Mike Tindall has already been caught cheating on his wife Zara Phillips


Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall just got married this summer, back in July. It was the second “royal wedding” in the House of Windsor in 2011, but Zara and Mike didn’t go all out like Kate Middleton and Prince William. No, Zara and Mike did their thing in Scotland, and reportedly, it was just one big liquor-soaked, lovefest party. Zara is the daughter of Princess Anne and Captain Phillips, by the way – she is the Queen’s granddaughter, and reportedly, one of the Queen’s favorite people. Mike is a rugby captain, and up until now, he’s just seemed like a nice bloke. Not particularly deep or anything, but like a nice guy. My opinion of him is changing, though. There’s a scandal brewing, and it involves Mike getting extra friendly with a random. You can see photos (video screencaps) here, at the Mail, and here’s the basic gist:

England rugby captain Mike Tindall, the newest ‘member’ of the extended Royal Family, DID cuddle a beautiful blonde in a nightclub – and there’s 12 embarrassing minutes of security camera footage to prove it. The CCTV clip emerged today as the England team rallied behind their captain and the boss of a nightclub softened his earlier denials of a ‘Tindall grope’ by admitting that it could have happened without him or his staff seeing it.

The footage shows a buxom, long-haired blonde holding the back of Tindall’s shaven head and seemingly pulling his face down towards her bosom in the dim lighting of a New Zealand nightclub on a rowdy night out during the World Cup. She also has her lips very close to his head as he bows forward. Other parts of the video show Tindall with his left arm around the woman, who has her back to the camera, and they appear to be kissing.

The footage was released by a man who claims to be a bouncer. Facing the camera as he ‘presents’ the video, he criticises the England captain for his ‘unbecoming’ behaviour, adding that he ‘felt’ for the Queen and Tindall’s bride of six weeks, Zara.

The video shows Tindall talking animatedly with the blonde at the bar and she then has a drink before leaning forward to kiss Tindall. The pair are then joined by a brunette who also moves in very close to the rugby star, her hands running up and down the sides of his body. Outside the club, another security camera catches the couple embracing one another and later she is with a group, including Tindall, who leave the doorway and walk away out of sight of the camera.

Alarm bells went off when the CCTV footage was posted on YouTube today by ‘pinksnz’ and shortly after word got around that it showed the newly-married captain in the arms of a party girl it was removed from the social networking site. But by then the evidence had been revealed.

The England club management had issued a soft denial after claims of Tindall’s flirtatious behaviour were first aired, with a spokesman insisting that ‘like all the lads, he plays for England with a massive amount of passion and he was relaxing after a tough match’, against Argentina, which England won. Despite captaining England in their opening pool B victory, Tindall will not play in Sunday’s clash against Georgia in Dunedin, though it is unclear if he has been dropped or is merely being rested against weaker opposition.

After Saturday’s game, the team made their way to the Altitude night club in the South Island lakeside town of Queenstown. Part of the night’s entertainment was a dwarf-racing competition in which a team of ‘little people’ raced across the bar with bungy cords around their waists to see who could complete the ‘course’ the fastest. Drinks flowed and, according to one Facebook post from Lewis Norman, the England players were ‘legends rocking it.’

The damaging video footage, which flies in the face of denials from the England team, its management, and the Altititude Club that anything untoward had gone on between Tindall and the mystery blonde woman, was introduced by a man who said he was a bouncer. In a gruff voice, he attacked Tindall for what he said was his ‘unbecoming behaviour’. The un-named man said that no-one was going to make a cent out of the video but he was posting it so that people could make up their own minds about what they saw and could pass their own judgement.

‘Mr Tindall,’ said the bouncer, interrupting the playing of the video showing Tindall and the blonde at the bar, ‘your behaviour was that of someone unbecoming, especially to someone such as the Queen and Zara Philips. I do feel for them. Mr Tindall, let me give you a word – in my country it means your word completely, you don’t break it for anyone. You gave your word to God, Queen and country.’

Miss Phillips – or Mrs Tindall as she now prefers to be known in private – declined to comment on the allegations yesterday. The former world champion three-day eventer, who has high hopes of representing her country in next year’s Olympics, was competing in Ireland and will not return to the home the couple share in Cheltenham next week. But her spokesman confirmed that she would still travel as planned to New Zealand to see her husband mid-way through the tournament. Sources say she is expected in two weeks’ time. The feisty 30-year-old has discussed the incident with Tindall in an emotional telephone call, although she is understood to be standing by him.

‘Zara is like her mother – outspoken, fiery and very, very feisty. She adores Mike but won’t take this lying down and will no doubt feel utterly humiliated by what has happened,’ said a source.

The couple decided to put off having a honeymoon for a year or more due to their respective sporting commitments, particularly this month’s Rugby World Cup.

[From The Mail]

So… it’s not like Mike was boning this “buxom blonde” in the club, and no one is really saying anything about what happened after Mike left the club (like, did he go back to the hotel alone?), but still. Making out with some chick, motor boating her in the club, all while you’re still a newlywed? Trashy. Bad form. That being said, I think the bouncer who “revealed” this information has a stick up his bum. Yes, Mike let down Queen and country! But mostly he just fooled around on his poor wife. Poor Z.




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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45 Responses to “Mike Tindall has already been caught cheating on his wife Zara Phillips”

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  1. Lila says:

    Seriously hope the report isn’t true. I liked how nice and normal they seemed.

    Not sure if I hadn’t noticed this before, or if it is just randomly the pictures chosen, but Z seems way more into him than he is to her. The whole clinging thing.

  2. sassenach says:

    The video shows him flirting with the slutty blond AND some brunette trick who approaches him while he is with the blond. Don’t get me wrong, he is an ass but these lame ass aspiring jump offs have no shame.

  3. Anne says:

    That’s terrible! Poor Zara. He is a PIG. Who the hell does this kind of thing. Fuck!

  4. the original bellaluna says:

    If this bouncer truly “felt” for the Queen and Zara, he wouldn’t have posted the damn footage.

    He’d have been a man and gone to one of their trusted staff with it instead of plastering it out for the world to see.

  5. Eve says:

    Sloth from The Goonies got married???

  6. Boo says:

    Ugh. Just ugh. The Queen ought to order a big smackdown on this douchebag…knock those nasty teeth of his into order.

  7. Rhiley says:


  8. Rhiley says:

    Ha ha ha @Eve, I just saw your post!

  9. Jaded says:

    Why would you expect a soccer player to act any differently just because he married up? They’re generally a bunch of overpaid, bone-headed yobs without a monogamous bone in their bodies. Like any sports stars, they’re constantly surrounded by sports groupies. Zara knew what she was getting into and my bet is there are worse scandals to come.

  10. Eve says:

    @ Rhiley:


    The Goonies…Oh, I love that movie.


    “Good enough for you
    Is good enough for me
    It’s good, it’s good enough
    It’s good enough for me
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah”

    Now I can’t get that song out of my head (which is not a bad thing, actually).

  11. Roma says:

    Nooooo. For some reason this one makes me sad. She just looks so genuinely happy and in love with him.

    Maybe I’m just emotional today.

  12. gee says:

    Haven’t they been together for like a decade?? Poor Zara.

  13. Jezi says:

    What a POS!!! He sure didn’t waste any time.

  14. Melissa says:

    What an AssHat.

    Great word. Thx jen. :)

  15. Kimble says:

    @jaded: Tindall is a rugby player – way posher than a “soccer” player LOL!

    Sounds like any other post rugby match party to me – can’t see what all the fuss is about … Zara won’t turn a hair at these “scandalous revelations” because she married a RUGBY PLAYER!!!

  16. Gine says:

    Gross. There’s no way I’d ever marry a professional athlete (not like the opportunity will ever present itself, but still!). I’m sure there are exceptions, but they seem pretty much incapable of staying faithful. Poor Zara, she obviously really loves him.

  17. capepopsie says:

    The Queen is going to say to Phillip: we are not amused! Poor Zara, whats wrong with people, why marry when you cant stay attached for longer than a couple of months? Makes no sense to me.

  18. miss_bhaven says:

    @ Eve…lol! He really does look like sloth!

  19. Ell says:

    @Zoya, not British teeth, his teeth. Bit of a shock I know but we’ve got past the post war period now when people couldn’t afford a trip to the dentist.

    This doesn’t prove anything, those images aren’t exactly clear. They always seem very much in love, I doubt this would shock Zara, did you see her at her pre wedding cocktail party? Probably both outrageous flirts.

  20. inthekitchen says:

    I don’t know why anyone is surprised after his nasty bachelor party. I never understand why women think a man who’d want to party with strippers will change a few days later just because they’re wearing a ring.

  21. bluhare says:

    @kimble: Definitely! Apparently no one here has ever been to a rugby party. Not for the faint hearted. My ex coworker played rugby and the photos . . . . He’s happily married and his wife knows and took some of the shots.

  22. taxi says:

    Zara’s been to post-game parties. She’s seen this before. No big whoop.

  23. The Original Ashley says:

    That’s sad. I love these two. They seemed so genuine, down to earth and happy. Didn’t see this coming.

    But I’m sure Zara will rip him a new one, as well as Anne and the Queen (that’s her favorite granddaughter). This guy is going to be having some awkward family moments for the rest of his life. Can’t imagine anyone in that family is happy about this (and in public, with CCTV footage no less).

  24. Violet says:

    Poor Zara. I hope she kicks this douche to the curb and finds someone decent.

  25. Feebee says:

    Forget Tindall, as a kiwi I’d be deeply offended that NZ slags were bothering with the English captain during the World Cup. No pride, no class. Ugh.

    Sports groupies are the same whatever code it is. I’ve seen the adulation/situation up close. Even the strongest, most stable guys can find themselves in unexpected trouble.

  26. UKHels says:

    hmmm, there is one picture of a chick kissing him on the top of the head and THAT’S IT

    rugger buggers always behave like this – Zara knows it and has been out with them so it won’t be a surprise

    let’s not judge on the basis of that picture, it’s really not incriminating at all

  27. Ally says:

    I think we’ve just found the lead for Shrek: The Musical.

  28. Stubbylove says:

    @Eve – LOL!! I’m sure Zara knows what she got into with the ‘ol hulk – she’s no dummy. He has, however, married into royalty now and I agree with @Rhiley – he needs a good “Hey you guys!” talkin’ to whip this bloke into shape a bit.

  29. Belle Epoch says:

    Why are people hating on the bouncer? I kindof like the guy for calling out Tindall on his crap behavior. Plus he did him a favor by posting the video. Next time it could be something worse, sold to the tabloids. At this stage there’s still time for him to clean up his act. He’s a married man now – married to royalty. Don’t screw it up, moron.

    Can’t imagine seeing that face in the morning.

  30. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    I don’t think letting strange women feel you up in a bar qualifies as “cheating.” But still, he should stop it.

  31. Wresa says:

    I am sooo GD sick of women “standing by their man”!!!

    When is someone going to stand up and say, “Ladies, you deserve to be treated with respect, and so do I! That’s why I’m leaving his ass!”

    Bonus for Zara: she wouldn’t have to stare at that mug every morning and *&# it at night!!!

  32. anne_000 says:

    Haven’t they been together for 7 years or whatever? I doubt this is the first time he’s been flirting like this. Maybe Zara is A-OK with this.

  33. Trey says:

    Epoch, I completely agree with you. You’re married (and only 6 weeks in), act like it. Don’t touch, loser.

  34. Camille says:

    In the video it is VERY clear that there is flirtation going on (the video has been playing on all of the news programs in New Zealand). In one part of it it looks like he even kisses her. I would not be at all surprised if they went back to his hotel for more then just tea and biscuits…

    This is dodgy as all hell and I would be mortified if my husband (and a newly wed too!) was acting like he was.

    The image stills may not seem bad to some, but if you’ve seen the video you can clearly see his IMO inappropriate behaviour.

  35. LAK says:

    oh dear lots of people making a fuss over nothing.

    Rugby parties and players are legendary. If one got into a twist over them, you’d never live your life.

    It’s part of the culture to go out and celebrate after the game. they get drunk, throw up, flirt with a piece, sometimes even kiss a piece. Frankly anyone who takes it seriously has never seen the state they get into after drinking the amount of alcohol they do. i doubt they remember their own names at the end of the night, although strangely they always find a bed to pass out in. It’s considered bad form to drink less than will potentially give you alcohol poisoning.

    Any sensible person, will stay clear of a rugby post match celebration, and double the fool if they believe the flirting is serious.

    As someone here posted already, Rugby is more posh than football, so no orgies or cheating or prostitute sex like you get with the football players.

    I think this is being made more of because he is now in the Royal family.

  36. eternalcanadian says:

    Aw bugger, that’s a real incriminating video. Hands all over each other, flirting, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they did a bit of handjobs or stuff as per rowdy rugby parties.

    Kudos to the bouncer for leaking the video. If he had gone to the Firm or something like that you can bet it would have all been shoved under the carpet and Zara none the wiser. This way all the ugly is out in the air and the Firm has to realize there’ll be none of those cheaters and stupid public behaviour when you’re on the public dole (Zara no doubt will inherit something when her grandmother the Queen dies and we all know where the Queen gets her money from). By making this public the bouncer has done Zara good because either she’ll be like yeah, I knew Mike’s a cad, or she’ll wake up and say what the hell is going on here.

    Mike needs to own up to his actions and he’s going to be paying the price now.

    I disagree with all the people that say it’s nothing, laugh it off, it’s the way rugby players are. I say rubbish, when the Queen is your grandmother-in-law, all bets are off and behave yourself once the wedding is over.

    Even if this was platonic or a lark, the guy is married and the only woman he should be groping and kissing is his wife. Have some class man. We are not amused. :|

  37. Lushus L. says:

    The Firm will be watching him now, if they weren’t already. He might want to avoid Paris tunnels.

  38. Phil says:

    “Ladies, you deserve to be treated with respect”:

    Zara has met plenty of guys in her life who would have “treated her with respect”. But guess what? She didn’t want to marry any of those guys. Zara choose the opposite type of man. Zara is attracted to the type of man that Mike is. The question should be why Zara is attracted to those type of men like Mike? She chose Mike. Zara knew what type of man he was before she married him.

  39. hedwiggy says:

    “The question should be why Zara is attracted to those type of men like Mike?”

    Yeah, I didn’t think she’d be the type. The woman seems to have everything – looks, accomplishment, status, money, and fame. You’d think she’d be able to find a guy who could keep it in his pants.

    I can’t believe she’s used to this or that she’s ok with this sort of thing. She didn’t sign on for public humiliation.

    @Lila, I’d noticed before that she’s always clinging onto him, reminding me of a puppy. I didn’t think much of it before, but maybe she really does love him more than he loves her. Poor girl.

  40. Carolyn says:

    Cosign with all of you pointing out the “what happens on tour stays on tour” mentality exists in international teams. Given that Mike and Zara have been together for a few years, I’d suggest this situation isn’t new and that they would have an “understanding”. Whether that means he can look/play along but not physically cheat who knows? To #38, the Firm would be telling Zara to turn a blind eye if he is stepping out on her. That family has a solid history of extra marital affairs that goes waay back. It’s almost expected. They don’t have the moral outrage of such things, that others may. The royal family values unity and a good PR image – look at the damage Fergie & Diana did when they spoke out about what went on. They don’t want that level of scruitiny again.

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