? She always seemed really nice and not at all trashy. I don’t like her dress here though. All I can tell is that she probably likes to party and she is about twenty years younger than George which is what he typically likes.

    OH and Ryan Gosling–so hot! But I think he’s dating Eva Mendes now???

  28. crooked eyes says:

    He’s probably a nice person, but Ryan Gossling’s beady, very close together eyes are just creepy & distracting…maybe he should wear shades or do cartoons.

  29. Poison Ivy says:

    She has great legs but absolutely NO ass. And Girl next time cover up those bruises and put some conditioner in you hair, it looks like a haystack……you’r on a red carpet for god’s sake

  30. ordinarygirl86 says:

    She looks like a low budget Heidi Klum

  31. zesty says:

    She has the roundest face shape I’ve ever seen.

    Thanks for the shot of Gosling…a refreshingly minty palette cleanser after looking at creepy George.

  32. Slash says:

    yes she is completely insane!! she did wrestling and took drugs after all … George is in big danger, that’s’ why he stays away from her. Only at the day of premier he was told that he dates her actually, before Stacy dated him in her imagination.

  33. mln76 says:

    The ‘intimate’ picture of them at lunch were such a set up they looked like they were taken by someone sitting at the table with them. Despite the lack of any fashion sense she’s at least a bit prettier than the Italian Queen.

  34. Julia says:

    Hell to the NO for that horrible dress !

    So cheap. The woman has great legs though but indeed, it seems that Georges’s type of women went from elegant to trashy.

    His ex wife was elegant. Celine Balitran was elegant. Even that Sarah waitress dresses elegant.

  35. itstrue says:

    Okay, first–every time I hear her name, in my head I say “kimmy gibbler”, haha Full House reference anyone? Second she seems beneath the Clooney. Third, I bet she’s thrilled about what this is gonna do for her career.

  36. Kelly says:

    I agree w @Julia – he has certainly dated women with a lot more chic and subtlety. This one I don’t get. You’d think that with THAT body, she could find something decent to wear! I’m sure there are many great dresses that would look smashing on her. But… no. And the makeup, that lipstick is horrid. I’m opposed to red lipstick with black dresses – esp. velour dresses with spiderweb backs, LOL. I don’t think she’s a particularly attractive woman; the body is what she has going for her, so you’d think she’d accentuate that and de-accentuate the unfortunate face…

  37. Kelly says:

    Oh, and I’m waiting for that one commentator to post “Y’alls bitches is haters…”

  38. pwal says:

    September 10th, 2011 at 10:13 am

    I Dont see why anyone would date Clooney, youre only gonna end up getting dumped anyway.

    I don’t understand it myself. What I really don’t understand is why he has Hollywood eating out of his hand. It’s like they’ve given him a free ticket just because he transitioned from television to movies. Or, they’re really desperate to make him this age’s Cary Grant, which isn’t gonna happen.

    I don’t get it.

  39. palermo says:

    I wish he’d just come out of the closet once and for all and stop this farce. The women are nothing more than whores, they know he’s not interested in them. It’s a mutual “using” of each other.

  40. Kath & Kim says:

    Clooney is a silly old man. Maybe he should just come out of the closet instead of parading his latest waitress/model/actress-y piece for hire.

  41. observer says:

    I don’t think she was there with Clooney at all. I think she just showed up on her own as another publicity stunt, the same as she’s been doing with those weird press releases her publicist has been sending out about her and Clooney. Pretty much anyone in the entertainment business can attend a premiere at a film festival. There are zero pics of them together. I say there is nothing to this, just a publicity stunt and some stalking from Cray Cray Keibler.

    Oh, and I agree that dress is the tackiest thing ever.

  42. Messenger says:

    This woman is a disaster. He dates hookers, porn actresses, those who pose nude and others who can be classified as sleazy. A man with his fame and wealth. I can’t tell you how sorry I feel for him. Leave him to live his life. Maybe this type of woman is all the relationship he can manage.

  43. I don’t understand the neck comment. What is the joke there?
    Also, her face looks weird, maybe that is blow on her dress.

  44. Original Tiffany says:

    I hate that dress, but wish I had those legs.
    I am so totally going through town with my eyes peeled today. I’m sure to see someone out there. So far, I’ve been limited to John Mayer coming out of the elevator. Eww.

  45. celine says:

    please write about fassbender even if there isn’t a story.

  46. zara says:

    Judging from comments George has made in the past, he is very much aware of all the gossip being bandied about on the interwebs. He and his publicist know people are on to his “latest girlfriend roll out in conjunction with his movie premiers” strategy at the various film festivals. He is getting ridiculed for it, and perhaps they are adjusting the process with this latest fembot to not make it so obvious (or so they think). We, the gossip mongering public, know otherwise of course.

  47. gg says:

    And so he goes back to his old familiar dating a diner waitress lookin boring chick. He has strange taste.

  48. Gretchen says:

    is that *cough cough, crushed velvet she’s wearing??
    The last time i wore that was when I was 10, it was a crushed velvet leotard for my tap dancing classes…or is it some sort of shiny spandex? its just plain wrong

  49. Sophie says:

    @cleveland girl: wow, no body has given you some “vampire” bite in your neck during sex. You need to find someone like Clooney then. Lol.

    All comments blame her for wearing that dress. How about George chose that dress, bought it and she went for it. I have come to accept the fact that all women dating George will do everything to make him happy and stay with him for as long as possible. This dress is not Stacey’s style at all if you have seen her before photos in various events.
    Also, if the dress was not closed at the neck could have been 100 times better.

  50. taxi says:

    She looks trashy in that dress. The back of her hair is awful. Do all hair-over-one-shoulder do’s have that bobby pin mess in the back? The woman has good legs but her face is not great

  51. Hautie says:

    Is that unfortunate dress from this decade? It looks like stretchy velvet for goodness sake! And even hookers have stop wearing that kind of material for evening wear. 🙂

    But I am still not convinced she is the next girl.

    Though I would like to see Elizabeth C. come face to face with Keibler.

    Cause you know that is going to happen, eventually. Two females in LA, both huge fame ho’s… it is just a matter of time. Till they are on the same red carpet.

    Maybe Dancing with the Has-been’s will set it up for us!

  52. Denise says:

    Clooney is beginning to look like a tasteless, pathetic old man…. I don’t care how talented he is. And, she looks like a hooker; and explain to me why she is waving to people, does anyone at these events know who she is? Famewhoring is certainly an art.

  53. Juliesunflower says:

    What is the joke about the neck?

  54. J says:

    Observer , why do you think all his relationships are fake ? He dose seem to have a nice glow in his eyes regardless of what anyone thinks of her . Happy birthday elizabetta canals !

  55. Nanea says:

    Doesn’t Stacy own a mirror, or does she simply not care that she looks like she picked a dress in the dark?

  56. e.non says:

    man, what is it with him and these no class women. that dress is so inappropriate.

    conversations with her must be something.

  57. Jayna says:

    Celine Balitran was his longest girlfriend. They lived together for three years. She was the French. law student he met where she was hosting at a restaurant. He seemed to really love her. Within a short time of dating long distance he moved her in. I never realized she gave several interviews. She was only 23 when they met. But she carried on worse than Elisabetta. She too said it was a fairy tale and they both believe it was destiny and would be together forever. But when it ended he did financially provide for her because he said he had her change her
    life and move to America and it was only right he do so after it was over and paid her lawyer fees for her visa.

    I think George does make a woman feel like she is the most amazing creature on the planet and they fall for the whirlwind courtship. He is seductive. But a few
    years later George loses interest. When I was 22 I dated a 40 year old handsome playboy like George for four years. Two years too long. It’s heady at first and you’re their queen at first But playboys are not good long term. They like the chase.

  58. Turtle Dove says:

    Just saw the pictures on Popsugar and now I am convinced that this dress has to be some weird pub. stunt. Everyone looks tasteful (except for Gos’s shoes) and Stacey stands out like a sore thumb. The ensemble and the event aren’t meshing.

    It’s not a tragically awful dress, but it’s also not Halloween, so the Elvira biscuit grazer should have been left at home.

    That dress is a blog baiting stunt… it has to be.

  59. the original bellaluna says:

    I’m willing to bet that she “encouraged” him to bring her, or else she would return to the press and REALLY let loose.

  60. Jenny says:

    This couple roll out reminds me of Anniston’s. Stories conviniently planted in People Magazine about their outings, with no photographic evidence. Just friends and sources who talk. Both of the lesser knowns had to learn proper red carpet/public styling (he had to shave and this one will need a stylist), show up at the same events, though again, not be photographed together, then there will be the official debut of the couple at a later date.

    If this couple was not real, or at least a possibility, Clooney would have shut down all the talk. Again, something similar in these two is their powerful publicists (I think they have folks who read blogs and tabloids) and their need to control their images.

  61. The Original Ashley says:

    Crushed velvet offends me. That should have died back in the 90’s.

  62. um says:

    UM that’s what she is to George….a CALL GIRL….he needed a date to TIFF, same ole same ole…….he needs to grow up. she needs to look at his past
    end of storyyyyyyyyyy

  63. observer says:

    @Turtle Dove, good points.

  64. bgirl says:

    George has always loved the skanks. It’s his thing. He will never settle down and die in the nursing home with 14 whores around him.

  65. chris says:

    Am totally thinking that Keibler wrote the high-collared dress to hide some giant hickeys. George isn’t exactly with her to chat about world politics …

    Methinks Angeline must have given her a major stinkeye the whole time during the Brange’s private dinner with George and his companion.

  66. chris says:

    *wore, not wrote, oups!

  67. Calli Pygian says:

    Hmmm, I wonder if she will suddenly return to her (brunette)roots, as Georgie seems to have a penchant for the dark -haired ladies?

  68. Messenger says:

    she is a former smack down wrestle mania alum, is she not? this IS her style. publicity stunt. get over yourselves. why do people like her legs? she looks a little thick-thighed to me. as for the neck thing oh babes in the woods, it is erotic asphyxiation they are alluding to…vampire bites #49 sophie, what are we in high school?

  69. Lady D says:

    Why the big deal about a bruise on her thigh? Is she supposed to hide it? Honestly curious. Its a bruise, we all have them. When I played baseball bruises were a bragging point. Whoever got the biggest, got free drinks after the game.

  70. cailinos says:

    I’d love to see Gorgeous George stepping out with someone more like, say, Helena Bonham-Carter, but even brainier, independently wealthy, and open about only being in it for the sex and Moto Guzzis. Then all would be well!

  71. The Original Ashley says:

    You don’t say – So that’s why she showed up, her master plan to steal Brad away from Angie Holie. She must have been so happy when the Cloon invited her and she found out Brad was going to be there. I had completely forgotten about that rumor. Ahaha.

  72. TP says:

    is that Brandi Glanville?

  73. Playlist says:

    I think it was Ted C. who mentioned a couple weeks ago that Stacy is George’s plan to make sure that Elisabetta knows they are completely over. Apparently Elisabetta hasn’t read the memo yet (it’s in English). Bringing Stacy to Toronto and letting her flaunt herself to the media even though few know who she is, is all part of the deal. George couldn’t walk next to her on the red carpet because she would tower over him and draw attention to how short he is. Those shoe lifts he often wears aren’t going to help George next to this girl.

    After all these years of pretending to be suave it turns out that George really is a low rent kind of guy, so the girl and her dress fit him. The hooker wear, the shoes, along with her height make me wonder if she isn’t a dominatrix kind of girl for George. There was a whip and some bondage waiting back at the hotel room for bad boy George. Are Rande and Cindy in town as well?

  74. J says:

    I think he’s totally using this poor gal to get even with Eli . Think about it ? It’s Eli’s birthday . I read somewhere that she and Eli were neighbors . He also gets to promote his new flick and get a hot chick in his bed ! Could you imagine how Eli feels passing her on the road ? This is the ultimate revenge f..k ! Wonder how long he’ll keep her ?

  75. says:

    I thought the covered up neck was to hide the adam’s apple? Because Clooney likes them with a dong.

  76. Aqua says:

    Lets face it the only worthwhile person to look at on this thread is Ryan Gosling.

  77. Scarlet Pimpernel says:

    I think we’re looking at a modern day Rock Hudson. Hence the B-list starlets and it-girls – they’re prepared to play the part/sign the contract for a bit of notoriety.

  78. cailinos says:

    Aqua/ Ryan fans
    I was a wee bit mean about Mr Gosling (that name!!), earlier. He does remind me of a rather dim boyfriend of yore….hence my immunity.
    Waddevva….I just saw a clip about him on Jezebel, in which he is most amusing and self-deprecating, and so I hereby rescind my meanitude, suitably chastened.

  79. LucyOriginal says:

    @Aqua: I couldn’t agree more!

  80. P.J. says:

    Clooney is getting too old for this schtick! I agree with others that he’s starting to look like a dirty old man, like a Hugh Hefner type.

  81. LucyOriginal says:

    Kaiser: I already wrote on the Brange thread. Fassbender won best actor at Venice Film Festival. He sure deserves a thread today like you said A Fass-Holiday, right before your birthday! 🙂

  82. Ally says:

    She looks like a mail order bride.

    I guess Clooney’s getting to that age.

  83. Camille says:

    Keibler looks like a busted Heidi Klum. She does have nice legs though. Hope she doesn’t think that this relationship is going to go anywhere, Clooney only needs a handbag-girlfriend, he obviously doesn’t want anything solid.

    Thank god for Ryan is all I have to say lol.

  84. JT says:

    @ Messenger – only someone with serious body image problems would think she is “thick-thighed”!

    I’m getting concerned for George. He looks to be heading down the Hugh Hefner road. There’s going to be a point, pretty soon I think, where the only thing that’s appealing about him is his money and fame and he’ll be so self diluted that he won’t be able to see that.

    BTW this is a serious downgrade from his previous piece, and she wasn’t anything terribly special herself but at least she had a stylist. Where in the hell would you even find shit like that to wear?

  85. Luls says:

    Omg she looks like the JOKER in the face! But then again… George’s is equally gag-inducing.

    Ryan is the only redeeming person promoting that movie.

  86. lucy2 says:

    That is a horribly cheap looking dress.

  87. Dirty Martini says:

    Yes George…we get it, we get it. You hook up serially with completely inappropriate girls. But somehow after this last 2 year hookup petered out (ahem), you seem determined to flaunt the inappropriateness and tackiness to a whole newerlevel. (Which I must admit I didn’t think was possible.)

    But you did it. Is your level of self respect really this low? Did your mother beat you as a child? Make you wear girls dresses and sing “The Good Ship Lollipop” at family reunions?

    At this point, skank would be an upgrade.

  88. Poppy says:

    All the girl friends get jobs through the Clooney connection. Fredrick’s of Hollywood is calling Stacey as I type.

    Observer….why do you think they aren’t together, she is exactly Georges current type, mens magazine hot, flashy, a bit trashy and very gullible.

    Let us not forget about Krista Allen she lasted the longest of them all, 6yrs on and off as his beck and call girl yet he denied ever dating her in a relatively recent magazine interview. This man is not a class act he’s just charming and likable with a great PR machine.

    Also, apparently Stacey wrote on twitter or Facebook that she had just started a new relationship at the end of March (its gone now, I wonder why?) a few weeks later George behaves on such a way that Eli storms off in a huff and voila Stacey appears. This is has been his MO for the last 20yrs, he always has someone waiting in the wings before he breaks up with the current fling. Just ask Kimberley Russell they were together for 2 or 3 years before he was famous, everything was fine according to her until she discovered he had moved Celine into his LA home.
    An interview she did about Clooney is here if you care to read it

  89. Victoria says:

    The older he goes, the uglier he picks them.

  90. J says:

    I take back my last statement . I think they are a perfect couple ! He never wants to get married and she’s an LA party chick ! The dress is classy compared to some of the crap I have seen on women in LA . He probably picked it out himself .at least he’s happy ! Maybe he’ll be with her for a long time ( you never know , somehow I doubt it ) .

  91. Bubulle says:

    I saw his former GF, Céline Balitran a couple of years ago in a french real tv show, I was surprised to discover that she had a strong personnality, sounded smart and very down to earth. He doesn’t seem willing to date this kind of woman anymore, I wonder why.

  92. LucyOriginal says:

    She tweeted that the dress was Armani…lol

    Why she was posing for photographers. Is she Internationally famous? Recognized actress? I had no clue…desperation for attention much?

  93. Kallan says:

    Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie
    Dates many many girls and then just leaves them dry.

    He will never settle down – never.

    Re: ‘Her’ – great legs and it looks like she can actually walk properly in those heels – so I’m programmed to hate her aren’t I..?

    But what’s that white spot on her dress? Is is just a photgraphic splotch or perhaps some white powder…..or worse…..a big hunk of dandruff !!! (hee hee)

  94. Poppy says:

    Lol…Lucy Original, she is world famous , she’s been on dancing with the stars don’t you know. She deserves to be on the red carpet at TIFF with the likes of Jolie/Pitt, Seymour Hoffman, Marisa Tomei, Ryan Gosling et al, she’s Clooney’s latest piece so in her world/mind she is a STAR. I bet she even signed autographs and had her picture taken with fans (eye roll).

    This one seems even more gabby and fame hungry than the last two

  95. Messenger says:

    jt are you fat? i personally am not and see her as beefy-thighed but that’s just me..maybe it is all those thigh locks she did as a wrestler?

  96. C.N. Tower says:

    She should run as far as those legs will take her.

  97. observer says:

    WTF is that floating finger in the top pic?
    I wonder if that was overlooked in the pics that were sent to ET, and ET finished the photoshop job by removing the floating finger. ROFL.

  98. C.Lynn says:

    There’s a pre-Clooney interview with Stacy floating around where she says she wants to get married and be a stay-at-home Mom! Good grief.

    (…. and according to her Twitter, the black velvet mini-dress is “vintage Armani”, and she is thinking of wearing Armani again tonight.)

  99. Annie_Grey says:

    The male ego amongst Ryan and George is gag inducing.

  100. Amanda says:

    I would have to agree with you, she does have great legs! Damn wish I had those

  101. Aqua says:

    @ poppy #95 I couldn’t agree with you more.The point of contention with me about Georges girlfriends when they walk the Red Carpet is that they have a sense of entitlement. They actually think that they have the same caliber of talent as an Alist movie star when in reality they are just a reality star has been hoping, to be movie star material.People only want to see Stacy out of curiosity because of her being on Georges arm and nothing else.

    Hi Lucy Original *HUGS*

  102. Hautie says:

    “(…. and according to her Twitter, the black velvet mini-dress is “vintage Armani”, and she is thinking of wearing Armani again tonight.)”

    Yea… it looks “vintage”. Circa 1991.

    Hence it being stretchy velvet. Even Armani can design hideous things.

    And I bet he is not thrilled having his name associated with stretchy velvet in 2011. 🙂

  103. Rudyoatudie says:


  104. Thea says:

    I think he actually needs to hook up with Nancy Grace. ROFL now that would be interesting.

  105. april says:

    This past week Entertainment Tonight showed film of George and Stacy hugging. People magazine reported in the last two issues that they are dating. So I definitely believe they are dating or have been, but I think this will be short lived.

    The dress is not attractive.

  106. Bec says:

    The fabric of the dress looks like it would light on fire if a lit cigarette got too close to it! Or maybe melt it.
    We all think she’s shallow and uninteresting but I bet George thinks he’s improving the women he’s choosing because this one has a job. At least for the moment. I can’t believe he’s taking her seriously AT ALL – but apparently he kinda is! What is wrong with him?

  107. foozy says:

    she looks awful! way too cheap..

  108. Kosmos says:

    She was obviously going for a look that would shock and draw much attention, so the look was intentional. Right, she is not possessed of much in the talent department, so she will milk this moment for all it’s worth, and Clooney is her ticket to fame for the moment. I’m sure it helped Elizabetta in one way or another, but then it will be over and she will join the ranks. I agree, her body is very good, but her face is not looking that great in these pics. She is donning hair extensions, and I’m wondering if she looks better without them? It’s okay to add to your looks if it works for you, but the wrong additions don’t always work in your favor. It looks like she has implants, too. She’s obviously going for the gusto while she’s in the spotlight.

  109. Bren says:

    Look at the people in the background. They are either looking bored or have the expression of “Who the frick is that? As she gushes to HER crowd. LOL

  110. You don't say says:

    Not that I looked that hard, but did not see any photos of her at last night’s event. It looked lower key, but maybe Clooney freaked over her behavior at the other one and told her to stay home. Who knows with these two.

    Maybe clooney picks unknowns then thinks he can help their careers. Cnalis is still getting interviews and is on a TV show that gets big ratings, so she will be visible for quite some time. G Clooney–Star Maker!! Helps his ego.

  111. cailinos says:

    Good Lord, just found pix of ‘More Gorgeous Men’ in Toronto.
    Though I am enslaved unto Colin Farrell, the photos reminded me that my real true love is, foreverandeveramen, Robert de Niro. And he’s wearing jeans! Clive Owen is a bit of alright too, isn’t he? (The chaps have it so easy, no necessity for ludicrous gowns etc. Any suit always looks great, damnit.)

  112. Liz says:

    Hi guys!
    Velvet is back in fashion….

  113. Liz says:

    During his last press conference in Venice he looked uneasy, actually stammering. Perhaps he was worried at receving some mock marriage proposals from tv comedians (both male and female). It happened in the past.

  114. pwal says:

    I kinda don’t understand the irritation and/or hatred towards Stacy. Sure, it’s an assault to the intelligence that dating some dude could be seen as a career come up in an industry that’s supposed to be rooted in talent, but she’s not the first to do it nor will she be the last. Yes, the dress and makeup is awful and it’s frustrating that ‘her man’ would let her go out looking like that, but again, not the first-won’t be the last.

    It would be awesome if this whole thing was genuine, but that’s not the way Clooney plays things. And when things go south for these two, Stacy will have to deal with copping out for something so little.

  115. Liz says:

    When he came to Venice back in 2009, sporting Eli in public for the first time, he was also accompanied by his male “companion”. My hairdresser told me. She happens to know one of the beauty professionals working there at the time.

  116. LucyOriginal says:

    Aqua wrote:

    “@ poppy #95 I couldn’t agree with you more.The point of contention with me about Georges girlfriends when they walk the Red Carpet is that they have a sense of entitlement. They actually think that they have the same caliber of talent as an Alist movie star when in reality they are just a reality star has been hoping, to be movie star material.People only want to see Stacy out of curiosity because of her being on Georges arm and nothing else.” I could not agree more with both of you. HUGS back Aqua!!!

    You don’t say: She went on the red carpet for the descendants, but strangely there are no photos. I just saw two photos of them on the second night. She improved her looks from hooker to sl*t (If there is much of a difference), but the hair is still awful.

    She is just improving, but she has no class. Honestly, she has always dressed only showing her legs to suit her “wrestling” world, that’s all she has to show – legs. She is soooo in love with this fame and dazzled about the designer clothes she is wearing that she tweeted about her shows for the second night. She is really proving to be hungry for fame… I can’t believe I am saying this, but George outdid himself again and downgraded even more. * GAG*

    @Liz: I think George was very relaxed on the red carpet at VFF. Peharps he was concerned if the critics would like his movie or not. Also, breaking up with Eli brought a lot of anger towards him in Italy, let’s face it…

  117. Liamarie says:

    maybe they just happen to like each other and have fun together. SHE actually hasn’t said much at all regarding Clooney. Sometimes tabs make crap up and site “a source” when there really was no source at all.

  118. mk says:

    eww George Clooney gives me the creeps

  119. mia girl says:

    @i. want. shoes.
    Yes, that was my understanding as well of Kaiser’s “covering the neck” comment. It was not about hickeys, it was about the Adam’s apple.

  120. crtb says:

    Aqua/ Ryan fans
    I was a wee bit mean about Mr Gosling (that name!!), earlier. He does remind me of a rather dim boyfriend of yore….hence my immunity.
    Waddevva….I just saw a clip about him on Jezebel, in which he is most amusing and self-deprecating, and so I hereby rescind my meanitude, suitably chastened.


  121. Erin says:

    Not sure why he is a chick magnet.

  122. Cheyenne says:

    Erin: Thank you. I never understood this guy’s appeal.

    He’s becoming a sad joke.

    I don’t know anything about her, but that dress screams Filene’s Basement.

  123. CC Bare says:

    She looks terrible. I think she is using him to be famous. Now everybody is talking about her. She got it. Hahhaah… She is not beautiful at all. I am 47 years. I look much better than her and look younger than her. hahhahah I think he will find someone else soon.