Katie Holmes takes lipstick-wearing Suri out of kindergarten for NYFW


CB and Bedhead were complaining earlier that today is kind of dead, gossip-wise. I disagreed, vehemently, because we have so many new photos from Fashion Week, Toronto, Deauville, plus there are lots of good candids so far. So just now, I was mentally debating what story I should do: a Linnocent crackhead story, a story about Ralph Fiennes and Gerard Butler being homoerotic, or this one, about Katie Holmes and Suri. It feels like we haven’t talked about Katie lately, and we’ve got some photos of Suri too.

Katie and Suri were in New York this weekend, perhaps for Fashion Week. I’m not sure, because I haven’t seen photos of Katie at any of the shows, but she could just be waiting to go to some big shows later this week. Oh, is Katie showing a line for Holmes & Yang? That could be it too.

Anyway, let’s ignore Katie for a moment and just talk about Suri. First, something nice: I’m glad Suri isn’t wearing kitten heels, or pumps. I’m glad that Suri looks relatively weather/season-appropriate, clothing-wise. Now, the bad: Suri is wearing dark red lipstick. And a bowler hat! But the lipstick is what bugs. Suri has worn makeup before, just like she’s worn heels before. Katie just lets Suri do her own thing, so if Suri wants to wear dark red lipstick, mom will always give the nod of approval. I’m always fascinated by this debate: is this even something Katie could stop, if she wanted to? Or is Katie just letting Suri find her own way, figuring that all of this stuff is just part of some childhood phase? Does a five-year-old in red lipstick, out and about in New York City, bother you as much as it bothers me?



Babble is also making a big deal about the fact that Katie had just enrolled Suri into a kindergarten class in Calabasas (the New Village Leadership Academy, that Scientology-ish school that Will and Jada Smith started, and then denied that it was CoS-based), and now it looks like Suri is missing school so that she and mom can go to NY Fashion Week.

Now, let’s talk about Katie’s fashion. I could overlook the rolled cutoffs. I might even be able to overlook the fug ankle booties (with cutoffs?!). But the shirt. What in 1989 Benetton Hell is that shirt?!?! Ugh, Katie.



Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame and Pacific Coast News.

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  1. rose80 says:

    Inside the home, that is fine…I did it all the time, but never ever would my mom let me walk out the house with RED lipstick on.

  2. seVen says:

    Mother of the fking year. Because this seasons birkin bag will surely get her farther then the social skills she can / will learn in kindergarten.

  3. bite me says:

    i see Syria has tommy girl nose

  4. krissy says:

    Normally, I don’t have a problem if a kid wants to wear a little makeup for fun. But this is just creepy. The dress and the lipstick, she looks a lot older than 5.

  5. IrishEyes says:

    eh, I have a small 4 year old cousin who won’t leave the house without some sort of makeup on. She calls it her princess makeup… we just hide the red when she’s coming!!!

  6. Mia says:

    Suri calls the shots. What she wants, she gets.

    Katie is taking fashion cues from another Kate. Bosworth. Honey, those ankle boots don’t work on the walking skeleton. They most certainly don’t work on you with those thick legs.

  7. k says:

    I love the blouse. Love colorblocking red and hot pink, and purple and orange, green and blue, black and white, mustard and aqua.

    Suri looks more like Chris Klein every day.

  8. anons says:

    meh. harmless enough. perhaps this is suri’s rumspringa before she gets fully indoctrinated into scientology. or maybe she got the idea for the vixen look in her vogue magazine.

  9. Firecracker says:

    I Just love Suri so much! She rules her mom and dad totally.

    But puhleeze don’t tell me that the pink and red combo are in as colors. Sarah J Parker wore that same combination and it’s so ugly.

    Lady in the back of that first pic is priceless!

  10. JennK says:

    I cannot forgive the Sound of Music hill like braids on Katie.

    And least it’s not Tom Cruise out with that lipstick. Just saying.

  11. tiki says:

    bashing a child’s looks should be off-limits. people can hate on kate all they want and express their opinions about her parenting/fashion/whatever. but suri is a child. she has no say in whether she’s paraded for public consumption. it bothers me a lot when people make fun of a child’s looks, another thing over which she has no control.

  12. LL says:

    “What in 1989 Benetton Hell is that shirt?!?!”

    …*chokes and dies*

  13. Andrea says:

    That shirt…I think I wore one similar to that in my Senior pictures……like 20+ years ago. And don’t you know her feet probably STINK after taking off those boots at the end of the day.

    As for Suri……too late to start parenting now.

  14. Hautie says:

    Ugh… it’s those suede booties again! Katie has been wearing these same booties for months. No matter what is on her body, her poor feet are in those ratty suede booties.

    I have no words for Suri and the lipstick. She is a pretty little girl. Who seems to be very bright, looking for something interesting to do.

    Attending school would be such a good thing for her. With a group of children her own age. Maybe make a friend.

  15. snappy81 says:

    With the lipstick, Suri looks like Brooke Shields in “Pretty Baby.”

  16. Dorothy says:

    We all know if we saw a child walking around with lipstick and high heels in Wal Mart or Target we would think they were “white trash” parents.

  17. StephanieMarie25 says:

    I think Suri is SUCH a cutie-patootie!!
    I don’t think she made the cutest infant, but I think she’s so cute and obviously spirited! I also think she’s going to be such a beautiful woman in about 18 years..I can’t wait for the celeb-kids to get grown already! lol

    As for the lipstick…Well, it’s nothing compared to the little girls on Toddlers and Tiaras…Particularly the little girl whose mother made her dress like “Pretty Woman”

  18. fancyamazon says:

    The church of Scientology does not believe in “childhood”. That is, they believe that people are born as small adults with some growing and learning to do, but fully capable of making all decisions themselves (except, of course, for indoctrination). So Katie is not allowed to say no to Suri because she is in essence a small adult who makes up her own mind about everything.

    This is of course a very good way to raise a child who has no real sense of boundaries or realistic life expectancy. It’s like the Dr. Spock method on steroids (Dr. Spock, if you don’t know was a Phd in something or other related to childhood development who had it right on the head about the physiological and developmental issues but people who followed his advice on the emotional and self-image development platform he promoted ended up raising entitled brats)

    *edited for a bad typo in the middle.

  19. Katalina says:

    I like the shirt. *shrugs*

  20. Alexa says:

    First – Katie looks cute with her hair like that – and her outfit is very much “the Look” these days. (I actually LOVE the blouse and she rocks the whole ensemble.) As for Suri – Dang PEEPS! Ever since viewing those first published baby pics by Annie Lebowitz, it’s been obvious as heck to me that Suri is a stunning beauty. And from what I can tell, Suri grows more and more beautiful every time I see a pic of her.

    Suri being dressed up and wearing a little lipstick and carrying a purse, wearing a hat, carrying her “baby” — HELLO — those are textbook-typical “normal” behaviors in 5-year-old girls! Fortunately, Suri’s parents seem to have a better understanding of child growth and development than do many of the CB posters.

  21. jill says:

    I think the woman’s face in the first picture (holding the coffee) says it all.

  22. Kristen says:

    In the picture where she’s looking down, she looks like Frances Bean Cobain.

  23. Rhiley says:

    That shirt Katie is wearing looks exactly (minus the color) like the shirt that Denise made for Theo on The Cosby Show. I love how you describe it, Kaiser *applauds*. She looks like my beloved Brit Brit when Brit Brit is off her meds and is falling under the spells of strange Rasputin type fellers.

  24. Leticia says:

    Katie and Beyonce are beautiful women with tiny little waists. Won’t someone please tell them to always wear jeans/pants?

  25. Alice says:

    I don’t really think it’s that big a deal. Lots of little girls like to wear makeup. It’s not like anyone’s going to hit on her because they think she’s 18 because she’s wearing red lipstick. She’s a little girl, they like to play dress up. The difference between an adult wearing makeup and a child wearing makeup is that adults wear it to enhance their looks or cover flaws, while Suri’s wearing it because she likes the color/to imitate mommy.

    Personally, I’m more concerned with the length of her dress. That is far too short.

  26. Leticia says:

    @Dorothy, cosign.

  27. mandyfan says:

    NOOOOO! I want Gerard Butler and Ralph Fiennes homoeroticism! How could you choose Katie and her fugly shirt over such sexiness?

  28. anoneemouse says:

    These are parents that will never say “no” to this child. If she wanted to play with fire and knives she would be allowed to do that too. Can’t wait til she’s a teenage terror and all of this comes back to haunt them.

  29. missy says:

    Katie wasn’t in town for fashion week. At least I didn’t see any photos of her at any shows. I know that she participated in a 9/11 charity benefit, which I thought was nice. I believe they are back in L.A. now.
    Re:Suri, Personally, I think the red lipstick is a bit much. Pink would be more appropriate. (Plus, it would match her outfit more!)

  30. hmmmm.... says:

    I don’t think Suri put that lipstick on herself. It just looks a little too “neat”.

  31. Irka says:

    Please talk about Ralph Fiennes and Gerard Butler being homoerotic!
    Also, that dress is way to short for Suri, it barely covers her bottom half

  32. fancyamazon says:

    I also like the shorts/shirt combo, but I don’t like the footwear or the bag. I want small purses to come back.

  33. MeMyself says:

    My daughters, especially the oldest who is 7, love to wear lip gloss and some of it has color and sparkles. Usually it doesn’t stay on her lips, it gets smeared on her cheek, etc…but they call it “princess lips” and I let them wear it out occasionally. I have yet to have seen anyone shaking their heads or pointing.
    Am I a crappy mother for allowing this?
    I think it’s funny, how grown up they pretend to be.
    It’s a little girl thing. Usually this is paired with black tutus and tee-shirts that have skulls on them.
    My girls rock!

  34. Kloops says:

    I’m probably in the minority but I vote ‘inappropriate.’ I don’t think little girls should leave the house wearing red lipstick. I have a daughter who enjoys her forays into dress-up but she knows that when she leaves the house it’s in age appropriate garb.

    It is kinda fascinating watching this self-entitled kid grow up without any boundaries, no formal education and in a cult all in the public eye. It’s total insanity.

  35. Kim says:

    No child Suri’s age should be wearing lipstick! Especially not red lipstick! Its just WRONG on all levels. Lip gloss or Chapstick is a whole different thing because you cant see it.

    Alexa – u r very wrong!! Carrying a doll is typical behavior for a 5 year old – wearing lipstick is not! No way no how. Hence why we dont see 5 yr old girls wearing lipstick and hence why everyone is commenting on it! IT IS NOT NORMAL BEHAVIOR for a 5 yr old.

  36. mia girl says:

    I had the the same thought… this is an outfit that Kate Bosworth would wear (even the hairstyle). Except she might actually pull it off in a weird sort of way, but on Katie it just looks like all kinds of wrong.

  37. hatuh says:

    When my daughter was that age, she wore her snow white dress everywhere. With snow boots. And sometimes, yes, lipstick. Not a big deal. Plus, Suri is the best celebrity baby EVER.

  38. UKHels says:

    god I hope they aren’t Kate Bosworth’s second hand boots, they must smell really bad

  39. maritan says:

    The expression of the lady in the background of the first picture is priceless!

  40. thetruthhurts says:

    I still remember when that school was called “Indian Hills” back in the day…all the bad kids got sent there. We were scared of kids that went there!

  41. Alarmjaguar says:

    A parent controls what their child has access to — dress up is one thing, wearing red lipstick to school is another. She is *five* years old. Lipstick and makeup were designed to sexually attract men to women. I do not want my daughter (or my son, for that matter) to be sexualized or thinking of themselves in that way at the age of 5! This is edging into toddlers and tiaras territory for me. Maybe it was only this once, but it if is a regular habit and she were in my child’s class, I’d be very concerned!

  42. Samigirl says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is, at all. If you look closely, it’s smudged. I think Suri wanted some lipstick and put it on herself. No big deal. Totally cute. Is it a God Awful shade of red? Absolutely. But, she’s 5…if she were 12 and wearing hooker red lipstick, it would be different. She’s a cute kid, and I like her!

  43. Erinn says:

    I don’t like the idea of letting a child wear lipstick out and about like Suri.

    Lipgloss? They can knock themselves out all they want, lipgloss doesn’t usually stand out as much. But full blown lip stick or stain just looks trampish. I don’t like the idea of over-sexualized little girls. I understand that wearing lipstick isn’t THAT bad- they could have dressed her like the toddlers and tiaras kids.

    But at least their makeup has a time and place- pageants.

    I’d consider letting my child wear bright lipgloss or whatever around the house, or at a relatives, but certainly not parading down the street.

  44. whitedaisy says:

    The red lipstick is symptomatic of the larger problem which is -no boundaries. School should be a priority for Suri, who seemingly rarely spent time with children her own age in her toddler, pre-school years.
    I truly feel sad for this little girl; she will have all the money in the world when she is older, but no happiness because her parents didn’t care enough ( or have enough intelligence ) to establish healthy boundaries for her.

  45. Sue says:

    Does anyone ever comb that kid’s hair!?!?!

  46. Heather M (Heather) says:

    I totally wore makeup as a child. Mom sold Avon briefly, and I thought the baby samples were meant for me, especially since I was so blonde and was practically bald until I was four. Ha. The only thing bad about it was mean grown ups calling me out in public, which I find deplorable. Yes, I’m talking to you Third Grade Teacher who called me to the front of the class and told me to go into the bathroom to remove my blush. What a bully.

    I say let her play with make up! My friends who were forbidden ended up looking like clowns when they were finally given the green light. I had my technique down by then and nobody could tell I was wearing anything.

    She is a cutie. I don’t think it sexualizes her. Just my opinion.

  47. Lili says:

    Katie has been papped wearing these wretched boots about 10 times. Enough already. Wear something else for a change. Check out recent pap pictures, it’s likely she is wearing these.

  48. Julie says:

    Don’t agree with lipstick at that age. I feel like we should set some boundaries for the kiddos, i.e. dating, make up, shaving legs etc.

  49. Ashley says:

    Eh, I don’t think this deserves the ‘controversy’ it’s getting. I coveted makeup when I was that age. And nail polish. I’d steal my mom’s and plead and wheedle until I got kits bought for me. And once I had my makeup, I was inseparable from it. I grew out of it a couple years later when I dived into my tomboy phase.

  50. ashleighlauren says:

    It could be lipstick, but it could also be that Suri just had a lollipop. I know I’ve got really easily stained skin and lips, and if I eat a cherry popsicle or something like that, it looks like I’ve painted my lips bright red.

  51. anonymoose says:

    I like KH’s blouse, but those shorts, legs, and decrepit booties should not see the light of day.

    As for Suri, just glad I don’t have to deal with her tantrums. She looks a wreck, like her mom, but she also looks like an indulged but unsocialized child trying to express herself as a means to counter a very tightly controlled home life.

  52. texasmom says:

    I think Suri looks like a miniature Boy George in the hat. I think the lipstick is a bit lurid for her age.

    Also, booties must die. I can take the shirt and shorts, but the booties! How I hate them!

  53. cellabot says:

    I’ve gotta say, I think people are over reacting a little bit to this, the girl is just being a kid. Although I was never into make up growing up/still am not, it was different for my little sister. She had make up boxes with all types of lipstick: red, pink, blue, green, purple you name it she had it.
    She wore it both in and outside the house. I also know a lot of parents who let their girls and (even, how shocking!- clearly sarcastic here) some of their boys do the same things. Kids will be kids, and they will be silly, mess around, and generally explore their options. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that.
    To agree with some previous posts, the use of red lipstick on a child (or any color) is completely different then the use of the same product on a grown woman.

  54. Lindsay says:

    @ Irish Eyes I hope that was hyperbolic otherwise it is really unhealthy.
    @ Me Myself – There is a big difference in red lipstick and lip gloss. Matte lip stick is very grown up and lip gloss with sparkles are aimed at younger kids (as long as she can leave the house without it.)
    I also think the fact she is wearing it all day in public makes a big difference. Playing with make-up is one thing, wearing it in public is another. Most school dress codes for young kids don’t allow make-up. They have the rest of their life to wear make-up, why rush it?

  55. CJ says:

    Anybody think Katie might be depressed or something? Only photos I’ve seen recently of her looking decent are professional photo shoots. Everything else (like that Katy Perry concert outfit where she looked drugged) looks like she rolled out of bed and said “F*ck it.” Considering her freaky Co$ sisterwife/beard situation, it would make sense.

  56. Reece says:

    I had a long ranty comment on parenting here but I deleted it.
    I just can’t get into this sh**! I refuse.

    Those goddamned shoes!

  57. HannahF says:

    Instead of focusing on the lipstick , I looked at the totality of the outfit. Given the Disney themed purse and the stuffed toy and the scarf, lipstick fits in with the whole dress up mode. Now school in Calabasas when you live an hour away in Beverly Hills is what I find odd.

  58. lucy2 says:

    whitedaisy, I agree, it’s really just another hint at the no-boundaries method.
    But I’m starting to wonder how much is just a kid playing dress-up vs. an isolated mom trying to make her daughter her equal, her friend.

  59. missy says:

    I don’t think that Suri is going to that school in Calabasas. I think it’s just a rumor that was started because the Cruises are friends with the Smiths. The Daily Mail had photos of her going to school, and they mentioned it was in Beverly Hills.

  60. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    Love that the lady in the first picture is as horrified with those booties as I am.

  61. SLP says:

    Nothing wrong with kids playing dress up in their home, but it’s just plain bad parenting to allow your five year old out of the house looking like a ‘prostitot’….just my opinion!

  62. Heather M (Heather) says:

    I am really surprised how upset everyone is getting over the lipstick, but I suspect it has more to do with the whole Scientology, “no boundaries,” thing–which I totally agree is not good. I will be interested to see how she ends up. The topic of nature vs nurture/child rearing philosophies always fascinates me.

    Like I said, I wore makeup and I turned out fine (with a Philosophy BA, Masters and Law degree that I’m not using–just like Kaiser, Bedhead and CB, as a matter of a fact!). However, my sister had similar boundaries, and I definitely think she could have used more

    I think society loves to judge (I am no exception), and child rearing is always a hot topic. My take: pick your battles. If she wants to play dress up, fine. If she wants to act like a diva, no way. No lipstick for her until she behaves! ;)

  63. Thea says:

    I was reading back on Tommie last night and the Scientology crap, and back when he was with Nicole he stated he wasnt able to have children due to shooting blanks whatever, then I read Suri is his supposedly (cough) then I read more about him and the sicker I became. The man is a psycho and that David M that leads COS is right there. And Katie, I hope her career/life or worth that drama.

  64. Madisyn says:

    No one is going to comment on that ‘do? Oh my!

  65. 4Real says:

    Ya know since she’s an ignorant bytch that lets her child run her like a hired hand and has absolutely no fashion sense I can overlook the lipstick on Suri. I so love the blue eyelit dress she is wearing too. BUT THOSE BOOTS!! I can no longer handle those fug boots! She’s slowly moving into BRIT BRIT territory with the fug.

  66. Annie says:

    I just read Inside Scientology by Janet Reitman. One of the most interesting things in it is that the author claims that Cruise ended up doing a lot of damage to Scientology. The church had been attempting to seem more mainstream, but his couch bouncing episode, the Brooke Shields fiasco, and lecturing Matt Lauer about the evils of Psychiatry ended up with his career irreparably damaged, and the damage extended to the church since he was their most vocal member. It is a really scary book detailing how very controlling the church is, and what they do to discredit their enemies.

  67. Seal Team 6 says:

    Xenu may be Suri’s sire, but it’s obvious Katie is her mother. Suri looks just like her.

    And, this would be ridiculous if Suri was going to a school not using LHR’s “study tech,” but since she IS going to a Scientology school, Fashion Week is just as good as faux unschooling.

    And, don’t like the lipstick: sexualizing of kids icks me out. And, wtf does a kid that young get out of NYFW? Remember: Scientologists believe kids are actually adults, just in child “meat bodies.”

  68. Seal Team 6 says:

    Annie –

    I just finished it last week. Excellent.

    I think it may be fairer to say David Miscavige is the one who has destroyed CoS, with Tom Cruise his very eager emissary.

  69. Camille says:

    They both look ridiculous. Especially Katie.

  70. TP says:

    love the photo bomb in the first picture! that look on the lady’s face is priceless! tee hee!

  71. Thea says:

    I havent read that book but it is on my must read list. It is funny that L Ron was so outspoken about Psychotropic drugs and yet he was medicated with Vistaril when he died which is usually used to sedate psychotic episodes. (Per the Autopsy report). Now I am wanting to read everything I can about that and COS.

  72. Embee says:

    Suri’s dress is darling–I love eyelet!–but seems a bit short. It may be an old favorite?

    I like Katie’s shirt an think the colors are very nice on her, but the rest of the outfit is not to my taste, althouhg with a different outfit the hair might be nice. I’d like to see Matie in one of those waterfall braids – she has the hair for it.

    I have a visceral negative reaction to Suri’s wearing lipstick. As a PP pointed out, lipstick was invented and is worn to draw the eye to the lips, as part of the mating/courting exchange. While Suri is merely emulating adults (as opposed to engaging in courting rituals) the effect is startling.

  73. Calli Pygian says:

    This child looks unhappy (at least) in every picture taken of her. No childhood glee whatsoever.

  74. Annie says:

    Seal Team, I agree completely. Miscavige wanted the attention from Cruise’s celebrity, didn’t realize that it could cut both ways. A really fascinating book, but it honestly frightened me.

  75. Jaana says:

    This child is so ruined. Im sorry. I really hope Im wrong though.

  76. Joji says:

    Everything looks awkward on Katie and now Suri. I think they were desperate to get attention during fashion week because Victoria Beckham had an actual show and Harper debuted as the cutest baby evah! She doesn’t need costumes like Suri.

  77. Joji says:

    Tiki, I think you should take your complaints to Tomkat, Inc. not CB.

  78. gigi says:

    her hair looks like she is mocking the Amish.

  79. Az says:

    OMG Katie has been wearing those same effing booties for WEEKS. I had a pair like those about 8 years ago. I wouldn’t be caught dead in them now even though they were super comfortable. Can you imagine how they SMELL?

  80. Tazina says:

    Some lip gloss with a hint of pink would be okay I think. Red lipstick on a child that age is probably going to smear all over the place eventually or end up on her teeth.

  81. Sue says:

    Lip-gloss would have been more appropriate outside the house.

    Why is Suri in school when Tom’s other kids never went to school but were home schooled by Tom’s sister and still are is Suri to good for that?

  82. Kel says:

    It’s so staged. She’s been out all day but her lipstick is still freshly applied and not smudged? She just happens to be “reading” Vogue? She MAKES her mother wear those dirty boots again? Puhleez!

  83. missy says:

    @kel, her lipstick is smudged in some of the photos, and how do you know that she had been out all day? I can understand disagreeing with Suri wearing lipstick, but your comment seems kinda random.

  84. TG says:

    Poop katie she can’t get anything right. Those booties look terrible on her no matter what otfit she tries it with. And I think it is disgusting letting a child wear makeup outside the home.

    I am surprised they aren’t dragging the
    ‘nanny” bella behind them.

  85. Mag says:

    I don’t understand what the big deal is. Suri probably watches Katie put her make-up on everyday in fascination, and she asked on that particular day if she could wear some lipstick so she could look like mommy. Nearly every little girl does this at some point, it’s completely normal. Tomorrow Suri will probably (gasp) paint her nails and people will be wailing about Katie being a bad parent again.

  86. Princess Lizabeth says:

    Poor Suri is destined for the therapist’s couch someday, methinks.

  87. wunderkindt says:

    Katie and Suri are both sickly pale. . . Is this a Scientologist-Vampire family?

  88. palermo says:

    I think Suri is going to be an absolute terror when she’s in her teens. This cult is ridiculous, a child needs guidance. Suri looks like she’s a raging brat already.

  89. bessy says:

    I WANT TO BURN those FUGLY shoes katie is ALWAYS wearing! she wears them w/ everything, even in 90 dg heat! hate them

  90. loop says:

    she looked creepy way before these pictures

  91. SEF says:

    As bad as the outfit is, it’s the Kelly McGillis-in-”Witness”-hair that’s tragic.

    Suri is beautiful but looks so joyless. And I could see a kid sneaking into mom’s lipstick, but it does look too perfectly applied. Katie helped.

  92. Tomas says:

    Forget the lipstick, how ugly and unfortunate looking are Katie’s legs???

  93. Flan says:

    This is what SHE wants?

    Yeah, right.

    Girls her age would dress like a complete princess if they got what THEY wanted: pink shoes, pink dress, maybe even pink hair. OR some girls would go the complete opposite way and dress like Shiloh does.

    NONE would choose perfect designer clothes and just red lipstick if they can have sparkle glitters all over their face and a crown on their head.

  94. taxi says:

    Note to Katie: Please comb your daughter’s hair!

  95. cruiz2 says:

    Katie looks mismatched, perhaps in between wardrobes? Either way, this sucks on her. The kid, Meh and who cares anymore! They do their own thing. The public knows better now!!!

  96. poopie says:

    I also thought of brooke shields in Pretty Baby when i saw this….

  97. Samara says:

    Suri must have discovered the “Boy George” phenomenon

  98. smh says:

    when i first saw these photos i couldn’t even recognize Holmes! she needs to lay off the extreme leg exercises and gain 2-3 lbs. and never do her hair like that again. Her “fashion” sucks too, definition of bland. she has no sense of style at all. suri is such a cute kid i hate the fact that she’ll be raised by two dumbos. ugh

  99. galaxy.girl says:

    I want that shirt!

  100. Larissa says:

    I used to play dress up, but there is the difference, I knew it was PLAY time.
    All this crap of letting the child be creative and have its own personality is completely BS. My mom picked my clothes every morning, I NEVER complained because I never even had to think about it! I was not given any decision power. It wasnt until I was 9 then it became my own resposability to get ready in the morning so I started picking what I would wear for the day as I had a better idea of how to make an outfit too. It is a big deal that someone would let a child wear red lipstick, because it just sets stupid standards to other kids, lets just imagine pre school with all girls wearing lipstick, wouldnt that be WRONG??? Seriously???? Girls will be girls, it doesnt mean they can get away with anything just because they are exploring their “feminine” side.

  101. Sara says:

    Eh, I bet Tom picks out her clothes. There was a blind item on Gawker about it. I believe it because there is no reason for her fashion to be so awful.

  102. samab says:

    the little girl is gonna be a really big mess when she ‘ll grow up.What the hell.They allow her to do wathever she wants.As a parent you have to put some rules and address your kid on what is right or wrong.I guess they don’t know themselves what’s right.

  103. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    The first thing I saw, when I looked at these photos, was Suri’s eyes. Perhaps I’m mistaken, but more time than not, there’s no joy in her eyes.

    Her parents appear use her as an accessory to boost their public image. I’m not saying they don’t have the right to take her out in public, but they do very little to shield her. Rather, they seem to put her on display.

    I hope she has a happy life, though I don’t hold out much hope.

  104. marge says:

    what bothers me is that it looks 100% adult product, applied by an adult. not like the play-makeup we had growing up

  105. Cat says:

    @Samara that was the first thing I thought!!

  106. MSat says:

    My daughter is way into fashion (she wants to be a designer and makes her own clothes) and would KILL to be allowed to leave school to go to fashion week. But she’s SIXTEEN. Not FIVE.

  107. miss_bhaven says:

    LOL @ LL!

    Wow, Suri is super pale. She look anemic or vitamin deficient. She is cute, but she looks lost….

  108. KittyKat says:

    THOSE BOOTS!!! Does she not have another pair! UGH!

  109. Belle Epoch says:

    I agree that Suri does not look healthy. Definitely not robust. All those bottles of barley water because L Ron Hubbard said that’s what babies need – HOW STUPID CAN YOU GET? I have no evidence for it, but I bet Suri is a picky eater – it’s another way she can fight with her parents and win every time.

    Also, when kids put on their own lipstick, it usually looks comical and cute, not perfectly outlined. This is inappropriate – but so is everything about these people.

  110. Dirty Martini says:

    Between the long stringy hair, the hat, the tilt of the head, and the horrible lipstick….i thought she was the child of Boy George.

    Not A Good Look.

    Bad, bad parenting.

  111. crys737 says:

    meh. lipstick and bowler hat vs. the extreme trashiness of Toddlers and Tiaras. I’d pick suri any day.

  112. Jade says:

    Darn that Katie Holmes! I waited a whole season to get those designer boots. She has worn them so much, she’s managed to make them look ugly and smelly! Thanks a lot. Those will stay in my closet until she chooses to wear the heck out of some other frock. I agree on Suri looking pale and unhealthy….maybe a little malnourished with all of the sweets her mother feeds her, chocolate cupcakes, Starbucks and gummy worms. Which leads me to say that a child holding on to penis gummies and crimson lips is just so sad. What will happen to Katie when Suri is grown and off with friends? She will fall apart no doubt. She has no life with Tommy Boy. And lastly, enough of the rugby player legs! She is clearly proud of them…but can you please stop shoving them down our throat? Enough!!!!!!!!!

  113. Jade says:

    I waited a whole season to get those designer boots. She has worn them so much, she’s managed to make them look ugly and smelly! Those will stay in my closet until she chooses to wear the heck out of some other frock. I agree on Suri looking pale and unhealthy….maybe a little malnourished with all of the sweets her mother feeds her, chocolate cupcakes, Starbucks and gummy worms. Which leads me to say that a child holding on to penis gummies and crimson lips is just so sad. What will happen to Katie when Suri is grown and off with friends? She will fall apart no doubt. She has no life with Tommy Boy. And lastly, enough of the rugby player legs! She is clearly proud of them…but can you please stop shoving them down our throat? Enough!!!!!!!!!