Brad Pitt backtracks: “It is not that Jen was dull, but…”


There are a lot of people (Anistonloonies) who are still upset about Brad Pitt’s interview in this Sunday’s Parade Magazine. It seems that SEVEN YEARS LATER, Brad still isn’t allowed to talk about HIS issues in his marriage to Jennifer Aniston and why he’s so much happier and more fulfilled in his partnership with Angelina Jolie. I have many theories as to why Brad said what he said and why Aniston’s fan girls are screaming and yelling about his comments. But that’s a conversation for another time, and I think the 400+ comments on that post are evidence enough that The Unholy, Uncool, Bermuda Triangle of Tabloid Ridiculousness is still obscenely relevant. To review, these are the relevant quotes from Brad:

“I spent the ‘90s trying to hide out, trying to duck the full celebrity cacophony. I started to get sick of myself sitting on a couch, holding a joint, hiding out. It started feeling pathetic. It became very clear to me that I was intent on trying to find a movie about an interesting life, but I wasn’t living an interesting life myself,” he continues. “I think that my marriage had something to do with it. Trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t.”

“I put much more emphasis on being a satisfied man. I’m satisfied with making true choices and finding the woman I love, Angie, and building a family that I love so much. A family is a risky venture, because the greater the love, the greater the loss. … That’s the trade-off. But I’ll take it all.”

“One of the greatest, smartest things I ever did was give my kids Angie as their mom,” he tells Parade. “She is such a great mom. Oh, man, I’m so happy to have her.”

[From Parade]

I still don’t understand why people (Anistonloonies) think Brad was making this all about Jennifer. His words were chosen with surprising care, and talk about his own “pathetic” feelings. However, Brad must have figured out that his comments were creating a backlash amongst *some* people. So he issued a carefully-worded back-track:

“It grieves me that this was interpreted this way. Jen is an incredibly giving, loving, and hilarious woman who remains my friend. It is an important relationship I value greatly. The point I was trying to make is not that Jen was dull, but that I was becoming dull to myself — and that, I am responsible for,” Pitt said in the statement.

[From Reuters]

…And now I respect Brad less because he defended Aniston’s “not dull” honor. He should have just let the comments stay out there, without any hedging. Granted, I think he’s just clarifying something that I already felt – it wasn’t an attack on Aniston, but just his description of where HE was emotionally at a certain point in time.

…Or is Brad’s hedge so carefully worded that it’s just going to add more fuel to the Anistonloonie flame-war? If you really parse it, “The point I was trying to make is not that Jen was dull, but that I was becoming dull to myself — and that, I am responsible for” – that’s not really a denial that Aniston is dull and uninteresting (and vapid and superficial, IMO), Brad is just saying that calling Aniston dull was not his original intention. It’s not a specific denial that she is, in fact, dull. Of course, the whole “Jen is an incredibly giving, loving, and hilarious woman who remains my friend” part is sure to appease the Anistonloonies somewhat.

Go ahead and yell at me. Just know that personally, I wish Brad would shop giving a crap about his ex-wife and her fanbase. I wish he would just step up and really voice a passionate defense of Angelina, beyond the fact that she‘s the mother of his six children. Even though the Parade comments were from Brad, talking about HIS issues, so many people dragged Angelina into their scorching insults like she was the one who made the remarks – and that always happens. I’d like to see Brad step in just once and act as a human shield for all of the crap that’s thrown on Angelina. I thought that the Parade interview was a step in the right direction, but with this new hedge, I’m kind of pissed at Brad.



Photos courtesy of Parade, WENN.

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  1. searching4grace says:

    I liked that he FINALLY said something about the marriage and what happened instead of always hearing the “woe is me” from Jen. I think the backtracking comes from guilt. No matter how miserable he might have been, he cheated, fell in love, and then went on to be deliriously happy with what might be his “soulmate”. The press did, and continues to, eat them alive. They probably didn’t think it would still be in the tabloid SEVEN years later even with Jen egging it on. Ugh. I’m sick of it. He should have stood by his words and just let them roll.

  2. the original bellaluna says:

    Could they ALL please just shut up about it already?

    Because if, after 7 YEARS, this is still a topic, what have the last 7 YEARS of all of their lives been about?

  3. dorothy says:

    Back-peddle, back-peddle. Worried about the opening weekend of the movie?

  4. truthSF says:

    I’m right there with you Kaiser, Brad job is to defend his family, not his past MISTAKE (Jen).

    F#$k the haters!!!

  5. gee says:

    Sweet, dumb Bradley.

  6. Angel says:

    Whoa. Has he ever actually admitted he and Jen remained friends before now!? I mean a huge part of all the crazy ass speculation was always because he just wouldn`t SAY anything outright and Jen kiiinda did but it was always vague and awkward. This is all so outta left-field and sudden when he has been so closed-mouthed about her up until now. And lord knows he has never outright gushed over her or shown any remorse for the pain he may cause her. I am … confused. What gave?

    ETA: Oh. she has a relationship now and no longer wants us to gossip about her and Brad. so, naturally, they can all talk about it now as if it isnt some big scandal. so f-cking contrived. Shocker!!

  7. truthSF says:

    And those two looked stoned out of their minds in that picture of them together.

  8. tapioca says:

    They’re not “Anistonloonies”; I believe the technical term is “Jen-Hens”!

    “I don’t read about Angie or me in the press. I don’t see anything. […] The thing that really amazed me was when someone would describe why I did something, or what I was feeling. I used to go mental over it and try to fight it. But it was a futile battle, so I just gave up on it.”

    Except for just now, Brad. Because you’re hyper PR-sensitive and too dumb to re-read your OWN interview before publicly contradicting it!!

  9. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I am really confused as to why Aniston fans just didn’t get that he was talking about himself. It was plain as day. I feel really bad for him, people just ripped him to shreds, took his words out of context. Poor guy. This was a sad ass lil debacle and it was pathetic. Are people just not that bright? Do we have to scandalize everything to enjoy it?

    @Searching4grace He didn’t cheat. Angie sure as sh*t didn’t cheat so therefore Brad didn’t. Brad is a decent guy and he knows how sensitive Jen is. He doesn’t want her feelings to get hurt. I am the same way with my Exs, with people in general. I don’t need to kick anyone when they are down.

  10. Overrated says:

    Wow, so many people over the internet just cannot forgive Brad for dumping Jen. You would think they were married to him themselves. Pathetic.

  11. Cindy says:

    He had to do that to clarify for the stupid, overly sensitive people. I took it as you did, it was about him and not Jen.

  12. NeNe says:

    I hope that he wasn’t speaking bad of Jen, because truly, that is not a nice thing to do.

    When I think about it though, Angie does seem like a pretty exciting woman. While Jen if more of a homebody to me. Brad knew what he was getting when he married Jen, so he needs to STFU. This shouldn’t even be an issue anymore, because they both have moved on. As long as they are both happy, that is all that married.

  13. Sloane Wyatt says:

    I’m so over the ‘triangle’. Brad was married. He cheated. Granted, he told Jen sooner than later. Then, he ran off to be with his ‘true love’, Angelina. The end.

    I believe this story, old as time, resonates and becomes an archetype and a filter of our own experiences and feelings. Who knows, maybe centuries from now this will become an enduring legend like King Arthur and Helen of Troy?


  14. Lacey says:

    Call me a “Faniston” or whatever, but I just felt like he cheated on his wife, rubbed her face in it almost immediately (and was celebrated for it), and now 1000 years later sort of blames her for it because her “pathetic” life wasn’t “interesting” enough for him. No one else is responsible for your happiness! If he wasn’t happy, he should have manned up and gotten a divorce. I really think he should have just kept his comments on the family and life he has now, and not bring Jen into it at all. If he’s so happy now, he doesn’t need to validate that by making retroactive swipes at his ex.

    With that said, I have always resented how all the bad press over this whole situation has been placed on Angie and Jen’s shoulders and that Brad has somehow been above the fray. Unbelievable…

  15. Cherry Rose says:

    I still don’t understand why people got mad over his comments.

    During the past 6-7 years, Brad’s pretty much alluded to the fact that his marriage to Jennifer Aniston was dull, and he was left feeling unfulfilled. All he’s done now is finally come out and say exactly how he felt, instead of giving a vague quote here or there.

    So seriously people, get over it. There are two sides of every story, and for these past years, we’ve been hearing Jennifer’s side. I think it’s fair that Brad got to tell his.

  16. artgirl says:

    From CNN Jun 2010

    The shaggy actor later explained that the decision to let his grooming go was more personal than professional. “It’s boredom,” explained Pitt. “No other reason than that.”

    The man is bipolar.

  17. casey says:

    i feel the same way .as an angelina fan , i am just so disappointed with brad.he cares so much about his image that he forgot to respect the mother of his children.angelina has been attacked left and right for the last six years because of this triangle and yet the faher of her children never defended her.he want to please aniston fans.doesn’t he knows that angi has more fans that aniston all over the world.just look at her box office records.he’s afraid of aniston fans who by the way will never watch her movies no matter what than angelina fans like me who always supporeted him because of angie but now are so disaapointed with him.he should think of angie fans too.

  18. Jezi says:

    We all know Jen isn’t his friend but the point is, he doesn’t have to insult Jennifer or his marriage with her, to give greater meaning to his relationship with Angelina. Angie is obviously special since she’s the mother of his children. So what’s even the point of bringing up his past marriage. He could’ve left his marriage as subject that he did not feel he needed to comment on. And frankly, I’m not an Angeloonie. Granted I was really pissed when the entire situation went down. I thought it was a total disrespect, however, lately Jennifer’s behavior has really damaged my feelings on her as well. I still stand by what I feel about Brad’s initial comment.

  19. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Brad is wearing a velour track suit top! He probably put on jeans for the photos so he’s not captured in all his track suited glory, peering through his aviators, wandering the halls of his latest enormous chateau.

  20. Ell says:

    ‘I wish he would just step up and really voice a passionate defense of Angelina, beyond the fact that she‘s the mother of his six children.’

    The Oscar is obviously more important to him.

    When are women going to wake up to the fact it’s Brad who is and always was the cause of the triangle. Angelina and Jen have both been called the most hateful names and accused of all sorts of evil deeds when this man comes up smelling of roses always.

    I don’t get his popularity at all. Yes he was a pretty boy in Thelma and Louise but the fact is he’s a dull and boring actor with fading looks and a not too high IQ.

    I wish women would stick together and respect each other. Come on it’s time to stop all the hate for these women and admit that Brad is a shallow a**hole.

    If it wasn’t for the kids being hurt, I wish Angelina would dump him for someone more interesting and deserving of her.

  21. Ms Smith says:

    ‘Jen is an incredibly giving, loving, and hilarious woman who remains my friend. ‘
    This bit interested me the most. So he still has a friendship with his ex. The triangle is real. Long live the AJ BP JA triangle.

  22. Eve says:

    Go ahead and yell at me. Just know that personally, I wish Brad would shop giving a crap about his ex-wife and her fanbase. I wish he would just step up and really voice a passionate defense of Angelina, beyond the fact that she‘s the mother of his six children.

    Oh, my god, I love you! I have been saying this for ages.

    And yes, the back tracking was a cowardly thing to do.

    P.S.: I’m telling you, there are champaigne bottles corks being popped at Huvane’s office right now.

  23. carrie says:

    i ‘m tired of Brangelina/Aniston triangle: it was 7 years ago,it’s over!!!

  24. casey says:

    There’s no need to issue an statement brad.Now you also loose angelina’s should always take into consideration the mother of your children.As an angie fan , I lost interest in watching his movie.How can i watch it when i am mad at him.Thia only shows that Brad is a weak man.He cannot stand by what he said.prove the Angie is the stronger between the two.Never heard her defended herself.She just doesn’t care what people say.I used to love them equally when they first hook up but I slowly became more of an angie fan as years goes by.

  25. Addie says:

    I started to get sick of myself sitting on a couch, holding a joint, hiding out. It started feeling pathetic. It became very clear to me that I was intent on trying to find a movie about an interesting life, but I wasn’t living an interesting life myself,” he continues. “I think that my marriage had something to do with it.

    So what the hell kind of husband was he just ‘sitting around and smoking a joint’ Where was the initiative to spice up his marraige?

    Even now, he just follows where movie sets and Angie’s travels take him, he just goes with the flow of his women.

    “team anti-Brad”

    Angie and Jen should meet, talk and put this whole mess behind them already.

  26. serena says:

    Oh well this will give A LOT of unnecessary attention to Jen. And THAT pisses me off.
    Yeah Brad should had just shut up and let the people talk about it, because now we’re at it again: the poor Aniston pity-party.


    I don’t think they are in contact or anything he said ‘friends’ just to be good. Figures, I’d preferred if he really did the human-shield thing for Angelina, she deserves it NOT Jen.

  27. Lee says:

    I was one of the commenters on yesterday’s post, and I feel I need to clarify – I am NOT a fan of Aniston, nver have been, likely never will be. However, I still think what he said was unecessary and cruel. He had no business dragging a former partner into a discusssion of how much happier he is with his new partner. That belief stands, no matter what I think of the acting/life skills, etcetera, of any of the people involved. And I think most commenters felt the way I did. I don’t think it’s fair to dismiss those who thought it was a low-class remark as “Anistonloonies”, because I for one am not a “loonie” for any one of them. And his backtracking today doesn’t change my opinion either. Still lame, Brad.

  28. Boo says:

    He’s an asshole. I am not an “Anistonloonie,” but I fail to see how publicly insulting one’s ex-wife (on whom one cheated very publicly, humiliating said ex-wife) is in any way a good idea. Is he still trying to make it seem like his affiar was HER fault? And he does not need to mention Jennifer in order to praise Angelina–he is being a douchebag, pure and simple.

  29. mln76 says:

    Well I wish he could be more blunt but exactly what could he say. Remember the time that Chelsea called Angie a C You Next Tuesday then went out for margaritas with Jen. Remember when Jen made the joke about my kids? Do you really think that would solve things in any way?

    He’d sound like a whiner and a cry baby. I believe the W photos that he took was his attempt at fighting back.

    The narrative has been written and they fit too well with their images for most to notice that Jen & Huvane are manipulating the situation to her advantage basing her whole public image since Friends on the fact that Brad Pitt left her so that no one notices how bad her movies are.

  30. Ella says:

    This loser is even passive aggressive towards his parents and is often disparaging the way they raised him. When he was with Jen he was always singing their praises, now with Angelina who hates them, he is always making bad comments about religion and his childhood. Talk about small minded pathetic loser. Apology not accepted, I am glad he is getting a backlash and people have turned on him. I hope his movie bombs and hollywood shuns him.

  31. Sara says:

    If the question were asked, who would you rather spend a year with on a desert island, Angie or Jen?, I would pick Angie.

    I mean, they have SIX kids! Come on, Angie must be great and she and Brad must have something going for them. They have so much money they could split any time. There must be something good keeping them together.

    I know I would never have kids with someone I didn’t adore. My husband is the one! There has to be a there there!

    But I’ve never been a Jen fan. I like her clothes sometimes but her acting and personal life are pretty boring. It’s not like she’s doing all the humanitarian stuff Jolie does. I really respect Jolie for how much she seems to care about people who have less than she does and I think she brought out that quality in Brad.

  32. Cirque28 says:

    @Ell: True. People who find themselves at the apex of a love triangle for more than a minute are usually getting an ego boost (or some kind of thrill) from it.

  33. sassenach says:

    Kaiser, your whole assessment of this mess has been on point. Brad is a little bitch for backtracking. It doesn’t matter that he tried to make his feelings clearer Fanistons will STILL be mad that he felt his marriage and his life at the time was a fraud. Nevermind that Jen has even stated that she also got caught up in the whole golden couple and that it wasn’t real. It seems like only Brad has to burn.

  34. Anaya says:

    I’m not on Team JA or Team Brangie but come on now this whole thing has gotten out of hand and it’s been going on for way too long, imho. I still think that Brad should have said things differently because to me it did read as an insult to JA and their marriage even though he didn’t intend for it to be perceived that way.

    Yes indeed he and JA both have the right (and perhaps the need?) to speak their truth on their relationship so I don’t feel that he doesn’t have a right to speak publicly and honestly about it. And I don’t think that Brad should have to tip toe when talking about JA either just because he fears her fans will attack him or he’ll be portrayed even worse in the media.

    Tbh, maybe it would be best for all of them (fans and media included) to simply stop talking about it, referencing it, comparing/contrasting their current relationships to this particular union of Brad and Jen because it doesn’t really benefit any of them and someone always seem to get their feelings hurt or feel misinterpreted or upset over it.

  35. Jane says:

    How simple and boring is this man if he needs another person to take any interests? I guess he needs a clown to entertain him.
    How arrogant can he be when his biggest problem is boredom?
    Imagine having his problems.

  36. S says:

    oooh oooh what IF it was ALL planned – I mean, Angelina is a master at publicity. What if he gave the initial remarks, knowing it was reasonable and would win points with some, but that some would also go crazy, leading to the SECOND remarks, which are all nice and friendly to the Aniston crazies? He’s covering all his bases AND adding more fuel to the triangle fire by saying they are friends etc.

    I like my version haha

  37. mfisher33 says:

    What an A$$hat! Just because he is so friggin happy with his new love does not mean that he needs to denigrate his marriage to someone else. I grow to dislike him more every time he talks.

  38. Leticia says:

    Here is my ranking of stupidity and dullness among that trio: Brad is the dullest and dumbest by far. Followed by Aniston in second place. And Jolie is not dull or dumb.

  39. serena says:

    Reading all the comments.. I’m starting to feel for Brad..He never said anything in those past SEVEN YEARS about his past marriage or Jen so LET THE MAN SPEAK. If he wants to talk trash about it, let it be, but that’s not the case (although I’d love it) and he’s being respectful and kind -maybe too much.
    So what the hell do you want? If he wants to express himself and for ONCE talk about his feeling let it be (also it seemed like he couldn’t talk about it in the past ’cause it would have stirred up a mess -like now btw).

    Maybe he should just give another statement and say to people to get a life and stop criticizing his every move. I’m seeing Angelina shake her head sigghing now (luckily she’s never lost her cool).

  40. htk says:

    I don’t think any of them need my sympathy, but if these were acquaintances in my circle… my hopes would be that they would, conscious of their linked fates in the handling of the little shitstorm, shut up about it.

    Any human shield behavior or explanation/rationale (particularly seven years later) is guache.

  41. Bite me says:

    And the beat goes on… Angie girl watch ur back

  42. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Oh Ella don’t delude yourself. His rebuttal was for Jen not her fans. Hollywood isn’t gonna shun him over Jen Aniston. I am sorry but that isn’t gonna happen. Brad Pitt is an institution he has branded and burned himself into Hollywood history baby, he isn’t going anywhere.

    Just because he was married to Jen Aniston doesn’t mean that when he says “I think it was because of my marriage..” does in anyway, shape or form mean that he blames Jen for anything, or faults her for anything or is trying to insult her. Why can’t people get this? He is trying to say that being married forced him to really look at the life he was leading. Did he really want the life he was living? Lets be real, even though Jen wanted to work on that relationship she wasn’t happy either. If you have to go to counseling and all this BS to make your relationship work then neither person is happy. Brad just opted to get out. He isn’t wrong for that. Yes Jen was hurt but he couldn’t stay with her. Jen deserves someone to make her happy the way she needs to be.

    Look I know alot of you have been scorned far worse then I have…but I think alot of you are taking this too personally.

  43. Sillyone says:

    @tapioca bwwhahahaha lmao “Jen Hens”

  44. SisterMaryHotPantz says:

    Its clear that Huvane got on the phone with Brad’s publicist and asked for a public apology.
    GeezF***ingLouise Aniston!

  45. Jules says:

    Christ, he was not into Jen. Let it go. He’s happy. She’s happy.

  46. ShanKat says:

    White terry cloth with a plastic zipper?! WHAT?

    I worked on a soundstage where Brad worked for a couple weeks, a million years ago.

    He was handsome, super nice, never late for his call time, smelled really good…

    …and man, was he dumb. In a pleasant way…not druggy (he was actually pretty Christian and religious back then)…just SUPER duh. Not a lot happening behind those blue eyes. Never guessed he’d become such a master of the universe.

  47. Kimbob says:

    I am not a Jenn Anniston fan AT ALL. However, I don’t think he should have brought up his past marriage to her at all. What good did it do? We now see it just tore the scabs off…now the floodgates are open for all to discuss that marriage/divorce AGAIN. Really? It’s OLD NEWS.

    Also, why couldn’t he just discuss his present marriage, his present feelings? Also, his comment about encouraging people to “see the world?” @Kimm was right….SOME of us just don’t have that kind of money.

    One more comment…he’s not aging well at all. Every pic of him lately just reminds me that he’s looking more & more like an old goat. Seriously…he looks like a goat!

  48. Sue says:

    He just dumbed down his original comment for Jen fans that didn’t get what he was saying to begin with. He doesn’t have to defense Angelina she can take care of herself, Jen can’t that’s why she has people like Chelsea Handler do it for her.

    The whole were friends thing is old news it been said before that they wish each other happy birthday and stuff like that just like Angelina still is friends with both her ex’s and talks to them.

  49. glyrics says:

    That’s what he actually said. It had to be explained for the reading challenged

    “jen hens” *snicker*

  50. Jezi says:

    OMG he was with Jennifer for 7 years and loved her enough to ask her to marry him. People change all the time, it didn’t work out. No one should be blamed for it not working. Clearly many people are sick of hearing about that relationship. That’s the whole point, stfu about it already. That means all of them.

  51. Lola says:

    You don’t understand why people were making his remarks to be about Jen? Maybe it’s because you and other bloggers made it about Jen! Saying he was miserable, he was tired of sitting on the couch smoking pot with Jen, etc. Go back and read your post from yesterday, perhaps that will clue you in.

  52. JulieM says:

    He did say that his marriage was dull. Fine, he’s happier where he is and it looks like Jen is finally happier where she is. He didn’t have to say that, though. Kinda nasty. Sounds like Jen wasn’t entertaining him enough.

    Boo: Agree with your statement. Sounds like he was trying to blame her for his infidelity. That’s what I was trying to say but you said it better.

    BTW, I’m not on either team. I think all three of them are overrated.

  53. anon says:

    He’s a coward and idiot. We all knew this was coming. Whatever, dude!

  54. Pix says:

    I don’t get why Jennifer Aniston has fans. She is SO dull. She makes TERRIBLE movies. All she cares about is her tan, her hair, her body. She never has anything interesting to say unless she’s crying about being left.
    This woman has made millions of dollars with limited talent and by maximizing her average looks.

  55. Rudyoatudie says:

    He makes Justin Theroux look more and more interesting, manly and attractive with every word out of his mouth.

    If my husband sat around stoned and Miley all the time, I’d be glad he left.

    Angie brings the fuh-reak. Tatts, blood vials, extremely creepy ex’s. I’m sure that never gets boring per se, but does it ever get secure? Can he ever let his guard down with her? Methinks not. I guess that is exciting.

  56. Linda says:

    What a total loser…his upcoming movie must be another total bomb as he has to use Jen and their relationship to get media attention.

    Honestly…Brad and Angie just need to go away quietly and raise their kids…

  57. lem says:

    i still think he’s a douche. i’m not really a fan of any of them. he’s a douche for bringing up his ex-wife as some excuse for why he was so unhappy and pathetic– take responsibility for your actions and stop blaming other people. he’s a douche for not throwing himself in front of the critics when they go after AJ and blame her for breaking up a marriage. he refuses to EVER take responsibility for the positive and negative aspects of his relationships. therefore IMO he is an asshole. a very dumb asshole.

  58. Canuck says:

    I don’t think the backtracking was for Jen or her fans. I think he realized that he came off as a douche, because Brad Pitt or Joe Blow, when you publicly denigrate your ex while going on about how fabulous the woman you left her for is, it’s a classless move. I’m sure he’s got a fair number of fans who like him without being caught up in the whole triangle circus. And those fans are quite capable of seeing that Pitt’s remarks show him to not be the “good guy” he tries so hard to appear to be. And we all know that Pitt is all about the image.

  59. Rudyoatudie says:

    I meant to type stoned and morose, but got autocorrected.

  60. Kimbob says:

    BTW, I’ve lost any & all respect for Brad. It’s bad enough he had to re-hash the past…explaining how he felt years ago. BUT…now he’s back-tracking?

    He’s not a MAN to me. If he felt that way, THEN STICK TO IT. Don’t be wishy-washy & give some half-hearted explanation or clarification. He’s PANDERING plain & simple. This is not a good characteristic. He’s a sell-out & has no integrity.

  61. Jeanette says:

    Nope not “Anistonloonies” when yahoo released it last night I read some of the blogs and comments that mentioned that article and EVERYONE..said he stuck his foot in his mouth. He didnt have to bring that up but chose to. No reason for it at all. None. And and the comment the dummy defended was the less offensive of the two..he needs to just shut up and be Angie’s bitch.

    ” Even though the Parade comments were from Brad, talking about HIS issues, so many people dragged Angelina into their scorching insults like she was the one who made the remarks – and that always happens. I’d like to see Brad step in just once and act as a human shield for all of the crap that’s thrown on Angelina. I thought that the Parade interview was a step in the right direction, but with this new hedge, I’m kind of pissed at Brad.” —Im pretty sure that’s their point, and in the real world people associate you with who you surround yourself with, and in hollywood when a cpl makes a comment it usually reflects the whole not the half..he acts like he doesnt have a brain in his head when he speaks about relationships and people. Common decency outside his little circle. Charity sure..decency and respect none.

    There was 0 reason to bring this up again. He went there for 1 of 2 reasons. Ego/Jealousy (passive agressive was something I read about him) or 2 to create controversy for the sake of his movie-either way was selfish and entirely self motivated.

    He created this whole Aniston is a victim thing. And now that shes not hes got it going again…

  62. Sara says:

    I think the bigger picture here is why is he even discussing who he was in the nineties? We all grow up decade after decade and become more mature and look for more meaning in life. What is satisfying at one point in your life is not at another point. As we age, we evolve, some of us anyway. He doesn’t have to explain why he was who he was a decade ago. It’s okay

  63. Iggles says:

    Omg! This is such a non-story! Jen-hens need to get a life. That’s what Brad has, not that he isn’t with Jen.. 😉

  64. Calli Pygian says:


    Kaiser, you are so Fangirl #1!


  65. Maritza says:

    Here is an idea, why don’t they both (Brad and Jennifer) STFU about their divorce and simply refuse to talk about the subject again. Seven years have passed,it’s not like they are the only couple in Hollywood to fall out of love. He is happy and she is happy so why don’t people move on?

  66. Cheyenne says:

    @Dorothy: Of all the ridiculous comments. You think Brad backtracked because he has a movie coming out? You loonifers weren’t going to see it anyway so why would be care?

    I’m with Kaiser. As I said on the other thread, he should have left his marriage out of the whole thing, but once he said it, he should have said screw it to anyone stupid enough to take it out of context. He was talking about how he felt, not about Aniston — who, any way you cut it, is a boring cow. John Mayer said the same thing about her, that she’s stuck in the 1980’s. No wonder they both bailed on her. I mean, what man wouldn’t?

  67. Flan says:

    Jen is dull.

    She’s always been a big yawn to me.

  68. Sakyiwaa says:

    SH*T, i wish he hadn’t backtracked! but WTF? this guy has been walking on eggshells since he decided he wanted his life to move in ANOTHER DIRECTION!

    WTF? WTF? WTF?

    IT’S HIS LIFE! why does everyone want to tell him how to live it! the other day, i saw an interview he did with Oprah in 2004, he looked like he wanted to be HONEST about his situation but AGAIN… he backtracked and Oprah joked that they might need a few TEQUILAS before he could get into it….

    I love him still! But I hate how he feels like he has to please Jen and Jenhens and be miserable for the REST of his life. Yeah, well… he’s NOT. so eat that, Jenhens.

    LOVE YOU, PITT, OKAY. Keep moving on, this will blow over like Aniston’s destruction of A FOURTEEN YEAR OLD RELATIONSHIP blew OVER….because she is effing JESUS and does no WRONG !!!!

    Every cloud has a silver lining so… In retrospect, Brad Pitt, it’s cool you respect Aniston’s feelings…

    And also for the BO for Moneyball… which was going so well btw!

    But dang, you opened a can of big, fat wormies yesterday!

  69. Melissa says:

    Ya it is time to get over all of this mess. I don’t dislike any of them and will still see their movies if the movie looks interesting to me. Done and Done.

  70. Addie says:

    He is talking negativly about the ex and their marraige (his comment about the 90’s… Hello he was with his ex for at leaste half of the 90’s)
    He wants to stop the tabloid stories but ended up making Jen the underdog and him looking like a douche.
    This is worse for him than tabloid gossip.

    Bravo you idiot.

  71. Daphne says:

    Kaiser, you made it sound like Ms Aniston has a big fan base.

    No, one doesn’t have to be a anistonloonie to find Mr Pitt is a mediocre actor who is not even a gentleman.

    @Love Angliena: Mr Pitt is an institution? Honey, I get your fascination with Brangie couple, but, seriously you need to watch more good movies.

  72. mln76 says:

    @Sara why is he even discussing who he was in the nineties?

    Do you get that he was getting INTERVIEWED? Talking about his career and his films from the 90’s on. The whole context of the quote was reviewing his work at and how it’s changed over the years. The man has been in Thelma & Louise, Fight Club, The Assasination of Jessie James etc. his filmography is legendary.

  73. KatScorp says:

    Jeebus –

    Frickin’ –


    I believe BOTH sides, the Brangeloons AND the Jenhens/whathaveyou are as bad as eachother. 400+ comments filled with personal accusations towards other posters, again, BOTH sides AS BAD AS EACH OTHER!!!

    Line up so that I can slap each and every one of you silly. Now. The line between being “bitchy” and being a cu next Tuesday was crossed by both sides of this so-called triangle; neither side can claim moral superiority here.

    I couldn’t give a flying frick how much you believe that YOUR side of this debate is the “right” one; how often you think your side has been “proven” to be the “victimised” party involved.

    After seven years of the tabloids MAKING SHIT UP Every. Other. Week – inventing sources, faking quotes, cherry picking photos and taking real quotes from interviews out of context – maybe, JUST MAYBE, you can’t be sure about who has said what. Or if they said something, what they meant – the context or even what the orginal question was.

    Consider how much money the tabloids make from this triangle! I’d wager it’s more than BP, AJ and JA’s incomes COMBINED. That a lot of incentive to blow every comment out of proportion, take any sentence out of context and to keep asking – in every interview – the same damn questions in the hope of keeping the triangle alive. MAYBE if the Brangeloons and Jenloons didn’t go batshit crazy every time the subject is raised, it wouldn’t be so profitable and would finally go away. How much money d’ya reckon the 400+ comments earned through page clicks? Comments that were driven by each side’s passionate, rediculous need to one-up each other.

    Thank the gossip gods that the LeAnn threads don’t descend into this level of vitriol and tabloid-mind-controlled fecal throwing. There’s gossip for personal entertainment, absolutely; THIS is scary personal involvement and disturbing personal attacks towards eachother. Again – “bitchy,” and cu next Tuesday – there’s a DIFFERENCE!

    Good night.

  74. chloe says:

    I’m just waiting on the tell-all book to come out in twenty years from one of those kids, my money is on Pax, he’s always lurking in the background pictures looking like what the hell kind of circus have I landed in.
    I have to think Gwyneth is chuckling about all of this!

  75. serena says:

    Jenloonies oh my god..I don’t get why you are so fired up about this. Really, get a life. There’s no need to offend anyone.
    I bet even Jen doesn’t give a crap anymore, and I’ll say it’s your fault if she is famous most likely because of her marriage.
    A marriage ends not just on one part, be real. And Christ, seven years passed.

  76. The Truth Fairy says:

    It’s ok Brad. She IS dull.

  77. searching4grace says:

    @Rudyoatudie LOL I liked “Stoned and Miley” better. That cracked me up!!

    @loveangelina Nobody in the public really knows if he physically cheated or not. But emotionally? Oh yeah, he completely went for Angie. He met someone, fell in love, and it was a bad situation. There are more ways to cheat than just having sex.

  78. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Daphne I don’t even watch that many Brad Pitt movies. The last Brad Pitt movie I saw was The Assassination of Jesse James. I think Brad is really talented but alot of his movies don’t appeal to me. I like action movies, he is doing more deep thinking dramas and stuff. My comment about Brad being an institution is in reference to his status in Hollywood. Brad is one of those stars whose star will never dim. Brad Pitt will always be remembered. He is apart of the fabric of Hollywood and thats an exclusive club.

  79. Mary says:

    It is not just Jen’s fans that are angry over Brad’s comments, many of his fans are as well. Hence his clarifying statement. So sick of Brangelina and all their need to profess their undying love for one another. Such a sham

  80. Pat says:

    Here is the bigger question – do any of you believe that Brad and Jen are “good friends” and that he values this? Do any of you really even believe they talk? I sure don’t.

    Brad back tracked because the coverage he was getting was not good and he has a movie coming out. Brad’s first and foremost goal in life is to protect himself. He wants good press and for most of his life has had that. He also wants to be noticed. He needs press. I think that he thought that by mentioning Jen he would get alot of press. And he did. Nothing can bring press like Jen/Brad story. Up until now Brad could do what he wanted and the press loved him. In this case the press turned against him – and that worried him. Funny however that he never knows what is in the press, and yet within hours of the press saying bad things against him he had issued a statement. Brad really needs to get his lies straight.

    Pathetic man. To me he is the same as Jesse James now. Jesse tried to make out how boring Sandra was. Maybe both these women are – but shows how pathetic the men are to bring it up.

  81. Man,Oh,man.jen-hens will be crying about this one for the next seven years.They’ll be telling their grandchildren:Not only did I have to walk 5miles in the snow barefoot,to get to school…,BUT,I survived Brad Pitt making a comment about himself regarding his self growth.And then had to ENDURE his explaining it,because I was so bitter and insulted I took it personally.And then had to carry the weight on my shoulders of hating everything about him.(his hair,his family,his children,Praying his movies would flop).Brad Pitt scarred me for life…And,I don’t know how I SURVIVED it.

  82. SB314 says:

    Wow, I am kind of disappointed in this post. IMO, you are usually fair and spot-on in your treatment of celebrities, but your commentary REEKS of unbalanced Brangeloonie. I’m not even a fan of JA, and I kind of like AJ, but BP rubs me the wrong way and I just can’t stand the unhealthy ass-licking fan worship of this couple.

    If any other actor had made that comment, I can guarantee you would call him on it. And if any other actor consistently morphed into a version of his current partner and consistently seemed like he was trying SO hard to cultivate this intellectual personality, you wouldn’t swoon all over him. You framed this as an issue of “Anistonloonies”, but If you look on almost any other website (D-listed, EW, E-Online, even Yahoo), people overwhelmingly thought it was an unnecessary and classless thing to say. Those sites – especially D-listed – are NOT havens for JA fans. There were no implications for the triangle in most of the comments. Bottom line is that BP comes across like a giant douche.

    Isn’t your cardinal rule of gossip, “If someone is trying so hard to convince you of something, the opposite must be true?” That is how I read his comments about Angelina – it was like the Will/Jada “We f*ck 100 times a day!!!”. Trying too hard to sell it.

  83. Calli Pygian says:

    Don’t read anything into this. I am posting it because MichaelK is one funny-ass writer; his site deserves more hits, & comments have had me in tears over my coffee trying to catch my breath in the past.


  84. anon says:

    His statement should read: Hello, I’m Bradley StuPitt and I’m idiot. I have no personality, no balls, no talent. I don’t know how I got here but I guess with a help of women I have dated. i say stupid things to sound smart but that always backfires. Then I have my PR people fix them for me. The end. P.S. Please give me an Oscar already.

  85. Roma says:

    I don’t have time to read all of the comments but I will say this:

    I’m not pro Aniston but I have been married and I found his comments disrespectful.

    I like your writing Kaiser but you may be more black/white about the triangle than any of the commentators on here.

  86. Eve says:

    @ Pat:

    Here is the bigger question – do any of you believe that Brad and Jen are “good friends” and that he values this? Do any of you really even believe they talk? I sure don’t.

    Me neither.

    @ HorsePoorHanna:

    LOL! These threads have been highly entertaining.

  87. Chloe says:

    By the way, I find it interesting how many Jen fans were so eager to find her dull, pathetic etc. in someone else’s words.

    I mean, he was talking about how he himself felt, which seemed clear to so many. Why would you not see that. Why would you immediately associate it with your “girl” is sort of amusing.

  88. Phoenix says:

    He never ‘backtracked’ at all! He clarified and the fact is he said nothing different to what he said in the interview. He said in the interview that *he* was dull and people didn’t *read* the comments first *before* commenting instead foaming at their keyboards. He has not backtracked one iota.

  89. Faye says:

    I’m so over this nonsense. It’s REALLY time to move on, and I’m not saying that to the people involved, but to the rest of the freaking world who still act like this happened yesterday. It didn’t, they both have moved on, and seem happy, yay that’s awesome, happy is good, yes sometimes people do bad stuff but whatever we’re all just going to move on now.

  90. Crash says:

    I have to agree with more than a few here who noticed that Brad seems to get his identity from his current partner. Whoever she may be. His likes/dislikes, opinion of his own upbringing, etc. I noticed many years ago and thought it strange that he even seemed to dye his hair to match their dye-job! He’s still bored. Just staying so busy with six kids he doesn’t notice it…yet. This man needs to find who HE is. He hasn’t done that yet.

  91. Chito-brito says:

    I was a cheater once, I was cheated on. And from my experience I know, once you cheated, the rest of your life you are trying to justify your choice as deep down you feel guilty. But for some reason, it’s hard to admit, and instead of saying, I am guilty of betraying my partner, of not beeing patient and smart, of letting lust take over and leting it go out of control eventually. And yes, boring is not a partner, but the cheater, because this person usually looking for someone to make one’s life more interesting. You free to make your life choices, yes, but, then do not hide the truth, you did bad, period. Sometimes we have to, but not because other people boring or dull, but because you want it very much, you can’t resist. There is always someone more interesting then your partner.

    As for being cheated, it’s emotional trauma that heals years, and years, and years…

    As for who is boring? First of all, all of us, who’s reading gossips out of boredom, then Brad and Angie look very boring to me, no real freinds, no real family life, just travel from place to place and all the public affairs.

    Jennifer looks better to me as she seems to have a normal life, and we don’t really know any of them as much as to say much of each.

    But I guess a good sence of humor is one of things that makes someone not as boring, this I will a credit to Jennifer.

    As to a charitable work, I believe all of them do their part, and many many other actors and famous people. Just not everyone gets as much publicity as Jolie-Pitts.

  92. anon says:

    HorsePoor Hanna: Yes they will 🙂 excellent truth spoken by you today Kudos. The double standard is incredible/unreal. SMH

  93. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Pat who in the “press” turned against Brad Pitt?

    @searching4grace Well I don’t think Brad had an affair of any kind. When people try and pull that emotional affair BS, I find it annoying. I can’t put the same emotional emphasis on someone having an emotion VS someone who acts on said emotion. Someone physically effing around to me is way worse.

  94. (All the good this man has done for the world,and over one comment taken out of context,people are ready skewer this man alive)It reminds me of a village mob.Grab yore pitchforks…We’ll teach this man a lesson…And,his little dog,(TOTO)too…Damnit!!

  95. just sayin says:

    I am not “reading challenged”, a “Jen-hen”, an “Annistonloonie”, nor at all interested in seeing a film featuring any of these three vacuous, mediocre, celebrities. I cannot bring myself to call them actors. Pitt IS dull, he’s absolutely correct about that; he is also stupid, but he is crafty enough to generate buzz around himself as his movie is coming out and the sure-fire way to do that is to dredge up the Bermuda Triangle again. It is disingenuous to say that he was clearly referring only to himself and his own shortcomings when he blamed his uninteresting marriage for his lack of ambition during that time as a way of validating his current relationship and career. It was a bland insult to both parties in that marriage and cringeworthy. If boredom also inspired his gross neglect of his personal grooming habits in recent years, what does that say about him and his CURRENT relationship???

  96. Lisa says:

    Gosh am I the only one to go a see a movie because it looks interesting or gets good reviews? lol I honestly could careless about “likiing” the person who is starring in it ???

    Anyways, got to say I feel bad for Brad – he can’t win. He was just being honest in his comments and people got so riled up – I honestly don’t think he was even dissing Jen. He was just stating how he felt in the interview at that time – just stating how happy and fulfilled he feels now. Was that really a surprise to people?

    I think people just really need to move on from this divorce – it’s so ridiculous that people actually care so much. It’s like he divorced some of you the way you take it all so personally lol

  97. Original Bee says:

    I couldn’t believe the way people took his answer out of context. He was talking about HIMSELF. For years Jen has discussed him and Angelina all over the place (“uncool” gate, sensitivity chip missing, screaming at the ocean, Billy Idol hair, 5 years of spring cleaning, etc.), while Brad has remained virtually mute. He makes one little comment about his own personal unhappiness with his life during that time period and he becomes the anti-christ. It’s unbelievable. He was unhappy in his marriage, he got out, he’s happy now. End of story. Leave the man alone.

  98. Duh says:

    I think it’s funny that brad does this and nobody calls him out for the pr reason behind his apology. His talent agency CAA released the statement. Hello! This is to save brad from a movie bombing. He Probably read the comments and realized omg I am being hated on just like Angie and folded like the pr whore that he is. Duh. He made a fool of himself.

  99. Chloe says:


    also, it’s “sense”, not “sence”

  100. melissa says:

    Here’s my take. And if I am repeating a previous comment, I am sorry, but I couldn’t read through all 90 of them, lol.
    Oh poor Brad. You sat on a couch, and smoked joints because you were unfulfilled? Oh PLEASE. You had and have every resource at your fingertips to do WHATEVER you wanted in the world, anywhere, anytime! Why not just Get The F**K off the couch, engage your then wife in a conversation about how you need to contribute more or whatever it is you needed to do and DO it. I am supposed to feel bad for you? I don’t pretend I even remotely know what went on in their marriage, but for crying out loud. Really? Every. Resource. I think the whole thing is pathetic. And let me just add this. So Jen finds herself married to a selfish self indulgent jerk that sits on the couch all day, smokes a joint and whines about how his life is unfulfilled. Give. Me. A. Break. She was lucky to have gotten out of it.

  101. mln76 says:

    @Calli Pygian OMG I read that yesterday the Uncoolina Too funny.
    I never take Michael D seriously he’s just joking now the comments on DListed on the other hand.

  102. Eve** Finally, we found each other!! Wading through this *shit storm* I thought I lost you for ever!! Lets tie ropes to each others toros so we don’t get lost!!

  103. Mac says:

    Brad Pitt seems like a little man.

    To come out with this drivel in the first place is meanspirited, but to do so two days after Jennifer’s mother suffered a massive stroke is low even by Tinsel Town standards.

    It’s now obvious who wears the pants in his family.

  104. the original bellaluna says:

    SB314 – Well said! *high fives and leaves this thread*

  105. Sara says:

    “@Sara why is he even discussing who he was in the nineties?

    Do you get that he was getting INTERVIEWED? Talking about his career and his films from the 90’s on. The whole context of the quote was reviewing his work at and how it’s changed over the years. The man has been in Thelma & Louise, Fight Club, The Assasination of Jessie James etc. his filmography is legendary. ”

    Maybe you should re-read my post. I was referring to him discussing who HE was as a person in the nineties, which had nothing to do with movies. It was about HIM personally. I am well aware of his movies especially those from the nineties. They were some of his best films.

  106. Dibba says:

    Its funny because I don’t care for him or Angie all that much, but I think his comments were honest and interesting. Whether or not he should have said them is a different story. I do think he and Angie have HUGE egos. They seem really full of themselves in a “limousine liberal” kind of way.

  107. Cheyenne says:

    just sayin: If boredom also inspired his gross neglect of his personal grooming habits in recent years, what does that say about him and his CURRENT relationship???

    It says he has more important priorities than dressing up like a Ken doll for some vacuous twit he made the mistake of marrying. You know, things like Angie, the children, philanthropy, etc.

  108. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Melissa Brad did get off the couch…he hasn’t been on the couch in 7 years…

  109. anon** Crazy,huh?.The man issues a statement,with nothing but nice things to say about his ex…And still hes villlified.Unbeleivable!!

  110. Chloe says:

    Yeah, anyway, obviously Brad Pitt can’t win: when he’s bluntly honest, he’s the devil, when he’s nice about Aniston, he’s even WORSE.

  111. Cheyenne says:

    Original Bee: I couldn’t believe the way people took his answer out of context.

    Aniston’s fans may come from different walks of life but they have one thing in common: as a group, they aren’t very bright.

  112. Josephina says:

    Apparently the earth cracked after this interview reached the Internet yesterday. Lotsa people cannot handle the truth. Face it, Jennifer was not the one for Brad, even though he married her.

    He only confirmed what many of us were already thinking. He desire/needed/wanted a better quality of life … AND FOUND IT.

    That he found blissful happiness without Aniston as his wife is what has everyone bent out of shape. Seven years ago, he did not have anything he wanted.

    Seven years later, he now has everything he always wanted… he had the courage to stop feeling sorry for himself, man up and go create it.

    The unabashed interview is an explanation about his challenges in personal growth, both personally and professionally, and how he made his journey over to the other side. It is about his true feelings and most of you cannot handle it. The truth hurts.

    Apparently, a number of you wish he was sitting back talking about a great love with Aniston, gushing about their beautiful kids. You are still thinking that he could have enjoyed global critical acclaim as an actor/producer with lovely, vivacious Aniston beside him as his wife, right? The truth hurts.

    He should be so thankful for Aniston being his gorgeous, loyal wife and pinching himself about how beautiful she is and how she inspires him, right? The truth hurts.

    If you cannot handle the truth 7 years after the fact, imagine IF he had stated his truth 7 years earlier. Heads would have exploded.

    Some people cannot handle the truth.

  113. mln76 says:

    @Sara the quote is SPECIFICALLY in reference to his work he says he wasn’t leading an interesting life and looking for a movie about someone who was living an interesting life.

  114. Lady_Luck says:

    “who remains my friend”

    Really?? You could have fooled us. Not if Angelina paranoid ‘control freak’ Jolie has anything to do with it. We haven’t seen Jen papped with Brad even once since the wicked dominatrix arrested/shackled/took hostage of Brad.

  115. N.D. says:

    He’s such a sweetheart. He can’t stand Aniston suffering ever so slightly even after all those years.

    One of the good guys, our Brad.

    And you all who are so eager to get outraged and twist his every word into evil conspiracy should be ashamed of yourselves.

  116. Phoenix says:

    Um, Mac? You DO realize that magazines are printed *weeks in advance*, don’t you???

  117. Bliss! says:

    “I think that my marriage had something to do with it”

    Kaiser …….I think you are not being truthful to yourself if you think the highlighted above meant
    nothing ,it at least proves that douchey brad is lacking a sensitivity chip and who would know this as surely as someone(jen ) who was with him for almost 7years.

    Anyways I didn’t mind any of the other things he called himself…..but to say his marriage had something to do with it shows he’s a thoughtless buffon, he must have known that would hurt even if Jen had moved on.
    As for Angelina I think it’s wrong to attack her as brad is truly the villain in this Triangle.

    Bradley pitts bu ajooo mmadu..tufiakwa!!!

  118. Sue says:

    Pat@ He never said he doesn’t know what is in the press, he said he doesn’t read the stories because but he knows that the media make up stories about his relationship read the full interview and not just what was posted here.

  119. Cheyenne says:

    Lacey: If he wasn’t happy, he should have manned up and gotten a divorce.

    Guess what? He did!

  120. Jezi says:

    @Love Angelina NO affair is better then the other, whether physical or emotional. Sometimes an emotional affair may actually feel worse. Imagine the man you love becoming so close with another woman that he shares his life stories, he leans on her for support, he talks to her about his problems, which may include his current relationship with you, imagine he turns to her and not turning to you. When you are with your partner, it’s supposed to be your best friend. When something good happens to either of you, shouldn’t eachother be the ones you run to to want to tell what happened first? Imagine that wasn’t the case and he told the other woman. Wouldn’t you feel sad, betrayed, hurt and angry? That’s an emotional affair and it doesn’t hurt any less.

  121. anoni says:

    No one should have to live their life to please others. He was depressed trying to live up to the “golden couple” image the rags created when he wasn’t happy in the marriage (although she seemed to have no problem living the lie). He gave an honest interview and,like Kaiser, I’m sorry he back pedaled. Aniston’s pr machine has created a “teflon don” defense for her. She can break up a 14 yr relationship and it’s OK (cause you know she was divorced once), she can use the term “retard” in a detrimental manner on live TV and it’s OK (you know, because of the big D), she can make flop after flop and still get roles (because don’t we all still feel sorry for her?)and she can bring up the marriage/demise ad nauseum for 6+ yrs but he can’t say a word without 600 posts calling him a douche. Guess all those millions in pr worked. Good job Huvane!

  122. anon says:

    Poor Brad!He just can’t win. He says what he means he gets in trouble. He says what Angie tells him to say, he gets in trouble, too. He needs to shut up already.

  123. anon says:

    @Josephina: Heads did explode, mightily
    The real backlash will be against the offended, sane people aren’t posting and can clearly read and understand that the hate against him is unfair. Keep it up the more hate and unreasonableness displayed, the better for him 🙂 Go Brad
    Edited to add
    @anoni: Guess all those millions in pr worked. Good job Huvane! Truth 🙂

  124. bee says:

    I am not a fan of either of the three.

    That said, I do not understand why people don’t see this as it really is: married mab cheated on wife with younger woman, and stayed with the mistress. That is what happened, people! That they are in love and whatever does not change the fact that he was married when they get together. If you’re going to stick by Angie, then please, by all means, take Alicia Keys’s side too. Or when your husbands run off with women 10 years younger than you, please have the grace to say ‘they fell in love. He’s much happier and she’s prettier than me and I was just a selfish and shallow hag who didn’t deserve him anyway. I hope they stay together for a very long time’

    And I wish everyone would just STFU about that whole thing. It’s been 7 years, they should all get over themselves and each other. They’re all sound likan e obsessed pathetic trio

  125. Eve says:

    @ HorsePoorHanna:

    YES! Let’s tie ropes to each other’s torsos! Especially because now I have to leave and watch a movie I had the stupid idea of renting yesterday (can’t throw away those bucks, I’m horse-poor too!!!) so I don’t know if I’ll ever find you again on these threads.

    *hugs HorsePoorHanna from behind and leaves thread*

  126. grace says:

    We as women should be more empathetic to others and stop defending men for being assholes. Jen was cheated on, we should not blame her for his being a jerk. Angie was the other woman, however, she wasn’t the one who was married. She wanted the man and went for it, he wasn’t obligated to do anything. Brad had a choice, and chose to cheat on his wife. I don’t think there should be a JA team or AJ team, we should be a team against the asshole cheaters. I seriously can’t stand this habit women have of defending men and blaming women.

  127. itstrue says:

    Um, Brad was a dick before he got famous (I actually know) and I can’t imagine that fame and fortune helped to improve his attitude.

  128. Pat says:

    Only one person answered my question:

    “Do any of you believe that Brad and Jen are “good friends” and that he values this? Do any of you really even believe they talk?

    I would really like to know from Brad fans if they think this is true or is Brad lying?

  129. Peachy says:

    Nice picture… When did Brad become the Condo Board President of the Del Boca Vista Retirement Community?

    “Tip calculators for every resident!”

  130. Chloe says:


    You have a lot of sense of self-importance assuming everyone’s here to answer your questions 😀 it’s not that the question is so hard, people just don’t care about it

    and to make you happy – no, I think he’s trying to be nice

  131. Jezi says:

    @Pat I commented in the beginning saying I don’t believe that Jen and Brad are friends and I don’t believe that they even talk to eachother.

  132. lambchops says:

    I am not an Aniston fan either, her movies are dorky, she is kind of blah, but take her out of it and he still comes across as a dick.

    He is sorely mistaken that another person can make him interesting. He just is uninteresting, no matter who he is hooked up with. AJ is an interesting woman, but she hasn’t made him any more interesting. As a grown man, he should have found out how to have an interesting life outside of a relationship first because it is never the responsibility of another person to make you more interesting or your life more interesting.

  133. Lucinda says:

    I really don’t like any of these people that much. But I find it interesting that no one mentions the irony in Aniston’s recent partnership as she “stole” Justin Theroux from his girlfriend of 14 (I think) years. I guess Justin’s ex just doesn’t have a great publicist like Aniston. But really, I think people change, relationships end (especially with all the instability inherent in being in Hollywood) and I don’t think people should be condemned for personal decisions in love. Obviously, cheating is horrible, and people should end their relationships once their feelings become clear. But it doesn’t seem like either Theroux or Pitt did any different. They ended things relatively quickly. Maybe Theroux thought his old relationship was “dull” and he was sitting around on the couch smoking pot all day. Then Aniston comes along and is his Jolie who he finds exciting. Love’s crazy.

  134. Phoenix says:

    I am so sick and tired of everyone going on about cheating. FFS, how many times does it need to be said before it sinks in? there *as no cheating!* It was proven long ago that there was no cheating Brad and Angelina did not have an affair, phyiscal, emotional or otherwise. Judging and smearing 2 innocent people for something they never even did is wrong and evil.

  135. marge says:

    Kaiser, I just love how you disect these comments!

  136. Ming says:

    What is an Anistonloonie ?

    Someone who facepalms himself over Brad Pitts “It’s-just-a-career-move-people-calm-down” interview ?

    Cool. Didn’t know that.

  137. Jezi says:

    @Lucinda Actually I did mention that in one of my comments. That it changed my opinion of her. But still doesn’t take away from how I felt about Brad’s comment. I’m sure my comments get lost amongst the 5 million that have been made 😉

  138. Chloe says:


    You see, because when Jen Aniston does it it’s “okay”.
    It’s as simple as that.

  139. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @jezi Well I find an “emotional affair” the lesser of two evils because you can’t really control it. It usually starts off as a friendship and then just sorta snowballs. A lot of people can recognize when its gotten out of hand and just walk away, sometimes people wanna explore what they are feeling and they get out of what ever situation they are in currently, its when a person physically acts that would make me really angry. You can’t always control how you feel. Some feelings gnaw away at you. Love will literally chew at your soul until you address it. However you can control how you choose to act on it.

    I would be hurt if someone I loved was falling for someone else but if they came to me, told me the situation, hadn’t fu*ked around on me and wanted out I would be hurt, yes, but not as hurt if he had given himself physically to someone else. If he had acted on his emotions instead of having self control.

  140. gobo says:

    Jennifer looks really stoned in that picture.

  141. Jezi says:

    @Love Angelina I understand that and yes people should control themselves. But I’ve counceled someone whose husband had an emotional affair, didn’t fully get to a physical level, but wanted to stay married and her pain was the same as if he did actually have a physical affair. The trust had been broken, the betrayal was the same. He would sneak phone calls with this person and it got to a point where there was flirtation there. So although, he never actually followed through, her hurt was significant. But of course everyone handles these things differently. One person’s pain may not be another’s.

  142. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Google alert! Just like I said yesterday (when Brad claimed he didn’t read the articles written about him). Here he is responding to what everyone here is talking about. What a douche nozzle.

  143. Rose says:

    Sad that he has to clarify this, it was pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain he was talking about himself in the first place.

  144. melanie says:

    I like Brad Pitt..but I do think he is insensitive. I like JA…she is what she is…she doesn’t pretend otherwise. I hate Jolie…she steals other peoples husbands/boyfriends – thinks nothing of it. She is definitely a great humanitarian…but so are Doctors on Borders and they don’t get glowing press all the time. I have friends who adopt from other countries. Its not THAT big of a freaking deal.

  145. justez says:

    I didn’t think there was anything wrong with what he said and don’t think he was backtracking but rather clarifying that he wasn’t insulting Jennifer Aniston just commenting on himself. & The people who keep insulting the marriage because their marriage because they needed counseling are showing their own ignorance, getting counseling shows you are trying to work on your issues- it obviously didn’t work but counseling doesn’t mean a marriage is some sort of sham or something. That is all, and there was no need to bring Angelina in it all but, that will always happen. In Angelina, Brad, or Jen threads the other will almost ALWAYS be brought up, so it’s not just “Jen Hens” or “Brangeloonies”. Hopefully people will move on, doubtful though.

  146. kimmy says:

    There was no need to mention Jen or their marriage. At all. Period. We are all smart enough to know that it takes two to fail at marriage and it takes two to have an affair. Maybe he didn’t mean to take a jab at her, but he did nonetheless and now he’s trying to save face. The common denominator in both is HIM.

  147. palermo says:

    He didn’t realize how much negative press he would be getting, now he’s trying to sway everybody’s mind, but it’s too late. Words said cannot be unsaid. The British papers commenters really let him have it.

  148. Dibba says:

    I think JA and BP were/are major potheads. He got tired of it, she didn’t. I don’t like women who move in on other women’s men like Jolie did. AJ clearly has an unresolved complex because of her relationship with her father. That being said, I wish all three of them the best and their children!

  149. Mom says:

    I avoid any movies these three are even in. This is just plain tacky of Brad. Nothing worse than a male gossip. Angie has changed her way of dressing and smiles in each and every photo; something new for her. Is this interview the reason for the change? Angie will eventually have to answer to starting the rumor that Jennifer wouldn’t start a family now that Friends had ended. I never once believed it. This is petty and just wrong 7 years later!

  150. bluhare says:

    Me? I’m just looking forward to all the kvetching when Justin Theroux dumps her.

  151. Sisi says:

    bloody hell the comments on this post have exploded

  152. teri says:

    I’m glad he said it FINALLY! As a fan of Brad and Angelina I’m thrilled that he said he wasn’t happy. That fairytale marriage wasn’t as great as some made it appear. He lived it not you or I. So many marriages fail and people move on, Brad is entitled to move on also. The Brad was so happy with Jen until Angelina came is BS.

  153. teri says:

    I tried to edit my post but wouldn’t let me.

  154. Gazingfromafar says:

    It doesn’t matter what Jennifer or Angelina do or did-he need only behave like a gentleman, which is has repetitively and often failed to do. Methinks he doth protest too much.

    He could take a few lessons, I think from Mr. Colin Firth, who is older than him and looks far better and well turned out, promotes his films gallantly and intelligently and manages to stay married to a lovely woman with whom he seems to share a happy family life.

    Brad has always been attracted to actresses whose careers were on the upswing, and he obviously isn’t interested in the quiet life or he would have married someone not in the business, like Matt Damon did.

  155. Canuck says:

    Phoenix, you keep going on about how it was “proven” they never had sex when he was still with Aniston. How exactly did that get proven? Did Jolie go in and prove her hymen was still intact or something? Because otherwise there really isn’t any way to prove something like that. The fact that Jen chose to believe her husband when he told her he didn’t is only proof that Aniston chose to believe what he said, nothing more. And of course we all know that a man (Pitt or otherwise) in the throes of an affair is a shining beacon of honesty, right?

  156. original kate says:

    @ i love angelina: you always say the same things in your posts: “angie thinks this, brad feels that, jen wants this,” etc. all these declarative statements are kind of creepy. you realize that you do not actually know them and have no idea what they think and feel in private….right?

    as for the unholy trinity, IMO they stopped being interesting a long time ago. i’m sure they are all nice enough people but their movies are pretty mediocre.

  157. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Jezi We probably aren’t going to agree on this “emotional affair” thing because I do think Brad and Angie had some sort of emotional connection but I wouldn’t call it cheating. I have been in situations where I have been emotionally connected to someone else while I was dating someone, I never thought of it as cheating. We never mentioned sex, I won’t lie, I thought, well wondered what it would be like, I can’t speak for the other person but I decided to just let the spark die off. I walked away and no one got hurt.

    I thought that was normal too have emotional connections with others, most of the time they mean nothing, they fizzle out, and sometimes, kinda rarely, it leads to love but I never thought just having an emotional connection was cheating. Oh well…I see what your saying though.

    @Canuck and you can’t prove an affair took place so why don’t you stop insinuating one did.

  158. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @katscorp, ahhh! The lone voice of reason. Some of the comments (particularly those on the other thread) were SCARY!

  159. Mia says:

    I’m with you, Kaiser. He shouldn’t have to clarify or apologize to anyone for saying what he said about his marriage and his life. Ugh.

    The man can’t even gush about his life without a hoard of Jen fans getting butthurt because he’s happier with someone else.

  160. teri says:

    Nobody can prove anything about the cheating, we weren’t there.

  161. Nev says:

    I am not a Brad or Angie fan but did not see one thing wrong with what Brad said. I agree that it was was his marriage to amd he is allowed to express himself about it. I think the term Anistonloonie is perfect descrition of the behavior display on all sites the last two days. The Anistonloonie took to the sites foaming at the mouth as though Brad is their husband and left each one of them. You just know a man left each one of these women and they never moved on.

  162. spinner says:

    For all the people arguing that he was talking about himself in regards to his marriage…he wasn’t in that marriage alone. He was married to Jen & of course people are going to associate his comments with her. How could they not? She was whom he was married to at the time. Duh.
    He is a dumbass.

  163. Jezi says:

    @Love Angelina I also see what you’re saying. I guess emotional connections and emotional affairs would be different and I suppose only the people within the relationships would know what they feel they are comfortable with. If the partner felt as if the friendship was overstepping the relationship or if they felt disrespected in any manner and communicated that to their significant other and the person ended the friendship or perhaps put a stop to the behavior that was making their partner uncomfortable then that’s different. People will know what’s appropriate and what’s not, if they are doing something or saying something that they wouldn’t do in front of their partner. I’ve had male friends in which I had a really great friendship with and emotionally connected with but that’s as far as it went.

  164. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Orignal Kate I disagree with you completely. I make no absolute or definite statements about how anyone feels or what anyone thinks.

  165. Canuck says:

    @LOVE ANGELINA: I’m not insinuating they had an affair, I’m the one who thinks he’s gay, remember? I think he went on to a willing beard and then proceeded to throw his ex under a bus so that if she ever spilled the beans, everyone would chalk it up to jealousy.

    That said, if the same situation occured with one of your friends, persistent rumours of hanky panky between her husband and a colleague at work, husband decides to leave your friend and a month later husband is off with said colleague adopting a child and playing on African beaches, would you in all honesty (take the celebrity out of the equation) believe that the guy hadn’t been boinking his colleague beforehand and lying to his wife? The only person who might believe the guy is his wife, because she has a hard time facing the reality that he’s not the person she thought he was.

  166. Lady D says:

    Morticians DoItDeader, agree. Staying in my corner.

  167. Toe says:

    Women…..when all of Brad’s exes talked and talked about his small penis, i never a remembered a ruccus like this. No one called any of the girls Douche-Queen etc. Now a guy tells something… it’s HUGE, unforgivable etc etc……WOMEN!!

  168. Lucky Charm says:

    Why do people keep saying “he knew what he was getting into when he got married” so are surprised they got divorced??? 50% of marriages start out with people who think they know what they are getting into, but people change. Priorities change. And in order to get that ring on it some women will promise the moon (having kids, a job, etc). When I got married, I really thought I knew what I was getting into, and guess what? Things changed over the years and I didn’t like how they were changing or who we were changing into. So I got out of it and have been much happier (and a better mom) ever since.

    I wish that he hadn’t issued a statement to “clarify” because he didn’t say anything bad about anyone but himself. If Jen fans can’t deal with it and wish to mis-interpret, that’s their issue and not his.

    For the love of mike, HE WAS part of that marriage and IS allowed to say something about it. I can’t believe that seven years later and some people are still so sensitive about a relationship that they were never in and don’t even know the parties involved. With crazy fans like these, Jennifer certainly does not need any enemies, that’s for sure!

  169. layla says:

    Initially after my divorce, I said nothing. Out of respect for him, our relationship and for my own healing.

    7 years later, I openly, calmly and in general conversation can say – “he cheated and slept with a mutual friend”. This is now said with no malice, just simple fact.

    Move on people.

  170. Cheyenne says:

    Pat: Only one person answered my question:

    So what makes you think your question was so important to begin with?

    But to humor you, I will answer your question:

    No, I do not think Brad and Jenny-poo are still friends. I think he threw that vacuous, vapid, boring, stupid ninny under a bus the day he walked out on her and he never looked back. Why would he want to be friends with her, especially after she threw a major pity party and tried to make him look like the bad guy? And considering that she is friends with that despicable bitch Chelsea Handler, who not only made vicious public comments about Angelina but also about their children, any friendship with Aniston after that would be awkward at best, don’t you think?

  171. Minx2 says:

    Brad, you’re old enough to know that if you’re trying to please everyone, you please no one.. it’s time to shut up my dear. Your motto should be: “never complain, never explain”. Besides, everyone is able to see that you were unhappy and bored with Jen and now are happy and fulfilled with Angie. No need to say anything.

  172. layla says:

    And yes – it would have been better if Brad had left yesterday’s statement out there without this defense.

    This defense makes an otherwise “general” statement, specific.

  173. Cheyenne says:

    What Minx2 said.

  174. DeeVine says:

    Why does one have to be a JenHen/Anistonloonie to loathe Brangelina and the PR machines that they are?

    Can’t it be that some of us just sees through the fakery?

  175. Minx2 says:

    btw, I don’t think he cheated on Jen simply because Angelina didn’t allow him to get too close before he dumped Jen – the only way to get a married man to dump his wife. If she slept with him too soon, who knows how it would have worked out. She made him wait for her. Unlike Jen who slept with him on the first date. I’m not making judgment call here, just saying what works and what usually doesn’t, as far as men are concerned.

  176. original kate says:

    “Brad is a decent guy and he knows how sensitive Jen is. He doesn’t want her feelings to get hurt.”

    @ i love angelina: those are two definitive statments, are they not? “brad KNOWS” and “brad WANTS” – you do that in almost every post and i am not the only person who has pointed it out to you. it makes you seem a bit fanatic, that’s all. you don’t know any of these people.

  177. Nymeria says:

    @ KatScorp (#73), SB314 (#82), Gazingfromafar (#154), & original kate (#156) – I agree with all of you. I am taking a page from the original bellaluna‘s book & just not reading this thread anymore.

  178. lisa says:

    I still love the interview and am always a fan of Brad and Angie..

    He was honest and spoke about what he felt. People can be mad or pissed.

  179. Peachy says:


    “I don’t shut up, I grow up, and when I look at you, I Theroux up!”


  180. sandy#1 says:

    brad is a caring person, to hear people describe him as anything else is (as the jen hens been calling him .dumb) the man made a mistake in marrying her, realized that very fast, left, end of story, ja should be happy her marriage to him gave her anything at all.

  181. Canuck says:

    Layla: but you would hopefully have more class than to do it in a magazine article and have it splashed all over the internet when both of you are public figures.

  182. sandy#1 says:

    brad is a handsome, happy man, he made the right choice obviously.

  183. Hmmmm says:

    I wish the media, some Jen fans, and Brad would stop babying Jennifer. It’s like Brad has to walk on eggshells so Jen’s feelings don’t get hurt.

    I get that Columbia Pictures want people to see their movie so they want damage control but I didn’t find anything wrong with what he said. People overreact over the tiniest things. So, he thought his marriage was uninteresting and dull and their marriage was not what people thought it was. Some marriages turn out that way and that’s why people divorce. He shouldn’t be crucified for feeling that way.

    I wish he hadn’t issued this statement because it just makes Jen look like a weak, immature woman who is not emotionally able to accept the reason why their marriage failed. Plus, he’s looking weak by not standing by his words. If anything his statement reinforces the fact that he felt dull and unsatisfied in his marriage.

    People need to accept the fact that they did not have a fairy tale marriage. That’s life and there’s nothing wrong with saying it.

  184. Priscilla says:

    Look, the guy is a self-centered douche who has no class. I’m sure that Jen does not consider him a valued friend, and no real friend would add to the already out-of-control drama that his behavior caused. If he had any sense of humility or decency toward either Jen or Angelina, he would stfu. He’s using both women to promote his career.

  185. lucy2 says:

    If he was only talking about himself, he shouldn’t have added “my marriage had something to do with that”.
    You don’t have to be an “Anistonloonie” to find someone saying stuff like that unnecessary and in poor taste, especially when promoting a movie. I think they all should just shut up about it already in the press.
    SB314, I agree with your post. If it were anyone else besides Brad, reaction would be different. It’s funny how people react to things depending on if they’re a fan or not.

  186. Jane says:

    I think the problem is that he brought up his marriage with Jen in the first place. I would have thought, he especially, was way past that. I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to know that if the source speaks, then the media is going to listen, dissect, interpret and spread each word he uttered. After that comes the response from the public. He has been in the business long enough to know that, so it kind of stupid on his part.

    As for an emotional affair, just speaking for myself, I would consider that cheating. If your husband/wife/significant other is emotionally attached and attracted to someone else, it is a huge blow to the core of the relationship. In fact, it may be more difficult to get past than a physical affair because once that emotional connection is fractured, trying to put it back the way it was is impossible. The marriage/relationship is forever different after that, no matter whether you stay together or not. Just my opinion.

  187. Jezi says:

    @Minx2 Jennifer married him and they were together 7 years, so obviously sleeping with him on the first date didn’t make a difference.

  188. orion70 says:

    @Jezi, (and to go off topic) I agree with you on the emotional affair. Anyone who has been in that boat, your skin will crawl for a long afterward, when you think back on sleeping with someone, and wondering why they’re so distant, or kind of mean/blaming all of a sudden etc etc etc, and then finding out the real reason for it, even if they do leave or you dump them for it. Typically all the while beating yourself up because you are “obviously” doing something to piss him off.

    I’m not saying it is the case here, but a lot of men (and women for that matter I suppose), get resentful (or a guilty conscience) in that situation and turn it on the non-cheating (for lack of better word) partner.

    My point is not to say that this is what happened in the B/J/A story, just that it can still be very damaging even if people don’t seal the deal until a little later.

  189. Tara says:

    For being “over it” a lot of you have ridiculously zealous opinions on other people’s marriages and current relationships.

  190. Cheyenne says:

    Hmmmm: I get that Columbia Pictures want people to see their movie so they want damage control

    LOL are you kidding? Do you think Brad dumping Aniston and running off with Angie had any negative effect on the box office for Mr. and Mrs. Smith? On the contrary, it probably added another 15-20% to the overall total. Controversy sells tickets.

    @Jane: There is a vast difference between “emotional cheating” (if there is such a thing) and physical cheating. You can’t help what you feel, but you can help what you do about it.

  191. Sigh. says:

    Seriously, the over-simplified “Then you must be a (labeling/name-calling)” argument is what’s most boring about of all this.

  192. Jezi says:

    @orion70 I think people who haven’t been in that situation don’t understand how it feels. There are many forms of betrayals but emotional connections are a really difficult pill to swallow.

    @Cheyenne I respectfully disagree. There isn’t a vast difference between the two. Because many people who are emotional attached to someone else while in a relationship, will often distance themselves from person they are with. Unless of course they are big enough to end the emotional affair. Even still the wounded party feels the sting.

  193. blonde on the dock says:

    Sooo the Anistonloonies are pissed that he left her for Angie. And the Angieloonies are pissed that he was married to JA in the first place.
    I don’t know why everyone thinks this guy is such a prize. He comes across as so dumb. Seriously I don’t know what either woman saw in him. It would be like being married to a plant.

  194. DiannSteph says:

    LOL, I think it was more than Jennifer Aniston’s “fanbase” thinking Brads comments were “uncool”.
    Every article I read labeled him a jerk by the media. So..

    But yeah, it’s his life. I think he was just “selling” his movie and Oscar chances. It backfired bigtime, so he and his people went into damage control.

  195. girlwithapearl says:

    Brad has repeatedly said great things of Angelina, and vice versa. This is the one of the first Brad quote about Jen that I have read in a while, and shame on you for saying that it was wrong to defend her, or that it made him a lesser man in your eyes. i’m not an “Anistonloonie”, but I am a human being, and these are indeed humans that you’re talking about. You don’t know any of these people personally and it’s naive and judgemental of you to go so overboard in thinking that you do.

  196. mary simon says:

    I think Jen was probably dull, and if they were just hanging out smoking pot, they were dull together, but he should keep quiet about it.

  197. Violet says:

    I wish he hadn’t backtracked. Firstly, he had a perfect right to admit he was unhappy in his marriage; that should be obvious, because happy people don’t get divorced.

    Secondly, Jen is a toxic piece of work who has relentlessly flogged her divorce for PR purposes for years. Jen is BFFs with Chelsea Handler who has made racist jokes about his children, FFS. Jen is the last person on planet earth that Brad should worry about offending or defending.

  198. Lithe says:

    Brad could learn a thing or two from Ryan Gosling about how to talk about your exes (if you must) in interviews. The only person Brad’s making look bad here is himself. If I were Jennifer and hung up on him, I’d be thinking, “Good riddance!” And if I were Angelina, I’d wince in embarrassment.

  199. Calli Pygian says:

    @ min76-

    You are so not kidding- here’s the comment thread that had me in tears for about 10 minutes after the kids left for school. It was a great way to start the day:

    I just reread it, I am laughing so hard I feel like I could hurl, tears streaming down my face. 45 going on
    10, I guess.


  200. birdie says:

    Brad has no class, we all know he wasn´t happy, but was it necessary to drop the “my marriage…” sentence? All that to promote a freaking movie, when JA´s mother had a stroke and all..? What a class act -.-

  201. ALady says:

    what a hopeless chose to have a family with another woman and now you are rephrasing what you wanted to say about your ex and ‘redirect’ water under the bridge. seems like a guy who is completely lost and confused and even more pathetic !

  202. says:

    I really wish he had clarified by saying “YES, Jen is dull and YES, I found our lives of hanging out with the dog, traveling to Mexico to work on our tans and drink margaritas boring.”

    As an aside, some people here seem a little…too intense, to put it nicely? Y’all realize that this is all purely for entertainment purposes, right?

  203. Cheyenne says:

    @Jezi: I think we are both saying the same thing. You can’t help how you feel, but you can help what you do about it, which includes: distancing yourself from your partner, letting your partner know you’re attracted to someone else, all the way up to and including physically cheating on your partner.

    I realize that once you fall in love, it’s impossible to put that person out of your mind. But you need to consider this: by the time he met and fell in love with Angie, his marriage to Aniston was dead in all but name.

    I’m not saying Brad was blameless in that whole situation. He definitely was not. But I can understand where he was coming from.

  204. DoeJane says:

    He shouldn’t have issued an statement. What for? It’s a free world and he’s free to voice his thoughts on HIS marriage and his perspective on it. It doesn’t matter what some incredibly bitter fangirls have to say about it, because he wasn’t married to any of them. And he most certainly doesn’t owe any loyalty to his ex-wife who had no problems talking about their marriage and divorce and how it made her feel. Where was the respect for him from her then? Brad should have just let the comments stand, let people make of them what they must. They always do anyway.

  205. Cheyenne says:

    Hmmmm: I wish he hadn’t issued this statement because it just makes Jen look like a weak, immature woman who is not emotionally able to accept the reason why their marriage failed.

    Well, isn’t she? What did she say in that VF interview? She only accepted 2% of the responsibility for the failure of her marriage, meaning the other 98% belonged to Brad. She believed it at the time and I bet she still does. She hasn’t learned a thing.

  206. Jezi says:

    @Cheyenne Gotcha!! I also believe once you fall for someone else, it’s hard to turn off that switch and you can either stay and make it work or you can leave. I’m glad at least he did leave if he wasn’t feeling the marriage anymore. But I still think that things could’ve been handled differently. Maybe, less in your face. I just think at this point, 7 years later, it should be a moot point.

  207. Nikki says:

    You know what I think is pathetic. the author of this article. The fact that she calls me an Anistonloonie bc I have a legit reason to dislike AJ. Im sorry that I dislike someone who had an affair with a married man, who made out with her brother, hooked up w/ an engaged man. But those reasons dont matter bc if your an Aniston fan you must be a looney despite the fact that AJ is a homewrecker and incestual. and there’s something called implication. ” but I wasn’t living an interesting life myself,” he continues. “I think that my marriage had something to do with it.” he was married at the time so when he said he wasn’t living an interesting life that included his wife, who was 50% of his life. he basically said my wife was dull and did not make my life intresting. he bashes his exwife who he had cheated on while still married and yet Im the looney when I defend JA???

  208. Rita says:

    I don’t know why everyone referrs to this as a “triangle”. Why didn’t the tabs pursue the rumors about Brad and Billy Bob Thornton.

  209. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Original Kate Hmm fine I stand corrected then. Those are more so my opinions then anything else. Opinions I believe are correct but nonetheless opinions. I will be more aware on not being to definitive in the future. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

    @Canuck Well all I can go is based on what I feel the person would do. It really depends on the person. I believe Angelina’s character to be to good to sleep with a married. I trust Angie. Angie said she didn’t so I believe her. If your scenario played out it would all depend on the people involved. How well I trusted them and such. People do disappoint you but if I have no proof other than their word then thats all I need.

  210. mln76 says:

    On the emotional affair thing. There is a difference. Falling in love isn’t something you can control like a light switch good people in a committed relationship can fall in love and its a geniune moral struggle of what to do in those situation and does come down to the question of is it worth losing what you’ve built over time to start over with someone else? For Brad the answer was yes because he couldn’t see the situation changes he was ready to start a family etc.
    From my own experience it hurts more to get rejected for another woman then it does to
    realize that a guy is a player and just can’t be
    faithful because its a matter of ego. The wife/girlfriend can claim she was somehow special. I’d still rather have had a monogamous
    relationship that ended honestly then find out
    that my partner cheated behind my back. I still think the man who is honest with his wfe his better than one who lies to her.
    I still would rather have a re

  211. angi says:

    He is a tool, he hasn’t had boxoffice hit in years. He is aging, he stucks with woman who is more famous than he is and all these childen. He is done. He can’t leave Angelina he knows that people would torn him apart. And I think he has some serious alcohol problem. Just look at him his face is bloated all the time. BTW using personal thing to promote some movie is just low.

  212. mln76 says:

    LOL can’t edit on IPhone 🙂

  213. serena says:

    @melanie …she steals other peoples husbands/boyfriends – thinks nothing of it- AHAHHAHAAHHA REALLY? Then what about Jen who stole Justin from her 14years girlfriend? You Jenloonies never talk about this but are all ready to beat up Angelina for that.

  214. P.J. says:

    Brad HAD to make a clarifying statement. There were headlines all over the world saying “Brad says Jen is too dull!” This is not a gentlemanly or kind thing to say, and it would have caused irreparable damage to his image.

    This was particularly cruel as Aniston’s mother just had a massive stroke.

  215. Canuck says:

    @Love Angelina: all I can say is that out of the people that I know who have gone through something like this, especially at midlife crisis age, the ones who were cheating ALL lied about it to their spouse, be they male or female. Not one of them broke it off before they slept with their new lover. And in 95% of the cases, the one who was cheated on was desperately trying to find in their heads some way to reconcile the lies with their gut feelings. Their gut feelings were right, only some of them managed to convince themselves they were imagining things.

    Just saying… And this is in general because I made my position clear re: Brad earlier, but the looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck = duck thing is true 99.9% of the time..

  216. flutters says:

    It’s funny how Brad finally did enough to get some of the vitriol over this completely overrated trio directed his way. He’s more than earned it. He’s vapid, he’s dumb, and worse than that he’s self-congratulatory. I totally agree with everyone who’s said he’s basically that guy who morphs into whatever he’s married to and has no identity of his own. The male version of Jessica Simpson.

    Brad’s comments seem motivated by an overweening need for self-justification, not only about his affair but also the life he leads now. There’s quite a bit of doth protest too much in his original comments and his follow up.

    Give me Blanchett/Mirren/Julianne Moore/Dench/Patricia Clarkson/Viola Davis over Aniston/Jolie every day and give me Straithairn/Firth/Rush/Renner/Bridges/Bardem/Day Lewis over Pitt every day. And notice how the real artists don’t need to milk some tabloid angle to market their work.

  217. Anon says:

    Well hey, wasn’t Gwyn and Jen bringing up Brad to promote their movies, bringing up their relationship to Brad in the 90s recently? Dang that has to get old to Brad. Doesn’t Jennifer throw stones or get your mind to go “there” quite often? I smell a Huvane or CCA hovering nearby to all.

  218. Cheyenne says:

    Jezi: I still think that things could’ve been handled differently. Maybe, less in your face.

    That would have been nice, but the question is, how?

    These are three of the most public people in the world. Short of all three of them disappearing off to a desert island, I can’t begin to imagine how they could have kept this quiet.

    Months before Brad met Angie, the tabloids were full of rumors that he and Aniston were not getting along, the marriage was a deep doo-doo, etc. So one photo of him locking eyes (never mind lips) with any other woman and the tabloids unleash a shitstorm. He’s about to leave Jennifer for somebody else. The loonifers’ universe implodes.

    Being rich and famous definitely has its downside.

  219. anon says:

    “I don’t know why everyone thinks this guy is such a prize.”
    Because no one can ignore him or stop posting about him. Its like no one else exists in celebrity land since this article came out. Brad is the man. I will believe he’s over when a post about him gets less vitriol and hate and yes less comments 🙂 The response is stunning. 🙂
    The saying is “as long as they are talking”, if he is not a prize, ignore him, so he can go away. Not happening, lets see how long this thread gets. There are other posts here BTW

  220. ichabod says:

    Kaiser – WTH! I AM FAR from a JA fan and most people who took offense to Pitt’s interview were not upset because he talked about his past (which we have all heard many times before … the ever morphing, self analysis) but, because he childishly and arrogantly wanted to let us know that he is a Satisfied, and Interesting Man and he unnecessarily brought his former marriage into the conversation. There were so many ways to decently illustrate his dissatisfaction with his life in his 30’s (20’s, 40’s whatever). He could have said something like, “yeah, I was a loser, stoner, couch potato … I didn’t respect myself and it affected my relationships with others. I was letting myself and others down … etc.”
    But Kaiser, you know this and instead you took the lazy road by reducing the people who are offended by Brad Pitt’s ego, stupidity, and self indulgent prattle, to being irrational, girly, JA fans. The offense has nothing to do with the particular characteristics of either Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie and whether they are true or untrue, the offense is solely based upon Brad Pitt and his continued douchery. If anything, you are the biased Brangeloonie fan because for some reason, you constantly let BP and AJ off the hook for the EXACT issues for which you are taking others to task!
    In my opinion, Brad Pitt seems to have never fully settled into himself because he tends to preach (ironically) complain, has false humility, and comes across through his “I don’t give a sh*t attitude” as actually giving a sh*t about how others perceive him (and this quality also makes him a crappy actor). And when it comes down to it, he seems more concerned with the perception of his choices than living in humility with his choices. It’s too bad, I’m guessing he is not such a bad guy but he comes across as a real jackass.

  221. Tomas says:

    Too late, A-hole. Can’t freakin’ wait for your movie to TANK at the box office!

  222. Larissa says:

    Kaiser, seriously tho, stop!
    Most people I know and thought it was a very rude statement couldnt care less about JA and her fan base. I think it was most of the public minus the brangeloonies, it doesnt matter the circunstances or how long he has “waited” to comment on anything, he just came accross as a douchebag.

  223. Jezi says:

    @Cheyenne I think perhaps the photo op of him with Angie and the kids on the beach was of bad timing and the W magazine spread of happy family. It left a poor taste in most people’s mouths. At least it did mine. I don’t consider myself a loonifer, I consider myself a woman who didn’t appreciate what happened. I don’t appreciate Jennifer doing it to Heidi in her current situation either.

  224. nan says:

    All he did was answer a question about himself and brought JA’s name into it. My goodness. So he talked for the first time about his past with JA. It’s not like he made a career for himself bringing up pity-parties name in every interview!!

  225. Lucky Charm says:

    @ 200 Birdie “All that to promote a freaking movie, when JA´s mother had a stroke and all..?”

    You do realize that this interview was taken LONG before Nancy had her stroke? The article is being published this week, which is why parts were released now. The timing may be unfortunate to you, but Brad has absolutely nothing to do with that!

  226. Josephina says:

    Brad was very clear in his thoughts and there was no room for misinterpretation. However, too many of you do not want to believe that his marriage to Jen was on life support before he met Angie. I cannot imagine what else does this man have to say to make it any clearer. He blamed himself for the dismal state of his marriage and ended it.

    He is very engaged with the life he created with Angie and thoroughly enjoys it. Bravo to him for honoring the love of his life, which of course is none other than Angelina Jolie.

    Brad is truly a blessed man. I am sure that he is thankful for the gracious life that he lives with his dream family.

    During the 90s he admittedly struggled as an actor and person. It is truly a blessing to learn from yuor mistakes, correct them, and keep moving forward.

    I love how Brad sweetly gushes about Angelina and their beautiful family. He is a man in love, and the love from his children and Angie has inspired him into a whole new level of accomplishment and critical acclaim. From the Make-it-Right Foundation, to producing memorable films, to the creative role that he now selects, he has truly evolved into an extraordinary person.

    Now some of you know that if you ask Brad a question, he will give you the truth- cold, hard math. If you are not ready to handle his truth, then don’t ask him.

    He is defintiely a man’s man. He is very direct and tells it to you straight. The Hollywood image of his marriage was a crock of sh*t. Trust that he is telling you the truth. There is no need to change his words or cut-and-paste his opinion.

    Angie is a lucky woman.

  227. Anon says:

    Certain things catch your eye, But pursue only those that capture your heart.
    ~ An old indian saying

    Aww, if only Brad Pitt was a simple cheater (and stayed in his marriage like all those other Hollywood cheaters do). THAT would have worked better for Jen and Co. but no, Brad followed his heart. Buck up, Jen MET the love of her life, Justin. 😉

  228. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Canuck So these people lied to their spouse but told you the truth about their affairs? Wow. Well I know the stories. I know things are supposed to go down. Meet someone, lust after them, and then have them, and then if it gets serious, break up with the spouse. However I have a very high opinion of Angie. I just don’t see Angie being with Brad until he got separated from Aniston. Brad hasn’t left Angie’s side since and that says something to me about their relationship.

    Also Brad isn’t gay and yes I am stating that definitively Original Kate.

  229. Justaposter says:

    Man.. such a bitchy bunch today!

    I like Angie, I like Jen.. never really cared for Brad.

    I guess the question for me is.. Is Brad so hard up for any type of press?

  230. Joanna says:

    I don’t think Jen really cares what Brad says about her. She’s a grown woman who has been in the press for years. If she hasn’t gotten over their marriage by now, there’s no hope for her. I think she has, and she doesn’t really give a damn. So people need to move on. Who cares what happened in their marriage? Get a life.

  231. N.D. says:

    @P.J. “This was particularly cruel as Aniston’s mother just had a massive stroke.”

    Something Aniston seems to be perfectly unconcerned about since she’s all smiles while dining out in NY instead of in LA at her mother’s sick bed.

  232. Duh says:

    219Anon, other brad threads with no mention of Aniston = small amount of comments. The only reason this is getting so many hits is because of ANISTON. duh brad can’t get publicity without talking about Angelina, her kids, or his ex. pathetic. lol

  233. Chloe says:

    Face the wrath of the Goddess Circle, Brad Pitt!

  234. Lenore says:

    You know what I haven’t had in a while? Toblerone.

    (I have nothing to say, I just wanted to join in.)

  235. Cheyenne says:

    Jesus please us! This is a FRONT PAGE story on the New York Post with a full-page spread inside.

    Must be a slow news day in the rest of the world.

  236. DEE says:

    He such a loser anyway

  237. Cheyenne says:

    @Jezi: The only way they could have avoided those beach photos was to go into hibernation for an unspecified period of time, which they didn’t want to do and I don’t blame them.

    @Larissa: I’m a J-P fan and I said on the other thread Brad shouldn’t have brought his marriage into that interview. What I’m laughing at is shitfit Aniston’s fans are throwing over something that happened seven years ago. You’d think the foundation of their lives had become unhinged because Brad finally killed their illusions that he would really prefer to be with Aniston and he’s stuck with Jolie for the sake of the kids.

  238. Cheyenne says:

    @N.D.: OUCH! 😉

  239. Sue says:

    What I find crazy is that more people are upset of thinking that Brad may have called Jen boring which he didn’t that of Mel Gibson BEATING gold digger ex how FUCK UP is that.

  240. prissa says:

    YAWN! :o(

  241. kiki says:

    lololol, I can’t believe how much press this story has gotten (the original dull thing not the backtrack). Even Gayle King this morning was talking about what a jerk BP is!

    Never been terribly interested in “the triangle” (Jenn & Brad seem like harmless bores, Jolie a random freak, will see all their movies regardless) but I’m w/ Kaiser — the Anistoloonies seem to be out it full force for some reason. If anything, Brad shouldn’t have issued any apology at all, but hey, whatever it takes to stay in the news. If I were a cynical b*tch I’d say it’s all a calculated stunt concocted by publicists.

    Let’s all sing kumbaya & get over it — Brangie are happy, & Jenthroux too now it seems.

  242. N.D. says:

    @Duh It’s not Aniston or Pitt or Angelina. Each of them gets tons of hits only when Unholy Triangle is mentioned.

  243. JP Fan says:


    He is still saying his life with pathetic Jennypoo was very BORING and he was bored out of his witts. Heck look at all the guys she slept with since Brad dumped her sorry yoga-toned-ass for the gorgeous, intelligent Angie…the only woman he wanted to have kids with! All the other guys left screaming and hollering and could not get away fast enough from her. She is the one who says you have to be “fcukable” to stay in the industry, she is the one who told on Letterman she spread her legs the first night their managers arranged a blind date, she is the one who had Buttler’s finger up her ass on the Red Carpet…This bitch is no America’s sweetheart but has all the “emblem of the lonely’s” of the world who were once dumped fooled thanks to the mega bucks she pays Huvane.
    Thank you Brad for being a nice guy but this bitch does not deserve it…Thanks for telling the truth but you have been for years but no one was listening…
    Two years ago he said their marriage was a DEAD-END, he sain not till Angie having kids felt right!!! So why is what he said on Parade any different? Ony the idiot, shallow woman/childs neurotic fans had a hissy fit so he CLARIFIED it that he was MISERABLE being with her!!! Hehehehe….good one Brad. next time no need to clarify these Jenny enablers will twist your words no matter what so next time you really twist the knife and put these pathetic Rachel fan losers out of their misery…Tell them about her coke habit, tell them how shallow she is, tell them what a big fat Greek LIAR she is..For 5 damn years she lied about wanting to have kids. BS, the bitch is too scared to get FAT!!! Nothing wrong with not wanting kids but so much wrong with LYING about it for years. Tell them how you felt when the bitch forgot to tahk you at GG’s. Tell them how she only visited you ONCE in SIX mnoths while you were filming Troy. Tell them how she refused to go to your parents 50th anniversary. Go ahead Brad just spill the beans and this time no need to clarify…we ALL knew your marriage was toast at the end of 2002!!!!

  244. Canuck says:

    @Love Angelina: No, most of the time the truth ends up coming out eventually, and as I’m not one to dump any of my friends, I’ve gotten the story from both sides over time. While the ones who were cheating may have either emotionally checked out already, or were re-evaluating whether they wanted to spend the rest of their lives living the life they were, not one of them didn’t hedge their bets, ie: checking out the merchandise personally, establishing an intimate (in all senses) relationship to jump off to, while they were still married.

    I’m glad you have such a high opinion of Jolie’s honesty and morality. Actually no, I think it’s a bit sad really, becase all of these people’s livelihoods depend, to a great extent, on their images. And if you’ve ever read any of the HW biographies on any of the actors, you’d realize that most of what we see is carefully crafted BS.

    Btw, I’m not trying to convince you that Brad is gay. Maybe I’ll See you here in a decade or two when that comes out in someone’s autobiography though and I promise not to say “I told you so”.

  245. Dingles says:

    Lol, because wanting to lick to the feet of Brangelina is not lame? Whatever, Kaiser.

  246. Jezi says:

    @N.D. If I’m not mistaken isn’t Aniston estranged from her mother? I really haven’t paid attention to what their relationship has been like as of late.

    @Love Angelina I know you love Angie but she has had a history of going after married men.

  247. Paloma says:

    You know what I don’t get? Jen says how much she feels for this man, and I believe she means it. She has always seemed to blame Angie. Then, Chelsea disses Angie but not Brad. Why not? Don’t they both see it takes two to tango, so to say? Brad was the one who left his marriage for another woman. I don’t think Angie was twisting his arm.

  248. evon says:

    douchebag. what an utter stupid a–hole.

  249. Daisy424 says:

    FRIENDS star JENNIFER ANISTON say that her marriage to Hollywood idol BRAD PITT was a “grand experiment”.

  250. Ell says:

    @ichabod – Great post, I’d applaud you if I could:)

  251. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Canuck what makes you think Brad is gay? Like give me some things I and everyone has missed. Brad has dated a string of Hollywood women since he came on the scene…sooo what exactly makes him gay?

    @Jezi Actually Johnny Lee Miller was unmarried when he and Angelina married. BBT was also single. He maintains that he and Laura Dern were no longer together when he married Angelina. Laura Dern and BBT were never married, just engaged or something. Brad is the ONLY ONE who was actually ever married. However Angie and Brad both maintain they didn’t have an affair and I believe them. So Angelina doesn’t have a history of going after married men. You have to have dated more than one married man to have HISTORY of going after married men.

  252. waq says:

    Kaiser I think I love you. Lol, needless to say I agree BUT I AGREE with everything you said.

    @Ell # 20 comment

    “If it wasn’t for the kids being hurt, I wish Angelina would dump him for someone more interesting and deserving of her.”

    I agree with this as well.

  253. I Choose Me says:

    @Love Angelina. Comment 42. I promised myself I’d avoid this thread but I just couldn’t resist. Your comment is spot on.

    I kind of agree with Kaiser too. Wish he didn’t back-track but I figured he would. Angie didn’t used to care about PR then she met Brad and started playing the game a little because Brad, oh, he cares very much about his image, yes indeed. That’s one thing he and the ex Mrs. has in common.

  254. RED ALERT*RED ALERT* At the prodding of every insulted and bitter women on the face of this planet,Brad Pitt will be torched alive at the stake at midnight.Lighted kindling will be sold for $1.00 each(for your throwing pleasure.)It is advised that you show up early,(and at your own risk),as there will be a line of frothing,angry ladies,lusting for Pitts demise.

  255. Amanda G says:

    Now THAT is what he should have said in the first place. I’m not even a fan of any of them, but I’m glad Brad clarified.

  256. Canuck says:

    Love Angelina, dating a string of Hollywood beauties is standard regardless of your orientation when you’re a guy in HW. Because the powers that be seem to feel that John Q Public will reject gay leading men, so even if you don’t like women, the public needs to believe you do. Not fair, but that seems to be the way things work there. As for the rest… later because it will be a long post and it’s dinner time where I’m at. Although I suspect you’re going to try and refute my points, which isn’t going to change my mind anyways.

  257. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Canuck Well you enjoy your dinner. I still really wanna hear why you think Brad is gay. I don’t have anything to do tonight, *sad face*, so I would love to hear your theories. Its just my nature to try and disprove people’s points when I disagree with them. Isn’t that how good debates work? Still I really wanna know what I have been missing.

  258. Jezi says:

    @Love Angelina Let me rephrase, she goes after unavailable men. LOL. I always thought she met BBT when he was still with Laura Dern. Since I don’t know either of them personally, I will just go by the rumors. I also recalled hearing of other on-set romances and I could’ve sworn some with married men. But I’m not as passionate as you are with Angelina’s life so I will just bid you adieu for now…gotta get back to my monotonous job. LOL

  259. Abs says:

    Haven’t read all of the comments, so sorry if this has already been said. It’s immature to say someone is a “Jen Hen” or Anistonloonie, just because they don’t agree with your point or because they take Jennifer’s side. Get over yourself.

    It seems that just because Aniston is a celebrity, people are lacking compassion. We’ve have all had a break up, or at least known someone who has been in a bad break up. So, you are telling me that you would tell a family member or friend that “Maybe it was you” or “It’s because of your personality”, if they broke up with someone.

    And what’s with all of this *Aniston is boring* or she’s *vapid* business. I doubt anyone here has had a conversation with her. I think the single dad across the street from me who doesn’t do much except work and look after his kids is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. Don’t call someone vapid when you are analysing the lives of people you’ve never met.

  260. WOM says:

    Kaiser —

    “Go ahead and yell at me. Just know that personally, I wish Brad would shop giving a crap about his ex-wife and her fanbase. I wish he would just step up and really voice a passionate defense of Angelina, beyond the fact that she‘s the mother of his six children.”

    You’re right. Absolutely right. This is a great point that needed to be made.

  261. fizXgirl314 says:

    wow, can you crawl out of Pitt’s butt for a second? Having an opinion contrary to what amounts to utter worship for the Brange gang does not make one an “Anistonloonie”. This is pretty big stuff, I think it’s the first time he’s actually addressed or acknowledged his marriage to Aniston so people are probably surprised/taken aback/excited… whatever. I’ll admit I’m pretty surprised. It seemed like for years these two wanted to pretend like Aniston didn’t exist…

    Anyway, that comment was a bit tacky.

  262. Abs says:

    Why does Angelina need to be defended? No one called her out. If he is sincere in what he says, he was just clearing up a few details about a friend. Some people are friends with their exes. So much rampant immaturity.

  263. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Jezi LOL good luck at work. Yea Laura Dern made a big deal about it but BBT said different. It was he said/she said situation and I bet you can guess whose side I am gonna take. LOL There has really been only 3 major men in Angie’s life and I don’t think its fair to bring in rumored love affairs. Lets just stick with what we know. Brad, BBT, and JLM.

  264. Rux says:

    If you can’t say something nice….

  265. kimm says:

    Thank you @Peachy #129 – that just cracked me up!!!!

  266. tpass says:

    N.D. and where was Angie while her mother was sick. Traveling the world with Pitt only to arrive by her mother side a day before she past. Plus how do you know Jen mother had a massive stroke, when no one is commenting?

  267. fizXgirl314 says:

    Cheyenne for a crazy person, you sure are self righteous :-/. Neither Jolie nor Pitt nor Aniston gives a shit about you. Get on with your life. Same goes to “Love Angelina”. Yeesh… You guys making statements like you know these people or are in any way aware of their thought patterns is really pathetic :-/

  268. I Choose Me says:

    Just read Katscorp comment. You know what?, You’re absolutely right but I gotta tell you it’s hard not to get sucked into the crazy. 😀

  269. emmab says:

    Totally with Kaiser.

    BP’s not good enough for Angie. She gets so much crap, SO MUCH, but instead of stepping up to the plate for her (which she’s done for him — she’s forthright and clearly adores him), what Brad’s said about JA from then till now is in a way more solicitous and defensive and complimentary than ANYTHING he ever says about Angie.

  270. theaPie says:

    He made the first statements clearly about himself and the choices HE had made. I don’t see him blaming anyone but himself.

    His clarification was nice. Too bad it was necessary. People can be such morons.

  271. anonymous says:

    Finally we all know why all those men who dated JA dumped her, Jennifer Aniston is a narcissistic, self-centered freak, Brad Pitt probably was being tortured in the relationship for years while JA just tanned and smoked and drank margaritas and sun bathe in Cabo, no kids all the attention on herself just like all those people are now coming to her defense, who needed defense is those kids who she so freely spouted out the R word on national Tv and of course it’s America’s golden child, somebodyelse would have been sanctioned, she goes on to put out those can’t act romcoms flashing her hair looking like a jackass on screen. Her fans so want to build her up they call the dude she is with now cute h bubble head and frog legs and all.

  272. Liamarie says:

    Wow… I took what he said as simply that HE was becoming complacent in his life in a way he didn’t necessarily want to be and playing part of the golden couple when he really was ready for something more, something different, didn’t help matters. I’ve been in relationships that were winding down and not what I was looking for anymore and I began to realize that being complacent meant being bored, and it had nothing to do with the person I was in the relationship with, just the fact that the relationship was no longer right and I didn’t want to settle, nor waste anymore of my time or his. I really do think that’s all he was saying and his “backtrack” comment kind of seems to say the same thing.

    I really hate all the bashing of other commenters here, though.

  273. cannonball says:

    jen and brad were wayyyyy over before angie came.

  274. waq says:

    Teflon Brad had a taste of the hate that both Angelina and Jennifer have received for so long and he couldn’t stand it for 24 hours so he had to backtrack. It is a testament to how strong both of these women are and how weak willed Brad is. If Brad had to endure the heat like Angie and Jen have to, he would be crying in some corner of his mansion.

    I’m on Team Jennifer enjoy your Mexican vacation and Team Angelina dump Brad and take the kids.

  275. emmab says:

    oh yeah, i also had to come back to say this. his comments did not need clarification. & it makes no sense that it’s ok for the aniston/chelsea handler brigade to mock and slag off Angie, but the minute there is a possibility JA may be considered “dull” he has to do this.

  276. Riana says:

    Sheesh between this post and the other one people on both sides care too much. Please don’t take a sanctimonious tone Kaiser, crazy Aniston fans ( and just as crazy Pitt and Angie fans) are your bread and butter. May they never go away so you can always bank on the revenue from the multiple page views.

    My take?

    Pitts a douche and an idiot.
    Angie’s a skank and a manipulator.
    Jenn’s dull and plain.

    Pitts a child but as the multiple adoptions show Angie loves children. Cry me a freaking river “Life was so dull with my wife because she didn’t take me out uninteresting trips or adopt exciting hobbies I could mimic! Waaaah!”

    Surprised they managed to produce biological children since Brad is so obviously lacking a pair.

    At the end of the day he cheated, moved on and now has a new relationship and life. Karma is in full effect as the hotness Pitt and Jolie once oozed has been visibly drained leaving behind a husk of a man with stringy hair, a homeless man beard and a drinking problem. Angie on the other hand is quite literally skin and bones, the veins in her forehead throbbing an SOS for nutrition. Jen is still hot and taut and and can find a guy that finds a normal woman satisfying without the incestuous relationship, knives in bed or blood vials.

    In short…whatever, ain’t effecting my life.

  277. Cheyenne says:

    @fizXgirl314: Projecting much, honey?

    Look, I’m sorry you got the blinders pulled off your eyes, but you got it straight from the horses mouth so to speak. You can’t delude yourself any more that Brad still misses Jenny-poo or that he regrets dumping her. He just told the whole world his marriage sucked, he felt like he was living a lie, and his life now is Angie and their children. I know you feel like the bottom fell out of your world but try and deal with it.

  278. Catherine says:

    He never once in that interview said that Jen was the source of his dull life, so all these people jumping on that bandwagon need to get a life. He was obviously speaking of himself and the change he needed to make.
    I’m not a fan of his at all and no one knows for sure what went down with those two but don’t read more into what isn’t there.

  279. Ligaya says:

    I totally agree with you on all points. Is there an unwritten rule about when Brad or Angelina can talk about their feelings and what happened now and in the past? Especially when others feel completely free to speak/write/speculate about them endlessly? Are they to be muzzled forever and have no right to free speech?

    It was frustrating to see Angelina bear all the hate all these years – without a word of support from Brad. Maybe they thought that was the best way to deal with it and not add fuel to the fire.

    *Finallly,* Brad said something close to a direct declaration (“the woman I love”). He’s only referred to Angelina as the mother of his children and hasn’t said anything about how he values her as a person, lover, partner-in-life – so sexist and chiken-shit -even if it was to shield her/him from even higher tabloid frenzy.

  280. WhiteNoise says:

    LOVE ANGELINA – “…but I think alot of you are taking this too personally.”

    Thanks for the laugh! That has to be the funniest comment here, you telling other people that they are taking this too personally!! This from someone who regularly tells others what Jolie and Pitt are thinking and every thought that goes on in their heads.

    Step away from the Jolie-Pitts! 😉

  281. Lenore says:

    Actually, regarding this:

    “Go ahead and yell at me. Just know that personally, I wish Brad would shop giving a crap about his ex-wife and her fanbase. I wish he would just step up and really voice a passionate defense of Angelina, beyond the fact that she‘s the mother of his six children.”

    While I totally agree that it would be nice to see Brad Pitt display some cojones and stick up for his woman, is it possible that maybe Jolie has told him not to? That maybe she’s said, “Look, baby, I can take care of myself. I’m bigger than this BS, bigger than all this tabloid crap. We need to step back from it and just protect our kids from all the mudslinging, that’s all. I don’t want you to be some macho man who has to step in to defend his ickle wife from the nasty names. I’ve been called enough names anyway, it’s never going to stop, so why don’t we just retreat to the sex grotto?” I mean, we may think he’s being ungallant, but he may be doing exactly as she’s asked him…

    Just a thought.

  282. Edita says:

    @ emmab, I totally agree with you.
    Angelina has suffered so much all the years from the countless attacks of the media,…

    My admiration for this woman will never fade because she is an exceptional classy & strong woman.

    I’m also glad that all this didn’t affect her career. She’s still famous and well loved all over the world. Her movies do well worldwide. her career continues to rise, being the highest paid actress, etc.

    She deserves so much better than him. I kinda wish she would dump him, take the kids and run.

    Brad should thank his lucky star to be with such an amazing woman & to have this family with her. He’s definitely the lucky one in this relationship.

  283. Ligaya says:

    @Riana: Nice try. 😉

    “In short…whatever, ain’t effecting my life.”

    Umm, the fact that you cared enough to comment, and *what* your comment was says that enough of it *does* matter to you.

    And no “Jenn’s is dull and plain” makes you someone who’s an equal opportunity pox-on-all-their-houses person. You reveal yourself as an Angelina hater all too well.

  284. april says:

    I’m not a fan of any of them and I wish them all well. But I do think that Brad is not a gentleman in talking about his previous marriage. I think he probably does feel guilty about emotionally cheating or whatever kind of cheating went on with Angelina. I think he was the one who pursued Angelina and I think she probably said she wouldn’t sleep with him until he left Jennifer. But I’m sure they were very much in love and doing other physical things. Angelina did say they fell in love while on “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” That’s when Jennifer said to Angelina “That was not cool.”

    I wish Brad would shut up about all of this. I’m glad at least he clarified his statements about Jennifer. Since he left his wife for someone else he should have the good sense to be tactful about what he says.

  285. anne_000 says:

    Big deal…

    There was a married couple where one of them was very unhappy. The marriage ended. Now they are in relationships with other people. The End.

  286. fizXgirl314 says:

    lol… seriously WhiteNoise.

    Cheyenne: *eyeroll*… I do hope you’re joking for your sake :-/

  287. Liamarie says:

    You reveal yourself as an Angelina hater all too well.

    _ _ _ _

    So? She’s allowed to have her opinions, likes, and dislikes, just like EVERYONE ELSE here.

  288. Jenn says:

    Jennifer has played the victim for a long time, even though talk of her wanting the divorce long before Angelina has existed.

  289. Meadowlark says:

    You know, no one is obligated to hate any of these three. The new-found anti-Brad team, the anti-Aniston, the anti-Jolie… get some god-damned perspective. These are adults– adult who actually know and care about each other. They don’t need to publicly defend each other.

    For the record, I don’t see the big deal with what Pitt said in the Parade interview, or the clarification. Dude’s just talking about his life in a completely harmless, non-scandalous, non-chastising way. The same way in which Aniston and Jolie have both talked about their lives(well, maybe not Jolie in her heroin/knives/vial-of-blood days but, you know…).

    Honestly, I don’t know why ANYONE on either team of this triangle has such expectations of these three. Not one of them has ever done or said anything worthy of being worshiped or vilified. Seriously. They’re just people!

  290. Kezia says:

    Ironic Kaiser, that a day previously you extoll the virtues of journalistic integrity and “abiding by a code of ethics” as mentioned by Brad Pitt in the infamous article and yet write such an unbiased, vitriolic, spiteful article lacking any journalistic integrity by attacking and name calling anyone who may not agree with you or be on the “Pitt-Jolie” side.
    I come here for funny, interesting commentary on celebrities from you and today have been left with a bitter taste in my mouth from your horribly biased article, since when has celebitchy become a dictatorship whereby if you do not agree with your point of view you are a “loonie”?
    I find that really sad and will stick to DListed for the forseeable future.

  291. rosalee says:

    WOW..must be a full moon!!! The loonie bins have allowed the residents access to the internet.

  292. Mia says:

    KAISER: the reason you can’t defend Brad is because he isn’t the underdog here. But I get it – you’re an Angelina/Brad-loonie.

    Get this though: BRAD IS UPTRADY- now you’d have us believe you don’t like Uptrady.

    ANGELINA is his enabler and a covetous woman who has to have everything.
    This includes her own flavour of nobility & other peoples’s children & husbands.

  293. Eden says:

    What truly amazes me is that it’s been almost 7 years to the day that the Pitt-Aniston divorce was finalized and we are still talking about it.

    People, Brad and Angie have been together longer than he and Jen were married. Get over it already and call it good already. Oy vey…..

  294. Heine says:

    I’ve been visiting this site for awhile now but never have I seen such an insane amount of commenting.

    I would like to say that thinking Brad’s comments were a bit tacky and unnecessary does not mean a person is a fan of Jennifer Aniston.

    I know that all the fans of Brad and Angelina want to think that way because it gives them a reason to invalidate that opinion of his comments, but there are quite a few people I would imagine who have no horse in this race and can think outside of their celebrity and see this for what it was: an unnecessary jab at his ex wife. Once he mentioned “my marriage” he dragged Aniston into it, like it or not.

    For those of us who visit this site merely because it’s one of the best written celebrity gossip sites, this article being so heavily biased and disrespectful of your readers and commentors is disappointing.

    You’re pandering to the lowest common denominator.

    You guys are better than this.

  295. Moreaces says:

    I don’t think Jen ever even loved Brad but the idea of being with a very handsome A list star. She seems shallow and boring, Brad is much more interesting now that he is no longer with jen. Seems like for Jen every thing was just for the camera and show. Im so glad he is out of that dismal existence. The truth may hurt, but it is the truth..

  296. Anon says:

    Oh Mia, I feel sad for you. I guess there are millions of women or men that have adopted or gotten into a relationship after failed marriages that don’t meet your standards. Shame on them for being happy and not living in a pity-pot for the rest of their lives. I wonder what Heidi thinks of all this?
    Kaiser, today I am fan.

  297. N.D. says:

    @Jezi “isn’t Aniston estranged from her mother?”
    Not anymore, they reconnected a couple of years ago.

    @tpass “and where was Angie while her mother was sick”
    I have no idea where she was and more importantly how it’s relevant to the issue of Pitt’s alleged bad timing.

    What I don’t get it why it’s all about Aniston? He wasn’t talking about his marriage initially – when all the colorfull epithets popped up – but about his whole life in 90s. During that time he was with Lewis and Paltrow and maybe some others I don’t remember. How come nobody’s up in arms about their feelings? If we keep up with this logic he must be implying they failed to entertain him and give him kids just like Aniston, so is he dissing them too? Should he make more clarifications about them as well? Crazy.

  298. Moreaces says:

    I’m right there with you Kaiser, Brad job is to defend his family, not his past MISTAKE (Jen).

    F#$k the haters!!!

    How very ture.

  299. Ligaya says:

    @Liamarie: You mistake me. Of course everyone/anyone has a right to their opinions – including me. 🙂 And everyone/anyone can be ‘hater/-loonie/neutral.’

    Not starting an argument here with you, Riana or anyone. It’s just funny to me how inconsistent someone can be in their comment when they can come right out and be plain-spoken.

    I was making a wry comment on Riana’s comment in which she professes that all sides of “The Triangle’ are bad – then proceeds to eviscerate Angelina, and only Angelina (well, Brad to a very small extent). I’m using ‘hater’ as shorthand, I could just as well have used Team Aniston or pro-Aniston.

    IMO, Riana would have been more honest just with her comments on Angelina – without trying to cloak them as ‘I’m not an Aniston fan or I’m not Team Aniston’ by her quote below. Riana’s bilious description of Angelina is quite a contrast with Riana’s description of Jen’s dreamy, magical life, hot body and looks, and perfect world.

    In fact Riana’s description of Jen’s life is in direct contradiction to “her take” that “Jenn’s is dull and plain.”


    My take?

    Pitts a douche and an idiot.
    Angie’s a skank and a manipulator.
    Jenn’s dull and plain.

  300. Jane says:


    I know, I agree about that. But, that is my point. You *can’t* help what you feel, so you are going to feel it no matter what, hence it is more difficult to control (if it can be controlled).

    Taking it to the physical level is a choice. You don’t *have* to follow emotional cheating with physical cheating. I would be just as upset about the physical cheating as the emotional cheating, but I would be more hopeful about salvaging the relationship if I knew my partner/husband was not emotionally “married” (for want of a better word) to the person he is cheating with.

    However, knowing me I would probably kick him to curb no matter what kind of cheating it was.

  301. mimi says:

    7 WHOLE YEARS. Wow. Marriage is for better or worse. When you make that kind of committment, it is serious and deep. You believe you will spend the rest of your life with that person. And then they bail on you when the grass looks greener. A divorce is traumatic and incredibly painful. Placing some ridiculous timeline on when you should be over to me shallow, and vapid. 5 years, 7 years…if you truly loved the spouse that deserted you (and in such a public way) I could see where the pain could last in some ways, a lifetime.

  302. nemera says:

    I still love you Brad..

    Wow.. I bet this makes over 400 by the weekend.

  303. VintageBum says:

    wow comments really blew up on this one! I honestly feel indifferent about this one, I mean, he doesn’t catch my attention, he bores me really. If I offend, I do apologize lol

  304. Moreaces says:

    This loser is even passive aggressive towards his parents and is often disparaging the way they raised him. When he was with Jen he was always singing their praises, now with Angelina who hates them, he is always making bad comments about religion and his childhood. Talk about small minded pathetic loser. Apology not accepted, I am glad he is getting a backlash and people have turned on him. I hope his movie bombs and hollywood shuns him

    Please send a link where he says, hint, or anything else that he hates his parents. I dont agree with everything my parents believe in, and dont adhere to it. But I love and respect them. Just because his belife system is not like theirs in no way indicates he hates them. What a horrible thing to say. Oh, And how’s that relationship going with Jen and her Mom,, any improvements there?

  305. Cheyenne says:

    @Kaiser: Like you, I would love to see Brad ride in on his white horse and slay all the Angie bashers. I’d love to hear him telling the whole world that he loves Angie because she is beautiful, sexy, smart, unique, etc. etc., besides being a great mom to his kids.

    But that would generate the mother of all shitstorms. The loonifers would start braying like a pack of demented donkeys: “Whattadouche!! He never talked about Jen like that! He just said that to hurt Jen! Why can’t he keep his mouth shut!”

    It’s like he can’t win for losing and Angie, who is a very smart lady, probably realized that from the get-go. I agree with whoever posted upthread that she probably told him from the beginning, “Look, babe, I can deal with the shit. Don’t worry about me. Anything you say in my defense is going to add fuel to the fire. Just let it go.”

    I realize Brad probably felt he had to clarify what he said after the Brit tabloids started running headlines saying “Brad Says Jen Was Dull”, which he never said, but he should have let it alone and let Aniston and her groupies deal with it any way they wanted to.

  306. Shy says:

    It was actually interesting quote. First one. Such a little quote but it explained everything. After all those yells that evil Angelina stole Brad from his happy marriage to Jennifer. When in fact Brad told it in few words. That he was bored with Aniston. He was just some stupid pretty celebrity that was sitting on the couch all day.

    What could he possibly talk to Aniston about? We all saw her in interviews. She is dull, stupid and just empty headed. Can Brad talk with her about politics? About different countries, things that happened in the world, about art etc? No. Because she is empty and doesn’t know anything about it. She can talk about her hair, makeup, tan, hotels in Mexico, cloth etc. In other words – Brad was too smart for her. And in the end he saw that his life with her was leading him to nowhere.

    And now compare it to Angelina who travels around the world, meets world greatest and biggest people, can talk about anything. That’s why he dumped his empty and stupid wife who still behaves and probably has the mind of 18-years old teenager.

    Who was Brad six years ago? Just some sex-symbol, pretty celebrity. No one took him serious as actor. And look at him now – he gets nominated for awards every other year. Everyone respect him. He is movie mogul. Travels around the world every week. Oh yeah and add 6 kids to that list.

    I can’t even believe that someone can still blame him for dumping her.

  307. Liamarie says:

    bowing out, since I’m obviously too nice to participate

  308. crtb says:


  309. Poppy says:

    Let us not forget that Jen’s new man was in a long term live in relationship when suddenly there is an announcement that he and Aniston are together and soOoo in love. The circumstances of Jen’s new love affair are exactly the same as Ange and Brad’s meeting on set, Jen is just as much a home wrecker as Ange according to the Anistonloonies rules, but I guess they will just ignore that uncomfortable truth.

  310. Riana says:


    I just knew someone would be upset enough to analyze my opinion. Just glad it was only 1 supposed adult.

    Try not to confuse us. I’d say between this post and the other Pitt one there must be close to a thousand comments. While I visit this site I rarely comment but when I say that my curiosity was peaked. Every side has their opinion but I found it plain stupid for Kaiser to be making a moral judgement now ( considering how many times they are equally carry/immature) I thought about it and volunteered my own opinion but at the end of the day I DO realize nothing happening with Jolie/Pitt/or Aniston effects my life. …do you think it effects yours in some way? Perhaps it does. Perhaps you lose sleep over them, wouldn’t surprise me.

    I don’t Angina but I’m not afraid to say I don’t like her either. Don’t like her ( did once), don’t like Pitt (never did) but I’m not too fond of Jen either. She’s vanilla yogurt.

    One thing that gets annoying is in posts like this individuals needing to score a mental point because it’s a battlefield or some stupid crap. Hope I fulfilled whatever ideal your ego needed.

  311. Riana says:

    *Don’t hate Angie

    Can’t edit on my iPhone. Lord what the freak is wrong with you. Team Aniston my butt.

    The woman was cheated on and I sympathize with her. At the end of the day she still has her looks. Can’t say much of her personality but her public persons bores me. At the end of the day Pitt and Jolie look like ghouls. On a shallow level it’s a visual karma but I rank all of them in the same level of dumbass.

    Bleh, sloppy thread, sloppy people.

  312. Duh says:

    FINALLY other people are on MY team. The Team Angelina Dump Brad and take your kids. I’ve been saying it for years… Brad is a jerk and he can’t take the negative comments that Angelina and Jennifer have had to deal with for yeaaaaaaars. LOL

  313. Cyn says:

    You all keep talking about “the triangle”.

    There IS NOT TRIANGLE. People have moved on. They may mention things in interviews because they are ASKED. They have every right to speak about their own past relationships / marriage. EVERY. RIGHT.

    No one is keeping this alive except the Press / Media and the so-called “fans”.

    THERE IS NO TRIANGLE. People marry, split and move on and find fulfillment elsewhere, with other people.

    The only ones this is alive and well in are the small minds of those who actually believe this is an active, on going situation.

    You all need to grow up and get lives.

  314. ZenB!tch says:

    She *is* dull but WTF did he marry her? I thought he was dull too and it was a marriage made is boring beige heaven. I still think he is dull and I while I do still Angelina was a homewrecker, I don’t get what she sees in him. There are so many more interesting homes to wreck.

    In short, I don’t like any of these people but he is my least favorite.

  315. Kim says:

    He made a jab and then got called on it and is now trying to back out of it. He is a wuss!

    He is the one who should get all the flack for being a homewrecker. HE WAS MARRIED, Angie was not. Not that i condone going after a married man, which i think she did, but again he was married and she wasnt so to me he is 100% AT FAULT.

  316. ZenB!tch says:

    @duh AJ should totally dump him. He’s a boor and he looks mentally deficient in that picture.

    Team Angelina should take the kids and dump his ass


    Team Jennifer should thank God almighty that she escaped from that idiots evil clutches

  317. Josephina says:

    @ #306 – Bravo. Bravo. Bravo. Bravo. Amen to you. (Applause.)

    Brad outgrew Aniston. Most of the JP fans feel EXACTLY the way you do. Very well said.

    Let the Jen fans continue to flip out, cry and yell and pout and scream no fair and foul play! It is what it is. The bottom line is that Brad’s marriage was a lowlight and he left it uninspired.

    Brad just set the record straight. His feelings for Aniston changed form long ago. His hot and heavy love has belonged to Angelina 7 years strong and counting! Sweet!!

  318. Franny says:

    I can not believe that so many people are still hung up on this. 300+ comments about something that happened so long ago, to people thousands of miles away that we’ll never meet? Crazy.

  319. Esmom says:

    Wow, so many takes. I think the one that sums up the whole situation best, in the fewest words, is from Mia @292: Brad is uptrady.

    And I have to comment on the Parade cover…why did they have to do the mouth open shot (never mind the velour jacket)? I know it’s a huge trend, I can count on one hand the number of ads in my current of issue of Vanity Fair where models have their mouths shut, but keeping BP’s mouth closed would have been much more attractive.

  320. craydaisy says:

    @ Esmom – maybe it’s b/c Brad can’t keep his mouth shut.

  321. Callumna says:

    Telling he wanted *his* life to be more interesting. Angelina Jolie changed her life because she quit thinking about herself and started thinking more about others.

    When Brad leaves as he always does, to get a new life through a new piece –younger — the fans of Angelina will be in the place of the fans of Jennifer Aniston right now. Because there’s a lot more emotion on the Brangelina show than there ever was for Braniston. The kids will become independent and living out of a suitcase in refugee camps is not going to be *fresh* for a lifetime if you’re almost 50 but still into everything for yourself.

  322. sandy#1 says:

    brad is gorgeous, yeah, i said it, call me what you want, i am proud to be a fan, unlike some of these fake non fan of ja, after tearing this couple down on the pretense of —not a fan of ja but…put any insult here about jolie/pitt, hypocrites.. and they call this family all kinds of things while defending the ex, she lied to brad about wanting a family, then for 5 years pursued her career, among other things, took up with a man in a 14 yr relationship while whining it happened to her, allowed lies/jokes to be told about this family while hurting Justin’s live in girlfriend moving that man in asap. jen is no saint, sorry, brad is caring, but he is not perfect either, no one is. but be fair.,… also that last picture of brad, it will get me through a couple of nights of being lonely.umm.

  323. LucyOriginal says:

    Hold on. 321 comments? LOL!

    Let me drink my wine and read some, I know I will never be able to catch up…

  324. Flan says:

    I always knew Aniston would one day run off with a man that was already taken and eyes rolled when I heard she did.

    Her indignation about ‘men stealing’ is fake, she was only pissed because it happened to her.

    In the end to judge who is the more valuable asset to this world, I look at how much they do for charity: and in that Jolie and Pitt win by a landslide.

  325. bettyrose says:

    I am in NO WAY a JA-loonie (though I do think she and Brad are cut from the same dull cloth and it’s hard to imagine what a dynamic woman like AJ would want with any of that). HOWEVER, I do know what it’s like to feel hurt and betrayed by someone you thought loved you. So I can’t feel good about anyone who does that.

    In my case, when the tables were turned and it was my time to dump someone I didn’t love, I never ever ever to this day over a decade later badmouthed him to mutual acquaintances.

  326. Auds says:

    They’re all so desperate to promote their lame movies aren’t they?
    I wonder what stuff Angelina will come out with when the product of her debut directorial film comes out.

  327. bettyrose says:

    @Callumna – I just read your comment. I tend to agree that men/women who cheat will always cheat, and I generally loathe BP. I don’t really think he cheated on JA, though, I just think he’s an insensitive dbag. And I def don’t think he’d cheat on Angie, because she makes him a better man. With her, he’s a father, an activist, a charity patron. Without her, he’s a pointless beefcake.

  328. Chris says:

    You know Brad and Jen get on the phone with each other to cook this stuff up when they need a bit of exposure, right?

  329. LucyOriginal says:

    Read the first (“few” comments), phew! Hold on. Forget Angelina, Forget Aniston. You all missed the point. In the 90’s Brad dated Juliet Lewis (right?) and who else?! He dated Gwyneth. How did you all missed that? Didn’t he date goopy and had a short engagement? He thought he was pathetic? Brad, uncool! Disrespect Goopy this way…Lol

  330. Mia says:

    @292 Hmm…let’s not steal handles okay? Because this Mia, the original one, doesn’t share your opinion of Brad and Angelina and doesn’t want to have her name associated with your insane troll logic.


    When my mother heard there was an uproar over Brad’s interview, she laughed and said…”well, all Jen does is tan and smoke pot. That has to get boring after awhile.” What can I say? Mom is right.

  331. Auds says:

    @Bettyrose that’s a key point, what Brad is without Angelina. It’s easy to forget that he wasn’t really that much. Sure he did make a few films that didn’t focus on his hunk appeal, but it didn’t look like he was really heading anywhere. I’m not saying that Angelina is a saint, but she has the image bit downpat, she turned her image right around and it’s worked for her.

  332. Auds says:

    This comment stream is fun on a Saturday morning.

    @ Pat, on whether we think Jen and Brad are friends.
    I doubt it.
    Today ‘good friends’ can mean anything – including exchanging the occasional funny text message, which is probably what they do. I doubt that they are friends-friends as in having the occasional coffee. If they were, the Paparazzi would have sniffed that out by now.

  333. Camille says:

    I agree with everything you said 100% Kaiser.

  334. sandy#1 says:

    hence, brad said his life, his life, people have to find their own journey, brad was smart enough to know what he wanted and what he needed, again, in his life, i wasted a lot of my life ,,trying to please a lot of people fearful of hurting anyone, i was miserable, i saw what i could be, but was too afraid to go for it, more wasted time, i am in a better place now, it was terribly hard , that’s why i think brad was so brave to finally get what he wanted out of his life, there was no easy way out. he wanted a family, brad, up until his marriage has been scandal free, while his ex build her career on his back. enough about this, it’s in the past and everyone is happy now…moving on.

  335. cici says:

    332 comments on JA/ BP/ AJ ? LMFAO.

  336. Flan says:

    At the time he started dating Aniston, Gwyneth was THE it-girl. Since I didn’t see Jen’s appeal at all, the ‘from Gwyn to Jen’ was more of a shocker to me than the ‘from Jen to Ang’ thing.

  337. Paddy says:

    @Boo: I’m in total agreement with you, his assaholic comments have nothing to do with “defending” Angie, just dissing Jen in a very public and unnecessary way. And to those that say the comments were just “about him”, when you publicly discuss your marriage, it’s not just about you, it’s also about your spouse. I’m not on any team, have never given two hoots about this triangle, but had to respond as I think the editorial comments were way off. I don’t disagree that Brad could stand up for his wife more, but this isn’t how you do that; this is how you try to get publicity.

    And have to agree with the commenter, how stoned do they look in that photo??!!

  338. Jojo says:

    K, I’m posting just because of the fact that almost everyone in the cb community has.

    My thoughts: I have a guess as to why people get so angry. Isn’t it because these celebs provide the venue for us to discuss our own values, our own norms, our own desires, and our own fears as they relate to our own personal lives? If people think it is ok for Brad to talk about his dull pre-Angie life, than our own exes, who dump us, should be allowed to do the same.

    It would be interesting to hear the Angiloonies and the Jen Hens say why they relate to their particular hero. What aspects of their own humble bios match up to their team-leader. Were you cheated on? Did you steal a man? There are probably stories you nutters have that can explain the seven year mania this triangle has driven.

  339. Cheyenne says:

    Loonifers are funny. Now they are calling Brad “uptrady”. They were calling Angie all kinds of whores while Aniston was a paragon. So if Brad is “uptrady”, then he traded up when he dumped Aniston for Angie. So what does that make Aniston?

    Well, at least they admit Brad dumped Aniston for a much better woman.

  340. sandy says:

    I am sick of people acting holier than thou about Brad’s comments. Brad talked about so many good things in that interview. Nobody gives a shit about any of those things. They latch on to his one comment that he made about himself and blow it out of proportion and call him and Angie names. Even after he makes a retraction people say he is lame and compare him to a royal douche like Jesse James. Brad seems like a great dad, son and partner. Even though Jen doesn’t deserve it he is still being nice to her feelings. And I cant believe people are so filled with hate towards him for not making it work with Jen that they cant stop cursing him. Bottom line is why are people acting like Brad left them and insulted them personally.

  341. snob says:

    Brad did not talk about his marriage. He talked about his life. there only 1 sentence “I think that my marriage had something to do with it. Trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t” out of many pages?. Get a life. Is he not allowed to talked about his life?. Talking about political correctness gone mad.

  342. Karma says:

    this is funny. people need to realize that this has all been planned and well-thought out. brad is a smart man. he did this on purpose. he is sick of ticky and plain out insulted her in a passive aggressive way. he can then deny it (even though we all know he spoke the truth) and he puts ticky in her place. i think the CH comments on angie and the kids were the last straw. anyone notice that in his “clarification” he states that ticky being dull wasnt the point he was trying to make? re-read that statement. he says it was not the point he was trying to make, but he does not deny it is true… wake up everyone! this has been strategically planned to put an end to all of ticky’s stalking, coattali-riding and patheticness. if she responds, then she is whining again. if she tries to vamp her image out of the boring (as she has been trying to do by portraying herself as a vixen), then she is desperate…..too funny. good one, brad! well-played. he put an end to the triangle with a low blow that she deserved. i love it.

  343. lee says:

    wow, the author of this piece is off base.
    You don’t have to be an Anistonloonie to feel that Brad Pitt is a douche.
    The man is a stupid airhead who doesn’t have an original thought of his own. He morphs himself into whoever his current partner is, all the way to his hair color.
    You don’t have to be an Anistonloonie to think his comments were offensive. I’m not an Aniston fan but feel the comments were unnecessary and cruel.
    And to the posters here who think an emotional affair is no big deal….i hope it never happens to you. It is a life changing event and making light of it shows that you have never experienced it first hand. The pain is crippling and it takes years to recover if ever. It never totally goes away.

  344. Jane says:

    Aniston-loonie right here. If your heart goes out to poor Angelina who got the man and the family then your nuts. Shes a wack job!

  345. Pat says:

    So that was kind of my point. I and everyone else don’t believe that Jen and Brad are friends. Even the Brad fans. So why would Brad lie? Brad’s whole interview bothered me. Like people are dying for treatment that only cost 30 cents. Really? What treatment in the States or anywhere only costs 30 cents. He just always seems to open his mouth and say stupid stuff. I realize that Brad fans will not ever admit that this man has one fault. However, he does best when he keeps his mouth shut. This was a big mistake on his part. He realies it now. I think he is greiving all right – but not about what he said . He is greiving about how the public turned on him. He should have learned a lesson from Jen. When Jen talked about their marriage people turned against her. Same goes with Brad – he though he was loved enough to get away with it – but not so. Also I don’t think that Jen really cares anymore – kind of takes the “fun” out of it.

    And Cheyenne I don’t think that Brad dumped anyone. In order to dump someone he should have asked for the divorce. I honestly think that Brad was teaching Jen as lesson – have my kids or else. I want them. She didn’t back down so he left and found someone who would do it for him. That is why is keeps mentioning how great a parent Angie is. I think he got with her for her “breeding” potential.

    Oh and unfortunately he did not put and end to the triangle he started the whole think up again. Stupid man.

  346. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    Man, Brad is dominating ALL gossip. Well played Mr. Pitt. Overseas gossip too, which is not into Baseball. Well played Mr. Pitt. Studio has to only spend little money on PR for a film out next week with great reviews. Well played Mr. Pitt.

    People jumped when HE said so and did not even ask how high. He knew which button to push. And he pushed. He sure does like the messiness of life. Hollywood is loving this. Industry types are patting his back like crazy. Where are the studio folks with criticisms? SILENT and loving it. What a way to erase the boxoffice slump.

    Don’t kid yourselves. Gossips and internet chatter good or bad is easy to predict. This man done good for them. You can’t really believe people won’t show up in droves for his film? Please, even mad pissed off peeps will be in line. A good movie is STILL a good movie and did he drum up excitement. Headlines over this?

    Nope, not jealousy or passive-aggresive, but definetly planned to illicit a response. Do you honestly think people hate him for stating the obvious? For serious? MB target audience are not on gossip sites, so this calculated risk will be a win for BP. Sports fans, men, true adults with coins to spend.

    This too shall pass and then we get Happy Feet, ITLOBH then awards season. Did’nt Tree of Life get its 2nd big award today? Calm down this show business likes drama and it’s good for business. BP has not dominated ALL headlines in a while (off being Daddy)and he came back on top with a vengeance. He owns his throne.

    Not mean spirited, or wimpy and not dumb. More like the business man he is. HIS life IS interesting. What number post am I? Speak your truth in a snippet, clarify for the masses who neede it, when you know which one will resonate and stay with us, then hit your red carpet. All they ask of him. No need for talk shows. Well played Mr. Pitt. JMHO and a different perspective. Take it or leave it.

  347. Memphis says:

    I’m a fan of Angie and Jen. I see no reason for me not to enjoy the work of both women. Brad, while I like many of his movies, I think he lacks backbone and originality…

    In every relationship he has been in he morphs into whatever type of man he thinks *fits* the role of that relationship. His morphing is more legendary than his career.

    I’m pretty sure the Brad we see with Angie isn’t a true version of himself either. It’s simply what he morphed into trying to fit with Angie. If left to his own devices he wouldn’t be the world traveled humanitarian he is now. That’s Angie’s doing. Brad was just the lump of clay molded like he was with all the other women.

    As for the article. There was no need for his statement. He could have simply talked about his life and love now and left his past in the past. His remark was unnecessary and classless.

    And for what it’s worth I do believe Brad cheated with Angie. You don’t “fall in love” (as Angie said they did on the set of M&M Smith) without a VERY strong connection. And IMO that connection wasn’t made over coffee, scripts and chit-chat.

    No one wants the home wrecker label so we will never hear them admit they were together during that time, but ask yourself…how many men/women have you fell so deeply in love with that you’re ready to run off and immediately start a family without first sharing a DEEP emotional and physical connection with said person? They may not have been doing the total nasty but I believe they were physical while he was still married to Jen.

  348. Mimi says:

    Manniston sucks.

  349. Dana says:

    He didn’t feel guilty while he was cheating with Angie and over time he has since Jen caught most of the backlash, not Angelina. Ang is NO saint since she was cheating too and a hypocrite since she said she’d never get involved with a married man since that’s what caused the riff with her father, he cheated on her mother causing them to not speak for years. I guess it depends on Angie’s def. of married. His comments about him being dull and the marriage having something to do with it does bash Jen since he was not in the marriage alone. He wasn’t into her basically saying he was bored with her and wanted someone more exciting. OUCH! At least he backtracked and tried to make it sound better. I HIGHLY doubt a woman who steals a husband and gets pregnant before he’s divorced AND he adopts your kid is insecure in any way, shape. or form. Angie’s got him and isn’t the least bit concerned about Jennifer.

  350. JP Fan says:

    I am really ROTFLMAO re Loonifers trying to rewrite history! LOL

    I guess you guys think we did not hear or read Jen’s interviews while she hit the lottery and was married to THE BRAD PITT the A-lister for merely 4 and a half years and they had NO KIDS! She tried to put him down in every interview she gave because she is a very insecure, pathetic BORING person. She continued her bashing after the divorce but expanded her hatred towards Angie and their kids. So this self-centered, self proclaimed neurotic who has been in therapy for 25 freaking years is your IDOL? Hahaha thank you for the laughs 🙂

  351. Isa says:

    So Jen was allowed to talk about the divorce all she wanted but Brad can’t? She was allowed to take swipes at his “Billy Idol” hair? How many times as Jen talked about the divorce? 3 or 4?
    I didn’t take his comments to be mean to Jennifer at all. He was explaining what he was like back then. I think your partner has a lot to do with the way you live your life. At least I know mine does. He felt unhappy and moved on. Now he’s happy.

  352. JaneWonderfalls says:

    Brad looks so much better when he was with Jenn, but he is starting to sound like a babbling brook.

  353. blonde on the dock says:

    This thread is more entertaining than any of the “Triangle’s” movies.

  354. Ali says:

    Brad Pitt is a total douche.

    Why does he have to bring up the past right now when he’s got a movie to promote. Why didnt he talk about his other famous exes that he dated in the 90’s (ie like the very famous ex-finance Gwyneth Paltrow)? He was only with Jennifer Aniston from around 1998 or 1999, hardly throughout the 90’s! He just talked about Jennifer Aniston because he knows talking about her will bring him publicity through the triangle gossip it will garner.

    What a total and utter idiot Brad Pitt is. Even those people who provide gossip on tv are saying what Brad Pitt did (dissing his ex) was a weird and uncalled for thing to do. Brad Pitt = idiot douche!

  355. thesea says:

    BTW, does anybody else think Bradders looks like The Joker in this picture?

  356. Grace says:

    OMG Loonifers are losing their mind because Brad told the truth! This is hilarious. Jen is BORING, talentless, can’t even string three words together nd make sense…ohhh but she can “flip” her hair and “swing” her legs in a neurotic fashion everytime she promotes one of her “bomb movies” and always makes sure to mention Brad, Angie or their kids… But God forbid Brad finally speaks up all the loser loonifers who probably have been dumped too think Jen is Rachel and are losing their freaking minds…Now this is funny as heck! Thank you for my Friday night comedy! LMAO!

  357. Grace says:

    Pathetic Jen fans are way too funny LOL

  358. N.D. says:

    @Ali: “Why does he have to bring up the past right now”
    He was asked. He was comparing his movie choices back then and mentioned how his life was in contrast with his movie choices.

    @Ali: “Why didnt he talk about his other famous exes”
    He DID. That is, if you think in this comments he talked about Aniston, then he talked about them too because Aniston name WASN’T EVEN MENTIONED too. He didn’t said a word about her personally. It’s all assumptions and interpritations.

  359. Cheyenne says:

    God, I am so sick of these loonifers whining “Brad looked so much better when he was with Jen.” Well, DUH! He was a lot YOUNGER when he was with Jen. And to me he looked like a mannequin with no personality when he was with Jen. He looks much more interesting since he’s been with Angie. He looks like he has a purpose to his life now. When he was with Aniston he looked like his only purpose in life was playing Ken to her Barbie.

  360. Shy says:

    It’s always amazing to read those Triangle posts. I can’t believe that after all those years and Jennifer Aniston fans still can’t grow up from this. And still write angry posts about Pitt/Jolie like they were there and know what happened and like it was yeaterday.

    And add the fact that Aniston fans/defenders are the most hypocrite people out there. Since Aniston is now an official home wrecker. Since it wasn’t rumors. Justin’s ex-girlfriend went public and said that he dumped her for his new rich and famous girlfriend. Aniston broke a happy relationship…. And her fans didn’t even noticed it. Instead they will sit for days on the Internet, cry and bashing Jolie and call her home wrecker 🙂

  361. Canuck says:

    @Cheyenne: He WAS a mannequin with no personality, however that predated Aniston by years. Now, he’s an unwashed homeless person with no personality. I guess that’s interesting in much the same way as Damien Hirst’s installation art is interesting.

    Anyways, I guess pimping out the kids doesn’t get them enough press anymore. Dangling the “Mrs” carrot got a big “meh” from the press. I suppose he figured that Aniston was his ace in the hole for big time press coverage. And he’s right, he probably hasn’t gotten this many lines of free press since he and Aniston split. Too bad that in doing so, he outed himself as either classless or desperate, take your pick.

    On second thought, you probably don’t actually have to pick, both apply equally.

  362. Josephina says:

    Wow!!! So….

    Brad said, “I think the marriage (to Jennifer Aniston) had something to do with it” was all he said. ONE sentence. The article completely focuses on himself and the progression of life moving from a dull, uninteresting couch potato smoking pot to the exciting purpose-diven life that he has developed. The credit goes to him for looking at the man in the mirror and making a change.

    He did not stay in the marriage and whine and complain. Instead, he made a choice to go in another direction apart from Jen’s “sedentary” lifestyle. He appropriately left the marriage, held himself accountable for his happiness and pursued his life’s goals. Message!

    Argument 1. He morphs into his partner’s likes and dislikes. WEll, then, there you go. There WASN’T much going on between Aniston and Brad that was sustainable for Brad. Jen IS boring and uninteresting. Tanning, drinking, smoking pot, vacay at Los Cabos for 10 yrs, play with dyed blond hair, eat chicken salad, stay on life- long diet, play Rachel Greene in all of your movies….rinse and repeat. Next!

    Argument 2. He could have been nicer about his comments referencing his marriage. So…you silly ladies think it wise to pretend a marriage was great when it wasn’t, huh? Delusional much?

    Argument 3. He cheated because Brad/Angie hooked up so quickly. Really now? Jen stated that she new by summer 2004 that Brad was gone. Hence the January 2005 separation “announcement.” Go figure.

    Brad just told you in this article that he did not enjoy his life at that time. Exactly how many of you have settled for a dull, unintersting life year after year? Pathetic. If you have, then that’s YOUR choice and burden. I will send my condolescences to you instead of congratulations. Brad wanted more our of life…and got it.

    Brad now has a much fuller life with loads of responsibility as a father, loving partner, and humanitarian AS WELL AS a top-of-the-A-list critically acclaimed actor and producer. None if this was going on when he was with Jennifer OR ANY OTHER WOMAN. Remember his words, it didn’t feel right until he met Angie…

    Brad’s significance and contribution to Hollywood and in life has very little to do with his marriage, which was a blip in his very long lifeline.

    Brad’s life story IS about his kids, his interesting, bold acting roles, Angie, and all of his humanitarian endeavors.

    So far, Aniston’s life is still consumed by the divorce that happened 7 years ago. Pathetic. On the other hand, Brad’s life catapulted: He is making more money, can rock the red carpet like no other, is handsome and sexy, is part of Hollywood’s most infuential and powerful couple, has the love of his life by his side, now gets critical acclaim for his acting, AND has six beautiful children who adore him. He has gained everything and lost absolutely nothing.

    And how did he do this? By staying true to himself and not living a lie. Message!

    Look at how many are making a fuss about “her feeelings”? Aniston is not a child, so let’s stop treating her like she is some fragile, little girl. Was the comment favorable? No, but I am sure she can handle it. And so should her fans. She is buddies with Chelsea Handler for heaven’s sake!

  363. Sweepea says:

    What’s the Celebitchy record of the most number of comments? Is that the previous Brad Pitt article? that one garnered 440 comments!

  364. Mae says:

    I’m am so tired of unkind,simple,cruel people and I hate to say it Brad Pitt is one of them. To say something so hurtful after he cheating and hurting her to begin with is so character revealing. I wanted to believe the best in him. I’m afraid his life style and partner have brought out the most shallow part of himself. He can’t even see it. He is the definition of narsacistic sp?. So is Angie, not a good combination especially for raising kids. Well atleast the kids spend the majority of their time with nannies. People that get into that field are usually pretty evolved and all about kids..thats whose raising them anyways. Just with parents for shopping photo opts. Now that is PATHETIC Brad. And one last thing…you don’t publicly have to prompt someones mothering unless your trying to talk yourself into it. It’s like a person who says they are so honest…red flag, honest people don’t have to promote themselves.

  365. Juliesunflower says:

    Brad’s the MAN! Angie you lucky girl! People should ignore the screeching Jenhens.

  366. Bobby the K says:

    When he says it’s not that Jen is dull, i get the impression that Jen is dull.

  367. Juliesunflower says:

    Brad found his life as a Ken doll to Jen’s Barbie boring – who can blame him?Brad and Angie are the Clark Gable and Carole Lombard of our time.

  368. Ali says:

    @ND I understand that Brad Pitt was asked about his movie choices, but if he had an ounce of integrity he would have chosen not to rehash the past. What benefit does it have to anyone except to him in order to get him some free publicity, because it makes the whole triangle alive again. Seven years later, he still feels resentful about what exactly?

    Actually he talked about his marriage, but he was married sometime in 2000, so it had nothing to do with the 90’s at all and didnt warrant the comment he made.

    Anyway, Brad Pitt has realised that even people who are not “Team Jen” or “Team Angie” or even “Team Brangelina” think he was a douche for those comments which is why he retracted what he said and talked up Jennifer.

    So many gossip columnists (other than Kaiser) are calling him out on it and it’s not like they are on anyone’s side, but rather they are saying it’s pretty poor form for Brad to diss his ex like that, years later, when it just seems like sour grapes and / or promotion for his movie. Otherwise why would he only *now* make comments like this.

    I think Brad Pitt is as much of a douchebag as John Mayer. I wouldnt be surprised when Brad and Angelina break up, that he bad mouths her too!

  369. vic says:

    Angelina is a smart sexy woman who does wonderful humanitarian work, with that said let’s call a spade a spade. Her and Brad did have an affair. I don’t understand why some of her fans find that hard to believe. Everything from that covershoot of them as a family to Angelina herself saying she is glad that her kids can see the film where their parents fell in love. I don’t think it’s the affair that is hurtful, but the smugness and insensitivity that gets me. I can’t imagine how Jennifer must have felt years ago. I think even after she is remarried it would be hard to let that pain go, especially seeing your ex and his ‘PERFECT’ new woman whereever you go.

  370. WhiteNoise says:

    @Blonde on the dock – “This thread is more entertaining than any of the “Triangle’s” movies.”

    Oscar worthy. 😀

  371. Paloma says:

    To #312 @Duh: Re: Team Angelina taking kids and dumping Brad.

    I had two of my friends comment that they think one day Angie will dump Brad when she is ready. I tend to agree with this.

    Also, Brad HAD to have known his comment would create chaos. He is that blind, thick-headed, obtuse?

  372. Katherine says:

    ” . . . Even those people who provide gossip on tv are saying what Brad Pitt did . . .”

    LOL! You mean all those people who stupidly repeated the News of the World when it said Brad and Angelina were breaking up in January 2010? Those people? Those diligent “news” people?

    Please. Don’t make me laugh. For those with proper reading comprehension skills it was clear that Brad was talking about himself and that period of life. I personally think that, yes, Brad WAS saying that his marriage was a failure. I think he WAS saying that he was miserable in that marriage and that the reality of his misery came to a head when he found himself living the lie of that marriage. Sorry if that bursts the bubble of those foolish enough to daydream another reality but there it is. Brad has said this before and even Jennifer has said similar negative things about her marriage.

    The so called outrage over Brad’s remarks are a combination of media and tabloidish exploitation and another deliberate attempt by JP haters to twist something said or done by Brad or Angelina into something baaaaad and evil. There has to be a name for this type of negative obsession.

  373. Mare says:

    I kind of like all three of them. They are all very pretty people. Brad is still handsome, Angelina is a little too skinny but she is still gorgeous woman an Jennifer looks great. Maybe some of you don’t find them so attractive but whoever calls them ugly must be insane. Also, Brad is a good actor and he has been in many great movies. Jennifer and Angelina not so much but they are not terrible either. I like Angelina’s humanitarian work and the fact that she seems to live like she wants to, she seems authentic and I like that. But I also like Jennifer’s life with lots of friends, taking care of herself, having fun, nothing wrong with that, it’s lovely. What happened with them is complicated but it’s life. I have a feeling lot of comments here are from very young people so maybe they see things black and white but life is rarely black and white, and when it comes to irrational things like love, it’s never like that. Sometimes marriage doesn’t work out but you stay in it for some more time hoping it’s just a phase and it will pass. And sometimes in that situation you meet someone else and fall in love. It’s unfortunate but it happens. I’m guessing they didn’t cheat but they fell in love during the filming and then Brad left his wife to be with Angelina. That’s what it looks to me based on information I’ve read. And I don’t blame them. When that happens divorce is the most honorable thing you can do. So my opinion is that Brad did the most honorable thing and I respect him for that. But I get that Jennifer was hurt, who wouldn’t be? I would be devastated if my husband hook up with someone else so soon and so publicly and with someone so beautiful. So I’m guessing Brad felt guilty which is completely normal even if he didn’t cheat, you just don’t want to hurt someone you loved. Hence his statement about Jen not being dull. He probably doesn’t want to hurt her in any way.
    It is just unfortunate Brad and Angelina met before his divorce because Jennifer will be hurt by that forever (at least I would be) and they will never feel completely free to talk about their love and beginning of their relationship because they’ll always feel a bit guilty. And that’s shame because it looks to me they really are soulmates and they have great relationship. So it’s all just unfortunate. But that’s life. And all this rambling is just my opinion based on what I’ve read and experiences from my life.

  374. John Wayne Lives says:

    So Jen is Dull, Angie is the seductive she-devil, Brad is the dumb-witted sucker looking for a good time. Got it.
    Did I forget anything? Oh, wait, Theroux is the douche-hipster goober that Aniston cheated with so that makes her a seductive she-devil like AJ, so she doesnt’ want anyone to talk about her past any more, cause she did the same thing now. But Brad is an asshat because he dares to confess he was miserable and dull in his life which included his marriage to Jen. But now he’s really happy and fulfilled with his life children, and Love. Okay, i got it.
    I wonder if Jen will scream at the ocean “I am NOT DULL” lol.

  375. Chloe says:

    @John Wayne Lives

    This commentary is made of win. I bow to you, sensei.

  376. Liamarie says:

    I don’t understand the whole “I’m angry at someone I don’t know for something they may/may not have said/meant about someone else I don’t know so I’m going to attack, belittle, insult, and be horrible to other people I don’t know who don’t share my opinions/thoughts” mentality. It’s childish. It’s also childish to namecall: “Holie” “Anustain” “Maniston” “Chinnifer” “Skankalina” REALLY? I stopped doing things like that in 3rd grade.

  377. nicole says:

    None of these three are saints and ALL have done someone wrong but you know what? THEY HAVE ALL MOVED ON. I find it amazing that Jen (and Gwen, for example) are allowed to bring up their lives with Brad after decades (it seems like this soap opera has been going on for decades!)but, the one time Brad says anything negative (about his life when with Jen), he is raked through the coals. Double standard much? Why is it so wrong for him to say he loves Angie, his kids, and his life? Can the man not be proud and happy without people thinking he is saying/doing it to spite his ex?

    The fact he had to clarify his comments is ridiculous.

  378. Lauren says:

    I wonder if this love triangle still exists to keep 3 aging actors relevant. I never give these three a single thought, until I read these so-called confessions. When I think of great actors..Anthony Hopkins, Kate Winslet, and Cate Blanchett come to mind, ..not these three plastic publicity robots !!

  379. Ell says:

    I can’t believe how big this story has become, it was even covered on Sky news in the UK.

    When you reach this level of fame you have to watch every word. Regardless of how you feel about him, the fact is, this has damaged his image generally.

  380. Snappyfish says:

    He never said she was dull. People interpreted that Jen is dull because she is. Period

    She is & always has been vapid.

  381. Canuck says:

    @Katherine: The News of the World people were very diligent. They were hacking into the phones of celebs and those associated with them. What’s more, they were not sued for libel, which wold be the normal course of action when lies are printed.

    “The law firm added that publication of the story amounted to a serious misuse of private information and that it was not required to disclose if the information was true or false.”

  382. snapnhiss says:

    Jeez, quite a few of the posters here are writing dissertations on the wonders of Pitt and Jolie and how Aniston is a wretch. I find the occasional article about them mildly entertaining reading but some of you “normal” people scare me with your obsession and anger on the subject. Are your lives so empty that you place this much importance on people you’ll never meet? Seriously, I’d really like to know why this is such a big deal.

  383. sunseeker says:


    Could not have said it better myself. Iam nobody’s fan but Angelina has not been Miss Perfect either and we have no idea what any of them are like, expect what we read in the press.

  384. Venus says:

    Aniston is dull & marginally talented & not very pretty. Her fans must really be dull, less talented & even less pretty to look up to/admire her. And THAT’S the effing truth.

  385. pwal says:

    September 17th, 2011 at 12:19 pm

    I can’t believe how big this story has become, it was even covered on Sky news in the UK.

    When you reach this level of fame you have to watch every word. Regardless of how you feel about him, the fact is, this has damaged his image generally.

    Maybe… maybe not.

    Especially if news outlets follow Access Hollywood’s lead. Billy Bush (aka Aniston’s crack licker) had the nerve to wag his finger at Brad’s comment and yet, later in the show when he was interviewing Hugh Hefner and asked why he dated only blondes, Hef quipped something like ‘My first wife was a brunette, so you figure it out,’, Billy LAUGHED at that. It’s amazing to witness hypocrisy that quick, but because Billy Bush and his ilk are like that, those who are not dulled by their glibness will ask themselves ‘WTF?’!

  386. N.D. says:

    @Canuck “The News of the World were not sued for libel, which wold be the normal course of action when lies are printed.”

    It isn’t normal cource of action at all. There are two reasons – first, it’s very difficult to prove malice intentions (which is required) and second, nobody wants to disclose even more private information in public court because this would only make things worse not better no matter the verdict.

    In their particular case it would be also difficult to prove it’s defamation because how exactly a lie about getting separated in a civil and thoughtful manner is bad for their image? I mean it’s not a crime or a vice or a shameful thing to do. What’s the harm exactly? Moral sufferings? When similar or worse shit has been printed every other week? Impossible.

    Their lawyers went the way that garantied positive verdict. Can’t blame them really.

  387. Cheyenne says:

    @Canuck: Trust someone from Female First to try to defend News Of The World, which was one of the most despicable publications that ever fouled the planet and is now deader than a doornail, and not a minute too soon.

    Stop trying to re-write history, it’s a desperate attempt to justify the unjustifiable. NOTW had been hit with many libel suits, including Brad and Angie’s, and had to pay through their noses. They had to issue a public apology to Brad and Angie, admit in public that they lied about the break-up story, and pay a hefty settlement which went to the Jolie-Pitt foundation.

    I imagine the people on FF who feed off lies and slander were absolutely desolated when their favorite slag rag went down the drain but there are plenty of substitutes around that are almost as vicious as NOTW was. Check out Grazia sometime.

  388. John Wayne Lives says:

    @Chloe.. lol Thank you 🙂 yours made me laugh lol

  389. N.D. says:

    @Mare I agree with your every word.

  390. Cheyenne says:

    Ell: the fact is, this has damaged his image generally.

    If you think it’s going to stop anyone from seeing his movies, you’d better think again. Controversy sells movie tickets. It sure didn’t hurt “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”. The only people who won’t go to see his films are Aniston’s fans who wouldn’t go to see them anyway.

  391. Eve says:

    @ John Wayne Lives:

    I wonder if Jen will scream at the ocean “I am NOT DULL” lol.

    The ocean: “Bitch, please!”.

  392. N.D. says:

    @Ali: “I understand that Brad Pitt was asked about his movie choices, but if he had an ounce of integrity he would have chosen not to rehash the past. What benefit does it have to anyone except to him in order to get him some free publicity, because it makes the whole triangle alive again. ”

    It benefited the idea he tried to convey that his movies were better than his life. Honestly the only reason it has any other effect is the unhealty obsession over Unholy Triangle around the world. And that obsession doesn’t need him to say or do anything to stay alive – between the three of them they made about 5 remarks that could be interpreted as comments on the triangle’s origins during 6 years.

    Generally speaking I would agree with you that he shouldn’t rehash the past if that past a) wasn’t over 6 years old b) included something truly awful like murder/death/rape etc – something truly bad and damaging to those involved that better stay forgotten forever. But 6 years old rather peaceful divorce (there weren’t even any fights between them) absolutely doesn’t warrant permanent gag order.

    And while basicaly I agree that he better not ever mention it publicly but it has nothing to do with his decency and everything to do with craziness towards him and his two women that persist for almost 7 years and doesn’t show signs of abating.

    @Ali: “he retracted what he said ”
    He didn’t. He clarified that he didn’t call Aniston any names (which is true) and he definitely doesn’t think bad about her (which might be true as well). Anyone with reading comprehension got it the first time around but lots of people don’t read anything but sensationalistic headlines and come to gossip sites mostly to get their dose of self-righteous outrage.

  393. ADS says:

    Looks like Brad might have a movie stinker on his hands. There was no need to drag Jen into his interview but drag her he did. His ‘talent’ clearly isnt enough to sell whoever he thinks he is. He is no different to the rest of the HW crew. Attention whore through and through.

  394. TheHeat says:

    First of all, given what we know about her personality, I doubt that Angie needs or WANTS Brad to fight her battles for her. For all we know, he’s been chomping at the bit to strike out at a lot of the b.s. that tabloids have said about her. Perhaps he is just respecting her ability to handle herself in her own way.

    And, by the same token, Brad (or his publicist) knows full well that Jennifer is fully capable of trashing him publicly. “Missing a sensitivity chip” or “Billy Idol called and wants his hair back”, anyone? Brad’s got a movie to promote right now and likely does NOT need to have a fresh and new battle royale started with his uptight and DULL ex wife.

    I personally am giving Brad the benefit of the doubt in this case.

  395. LAK says:

    @ cheyenne OMG Grazia….that magazine is so up Jen Aniston’s behind it’s unreal.

    Amazingly their comments section actually pleads for them to stop but they never do. They have run such dedicated hate The jolie Campaign for years whilst simultaneously fangirling jen Aniston. Interestingly they stopped with the Jolie Hate when NOTW was sued.

    The Jen Aniston Fangirling continues unabated.

  396. Skinnybetch says:

    Jennifer Anniston is boring! Hes just confirming what we’ve all known for years. Angelina is georgeous, loves crazy sex with knives and guns, is adventurous, loves to travel, is a humanitarian, and isn’t shallow like most Hollywood actresses. Jen probably likes to sit @ home drinking cocktails with her girlfriends watching movies like the notebook! Plus she’s had the same hairstyle for 80 years. Zzzzzzz I’m bored just even talking about her.

  397. Canuck says:

    @Cheyenne: Are you really trying to maintain that they weren’t hacking phones?

    They shut the paper down after 168 years of being in business because of it.
    Like it or not, they were almost certainly working on pilfered info.
    Spin that how you like, but there are thousands of articles about what NOTW journalists were doing.

  398. Victoria says:

    Let’s keep it real. Huvane made Jen and Brad happen. I mean, I always thought the man was a poor imitation of Rob Lowe until Legends of the Fall changed my mind and then years later Troy. But Brad back then was A list and Huvane has been her matchmaker sinxe forever. I’m just going on what I’ve heard over the years from friends who work in the industry and using my blind item knowledge.

    Jen. it seems, needed that career boost because Friends was in its last few seasons and she was looking for advancement. It seems like he settled and wasn’t happy but I think one of the deal breakers was the kids thing. She agreed before hand they would start a family (basing my opinion on the interviews and such given during and after the engagement) but when her career in the movies started to take off she acktracked and Brad was getting older. I don’t think this was the only problem. But I think it could have been one.

    Added to the fact that they hardly saw each other WHILE he was filming Troy (she visited him what once in the six months he was there and this was before Smith)and it was clear this marriage was going no where. In articles they talked like they knew they wouldn’t last. Who says that about someone you supposedly love? Puhlease.

    Brad has never really said anything about that time up until now, and I’m glad he did. Jen has been throwing shade at him constantly over the years and now that she is a homewrecker/hypocrite herself, I definitely can’t stand her.

    I was more annoyed with him saying he, jokingly he worships Satan, than anything else. That whole entertainers are the puppets for secret society to infiltrate the masses with fuckery, conspiracy started swirling around in my head. #Killuminati.

  399. werty says:

    Wow so many people with no lifes (that includes me cause ive read every comment on this thread)

    I didnt inturperet (sp?) his comment as an attack on Aniston. He simply said he wasnt happy, and he found his own life boring.
    And that he feels like his life has a meaning now.

  400. Ell says:

    @pwal and Cheyenne – I’m only relating the story has got out of control, Sky news rarely covers an entertainment story in the general news, the last time was when Michael Jackson died. Btw Pwal, you went of course a little, I don’t know the interviewer or the tv show you refer to.

    Time will tell but after reading the comments sections in the uk newspapers, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some women don’t want to watch him on screen after he has spoken so disrespectfully of his first marriage. It’s difficult to separate the personality from the character when their fame overtakes everything else….I repeat he has to watch every word.

  401. Esmom says:

    I’m game to try to help push us to the 400 mark. Yes I agreed that Brad is uptrady, and after scanning what’s been written since my comment I stand by that assessment of the situation.

    FWIW, for those who called me a Jen loony, or whatever you’re calling her defenders at the moment, I am not by any stretch a Jen fan. I’m not really a fan of any of them, although I freely admit being fascinated by the fascination. To me their work has almost become an afterthought amidst all the personal drama.

  402. Cam says:

    Reading through all these post boogles the mind.
    I wonder why do Anistonloonies get away with so much hypocrisy and manipulation by playing crazy. You can see that Jen pay a pr agent and he launched a massive bashing Brad Pitt campaign this week.
    I see it as bulling Pitt for his choice of not wanting to stay in a failing marriage. They are trying to ruin him for not staying with their goddess.
    Funny how the pr agent never could get the fans out to the theaters to the movie that Jen star in at the number 1 slot but they sure can get a load of posters online to bash Brad/Angie.
    Guess that’s where Justin Theroux comes in. Funny how Theroux cut out on his 15 year old relationship with Heidi to be with Jen for a very public display of affection and Anistonloonies don’t have a problem with that.
    I plan on standing line when Moneyball open so stop the lying Brad Pitt movie will be very successful.

  403. OhMy says:

    “……….Angie and Jen should meet, talk and put this whole mess behind them already.”……….Addie @ #25

    Yeah right. Thats what all you jenhags want. You now want Angie and jenny to be friends. i guess its a case of ‘if you cant beat her, join her’, huh? Nevermind that for the past almost-7 years you and the shitrags have been trying to drag Angie down to your dumb stupid nasty level, mad at her for being the better woman than you or the useless, lazy-assed h0 who goes thru men like water thru a seive.

    But despite all the shiit thats thrown at her, angie keeps rising and succeeding at everything she does; has the man you biitches want for anustain; and has her six beautiful kids and the world as her oyster.

    So now that Brad has thrown you bitches a bone and said jenny is still a friend and that he values the ex, now youre all ready for Angie to be her friend too.

    Not gonna happen, bitches. Dont hold your breath for anustain to become ‘auntie jenny’ to the JP kids.

  404. Josephina says:



    If you pay attention to just the internet and news media, coverage about the marriage statement has been re-worded in to a sinister version of what he reallly said.


    See for yourselves. At the end of the day it is his prerogative, but Brad did not need to “clarify” anything.

  405. Katherine says:

    Oh dear. Once again the old persistently wrong FF poster, Canuck, gets it wrong.

    Such a poor thing. I plan to fund a reading comprehension scholarship for her and hope that may help.

    The News of the World did not hack into phone conversations. It hacked cell phone messages as in “Hey, Stephen, It’s Jennifer, Call me back so I can figure out how to get in the news Oscar week.”
    See the diff? Big diff.

    Also the Jolie Pitt lawyers asserted in court and on the record that the story was false. The fact that the cause of action used was not libel does not mean that the story was not denied. The story was emphatically denied and in court.

    NOTW admitted in its public apology on its website and in its print edition that the story was false. Get it? False. As in not true. False. As in we made it up.

    The lawsuit was more complicated than even I explained but suffice it to say that in filing a lawsuit you choose a particular cause of action for various reasons (practical, evidentiary, expediency, sometimes limits on damages, etc) Unless you know all the details of the case then it’s hard to know why one cause of action was taken over another.

    But nice to know that, as with Canuck and the hilarious Jolie Pitt nether world that exists in her head, some things never change.

    I am still finding this whole How-Dare-Brad-Talk-about-his-own-marriage and what he learned from it fake outrage too funny.

  406. Logan says:

    This isn’t the first time he’s talked candidly about his marriage to Jennifer, so I don’t know where some of you are getting that. He’s talked about it several times, always insisting that “we [jen and brad] had to figure all that out before I could be with Angie”, etc. etc. It’s just that these particular comments are quite. harsh. Especially considering the fact that he’s the one that cheated and left. That should allow for a little decency towards the person you publicly flogged. You don’t need to call her boring, even if it’s how you felt. It’s demeaning and idiotic of him. And furthermore, if he thought she was boring, he should have seen that after two years of being with her, before he proposed and married her. ??? Funny how he thinks we all forgot that at one point, he called Jen “the fire we all crowd around for warmth”, and how much he loved her. Man, I feel for Jolie when he leaves her. If he can go on record 7 years later about how he was so bored, I’d be shaking in my boots to be with him now. Good luck, Jolie.

  407. Cheyenne says:

    @Ell: OMFG. Ever heard of Female First? It’s a British web site that regularly roasts Jolie over the flames. And the Brit tabloids are just despicable. The Brits have a mad hate for Jolie, for some reason I have never been able to fathom. But they are an infinitesimal section of the world-wide movie-going public.

    The studios get the bulk of their overseas revenue from Asia, and Jolie and Pitt are wildly popular over there. Mention Aniston and they’re like Jennifer who?

    So don’t see the movie if you don’t want to. There are millions of other people who will.

  408. Eve,John Wayne Lives,Werty,Samigirl(My boob lovin’Sister!LOL)All my lovely ladies on one thread!! Thanks Brad!!(Edit**Runs With Scissors:Where art thou?? Damn,I hope we didn’t lose her in this *shitstorm*)

  409. JP Fan says:


    I read the FULL Parade interview!

    It was an AWESOME interview and there was NOTHING he said that needed to be CLARIFIED!!! It was REALLY taken out of context.

    This is what happens if you are not only HW’s Royalty but also a couple admired and adored all around the world not just for their movies but their kindness, their humanitarian work, their love of children, their generosity by donating millions of their money, their willingness to go and meet the ones in need face to face!

    What Angie has been doing as a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador over a DECADE is so inspirational, extraordinary, amazing and humbling! She is an angel in my eyes!

    What Brad has been doing is just as inspirational and amazing actually his whole family is amazing when it comes to humanitarian efforts…But Brad really made all of us fans so proud when he stepped up and started MIR! He worked like crazy to get donations, went on so many tv,radio, daytime, nighttime shows which we all know he hates to do BUT he did them all because this was his idea/baby, his desire to help others in need, his willingness to commit his time and money to make things right in NOLA and he sure did! He helped hundreds of people return to their homes.

    Kudos to Mr. Pitt too, he is one heck of a good guy, just like his Missus is one heck of an awesome lady!
    I am so darn proud to be a JP fan!

  410. Amyre says:

    I agree with the writer who said Angie and Jen have been getting all the flack all these years while “teflon man” has somehow come out smelling like a rose. I do not understand his appeal and why he is considered “a” list material. Yes, he was extreely photogenic at one time and had some measure of charisma but so do a million other actors. He is a mediocre and at times wooden actor with minimal other talents. I think aot of his problems stem from deep down inside knowing that he is not worth the 30 mill or whatever the pay him. There are dozens of actors who could play any role he’s played better and deeper with one hand tied behind their back.

    Now suddenly he’s a parenting expert? Well, hell if I had a maid,cook,chauffer, personal assistant, nanny for each kid, I could be pretty patient with 6 kids too. He is what we call a “hobby” parent and he has no clue what its like to face the real stressors of parenthood and should stfu about giving parenting advice.

  411. Cheyenne says:

    @Amyre: Well, having six kids does give you a pretty good perspective on being a parent. And you have no way of knowing how much time he or anyone else spends with their children. How much time do you spend with yours, assuming you have any? If you don’t, maybe you should take your own stfu advice. Just sayin’.

  412. Pat says:

    Well, this certainly has been a interesting ride. I honestly think that those who defend Brad should take second look. Obviously Brad’s “friendship” with Jen is so important that he had to make a statement about this for fear he would hurt her feelings. Why exactly is that when as the fans of Brad/Angie say she and her friends have been being rude to this couple now for years. Jennifer > Angie? To me this kind of shows exactly what kind of a person Brad is. He only cares for how he is preceived. The sad part is that now the great comments he said about Angie mean little. I agree that the women in this story have gotten the poor end of the stick. Brad always comes out smelling like a rose – but not this time. I for one am very happy about this. Obviously Angie is OK with with all this. But as for Jen I am sure that she would be all to happy to not have to endure his “friendship” any longer. I am amazed that the Brad fans are not angry about his lie about their friendship. However as usual – Brad can do no wrong. He can walk all over his love and family in his desperate attempt to not hurt Jen. Pretty sad.

  413. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    @Love Angeliina, I disagree with what you said about therapy. Many couples go into it, get strategies to be better partners, then quit and have a better marriage. This happened in my marriage. Therapy is not a sign of failure. It is a sign people are willing to listen. And that means a lot.

    As for all this Brad Pitt crap, haven’t we argued about it long enough? Being a second wife, I believe a man can really be happier if he leaves an unsuccessful marriage. Some men, though, find they can’t leave the problems behind because they are the problem. Not saying that’s true for Pitt. I believe him when he says he’s happy.

  414. John says:

    @Amyre 407

    Everything you said.

  415. Hunchback Geek says:

    I don’t know, I’m still not over that he took Juliet Lewis’ virginity when she was only 15 and he was a grown man of 26. This was common knowledge back then, and was out in the open. I would say it was not cool, not cool at all.

  416. Isa says:

    comment # 313 by Cyn is the best comment I’ve read.


  417. DoeJane says:

    People still whining? Hilarious. I just don’t get why people are so angry. The man spoke his truth, the truth. If it’s unpalatable to some and their delusional fangirl image, well that’s not his problem. And I find it hilarious that people think this has ‘damaged his image’. Bitches please. When he first got together with Angelina, people swore up and down his career was over. And hers too. Look how that worked out. So yeah, I’m betting Bradley boy will be just fine. As he always is. The whiners are just going to have to suck it up or join their goddess Jen as she screams to the ocean once again. LOL!

  418. Logan says:

    To all the Brad/Angie supporters: aren’t you upset that he takes the time to call Jen a wonderful, hilarious and giving person whom he still considers to be his friend? He only ever calls Angie a good mother…and he should, considering she’d chop his balls off if he didn’t. Not that I believe any of his glowing praises for a second. They are what they are: sound bytes to avert the negative attention. The entire news world is calling him out on this, and your only argument is that we must all be “Anistonloonies”, or that Jen tans and is therefore, boring? Amusing. For the record, when he mentioned “my marriage” as having “something to do with” his “uninteresting life”, he was mentioning Aniston. Who else was he married to? Hello. Juliette Lewis and Gywn don’t apply here. And if he were only talking about himself, there would be no need to talk about his marriage. Marriage=2 people. If you bash your marriage, you’re not just bashing yourself. He’s still an idiot, no matter how you justify it. And this new statement of his is even better! Though I don’t believe it, it’s going to spurn on the Aniston fans, burn the Jolie fans, and land him further down the media totem pole for his obvious peddling. Can’t help it. I’m giggling!

  419. Canuck says:

    @Katherine @Cheyenne: you know you have nothing when you are forced to resort to the FF card.

    @Katherine: perhaps you should use that scolarship money for your own reading comprehension courses. My comments 381 and 397 say “hacking phones” not listening to phone conversations. Oh oops…

    Food for thought… The LA based US editor who wrote the NOTW Brangelina article was arrested for phone hacking in August.

    More food for thought… The burden of proof wasn’t on Brangelina to prove it wasn’t true, it was on the NOTW to prove that it was. Whether you like the fact or not, it’s entirely possible that the NOTW was right but couldn’t prove their position because they got their information illegally.

  420. Bobbledoll says:

    Mel Gibson. Jesse James. Brad Pitt.

    Honestly, I think Pitt might have pulled a serious Tom-Cruise-jumping-on-Oprah’s-couch-move with this one. He’s entitled to feel however he wants about his ex-wife. But publicly bashing her when he’s already done enough damage to his own image by cheating on her was NOT a smart move. And 7 years later? One has to wonder if Jen were really that boring, why is he still reflecting on her enough to warrant such a callous comment? He loved her. Enough that he married her two years in, and spent another five with her. Just like Jolie didn’t put a gun to his head to cheat, no one was forcing him to marry Aniston. He’s going to feel this one in the press for a long time, methinks.

  421. wentworth says:

    Just give it a few days. We’ll have a huge Jolie-Pitt and family campaign in Africa, complete with checks written and crocodile tears shed, in the hope of chasing away this interview. Too bad Google isn’t a friend to a celebrity’s career.

  422. Flan says:

    411 and counting.

    This must be some kind of Celebitchy record.

    Is it?

    To stay on topic somewhat: Jen had been capitalizing on being the wronged woman (especially in the first 4-5 years after the divorce), and it therefore seems very silly of her to ‘steal’ a man herself.

    If someone is to be blamed though, it should be the people who cheated. Justin more clearly did so than Brad, of whom it is less clear that he cheated on her physically.

  423. Flan says:

    Took a sample of 100 comments out of all these here. Of these…

    41% attacked Brad Pitt
    15% defended him

    4% was explicitly positive* about Jen
    15% attacked her

    0% said something negative about Angelina
    10% said something positive about Angelina
    4% said something negative about Brangelina

    18% said someone** should get a life

    And one commenter managed to mention both Clark Cable and Barbie dolls in a tiny comment.


    There are less Jen-hens than we think.
    There are also less women blaming ‘the other woman’ instead of ‘the cheater’ than we think.

    *so comments that Brad shouldn’t have done it because it sucks for her don’t count
    **someone being here ‘people in general’ or a specific group of fans

  424. mollination says:

    I’m not really certain why you would think Jen is vapid in real life? I’ve always got the complete opposite from her. Especially that one long interview she did with Oprah like 6 or 7 years ago where they had cameras set up as they hung out for a weekend….she seemed incredibly laid back to me. And not in a ”the cameras are on so I will put on a laid-back persona” kind of thing — but like she genuinely would be a fun, chill person to be friends with.

    Honestly, I think all three of them (brad and angie and jen) all seem like very lovely individuals. Not sure why people dislike any of them actually.

  425. DD says:

    Stay classy Brad. Show that you’re above pettiness and all that… not…
    Angelina picked a real winner there.

  426. Kassie says:

    Brad is the man, he clarified what everyone else has always known that Jen is a total bore. The end.

  427. taksi says:

    I don’t understand the Brangelunatics. I can understand saying Brad Pitt should “defend” Angelina for being the mother of his children but why should he justify their affair? He’s never said anything negative about Angelina Jolie. And, I doubt she cares, given their solid relationship and kids, that he gives a few compliments about the ex-wife he cheated on. Is this what we’re hoping they teach they’re kids? That it’s perfectly ok to cheat on your spouse, and then be outraged anyone calls you out on what is commonly perceived to be a moral indiscretion?

    They’re not being punished for it but they are a public couple and this is going to be part of their public personas; Debbie Reynolds is still asked about how it felt to be left for Liz Taylor.

    If you have enough critical thinking ability to realize that an affair is not the worse thing in the world, then you should have enough to recognize that simply acknowledging cheating is wrong/complicated/not the ideal is not gonna hurt the children.

  428. Cam says:

    What I find funny is how Anistonloonies don’t care about Heidi Bivens.
    Jen and Justin cheated together and now having very public relationship.
    Well by the same definition Heidi must be hurting since she was in a 15 year relationship with Justn.
    Anistonloonies whinny about what Brad said or do but ignore what Jen is doing. Then claim Jen deserve happiness with Justin.

  429. Cheyenne says:

    Logan: To all the Brad/Angie supporters: aren’t you upset that he takes the time to call Jen a wonderful, hilarious and giving person whom he still considers to be his friend?

    What are you, fifteen? Good lord, honey, grow up. I have ex-boyfriends who are wonderful, hilarious people and I still consider them to be my friends. That doesn’t mean I care about them any more because I don’t.

    @Pat: I think Angie feels secure enough in her relationship with Brad that she doesn’t care if he tosses a couple of bones at Aniston, which is all that statement amounted to. And Angie has said publicly that she’s still on good terms with Billy Bob Thornton, who provided her with a lot of emotional support when her mother died. Brad didn’t have a problem with that. They’re all adults. You act like they’re still in the sandbox.

  430. N.D. says:

    @Canuck: “The burden of proof wasn’t on Brangelina to prove it wasn’t true, it was on the NOTW to prove that it was.”

    To prove what? That they weren’t separating? Was there a need really? Two years later they’re still together, I think it’s obvious they weren’t. Well, to everyone sane at least 🙂

    Or you mean to prove there isn’t some sort of pre-nup signed by them where it’s settled how their assets and parental responisbilities will be divided if they split? I bet there is and was for quite some time since they’ve started buying property through mutual thrusts right away and their charity is joined as well, surely there must be some legal agreement in case something does them apart (be it split or death). But the sensation wasn’t the “pre-nup” but The Split. Split didn’t happen. The end.

  431. Ell says:

    @Cheyene, calm down I was responding to Pwal’s comment about a show called Access Hollywood and someone called Billy Bush. I actually said TV SHOW, I think you are getting your comments and responses muddled.

    Get some perspective, this is a gossip site, it’s supposed to be light heartened banter, there’s no need to swear at people.

  432. Blue says:

    Things i find disturbing/interesting

    1. Fans on both sides are batshit crazy and don’t seem to realize it.

    2. Brad only backtracked on one comment, that wasn’t really that bad, because JA does seem dull. The other comment about being happy having AJ as the mother of his kids was very sweet.

    3. People seem way too emotinonally invested in this triangle of death. You don’t know these people and they don’t give a shit about you. CALM DOWN!

    4. Almost a decade later and these 3 are still a hot topic.

    I think there should be a hiatus on posts about all of them, especially JA non-stories for a while. So everyone’s blood pressure can get back to a normal level and finger tips can heal. CALM DOWN PEOPLE!

  433. Chloe says:

    Wow. Did his apologetic clarification get more comments than the original (admittedly, rather blunt) honesty?

    You can’t win with the Goddess Circle, can you, Brad Pitt.

  434. Josephina says:

    This comment is to all the people that believe he cheated:

    We get that you want Brad/Angie to suffer public humiliation as you think Aniston has suffered. If Aniston was a successful, critically acclaimed MOVIE actress (not just an actress making movies) and in love with children as she has said she wants, Brad’s honest 2 sentences referencing his marriage comments would fall on deaf ears.

    We understand your campaign efforts, that you want Brad/Angie to break up as punishment for hurting Jen. Hopefully, Jen will find her happiness. If not, oh well.

    Leaving a marriage with which you are unhappy does not make you a jerk. People do not leave happy, fulfilling marriages OR long-term relationships.

    Brad and Angie are together not for convenience sake (the kids) but for love’s sake. That you are STILL crying about it is the problem. It shoudn’t matter what he says, HE LEFT SEVEN YEARS AGO. Furthermore, it was a very short-lived 4.5 yr. marriage and THAT is telling as well. Cheat, no cheat, bored, not bored, uninteresting, dull, etc,…all evidence point towards a man who DID NOT WANT TO STAY MARRIED to Aniston.

    Brad’s comments are a reflection of how he feels. He tells it like it is. It would make more sense to accept his thoughts as they are rather than edit, rearrange, twist or cover them up.

    Brad is very satisfied with his lifestyle as is, unlike before. I am not surprised at all about his comments and have always suspected that his marriage was superficial. Again, Aniston might not feel this way but Brad DID feel this way.

    The relationship began in 2005, and yes, they were still filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith at the time.

    The haters have never liked the Brange and their disapproval did NOTHING to their successive box office hits and critical acclaim over the past 7 years.

    If he says he is friends with Aniston, so what? Who cares? It is not like she is his confidant, the mother of his children, the object of his affection, or the love his life. Brad is giving ALL of his attention to Angie, and you know it (that is what bothers you so much) and by choice, they spend most of their time together, unlike the days of when he was with Aniston.

    The concern for “Aniston” really isn’t for her either because enough of you STILL you won’t pay to see her in movies. Again, the truth hurts.

  435. Bjorn says:

    He is such a pea brained fool. Pitt just lost me as a fan. To think I liked this loser. Brad happy people don’t bitch. May be this relationship is pathetic. He looks and sounds pathetic. Sad but I loved hidm.

  436. yaso says:

    I DIDN’T see ANYTHING WRONG WITH Brad finally speaking the truth that every one knew already,,,YES Jennifer aniston is dull and shallow and he should feel pathetic with her…

  437. Cheyenne says:

    @Josephina: Argh, how long are we going to go over this? Did he cheat/didn’t he cheat?

    I mean, how is ANYBODY supposed to know the truth outside of him or Angie?

    Denials aren’t proof. Of course he’s going to deny it; he doesn’t want to look like a cheating husband. Of course Angie’s going to deny it; she doesn’t want to look like a man-stealer. And of course Aniston’s going to deny it; she doesn’t want to look like a cheated-on spouse.

    Bottom line: Whose business is it anyway?

    Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. When two adults fall in love anything can happen. But for God’s sake, it was SEVEN YEARS AGO! It’s all water under the bridge.

    I don’t care what they did or didn’t do. It’s their lives and their business and nobody else’s. Can we please put this pointless discussion behind us and move on?

  438. mln76 says:

    NOTW reporters showed that they are beyond scum in the phone hacking scandal. Why on earth is it hard to believe they would make up a completely false story. Or as ND suggested twist the discovery of a pre-nup/trust to suit their own needs for a sensational cover. The fact is these two are very rarely far from eachother unlike many other so-called happy couples in Hollywood who stay on their estates while their partners shoot movies on location for weeks or months at a time. If the story was true they would have split 3 or 4 months after winning the lawsuit not stay together for years afterward.

  439. smh says:

    anybody who thinks jeniston isn’t dull is as dull as she is and was probably creaming themselves over how such a basic woman got to marry the (supposedly) “perfect man”

  440. Lucky Charm says:

    “Jen is an incredibly giving, loving, and hilarious woman who remains my friend. It is an important relationship I value greatly. The point I was trying to make is not that Jen was dull…”

    I love it – Brad never mentioned JA by name, OR said that she was dull in his original comment, but in his clarification, he comes right out and says it, LMAO!!! I also agree with him about JA being hilarious. I mean, look at all the fun we get to have laughing at her, lol!

  441. Katherine says:

    Canuck dear,
    You’re so transparent. Listen, the sad truth is when you lie with dogs you come up with fleas. Your history on FF and IUC and your reliance on their idiocies says a lot about you and your gullibility when it comes to buying into gossips and tabloids as well as a need to believe all things negative about the Jolie-Pitts.

    I read you exactly right in your posts. You reference “hacking into phones” without explaining what that means in the case of NOTW. I made the proper distinction – which you failed to do – about exactly what the NOTW has been accused of doing – hacking into phone message systems and NOT hacking into or listening to phone conversations. That makes a huge difference in suggesting what kind of information they could have obtained to write their stories. I suspect you want people to believe that the “phone hacking” reports somehow mean that the NOTW could be accurate about their Jolie-Pitt story and that the hacking could somehow have provided all the information the NOTW printed about Jolie and Pitt when it’s ridiculous to suggest that could be the case.

    For instance, it’s one thing to know that Jude Law was planning to meet someone at a restaurant while it is another thing altogether to write a story about an entire conversation or write about how Jude’s feelings based on a made up “anonymous source.”

    You and others similarly deluded believe that if NOTW got the name of the restaurant or some tiny morsel of info correct then they must have the other parts of the story correct. It’s an entirely wrong and baseless assumption to make. You would have to believe that a law firm or other persons left detailed phone messages about attorney-client privileged information and other highly sensitive info on someone’s cell phone. That is too ridiculous a notion to warrant belief. Except for those so desperate to believe all this unsubstantiated gossip.

    Again the fleas remain with you when you post a link that shows you’re just pushing another meme from your conspiracy sites. To wit, the LA editor of NOTW was arrested for UK based activities – NOT for actions in the US. So his arrest has no relevance to a story about an LA law firm or others in the US – a story that the law firm and named lawyer have unequivocally denied as true in any part. And denied for use in a court of law.

    The NOTW did not just apologize to the Jolie Pitts, they also admitted their story was not true. That the story was made up. See their apology on line for the exact wording.

    Like it or not.

  442. DD says:

    I happen to think Brad is dull too. Why would you bother marrying a dull person in the first place, unless you are dull yourself.
    Just because he hooked up with Angelina doesn’t suddenly make him this interesting person. He truly wants to be perceived as this worldly, intellectual individual which is painfully obvious, and thats why he’s publicly riding his relationship with Angelina for all it’s worth. Unfortunately, nothing he does feels authentic.
    If we want to talk about interesting in this trio, that is Angelina for sure. Brad and Jennifer are both dull in a way and that’s probably why they were a good match. I have to say Angelina hasn’t met her match yet, but she seems to still live a full life so good for her.

  443. waq says:

    Well said DD.

    I don’t think Angelina has met her match either. The day she does though, all hell will break loose. That will be fun.

  444. Cheyenne says:

    @Kaiser: Just read a comment on HuffPo complaining about what Brad said about Angie and the kids in Parade. “Why does he have to rub his happiness in Jen’s face?”

    See what I mean?

  445. sandy#1 says:

    @373 mare, that was beautiful, and true, how you summed it up, no one is to blame, it happens, it’s hurtful, but brad and angie seem like honorable, caring people, maybe jen could have reacted better, like nicole k., renee z, uma thurman, even brad himself with gwen paltrow, so many others, jen herself have done some really awful things herself, no one is without sin, let’s move on.

  446. sandy says:

    so is this the celebitchy article to get most number of comments? does anyone know what the record is..

  447. Sakyiwaa says:

    Took a sample of 100 comments out of all these here. Of these…

    41% attacked Brad Pitt
    15% defended him

    4% was explicitly positive* about Jen
    15% attacked her

    0% said something negative about Angelina
    10% said something positive about Angelina
    4% said something negative about Brangelina

    18% said someone** should get a life

    And one commenter managed to mention both Clark Cable and Barbie dolls in a tiny comment.

    OMG! LMFAO! okay, that was fab-larious!

    @Josephina, thanks for the link! the interview is Awesome!

  448. Sakyiwaa says:

    @sandy. yeah, this is the article to get the most comments. yip! yip! weeeeeeeee! Brad really brought the ‘controversy’, lol!

    DAYUM! I actually hoped it would hit 500+ over the weekend! Booooooo!

    And I thought the KARDASHIANS were the most popular celebs on the planet!

    Yay, for some actual celeb bringing the REAL goss! Real celebrity is NOT dead.

    The tabloids and blogs really need to pay Brangelina and Aniston for single-handedly keeping them afloat.

    Empress Zahara and awesome Shiloh need to DEMAND it! hahaha!

  449. Sakyiwaa says:

    In the end, I think KATSCORP made the BEST comment! Being objective and all.

    And Cheyenne and Horsepoor Hanna made me crack up so many times! Thanks ladies!

    and it’s official, BRAD PITT has the TWO MOST COMMENTED-ON ARTICLES ever on CELEBITCHY!

  450. Addie says:

    There is NO WAY that you can blame the current uproar on the media. This is on Brad. He’s the one who gave the interview. He stirred up the controversy. When I think how hard you went after Aniston for simply using the word uncool.

    The most horrific comment in Brad’s interview is when he said he was so happy to have chosen Angie to be the mother of his children. EVERYONE knows he made this choice between these two women. You’d have to be a complete moron not to understand what he meant by that or to not think this would be heard by everyone as a dig.

    Trashing his life with Jen seven years after they broke up. Brad has been giving interviews for 25 years. He just figured since people have been piling on Jen for so long they’d keep doing it.


    Everything said above 100% true.

    I also find it so creppy how minus the arcitecture stuff in the interview, I could almost see Angie talking about these things, NOT Brad.

    Its really creepy how he really becomes the male version of his partner.

    Angie can do WAY better.

  451. Lenore says:

    I don’t think people should ever stop commenting on this. It’s at 450 comments now. The thread must not die!

    I’d try to write something to stir up the loonies on EITHER side but honestly, you don’t need to say a word, do you?

  452. Sakyiwaa says:

    @Addie; Angie can do WAY better.

    I think she could too… But guess who she’s in LOVE (and has SIX children) with…

    Anyway, the day she dumps him, you think the thread on Celebitchy will be CATASTROPHIC?!

  453. Addie says:


    True, and they probably are happy together with their family.

    Sorry Brads personality just reminds me of Ethan Hawke’s character in the movie ‘taking lives'(and Angie was in the movie too ironicaly)
    Where his charachter kept taking other men’s identities.

  454. Ja says:

    I hope he doesn’t give a damn about what the hysterical media did with his interview/ words. Nothing can beat having a family with a dream partner. I am happy for him.

  455. sandy says:

    at Sakyiwaa maybe it will get over 500 comments…..everybody seems to be weighing in with their opinions

  456. Ash says:

    All you Jen hens give the guy a break. Isn’t he allowed to say something at least once when Jen has been saying things about this 4ever.

  457. Ash says:

    I mean really being a man I feel like how people are always gunning for his throat and after him with pickaxes and what not. This is just my opinion but his every word is scrutinized with detail and people are looking to find implied meaning in his comments. Whereas Jenny can make x number of irresponsible and juvenile statements and go on her merry way

  458. John Wayne Lives says:

    @ Eve… lololol god i loved that lololo Thanks for the giggle

  459. Eve says:

    @ John Wayne Lives:

    Here’s another one:

    Aniston @ The Ocean: “I am NOT DULL”.

    The ocean: “And *I* am not made of salty water…”.

    P.S.: Ok, I’ll admit it: I just want the thread to reach 500 comments…lol!

  460. Cheyenne says:

    Addie: The most horrific comment in Brad’s interview is when he said he was so happy to have chosen Angie to be the mother of his children.


    “Horrific” my ass. The man is content with his family and in love with his partner. Why is he not allowed to praise her as a good mother? Why does EVERY DAMN THING he says about Angie have to be taken as a slap at Aniston? That’s not his problem, it’s Aniston’s crazy fans’ problem. GMAFB. This idiocy has gone far enough already.

    BTW, that was not the first time he said that about Angie. Brad had an interview with Larry King on CNN a few years back. King said, “I know Angie very well, she’s been on this show several times. What is she like as a parent?” Brad’s response was (if I remember right), “The greatest gift I could give my children is Angie as their mother. She’s creative and nurturing and very, very protective.”

    It’s not about Aniston. It’s about him and Angie. Aniston probably doesn’t even exist as far as Brad is concerned.

  461. Cheyenne says:

    Told y’all controversy sells. The EW with Brad on the cover just came out and sold out almost as soon as it hit the newsstand. I bought the last one.

    The interview is quite good.

  462. wentworth says:

    I know the brangelunatics are going batshit insane that one of their idols is being called out in the press, but seriously? “get over it!”? Get over what? WE didn’t bring up Aniston. PITT did! And after 7 years, if the man were truly happy, I don’t understand why he’d bitch about her at all! I am in no way wanting them back together. She seems happier now with someone new, and he’s got 6 really cute children. But the fact that he’s talking about it shows HE is the one who isn’t over it. Since he cheated on Aniston, I think that gives her the right to call the situation “uncool”. Hell, it was. And that’s basically all she’s ever said, besides joking with the tabloids that she and brangelina go on vacation together. His comments show he’s a tool and that he’s still bitter over the whole thing. THAT is why people are talking negatively about him right now.

  463. wentworth says:

    LOL! I’m sorry. I found this on another thread (I think it was from an online newspaper? Sorry…don’t remember) and I couldn’t stop laughing. Totally harsh, but…pretty true!

    “His comments regarding AJ being an ideal mother are the real lies. She has a staff of dozens, drags her half-dead carcass and her passel of soon to be drug addled and sexually confused children from continent to continent. AJ is also clearly either a heroin addict or an anorexic. Brad Pitt’s life has become complete theater 24/7. Is this really better than the 90s for him? Sure.”

    @Cheyenne: “Aniston probably doesn’t even exist as far as Brad is concerned.”
    Is that why he felt compelled to mention her? You seem to forget that it wasn’t a fan who brought all this up. He did. He’s really happy in his life, yet he’s still talking about his ex wife 7 years later. Burn.

  464. Mia says:

    @Cheyenne, don’t you know he’s not allowed to actually be in love with Angie and think she’s a great mom. He must still keep that stuff on lockdown because Jen (or more likely her fans) will get their feelings hurt. Because Jen is mother to his children too. Oh, wait…she’s not, so that obviously wasn’t a slam against her because you know…Jennifer Aniston isn’t and didn’t want to be the mother of his children.

  465. Kassie says:

    I don’t care what the Jen hens say about Brad BUT, its always gonna stick in people’s minds that Jen is BORING.
    Its always going to be ‘no wonder her husband left’ when she is seen sitting around, drinking and tanning in Mexico.
    The tabs are going to take advantage as well. I can see a headline saying:

    ‘Justin Already Bored With Jen..He Misses Heidi!

  466. Cheyenne says:

    @Wentworth: Wow. Just… wow.

    I am well and truly gobsmacked.

    I honestly don’t know which is worse, your incredible cluelessness in repeating Female First bullshit as gospel on this web site, or your abysmal reading comprehension.

    Brad never mentioned Jen in that article. He never said her name. He said he was unhappy in his marriage. He didn’t say she was the reason, but if you read that into it, that’s YOUR problem, not his.

    I always said that Aniston’s fans, as a group, aren’t very bright. Thanks for proving it.

  467. Memphis says:

    It’s not that Brad isn’t allowed to speak his mind but Aniston gets labeled angry or living in the past for anything she says, but Brad gets a pass.. why? Just because he’s part of the “mega-couple”?

    The worse thing Aniston is quoted as saying is “uncool” and for that she’s labeled bitchy. But Brad(and Angie) can talk about falling in love on set while Brad was still married to Jen(which by the way WAS an uncool thing to say)…and Brad can talk about how boring he felt his marriage was and yet he’s not being labeled a jerk or living in the past he’s just “saying how he feels”… I don’t understand that. Why is it OK for him to talk about it, but not Jen?

    Don’t get me wrong I have and will continue to watch and probably love all of Angie’s movies as I have done for years, but enough with the Angel halo everyone want to mount over their heads. She and Brad did some shady stuff. Yes they do some great things but lets not pretend that they haven’t said and done some hurtful things too.

  468. John Wayne Lives says:

    @Horsepoor Hanna… Girl! sendin love 🙂 I totally missed you in the shit storm you so aptly described lol. Hope your Monday was ACES!!

    @Eve.. lol Yaaay, me too! *claps hands* lol this is wicked fun!

    Aniston @ the ocean “That’s pretty UNCOOL! Billy Idol wants his salt back”
    (gah! i f@cking hate myself! rotflmao)

  469. Sakyiwaa says:

    @Addie: 🙂

    @Memphis, Exactly. Objectively, I think they should all be free to say how they ‘felt’ about stuff. Emphasis on ‘feeling’.

    Frankly, they’ve all been judged way too harshly in the court of public opinion.

  470. bren's tens says:

    Sounds like Jen’s choice to not have Brad’s babies was probably the best choice she ever made.

  471. wentworth says:

    Cheyenne: nope. never said it was gospel. And I didn’t read it on female first. I read it on some newspaper site in the comments section. it doesn’t have to be gospel to be funny. I’m sorry, but “half-dead carcass” is the best description of Jolie I have heard in a while. If you love her that much, you should go order her a complimentary burger and pick up the check. she’ll thank you for it. And I don’t have trouble with my reading comprehension. He was basically trashing his marriage to Jen, and unless I’m out of the loop, has he been married to someone else? From my recollection, you brange fans were really happy to have him call her dull. only now that his image is being smeared are you trying to spin it in his favor. so maybe reading comp isn’t the problem for me. maybe blind worship is the problem for you.

  472. penniesbythepound says:

    Uh…Brad is speaking, but all I hear is Jolie’s voice.

    Does it not sound as though Jolie wrote the entire piece for him? She’s got herself a little puppet right there! Good for her! She seems the type to get off on having control. As for Jen, I think we’ve all mistaken who needs to “get over” that relationship.

  473. Jessie says:

    I can tell Brad is trying to man up his ego now that Jen has a better looking, nicer guy in her life. He was never happy with himself and will never be after Jolie manipulated him to be with her. He really hurt the most beautiful american sweetheart. He knew how it would come across. What a dog. Yes Jolie and him were made for each other.

  474. pandora necklace says:

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