Christina Hendricks, racktastic in pink Vivienne Westwood: stunning or meh?


These photos are just to remind everyone that Sarah Jessica Parker is really, really boring on the red carpet these days. We try to relive the glory days, when SJP could command a red carpet, but those days are past. So here’s the real star of last night’s premiere of I Don’t Know How She Does It: Christina Hendricks. Or, more specifically, the star(s) of the red carpet were Christina’s boobs. This rose Vivienne Westwood is spectacular, and I love it on Hendricks. I’m so glad she’s got a modeling contract with Westwood, because now she’ll be wearing more of Westwood’s famously corseted and boob-tastic gowns. LOOK AT HER. She looks so awesome. Okay, her makeup is a little bit off, but why are you even looking at her makeup? LOOK AT HER RACK.



I think Matthew Broderick’s face says it all. It says: “BOOBS. I’m afraid!”


I didn’t hate SJP’s dress, though. Look at her itsy-bitsy waist. She’s so tiny. The dress is really nice too.


The worst dressed on the carpet? Olivia Munn. I think she was trying to do old-school SJP with this Oscar de la Renta-looking cocktail dress, but… it’s a fail. Not an epic fail, but the dress doesn’t suit her, and it sucks for her to wear pink when there’s such a better example of pink on the same carpet.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Booboocita says:

    I never could see Olivia Munn’s appeal. Fantastic body, yes. But the face is only so-so, and I’ve never found her funny or witty. I guess if your figure’s slamming and you’re willing to display it, anything’s possible.

  2. merski says:

    Her boobs are once again defying laws of physics… Like, I’m not even sure how this works. :O

  3. Diana says:

    Ok, we get it, you got boobs. Stop poppin’ them out like this, it’s trashy. God, I bet she can scratch her chin with them…

  4. Cherry says:

    Seriously?? You think this rose disaster looks good on Hendricks? It’s terrible. I HATE it. Her boobs look like they’re trying to escape, it’s painful just to watch them. The dress lenghth is all wrong,it makes her legs look fat and short. And those shoes! What ARE those, nude pumps or something? Way too plump to go with this dress, and she looks uncomfortable on them, too. Seriously, I hate everything about this outfit except for the color, which looks nice with her complexion. And what kills me is that she’s such a pretty lady! Why can’t designers make a dress that actually fits and flatters her?

  5. Trillian says:

    I’m sorry, but these udders just look ridiculous. If she shoves them any higher she won’t be able to see the road …

  6. brit says:

    Wrong color for her. She looks like raw chicken.

  7. The Truth Fairy says:

    Real boobs aren’t square on top ………

  8. spinner says:


  9. Diane says:

    Um, boobs shouldn’t touch collarbone. The bottom hem looks like it’s falling apart. She is a beautiful woman, maybe one day she’ll get it right.

  10. lolas says:

    @Diana – I was going to write the exact same thing…If she didn’t trot them out at every occasion there might be a bit more of a wow factor. But even then, they’re smushed up so hight that it looks more satirical than sexy. She’s so pretty, it’s a shame that her or her stylists seem convinced the only way to dress a large breasted woman is to shove them in everyone’s face as if they were some sort of bait.

  11. meesarb says:

    disgusting not look same size and she always lie that she have not done boob job mayby stupid one will believe her

  12. coconut says:

    I concur with Cherry and the last few posters: boobs and dress are not flattering!! It looks like she’s got a small person’s ass tucked into her decolletage. : p There are plenty of ways she could show off the girls excellently without resorting to this monstrosity.

  13. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Christina looks adorable but she didn’t wear heels. I think if she had sunk her feet into some sexy sparkling heels bitch would have been perfection. Flat nude shoes…what was she thinking.

    SJP looks darling. Loves her.

  14. Liz says:

    Soooo sick of her and her obsession with her breasts. I’m a size 0 with 34DD bra size and I don’t walk around showing them and throwing them in people’s faces as if that were all I had to offer. Please, give me a break.

  15. ladybert62 says:

    YIKES!! Those boobs are ridiculous. She has a beautiful face – she needs boob reduction surgery as they make her look like a clown.

    SJP looks awful – cut that silly hair and get it styled. Her face is toooooo long to wear her hair that way.

  16. Kelly says:

    I’m a huge fan of boobs myself, but those things are just… boring. Not at all titillating (sorry, not quite with it this morning!). Now Salma Hayek or what’s-her-name Sofia Vergara, those ladies really know how to flaunt their stuff. (Both latina – coincidence? I would also add Monica Bellucci to the list.)

    SJP just looks tired. Looking at her is making me tired too!

  17. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Fake boobs wrapped in a silk bathrobe.


  18. Angela says:

    Christina’s boobs look like all of them are in the cleavage and none of them are left under the dress/in the bra.

    I really like SJP’s dress.

  19. Bee says:

    Could SJP and Matthew stand any further apart with their arms around each other? That’s some weird body language. SJP does have a great figure but the hair needs cutting and maybe some sort of sideswept bangs?

  20. kimmy says:

    i just don’t understand how CH’s stylists keep shoving her into this stuff?! she is way too pretty to have this keep happening. i am a large-chested, curvy girl w/o a team of stylists/designers and even i know that that dress is not flattering for her figure. why can’t someone make a dress that fits her?!

  21. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Ohhhh I am seeing a lot of boob envy on this thread. Come on just imagine how hard its been for Christina trying compete with all the ideal body types for roles when her figure is so different. Come on what happened to all these women that loved her body? I love it.

  22. meilamon says:

    She’s always heaving those melons up around her chin-time for a new look Christina!

  23. tracking says:

    Ah so close, and much better for her, but no cigar (so to speak). The color should have been deeper–it clashes a bit with her hair–and the bodice should have been designed with 30% more coverage. It crosses the line to gawdy, though it is nice to see some old-school glamour. SJP’s dress is nice enough, Munn’s is lovely.

  24. Sue says:

    The dress is ugly it does nothing for her, the color is bad on her too and the matching shoes all wrong.

  25. carrie says:

    i love Christina’s face (her hair,her face,her skin)but the color is so-so with her skin and the breast in melons under her chin is just awful and uncomfortable

    SJP’s dress is boring and who is Munn?

  26. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t like the “here are my boobs! you must look at my boobs!” thing that she always pulls. I mean, OK, I see them. Now can you put them away before they hurt someone. Also it looks like the hem of her dress came down in the middle of her evening out.

  27. Kiki says:

    There’s nothing elegant or sexy about a woman squeezing up her boobs like that. It looks a desperate move for attention and trashy. I always hear great things about Christina, but this boob situation is getting old now.

  28. SEF says:

    Sorry but I think Hendricks should give the red/pick/orange color family a rest. Blues and greens would probably look divine on her. And the boobs look more painful than sexy.

    JSP and hubby: SO funny.

  29. GiGi says:

    I seriously cannot get over the size of her tatas. I’m 5’8″ and thin and have been cursed with 32 DDs – I hate them and they’re always in the way. They’re the first place I gain and the last place I lose.

    Her breasts look like they ate mine for breakfast. What size can they possibly be?! It’s my new obsession!

  30. Mikki says:

    I want to like Christina’s dress…I mean the color is lovely, so there’s that. But the hem is all wonky, looks like it’s caught up in between her legs, makes her look stumpy and those shoes just do not work with it. As far as the top, well, with the sleeves sitting at different angles, and that bosom plumped up, it looks rather like a saucy wench costume. Not a red carpet look overall.

    Love SJP’s dress, and Oliva’s is just bad all around.

  31. You don't say says:

    Nothing wrong with her body type, but that dress is ugly and just not flatering at all.

  32. Kelly says:

    @Love Angelina, just because people think Christina constantly wears unflattering outfits does not mean people have “boob envy.” Lots of people love curvy girls, but her outfits are horrible, and that “spill-over” look does not do her justice. Referring to my previous comment, there are large-breasted women who can really work it. Christina just looks sloppy in that dress – before I couldn’t think of what she reminded me of, but I just remembered – she looks like a milkmaid statue that was at my aunts’ house when I was a kid!

  33. Nina says:

    Pfft to all the haters: I love this on Christina! She so often gets it wrong but this time, she got it so right. I love (the right shade of) pink on redheads and who cares that her girls are out on display? Are we so puritanical that we demand that she strap them down, cover them up and keep her eyes lowered in shame of her sexuality? There’s a difference between her and, say, Ice T’s wife Coco who is just walking pornography.

    I also love SJP’s dress and it kind of kills me to say it because laaawd, I really dislike SJP.

  34. Maritza says:

    Horrible dress, what’s going on with the hemline? We know she has big boobs but this spillage is just too much! SJP looks really great! Olivia Munn should have let her hair loose and wore a necklace and earrings, she looks too plain but I like the dress.

  35. JaisyMaisy says:

    She’s gross. Sorry. Not because she’s bigger…but because she thinks those giant milk tumors need to be stuffed in dresses like sausages and trotted out every stinkin’ day. Plus, she has a bruise on her boob. Classy.

  36. theaPie says:

    The color is beautiful on her, but I’m getting tired of the ‘jacked up to here’ boobage. They’re big. We get it.

    SJP looks adorable. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with her husband these last few years. He always looks like he wants OUT.

  37. Kelly says:

    Looking at the SJP/Matthew pic again – I wonder how long it’s been since they had sex? Anyone want to lay some wagers? A year? Five? I’d have to say that it’s at least 5.

  38. Amanda says:

    That was a rough transition scrolling down the page, going from Christina’s picture to SJPs. Beauty, health, sexiness, shades of pink, creamy skin… and then SJP.

  39. Ann says:

    Love SJP’s dress. LOVE!

  40. Goofpuff says:

    SJP’s dress is gorgeous. CH should have worn heels and her boobs look like theybare in pain. Olivia’s outfit is aweful.

  41. angee says:

    Tacky. Looks like she has someone’s butt poking out from the top of her dress. Awful. Eeeeew.

  42. serena says:

    She really didn’t need to pull the rack up like that. It’s hideous.

  43. RobN says:

    The really stupid thing about her is that at some point she’s going to start complaining about not being taken seriously as an actress, all the while depending solely on her boobs for attention. I think she’s sorta pathetic.

  44. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Kelly Christina has been wearing her boobs like this for awhile. Now when she tries to cover them up she looks frumpty. Sometimes she looks down right awful. I think she looks really good here. The dress is showing off her figure very well and her boobs look fine, all nestled in there like that. I don’t think its to much. I have seen them look worse. That Zac Posen number she wore to The Golden Globes I think, or was it Emmys? Either way it was a ton of boobage and it was hideous but everyone loved it. This is good boobage though.

  45. Kelly says:

    @Love Angelina, to each her own chichis, I guess, LOL! I love your logic – she’s been wearing them jacked up for so long that when she covers them up, she looks frumpy. By that logic, by next year, when we have gotten completely inured to this “everything-but-areola” look, she should dispense with the dress top altogether and just wear one of those “topless bras” with some kind of Kevlar superstructure to keep them up.

  46. original kate says:

    christina needs a new stylist – she always looks like crap on the red carpet, but i think she’s beautiful.

  47. bagladey says:

    She looks trashy and ridiculous. That dress looks like a costume; it’s awful.

  48. ama says:

    ugh stop posting pictures of olivia munn already. she’s not talented and i’m tired of seeing her old man face.

  49. CellaBowi says:

    Those breasts, dear god

  50. Cher says:

    Is there not a good control undergarment? Im a big chested girl as well but it can be all managed by a good bra (a minimiser to be exact) which in CH’s case will tame them better. There’s a way to actually show and highlight her assets that in a way that will look tasteful not slutty.

  51. Cirque28 says:

    I like the dress (although I could live without that hem) and SHE is gorgeous, but… jeezus! Three more inches of fabric up top would still be quite daring and sexy. And way less porn star.

  52. anonymoose says:

    Hendricks looks lovely from the neck up, and from the ribs through the hips. Everywhere else? Absolutely awful! The hair and makeup are beautiful, the color of the dress is fine but it looks like a bridesmaid dress from the 1980s. And what is going on with that hem??? Is it broken? The foot covers??? What are those, bedroom slippers someone puked on? They don’t even go with the dress let alone fit. Those poor boobs are being disgraced yet again, as everyone has noted, neither looking sexy nor fitting in that dress yet being forcibly shoved to the stratosphere. basta!

    SJP: That seriously ugly hair is nothing but a cry for help. Cut it. Style it. There is not one strand that looks healthy or flatters you as is. Go see Sally Hershberger, stat!

  53. Happy21 says:

    The dress to me is meh…The boobs, a little much. I get it, she has huge ones but I just think that the push up to the chin look is awful. It looks like the dress is 5 sizes too small up there. With a good stylist and some money there has to be a way to make her boobs look good. Its not just her, I hate that look on everyone. Its so tacky.

  54. AnaHata says:

    Folks on here are so jealous they can barely breathe. That woman is absolutely stunning. Ask any man in that room what they thought about that dress. She’s drop dead gorgeous. Get over yourselves people.

  55. I love those boobs!! Oops,was that out loud…

  56. BabyCakes says:

    What is up with the fingertip bruise on Christina’s tit?

  57. taxi says:

    Those poor boobs look as if they’re in pain. Let them relax to a normal position. We’ll still know you have them, Christina.

  58. Nymeria says:

    She is STUNNING. She could wear a 1930s flour sack (do I hear the magic word? Ah, there it is – vintage!) & I would be drooling, as I am now.

    Regarding the unusual hemline & shoulder “straps”… well, this is Vivienne Westwood. She likes things to be a bit off. :) (Hoping someone will catch the pun.)

  59. ThirdChris says:

    @50 (sorry, can’t see your name) YES!! There is a way to provide her rack with support and display them attractively in all their glory without resorting to smashing them up to her chin.

    I also agree that this color is just a little off on her. I do like pink on a redhead, but not this one. I’ve seen photos of her in deep blues and greens and she looks STUNNING.

    Does anyone know how she keeps her hair so stinking red all the time? I used to dye my hair red and it was bright, faded, bright, faded. It’s been a while though, maybe there are new products to help?

  60. Kelly says:

    @ThirdChris – besides sulfate-free products and hair sunscreen, I’d guess Roux Fanci-Free. It’s a temporary haircolor but can be used for tone correcting. You put it on after towel-drying and it rinses out in the next shampoo.

  61. palermo says:

    She bought those, because we’ve seen photos of her much more flat chested. She should get a refund cause the right one is much higher than the left one, it’s glaringly obvious in all photos

  62. palermo says:

    P.S. Why do you assume any of us are jealous. I myself have DD’s, and would gladly trade them for a nice B cup.

  63. Tazina says:

    It’s pretty bad when your boobs look like an ass. SJP and her husband look like a couple of old buddies getting together to watch the game. Olivia Munn? Who is this plain Jane; has she acted in something?

  64. Tomas says:

    For those saying the women here who don’t like Christina’s dress are jealous or have boob envy — GROW UP! That a juvenile and ignorant assumption! I was born with Double D’s and she absolutely DOES look tacky and cheap. The dress is horrible and unflattering, and the breasts pushed up under her chin look painful and completely unappealing.

  65. Belle Epoch says:

    Those are NOT real boobs. Real ones don’t have outlines like that, even when they’re pushed up to your nose. Now can we stop pretending she’s all natural? Blechhhh.

  66. Violet says:

    @Belle Epoch – You are so right. There are some old photos of Christina in a bikini floating around and her breasts used to be much smaller. Like a B cup, maybe a C. Here’s the link:

    Her implants look lopsided in that dress, which is a bit distracting.

    Her breasts are her trademark, so it makes sense for her showcase them but she does look a bit trashy in that outfit IMO.

  67. Ashley says:

    @Love Angelina – I agree with everything you’ve said.

    Christina Hendricks can show her boobs to me any day of the week. I still don’t get why people think they’re fake. Because she had a smaller rack and was skinnier in 1999? Who wasn’t??

    I really wish she would join forces with Janie Bryant for just ONE red carpet.

  68. Kim says:

    Put those, so obviously fake, things away. Sooooo tacky! I weighed alot less years ago but my boobs didnt go from A to Double F. A cup size or 2 yes not 10 cup sizes. Come on now!

  69. Amanda G says:

    Ugh…why does she always push her breasts to the ceiling? She looks ridiculous. And for those who are saying it’s “jealousy,” it’s not. I have DD’s too.

    SJP looks great! I always thought she had a killer body.

  70. G says:

    I just think she’s overworked this style and silouette. I love her curves and I love the color, but couldn’t she look a little more modern?

    SJP really needs a post STC makeover.

  71. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I don’t think anyone who is a stone’s throw away from 40 is a victim of inept or vindictive professional stylists. Maybe this innocent little kitten has a say in what she’s going to wear and wants to create this look. Joan Holloway’s clothes usually fit and there’s visual proof of that, so I don’t think she’s a victim of anything other than her dress sense. Designers don’t want their dresses to look bad on red carpets and for how many years can a person dress in a very specific and unflattering way and still get waves of ‘it’s everybody else’s fault but yours, I think Hannibal even ruined this for you somehow’ support before that just looks like words of apologists. Her dresses are unattractive and don’t fit–that’s not jealousy, it’s vision.

    I would be interested in seeing how a poster could argue a point without falling back on the old ad hominem ‘jealous haters’ attack. It’s not a position or argument, it’s trite and lazy, doesn’t really have anything to do with the subject at hand and easily dismissed. If your point only holds up through insulting everyone who has even read your comment and making huge assumptions about a person’s entire life up this current moment based on nothing with a hint of malice forethought to keep things sexy, you don’t have a point. Figments of fantasy are for the courts. If you won’t engage with people with even that base level of respect, it’s probably past your bedtime.

    I also don’t think it’s accurate to dismiss whole swaths of women in one fell swoop as traitors to The Struggle because they don’t care for her dresses, that’s a huge leap. I don’t know what application process for becoming the moat that separates sartorial opinion from one’s permission to voice said opinions but I find it be as puritanical as Sunday shopping. She didn’t begin on the outs, the tide is now just starting to turn.

  72. Ally says:

    Christina Hendricks’ face is so beautiful – she projects femininity and strength – and she’s such a talented actresss, that the spectacle of this bosom-scrunching merely ludicrously distracts from her substantive attributes.

    That’s a badly designed dress (it’s a dowdy length, too), and an overly tight corset. I still love La Hendricks, though.

    Also, SJP’s hand on Broderick’s shoulder… /shudder. Was she the one in the Seinfeld man hands episode?

  73. mia135 says:

    I dislike her dress from the ankle to the waistline (tacky hem, plain ugly shoes). And I get how people are tired of seeing the boobs jacked up all the time. But I actually like how they look here, dress colour is flattering for her skin tone, boobs look great – to me she still looks classy, not “look at my boobs”, although of course you can’t help but look at them!
    Overall, not one of her worst looks, although it could be better.

  74. Carrie says:

    Ugh! Does Christina Hendricks ever do a red carpet appearance without having her boobs pushed up to her chin and bulging out of her dress? You can have full breasts and still dress with class and sex appeal. She just looks desperate for attention, which I would think about any woman with that much of her boobs showing. But I suppose when that is the only thing the public finds slightly interesting about her she has to dress that way in order to stay relevant.

  75. LeeLoo says:

    I will defend Christina until the day I die. Her breasts are her greatest assets. I hope to God she uses them. I love Christina but people need to remember that Hollywood does not make dresses for curvy figured pale skinned redheads with gigantic breasts. So I think Hollywood is at a loss as to how to dress Christina. But I think this is a definite step up from 2 months ago.

    The dress cut is stunning. But I would not have gone with the whispy wine/rosé color. When dressing Christina think bold colors. And I will admonish her poor choice in shoes. The shoes at least need to match the color of the dress. I don’t blame her for wearing flats because heels are killer.

    Is Olivia Munn wearing a red potato sack?

  76. B says:

    I think it’s because she’s a fake redhead that she doesn’t realize that colors like this aren’t the best on her.

    Also, whenever I see her poor squeezed, squished, squashed boobs, I always feel like I am out of breath. Let them breathe a little!

    I also wonder what is up with the faces she’s making.

    I guess I just will never understand this woman’s appeal (apart from the obvious boobs, but even then, she wears them so strangely).

  77. Andie B says:

    Put those puppies would have been a good look, but it’s too much. We get that she has big boobs..I myself have 32DDs, but I generally keep them under wraps.Trashy! How come Matthew Broderick always looks like he would rather be somewhere else?

  78. Camille says:

    I think they all look awful.

    And no one will ever convince me that Hendricks boobs are natural.

  79. Firecracker says:

    Boobs are not meant to be chin rests.

    For those that comment that there is jealousy… like Palermo said, I too have big ones and I would trade mine in for B cup in a second. It makes buying clothes hard, not to mention exercising, etc.

    SJP looks so great, I love that dress!

  80. talia says:

    I don’t think she has much choice but to show the girls. They’re huge and when she does cover them up she just looks blocky and thick. When she uncovers the girls, then at least she’s thick and juicy.

  81. smh says:

    i love the fabric of the dress and it’s good that she tries a different colour once in a while… but that much cleavage? come on… she looks like a showgirl in a western flick

  82. Meadowlark says:

    I will NEVER think Hendricks’ boobs are ridiculous or offensive. I like them a great deal and I’m glad I get to see them so often. She’ll never be able to wear Chanel so why not exaggerate her surreal curves?

  83. Oi says:

    They look fake to me. Sry, she wears them well most of the time, but it looks like you can see implant outlines when she jacks them up like that.

  84. Rolli says:

    Hideous. Not flattering in any way. :(

  85. Liamarie says:

    sad that according to some posters, her only assets are her boobs. Sick of seeing them. And no, I’m not jealous. My boobs are fine just the way they are, thankyouverymuch.

  86. Blithe says:

    I like everything BUT the boobs. They’re overdone. We see them all the time. They always make a very un-subtle appearance. So I’m over it. If she would do a dress where they’re at least allowed to hang the way a woman’s boobs usually hang, I’d say great. But they’re always pushed up so far it’s like they’re going to reach a different climate than the one the rest of us are living in. Getting old. But the color, the hair, the makeup and everything else are beautiful on her.

  87. Titty Master says:

    She looks like a cartoon. It’s ridiculous when she rides her titties all the way up like that.

  88. Jane says:

    Too much boobs. I feel violated by the way they are all up in my face! It doesn’t even look good and the colour is foul! If they were just slightly more tucked into that dress then she might look alright!

    SJP looks absolutely gorgeous, far better than Hendricks!

  89. Shannon says:

    My issue with this is that she looks like she’s wearing a push-up bra under this. Entirely unnecessary. Her boobs can relax a bit without being saggy.

  90. ZenB!tch says:

    There is no need to put your boobs in that position no matter how big they are. The dress length makes her looks stumpy. Her face is gorgeous.

    Olivia Munn looks more like a man than Chaz Bono. Those shoulders! I don’t get her at all.

    I like SJP as far as SJP goes.