Kate Gosselin “to be a good parent is to work hard & give them the best opportunities”

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Tonight is the finale of Kate Plus 8 and we would be dancing around to Wizard of Oz tunes if it weren’t for Kate’s eight kids, who now have to directly deal with the wrath that is their piece of work, germaphobe mom instead of having a camera crew act as human shields. I’ve set my DVR to record tonight’s finale and will be dutifully reporting the worst parts. Kate’s nastiness on the last second-to-last episode got lambasted by Anderson Cooper, and The Soup also did a great job of mocking Kate over the weekend. It just makes me wonder what producers saved for us in the final episode. You know they have been covering for her for years and probably have a ton of footage they’ve saved of her acting awful.

So Kate talked to Matt Lauer on the Today Show this morning. (NBC and TLC are both owned by the same company.) She made a bunch of the same bullsh*t comments we’ve heard from her to date about how she’s been providing for her kids, but she took it a little further this time and we got to see how entitled she is and how she considers good parenting to be the same as making money. It didn’t come as a surprise I guess, but I still found it revealing.


On the end of her show
It was not a surprise… obviously ratings and everything else. So I braced myself and here we are.

On if she will get back to a “normal life” Matt said that “living in front of cameras is not normal”
There is some relief, but there is sadness because it’s the end of an era. I feel sad for my kids because of all of the opportunities that they’re now questioning what’s going to happen. I feel sad for fans because they’re devastated. They’re saying you know ‘you’re the neighbor moving far away and we won’t see you again.’

On how this is her career now
There’s also fear because this has been maybe not my career, it has been the start, essentially of my career and my job and the way I’ve been providing for my kids for six years so it is a little scary.

On Jon saying he’s relieved that the show is ending, she calls him “mediocre”
It’s a situation where Jon may be accepting of mediocre for his kids and working a regular job and I want the best for my kids and the best opportunities, not unlike every parent.

I think that to be a good parent is to work as hard as you can and give them the best opportunities in life. This has provided that.

It sounds as if you are keeping the door open to continue to work in television.
I think at this point the best opportunity for all of us would be me continuing in TV as a way to provide for my kids…

On if she would put her kids on reality TV again
If the right thing came along, I’m sure we are all in agreeance [sic] on it. I’m sure you will see my kids again at some point.

On the fight with the nanny
That trip was so much even more stressful than you saw… there was so much more unplanned drama. That was a situation where many people have had family vacations you just don’t see it on camera… I’ve apologized.

At the end of the interview, Kate thanked TLC and the head of Discovery Communications. Then she plugged her new website, KatePlusMy8.com It’s not ready yet, though. How much do you want to bet that she majorly pissed off her web designer and they’re deliberating holding up the website launch?

Look, Kate said it all when she said that being a good parent is working hard to provide for her kids. Kate’s idea of good parenting is not being there for her kids, it’s not understanding what’s going on with them, relating to them or working with them to make sure they’re healthy, well adjusted little people, it’s making money, being rich and ignoring them except to bark out orders. She’ll continue to do that as long as she’s enabled. Here’s hoping she doesn’t get that gig with The Talk.




Update: Here’s Kate outside The Wendy Williams show today. (Credit: Fame)



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  1. kristen says:

    i just noticed… in some of those pictures, if you take away the blond hair and obnoxious tan, she kind of resembles kate middleton in the face.

  2. Addie says:

    Can’t stand her or her show.

    I must admit however, the way she looks now compared to her fist ever tv episode is a HUGE difference.

    She looks so much better now.

  3. CatWoman says:

    Wow, she looks good.

    That’s disturbing…

  4. ShanKat says:

    Oh, we’ll see those poor kids again alright.

    Mugshots. TMZ. Celeb Rehab 2020.

    She is abominable. Which is way worse than mediocre.

  5. k says:

    Actually, being a good parent involves instilling good values into your children, keeping them healthy and safe, and teaching them how to take care of themselves when they become adults.

  6. LL says:


  7. Dorothy#1 says:

    Seriously?? She dissed Jon for having a regular job? I HATE her!!!

  8. Kelly says:

    That second screencap is priceless. God, she is one hard-looking woman. She must think she’s gorgeous.

    Her comment about Jon – how incredibly offensive is that. I’m no fan of his, but I have to give him props for stepping back from the media circus and getting a normal job like a normal person. Kate’s comment that a regular job is “mediocre” is offensive to all of us who bust our asses to contribute something to the world and to take care of our own.

  9. brin says:

    That’s good Kate, only please work hard and give them opportunities away from the camera.

  10. Kaboom says:

    At least she knows what good parents look like in theory – even if she avoids living up to that like the plague.

  11. S says:

    @kristen – I TOTALLY see it…interesting

  12. Andrea says:

    PLEASE dig out some of the old pics of her before all the plastic surgeries, extensions, dye jobs and fake teeth. Take that b**ch down a peg or two.

  13. jc126 says:

    This interview was HILARIOUS. She is comedy gold.

  14. Masque says:

    She would look better with her natural hair color. Blonde hair is not her friend.

  15. Amanda says:

    Sorry, how does a middle-class income, “regular” job equate to a “mediocre” life for her kids?

    There have been impressive, successful people that arose from a “mediocre” background to do wonderful, historic things. In fact, I’m willing to bet a regular kid from a mediocre background will end up better turned out, with a better future than will her children. She disgusts me with her shallowness and stupidity.

  16. OriginalGracie says:

    Kate is a delusional whore.

    And I mean that in the most unflattering way.

    She is physically beautiful now on the outside, quite stunning actually, but on the inside she is filled with toxic sludge. No heart, no soul, no concience, no love, no warmth, no caring, no tender mom feelings at all.

    Those children are a commodity to her. Little cash cows. They keep her in weave glue, fake nails, tanning appointments, clothes shopping sprees, sex toys, make-up, Starbucks coffee, designer flip-flops and purses.

    Some people have no redeeming qualities. Can anyone name me just one thing that she does that is good or right or nice? (and no, f*ing the “bodyguard” doesn’t count.)

  17. Nymeria says:

    She looks like a call girl.

  18. Kloops says:

    I can see her getting the gig on The Talk. I think they hope she’ll be the next Hasselback-type character, but whether it lasts…..well, that’s another story. She’s so unlikeable.

    And she will definitely be pimping those kids out – big time. Stand back Mama Lohan, there’s a new momager in town equally as ruthless.

  19. Skins says:

    Looks like the only one she is providing for is herself

  20. irishserra says:

    So is she calling the rest of us parents mediocre because our aspirations don’t provide the “perks” her children receive from her screwy lifestyle? Nice.

  21. wunderkindt says:

    ugghhh, enough already! Somebody turn her off.

  22. OXA says:

    The kids provided for Khate for the last 6 years, they provided, nannies, housekeepers, gardeners, limos, personal trainers,personal assistants, make-up artists. $2000.00 hair styling visits, plastic surgeries, fake hair, teeth, tan and tits plus a whole lot of designer clothes, shoes, purses, fancy cars, first class travel and accomodations, not to mention the bodyguard.

    Jon was always a far better parent to those kids, at least there is love between him and the kids.

  23. Quest says:

    I guess exploting your children on the tele for money is a great opportunity as well.

  24. Alecto says:

    In some of the episodes on netflix it shows pictures with her natural brown hair. She doesn’t even look like the same person.

  25. mia girl says:

    @OriginalGracie you summed it up perfectly.

  26. Kelly says:

    Re: her hair, it was a slippery slope from the frosted tips of the reverse mullet/hedgehog to full-on blonde.

  27. the original bellaluna says:

    I like that purple dress, but not on her!

    Like I said, no intelligent, experienced parent would put 8 kids in an RV and drive cross-country.

    CB is absolutely correct: the best job of parenting Kate is capable of is being as far away from her kids as possible.

  28. lucy2 says:

    The only thing she provided them with is plenty of fodder for therapists someday. She’s evil.

  29. lola says:

    No matter how many spa treatments or plastic surgery this woman has, she still is a very unatttractive woman. She is just too manly looking.

  30. neelyo says:

    how passive aggressive can one person be? is she trying to bully people into getting a tv job? she’s just oozing desperation in that interview.

    will be very interesting to see to what lengths she’ll go to stay on tv.

  31. It is ME!! says:

    This woman just doesn’t get it. If the ratings for your show are so bad that it gets cancelled, why would you think you would get another chance in television?

    And as for her gig on The Talk? Please. I don’t even like Elisabeth Hasselbeck (I think she is a spoiled little ignorant princess) but I don’t hate her, nor is she even a hateful person. That is ALL that Kate is- a hateful person. I can’t see her sharing the spotlight with other women. Sharon Osbourne would slap her silly.

  32. original kate says:

    she looks like kathie lee gifford. that is not a good thing.

  33. Happy21 says:

    Evil. Vile. Woman.

    Her job is not TV. Its her kids’ job. Jesus woman let the kids lead a normal life. They didn’t have a chance.

    I don’t want her kids in the spotlight. If she has to be then so be it, I won’t watch any show with her on it but let her kids be kids.

    Stupid bitch!

  34. Jayna says:

    She mentioned in a tweet Maddie would like to be on a Disney show. Run Disney channel.

  35. Laurie M. says:

    Who will watch the kids 5 days a week in PA while she hosts The Talk?! We all know she won’t let Jon take the kids.

  36. TG says:

    @the original bellaluna – Does anyone ever have fun in an RV? I have never seen a movie or show where the occupants were depicted as having a good time. My husban always fantasizes about us getting one and traveling in an RV and I say no way never. It sounds horrible and the idea of taking your bathroom with you is just too gross to contemplate.

  37. Original Tiffany says:

    What an evil person. She now disses Jon for wanting a regular life for their kids.
    This is a woman who used to have Jon pick out her clothes because she couldn’t shop and never wore a high heel, now she won’t take them off. She has been completely tweaked, everything on her is fake including her soul. She has put the minimums away for her kid’s savings while doing all this to herself. I can’t even begin to loathe anyone more except Casey Anthony.
    Now that’s a TV show, let’s do a death cage match between the two. I’d pay the 50 bucks on PPV.

  38. 4Real says:

    Yeah she looks good…now be gone you EVIL HAG!

  39. Madisyn says:

    I saw this interview as an “I’m available to ‘work’ on TV now, I’m ready for MY close-up”.

    Like Neelyo said it ‘reeked of desperation’. She was all but BEGGING for a job. At least she’s not delusional to think she can keep up her lifestyle of nannies, housekeepers, and a ‘paid escort’ without ‘working’ in TV.

    To me, all this talk about “The Talk”, is just what she wants. She wants attention, she wants to be on TV, and she wants to be away from those kids. Sad.

  40. whitedaisy says:

    I hope that some of those millions that have provided a better than mediocre life for her kids has been set aside to provide for their intensive psychotherapy as teenagers.

  41. Madisyn says:

    Anyone else notice the contrast between ‘interview’ Kate and the ‘real’ Kate?

    ‘Interview’ Kate is affable, perfect posture, calm.

    ‘Real’ Kate is loud, obnoxious, shrill, and demanding.

    Anyone who has seen the show knows which is the ‘real’ Kate, who does she think she’s fooling? Any executive who hires her is going to get exactly what he or she deserves.

  42. whitedaisy says:

    @ Madisyn

    She has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. She can be personable and almost charming if it furthers her interests. The problem is that when the cameras are off at home, those kids don’t gain her anything.
    We have no idea how evil she is to those kids when they are alone. It must be horrible for them.

  43. anne_000 says:

    I don’t think she looks good at all. I think she’s got more scary facial expressions than before.
    “It’s a situation where Jon may be accepting of mediocre for his kids and working a regular job”

    So she’s saying Jon is only a “mediocre” parent, not a “good” or “great” parent all because he has a “regular job”…

  44. neelyo says:

    It looked like it really hurt her to smile at the top of the interview. There’s no way she’ll make it as a TV personality, she can’t even fake nice.

  45. Cindy says:

    So “not on TV” = mediocre? Great lesson for the kids. I swear she is morphing into an ugly version of Nicole Kidman’s character in To Die For.

  46. mrsezc says:

    I’ve seen the show once or twice .. can’t really comment much except that I really really hope she goes away. Being a mom is hard work and she obviously doesn’t spend enough time with her kids to make them like her.
    The kids are the ones who will suffer, I’m sure we’ll see in the news in a few weeks how they will be in Foster Care because she can’t handle them without nannies or TV crews.

  47. Maritza says:

    When is she going to go away? This woman is unbearable!

  48. Dorothy says:

    “Fans will be devastated”? Apparently she doesn’t have too many fans if they cancelled the show. She must mean the bodyguard, Steve and her gardner.

  49. Anne says:

    Those poor kids. With the TV crew gone, the kids will have to deal with Kate by themselves.

    And no way does Kate G look anything like Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge is a lovely young woman, healthy, athletic and graceful. Not terms I would use to describe Kate G.

  50. Nancy C. says:

    i love kate! she is real and not a phoney. she’s moody and takes life very seriously. 8 children is a lot to take care of and she should want the best. she is a good mother and if people can’t see that, then something is very wrong with them. she does it all alone while her ex was out whoring around living off of other people. he finally had to get a job. good job kate!

  51. Kim says:

    She is confusing mediocre with normal which those children desperately deserve. Not their mothers quest for fame – for herself.

  52. Samigirl says:

    If she didn’t want to be patient and loving with her children, she shouldn’t have had them. Plain and simple.

  53. drunk again says:

    She looks good enough to eat ..would love to play with her for a night.

  54. Tristyn says:

    Hey Kate !! It’s the ” mediocre” people of America that allow’s for you to live the frivolous
    Life style you have … And let’s not forget your 8
    Kids that also provide for you… So that being said… Knock off the pretentious bitch attitude as if someone owes you something !! And get a JOB and go AWAY !!!!!!!

  55. SarahS says:

    Someone call children’s services, quick! I’m a single mom who works a “mediocre” regular job. My son is an A student at one of the top rated high schools in the country – who worked hard for that opportunity, and can therefore truly appreciate it. I also made him get a mediocre summer job – the horror! Jeez, she might faint if she ever came to my house. Get a reality check, lady.

    @k – right on. Our children being happy, healthy, productive members of society means we did our jobs as parents.

  56. Amanda G says:

    Wow, so working a “regular job” is mediocre to Kate? What a bitch. Kids don’t need a mansion and trips around the world Kate, they need a mom and a dad. Those kids were just as happy when they were crammed into their old house with less space and less extravagant toys.

  57. LeeLoo says:

    What always gets me is how she is stil so bitter about Jon divorcing her. She can’t even see how the man she verbally, emotionally and even physically abused would want to leave her. I know he had his problems and yeah in the end he acted like a total douche but I chalk that up to detoxing Khate from his system.

    I have no doubt that he will have full custody of those children before long. The day will come when the children are merely getting in the way of her dreams and aspirations and she’ll no longer be interested in dealing with them.

    People like Khate do not deserve to share oxygen with the rest of us.

  58. Judy says:

    And there she is, once again w/ her previous bodyguard/lover promoted to advisor/manager…blue sleeves, khaki pants. Why are you hiding him Kate?

  59. OriginalGracie says:

    @Mia Girl: Thanks! 🙂

  60. zesty says:

    Fans devastated? Haha. Yeah, she has a completely different personality when she does interviews. Her whole demeanor changes. Does she think nobody will notice?
    And what exactly is her career if it doesn’t include filming/talking about her kids? Yuck.

  61. e.non says:

    ‘agreeance’ ??

    she’s dropped some $$ on those clothes. where does she think she’s going to be wearing those heels down home in rural wherever…

    so, she’s had 6 years of that healthy income; and i bet she’s plowed thru it all. she’s obviously freaking about money.

  62. the original bellaluna says:

    TG – My opinions draw solely from personal experience.

    My dad was military, and we went on 2 RV trips that I recall. The toilet seat was freezing in the morning (I actually screamed so loud both parents came running); there was no TV; the dog was with us; and my idea (now, as an adult) of “roughing it” means no room service.

    And I was a freakin’ Girl Scout! I know how to cook on an over-turned coffee-can, FFS. But it doesn’t mean I WANT TO!! (Now, if it came to it, I totally would, but my eating habits have changed a lot since then.) But if it came to feeding my kids, I would do whatever it takes to make sure they’re cared for.

  63. gg says:

    So tired of this dried up old piece of shoe leather. Somebody please hit the OFF button.

    … and her toes are sticking out the front of her shoes …

  64. eternalcanadian says:

    “I feel sad for my kids because of all of the opportunities that they’re now questioning what’s going to happen. I feel sad for fans because they’re devastated.”

    I think Kate meant to say “I feel sad for myself because of all of the opportunities that I’m now questioning what’s going to happen. I feel sad for myself because I’m devastated.”

  65. daisyfly says:

    “It’s a situation where Jon may be accepting of mediocre for his kids and working a regular job and I want the best for my kids and the best opportunities, not unlike every parent.

    I think that to be a good parent is to work as hard as you can and give them the best opportunities in life. This has provided that.”

    Dear Kate:

    You have just insulted your ENTIRE FUCKING FAN BASE.

    Don’t let the door and 250mil pairs of shoes miss your ego-inflated ass on the way out.

  66. Alix says:

    I hate this wench. I hope each and every one of her kids writes a tell-all book. Hell, she’s got it coming — she took pictures of their first potty poops for all America to see, remember.

    Only this beeyotch could make working a normal job sound like the equivalent of child neglect. HATE. HER.

  67. Jenn says:

    Jesus Christ, is there a flight of stairs to push this self centered bitch down? What does she call working hard? Being on TV and going to interviews? Insulting and humiliating her kids not only on a daily basis, but on national TV? The channel should be ashamed of themselves for putting this kind of parent on TV for whatever nefarious purposes (cough ratings cough) and giving her a platform. Simple: delusional bitch who wanted a lot of kids for wrong reasons and spends her time berating them on camera (let’s have fun making cookies, and by that I mean insulting you if you spill anything) and being away from them.

  68. wunderkindt says:

    The body guard she’s boinking will surely write a ‘tell all’ book.

  69. Cinderella says:

    I can’t imagine any network wanting to negotiate with that lunatic. Unless they put her in a boxing ring with Laila Ali.

  70. chris says:

    Bitch is crazy and self-entitled like no one else. She really shot herself in the foot with the “mediocre” comment, and I can’t wait for her fans (are there really any left?) to run after her with pitchforks.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to find her in a “Celebrity” boxing fight in a few years’ time (oooh again Hailey Glassman!), but knowing her style, she’d probably send one of her kids! Child Services, where are you?

  71. Madisyn says:

    Khates children never have to write a tell-all. Bitch is on TV for all the world to see and what a piece of work she really is.

    I haven’t watched the show from the beggining but decided to tape the last couple episodes because CB and y’all said she was horrendous.

    I just watched the ‘turning 7 party’ episode. If this k unt said “I” or “me” one more time, I was going to scream.

    Now onto the ‘rv’ episode. This bitch cannot stop. First she doesn’t want to get wet. THEN DON’T FUCKING GO WHITE WATER RAFTING, IDIOT! She’s beyond redemption. I can’t, I just can’t. . .

    EVERY FUCKING THING IS A MAJOR BITCHFEST! She is never happy, not even content. She is just a miserable c u n t.

  72. csol says:

    hmmmm…she has quite the xpensive wardrobe, accessories, purse, hair extensions and and everything else that is a girls best friend…wonder how much she could put away for her kids had she NOT splurged on all of that for HERSELF!!

  73. e.non says:

    the sad thing is what happens with these kids? now there’s no buffer of a film crew and assorted hangers on; they’re on their own and with a mother under extreme financial pressures. and everybody knows their business. are there any grandparents cause i have a feeling that they won’t be with moms much longer.

    re the financial pressures – another site listed some of her expenses and i had no idea she was shelling out half a million to staff; private school for all those kids and living in some million dollar mansion. was there anyone advising this woman on finances? she really thinks she’s going to be a teevee star. ugh, she’s a delusional as dina lohan. maybe that’s an idea for a show — horrible mothers and how they got that way.

  74. theaPie says:

    I hate very very few people. But I really hate her.

  75. Mary jones says:

    Shes fugly and trashy looking no matter how much surgery she has. Her clothes always look cheap straight from Dress Barn. She can try but she will never be stylish or hot.

  76. Maggie Mae says:

    Kate Gosselin needs a psychological exam ASAP. This woman has lost touch with reality and her children.

    Those poor children will now have to deal with the anger and rath of their mother. I am sure she will make them feel guilty and constantly tell them she can’t afford food, school, etc.

    A pitiful mother and spiteful woman.

  77. smh says:

    she never leaves home without that relentless bitchface and she thinks she is a good parent? gtfo

  78. mollination says:

    everybody scroll up to the last picture of her – am I the only one that thinks she looks like Sammi from Jersey Shore there? Weird.

  79. Michelle says:

    “NBC and TLC are both owned by the same company.”

    TLC is owned by Discovery Communications.

  80. Str8Shooter says:

    No, KHate. To be a good parent, is to love and nurture your children, not stick them in front of a camera to make millions off of them so that you can get a makeover.

    God, I hate this HAG!