“Dina Lohan gives a great cracked-out interview” links

Dina Lohan‘s best interview ever. Well, one of the top ten. [Dlisted]
Ryan Gosling: The Anti-Brad Pitt? [LaineyGossip]
Rihanna, girl, what are you wearing? [Go Fug Yourself]
Rick Perry partied at NYFW too. Seriously. [Gawker]
Review of I Don‘t Know How She Does It: It’s terrible. [Pajiba]
Charlie Sheen‘s Today Show interview. [The Blemish]
The teaser for Season 2 of Downton Abbey. It made me choke up! [OMG Blog]
Clive Owen, come home to me. [Pop Sugar]
Elisabetta Canalis wants you to see her sports bra. [Celebuzz]
Kat-Face Kardashian dresses up as Princess Leia. [Yeeeah]
Look at Paris Hilton‘s $375K Lexus. [Moe Jackson]
Coco is the picture of elegance and grace. [Evil Beet]
I‘ve begun to out-right LOATHE Taylor Lautner‘s face. [I’m Not Obsessed]
Katie Holmes’s bellbottoms. [A Socialite Life]
Khloe Kardashian looks good in this color. [Celebslam]
Posh Beckham changes Harper‘s diaper in the middle of Marc Jacobs. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
Steven Spielberg knew he shouldn‘t have altered E.T. [Videogum]



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  1. Heatheradair says:

    I flat-out loathe Taylor Lautner’s face, too!

  2. neelyo says:

    Holy moly, that interview! I started laughing from the moment she said she couldn’t go out for a drink because she had to pick up her child from school. Yeah right! And it just gets better from there. Oh Dina, if there weren’t children involved, you’d be comedy gold.

  3. Liz says:

    Me too! Me too! I never got the attraction and was always inexplicably annoyed when sown a photo of the guy. Come to think of it, this may be slightly irrational.

  4. Liz says:

    Aaaaand wow, she’s on something. No doubt.

  5. gamblea says:

    Did Dina get her eyes done by the same surgeon as Ali? She looks wonky

  6. Zombie Nurse says:

    Dina wants to manage other kids because Linnocent told her she can really help other children in show business?!? Help them become
    crack whores, maybe. Or is she cleverly tryIng to direct Dina’s attention else where so she can make a break for it? I will choose to believe the latter despite all evidence to the contrary.

  7. mannequin says:

    It’s frightening; Lindsay has so many of her mother’s mannerisms. It’s also frightening how delusional she is, touting the “abilities” of her family.

  8. constance says:

    It is mannequin! They talk, move, and sound so alike. >.> Sad.

    Her tummy bloat is as tight in that dress as her boobs.

    Her family wasn’t in the circus. It is still THE Circus. What a bunch of compulsive liars.

  9. the other mel says:

    From your ears to God’s lips. Fucking hilarious! She looked and sounded like she’d already had a few drinks.

  10. Anne says:


  11. Madisyn says:

    I can’t stop laughing. This twit (I can’t say ‘woman’) is certifiable. Literally. “I’ve been in the entertainment field for 30 years”, on the Wendy Williams show, it was 35. I pointed out on a thread that would have made her 14 at the time. Now with the ’30 years’ comment, that would put her at 19.

    “Everyone thinks I have only ‘one’ child but I have four”. (she says in a sing songy voice) No you piece of shit asshat, no one on the planet thinks you only have one kid. This brood gets me at my limit.

    This sorry excuse for a ‘female’ is truly SICK IN THE HEAD. She’s starting a ‘management firm’, get the fuck out of here. Her delusions know no bounds. I’m only a quarter of the way through the interview, I’ve got to finish it. When I’m depressed, this is the video that I will refer back to and smile.

    Quick question: Why can’t she say who this ‘new australian’ designer she is wearing is? Did Dina get a C & D order not to mention him/her? What kind of idiot goes to Fashion Week, does an interview, and doesn’t name the designer of the clothes she’s wearing? Only a ‘Lohan’. My God.

  12. Jackson says:

    That is an awesome interview. Love how DL said not once, but twice, that she was a ‘dance major, theater minor’ in college. Who the fukk cares you idiot??? Kudos to the interviewer for not laughing to her face as she rambled on.

    And I thought maybe I was the only one who was bugged by Taylor whoever’s face. It is so odd and weird and just….IDK. Too much or something. Maybe I have to be 14 to think he’s cute? Maybe that’s the problem.

  13. Jackson says:

    @ Madisyn – yes, I wondered the same thing? She can’t say who the designer is?? That makes absolutely no sense. Any designer wants their name out there, even from the mouth of Dina Lohan. I think she just couldn’t remember it.

  14. Madisyn says:

    “From your ears to God’s lips”

    Your fucking idiot its “From your lips to God’s ears”

    She’s so high on coke, she has no idea what she’s saying. Amazing.

  15. Madisyn says:


    Or as Michael K at Dlited said, “because she shoved that dress in her purse at his store when he wasn’t looking”. That makes more sense.


    Same thoughts. When she mentioned her cousins in “Ringling Bros”, I thought herself and her offspring ARE THE CIRCUS. When WO announced a couple of weeks ago that Blohan was coming to town for Fashion Week, how many event organizers and fashion show after-party hosts thought “Oh Shit, the ‘circus’ is coming to town”?

  16. Bess says:

    White Oprah and Hurricane Crackhead share many of the same mannerisms. I’ve never noticed that before. Also, why does WO keep mentioning that her son, ML Jr., graduated summa cum laude from Ithaca? He can’t be too smart in the brains if he agreed to “star” in her asinine film that she’s “producing” and “executive” producing.

    Still can’t figure out why LL’s victims from the other night haven’t filed a police complaint.

  17. teehee says:

    She has the same roughed up voice as Lindsay— whiskey, smoke, and who knows what else.
    Isnt it shocking how she speaks like a mall girl – at her age?
    Well ok not… but, its still … you dont expect that from someone her age.

  18. WTF says:

    She is DRUNK……..or HIGH…WOW no wonder Lindsay’s such a trainwreck with a DANCER mother who thinks she’s 20

  19. Gizmerelda says:

    Oh please Dina- make my year and tell me you have given up pimping out your offspring and are now the sole manger of Posh slag and her latest handbag/accessory/child. :-)

  20. Roma says:

    Oh sweetheart. Shut your cokey mouth up.

    This is why I stopped doing drugs: coke talk.

    Edited to add – I just realize who she reminds me of. Kristen Wiig’s Penelope.

    “And my best friends are Liza Minella and a tomato…”

  21. Cherry Rose says:

    Kim looks horrible as slave Princess Leia. Not to mention it’s a crappy costume as well.

  22. Madisyn says:


    “Hurricane Crackhead”, PRICELESS!

    I got one, “Hurricane Kettle One”.

  23. Hellen says:

    “From your ears to God’s lips”

    I’m going to try to work that into all of my conversations from now on. Awesome.

  24. 4Real says:

    Whoa SOMEBODY popped one too many xanax pills and chased them with too much vodka. And what designer says “here wear my disign but don’t tell anybody who I am?” LOL!! Oh wait! I got it…well played “Australian designer”! I wouldn’t want this hag plugging my designs either…

  25. Madisyn says:

    This was an obvious ‘audition’ tape for DWTS. How quaint that the interviewer just happened to ask if she’d be on the show if asked. She’s been angling to get on that show for a couple of seasons now and I for one would encourage this wholeheartedly.

    Can you imagine us Crack Cliquers here every night the show is on with possibly an ‘open post’? We’d have a field day every week. Or CB could post her thoughts the next day with of course, her ‘dance’ for the night. I’m getting all giddy just thinking about the possiblities.

    The one small problem I see here is the producers probably want a ‘guarantee’ that Blohan makes ‘an appearance’. And she can’t. She said Blohan was going to be making ‘regular appearances’ on Living Blohan and it never came to fruition, just something WO said to get the production company to green light the project.

    Thats a ‘Lohan’ for ya. Lie, lie, lie. Say anything they want to hear to get your hideous mug on TV, near a camera, in front of a microphone, for a pap photo, be on a talkshow, etc.

  26. carrie says:

    if Ryan Gosling is the Anti-BRAD PITT,he’s also Leo Dicaprio’s twin (all for my career and mum’s boy)

  27. Tristyn says:

    STFU !!!!! White oprah ..

  28. lucy2 says:

    OMG, that is EPIC crackery.

  29. Firecracker says:

    Holy crap!! I have never seen an interview with Dina just because I thought it would be boring. No!

    “We’re just breathing”.

    “I’m also writing a book, how I got from A to M”.

  30. lush33 says:

    This is hilarious! She’s white girl wasted!

  31. Carolyn says:

    What the heck. She’s wearing an Australian designer’s frock but doesn’t want to promote him/her? Wants to be an attorney? She’s wanting to help children navigate the waters of negativity? Yeah so…it is what it is. Her cousin has a dance studio. She’s always been in entertainment???!!!! I’ve never seen Dina interviewed before. Oh the namedropping of this woman.

  32. I don’t like Taylor Lautner either.

  33. Bad Fairy says:

    I have never gotten the White Oprah joke. I don’t even like Oprah, but I dont get it. Did I miss something? She is vile, for sure.

  34. Alice says:

    Seems like this hasn’t made it’s way to Celebitchy yet, so I’ll just leave this here…


  35. Boo says:

    Oh my God oh my God oh my God–go to DListed and see the picture of Dina MAKING OUT WITH LINDSAY at her birthday party. Seriously. Did I mention Oh My GOD!?

  36. jennifer says:

    EVERY time i see dina lohan, i think of this tracey ullamn as dina lohan bit–


    (warning some f-bombs dropped!)

  37. Auds says:

    I cringe when I see victoria beckham in those damned heels of hers. They remind me of bondage heels, but then again, I can only imagine that her Achilles tendons are so short, she probably can’t wear flat shoes without some form of torturous therapy following surgery.

  38. Nemesis Rose says:

    Loved how she started talking about Lindsay’s “upcoming” movies and then she cuts herself off and it’s ME, ME, ME!

    Never knew her name was pronounced DEE-na. Always thought it was pronounced DYE-na. Don’t know why, but she bugs me even more now.

  39. skeptical says:

    re: the vid…ok i managed 2 minutes into dina’s me-me show and yea.. but i was able to mute it and listen to my soothing music while just watching her movements. And wow she and lilo do have the same mannerisms! Right down to the silly fake laugh and the way they jut their heads forward when they want to look attentive.

    One thing i wonder.. was he really that enamored with her or was he playing her up to really get her to spill her crazy, to show off her loose mind?

    and the pic.. umm… Poor Cody is all I can get out.
    Gonna go play Minecraft and build myself a big safe castle and blow up some mobs.

  40. VintageBum says:

    Oh Dina..Dina Dina…. Really? She needs to take a good look at her children…oh wait shes too busy looking in the mirror, having a glass(es) of wine, and whoring out her daughters.

  41. Bess says:


    Please tell me that you’ve had a chance to review White Oprah & Hurricane Crackhead’s birthday “kiss” photo on d-listed or rumor fix. What do you think?

  42. Amy says:

    @Bad Fairy – the White Oprah thing stems from an old crackie interview where she was saying how all her kids’ friends come to her for advice because she’s so great at it. She actually said, “I’m like the White Oprah.”

  43. the original bellaluna says:

    Madisyn – There you are!! (I still feel like hard-boiled ass. Like I’ve been snorting like a Lohan and the congestion in my sinuses is TERRIBLE.)

    WO left off the “adult” part in between the “I’ve been in the” and “entertainment industry” in that interview.

    I’m sure WO was working the ho stroll long before her scabby-kneed, tragic extension-wearing, plastic-surgery’d monstrosities were a glimmer in her fiendish uterus.

    (Wow. That sounded HARSH. I think I need a cracktini or three and a dip in the vodka vat. And an oar-size straw.)

  44. the original bellaluna says:

    Bess, you r-e-a-l-l-y need to warn a Crack Cliquer about that pick before sending me off on a Clan of the Crackhead treasure hunt like that.

    YIKES doesn’t begin to cover it!

  45. Dawning Red says:

    Lindsay and Dina swapping spit at the party was bad enough, but now it turns out they were on a double date with Hulk Hogan and Brooke! o.o

  46. Madisyn says:


    I just got in and I want to say to you: THANKS A F$&^KIN LOT! Please don’t ask me to ‘review’ this idiotic attention whore stunt again. I’m just here to change and head out again and you had to go and ruin my second Friday night out in 3 1/2 months. As if I wasn’t already going to have several drinks, now I’m going to have to get wasted. Just kidding, playing with you. (Well you know me well enough to know which parts I was joking with you and which parts I wasn’t)

    Other than that I have few words. (I know, a first for me) Its disgusting, amoral (look who I’m talkin about) and just plain, downright WRONG.

  47. JaneWonderfalls says:

    It’s sad when a mother is an enabler of their child’s drug abuse just to cash in…

  48. labyrinth says:

    OMG head over to RumourFix to see Dina & Crackie daughter in a trashed out legs wrapped over each other on a couch ‘birthday kiss’. EEEEw

  49. Annie says:

    OMG at that kissing pic. I want to think it’s just an awkward photo and they were just leaning in to talk or something – but they have their legs entangled around each other and Dina is pulling her fingers through Lindsay’s hair – not much room for ambiguity there. And then there is another kissing pic from last month – http://danasdirt.com/2011/08/25/lindsay-lohan-kisses-her-mom-ew/. Could there be some dreadful McKenzie Phillips type situation and that’s what’s been wrong with Linds all along? If so no wonder poor Lindsay can’t stay sober for a day. I really hope it’s just a bad picture.

  50. Seal Team 6 says:

    That kissing photo is bizarre. I would just think it nothing, except for the tangled legs thing. Two cracked out people so cracked out they don’t realize what they doing? The sequel to “The Kiss”? WTF?

    This is really strange.

    I’m really close to my Mom, but we would never, ever sit like that. Who knows. Methed out people do crazy crackie things.

  51. Sidney says:

    She is disgusting. I had to laugh when she declined a cocktail. I am sure she had already had MANY before the interview.

  52. Seal Team 6 says:

    All my posts keep disappearing.

  53. Bess says:


    Sorry for not warning you my friend. I was so grossed out, I forgot my manners.

    Seal Team 6,

    Did you notice that Dina is also grabbing onto The Cracken’s hair in the photo as well?

    Over on D-Listed a poster named “tralala” has posted an interesting analysis of the photo by comparing the mother/daughter relationship in “Black Swan” to the White Oprah / Cracken relationship. I think she may be onto something.

  54. Boo says:

    I think it is a set up to be “provocative.” She’ll hiss, spit, and throw glassware at photographers to stop pics she doesn’t want out there–and yet these pics are out there for all to see–leading me to think she supports their publication. Trashy Loserhan.

  55. Madisyn says:


    Hi honey, you know I was being sarcastic, right? No one is closer than me and my mom but I wouldn’t think of doing this. My mom is a prim and proper type and even though I obviously didn’t inherit her ‘class’, she wouldn’t ‘allow’ me to do this type of ‘look at me’ crap. Who does this shit? I don’t think theres anything nefarious going on other than famewhores trying to get attention/publicity. They are ‘Lohans’ afterall.


    Feelin better yet? Nothing worse than feelin bad/sick. Oh and by the way your last comments here were NOT ‘harsh’, I thought they were a bit subdued, given the ‘people’ you were talkin about.

  56. Dawning Red says:

    Okay, so a mother-daughter pair of delusional coked-out alcoholic methheads share french kisses and begin an incestous lesbian relationship between shots of vodka and lines of cocaine. What could possibly go wrong?

    Just one question though: If they break up, who gets custody of the sea jasper collection?

  57. DemoCat says:

    I refuse to believe that I am 19 days older than this woman.

  58. Lady D says:

    “I’m really close to my Mom, but we would never, ever sit like that.”
    Agree Seal Team. I personally, at 51, don’t have a single friend that treats their parent like those 2 crackheads in that pic. I feel so bad for that boy, I want to bring him home and give him some normalcy.

  59. Madisyn says:

    Dawning Red

    “Just one question though: If they break up, who gets custody of the sea jasper collection”?

    YOU owe my mother an apology. After I read that comment above, I freightened her something awful. The SOUND that came out of my mouth was. . . I’m not sure what it was? It was something between a laugh, a snort, a cackle. Again I’m not sure. I do, however, have a possible answer to your query: Whoever survives.

    Lady D

    I’ve discussed with you the relationship I have with my mother, BUT although we might sit and hold hands, legs and hips touching side by side, if I tried to liplock her like that and IN PUBLIC no less, she’d SLAP MY FACE!

    Now its time for dip in the pool and a LARGE cracktini. BTW, where’s my twin, bellaluna?

  60. Cindy says:

    That picture. I don’t know where to start. If I was ever high out of my mind in front of my mother, her first instinct wouldn’t be to get trashed with me and make out. She’d probably be dragging me to the ER while cursing me out about how she “raised me better than this”.

  61. Bess says:


    Yes, I know you were being sarcastic; however, I think this photo highlights just how screwed up this mother/daughter relationship is.

  62. echolocate says:

    The full slideshow on RumorFix has some frightening pictures of Ali. Her face looks more normal, but her freckles remain sandblasted/Michael Jacksoned. The scariest part, however, is her spindly legs and arms. Sorry Dina, but you may need to put your fabulous dance career on hold to tend to your younger daughter’s nutrition situation.

    Why does Dina need a big 49th birthday blowout at a Manhattan bar, anyway? How about a nice family event back on Long Island? A nightclub is not a home, no matter how much she and Lindsay want to believe it. It’s like her whole celebration was tailored to meet Lindsay’s wants, rather than those of her two underage kids.

    If gnarly, bark covered Dina falls down drunk at a family barbecue on the patio on Long Island and no paparazzi are around to capture it, did she really fall?

  63. UrFavoriteBartender says:

    The Lohans. Ah yes. Living, breathing, delusional proof of what happens to weak minds who have gone off the deep end of fame.

    Everything about their very existence disgusts me at such a deep level at this point. I feel very sad for the people forced to be around them :(

  64. UrFavoriteBartender says:

    Oh and I cant stand Taylor Lautner’s face either!!! Something about it is… just wrong. I cringe everytime I see it. Weird!

  65. BBDenver303 says:

    Stupid GASH and GASHETTE

  66. wunderkindt says:

    ” I was a (pole) dancer back in NY”. -Crack Mom

    “He’s a new designer, so I cant really talk about him”. -Crack Mom
    (This makes no sense!)

    Just look at her twitch/fidget bcz she’s itching for that fix!

  67. wunderkindt says:

    They look like Mom and Spawn Ho’s working the same corner.

  68. Cam says:

    What a messed up family.

  69. Jules says:

    “I’m a dancer, so….”

  70. Leah says:

    Why are these two even leaving the house at this point?

  71. e.non says:

    shouldn’t they be headed back to l.a. — afterall there are all those emmy parties just waiting for the lohans to crash

  72. SolitaryAngel says:

    “Clan of the Crackhead treasure hunt”


  73. Original Tiffany says:

    The kissing! Second Bellaluna, I needed warning to jump off the diving board into the cracktini pool and stay submerged for as long as I could hold my breath for that one.

    No one should have to use brain bleach this early on a Sunday. Where are the freaking Crackmosas?

  74. Sue Denim says:

    Oh my god. Lindsay seriously sounds like her mother. Same utter, relentless bullshit. Same incapability to accept responsibility, same delusions, same cracky voice, same fucking crazy.
    Dina Lohan is scum.

  75. cheaterssuck91 says:

    Mama Crackwhore and Crackie Jr. are the delusional gift that keeps on giving.

  76. Jilly Bean says:

    wow. this just makes me pity lindsay… if thats your mom, no wonder you have problems…

  77. Cherry Rose says:

    Sigmund Freud would have a field day with this.

  78. Pharmd534 says:

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