Brad Pitt talks about “feeling pathetic” in his marriage to Jennifer Aniston


I promised you this interview in the post where I finally, at long last, pitted the boys against each other – go here to see my “Brad Pitt versus Justin Theroux: Battle of the Try-Hards” post. Anyway, it seems like today we’re just going to be inundated with new Brad Pitt interviews. These are some excerpts from his cover interview in Sunday’s Parade Magazine – by the way, Parade editors: don’t excerpt your cover story over the course of a seven-page slideshow. It’s ridiculously and unnecessarily time-consuming. Just put the s–t on one page. Anyway, you can read all of Parade’s piece here – just go through the endless pages, for the love of God. The biggest, attention-gettingest quote is probably when Brad makes reference to his marriage to Jennifer Aniston – and he makes it sound like it was totally miserable.

Brad’s 1990s: “I spent the ‘90s trying to hide out, trying to duck the full celebrity cacophony. I started to get sick of myself sitting on a couch, holding a joint, hiding out. It started feeling pathetic. It became very clear to me that I was intent on trying to find a movie about an interesting life, but I wasn’t living an interesting life myself,” he continues. “I think that my marriage [to actress Jennifer Aniston] had something to do with it. Trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t.”

How he changed: “I put much more emphasis on being a satisfied man. I’m satisfied with making true choices and finding the woman I love, Angie, and building a family that I love so much. A family is a risky venture, because the greater the love, the greater the loss. … That’s the trade-off. But I’ll take it all.”

On Angelina: “One of the greatest, smartest things I ever did was give my kids Angie as their mom,” he tells Parade. “She is such a great mom. Oh, man, I’m so happy to have her.”

On the rumors: “I mean, how many stories have you read that aren’t true, stories about me and Angie being married or fighting or splitting up? And when we don’t split up, there’s a whole new round that we’ve made up and we’re back together again!” he says. “We’ll get married when everyone can. We’re not splitting up. And we don’t have a seventh child yet.”

on gay marriage: “Can you believe that we’re still fighting for equality in America? To be against marriage for everyone is utter discrimination. I feel strongly about that because if equality of marriage doesn’t happen now, the next generation will have to deal with it. It is an amazing thing that New York has finally gotten same-sex marriage. But the real problem is that the federal government hides behind states on this issue. It is blatant, ugly bigotry, and the federal government shouldn’t be doing that. You’re denying some Americans the right that all Americans have, to live their lives as they choose. What are you so afraid of? That’s my question. Gay people getting married? What is so scary about that? It’s complicated. You grow up in a religion like that and you try to pray the gay away. I feel sadness for people like that. This is where people start short-circuiting—instead of being brave and questioning their beliefs, they are afraid and feel that they have to defend them.”

Brad on religion: “I don’t mind a world with religion in it. There are some beautiful tenets within all religions. What I get hot about is when they start dictating how other people must live. People suffer because of it. They are spreading misery. My family is all devout Christians… We don’t see eye to eye on this one, yet at the end of the day we love each other, we’re still family.”

Brad on adopting babies: “When Angie and I first met, we came together quite quickly and we decided we were adopting. Now the rules are that because we are not married, I can’t adopt. Angie adopts. We decided we were adopting a daughter. We were going to do it right out of the gate. We were not going to mess around. Angie said, ‘No shopping [for kids].’ I thought that was astute and beautifully put. It took the pressure off of adoption and brought a magic to it. We had set our parameters—we had room in our family if anyone needed a home. We got the call, and that’s our eldest daughter, Zahara… You get an attachment to people and places that you see. If you see suffering when you’re there, then you’ve made a connection to those people and you have to act on it. Once you have an understanding of it then you have to try to help. I say to people, go travel the world. Open your eyes. See it.”

ON NATURE VERSES NUTURE: “If you ask me about nature versus nurture, I’m going to say it is 80 percent nature, absolutely. You see [a child’s character] six, maybe nine months in. Now, some of our kids need more nurturing than others. Some have more delicacy. They’re all just unique individuals.”

ON LEARNING FRENCH: “All our kids are speaking French, so now we have that second language infused into our home. Everyone is learning another language. I’ve got the Rosetta Stone for French sitting right on the table in the bedroom, and it’s going to be loaded into my brain. I know there are certain synapses in my brain that just freeze dead at French, but I have to learn it because our kids are speaking it. [Laughs] Even the twins as babies were saying certain things in French.”

ON FAME: “I don’t read about Angie or me in the press. I don’t see anything. I really don’t want to know. I don’t think the generation [of celebrities] preceding me had it as bad as I did. And I think the generation after me has it worse than that. I’m talking about the tabloid press. In the ’90s it really shook me up. I couldn’t believe that people would just make up stories. I would never think to do that. I mean, I went to journalism school. And there’s a code of ethics to journalism. It’s about being unbiased and not sensationalist and speculative. Now there’s a cult of speculation. ‘A close source says…’ The thing that really amazed me was when someone would describe why I did something, or what I was feeling. I used to go mental over it and try to fight it. But it was a futile battle, so I just gave up on it.”

[From Parade and CNN]

There’s so much more, about Make It Right NOLA and he talks at length about religion and faith too. But let’s just get into the tabloidy stuff about his marriage to Aniston. He doesn’t really blame Jennifer or say that it was her fault or anything – I actually like the way he made the point: “I wasn’t living an interesting life myself. I think that my marriage had something to do with it. Trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t.” As in, they simply weren’t right for each other as husband and wife, and he got sick of pretending that they had some kind of fairy tale. If he’s accusing Jennifer of anything, it’s that she was NOT sick of pretending they had a fairy-tale marriage.

Also – I really like what he said about Angelina. Brad rarely speaks of Angelina so effusively. But I would like for Brad to talk her up more as his partner, as his de facto wife instead of just as the mother of his kids.



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  1. RobN says:

    Sorry, but that comment about his marriage simply shows no class. I don’t care how much you like him, or think that heaven shines on he and Angelina, that comment is despicable. Let’s all note the time and date so that we don’t have to hear anymore about how Brad never talks about Jennifer. He does anytime it means selling a movie.

  2. nan says:

    Best thing that he did was to dump shallow Aniston. Wasted those years with her and gave her the instant A-list actress title just for being married to him.

    Still wondering why Aniston’s mom has not been mentioned about her massive stroke in the media? Weird!!

  3. jo says:

    What an asshole thing to say he could have left that out.. jerk

  4. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I think he is pathetic and look rather tired now. He should have never wasted Anistons time if he felt that way.

  5. bananapanda says:

    My take: Jen isn’t very smart. Sweet and easy going but not too intellectually challenging. Brad has a curious mind- he likes travel, architecture, indie projects etc. When Brad met Angelina they clicked on a different level.

  6. Gayle says:

    Fascinating insight into his first marriage. Kudos to him for recognizing the pot-smoking, martini-drinking, Cabo-vacationing thing is a boring lifestyle for a boring person.

  7. JaneWonderfalls says:

    @ROBN I totally agree with you 100%

  8. teri says:

    Love Brad and Angelina :)
    About time he’s thrown the crap right back. It failed now move on.

  9. Heather M (Heather) says:

    Wow. Has he ever even discussed the demise of the marriage?! If I was Jen Aniston this interview would kind of rub salt in old wounds. Maybe he feels okay about discussing this now because Jen finally seems happy and in love. It is just kind of awkward because we all know he left the marriage and Jen was seemingly devastated, so it kind of portrays it as her being happy and him feeling she was dull and uninteresting. I do root for Jen because she seems nice and it must have been horrid to go through that (oh and in normal reality if your life with someone is boring maybe you try to spice it up rather than just bailing–? Just a thought…)…with that said I have always felt that Jen could do more in the way of public charity work, but I suppose it’s tough to compete with Angie there…

  10. lisa says:

    Oh please there are people posting all the time about how Jennifer had the right to say whatever she wanted because it was her marriage.

    he told how he felt. If people get mad so be it. I like that he put to rest all the silly stupid tabloid stories of secret meetings, texts, phone calls. That Brad is jealous of Jen and Justin.. leaving his family for Jennifer.. walking out to be with Jen.. regretting his life choices.. on and on and on for YEARS..not months but YEARS. And I have seen comment after comment from people slamming him for not speaking up.. Well here it is.. and in light of new stories of him being jealous and wanting out of his relationship.

    well the truth is there. Now move on. He is happy.. content and is saying it loud and clear.. I’m sure the fans of Jennifer Aniston at IUC will be here posting hate as well as the other none fans sites.. The ones that have been talking for months about Brad and Jennifer getting back together. YES that is what they do.

    The tabloids are the target. Not Jennifer. He is saying the marriage was not what they presented it as. How is that a dig at her. She said the same in a way.. But since it is coming from Brad is an attack. NOPE just the truth.

  11. Bokes says:

    I know you worship Angelina Kaiser but let’s just call things like they are.
    It was a douchey thing to say no matter what.
    It’s weird how everybody thinks Jennifer is so not over Brad but Brad and nagie also talk about her any chance they get.
    Frankly,I’m sick of all of it.It’s so 2005.

  12. lola says:

    Ps: I’m pretty apathetic about brangelina, jennifer aniston, and I hated Friends with a vegeance. I don’t have a fan stake in this.

    But I think both JA and BP and AJ need to all stfu about eachother. Show some class, they all come off like aholes when they whine about eachother.

  13. gee says:

    I get the whole being bored thing. I wouldn’t be happy being so complacent either. I would prefer to go the Angie route (minus the drugs and whild child past) than than the Jen route.

    I used to really like Jennifer Anniston, but I don’t anymore. And I think Brad Pitt is probably very sweet and very dumb.

  14. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Favorite. Brad Pitt. Interview. EVER!!!! OMG I loved every single thing Brad said. I am lil moist over here.

    Come on as in teary eyed. Go Brad. That was sooo sweet, the stuff about Angie. I told yall Brad ain’t going no where. LOL I don’t think he was saying anything bad about Aniston either but like us Jolie-Pitt fans have been trying to tell you Aniston fans he just wasn’t happy with that life.

    Oh and I loved what he said about Journalism school. If I wasn’t so into TV thats where I would want to go, but TV is really fun. I agree with him. As a former reporter for my school there are so many ethic and moral codes tabloids just abandon to sell a paper.

  15. brin says:

    Yeah, that wasn’t necessary to say, it’s hurtful. Just because he felt that way doesn’t mean she did.

  16. glyrics says:

    Love him. Love Angie. Love all the little Jolie-Pitts.

    He just made ja news again, and jt irrelevant

    TEAM BRAD!!!!!!!

  17. mln76 says:

    Oh please compare this rather mild statement to the ad nauseum disses Aniston has thrown Brad’s way over the years. He lacks a sensitivity chip. She plays on the beach with his kids. She saved all his voicemail messages. Or even better yet all the times she’s had Handler call Angelina and the kids names and then parade her around as her new BFF. Brad has way too much class to talk about how he really feels about Aniston and her pathetic attacks on his family.

    Brad wasn’t happy with Aniston. He moved on. Time for everyone else to move on too.

  18. Rita says:

    Co-sign with those who feel his comment about his marriage to Jen was classless and in bad taste. Just leave it alone. You don’t say something like that about the marriage you left behind. Especially this marriage.

  19. nelly says:

    Rob N you hit the nail on the head. Lack of class and empathy not only did he cheat on wife but he feels the need to tell the whole world how that marriage was lacking, could he stick the knife into Jennifer any more deeper. He is classless and just because he has adopted a bunch of kids and is more involved in politics doesn’t make him or his acting any more interesting. All in all i think his acting sucks. He will never be in the league of Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Sean Penn, or Johnny Depp.

  20. Laura says:

    I never comment on all the crap about them, but I found his comments to be quite unnecessary and actually quite mean.

  21. Pomona says:

    I don’t even care about Aniston but he was much more interesting in the 90s. And you could be more vague [in public] when talking about a failed marriage. It’s called decency.

  22. lambchops says:

    The guy has no class. No class. He is a jerk who still wants to be the most popular guy in high school and wants to make sure he is with the most popular girl. Barf. I have never seen any substance to this guy. His charity work seemed to be some morphing of his partner’s interests. He just always comes across as disingenuous. Why does this site love this couple so much, but hate on other couples who have gotten together cheating on their partners? I don’t get it. So weird.

  23. truthSF says:

    So he saw his life going nowhere and living a lie in a deadend marriage, and decided to do something about it and GOT A LIFE!!

    That’s what I read from his quotes.

  24. Mia says:

    He’s confirming what many have thought for years. He and Jen were at different phases in their lives and he wanted out. Nothing wrong with that.

    I loved what he said about Angie. He’s totally smitten with her and his kids. I bet it does get to him, to see the continued attacks on Angie. He left his marriage. Angie didn’t steal him away from Jennifer.

    Or…what Lisa said. :)

  25. kimm says:

    Yes, Brad i would love to travel the world and see it. But not all of us are raking in the cash like you!!!! What a dumb statement to make!

  26. Talie says:

    When I read his comments, I was like: OUCH! He basically says Aniston was a phony and that she would’ve made a bad mother.

  27. Lila says:

    I remember before he split with Jennifer Aniston, Barbara Walters was interviewing him & Clooney in relation with Ocean’s Eleven and he started to cry when he talked about wanting children. I always look at instances like that and photos as holding more weight than gossip, so I can believe that he genuinely wanted to find some sort of meaning and badly wanted kids. After Jennifer Aniston invited Access Hollywood to Cabo after the Bounty Hunter Movie (I first thought they stalked her before I realized she genuinely let them film her party), I lost a lot of respect for her. Plus the weird comments about how she is helping Mexico out by partying there…Just seemed very clueless. She then complained about the tabloids a few months later. I get that it is a weird line for celebrities, that is how much to talk to the media, but there is a difference between talking to Parade or Vanity Fair and Access Hollywood.

  28. lola lola says:

    Can’t anyone have respect for their X’s anymore? That’s just classless. Jennifer is best rid of him.

  29. Turtle Dove says:

    “It became very clear to me that I was intent on trying to find a movie about an interesting life, but I wasn’t living an interesting life myself…“I think that my marriage…had something to do with it. Trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t.”

    That one is going to hurt. It’ll sting when Jen hears it. It’s his place to talk about the end of the marriage to if he wants, but I wish that ALL parties involved would just move the f*ck on already.

  30. Julie says:

    Kudos for what sounds like truly speaking from his heart. I don’t think I’ve heard him so frank about Angie or his previous marriage. I had a feeling when he left his first marriage that this was why but he just said it and I agree it wasn’t blaming anyone. In fact, this happens in alot of marriages.

  31. snappy81 says:

    Agree with Lola. They all need to move on and stop talking about each other.

  32. kieslwoski says:

    I am not a Brangelina fan and definitely not an ANiston fan but he should have kept his mouth SHUT about the marriage to Aniston, it comes out very distatsteful and hurtful.

  33. Jenni says:

    Angelina Jolie said it best, “Infidelity isn’t the worst thing, I’m sure it’s worse to leave your partner and then say bad things about them.”

    Women are truly so harsh on other women as being supposedly so vain but truly,
    I think Pitt is 10 times as vain as either Aniston OR Jolie could ever hope to be. Seriously …that was damn mean.

  34. Bopa says:

    Why is he talking about this now? Just move on. The rudest part was the comment about picking Angelina to have his kids like his sperm is gods gift to the earth.

  35. k says:

    I knew his marriage had jumped the shark when he seemed so reluctant in his cameo on Friends.

  36. Dingles says:

    Wow…that was really cold. So he has this supposedly perfect life now, great for him. No need to throw his ex-wife under the bus and insult her while comparing her to another woman. Really, that’s just cruelty for no reason.

    Also, Brad, not everyone can afford to “open their eyes” by traveling the entire world. If you want to pay for my airfare and lodging so I can be an enlightened speshul snowflake like you, you’re welcome to do that.

  37. SkyNet says:

    How was anything he said mean? He never said anything negative about JA. People are acting like he called her names or put some kind of blame on her. They just weren’t meant to be. JA and her crew have done far more trash talking over the years than BP or AJ. If she was so crushed by the demise of her marriage, then maybe she should have focused more on it instead of jumping from project to project. It takes 2 people to make a marriage work. Every committed spouse knows when there’s something wrong with the other one.

  38. rose80 says:

    Let me preface this by saying i’m not even a fan of JA. That being said, I have to disagree with what you said Kaiser. “If he’s accusing Jennifer of anything, it’s that she was NOT sick of pretending they had a fairy-tale marriage.”

    I don’t think there are any accusations being made. Just because he wasn’t happy doesn’t mean that she wasn’t. Maybe she was in love and happy at the time and wanted her marriage to work out. A lot of marriages are unfortunately like that, one is happy while the other isn’t and they get divorced. I don’t think that was a very mature thing to say on his part. If he wants the stories to stop…then slamming your ex to the press isn’t the way to go about it. People are now going to be asking JA on her thoughts about his comments and she will respond. He honestly just made the whole gossip thing worse.

  39. Steve says:

    I think his comments are not being interpreted as he meant them. He was talking about the 90′s initially, and he only got together with Aniston in the late 90′s, they were married in 2000. I almost feel like he wanted to get out of what he had been doing and that he wanted to move forward which is why he got married. He wasn’t in hiding while he was with Aniston, he was out there for all to see.

  40. Oh,cry me an ocean.Poor,poor aniston.Finally,Pitt sets the record straight.IMO I think the final straw for the Jolie-Pitts,was chelseas *I got ya’back, girlfriend* attack on their children.

  41. olivia says:

    His intention is to garner as much publicity for his movie as possible. He knows that speaking about his former wife and current partner will do this for him. It means nothing.

  42. theonlyone says:

    I honestly think JA doesn’t give a sh*! That marriage was an eternity ago. They both reflect on it to sell movie tickets. End of story.

  43. Andrea says:

    First he cheats on her and leaves her for another, then says that crap about her. OUCH! He gave up the right to bad mouth when he left.

    However, I always did have the feeling that he left because she wouldn’t have kids, and he got sick of waiting around.

  44. Toot says:

    Great interview, thanks for posting.

    Brad pretty much said his marriage was a big old bore and he got tired of faking it so he got out of it, and he is ever thankful he waited to have a family, and that he made it with Angelina.

    I say, smart all around Brad.

    @mln76 I agree completely.

  45. Sue says:

    His marriage to JA was likely something that should never have happened. Perhaps it was the wrong time in his life to be married. Part of maturing is admitting when you have made a mistake and learning from it. We don’t know what went on behind the scene and we will likely never know (not that it is really anyone’s business). Everyone has moved on (more or less) and let’s get over it.

  46. rose80 says:

    And as far as travelling the world goes…I’ll be happy to if I can send you the bill Brad! ;-)

  47. Josie says:

    Many years ago my husband left me for another woman. Overnight I became a single Mom with a 12 year old daughter. I never thought of him as a mean person but he said things to my daughter that just cut me to the core. For example one of the things he said was that his new GF (who became his wife) had a college education, I did not; however, he forgot to mention I worked so he could go finish his degree. His thoughtless comments (when I think about it) still hurt to this day and it has been many years. For Brad even to bring up his marriage and the reasons he left are totally unnecessary. So disappointing and so classless. I don’t know Jennifer but I am sure she was blindsided just like I was and it took a long time to be able to have a normal day with no heartache involved.

  48. rissa says:

    wow! what a jerk.

    think about how aniston will feel about this. this is a guy she married. a guy that cheated on her. a guy that humiliated her with that W cover… and then to read this.

    team aniston from now on

  49. hope says:

    What did he say that was wrong/ Jennifer has said so many times in her interviews how she is happier now that when she was married, she has more fun and I totally expect her to it was their marriage. Brad was talking about his past and his future it just so happened to involve Jennifer. Maybe now the tabloids can stop they have the greatest marriage and love of all.

  50. Samigirl says:

    How is it hurtful? He didn’t say JENNIFER was pathetic, he said HE was. Jennifer can make whatever comments she want about how “uncool,” Angie is, and stuff like that…she can run her mouth all she wants, but the ONE time Brad does, he gets slammed? Ridiculous. It wasn’t disrespectful, and it wasn’t vicious or ugly. It was him FINALLY being truthful. To this day, Brad has NEVER said a negative word about Jennifer. It’s always, “She’s a great girl,” stuff like that. He’s allowed to talk sweetly about Angelina if he wants, and allowed to talk about how his marriage to Jenn. Free country and all that.

    edit@Andrea: Both Brand AND Jenn have said their marriage was over before he and Angie got together. No cheating whatsoever.

  51. teri says:

    How dare Brad tell the world how he felt in his last relationship? As if only Jens is worth listening to? It tickles me listening to JA fans fianlly digging themselves out of all the sh.. they’ve been spewing the last 7 years as to why they divorced. durrr no brainer.

  52. DenG says:

    When Aniston won the Golden Globe in 2003, she was limping–something about hitting her foot while moving furniture. Anyway, in an interview afterwards, she looked at the camera and told Brad, “You hold me together–literally.” I think he tried, but got tired of it and her.

  53. noriega says:

    the problem with the jA/BP marriage was it was basically set up by his manager. lol Brad had a svengali of sorts, forgot his name, but he was the one who encouraged the JA situation cause it would look good.

    BRad had a tendency to go for jailbait(hello, he dated Juliette Lewis when she was 16 and he was in his late 20′s, skeevy). It was not good for business. JA was acceptable in contrast.

    Brad by all accounts was at a vulnerable place, ended up falling for the setup and for JA.

    But it ended up being a very bad match, and the rest is history.

  54. what says:

    He has aged very badly but his attention seeking interview was amusing.

  55. Ms.JAPrufrock says:

    Brad Pitt is a mediocre actor. I remember seeing him in Inglorious Basterds and noticed how bland he was next to Michael Fassbender and Christopher Waltz. Pitt was into design and architecture long before he met Aniston. He has interesting hobbies but he’s still not an interesting person on or off screen. His comments show more defensiveness than anything else. I’m not sure if he’s really sure of what he wants in life except to be really busy.

  56. nan says:

    Ok I found the article about JA’s mom having a stroke. What Aniston said about her Mom is horrific!! I can’t believe it, well, yes I can!

  57. ViloDeMenus says:

    He didn’t insult Jennifer, he stated his truth which was HE was not satisfied with the relationship or his life at the time. He didn’t blame her he put it squarely on him, and life is short people, there is no need to suffer when you can change something by making choices. He wanted a family, which has made him incredibly happy and Jennifer did not. Right there most people would leave a relationship, man or woman if one wanted children and the other doesn’t – why would he be any different? He’s a generous kind man, and I’m sure when he left Jennifer she was very sad because he was a great catch for her in very many ways, but the lives they wanted were very different and he wasn’t willing to compromise, that’s integrity when you live an authentic life.

  58. Heine says:

    That was totally unnecessary and classless.

  59. kerfuffles says:

    I’m not a big JA fan, but that was kind of dickish thing to say. Why go there?

  60. Deven says:

    Can’t anyone stand hearing the truth??

  61. DetRiotgirl says:

    Well, I’m torn here. I do find the comment about his marriage to Aniston rather classeless and insensitive. But, on the other hand, I love what he said about Angie.

    Even though I don’t care much for any of the people involved in the “uncool triangle”, I am something of a romantic. Brad and Angie seem very happy and well suited for each other, so that aspect of this story does strike a chord with me.

    I try to make it a policy never to speak poorly of my exes unless they did something truly awful to me. In fact, I try to go out of my way to say nice things about people I’ve been involved with, if possible. I think the way a person deals with relationships often says just as much about them as it does about the people they date.

    I’d like to think that I’ve come away with something positive from all my past relationships, and I still speak to some of my exes on friendly terms. Of course though, that won’t always be the case no matter how much I would like it to be. Also, sometimes you encounter situations where the other party doesn’t want to let go and move on, which can greatly sour any efforts on your part to stay positive after the break up.

    I’m not an Aniston hater, and I’ve actually never found her to be guilty of gratuitously bringing up her divorce. However, the media brings it up ALL. THE. FRAKKING. TIME. So, I can understand why Brad’s feelings of regrets might have increased over time.

    Maybe he never said anything before because there was no real reason to. It’s possible that he realized that he and Jen weren’t going to work out, he found Angie and moved on the way any normal person would have at the time. But, after what? 6 years? 7 years? of having the media hound both Angelina and himself about his last marriage, he may now have significantly more bitter feelings on the issue than he had at the time. To be honest, I would too.

    If I were famous, and the press constantly asked me about my ex from nearly a decade ago, I would definitely start to wish I had never been with that person at all. Especially if I had since found the love of my life and was sick of seeing people compare my current love with my ex. If my feelings were profoundly different this time around, I would start to see the last relationship as pathetic too.

    But, enough rationalization. His comment was unnecessary and I think he should have just left the topic alone. The comments about Angie were super sweet though, and actually made me smile. I like to believe in love, even in divorce happy Hollywood.

    PS sorry for the mini-novel I just wrote! Lol

  62. tmbg says:

    I don’t have much to say except that even 10 years later JA still looks fresh, clean and glowy and well, Brangie both look like they could use a spa day.

    (And yes, I realize one has no kids and the other two share six. Oh, and also I’m neutral on all of them.)

  63. Lauren says:

    Brad is just being honest. I like Jen, but she still doesnt seem ready to have a family. Brad made the right decision. I think he finally wanted to set the record straight..I love Jen, but I dont know if she would be a good mother. She likes to have a good time, and work hard. Nothin wrong with that.

  64. spinner says:

    Gosh…glad he’s not my ex. That was a horrible thing to say. Dumbass.

  65. Kasey says:

    I’m not a Loonifer or whatever you call a die-hard Anniston fan or advocate. I probably was closer to an Angeloonie until winter when I did the math and realized Brangelina was not truthful about the timing of how their relationship started. ANYWAY, I still love their family and hope they stay together for the kids and not just for the kids but happily.

    That being said, I’ve noted that if Jennifer mentions anything or if the tabs allude to them on an article on Anniston people get all up in angst about them being brought into it and her riding on their fame. What he said was not necessary and once again linked them. Its like the media and both parties have all decided everything sells better when they’re all interwoven! I don’t like the implication of that conspiracy. For all we know Brang and Justjen get together on the sly playing poker, drinking and having a good laugh at us simpletons. His unnecessary and aged comment makes me think they’re all playing us and skipping to the bank while we’re all fighting on our “teams”. I’ve decided to let it slide this once since he mentioned that he doesn’t read the tabs and may not know about all of this. Nonetheless he could have just left those lines about his marriage out. I guess his other quotes left him an out to say that the mag made it up.

  66. wyatt says:

    i liked everything he said. dont like it take a hike. when he says nothing,people talk,and now it seem like he wanted to say “SCREW IT I’M BRAD F*****G PITT and i approve this message.HA,HA,HA.

  67. Jeanette says:

    If both sides really wanted to drop this they would quit commenting on it. Truth is it gets attention. I dont mean for movies..I mean just general ole attention. I dont think either of them need the crutch of the triangle to sell their projects..

    Could be hes a smooth player and sees she is moving on so he gives this interview and bam shes crying in her milk again for him.

    Who knows..if he cheated for reals then thats probably it..leopards dont change their spots where cheating is concerned..If not then maybe it was taken out of context or he didnt see it as a slight in any way to her..or maybe he thinks since hes moved on everyone else naturally has as well. I kinda feel like its an ego thing with him though.

  68. kiki says:

    I don’t get the outrage with Brad’s comments. I agree that maybe JA didn’t feel the same, but if Pitt was so unhappy/bored/uninterested then why force him to stay? How would having an unhappy husband do Jen any good? Better to have things end abruptly, ugly as it was, than to live in a meaningless limbo.

    Brad sounds happy, like a man with purpose, devoted to his partner & kids. What’s wrong with that?

  69. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    LOL Deven IDK. I think what’s worse to me is that people see what they wanna see. Instead of seeing what Brad said as commentary on his life, they took as an insult to Aniston. Either people WANT to hate Brad, still mad he broke up Aniston, or they are just that confused.

  70. Canuck says:

    Of course, Brad wasn’t married to Aniston in the 90′s, so the couch sitting and pot smoking was all him. It’s pretty lame to blame your own shortcomings on your ex-wife.

    As for the “trying to pretend the marriage was something it wasn’t”, I’ve said it before here and it’s not a very popular opinion, but I truly believe Pitt is gay or very heavily slanted to the male side of bi and that Aniston had no idea when they got married. She probably flipped when she realized. I think that Pitt probably was actually truthful with AJ and she was perfectly ok with it, since she rolls that way too.

    Someone above said that they didn’t think Aniston was smart, I would have to disagree, what she is is probably not that adventurous, probably likes stability and there is nothing wrong with that. Maybe Pitt had too much stability growing up and he wanted some crazy in his life and to not feel guilty about it. That’s ok too. But that would hardly be any sort of failure on Jen’s part, it’s not as if he didn’t know that about her beforehand.

    He’s a bit of a cad for sayng something like this in an interview though. I think the only things that I recall Aniston ever actually saying about him in an interview that was even remotely negative was the sensitivity chip remark (and frankly it’s a bit hard to blame her on that one) and the Billy Idol wants his hair back remark, which was knd of funny.

  71. Huvane to aniston: And we will begin cashing in on the pity-party cash cow again in…one…two …three.. seconds

  72. txvxf says:

    So Pitt and Aniston were in marriage counseling in March 2005, and Pitt and Jolie adopted a kid in July 2005. Wow.

  73. sassenach says:

    Damn, what a bunch of hypocrites posting today. Jen has talked crap about Brad and Angie for YEARS!!! All Brad said was that he was living an uninteresting life. What is the big deal? What specifically did he say about HER that has people calling him a jerk? I am sure he and Jen are much happier now than when they were together.

    He has always been gracious when it comes to Jennifer and this time was no different.

  74. Goofpuff says:

    I don’t see what he says is any different from what Jen or Huvane have said already. Old news.

  75. Jane says:

    He is the lowest. Using his ex and the fake happy family image to get the Oscar and promote his film. The guy is the ultimate narcissist.

    By the way everyone in the unholy triangle uses their relations to sell films. All three of them. I can’t believe anyone is fan of them. Ughh

  76. Jennifer says:

    @Deven- Hey. Here’s truth: I’d be bored with Jen Aniston too. Jolie’s totally rocked her OWN life since she was a teenager. (Can’t say the same for Pitt..he was just like Aniston, Gwyneth, etc. He had a boring life til he jumped ship for Angelina.) BUt do you gotta tell the truth, publically, about a public person? The only “mean” or unfavorable thing Aniston said re Pitt was he had a sensitivity chip missing and damn straight he did and does and I would give any one a pass on that comment if left by an ex for another woman. It’s humiliating to be be…humiliated. I too think my ex is boring, and I wasted years being mediocre and bored with said ex, I take responsibilty not blame my ex or my relationship with that ex. People…come on now. To talk about how basically your four year long marriage was a sham and now you’re this genuine guy now,…please. Dont blame exes for your own bad choices – when you’re a grown man pushing 50. Obvioulsy he was being fake with Aniston, yet he straight up proposes …why would she think he didn’t love her? The prom king maries the dorky pretty girl? I’d be thinking damn he must really love my SOUL too, if I were Aniston. He is TOO OLD to be so shallow, he’s almost 50. Seems like something you say at 26, all upset and blaming your ex …and even in your 20s it’s being immature to blame your ex for your own lifestyle. I can’t help but think his vanity is making him want to punish Aniston for finally seeming in real love with someone and his vanity can’t take it. (Even though he’s over her he dont like her over him – the epitome of vain.) He didn’t evn get cool til he got with Angelina at frikkin *40*. It’s Angelina and his kids that make him seem cool now. (and the NOLA work, which is awesome.) Before that he was soooo bland. Yah yah he had some cool acting roles. So what. Jolie is one of the only celebs who seems to live an interesting life in REAL life.

  77. Amanda G says:

    I’m hoping his words were taken out of context because that is an awful thing to say. And why can’t they all just let it go? I know interviewers will ask them about this for the rest of their careers, but it doesn’t mean they have to keep answering.

    I did like his comments about gay marriage and religion though.

  78. Bite me says:

    Speak ur truth brad Pitt, speak my brother

  79. Tara says:

    Think brad made the right choice to end the marriage to Jen. But his comments are really douchetastic… tho entertaining , gossip-wise.

  80. Pizzazz says:

    It’s good to hear him finally say something back after the way she made it seem like they had the perfect marriage before Angie ‘stole’ him away. You can’t steal a man away. They clearly had a bad marriage and he wanted out. I’m sure she knew it and ignored it because she liked her status as part of a ‘golden’ couple. He also appears to have wanted kids and clearly Aniston isn’t that interested in the idea. Even if she pops one out now with her new honey I’m not convinced she’s ever been into them. Otherwise she wouldn’t have started trying in her mid-forties. And don’t tell me about her alleged miscarriage. I doubt she was ever pregnant.

  81. your mama says:

    Canuck, I agree. Why is he even bringing that marriage up?

  82. atorontogal says:

    You people are hillarious. It was neither classless nor tacky. You people obviously don’t know the definition of classless, that would be Chelsea Handler’s very mean attack on Brangie’s children. That is tacky and classless. What the adults do is on them, but the children are innocents. Passing judgement on people you do not and never will know other than what you read in gossip columns makes you all classless and tacky. :-)

  83. Jordan says:

    What a jerk! I wonder if all these people defending him would be so understanding of his “honest feelings” if their husbands would cheat and leave them for the other woman, and then publicly say that his life, when married with them, was pathetic.
    And this is completely unnecessary. enough of these 3! I can’t stand any of them, at this point.

  84. anoneemouse says:

    Wish everyone would just shut up about this. It happened 7 years ago. Every time one of them speaks about this it just confirms to me that none of these people are over this. Let us not forget that Brad’s actions brought about the demise of his marriage not anyone else’s.

  85. tpass says:

    I agree with everyone who thought his remarks was totally uncalled for. What is he doing now, sitting on a couch and drinking? How many times do we see him with alcohol? Now Jen have to deal with this on top of her worrying about her mother health. I hope she rip him a good one in her next interview.

  86. tpass says:

    Lets talk about Angie script which belongs to someone else. For the people who thinks she is so smart.

  87. Jamerican says:

    LAUGH. OUT. LOUD. at all the hurt biitches complaining about Brad telling it like it is about HIS OWN LIFE. i just love how jenny gets the right to say and do whatever she wants to say and do, including talking about HER OWN MARRIAGE – remember those words, biitches? Her. Own Marriage. So was she married to herself, or does the exhusband get the right to talk about his own marriage also?

    Anustain cant get all the rights, biitches.


  88. Hmmmm says:

    Well, I’m glad he finally said how he really feels and I give him kudos for getting his point across but still being respectful. It took him years of putting up with Jennifer blabbing nonstop. Enough is enough, the man has a right to speak. He did it in a classy way too.

    Look, he wanted kids. Jennifer was too much into herself to give him that. He moved on and found a woman that gave him what he desperately wanted. They seem like great parents that adore their kids more than anything in the world.

    Glad to see him satisfied and happy with his woman and his kids. He longed for a fulfilled life and he finally has that.

  89. anonymous says:

    Finally Brad Pitt, is telling it like it is. Brad Pitt I applaud you, there is some people on this board who feel that Brad Pitt doesn’t have the right as a human being like anyone else to air his own personal feelings and experience as a human being. Sadly because they worship another human being (JA). I could only magine how it must have been to be treated like Barbie and Ken for years,a pretty face wanting more out of life. Brad Pitt I wish you and Angelina and your family all the best.

  90. Susan says:

    Just one question – Why? Seven years later and still bringing up his marriage. Here is my two cents. This is a direct letter to Jen. You would not have my children – so look I found someone who did and she is better then you. I am going to tell the world that she is better then you. And I am also going to throw in that I was unhappy with you to excuse my leaving you. Seems that Brad is coming a bit unglued since Jen has found someone who really loves her. Pull yourself together Brad. Talking about how unhappy you were in your marriage seven years ago makes you look pathetic. Obviously this is a man who has not moved on. Sad

  91. bite me says:

    haha :) Brad you are SO UNCOOL burn

  92. Team Angie says:

    I loved this interview. I guess this settles the question of whether he cheated on BORING MANNISTON or not. LOL

  93. Anon says:

    People need to look back with an open mind and fresh eyes at all that Jen and friends have said and done. Like Brad said, don’t believe tabloids or gossips unless you heard it directly from the horse’s (so to speak) mouth. Seems to me, Jen and Co. have done much in comments vs. the Jolie-Pitts. I would imagine, oh last Thanksgiving and that well timed Aniston-Huvane’s pittbull Chelsea was the final straw. Why look at the reputations of those who attack the Jolie-Pitts and sit in judgment.
    Is there any doubt that Pitt and Aniston would have ended up divorced even if Jolie hadn’t come along? Dead-end (answer).

  94. alex says:

    Tpass : Lmao you are so pathetic

  95. Melissa says:

    He has pissed a lot of people off with this interview. I just happen to see the article when I went to check my email on yahoo and most of the people commenting were really hating on him. I went through a lot of the comments, but not all. Some people are even saying that they will no longer watch his movies after this. So I knew if I came here to CB, there would be a post. :-)

    I’m torn. I guess it’s his right to tell how he feels about his past marriage. The problem is how he worded his feelings. It was pretty classless & disrespectful to JA and he probably should STFU about it now.

  96. Imelda says:

    God further proof if needed that Brad indeaed morphs into his partner of the day. He blames someone else for living a boring life – maybe thats because he is boring.
    Its a wonder he doesn’t dye his hair brown, grow it limply down his back and get his lips done. He’s saying AJ’s interests are now his and therefore his life is now interesting. Grow a pair for Gawd’s sake Brad. This does not make you the man you seem to think you are. Good job he doesn’t read about himself he mightn’t like what he reads.

  97. blc says:

    whoa @Canuck where did you pull that out of?? Hilarious. You can tell a lot about a woman when she is staunchly defending Aniston – obviously she is bitter and has most likely been dumped

  98. anne_000 says:

    I don’t think he said anything that wasn’t known before. I think it would have been general knowledge that he wanted to have a life that was more interesting & active, but that Jennifer wanted to box him in, keep him spotless clean, & live a cookie-cutter life. Wasn’t there a story that she didn’t even want him to ride a motorcycle, whereas with Angelina, motorcycles, helicopters, planes, ATVs, etc. are fine.

    Some people are criticizing Brad for saying this one thing now, but Jennifer’s been saying stuff for years either from herself or ‘sources close to her.’

  99. Jennifer says:

    You know he totally played this up to Angelina while he was filming with her “my life is a sham, my marriage means nothing anyway…” …and then the new woman (angelina) takes the fall for almost all of it. I understand we’re in the year 2011 but taking marriage vows and leading life as part of a legal union of “husband and wife” really does mean something deep to many people. Just cos his didn’t mean nothing to Pitt, (and he was no baby when he married Aniston), don’t conclude it meant nothing to Aniston or that SHE was feeling the marriage was a sham. From what Aniston could tell, she married a man much like her. If you can’t carry thru with the love, honor, cherish til death promise, how about just don’t be a douche and talk some mean smack after you leave your ex, at the very least. Seriously, damn. Again with the sensitivity chip Brad. Insert one. And also don’t blame an ex or relationship for being boring and living a boring lifestyle. You’re a 47 year old man for the love of God.

  100. Franny says:

    Its strange seeing the old Brad in that Brad and Jen picture. Its been a while since I’ve seen one of those pictures.

  101. hmm says:

    So, it’s okay for JA to make disparaging remarks about him and AJ, but he is a douche if he mentions that he was living an unfulfilled life prior to meeting AJ. mmkay. I’m pretty sure that if he wanted to take down Jen, he has the ammo to do it but he has remained virtually silent about his marriage and I for one am glad that he is defending his life and choices.

  102. Beth says:

    I’m “whatever” about the Angie vs. Jen business, but I cannot ignore the fact the he was MUCH better looking when he was with Jen. Not just because he was younger, either. I get a Jared Leto-esque fighting-the-hot vibe from Brad these days. It’s too bad. He looks dirty, and not in a good way. The long hair, the beard, the unflattering clothes, the constant sunglasses. It’s all bad.

  103. foozy says:

    glad that we finally get to hear brad’s version of things but most of us had already suspected as much. gwyn dumped brad coz she wanted to stop smoking and he didn’t. then when he got together with jen, after several years, he got more and more serious about wanting a family and he wanted to stop smoking but she didn’t so he eventually dumped her…etc..

  104. Calli Pygian says:

    Co- sign w/ Lola, Rita, et al ad nauseum.

    None of us has any personal connection to these people. Why so invested in taking sides, and insinuating blame? It was not particularly civil, or good press. It comes off as immature when anyone does it- yes, including either ex spouse.

    Seems a bit stalker-ish to be so intimately involved in a celebrity’s life.

  105. Chris says:

    I’ll bet Angie p-whipped him into saying that. No class!

  106. Anon says:

    Pitt didn’t want a life stagant and shallow, he has progessed in his charity work, career and family life. He set goals and met it, he’s happy. Progessed at 40 not regressed, he’s not saying I will have, I will do it….he’s does it. Gits ‘er dun!
    It wasn’t Pitt’s job to hold Aniston together, man!

  107. blonde on the dock says:

    “I don’t read about Angie or me in the press.”


    He’s a nice guy. Until he opens his mouth.

  108. Jamerican says:

    “I was never the type to want the white picket fence and the husband and kids.” – Jennifer Aniston, Marie Claire, 2009 (or was it Bazaar? – one of them) while she was on her second go-round with john mayer.

    Jus’ sayin’. one of many sayings, btw. Tee hee.

  109. BlackMamba says:

    It’s facinating to me how the same people that HATES “homewreckers”(Alicia Keys, Leann Rymes etc…)and HATES “cheating douches”(Swizz Beaks, Tiger etc…) are the same ones who worships the ground that The Brange walks on. They try to find any excuse in the book to justify what happen between these 3 all these years ago. Why the double standard? What make The Brange so special? How come they have such hold on people? And I’m not being sarcastic either, these are genuine questions for AJ and BP fans. One last thing, I wonder how these girls that are saying that Brad is amazing for getting up and finding himself a spicy life(and he was) would feel if their man did the same thing, would they praise him as well? (Oh by the way I’m no JA fan for those wondering, whenever I see her or hear her speak all I can think of is FAKE and MANUFACTURE BY PUBLICIST, these are real questions that I ask myself when I see people write about their passion for the Brange) :)

  110. Priscilla says:

    Ugh. Douche with a capital “D”

  111. N.D. says:

    Don’t see how what he said is hurtful to Aniston. She wasn’t even mentioned. Just because he was bored and faking during their marriage doesn’t mean it’s her fault and from the way he talks about it it seems he realisis this too and is blaming only himself for being pathetic for so many years.

    P.S. Funny how JA has a right to make direct negative remarks about Brad or Angelina (sensitivity chip & uncool) but Brad and Angie can’t even speak about their own feeling related to that time (being pathetic and happy to go to work comments).

  112. PM says:

    Ok, so Brad felt that sitting on his couch with a j looking for an interesting part when he wasn’t leading an interesting life was pathetic. Fine, leave it at that. What you don’t do is drag your ex into it by saying your marriage had something to do with it. If that’s the way you felt then own it.

  113. lio says:

    The really truly “boring” and “pathetic” thing are all those triangle stories. And now that JA has finally a new BF and you would think we are over them, he had to say that. Now. Seven years later. Why? Why? Why? Unless he enjoy that triangle s…, i can’t think of any reason

  114. sharylmj says:

    he was bored and unhappy, found someone to make him excited about life and happy. Left boring for exciting and is now happy and fulfilled. THE END!!!
    “cold hard math.”

  115. Nev says:

    It’s alright and normal for anyone to feel bored in a marriage. It takes two to make it work. Get up and try new things make changes, but he wanted out and got out(the sticky way) and had six kids and is living an interesting/seemingly great life now…so he should NOT have made that comment because it was un-neccessary. Six kids and many years later he could’ve avoided any past marriage talk and kept it to himself or just call himself pathetic and not involve the marriage and the “trying to be something it wasn’t” part. what a triangle of sorts still. interesting.

  116. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Didn’t read through all of the comments yet, so excuse me if this has already been said, but he talks about not reading the tabloid stories about his relationship then goes on to repeat every tabloid cover story (Angie and Brad break up, Angie and Brad reconcile, Angie and Brad to adopt 7th child). Get real Brad, you’re as much of a narcissist as the rest of them (hollyweitd “stars”). He probably has his name on goggle alert too.

  117. sarah says:

    How is what he said wronging JA? He didn’t even use her name. It sounds like they both tried to make it work and it didn’t work. End of story. It was forever ago. He has been with Angelina longer than he was married to Jen. He has children with Angelina and really seems settled and happy with his family. What is so wrong with that?

  118. noriega says:

    I can’t believe people buy what he’s selling. What JA sells either, or AJ. They ALL manipulate the press to their advantage, and try to present what they want you to see. So everyone fighting about which team you’re on? Just realize most likely all teams are dickish. LOL

  119. tpass says:

    Alex: you are the one that is pathetic. What, does what I said hurt your feelings? If you are mad about what I wrote about Angie ask Kaiser to print the article, I sent the info to her. Loser!!

  120. M says:

    Yeah Jen is so boring. She’s no exciting husband-stealer like Angelina!

    If he felt his life was boring, that’s his own fault. Pretty wrong to blame sweet, in-love Jen.

  121. The Truth says:

    @ BlackMamba

    Preach teh Truth

    The fucking DOUBLE STANDARS on this sitre is fucking INSANE

    Angelina Hoile aint shit and Brad KNOWS this THATS why he won’t MARRY HER, so he can keep her TRIFLING BEHIND

  122. javagirl1 says:

    Ok he was bored in his marriage so he dumped his wife for someone more exciting. He didn’t have to throw her under the bus in this interview.

    However, I loved what he said about equality in marriage and religion. Doofus made a sense!

    Now I have to go back and read the 132 comments ;)

  123. Lee says:

    Wow, this was some seriously unnecessary meanness. Low class all the way. I even re-read it after some of the comments here about how he was just telling it honestly, but it’s even worse the second time. His comments reveal more about him than about his ex-wife, and it’s not a pretty picture.

  124. Ms.JAPrufrock says:

    Interesting activities doesn’t necessarily make you an interesting person. It just keeps you busy.

  125. Ichabod says:

    This interview highlights Brad Pitt’s insecurities, fear of being irrelevant and his narcissism. He is trying to let everyone know he is not a washed out has been who is hooked up with a woman with questionable health and stability issues (before you jump all over me, I am not saying she is an unstable, anorexic, drug addict, plastic surgery junky but, she certainly looks the part and her weight if anything is a telling sign of something not being quite right. How can Pitt ignore her being skin and bones).
    Because I truly believe he loves his children and he is, for better or worse, now tied to Jolie, he has to illustrate to the public that he has made the right choices that are interesting and non-mediocre. He wants us to know HE has chosen the right mother for HIS children (gawd that statement bends me the wrong way) and he would never be a guy who chooses a lifestyle that appears wasteful, selfish, hypocritical, dysfunctional and shallow as his life appears now (ironically). What he doesn’t get is by the statements he made about his uninteresting life and his marriage; he is showing us how cowardly he was. He didn’t pick himself up by his boot straps and call up his fiend Bono to start making his life meaningful and worthwhile; he just hooked up with a woman on a movie set and walked away from his marriage (pretty mediocre move). He should have introspected and found determination to re-define himself, which would have been the focal point for redefining his marriage … or its demise. Instead, he hooked up with a chick and immediately rushed into a lifestyle with seemingly less introspection and more afterthought and justification. This is just my opinion but, he appears to be partially consumed by his lifestyle and its rapid evolution and it would normally make me feel kind of sorry for him but his unnecessary statement about his marriage crossed a line. He was selfishly saving face. IF anything I am team Aniston-Jolie. These two are remarkable women and Pitt is coming across as undeserving of either one of them.

  126. Julia says:

    I don’t know why people, especially people who have branded in the past his marriage as a sacred happy one that a witch tore apart are mad ?

    Are they mad because after 6 years after Aniston spoke, he finally speak about his own feelings about that period of HIS life while strangers have done it repeatedly during six long years ?

    Why being shocked ? Half of his marrriage has been spent in therapy sessions and marital counseling. It’s a known fact. The other half has been spent more away from each other than together when they were not involved in pot smoking all day long.

    I fail to understand why half of the people involved in a marriage can’t express themselves about their own feelings provoking some backlash by the people who spoke about his feelings at his place during so many years, when during all this time bloggers, owners of tabs, so called writers, have take the obscnene freedom to infer their own interprettion and explain his own feelings at his place classlessly.

    Me think, what many have said before, that this marriage was doomed and more of a marriage of convenience is the reason why some who have dissmissed that reality from their mind are mad. After all it comes from the mouth of one half of the people involved in it, so it’s hard to keep on being delusional about a reality that some have always rejected, painting it as a rosy one.

    He was miserable, there were many symptoms about that and God knows how far this depression could have led him or the pot smoking,fot that matter. Just like Depp said meeting Vanessa led him to stop that destructive drug habit that he was sure would have led him to an overdosis, the pot smoking and depression stopped with Jolie. It’s always like that when you find someone you are comfortable and extremely happy with. You try to fix your issue and destructive habits.

    Everybody should move on and accept that noone, let alone a 40 years old should be forced to stay miserable just to preserve a fake image and to cater some harlequi-ish fantasy of some nostalgic fans of the former golden couple who apparently faked happiness for years.

  127. Jezi says:

    What was the point to commenting on his marriage? It was a long time ago and she’s moved on and he’s moved on. No need to bring it up and make it sound like his marriage was shitty. It has nothing to do with liking Jennifer or not liking Jennifer or liking Angie or not liking Angie. It was a crappy comment and didn’t need to be said.

  128. Katherine says:

    Jennifer’s fans are so funny. Their latest meme is that Brad is somehow jealous of her and that troll she is with now. LMAO!! So I guess we will be reading that all over the web as they post it everywhere.

    Jennifer has been talking about her divorce continually since 2005. I also remember how she would diss Brad when they were still married. So turn about is fair play. Ofc ourse Brad is to much of a gentleman to actually say anything bad about her – all Brad does is say he was unhappy and couldn’t pretend thier marriage was good when it wasn’t.

    The double standard is typical of women who feel they can attack men but the minute the man stands up and says Boo they accuse him of being a cad or tacky or classless. Well, too bad. Next time Jennifer wants to talk about her former marriage or Angelina or the Jolie Pitt children or Brad or anything to do with Brad and his family maybe she will think twice and just shut up.

    Great article. Of course the Jennifer fans are now saying Angelina must have threatened to hurt the children to make him say these things. LOL! Some people need serious help.

  129. P.J. says:

    I can’t believe this quote: “I don’t mind a world with religion in it.”

    He’s so arrogant, it just takes my breath away.

  130. lynn says:

    @Susan I totally agree with you. Brad is just upset that JA seems to finally have found love after Brad and he cannot deal with it. I’ve seen Brad in interviews and he comes across as unintelligent and uninteresting. AJ is the one who showed him philanthropy and meaningful endeavors. I think it’s all just sour grapes that JA has no need for him because she is satisfied now. Brad Pitt – narcissism at its best.

  131. Jilli says:

    The man said what he felt. Get over it if you don’t “approve”.

  132. Sillyone says:

    I don’t find his comment all to offensive, I am kind of glad he has come out and finally said something. Aniston has been whining about this crap for years, hopefully his will close the book on this and everyone will move on from it. But we know Aniston will come out and say, that is just an uncool comment.

  133. Maritza says:

    Brad and Jen should write it as a clause that they will not talk about their failed marriage ever again. Seriously, people are sick and tired of the subject. No one cares!

  134. mln76 says:

    @Katherine The double standard is typical of women who feel they can attack men but the minute the man stands up and says Boo they accuse him of being a cad or tacky or classless.


    In their minds only women are allowed to leave a marriage because they are unhappy, unfulfilled, want children, pretending to be happy when they aren’t etc. If a female celebrity had said those words there would be no vitriol.

  135. Larissa says:

    My take on this very important matter:

    He married the trophy wife and exchanged it for the trophy wife 2.0 on heroine.
    Brad Pitt is so boring and this whole triangle thing is the most pathetic thing ever.

  136. Leticia says:

    I get sick of his intellectual posturing. He is not as smart as he would like to be, and he tries to make up for it by yapping about architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright, etc.

    His comment about his marriage to Anistan was unnecessary and callous. But the things he said about Jolie were so very romantic.

  137. Ice Bunny says:

    oh Brad, even the masses can understand you now! Thank you for your Parade (cough) interview! How hard you sell.. working interminably to convince us that you really ARE superior – hardly a mere mortal living an uninteresting life any longer – ever since you committed adultery and ran away with a woman who was not your wife, and can now indulge yourself in a large, exotic and fanciful existence… (all financed by the very celebrity you claim to abhor…)

    and you are a better person now… because ?? … you are a father of 6 children out of wedlock??

    A little humility would go a long way. But that is a trait that will never be used to describe you. You are a truly smug, self-righteous douche – albeit a world-class one.

  138. Phoenix says:

    Right on Lisa!
    So all the haters feel sorry for manipulative Jennifer Aniston who has done *nothing but* disparage her ex-husband and their marriage, starting from the Vanity Fair article where she threw Brad under a bus and has ever since, by putting all the blame on Brad by saying she was only 2% of the blame for the marriage breakup (despite being 50% of the marriage).

    Since then, Brad and Angelina have been classy and maintained a poised, demure, dignified silence and have never said a bad word about Aniston, no matter how harsh her attacks on Brad and Angelina were. They are respected for taking the high road. Aniston attacked Brad and Angelina every chance she got, and manipulated the public to feel sorry for her for something that was her own doing. Aniston has attacked Brad and Angelina *non-stop for seven years*, and Brad says ONE thing not even referring to Aniston, and he is the worst guy out? Wtf? Class is taking the high road like Angelina and Brad have, class is NOT;
    manipulating the public and the press to make yourself the victim,
    claiming only 2% of the marriage breakup was your fault,
    attacking and deriding your ex
    bursting into tears on cue the second the VF reporter enters the room for an interivew about your marriage breakup, for dramatic and maximised sympathic effect,
    deriding the mother of your ex’s children and calling her uncool,
    mocking your ex’s children whilst doing a stripping photoshoot to sell a children’s movie,
    referring to your marriage almost every single interview you do,
    associating with Handler and walking on stage after Handler attacked Angelina *and her children*, with a big malicious grin on your face and without missing a beat (twice this happened, so Aniston had no problem with it after the first time).
    And thats not to mention Aniston going on tv and claiming her own husband (and this was pre-Angelina, when Brad and Jen were supposedly happily married mind you!) was ‘not the love of my life’ – what sort of a cruel person says that on national and international tv about her husband?

    All of these things, Aniston did. Oh, but thats ok….she is Jennifer Aniston, the rules we apply to others don’t apply to Saint Jen! SMDH!

  139. kel says:

    To be so philanthropic and compassionate towards others especially in the New Orleans area, he truly comes across and arrogant and short sighted here. Bringing up a past long gone was unnecessary. He’s had his say so I hope he can move on now.

  140. Josephina says:

    Brad has grown into a man of great character. He makes tough decisions and owns up to his failures in life. I love it. He blames no one but himself. He made the right decision to leave Aniston.

    Brad talked about HIS journey, how he went from being lazy and smoking pot to wanting more out of his life. HE COULD NOT GET MORE OUT OF HIS LIFE IF HE STAYED ANY LONGER WITH ANISTON.

    He took the blame. He did not blame Aniston at all- and wouldn’t. He has been consistent with admitting that he was not happy and …finally did something about it. He was also in therapy in his marriage after 2 years. How many more times does this man have to admit that he was miserable at the time with himself, whit his quality of life? The marriage was not his whole life, it was part of his life.

    I am glad that he admitted, again, that he needed to get out of his marriage that was not working for him. After seven years with someone, YOU KNOW if it is working or not.

    Aniston was not the least bit blindsided and she admits as such in her 2005 Vanity Fair article. She wanted him to stay, and he wanted to go. Anyone with any common sense knows that you cannot keep a man that does not want to stay.

    His direct, blunt, no-nonsense statements about his former lazy, going-nowhere lifestyle, which includes his time with Aniston, is plain for all to see. Unfortunately, some people, like Aniston and some posters here, would rather live a lie than deal with the truth. He was not that into Aniston and now all of you know the truth. You cannot get mad at him for wanting to take the sunglasses off and deal with reality.

    And please, let’s permanently end the affair sideshow. Brad was going to leave Aniston, one way or another. If Angie had rejected his offer for a relationship…do you really think he would have returned and stayed married to Jen?

    Do people really like living a lie? Would you choose to live a fake fairytale life even if you knew you were holding someone back from being happy?

    Finally, Brad has love, respect, honor and trust in his life…AND the dream family that he waited a very long time to have. Good decision, Brad. With great risk comes great reward.

    For those that lack the courage and/or honesty to hold yourself accountable to true fulfillment and happiness…don’t blame Brad.

  141. e.non says:

    nice, thoughtful comments — that i suspect he was answering after being questioned. christ, people, this is an INTERVIEW. questions are asked.

    nah, can’t possibly see that he’d give up the hanging out, smoking pot, vacay at cabo, drinking, hanging out, smoking pot … to hook up with a woman who is engaged in humanitarian efforts around the world; travels to areas of conflict for her work; is producing and acting in movies that challenge him; his own efforts in new orleans; pursuit of his interest in architecture with the enthusiastic support for jolie..

    can’t possibly see what would be so interesting with the life he has with jolie vs what he had with anniston…

  142. Anak says:

    One thing we can be sure. He is not a gentleman!

  143. KittyKat says:

    Douche Move on his part…. Keep your trap shut amd move on…We are all ready!

  144. Phoenix says:

    Bokes, yes, lets call things are they are. Lets speak FACTS. Angelina has *never* said *anything* or made *any* statement about Aniston. Brad has mentioned her ONCE! Years ago when he said Jen was sweet, and now when about his marriage (no reference to Jen herself). Apart from that, Brad and Angelina have said *nothing*, whilst Aniston has brought up Brad and/or her marriage in every….single…interview….since….2005.
    Those, are *the facts*.

  145. Julia says:

    Again coming from all of US who have spoke about HIS marriage and spoke on his name like we were him, if he is arrogant, an ass, obscene, then it makes us the bigger ass and arrogant because we have done this all these years when it’s not even our marriage.

    The bigger arrogant and ass are us all who thought that we could have the right to speak at his place, to speak about his feelings at his place while denying him the same right about his own thing and hypocritally screaming arrogant and ass as a reflexion of our own behaviour and emotional investment in an event as personal and initmarte as feelings and marriage that isn’t ours..

    We are the arrogant ones and asses for having the gall to think we know better than himself about his won feelings to give judgement about his own marriage based on our presuptuous opinions. Arrogant because we are the ones deciding when HE can speak about it when we allow ourselves to do it all the time without seeing the irony of it.

    So stop our own hypocrisy and move on. He is no more arrogant nor ass nor douche than all of us. He is just less hypocrit than us all who tell him to STU about his own life experience when we still do it at his place including in here.

  146. Phoenix says:

    Anak, on the contrary. A Gentleman would not have remained silent for seven years whilst his ex character-assassinated him and brought him up every interview she has had for 7 years. The only comment Brad has made about his ex-wife in seven years, is to say she is ‘sweet’.

    A gentleman does that. Brad is a gentleman for his dignified silence for seven years. Many would not be as nice as he is or tolerate his and the mother of his children’s character being asassinated for 7 years like he has and not responded. I admire him for being so silent in the face of all this. Any other guy would NOT put up with what he has put up with. he is too good and too nice a gentleman.

  147. tpass says:

    Lets leave what he said about Jen alone for a minute ( for those of you who thinks he was asked about Jen, he wasn’t so there was no reason to bring her name up). He said happiness is overrated he would rather be satisfied. So he’s not happy with what part of his life (Angie)? We know he says all his women is the love of his life.

  148. Lacey says:

    He’s an ass. He shouldn’t have addressed it all because this is tacky and classless. Jennifer had a point– he really is missing a sensitivity chip, lol!

  149. Tazina says:

    I don’t think he used the word “pathetic” when referring to his marriage to Jennifer Aniston. I’ve been reading the excerpts on other sites. Check out what he really said. It wasn’t that bad and you know JA has made a couple of cracks about him over the years, in one case saying he wasn’t as good in bed as John Mayer…so tit for tat.

    The posts are too long. I don’t come on here to read manuscripts. The short ones are great.

  150. dorothy says:

    Loved Brad Pitt, not a real fan of Anniston, however..after reading his statement about his ex…I find HIM “less interesting”. Tacky Brad, just tacky.

  151. euroschmuck says:

    I like them both and I like them together but he shows no class discussing his marriage. His comments are “uncool”. Im totaly team Aniston for this now.

  152. Kim says:

    Wow thats a slap in face to Jennifer Aniston. He will try and justify it and say oh i mean it wasnt the real me and it wasnt fair to her blah blah but its a rude comment. Perhaps he is jealous of a certain new someone in Jenns life.

    Julia – you are on the wrong site. Its called CeleBITCHY not celebenice to everyone.

  153. Phoenix says:

    And to nelly, lambchops and others who insist on repeating the ‘cheating’ bs, Angelina and Brad did not have an affair. There was no cheating. He did not cheat on Aniston. Please stop spewing debunked lies.

  154. Ari says:

    I originally was so happy when I read this someplace else for him and for Angie for finally coming out so publicly about his sham of a first marriage. No matter what we think as outsiders, he obviously felt that his relationship was not anything as great as it was perceived to be and has no problem stating so. And to say that he has found the love of his life for himself and his children is awesome. I think the real issue here is that Aniston made it seem like they were SOoooOOooo freaking happy and adored and special and blah blah blah we are the golden couple and he tried for sure, but when they broke up and she shot venom at him for years later…well, karma is a real bitch and her name is ANGELINA JOLIE

  155. annburns says:

    Ugh, this douche.

    I always thought there was something smug and off-putting about this a**. He gets to sail on by unmolested while Jolie and Aniston are put under the gun by the press? And he is the grand prize? Prince Douche of Out of Touch Land?

    Love how he tells everyone how to live – just like the televangelists and preachers he claims he turned his back on. How many estates and nannies do YOU have mutherf**cker? Are you raising your kids in a bad neighborhood while having to work two jobs? Are you running into fires trying to rescue people? Are you a soldier ready to sacrifice your life? Brad’s imploring advice is to “Open your eyes and see the world?”. Yeah, I would love to – but my travels to exotic lands have been put on hold till I get my kids through junior high. And BTW – since I am happy and pleased to do so, and you have not proven you would make a similar sacrifice – you can go blow, a**hole.

    Just shut up Brad … you ain’t a hero. You ain’t a prophet. What you are is a TOOL – so grab your prize.

    If I was Aniston I would be glad to be rid of this arrogant, bloviating ass. Of course, the world being how it is – she is probably still wondering what she did wrong. Dumb.

  156. anon says:

    @Deven: “Can’t anyone stand hearing the truth?” No obviously not :-)

    @ Katherine: “The double standard is typical of women who feel they can attack men but the minute the man stands up and says Boo they accuse him of being a cad or tacky or classless. Well, too bad. Next time Jennifer wants to talk about her former marriage or Angelina or the Jolie Pitt children or Brad or anything to do with Brad and his family maybe she will think twice and just shut up”
    Well said.

    Enjoyed the interview very much.
    this thread will be very very long :-)

  157. N.D. says:

    Him talking about his past unhappiness doesn’t mean he isn’t over it. Do you think he isn’t over not getting along with Cruise on Vampires set too? Both were things mentioned in passing while tallking about other things. For example this much hyped marriage comment popped up while talking about his movie choices back then vs now.

  158. folly says:

    Jeez guys take it easy,wow,all this hatred for someone opening up about his marriage for the first time since seven years and its not as if he blame her for the divorce,though I find the statements unneccessary but still give him some slack

  159. Roma says:

    “About my marriage to Jen? She is amazing and will always be dear to my heart but sometimes things go different ways. We wish each other the best.”

    THAT is how you answer a question when you’re divorced and in the public eye – even if you’re lying through your teeth.

  160. Susan O. says:

    Excellent interview. Love his honesty. Bet Aniston feels the same and can take it.

  161. Carolyn says:

    Nice to see so many of Huvane’s flunkeys here. Some people just aren’t meant to be together longterm and find happiness elsewhere. Agree with 41 about Brad’s Friends cameo. Brangelina make a better couple. Poor Jen has floundered ever since the relationship broke up and has traded on the break up ever since. No matter how hot and desirable Huvane tries to present her as.

  162. Liamarie says:

    Anustain cant get all the rights, biitches.

    _ _ _ _

    Talk about a tacky and classless comment.

    It would appear their marriage wasn’t working, they’ve now BOTH said as much. However, I think Aniston was a little blindsided and hurt by how quickly Pitt moved on. Oh well, crap happens and marriages end. They’re both clearly happier now and good for all of them.

  163. f*cksara says:

    You go Brad! SO what if he says he wa smisserable with Anistoned? why sugar coat it and be a hypocrite like other people just saying nice superficial crap to keep appearances. When a relationship sucks, it sucks, period. It doesn’t matter if it’s with Anistoned, she looks like the most boring and frigid woman in Hollywood…ugh! She’s been Menopausic since her appearance in Friends…glad i never got hooked on that crappy show.

  164. Canuck says:

    @Alex: I did say my opinion isn’t popular, but sorry, that really is what I think.

  165. Julia says:

    @ 175 Kim

    I have no problem with CELEBITCHY and bitchy comments, i just showed the hypocricy and irony of people playing the moral card and saying he is arrogant for the very much thing we allow ourselves to do.

    That’s all, if he is an ass for doing once what we do relentlessy, then we are bigger asses than him who actually has more rights than us all to speak about his feelings about that period of HIS life without our permission in the timing since we take the same liberty and have been doing it for years !

  166. Sim says:

    I find it interesting that people think that he is jealous of a according to Jennifer 6 month relationship when she was with Vince Vaughn for longer, and claimed that she was in love with John Mayer on Oprah. So why exactly would he be jealous of her now?

    He stated the 90s Jen was a brief part of the 90s which is funny because for all this outrage she was a brief part of this interview. He seemed to be criticizing the way he lived not anyone else.

    And considering before their divorce Jen stated that she wasn’t sure if Brad was her soulmate not sure why people think she was devastated by the break up. And even in that Vanity Fair interview right after the break up she sayss that the break-up had nothing to do with Angelina and they had issues.

  167. Irene says:

    What an asshole!!Why even bring this up?? Shit, that was cold. Really cruel and unnecessary…

  168. Abigail says:

    Everyone should really ignore this Alex idiot that is commenting. Sounds like a 13 year old that is on it’s parents computer. ALEX is pathetic.

  169. LucyOriginal says:

    Uncool Brad Pitt Uncool! lol

    There are two approaches that tabloids can especulate from now on:

    1. Brad was not into Jen at all in the very beginning of their relationship because he stated he was pathetic in the 90′s right? So why remain living an uninteresting life until 2004/2005? that is pathetic indeed! he was gentleman enough (cough)to wait until he saw Jen was truly happy to express his feelings about this whole boring triangle.


    2. He is just jealous because Jen is genuinely happy with a guy younger than him (and her)…

    Eye roll inserted. I hope the triangle story dies after this one.

    ps: Brad should keep promoting his movies and giving nice interviews because his acting is sufferable.

    pps: I wonder how much time took him to practice and understand the word cacophony. Did Angie teach him that? haha…

  170. Aha! moment says:

    This article reminded me of why I don’t watch his movies anymore. First, famously dump a spouse, then after so many years blame her for not leading an interesting during the tenure. Just be glad that he is someone else’s baggage now, Jen.

  171. Mimi says:

    First of all, I can’t freaking stand BP or AJ. She is a home wrecker. Lets get real here, people. She and Brad’s relationship def started while he was still marrried to JA. Brad is a douche of epic proportions and seems very selfish. However, I don’t find what her said in this interview to be particularly offensive. Will it hurt Jennifer’s feelings? Probably. But I don’t believe that was his intention. Moving on…

  172. Phoenix says:

    3 biological children, him showing how much in love with Angelina he is every chance he gets, it just shows in his face and eyes. And he is gay. Sure. Thats a lie and even Realitycheck/Canuck knows it. If anything, evidence points to Aniston being a lesbian (true hardcore evidence) and using Brad and the street long list of men she dates as beards. Of course an FF nutter would believe Brad, a father and a man that is so in love it shows on his face is ‘gay’ because its a way to lull themselves into believing no one could possibly choose Angelina over Brad. I can guarantee that no one, not even the FF loons truly (deeply deep deep down) believe he is gay. The irony is they miss what is right in front of them with Jen. Oh, overcompensation and projecting is a bitch.

  173. Zayda says:

    I love this man!!! He’s now living the life he was meant to live, that’s all.

  174. Jon says:

    I think he was just being honest. He even admits he was sitting around smoking pot for long periods of time. Unhappy.

  175. ladybert62 says:

    He is a scumbag – personally I think he is jealous that Jen might finally be getting happy – I truly believe that goat-boy pitt is unhappy and is jealous of Jen for finally finding someone to be happy with (even though I dont like Justin, it looks like she does!

    (OK throw the tomatoes at me since there are many posters here who love goat-boy pitt and trampy jolie – I dont like them obviously!)

    His comments about Jen were cold hearted, petty and unnecessary.

    He is a scumbag.

  176. Star says:

    I like him and Angie, but this is so not cool.

  177. Imelda says:

    If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it, if ya didn’t then you shouldn’t!

  178. Phoenix says:

    tpass, its Aniston who is never without a drink in her hand, and who now goes on benders with Chelsea Handler in clubs and bars (bhy Chelsea’s own admission), not Brad. Brad’s never been into alcohol. Aniston has had a long battle with the booze.

  179. Camille says:

    Love it. Great interview.

    I am glad he said something more about his ex-marriage. After all Aniston seems to get a free pass to talk about it whenever she has something to sell, so why can’t we hear *his* side of things?

    A particular group obviously doesn’t like hearing his take on his ex-marriage, because it shatters all of the BS that they have been spouting over the years, ie: that AJ ‘stole him’ and that she is the Devil incarnate etc.

  180. Heather M (Heather) says:

    As I sit here stressing out over whether anything in the group email I just sent to my Corepower Yoga classmates about clean eating and essential oils will be taken out of context, I realize how crappy it must be to have to participate in interviews that are distributed and read across the world.

    I think I would end up doing a never ending supply of interviews just to clarify things that I said previously…

    I feel sorry for all of them because everything they ever said is still be repeated and thrown back in their face. The obvious solution? Make a rule to stop talking about it. Alas, then you still end up looking like a jerk for not being open enough with your fans. Sigh.

  181. Rebecks says:

    When the whole marriage deteriorated I had refused to “choose sides” so to speak- not my place nor was there a good reason to do so. However, I find this assessment on Brad’s part to be cold and unnecessary- if not heartless.

    Seems to me he is smarting over Mr. Theroux. One can only hope that is the case. It will be quite difficult to remain a fan now that he has chosen to make this statement, and in this manner. What a shame, I love his roles and movie choices in general. Adios, Brad.

  182. G says:

    Wow! This guy can’t even talk about his OWN feelings?

    And what is this strange imperative that says no one say ANYTHING about Aniston? Her films are boring, acting wooden and box office scant.

    In fact, Pitt himself was a pretty bland dish of porridge until he hooked up Joile. And if the tables were turned and it was Aniston saying she found her life unfulliling, everyone would be cheering for empowerment.

  183. Aha! moment says:

    Wow! He really wants that Oscar, doesn’t he?

  184. Phoenix says:

    ladybert62, why would Brad be jealous of trampie Jen and her stolen gigolo that she homewrecked and bought? When he has the beautiful Angelina and a family and can’t stop grinning he is so happy and in love? He threw trampie Aniston into the gutter where she belongs. And he never looked back. Look at all the things that scumbag evil bitch tramp Aniston said about Brad. Trampiston is the only scumbag. She is trash.

  185. Cheyenne says:

    WOO-HOO!! Let the shitstorm begin!

    I think what is fueling all the outrage on the part of the Aniston fans is that after this interview they can no longer delude themselves that Angie stole Brad or that she disrupted a happy marriage, etc. Brad has finally made it crystal clear that he was not happy in his marriage, he wanted out, and he has found his soul mate in Angelina. That has to hurt after seven years of lying to themselves that Brad and Jen were the “golden couple”.


    Brad, you really didn’t need to bring your marriage up. It’s been dead for seven years. It’s ancient history. There was no need to mention it in any context. It’s over, finished, done with. Never mind that your ex acted like an idiot crying about missing sensitivity chips, yadda yadda yadda — you don’t need to bring yourself down to her level. Take the high road and don’t ever mention your marriage again. Under any circumstances.

    That said, I love what Brad said about Angie and their children. He is happy with his partner and kids and that appears to be paramount in his life.

  186. Elizabeth says:

    1. like Aniston in her movies – thought she was good in a bad movie (bounty hunter) and very good in a OK movie (just go with it)
    2. she always struck me as high maintenance from an emotional standpoint
    3. she has milked her divorce from BP every time she has a movie to promote
    4. I don’t hear the malice in BP’s comment – the marriage wasn’t working for him and he left and is happy now
    5. AJ is still way too skinny

  187. shazzzz says:

    Why now…? After all this time, it would have been smarter to keep his mouth shut.

  188. melymel says:

    JA has been talking about their marriage and divorce for years, she basically built her career around it. So I have no problem with him stating his side of the story. I’ve always believed the reason he left JA is because he wanted to start having kids and she did not. Thats pretty non-negotiable. Now he is happy with his large family and she is happily childless.

  189. Bermuda Blues says:

    I think this interview just confirms what everyone already realized. Brad was not fulfilled in his marriage. Duh.

    I think when he married Jennifer, he was on the rebound from Gwyneth Paltrow who had cheated on him and broken their engagement. He wanted the stability of marriage and family and Jen was there at the right place and right time and told him the right things, “we will have kids!”

    But no children ever came. Its pretty clear to me, based on their behavior after their marriage, that Brad and Jen were not on the same page. He wanted kids – like yesterday. She wanted to transition from TV to film, she wanted to be a bonafide movie star. He wanted to travel somewhere other than Cabo. She was happy to smoke and practice yoga in Cabo for most of the year. They have nothing in common now, and I think Brads interview just reflects the reality – their marriage failed because they weren’t meant to be togehter, they didn’t work, they didn’t want the same things and still don’t.

  190. jc126 says:

    Life with someone with whom you’ve fallen out of love is absolute torture. Torture. And sometimes people try to talk to them about it, try to perhaps separate for a while, and the other person resists and does guilt trips so you stay.
    I also think JA is probably a colossal bore. Working out constantly so she doesn’t get an ounce of fat on her body, making tame, boring films – she seems dull. Lots of people are. They should be with other dull people.

  191. mimi says:

    I’ve never been a huge Jennifer Aniston fan (kinda neutral) but this dick has put her through the ringer. He dated her for what, 2 years before marrying her. So he knew what he was getting into when he married her. She appeared heartbroken when it ended. And he left her for another woman. In front of the whole world. Other men that have left their wives for another have had the class to publicly chastise themselves (Tom Hanks, Bruce Springsteen, and even George Clooney for failing at marriage). This jerk just talks about himself – with no mention of the pain he caused his wife.
    I don’t believe J.A. is that good of an actress to fake her pain at his leaving (although she was obnoxiously public about it)..but still.
    And happy, satisfied men don’t age fast and look like sh*t, which he does now. Rant over.

  192. aida says:

    Now I have a reason to not like him.

  193. tpass says:

    Phoenix, oh you are so wrong google him. During the filming of the tourist first stop, buy alcohol. At all of his premiers he is drinking some type of alcohol. He was photographed recently with a glass of wine while out with Maddox and Pax in London. I’m not going to give but it is obvious he traded pot for alcohol. Plus check out interview with Taratino (pot and alcohol) while with Angie.

  194. Canuck says:

    @blc: As I said, it’s not a popular opinion, and you’re welcome to not agree. Doesn’t mean that’s not what I think. Btw in a few months will be celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary. So dumped I most certainly am not, sorry for your theory.

  195. Phoenix says:

    Mimi, NO, Angelina is NOT a homewrecker. Do catch up. The hoax of an affair was exposed long ago. Not only that, *everyone* from jen herself, Brad, Angelina, Courteney – everyone that knows them said no cheating was involved. And the FACTS show this. In fact, Aniston is the only homewrecker (Heidi Bivens), and the only *proven* homewrecker. Angelina never has been one and the facts show this. Face it.

  196. Julia says:

    Well i remembered Jen saying that John Mayer was the man she has loved the most in her life.

    I remembered Jen saying that she has been the happiest of her life post marriage.

    I remembered her saying that brad wasn’t the love of her life and this during the marriage.

    And Brad is the classless one for having waited 7 years to say that HE was miserable in HIS own marriage without even blaming his former wife ?

    Clearly people don’t know what classless means and people often act like dictator. Brad has the same right as Aniston and just like her, he has the right to speak about a time of his life, when he decideS it. Just like Aniston does it without asking us permission to do so.

    And compare to her, he doesn’t need to blame the other party (2% versus 98 %) for his misery. He talks about HIM and his feelings during that time not about his ex wife per se.

    he has shown more class than the people in here who want to dictate how he should express himself about his own former marriage, when to do it, the tone to use to speak about it, maybe even write his own thoughts with their words like they have been doing for years, making sure that he never say something that could be appeard negative that could be a reason to blame Jen for the demise of that marriage that have traumaitized them more than Aniston and Pitt themselves.

    That’s the core of their offense, that’s why they never want to speak about those marital counseling that were going on for two straight years at the time. That’s why they always paint that marriage as rosy, struck with selective memory and overeacting at anything said or implied (by Brad or anyone) that will put some gray in that perfect rosy reality they have fabricated themselves !

  197. The Original Ashley says:

    rissa – completely agree.

  198. Tanguerita says:

    he is such a f…. ass.Would do anything to sell his movie. I really hope that “Moneyball” bombs -big time.

  199. DoeJane says:

    Fantastic interview. I wish people would own their lives as much as he does. He realised he was NOT happy and he did something about it. Sometimes in life people get hurt. But so be it. You can’t spend your life pussyfooting around people and sparing their feelings while you are miserable yourself. The man took ownership of his life and is enjoying every minute of it, no regrets. It might sting some people but it’s the honest truth and he has every right to state his views on the demise of his marriage. God knows his ex-wife has been doing that for SEVEN years but suddenly it’s an issue when he does it? I’m sorry but dude has got a right to say what he wants, when he wants. People claim they’re bored and tired of it, and they’re still on here, clicking on the links and posting the comments. What does that say about you folk then? I applaud the man myself, wish more people had the same guts he did to change his life around.

  200. The Original Ashley says:

    txvxf – that’s what I was thinking. It takes months to adopt a kid, and yet they magically adopted one right when they “began” dating. Timing is way off.

  201. G says:

    The funny thing, is, DoeJane, that’s not Aniston that’s upset by this? It’s her fans. She HERSELF claims to be happier.

    If his state of mind and behavior was, as he confesses it was, it couldn’t hae been much of a treat to be married to him either? Why do her fans feel a need to impose an Aniston Fatwah on her behalf?

  202. juli says:

    Okay Brad! We get it!

    You worship Angelina Jolie.

    SHe has you COMPLETELY whipped. BUT you are DESPICABLE to talk poorly of your marriage, especially after you PUBLICLY FALL for Jolie, in front of the ENTIRE WORLD, and then leave said marriage. You are PATHETIC.

  203. Phoenix says:

    And Aniston *wouldn’t* do anything to sell *her* movies, Tanguerita? WHY is it ok for Aniston to ride on the coattails of this triangle for 7 years and talk about it and Brad and her marriage for 7 years, and Brad can’t do it ONCE? Such DOUBLE-STANDARDS!!! About bloddy time Brad said something, after all the hell Aniston put him through and continues to do so for 7 years. Aniston is trash.

  204. gossip lover says:

    Aniston has the worst fans,they donot respect her at all and will make her the eternal victim,nice to see brad telling the real truth about their fake marriage

  205. dorothy says:

    Not a great way to get people to see the movie Brad. I’m not feelin it.

  206. teehee says:

    If someone is unfulfilled, it goes without saying that said person was the wrong one for them.
    Nevertheless it alwasy casts a big shadow in that his person was somehow ‘insufficient’ or ‘not good enough; or not x enough’ and so on— it will never be anythign but negative, really.
    Even though the person who stays is at fault for staying when they shoudlnt, still- revealing that they were not your soul mate, not your true love, not even a big love in your life– btu just part of a life that made you feel pathetic– is an incredibly hurtful and demeaning thing to reveal about a relationship.

    How bad is it when you are ‘not the one’ to someone you adored or thought they were the one? And then this person prances with their now piece, whom they thank god for, in front of millions?

    I mean, it happens– its a part of life and yes, blissful happiness in a relationship is a rare gem and some relationships are lackluster.

    BUT– this whole situation was and is a mess and could and should have been carried out with more respect and honor than it is and was.

  207. waq says:

    People are going to hate this and they already are because he sounds like a ruthless asshole. Because for so long he was Mr. Too Much of a Nice Guy to say anything. They expected him to stay quiet and never speak up. Sometimes life requires you to be an ruthless asshole. I’m glad Brad finally understood that message. If he had said all this6 years ago, it would have been even better but I’ll take it now.

  208. Hypocratia says:

    “It became very clear to me that I was intent on trying to find a movie about an interesting life, but I wasn’t living an interesting life myself,”

    “I think that my marriage [to actress Jennifer Aniston] had something to do with it. Trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t.”

    What an awful thing to say! Didn´t like him before that and now I have no respect at all. He´s given the jerk a face!
    AND! It takes two to tango, how intresting is a man sitting on a couch smoking pot?

  209. Violet says:

    For years, Jen has yapped on and on about the breakdown of her marriage while Brad remained silent.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with him admitting how miserable he was during his marriage. They clearly didn’t bring out the best in each other, and it’s good that he ended the toxic relationship.

    (FYI: Not even Jen has ever accused Brad of being unfaithful to her. He told her he had feelings for Angelina and Jen was open to letting him explore those without getting a divorce but he refused. Jen was hurt that he moved on so quickly after their split, but she comforted herself by immediately hooking up with Vince Vaughn — which she denied for the longest time before going public — so she certainly wasn’t spending all of her time screaming at the ocean. Jen has had a string of lovers since then, so I’m not sure how she’s been able to play the pity card for so long. Huvane is a master.)

    Brad is clearly a very happy man, who moved on to find true contentment and fulfillment with Angelina and their children. I love how they make spending time together their #1 priority.

  210. nemera says:


    go back to any Jennifer Aniston thread and read her defenders going on and on about how she had the right to talk.

    Brad has been a gentleman. TOO much so if you ask me. I’m sure the people that were reporting that he was leaving Angie and his family are the ones that are mad. YOU can see it in their post. All this dumbness of he was hotter with Jennifer. Well maybe to you.. but he sure as hell was not HAPPY and I guess to him the Happiness is what mattered. not the man in the mirror.

    Angie has been attacked for years because Brad Pitt fell in love with her. She has been accused of stealing him.. well this interview tell all of the haters that he was not “stolen” he left and didn’t look back. Why the surprise. Brad said this years ago. his life before Angie was a dead end. What exactly did people think he meant. It hit a block.. not moving. Maybe for Jennifer it was fine that way. Maybe he wanted more. As someone up thread said. if a woman had said this no problem.. it would be Go Girl you deserve to be happy. But a guy shares the TRUTH and he is a douche. This interview set the record straight. All the stories in the rags are lies. Lies.. lies.. and to the people trying to spin and of course blame Angie. Brad is not a whimp. People need to wake up. Brad takes care of his business. and is not scared to say how he feels. He is a 47 year old man. Has a right to talk. just like Aniston has done for almost 7 years. Thing is his interview just shows the REAL marriage.. not the FAKE one her fans painted it as.

    The truth hurts at first. Then the pain dulls. And Brad’s interview has nothing to do with pimping Moneyball. people that want to see it will and those that don’t won’t.

    I for one will be there opening day. It looks like a great movie. That is all that matters to me. Not that Brad talked about his PAST..

    but I love that interview too. Will so buy a paper Sunday to get it.

  211. WhiteNoise says:

    225 comments (and counting), all because Brad Pitt said he got off his ass and took responsibility for his own happiness?

    It would be nice to think this will put an end to the eternal triangle but the 225 comments (and counting) suggest otherwise.

  212. Anaya says:

    Damn!! This thread is jumping.

    I understand what Brad is saying but he could have said what he did in a kinder, more respectful way or just not have discussed his marriage to Jennifer at all. Looking around at comments from other sites people are really going off on Brad and yeah he sorta deserves it. He shouldn’t have insulted Jennifer like this. In my Rachel Green voice, “Way harsh, man. So not cool.”

  213. Jen D says:

    I love this stuff. What a bitchy thing to say. It was kind of funny though. I started to write this big thing about how he was probably angry because Aniston’s been pulling this garbage for years, but then I read all the comments that were like: “He’s just doing this cuz he’s way jealous that Jen’s moved on, lololololol,” and I realized how ridiculous it was to act like I knew (or like I cared) why other people did things. It’s been awhile since I’ve watched (or, if I’m honest with myself, participated in) a Jennifer Aniston/Brangeloonie battle royale. I’m getting popcorn!

  214. G says:

    Well said WhiteNoise.

    I guess Brad was supposed to be miserable for the rest of his life becasue he somehow owes that to Aniston? Owes it to her like he’s a thing and not a human being?

    Bizarre, people.

  215. toni says:

    It’s about time, Brad says something. Angelina took the hits from everybody, for six years. I kinda of funny, how you all are so upset over this. It’s not your life, why are you so angry at him? He’s not your ex husband?

  216. ann says:

    Agree with #154 and 158.
    When they were married and he hung out with George Clooney, Jen said that when he came home, she had to deClooney him and that she was putting off having children because she was going to put out one more movie, oh, and then another and then, maybe after the next one.
    Every new boyfriend she has had since Brad, the sex was “the best she’s ever had”, and the “happiest she’s ever been”. She’s been riding on his coat tails for years.
    It wasn’t too long ago, she said that she had experience in making the movie “the breakup”.She’s been making snide remarks about him for years, while he’s been quiet about her, except saying nice things about her.
    Whenever Jen gets a new boyfriend, her fans say he’s “better than Brad, or hotter”, but when the relationship falls apart, he’s a d – bag. Justin better run for cover if this one falls apart.
    Go for it Brad. Sling some of that dirt that she’s been throwing at you back her way.

  217. geekychic says:

    i think he speaks so much about her as the mother of his children because i think that what bugs him the most are accusations that she’s an unfit mother.
    i get that he’s one of the people who does not naturally sing praises to his SO in public.

  218. DoeJane says:

    Just so I can wrap my head round things, Brad isn’t allowed to discuss his marriage at all? Except if it’s in polite, glowing terms about his ex-wife?? Sorry, but he’s called bullshit on that one. We ALL have relationship histories that we ALL reference at some point or the other, regardless of the time frame it occured in. Madonna still talks about Sean Penn. JLO still talks about all her marriages. George Clooney talks about how he never wants to get married again. But Brad can’t talk about how he felt during and after his marriage? Bullshit.

  219. Flounder says:

    What a nasty comment about Jennifer! I didn’t care for him much before, now I really don’t like him!!!

  220. Chellez says:

    ew, why is this place rank with ‘loonies. kaiser too!

    and, really, calling people “haters” for stating the obvious, like high schoolers? he IS an asshole for saying this. so what if Jen said he was missing a sensitivity chip right after the divorce. so what if she said angelina is uncool. i mean, isn’t she?? isn’t he??

    I’m going back to dlisted, where the members are a lil more sane and reasonable, where mk calls it like it is and doesn’t make excuses for stupid comments like brad’s.

  221. Julia says:

    Owes it to her like he’s a thing and not a human being?
    He is none of those.

    For a certain type of women who probably is still mourning looking at yellowish posters of the golden couple and praying that it is just a nightmare that he will get back to Jen, Brad is a the main character of an harlequin fairytale they have fabricated around that marriage while living by proxy in it.

    That’s why after 7 years, some women are still behaving and overeacting like Brad personnally insulted them today by saying he was not happy in his marriage…meaning in their mind, with Aniston…with them.

    You don’t see it with Gwyneth Paltrow fans, Gwyneth who was the original one half of the golden couple, you don’t see that with Juliet Lewis fans, with Thandy Newton fans, ect…

    I always thought that a certain type of Aniston’s fan were emotionnally involved in that menage a trois from the very beginning. It was her, brad and those fans that the divorce have left devastated and bittered to an unhealthy abnormal point.

    I have read comments such as ‘How could he do that to US ???’ Or rage expressed in a way that only a woman who was personally involved in a wrong doing from HIS part would utter.

  222. crtb says:

    What a douch! They have been divorced over five years. Why is he still bashing about his ex? So not cool! Just STFU! If he so happy then just talk about his current situation. There was no reason to hurt his ex-wife with his unkind words. Really happy people are not still talking about their past relationships. Obvioulsy, he still has some unresolved feelings for Jennifer.

  223. Jayna says:

    I said this on here several months ago, that Brad had just outgrown Jen when you looked at how she’s spent the last six years and how he has. She excessively tans, goes to Mexico for vacations to tan, gives sweet but never terribly deep interviews, no children. They were both potheads. She is a very good person but not adventuresome at all.

    I think in the interview he called himself pathetic for living an uninteresting life because he hated celebrity, but he could have been more subtle regarding Jen since he said she was a part of it. It’s mean and unnecessary because he goes on to rave over his love for Angie.

    He has always been kind to Jen in the press before. Do you think maybe he’s pissed over the Chelsea Handler digs at Angie and Jen’s friendship with her and thought I will just tell it like it was.

  224. Deltona lakes says:

    But didn’t John Mayer say the same thing in so many words…”I’m only 32 I want to explore the world, not stand around in a kitchen petting a dog”. Maybe this is why she hasn’t been able to stay with one guy for long time. They just get bored..

  225. gossip lover says:

    Brad pitt you are the man wish more peole were like you, If aniaton fans think she is an angel and just needs to be praised then they are naive,the victim here is angie who was call all names

  226. jello says:

    Wow. Interesting timing. After seven (?) long years JA is finally happy with someone else, and what does Brad do?….He gives an interview insinuating that his marriage to her was dull and boring, and he goes on and on about how wonderful Angie is. Hmmm. I bet you JA isn’t hurt. She’s probably seen this side of him before. Personally I think he lacks any real identity, and has to get one by standing next to Angie.

  227. notafan says:

    Understandable, he was married to a selfish pathetic loser that was only with him for the status his name brought. One of the best thing brad ever did was to dump her

  228. smh says:

    well we do not know these people and we cannot possibly imagine the lives they lead, but he strikes me as a good hearted country person who wanted meaning and direction for his life, especially after he made enough fortune and fame, so his union with AJ contributed a lot to that. i love how he gushes about her, made me go “aww” and i suppose he should have kept the former marriage comments to himself though like somebody else said maybe it’s his backlash against the JA dissing of Jolie. i hope J.A. will be happy with the guy she’s found and that Heidi Bivens will find a great guy who really deserves her (she really is talented) and that this triangle can finally end on a good and happy note for all parties involved, each with their new s.o. and families.

  229. pat says:

    More interesting in the 90s??? Are you kidding??? He was a plastic Ken Doll in the 90s! And if JA can spout off about the marriage, why can’t he??? He’s held his tongue for a long time, and it appears that his marriage with JA was drugs/alcohol and not much else. And she is still just a “starlet” who likes to tan and …. what else??? Hmmmmmm…..

  230. Phoenix says:

    yep, go back to *dlisted chellez, where its loonifer central and sane isn’t even a word in the dictionary there. Go on. The truth hurts too much I see. And NO, neither of what Aniston said about Brad or Angelina is true. She was projecting her own failings.

  231. Natalie says:

    Brad you are PATHETIC you and Angelina deserve each other!

  232. mea says:

    @ yes Jayna, I think that could be the reason why he finally decided to make a comment about his ex-marriage. He is not alone in this sick media triangle. He has Angie in it, and what’s worse their children. They are growing up fast and one day they may ask Brad why he never tried to put stop to that. I don’t blame him, that he did. It’s not ‘cool’ that the woman you love, the mother of your children is called w**** and homewrecker because of your ex- relationship. Giving it time didn’t work out so maybe it was time to do something more…

  233. Anak says:

    Really uncool! He was very inelegant during the interview! But you know, you cannot buy finesse, elegance etc., just kids in the third world.

  234. Dingles says:

    People coming to his defense keep bringing up that they weren’t made for each other, they wanted different things out of life, etc.

    That’s not the point. That’s not what everyone is pissed about. What everyone is pissed about is HOW he chose to communicate that truth to the public. He basically said, “My ex wife was a total bore, I hated my life when I was with her and I at least partially blame her for my misery.”

    It’s a known fact that he left her for another woman, yet he’s choosing to publicly twist the knife and pour more salt in the wounds. That is a low, low thing to do to someone you once claimed to love.

    And DoeJane, I would hate to have your attitude of “I’m going to be happy and I don’t give a f*** who I hurt or betray in the process.” That’s not taking control of your life, that’s being a sociopath. Everyone has the right to be happy but there is such a thing as having tact and consideration in the process.

  235. the other mel says:

    I’m with #238 (can’t read the name). People really seem to care deeply about this for some reason that is beyond me.

  236. mia girl says:

    I think I am more shocked by the 250 (and growing) comments on this thread than by anything Pitt, Jolie or Anniston as ever said. Wow. Just wow.

  237. pwal says:

    Not understanding some people’s anger about this. Didn’t dude say this a bunch of times before, specifically, during the Diane Sawyer interview after the breakup? Remember… he said that he was dissatisfied with his life and got in touch with Bono in order to learn more about what’s really going on in the world? And his other interviews before the breakup when he said that he went through a two-year depression during the early years of the marriage? And as for the ‘living up to an image’ part, didn’t Aniston play up that angle on Oprah when she quipped that she always telling Brad to pick up his $h*t?

    As far as I’m concerned, he has a right to talk about his marriage, especially since Aniston, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, and others have made a cottage industry out of discussing it. Personally, I’m hoping that this will be the end of it, but in all honesty, I doubt that it will be, as long as some fans define Aniston’s happiness as contingent on Brad and/or Angelina’s misery.

  238. Effy says:

    Leave Brad alone!!!
    and get real n fair when passing judgments!!!

  239. anonymous says:

    Jennifer Aniston have gone on to bore and be dropped by every other A-list star she has dated, except this broke guy who she is with now.Brad Pitt is such a gentle man he stuck it out for 5 years on margaritas, and Cabo with that self-centered woman. Life is too short, you go Brad!

  240. photo jojo says:

    For the love of the sweet, sweet baby Jeezus, can’t these Brad & Jen STFU about each other already?!?!

  241. Cheyenne says:

    What I find hilarious is all these burned Aniston fans who finally have to face the fact that Brad was miserable in his marriage, probably never loved her to begin with and now they are trying to salve their blasted illusions by claiming he is jealous of his ex-wife’s new man.

    Look, guys — BRAD left HER. He couldn’t care less who she is with. He has what he wants. He walked away and never looked back. Just get over it and move on. Everybody else has.

  242. Anak says:

    Have mercy. This is a crazy man trying to get attention. Someone please tell him that this pink elephant that he, just he, can see is his imagination! This couple should rest! So over! They are really uncool!

  243. Birdy says:

    That is a kind statement on the marriage. He looks at it now with more life experience and can say he wasn’t happy in that relationship and he wasnn’t being true to himself. His feelings for his marriage. Nothing wrong with him saying that. And maybe having kids and a more solid relationship made him see the sham that the marriage was built on – all the PR, courting the press, instead of the focus being on each other.
    And considering how Aniston has built a career out of the demise of the marriage, I think he has been very gracious.

  244. giddy says:

    He was searching for substance. Aniston was looking for the perfect tan. Jolie may be lots of crazy — but she isn’t shallow.

    At some point Pitt may realize true substance doesn’t come from any of the stuff he’s doing. At least he’s searching — and Jolie is searching — and Aniston will still be working on that perfect tan. Game-set-match.

  245. jane16 says:

    Interesting that he comes right out & admits he was bored with her. Of course, we all knew that, considering all the cheating he did when he was married to her (JA). I’ve come to agree with the common held belief here that Angie actually did not break up the Aniston-Pitt marriage, it was already bust. The scenario: Jen finally found out about Brads sleeping around, told him to stop, he said no, she said I can’t live like this, he moved on and she consulted attys, he met Angie & everything exploded from there. I have met all of these characters, many times & hubbie has worked with them, so I find this scenario to be perfectly plausible. I also don’t think Brad & Angie have this perfect holy union that their fans dream about either. I believe they love each other & their family, but have an open, (and bi-sexual btw,) relationship. I’ve been told all of this by many of their close friends over the years.

  246. Yeah, you haven’t done enough to humiliate her… If it didn’t work, it didn’t work, but to dump a person so publicly and then go around singing the praises of the “other woman” in such a visible way really smacks of douchebaggery.

  247. yaso says:

    Brad isn’t a douche….on contrary he is a SMART wise man,,not a dumb like jennifer or the most of people..he wanted to do something useful in his life for himself and for people…not to just smoke pot…have sex ect….he found Angelina can relate to him more…wanted the same things he wanted..gave him happines and peace he wanted..and about him talking about his marriage to aniston,,,,what’s the problem?? Jennifer had been running her mouth about him and angelina through the years,,,,get over yourselves

  248. Phoenix says:

    Dingles, actually, NO, it is *NOT* a a known ‘fact’ he left her for Angelina, because he DID….NOT. That was exposed and debunked long ago. And if Aniston who betrayed Brad and lied to him can twist the knife in the numerous LOW things she has said, then damnit so too can Brad. After all Aniston put him and Angelina through, its ABOUT TIME he said something. Most men would not be as nice as him given what he went through, and he could truly blow her out of the water for the lowdown manipulative, conniving cruel evil bitch she is but he is too classy to do so.

  249. Thea says:

    Fast forward a few years and I cant wait to hear what he says about Angie then. I cant stand a man who doesnt have a back bone and becomes the women he dates. In my mind, he was pathetic. But we all know, Angie isnt going to stay with that man. She is a wanderer and always will be and will always have many lovers, and thats neither bad or good, it is what it is. But he needs to move on, Jen needs to And Angie. We need a new triangle. They are getting tiresome. He is coming up on 50, we need new sex symbols already.

  250. Julia says:

    @ Anak

    Ironically as you speak about finesse and elegance while in the same breath talking about third world kids being bought (one of the famous Aniston fans obsenities), you’re the one who is not only classless but doesn’t even show the minimum of decency, talking about kids like they are vulgar luggages, hence discredit your own assumption to be morally superior than Brad.

    I said it earlier, but some of the people in here trying to talk about class like they are morally superior are the same who have shown no class whatsoever and have resort to much more ugliness, especially towards certain children than a man speaking about HIS misery in HIS marriage.

  251. Jen D says:

    I’m pretty sure about half of these comments are from people commenting on how many comments there are and questioning why people care about this while at the same time taking the time to comment on the thread. Let’s go for 300!

  252. Jamerican says:

    Why are biitches getting their big ol’ drawers in a bunch because Brad is speaking his truth? What….doesnt he have the right to speak his truth? Just like youve been saying these past 6.5 years that jenny has? And in the telling, why shouldnt he use the opportunity to slam his BORING USELESS ex who has used her proxies for the past 6.5 years to malign the love of his life and his children???????

    Are you fcukers crazy???

    BTW, didnt that other guy who jenny was supposed to be “finally happy with” (john mayer) also tell us that jenny is BORING and ‘stuck in 1998′ – you know, the year she met Brad? LOL

    And didnt vince vaughn, who she was also “happy with” not tell us, right after he dumped her, that he doesnt want to waste anyone’s life or his own?

    Wha….. i guess it stings like h3ll when it comes from The Brad Pitt, huh? You better recognize, bitches! LMAO

  253. Cinderella says:

    I’m 262 and I think he said too much on on both sides.

  254. tweet says:

    what would be funny is……….if this whole thing is because of the bad press he recieved about banging his assistant…lmao! angie got so pissed off, that she said if you dont scream from the rooftops about how happy you are with me and how wonderful I AM and trash that ex wife of yours…. I WILL HUMILIATE YOU!!!JUS AS THOSE DAMN STORIES DID TO ME……bhwaahahaha!!!! :D

  255. Deltona lakes says:

    But didn’t John Mayer say the same thing in so many words” I’m 32 years I want to travel world not stand around in a kitchen petting a dog” maybe it’s her and that’s why she can’t keep a man for a long time. They just find her boring.. I’m telling you she’s another Halle belle. She blamed black men and then when she moved on to a white guy he’s now racist. Brad is in love with Angie and that he finally felt that he had to stop the insanity.. He wasn’t happy, you can see it in the photos and videos .. There’s a big diffence in the way he looks at Angie. And for the people who say they are not going support his movie… You weren’t going to support it anyway because you’re not really a Fan.. We know you are just imposters. You never post on this blog… Finally brad speaks the truth!!!!!!

  256. Cheyenne says:

    Deltona: Mayer did indeed say something like that. She seems to have an innate ability to bore guys to death.

  257. Cheyenne says:

    @Ashley: There was nothing irregular about Z’s adoption. Angie had applied to adopt Z as a single parent months before she met Brad. You are correct, the adoption process is lengthy. Brad went with her to Ethiopia to bring Z home but she adopted Z as a single mother. Months afterwards, Brad legally adopted Z and Maddox in California and their surnames were changed to Jolie-Pitt.

  258. Kelly says:

    Love him and Angelina, they are great together

  259. Chris says:

    “It became very clear to me that I was intent on trying to find a movie about an interesting life, but I wasn’t living an interesting life myself,”

    I’ve experienced that myself in the video shop. :)

  260. Mia says:

    Ooh, let’s go for 300. Is that a record, Kaiser?

    I hadn’t thought about Chelsea’s comments about Angie and the kids as being a reason for this blunt commentary on his old life, but I like it. I only wish he’d used all his clout to run that witch off the air.

  261. I Choose Me says:

    LMFAO at everyone having a sh*t fit over Bradley’s comments. Brad & Angelina don’t care what y’all think. Neither does Jennifer but neither they (nor their reps) are above tossing out the occasional sound-bite that keep this triangle mess around long past it’s burial date.

    It’s a merry-go-around and we’re all on it for the ride. :D

  262. Anon says:

    Can’t believe people can still get this excited about this.

    Anybody else think he gushed about Angelina to offset all the rumors about the woman in his trailer recently?

  263. Iso says:

    these cheaters deserve each other.

    we can see now what a nice influence AJ has on BP – zero decency.

  264. Deb J says:

    Uncool and no sensitivity chip again. I am so tired of this, their divorce was over years ago. Stop talking about it and move on, or maybe Brad can’t since he seems to want to get Jennifer mad with this. Hey, her new guy is better looking than him!

  265. Claire78 says:

    Wow I can’t see in anyway how he is being disrepectful and evil. I cannot read anything nasty in these comments. He is probably stating exactly what they both knew at the time about their marriage. What he says about Angelina is lovely. He sounds like he has found everything he was looking for and more. Good luck to them!

  266. Lindsey G. says:

    ” “I think that my marriage [to actress Jennifer Aniston] had something to do with it. Trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t.””

    …hmmm, didn’t Anniston recently admit that even she felt that Pitt had ‘checked out of [their] marriage’??

    If they both knew he wasn’t in it to win it, I see no point in them dragging it out.

  267. Phoenix says:

    Chris, your #276 made me laugh and feel lighter. Thank you! :)

  268. Julia says:

    @ Deb

    The new Aniston guy is also shorter, more hairless and poorer than Brad.

    Not that those artificial considerations have more impacts in someone’s degree of happines than those made of feelings,temper and personality match.

  269. Hmmmm says:

    I’ve tried to be neutral on this but come on guys …. Brad has a right to rave about Angie and his kids. If he’s happier than he’s ever been he has a right to say it.

    Is he supposed to not ever talk about how much he loves Angie and his kids just so it won’t hurt Jennifer. Ridiculous! Give the guy a break.

    He also has a right to say how he felt about his marriage to Jen. It’s his life and his truth!

  270. Judith says:

    It was not necessary to say what he did about his marriage to Jen, he has moved passed that so why bring it up? They didn’t work out but he could have said something nice about her as a person. He seems unfeeling towards someone who by his own choice he once was with, I guess I expected him to be more of a nice person.

  271. Phoenix says:

    Iso, neither Brad or Angelina are cheaters. That trashloid lie was exposed long ago. Brad and Angelina were innocent all along.

    However, talking about cheaters, Aniston is a homewrecker who stole Justin from Heidi Bivens – a 14 year relationship she stomped all over. Thank god Brad upgraded, he deserved better than Aniston the homewrecker and manipulative liar. Aniston and Justin are cheaters and homewreckers – trash! And both deserve each other.

  272. Josephina says:

    Brad Pitt has shared his feelings about his marriage before- “dead end”…but this time he goes a little deeper and talks about his state of mind and how unproductive his life was at the time.

    I love how he speaks the truth. Summing up and in retrospect, he calls his marriage a sham. He did not want to fake it anymore. He wanted to grow up. He was done with the uninteresting life that he created–it was leaving him uninspired and miserable- and got out. Bravo for having the guts to change your fate, Brad.

    Yet, there are posters who cannot handle the the raw truth of what his statements imples. This man is simply elated and enjoying the choices he has made professionally and personally since he DID leave his deadend marriage- which is an ugly truth. No one can deny that his quality of life has sprung over the moon since he partnered with Jolie and created a family.

    It cracks me up that people STILL think, even after this very candid and direct interview, that Brad cared and loved Aniston enough to stay married to her. The answer is obviously no.

    Jen fans still think an affair with Jolie is what broke Brad and Jen’s marriage? Brad is telling you he was bored out of his skull. He was tired of pretending to be part of fake marriage. Did he not also describe his marriage as a merger while married?

    So Jen fans, … first, we had to hear the boohoos of the destruction of the “golden couple” (what a joke)… and now it’s righteous indignation…over what? Why would you want Jen to be with someone who does not want her, who is bored with their relationship, does not want to have kids with her and does not want to stay?

    You want Brad to be more “respectful” and behave more honorably about a fraudulent marriage. Why? So you can continue believing the lie that Brad and Jen were so happy and in love? PFFFFT.

    Brad showed you how much he honored that relationship by how quickly he moved on. C’mon, it’s a been a wrap for close to 7 years…

    Sorry that some of you are just now getting the memo.

    I am glad that Brad set the record straight, even if the truth hurts. Hopefully, a bunch of tabloids should go out of business soon.

  273. Phoenix says:

    Judith, ever thought that perhaps Aniston’s palling up with Chelsea Handler and encouraging her to abuse the mother of his children and make racist jokes about his children and Aniston being totally ok about it, in fact, being bffs with Handler was the straw that broke the camel’s back and made Brad see Aniston for the cold, conniving scheming manipulative opportunist she is? After all, if you have children and you had an ex that was thick as thieves with someone who called the father of your children names and attacked your children, would YOU still feel favorably towards him/her? Why can’t people stop and think?? He has suffered enough because of Aniston and god knows she has never shut up about her marriage and has made a career of whining about it so – why the heck shouldn’t BRAD??? She is in cahoots with someone who attacks his CHILDREN! And the MOTHER of his children! She deserves this and OH SO MUCH MORE. The problem is, he is far too nice to do what he truly should; blast her right out of the water and tell all.

  274. Iso says:

    …or could be that Brad is pissed that Jen NOT sitting around anymore pining for him (Brad). harharhar.

  275. hmm says:

    Doesn’t he know that it’s so much classier to have your friends do your dirty work a la Chelsea Handler? And again, I’ll say, how dare you Brad Pitt have thoughts and feelings about your own life and eff you for not knowing that you are unable to speak about your current partner in glowing terms because it is an insult to America’s Sweetheart. And for goodness sake, pretend that you were a perfectly contented man who was unceremoniously stolen by AJ.

  276. Alix says:

    Where do I start? An even bigger douchebag than I thought he was, who’s not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. Funny how he refuses to get married now until everyone else can… didn’t stop his first marriage or umpteen engagements before.

    Oh, and he’s okay for religion except for the part where it tells you how to live? Um, that’s pretty much the POINT of most faiths, actually; not just to believe in certain things, but to reflect one’s beliefs in every life. Let me guess — he’s “spiritual”: a vague faith in a “greater power” unencumbered by ritual, discipline or community. (I have nothing against spirituality per se, actually, except that it’s always being posited as so much superior to religion.)

    And points off for the hideous center part.

  277. Alix says:

    @ jc126: I think they both sound like bores. That the public was/is fascinated by them continues to amaze me.

  278. Hmmmm says:

    Jen, her friends, and her publicist have gotten their stories out there for the past 6 years dogging on Brad, Angie and even mentioning his kids. They have had their big pity party for six years and said some pretty nasty things. Involving and mentioning his kids was disgusting. You didn’t see Sandra Bullock (who experienced a worse divorce) and Reese Witherspoon behaving like this. Jen went this route and I’m sorry but she has to accept the consequences.

    I’m surprised it took him this long to say what he did. And to be honest, he’s not being nasty like some of Jen’s camp. I think he was to the point but respectful and I respect him more for finally speaking and having his family’s back.

    I enjoy Brad, Angie, and Jen’s movies and have tried to be objective. I remember Brad always mentioning he wanted kids and Jen was reluctant to start. Don’t blame the guy for looking somewhere else for what he always wanted. Jen needs to take some responsibility for that too.

  279. Mikunda says:

    Why not call it like it is? Hollywood is shallow and he regrets that he wasted years of his life living a shallow life.He didn’t say the marriage was a sham, he said it wasn’t what he wanted in the end. No excuses, just facts. It’s not about Jen, it’s about him. Guy is happy. Good for him.

  280. Cheyenne says:

    Hmmmm: He also has a right to say how he felt about his marriage to Jen. It’s his life and his truth!

    Some truths are better left untold, know what I’m saying?

    I don’t think Brad meant to bash his ex-wife; he said he felt pathetic, not that she was pathetic. He pretty much said his marriage was a crock and he was living a lie as half of the “golden couple”. What he forgot (or didn’t take into account) is that a marriage is two people, and by criticizing your marriage as a mistake you are indirectly saying your partner was a mistake too. Not that he didn’t have a right to say how he felt, but just because you have a right to do something doesn’t always mean it’s a good idea to do it. He could have focused on how happy he is with Angie and the kids without referencing his marriage at all. It came off as a gratuitous slap. Not that she didn’t deserve it after whining to Vogue and Vanity Fair and using that toxic bitch Chelsea Handler as her pit bull to attack Angie and the children, but he didn’t have to go there. He should be better than that.

  281. bb3 says:

    JUST CAME HERE TO SAY::hhahahahahaha

  282. Rachael says:

    Well … my first reaction to his comments about his marriage to JA were … “OUCH.” Let me start off by saying that I’m not a particular fan of ANY of these three people (I don’t hate them but I’m just mostly indifferent to them). And Brad in general, regardless of all the chick drama, has always seemed to me like he’d be a cool guy to just hang out with. So I don’t think he’s a bad guy at all.

    But what especially makes his comments fairly rude and insulting is that HE brought up his marriage to Aniston to BEGIN WITH in this interview. The interviewer did NOT ASK about his marriage to her at all, but HE brought it up anyway. And then he proceeded to say how boring and lame it was and how it was basically ruining his life. Then in the very next answer he says he’s glad he finally did find the woman that he DOES love, which is like, “I never even loved JA to begin with.”

    Why is that necessary to say? To me it seems like just rubbing salt in a wound for no reason. What is the point?? It comes off like, I want to blab all about myself and I don’t care who is hurt by it.

    I dunno, all I know is, if I had an ex-husband who said these things about ME publicly (or even not publicly), I would be pissed.

    And I KNOW that Aniston has made some bad comments about him in the past, but I mean come on … if you are the one who got completely DUMPED … you kind of have a free pass to say a few bad things. She seems to have moved past that phase at this point … right? I don’t pay enough attention to know I guess.

  283. Tomas says:

    This guy is a low class, tasteless creep and anyone defending this crap needs to have their freakin’ head examined. What kind of loser says these things TO THE PRESS SEVEN YEARS AFTER THE FACT??? Grow the hell up already! Good news is, some charity is going to benefit from this…once the Pitt-Jolie PR team sees this overwhelming negativity, there will be donations flying right and left with press releases to announce EVERY SINGLE ONE in hopes of swaying public opinion AGAIN. Good luck with that!

  284. Jamerican says:

    ^^^”(I have nothing against spirituality per se, actually, except that it’s always being posited as so much superior to religion.)”

    You poor, Sad Spook. Human beings are Spirits having an earthly experience. Every religion speaks of the eternal nature of our Soul/Spirit. So, yeah, it is our Spirit that matters and long before there was religion, there was the One True Spirit from which we all (well, most of us anyway) spring.

    So yeah, Spirit is infinitely superior to religion.

  285. Tomas says:

    p.s. this is the ONLY site full of jolie-pitt sycophants, check out some other sites and see what people really think about this subject.

  286. Phoenix says:

    Tomas, if its good enough for Aniston and her group of manipulative witches and hangerons, its good enough for Brad to finally stand up for his family.

    By the way, I’ve been to 6 sites over the last few hours including these one, and most are overwhelming positive towards Brad. Not all are brainwashed loonifers and FFers. The truth stands the test. Wake up and face it.

  287. Dea says:

    JA is like Jennifer Garner. All is about their perception to the outside world, like they are the girl next door but boring to hell and no intelligence. Angie is way too smart. Awesome for Brad to finally put it out there what he really loves in life and good for him for leaving JA right on time. JA fans: eat your heart out. There is nothing worse than a shallow woman despite her beauty and her body.

  288. LucyOriginal says:

    I blinked my eye really quickly and it was post 293, now we are 304 an counting? hahaha.

    *sitting and watching story develops*

  289. Ell says:

    It’s ironic he WAS feeling pathetic when he actually comes off looking pathetic for still slagging off his marriage to try to justify the cheating. I actually feel sorry for Angelina having to stay with such a twit.

    And who the heck buys Rosetta Stone when you actually live in the country itself, sad man.

  290. says:


    Long live the Brange!

  291. Pomona says:

    Sorry but dlisted and yahoo among others prove that the royal couple screwed up big time. And using marketing strategy for peasants Hollywood actors to promote a movie. Not noble at all.

  292. Lisa says:

    Gosh I can’t believe how up in arms people are getting about Brad commenting on his marriage.

    Honestly, it’s been 7 years people – get over it. He has a right to be happy and say he is. Not a big shocker anyways that he was not happy in his marriage, I think that was pretty apparent. No one leaves a happy marriage.

    Jen has moved on too so let’s all move on and not get so excited about a man stating his feelings on why he’s happier today than he was in the past.

  293. Cherry Rose says:

    Hasn’t Brad been pretty much saying all this throughout the last 6-7 years? Perhaps not these exact words, but still, he’s pretty much eluded to it.

    And I don’t think Jennifer would really be hurt by this. She knows better than anyone why their marriage didn’t work out.

    God, why can’t we all move on from this “triangle” bullsh*t. It’s overplayed and overdone.

  294. K says:

    OMG.Why is everyone worked up over this? I have to admit I do read gossip to ligthen up my day, but to personally get worked up over someone’s else lives/comments (whom we personally do not know) is crazy! It is what is is, and I go on to the next gossip. **SHRUGS**

  295. Katherine says:

    Since we have not been privy to the tape or original notes and transcripts of this interview we do not know how the subject came up. These interviews are edited and streamlined before they are printed in final form.

    Personally I am sure the interviewer wanted Brad to go there and steered him in that direction. You can ask a question you know will naturally encompass a time or relationship in a person’s life without coming out and asking “so how was your marriage to Jennifer?”

    I am really sick of the phony and hypocritical whining about Brad’s comments. Jennifer has regularly made allusions to her marriage as well as disussed it and her divorce at length – and many years after the fact. Is this some female thing that allows women to analyze their past relationships and marriages and even discuss their ex-husband’s current partner and yet the minute the man does the same thing he is a cad or insensitive or whatever.

    Please. Give me a break. Brad has been a complete gentleman about his marriage and divorce. He even let her file which he didn’t have to do. He has said kind things about her and has even defended her against some gossip. In return Jennifer has insulted the mother of his children and had her “friends” hurl vicious and even racist diatribes at that partner and even at Brad’s children. That Jennifer did not immediately cut off her relationship with Handler after her outrageous behavior especially toward the children says everything about Jennifer you need to know. Yea. Great mother material she is so NOT.

  296. Jen says:

    For people who thinks that only the rich can afford to travel the world I beg to disagree… i come from a 3rd world country and I scrimp and save to at least visit 1 place I’ve never been to every so often. A vacation can have a dual purpose or more.. you get a chance to relax and also learn and even help. It is true what they say that you have to open your eyes and there’s a much bigger world out there than your own little corner. You then realize that there are so many other problems worse than yours and at the same time there is beauty all over from the sights to the people to the culture. You learn to be tolerant and not be small minded and picky and mean…. so those who comment or lambast or are just pure mean maybe then your heart and mind will not be as small as it is now.

  297. Deltona lakes says:

    I agree with almost 99% of what you say but this time I have to disagree.. I think brad finally showed a little Sean Penn in him … And I love it..i wished he had said this several years ago but I also understand why he didn’t.. He stood up for his family and how much he loves them but he spoke about the marriage just to let people know how meaningful his relationship with Angie is… It’s okay we disagree but I’m glad he finally said his marriage was superficial..

  298. Josephina says:

    Tomas– The only site pro-Jolie-Pitt?!?!

    No…. He spoke the truth. He said his marriage was not what the media hyped it up to be,… he was miserable and in therapy, and he was searching for interesting work as an actor. He admitted that he was lazy and wasting his life away smoking pot. AND…while living this wasteful lifestyle, he dates and marries Aniston and his quality of life does NOT improve. He admits to his flaws and poor choices, was probably depressed in his life with Aniston…and does something about it, finally.

    Aniston is pretty much the same person spanning back over the last 10 years with no change with the exception of hair cuts and various blonde hair dye jobs.

    Brad? He changed his life around and now is pinching himself giddy.

    Brad is more than just smitten with his life with Angie and is not planning to leave her (his words.)

    People would like to believe that the failed marriage had more value to Brad than the current love and family life he has created with Angie. He said it, Angie is Brad’s great love– Aniston was dating out of her league when she hooked up with Brad. If he was not so nice that relationship would have ended a lot sooner.

    Brad and Angie are more equally yoked and it shows in everything that they do.

    Thanks for telling the truth, Brad!

  299. Katherine says:

    261.jane16: September 15th, 2011 at 7:24 pm

    That’s an interesting little fantasy world you’ve got going there. LOL!
    Funny how you are spoutng all the latest talking points in the latest bittergurl meme from IUC and FF. What a coincidence!

  300. Judith says:

    Phoenix, I have never watched Chelsea Handler so I can’t speak of what did or did not happen. I am just saying that if he felt the need to rehash his marriage to Jennifer or anyone else for that matter, it would be better to say it just didn’t work and leave it at that. He was unhappy, we get that, or he would not have moved on. It is just I thought because he was the one that wanted out that he would have at least been sensitive enough to just say that is in the past and go on about his wonderful life now, which I am glad he has but thought it should be the focus of the interview and let the past be the past.

  301. Cheyenne says:

    Josephina: Hopefully a bunch of tabloids should go out of business soon.

    Ain’t gonna happen, alas. Wait for next Wednesday when the tabs hit the newsstands: “BRAD BREAKS JEN’S HEART AGAIN!” And they’ll all say Angie put him up to it.

  302. kibbles says:

    His words are being misconstrued. Basically he was saying that his marriage wasn’t as happy as it appeared and he was sick of living a lie. Pretty much anyone who has been divorced can say the same about their marriage regardless of the reason. He didn’t mention Aniston’s name and the “pathetic” reference was more about himself trying to hide from celebrity rather than his marriage. I actually like this interview and I’m not a huge Brad fan. He often comes across as arrogant and full of himself, but he makes a lot of interesting and thoughtful points in his interview. He doesn’t seem like a complete idiot and he is happy with Angelina and their brood. This interview doesn’t offend me one bit.

  303. Nia says:

    My mother always said you can tell if someone is happy in their marriage by their face.

  304. Chloe says:

    First things first, ladies: I don’t understand how some of you will keep repeating like mantra that’s “it’s Jen’s right to talk about her marriage” whenever she throws one of her comments regarding Brad, Angelina and their kids (for specific examples go to the older threads) but at the same time criticize him for saying what his ex-wife basically admitted herself: they had a lot of issues, they were both in therapy when married; JA actually went on record saying Pitt was not the love of her life while they were still married. So, which is it?

    Secondly: As far as I understand he doesn’t actually bring up her name, all he says is “my marriage” – which means, two people and whatever is between them – and the brackets come from the editors making sure everyone knows (as if we didn’t already, gnyah).

    I’m not defending Pitt because I don’t think he needs defending here, I’m simply directing your attention to what Kaiser pretty neatly pointed out: he says he was miserable in his unhappy marriage which is not the same as pointing a finger and blaming Aniston for making him miserable.

    Obviously people will continue to read stuff into this one sentence (and I’m sort of enjoying it myself) but to be fair, no I don’t think Pitt’s comment was directed against his ex-wife.

  305. Dingles says:

    “I’ve been to 6 sites over the last few hours including these one, and most are overwhelming positive towards Brad…”

    Phoenix, there’s no nice way to say this but…you really, really need to get a life. Or get laid. Whichever is more realistic for you.

  306. DiMi says:

    1. Misleading headline. The pathetic quote was about his behavior, not his marriage.
    2. Why is he saying this? I thought he was over her, but you don’t trash somebody that you don’t care about. I am wondering if he is jealous of Justin Theroux. That is the one thing that has changed recently, and it would explain why he is suddenly being so nasty.
    3. How can anybody defend this? It is ridiculous that people are pretending that this isn’t nasty and cruel. I think it was mean-spirited and unnecessary,and I don’t even like Jen. Again, people who stole their men from other women will defend Brangelina no matter what they do. He just should have kept his trap shut about the marriage.

  307. DeeVine says:

    Geez, just when I thought that finally, this love triangle thing was about to die, Brad Pitt had to go refuel the fire by DIRECTLY mentioning his marriage. He wasn’t even asked about it. And gushing about Angie in the same interview just for contrast.

    Proves to me that he is the asshole that I thought he was. He tries so hard to come across as intelligent, funny, cool etc while the whole time he just morphs into the women he are with. Now bring this up when out promoting a movie. Also at the time when Jen appears to be happily moving on with another man. Let’s open up some old wounds, shall we?

    What a vain, insensitive man. Brangeloonies you can say he is just saying what he feels. We get it, he is happy now but this is totally classless and unecessary. But great for the Brangelina brand that they work so hard for.

  308. Pat says:

    Brad’s comments are reminding me alot of Jesse James – when he tried to make his new love look so much better then Sandra. Sad – I thought that Brad was above all this. Guess he is just like the rest of them.

    For those of you who “hate” Aniston and think this is great. Just remember that you thought that Aniston was pathetic and bitter and not over Brad when she discussed the long ago marriage. Same goes with Brad. In my eyes they are equals now.

    As for the tabloids Cheyenne – I think that they will play it a different way. I think they want Jen to love Justin and have a baby – great sales. I think that they will play it that Jen could not care less now that she has found love and try to make Brad look desperate to sell his movie. But time will tell.

  309. Jess says:

    Hot damn! So many comments! Please, for those who are calling Brad Pitt names, get over yourselves. You act like you’ve never talk shit about an ex before and it’s not like he called Jennifer Aniston any names. He didn’t even mention her name! All he said was that he was bored of his marriage, which is not uncommon for married couples.
    If you were married to someone like Aniston, who is very shallow, and met someone like Angelina, I bet you would do what Brad did so quit being hypocrites!

  310. april says:

    Javagirl1: Ok he was bored in his marriage so he dumped his wife for someone more exciting. He didn’t have to throw her under the bus in this interview.

    Right on! I’m not a fan of Jennifer Anniston and I couldn’t care less that Brad left her for Angelina but I think he’s a jerk for the photo spread he and Angie did for “W” magazine and for these latest comments. I think he’s being defensive because he still feels guilty about cheating on Jennifer.

  311. Chloe says:

    Also, I’m rather appalled by how much bad mojo resurfaces under this thread, especially by the nasty comments about the children and adoption.

    American Sweetheart sure has a lot of people ready to throw dirt for her.

  312. Cirque28 says:

    @Jen #314: So true! Travel is simply more of a priority in many other cultures.

    Since overseas travel is largely done by the rich here, we think of it as an indulgence. While having the latest smart phone seems like a necessity. That’s fine if it floats your boat, but other ways to prioritize DO exist.

  313. munchies says:!!
    Some are angry with him because they were trying to make the picture of Angelina stealing Brad Pitt from Aniston. This interview clearly says, hes soo over with his previous marriage. Aniston had all these 6 glorious years to make her like a victim and made money from it. Aniston called Brad he lost something, Angelina uncool and used other people to mock the family. It is nice Brad made the last statement. This interview is EPIC. everyone now can move on unless Aniston will show up again in her best Barbara Streisand impersonation and call Pitt a liar.

  314. Kosmos says:

    Sooooo many comments here on this one post, wow. I have to add mine,too. First, I don’t find Brad Pitt to be the brightest bulb. It’s hard for me to imagine he was into Journalism because he seems uneducated and basically not too bright. His looks brought him to the forefront. About his comments, he should definitely not have commented negatively on his married life with Aniston. After all, he dated her, fell in love with her and married. No one forced him to live the life he had. He was at a certain stage in his life and he chose certain things they way we all do. Before Aniston, he had dated Gweneth Paltrow for quite a while. I thought they would marry, but they eventually separated. I thought it was classless to mention his married life as being a cause for where HE was in HIS life and in HIS choices. Take some responsibility here, Brad, my boy…don’t define your life by just the women you choose to be with. You have choices just as they do. Personally, I’m totally not an Angie fan. I think she has issues just like anyone. I think he was drawn to her because he didn’t have enough direction in his own life and she took the reins, but who knows the real truth. It doesn’t matter. If they were not in the public eye, in the “limelight” and constantly made to feel like an important and special couple, I’m not sure their partnership would last. But so far, that has not been tested out.

  315. Mimi says:

    @Phoenix I think it was most probably Brad and Jen’s publicist telling them to stick to the “it wasn’t an affair” crap. But I’ll go ahead and play Devils Advocate. Lets say that BP and AJ were not sleeping together during Brad and Jen’s marriage. They were at the VERY LEAST having an emotional affair. Which is almost worse. Now I’am a firm believer that there was absolutely a full blown affair going on between AJ and BP. Shit happens. People cheat. Celebrities are no differnt. You have right to your opinion as do I. No need to be rude.

  316. Julia says:

    I am sorry but as a man he has every right to side to his family and say things in corrolation, including about his past life than walking on eggs, taking care of Jennifer’s bruised feelings and her fans sensitivity who all have shown that they didn’t have the same courtesy towards his woman, and his children who are much more vulnerable than a 40 years old Aniston will ever be.

    At one point, you have to speak up and tell your truth to protect your owns since staying quiet didn’t make them stop their attacks.

    It shouldn’t ALWAYS be about jen’s sensitivity or her fan’s when it comes to Brad’s acts, it should also be and in priority about HIS woman and children’s welfare, sensitivity, feelings and protection against those sharks.

    He has let them down too much, too long by letting Jen and her ilk abusing and insulting them left and righ, using them as their favourite punching ball, toddlers included

    If you dish it out, you should be able to take it too. You can’t keep on doing things against someone or his family without him one day to set the record straigt and eventually retaliate more forcefully the next time because let’s be fair, he didn’t bring Jen’s name nor made reference to her and yet some people got worked up.

    Next time he may become blunt and more direct and then you’ll have a reason to act all shocked.

  317. Cheyenne says:

    @Pat: The tabs will milk the triangle any way they can. It’s what sells their magazines. If Aniston and Theroux get married, they will say Brad is heartbroken. If they don’t get married, they will say Angie jinxed the relationship. And you can bet a dollar to a donut hole they will say Brad just threw Aniston under a bus again when he didn’t even mention her name. That stupid nitwit Bonnie Fuller is already saying it on her trash blog.

  318. Calli Pygian says:

    @ Ichabod & Ice Bunny, you are lasers, not lighthouses ( hope you know that reference). Looking forward to perusing the rest at an extended free time period.


    Loving this insane & inane galvanization of posters. Let the cray-cray begin. Particularly looking forward to comments from those who have “personal” * coughcough you are crazy yourself* interest.

  319. Chloe says:


    And I think that regardless of whether there was an affair or not, and what actually happened that year, Aniston played it the way she did because she didn’t want to be the woman scorned and dumped for Jolie (hence all the “I’m not a victim” “there was no cheating”, “we parted as beautifully as we met” blah blah blah), but later realized she actually sort of wanted some public righteous anger directed at them. The usual I want to have the cookie and eat it.

    We could probably hypothesize till the cows come home.

    But back to the topic, I think that the jab at Aniston in Pitt’s interview, as amusing as it would be, is imagined rather than actual.

  320. Phoenix says:

    April, the photoshoots for w were FOR WORK! They had no say in it, the PRODUCER ordered them to promote M&MS. Do you know how to seperate the lives of characters and actors in real life? gees, they were *just doing their JOB*. And Brad has never cheated so he has nothing to feel guilty about, unlike Aniston who betrayed him and has been throwing mud for 7 years to cover up her evil behavior.

  321. Phoenix says:

    So Mimi, you CHOOSE to believe Brad, Jen, COURTENEY, and allllll those friends were ‘lying’ because otherwise it destroys your fantasy? Come on! To say ALLLLL of them are lying is completely far-fetched and loopy. You sound quite desperate to believe there was an affair and build a fantasy to support it, none based on fact. Face it, there is not one shred of evidence to prove an affair, on the contrary, it has been PROVEN there was no affair. I know you don’t want to have your bubble burst that you have believed a LIE for 7 years, but newsflash, its already been proven there was no affair. But, we do know for a fact that Aniston took up with Justin when he was with Heidi, and she *knew* he was taken. As if she would do that if she knew what it felt like. See? Yet more proof no affair happened. Face it. You’ve just had your eyes opened.

  322. Leticia says:

    @Alix, brilliant points! You are so right.

  323. Dani says:

    Wow, what a ton of comments. It is amazing this Jen/Angie thing seems to never end. I really don’t feel strongly about any of them one way or the other.

    However, reading the interview, he is well spoken. I felt he was speaking more to his ownership of his life choices. As evidenced by “I was sitting on the couch smoking pot”, etc. and he obviously wasn’t feeling a connection with Jennifer. I hope for her sake she is way past having those comments hurt her.

    It is sad but people fall apart or marry for the wrong reasons. It would have been worse to stay and drag things out. I just wish he would have left the marriage before he started up with Angie. That part kinda damages his morality to some extent.

    Anyway, interesting comments by all.

  324. Pat says:

    @Phoneix – the shoot was actually Brad’s brain child. He was behind it and planned and helped with the whole thing. Why exactlly would a movie about two married people with no children have a shot with children to promote a movie? To get at Jen. I never realized that Brad was a bitter as he is. He is obviously very upset to this day with Jen for not having his children. I actually just thought that they split becuase he fell in love and they fell out of love. But now with this comment and his over gushing about what a wonderful mother Angie is I see that Brad has an axe to grind. He obviously has not gotten over the break up yet. All I can say is WOW – never thought this. I thought that he was very happy and content – this statement leads me to believe otherwise.

  325. NYC Snark says:

    I instantly lost all respect and regard for Brad reading this. Heartless and selfish, classless.

    If he is so happy with A, why does he always look so miserable? If he was so miserable with Jen, why did he smile so broadly and look so happy in pictures with her (the one on this story is a rarity and I’m guessing it was at the end).

    I’m so completely over A’s sanctimonious act. I’ve always thought, “He was thinking with his small head and now has to live with the consequences,” but after reading this, I think they probably deserve each other.

  326. DarkEmpress says:

    I respect him for giving this candid interview. It takes strength of character to give up his golden boy image and stand for gay rights and the freedom to be agnostic or an atheist. There is an oppressive attitude towards ppl who reject religion.

    As for his comments about Aniston. She really carried on her bitterness for too long and I can see why Brad is tired of it and wants to set the record straight.

  327. Phoenix says:

    Wrong Pat, very wrong. The idea was the Producer’s and he asked for Brad’s imput. It was definite at the outset that the Producer’s mind was set on this and it would go ahead, Brad merely helped. Brad made ONE comment in SEVEN years of Aniston attacking his family, he finally has the balls to take a stand, and you say *hes* obsessed? The fact that aniston mentions him in every interview and prompts Handler to do her attacking for her and spew her bitterness for her PROVES that SHE is the one not over the breakup, but everyone has known this for a long time.

  328. lucy2 says:

    I think it was lousy and unnecessary. There’s no reason for any of them to still talk about each other, it’s over and done with for a long time now. But I guess everyone has movies to sell, huh?
    IMO, if he’s happy and fulfilled and loving life, that’s great. But he could have talked about all of that without bringing up his past marriage and saying what he did. Taking the high road is always the better option.

    @Phoenix, I remember reading some article about how involved he was in coming up with that photoshoot idea. He didn’t just show up for a day and do what he was told, he did have a say in it.

  329. the original bellaluna says:

    They’re all assholes. Some of them just do more public charity work than others.

    I’m over it. All of them.

  330. Mrs K says:

    Why is “The Marriage” still an item?
    When you look at BP, AJ and JA, you must admit that JA looks the best. Balanced, relaxed and positive. Not starving (AJ) and not dirty (BP).

  331. kibbles says:

    Really, folks? You’re calling him an a-hole for making a brief statement about his married life? Aniston has been allowed to remain relevant for years simply for marketing her love life as a major tabloid fixture. Trust that Aniston has also benefited from this divorce and Pitt’s subsequent involvement with Jolie.

  332. JW says:

    That interview was awesome. Go Brad! Love every bit of it. So glad he decided to speak up for his family. By all the shocked Jen fan they thought he was going to lay on the ground and let Jen and her people keep throwing punches at him and his family.
    Funny how several men have said the same thing about Jen, yet her fans act shocked. Seems Jen is just boring and stuck in the past and that can’t be fun for any man.

  333. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    Brad is the man. Jen can never say a thing about his family that will carry any weight. It will always come back to HIS view of the ending.

    Everyone NOW KNOWS without a doubt that the marriage was all pretend and miserable to him. Ends all speculation on the demise of the golden couple. Something broke him to speak. Might just boil down to Chelsea. The jealously bit is too laughable. He and AJ have larger fish to fry and the grease is boiling hot.

    Bigger point is Brad’s truth proves he has NOTHING to fear from Jen’s camp as HE IS NOT A CHEATER and there is no misbehavior with AJ. Doubt has been removed without future retaliation. HE wanted out of that deadend marriage. FACT. No dirt exists on BP or AJ. No affair. Nothing to hide. Bold move, Loudly spoken.

    Jen’s side will remain silent and the excuse will be her Mother’s health. She or her people won’t address this interview. Well played Mr. Pitt. Stopped them cold. His hand was played. He had enough.

    Enjoy your life with your family and dare them to try a comeback. Makes me wonder what HE knows and could spill. Guantlet has been laid as He and AJ soar on.

    Don’t worry about their films. Folks will want to see if they are as good as the reviews. The industry will see he means business and is not to be messed with and will behind closed doors of the all male club, pat him on his back. Well played indeed, for the Jolie and his kids. Man, AJ can light his fire. That TIFF showstopper was the teaser. What’s next. BP will be applauded. No Douchery here. Reasonable people will see a man protecting his great love and kids.

    No need for concern about a charitable donation. It was already planned for a while with his SOLDOUT $200.00 tickets Oakland, CA premiere at the 3,000+ seating Paramount Theater of “Moneyball” with the money going to Oakland’s Children Hospital and Stand Up For Cancer on 09/19/2011.

    Game on JP’S and fans. Might want to duck or run for cover if that’s not you. Their future looks promising. He has always spoken of the great mom AJ is, so try another tactic. Only proves he still believes it.

  334. Mrs K says:

    Additionally: I believe when you are sooo happy in your life, you also look the part, i.e. you look simply good, glowing etc. And this is here clearly not the case (AJ+BP). They cannot say that they are tired or over-worked, they have private chefs, cleaners, nannies, assistents…So why do they look so exhausted? I don`t buy this fairytale.

  335. sandy says:

    People saying Brad’s comments are classless keep forgetting that Jenny and her team has been badmouthing Brad, Angie and their kids for so long, that they were sick of it. Brad has finally admitted why his marriage ended in a classy way. He is saying they were not right for each other, while Jenny poo has been pretending like Angie wrecked their happy marriage. It’s about time everyone came to know that Brad left of his own will and Jenny would have never ended it because of the publicity. And why are people forgetting that Jenny Poo broke up Justin’s 14 year old relationship to be with him. It’s about time Jenny and her ‘uncool’ fans stop playing the victim. It’s about time people realise that Jenny has played the Brad card to climb up the ranks. Jenny at her very best is a mediocre actress.

  336. orion70 says:

    I kin d of get the vibe from BP that he is ok with throwing lots of things under the bus in general doesn’t give much thought to some of the things he says.

    I had the same feeling when he was going on about his religious upbringing or something in some interview a while back. The way he’d phrased it at the time, it felt very much like he was criticizing the way his parents brought him up, publicly.

  337. Cheyenne says:

    @Lucy2: After Aniston’s passive-aggressive campaign to smear Brad and his partner and children for the past seven years, I think she deserves anything that gets thrown at her. But as I said upthread, I wish it hadn’t been Brad who did it. He’s stayed above the fray all this time. No need for him to get down to her level. She can wallow in the mud with Chelsea Handler. That’s the kind of company she deserves.

  338. Its about time Pitt cleaned house,set the record straight,and dusted aniston from his coattails.

  339. sandy says:

    Always knew it Jenny sucks big time, now the truth is out.

  340. Guest88 says:

    Those quotes were interpreted by many media outlets as meaning Pitt thought Aniston was uninteresting. But the A-list actor sought to clarify himself in a statement issued later by his talent agency.

    “It grieves me that this was interpreted this way. Jen is an incredibly giving, loving, and hilarious woman who remains my friend. It is an important relationship I value greatly. The point I was trying to make is not that Jen was dull, but that I was becoming dull to myself — and that, I am responsible for,” Pitt said in the statement.

  341. Cirque28 says:

    Angelina is seen as a humanitarian but a little crazy. Jennifer is seen as faithful but a little shallow.

    But they’re probably more alike than we realize. Most people (e.g. Brad) keep choosing the same partner, with what turn out to be surface differences.

    But I can’t be the first person to say that in this very long thread!

    [We're not going to break Celebitchy, are we? Overload it with too many opinions? No?]

  342. nikki says:

    the reason that jennifer gets to bash him??? because she wasnt the one who cheated on him. she wasnt the one who did a photoshoot barely months after there seperation w the woman who he was having an affair with. she wasnt the one who got another woman knocked up even before the divorce was final. and he wasnt the one who was humilated in front of the world and had to watch as he continued to have an affair w the women he had cheated on her with. as far as her bashing his aj she has every right. but she never was cruel w it. she said it was uncool of aj to speak about an affair w him while she was married to brad. and she said he had a missing sensitivity chip as a reaction to his w photoshoot. how does those comments even compare to him stating that his marriage was a bore. that was a very personal attack on her marriage. and he did say bore bc he said the marriage wasnt intrestings. wats the opposite of intresting? A bore. All those people stating he was just speaking the truth, there are something better left unsaid. and no he is not a gentleman bc gentleman would not leave his wife for another woman. and he did bc he says in this interview when angie and i met it came together quickly. I also find it funny that people consider JA shallow because she doesnt have children. so ur justifying a womans worth by if she has children? if a man did not want this, no one would have cared a dam. i thinks its actually very courageous and shows her intellect by choosing not to have children that she knows she did not want. it spares children from the idea that their mother did not want them. and if she doesnt do charity work, y arent u bashing the millions of celebs who also dont? but if she did then she would be called as copying aj. shes dam if she does and shes dammed if she doesnt

  343. palermo says:

    I’ve lost respect for him now, very unclassy for him to talk about his previous relationship. He could have just said he’s happy now and leave it at that.

  344. justez says:

    He’s actually clarified his comments on E! if anyone is interested, at least through his rep, I’m not sure if I can quote it, but it’s on
    “It grieves me that this was interpreted this way,” he says, “Jen is an incredibly giving, loving, and hilarious woman who remains my friend. It is an important relationship I value greatly. The point I was trying to make is not that Jen was dull, but that I was becoming dull to myself—and that, I am responsible for.”

  345. Good morning jen fans: Go ahead and read *Guest88 #354*(Or you can google it) Soooo…what do you have to be mad at now? Pitt spoke like quite the gentleman,when referring to his ex-wife.

  346. sandy#1 says:

    honest guy, no more speculation about him or his marriage, he loves his life and family now, ja talked about them for years, brad is a classy guy. love brad, brad wanted and waited for a family w/ the ex, she lied to him and everyone else, slept with many men afterward, her current man left a 14 yr live in relationship for ja, double standard indeed.

  347. CaramelKiss says:

    Damn, it’s been almost 7 years and we’re still on this shit? If the man wants to say whatever he wants and if Jen wants to say whatever she wants, please let them do so for f&#*s sake. I think we found a cure for polio and stopped the Cold War quicker than this rehashed up shit. LET IT THE F GO. IJS. Thanx.

  348. El Kiddo says:

    Wow partners really do morph into each other.

  349. Josephina says:

    Poster #355-

    This was a very long interview. Aniston is definitely NOT the focus of Brad’s journey and growth in becoming a better actor and a very accomlished man.

    Brad is certianly no punk and should speak about whatever he wants to share about his life, including his failed marriage to Aniston, without our permission.

    This interview forced some of you to realize that he was not that into her. He was not happy in the marriage. He revealed some ugly truths about himself. He made the choice to leave the marriage in search of satisfaction and created a life Angie that makes sense for him and provides fulfillment.

    Brad confirmed that the concept of Hollywood’s perfect, golden couple was a hoax, and now everyone is pissed. I am glad he had the balls to to tell the truth and not perpetuate the fallacy that he was stolen from Jen.

    Brad has been more than patient with the media’s obsession with his family life. I am glad that he told the truth about pretending his marriage to be something that it wasn’t.

    He went from a boring, lazy, pot-smoking man in an marriage that was not working for him to a very engaged, accomplished and satisfied man and father. He loves his life with Angie, his greatest love, and is ecstatic about the family life that they have created. He frequently travels the world for many reasons and is telling us to do the same if we can.

    This is a man loving life with his lady love. It’s a shame the truth hurts.

  350. Ella says:

    I have always said that this stupid fool is a callous douche. He is passivce aggressive. Jen has moved on and is in LOVE, so he comes out with this. Jen is so well rid of him. And looks don’t lie, he looks bad and looks like his life is really miserable, I don’t care what any one else says.

  351. Mrs K says:

    to “marriage was not interesting”
    He didn`t know JA properly before marrying her? Was it an arranged marriage :-) ?

  352. Ella says:

    I don’t see any difference between him and Jesse James, glad Jen is well rid of him. WHAT A CREEP.

  353. EJ says:

    Seriously i’ve never actually liked him as a person don’t know why. He always seemed like he was with JA when she was all so famous with friends but when the show ended he left and moved on to a more famous actress AJ. Yes he was sick of seating at home on the couch feeling sorry for himself and watching his wife being all so famous and loved and he was a middle class actor(he doesn’t know how to act really just doesn’t) so he did what was best for him moved on to a messed up woman he can control so he can feel like a man again(yes he is the one who controls i never saw AJ as a controlling type or anything, she is a messed up girl with daddy issues). People should just stop giving him credit and comparing him to Robert Redford i mean really he is not even close. Never will be.He was mean for saying that it was unnecessary.Maybe he wanted to praise his woman or JA just moved on and he was like “bitch you have to worship me till you die and cry every day, how dare you move on to another man a?” :) )And yes JA shouldn’t complain how devastated she was and hurt and how uncool that was or whatever. She had a choice to be classy and just say f off or to milk it until she can. We all know the choice. Some really bad romcoms :) .
    And could we just please leave it on that. You all have the answer now he wanted out he cheated he left. It is the end of the JA BP AJ triangle for the love of God just leave it like that! :)

  354. taxi says:

    Brad talks about his own growth. He did NOT bash Jen.
    Jen has been whining & yapping for years to anyone who’ll take notes about her many grievances. She stalked Brad’s family, especially his mother, for years.
    Let’s all get over someone else’s old divorce & live in the now.

  355. Anonymous says:

    What a bunch of bullies Maniston fans are.
    What’s the matter can’t handle the truth? About time Brad pops the illusion bubble that you guys have been hanging on for far too long. Get a life!

    I for one love this family. You act like Angelina and his children mean nothing just because he left that fraud with the big chin.

    LOL at the clarification. I laughed at hilarious.

  356. Sakyiwaa says:


  357. Sakyiwaa says:

    THIS ‘BRAD PITT’ THREAD HAS GENERATED THE MOST COMMENTS I’VE EVER SEEN ON CELEBITCHY TILL DATE! WTF? Sh*t! people are still really vexed, Brad! F**king Media shitstorm!

  358. Sakyiwaa says:

    BUT PLEASE PEOPLE…JOHN MaYER SAID jENNISTON was stuck in the 1990s! what’s the BFD??!

  359. Sakyiwaa says:

    I STILL LOVE BRAD! but holy wrong timing! he just broke every woman’s heart…. At least, now I hope he’s never gonna open his mouth about the triangle again. holy effing shit storm. wow!

  360. silverqt says:

    Why is he an asshole for stating his truth? He was miserable and he got out. Why should he pretend otherwise? It seems we have become a society offended by truth, we’d much rather lies and pretense disguised as ‘class’ and ‘decency’. Shame. Thing is Brad Pitt does not give a rat’s ass what anyone thinks about his decisions in life. And good for him. There are too many cowards walking amongst us these days.

  361. Sakyiwaa says:

    i can’t believe he’s not allowed to be HONEST. he’s held back till now. He’s a human being too. he has the RIGHT to freely express himself.

  362. lisa says:

    I think the thing that the Aniston fans are mad about is that he said he was not HAPPY.. and that he was not happy for a LONG time. That kind of puts a spotlight on the fact that the marriage was over a long time before he met Angie. Sometimes when you meet someone it is and eyeopener to the fact that your life is not what you want it to be. Why is that so bad to say. It’s not like he has not said it before. HE WAS NOT HAPPY WITH HIS MARRIAGE.

    now it is 7 years later and the man is happy.. why the Aniston fans needed so bad for that marriage to have been this perfect thing until Brad met Angie is beyond me. It was not and many have been saying that for a long time. Maybe Jennifer was fine with it. If you look at their lives since Brad is not in the same place.. doing the same things. His side of his life looks very different. Jennifer seems to be the same person.. good or bad doesn’t matter that she has always been. People grow and sometimes they outgrow the relationship or that relationship doesn’t give them what they need

    That is life.. not just for Brad but everyone. I guess some of you have never been in more than one relationship and it has lasted for years and years. If that is the case you better keep it.

  363. Overrated says:

    So Brad just confirmed what we all suspected. Jen is boring and doesn’t want kids (despite the I have I do I will crap) and that Angie is way more fun and wants kids too.

    The end.

  364. Lady_Luck says:

    I get that he might have got bored. Does it excuse an affair? No. Be sensible, have the moral calibre to pack up sticks and do it the proper way – BEFORE any 3rd party intervenes. I really don’t ‘get’ the relationship with Brad and Angie. I get that they are on the same wavelength as far as the kids, the humanitarian projects, political beliefs and sex life are concerned…but I’m guessing that’s where it ends and begins. Angie is a controlling, somewhat vicious and jealous person. Really, I think if it weren’t for those kids he loves so much, he would have bolted that stable LONG ago. I bet Jen’s biggest regret was not having a child with him off the boat, because my guess is that is what would have bonded them and would have been enough to be the glue to keep them together. I wouldn’t advocate women doing this sort of thing because a.) it almost always backfires. But I think with the case of Jen and Brad, a tiny pitter-patter of baby feet would have warmed up what was apparently missing in his otherwise God-forsaken soul…

  365. Addie says:

    What a fool.

    I really love Angie, but this guy…uhg!

    He knew Jen for what about 4 years before marrying her, then spent up to 7 years in total with her.No one forced him.

    Just because Angie is more adventurous and exiting, don’t bash the wife YOU chose to be with before you were so ‘enlightened’
    This man truely has no character of his own.

    Why not discuss your previous relationships IN GENERAL before Angie.

    No class.

  366. folly says:

    i think brad just damage himself publicly with this interview,i have been to different sites and seen people reactions surprise me,i think he underestimate his star power and what whatever he said can be aniston fans hated him more,women that are neutal about him now find a reason to hate him,jolie fans are pissed now because he issue an apology statement,i just hope sony find a better strategy to sell this movie,if not,it will flop badly

  367. nikki says:

    @ josephina the point is that ja was never cruel w it. she said it was uncool of aj to speak about an affair w him while she was married to brad. and she said he had a missing sensitivity chip as a reaction to his w photoshoot. how does those comments even compare to him stating that his marriage was a bore. and no not all us can jump on a jet to travel especially in this economy. and even if u dont believe he was stolen the problem is he had the affair while still married and completely humilated ja. thats wrong no matter how bored u r w ur marriage. that cuts deep and no human being deserve to have this done to them. its almost impossible to completely trust someone after that. it seems behind the wonderful man that u procalim pitt to be u forget that he was a man who broke a young woman and humilated her on a national level

  368. pwal says:

    September 16th, 2011 at 4:49 am

    I STILL LOVE BRAD! but holy wrong timing! he just broke every woman’s heart…. At least, now I hope he’s never gonna open his mouth about the triangle again. holy effing shit storm. wow!


    I hope he did break some hearts, although the bad part is that we, who are tired of the bellyaching from bitter women, will be subjected to even more of it. But I absolutely want men to be honest and he was honest in a way that wasn’t disparaging towards Aniston, which some women refuse to see.

  369. .... says:

    Yeah folly, I think you are totally right. I never was on somebody’s sight and honestly, I guess when you meet someone you have true feelings for you need to leave the one you are with. But this interview is a shame, I feel sorry for Aniston. He seems to be pathetic NOW and really arrogant and egoistic. Guess he lost reality with all his stardom. But talking like that about Aniston in front of the world is unfair, even if it’s true, and shows he has lost ethical values, if there ever were some…

  370. N.D. says:

    Really tired of hearing “poor Aniston, what that bastard Brad Pitt did to her”. The only thing he did to her was divorcing her – and he had all the rights in the world to do that, marriage isn’t slavery, getting divorce is not something you should crusify people for.

    Besides she was still young, rich, successfull, had no kids to raise alone, no problem whatsoever but hurt pride. If anything it did her good in career department. Stop hyping it like some ancient greek tradegy already.

  371. Canuck says:

    He probably just disgusted almost the entire female part of his fan base.

  372. pwal says:

    September 16th, 2011 at 6:25 am

    @ josephina the point is that ja was never cruel w it.

    She ‘forgot’ to thank him when she won an award. That was the height of disrespect, IMO.

    He is divorced from her, and he has a right to reiterate the fact that he was not happy with himself during the marriage. During his marriage, he said that he was in a 2 year depression; after the divorce, he said that he wasn’t leading an interesting life. IT’S THE SAME THING – so why the upset now, since it’s something that he has said before?

  373. Imelda says:

    For those of you who just cant see it, here it is clear as day. Jennifer was the one HE left AJ for, so she gets to be aggreived. She acted heartbroken probably because she was. She gets to sling mud not him. I dont think thats what she did but she earned the right to do it if she wanted. Her various comments over the years were nowhere near as hurtful as his are now.
    And those of you blaming JA for Chelsea Handlers comments – how does that work exactly. If thats the case and you can blame someone else for remarks they themselves made then by that logic we can blame AJ for Brads comments now.
    He knows these aren’t some throwaway comments but ones that will go out there globally and be recycled for years. What a total twat.
    Finally to all those saying great for him for leaving his wife would you be so joyous if it were you – no didn’t think so. Just put yourself in JA’s position for one minute how can she be the bad guy in all this. She comes across as normal down to earth funny homely gal just living her life(read: bore) well thats most of us here, so we must all be boring according to Brad S-it.

  374. thesea says:

    It’s official, Brad Pitt is the new Jesse James (and Angie the new Kat Von D, or better yet, Michelle McGee).

    What a fool. Frankly, I think he is starting to look like The Joker…and Angie is starting to look like Isak Dineson, uh, after she made her deal with the devil.

    And the damage control comment – sorry, not buying it, buddy. Your fans knew exactly what you meant the first time. Don’t disappoint them now!

  375. kikay says:

    For somebody who claim to have found happiness and blissfulness this time around,Brad seems to look miserable,old,haggard,worn out,and in fact taking a bath seems to be the last thing on his mind.The more he gets old the more he looks pathetic by trying to look cool by wearing different sunglasses even at night time to make himself look younger.If there’s a pathetic one in their marriage it is Brad ,for forever trying to find his own identity and obviously haven’t found it yet.If he is so happy with his relationship with skeletar now ,what’s the need of remembering and opening up old wounds?,did he want something so bad from Jen that he didn’t get?It makes you wonder.

  376. N.D. says:

    He has a right to speak about his life and after seven years it’s reasonable that he didn’t think anyone would care, especially among those who ain’t Jennifer Aniston or related to her.

    What he said isn’t offensive, there is no name-calling, not even mentioning.

  377. kikay says:

    and another thing,the best that Brad look was when he’s with Jennifer Aniston,well you can see the difference now,just look at the picture ^up there.

  378. Lady_Luck says:

    I think Brad looked far more happy and radiant when he was with Jen – much more so than now with Ange. He looked real, he looked happy. Flash forward to now and he may aswell be a scruffy hobo scraped up from any sidewalk. Age aside, he looks beaten up, down weathered, miserable, brow-beaten and completely controlled/blackmailed to stay in that relationship. I have always despised women who use kids as emotional blackmail, and that is exactly what Angie is doing to him.

  379. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Imelda I agree that Jen was probably heartbroken. I really think she was and in fact my only dislike of her was her blaming Angelina for her divorce. Angie had nothing to do with her marriage ending.

    I am more than happy to explain why Chelsea was acting under the influence of Jen Aniston. I liked Chelsea Handler alot before she joined CAA and was friends with Aniston. Her comedy was lighthearted, fun, and silly. I have never heard her use the word c*nt once in all that time or be that venomous toward anyone ever. Did you see the tape of her Angelina bit? You would have thought Angelina did something personal to HER. Chelsea was dead freaking serious. It wasn’t a joke at that point. I am sorry but we all know where that came from.

    I honestly don’t see anything in Brad’s comments that should make Jen feel bad. Brad has said the thing about being glad that Angelina is the mother of his children before. He should be. Angelina IS the mother of his children. Why shouldn’t Brad be glad? Also the marriage thing was about his mind set. Men do have a tendency to say things and sound insensitive but this wasn’t an attack on Jen. It was about him figuring out who he is and why he thinks his marriage didn’t work. He is talking about his feelings and he never says that Jen was the reason he was feeling that way. I feel super bad for the guy because people totally and purposefully ignored that fact that this was about HIM and what HE felt.

  380. OMSS says:

    OH MY SWEET STARS!!! Practically every b***** week! I am tired of this! When are we gonna let this go?!?! They were married, they fell out of love, he fell for someone else, and they got divorced! End of! It happens! Oh, and by the way THIS ALL WENT DOWN NEARLY 7 YEARS AGO!!!

    I think I need to go on a week long gossip detox!

  381. Eve says:

    First thing: WOW!

    Second: some comments are hilarious.

    Third (about Pitt): still not as candid as I wish he would have been.

    Fourth: Damn! I was almost comment # 400.

  382. Addie says:

    @ Imelda. Agreed.

    Also, what if his daughters turned out to be more like JA than AJ and didn’t want an exciting world travelling life, but wanted one home, routine life ect and their husbands came out saying s*it like this.
    Would he be so understanding?

    If he really has a problem with JA talking about him and his family, then approch her PRIVATLY like a man and state your complaints, don’t try to embarass her TO THE WORLD and certainly not when her mom is critically ill.

  383. saintdevil says:

    I think La Jolie is so insecure that she can’t deal with Brad Pitt having had other meaningful relationships before she came along.

    So he has to make a statement how boring and pathetic the time with JA was.

    What a prince!

  384. Eve says:

    @ HorsePoorHanna:


    *Long-ass thread, can’t find you!

  385. twokids2 says:

    Sorry Brad but you just showed that deep down in your soul you are a DICK!!!!
    What you said is not reflected nor can be seen on your married pictures with JA. You are just saying that to justify what you did to her.
    Definitively that is how you are feeling now, after you met and had your fling with AJ, and after 6 kids with her. You left JA because on AJ, not because you were feeling trapped.
    You don’t talk like that about your previous partner. You are a PIG!!!

  386. Ella says:

    Dear Brad Loser, happy people do not bitch, if you were that happy, you would not be bitching about your ex. You know you can still be hapy without trashing people who you claimed were the loves of your life. What a tool. He has lost so many fans over this.

  387. Cirque28 says:

    Statistically speaking, none of these relationships is likely to be permanent. I’m not saying I hope for that. (I know, I know. Brangelina’s kids.)

    And if Brad had never met Angelina, he and Jennifer would most likely still be divorced.

    All 3 have wealth, power, and fame beyond our wildest imaginings. They can basically have anyone they want. Most people don’t resist that temptation forever.

    Sorry. Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled adoration and vilification.

    *walks out of thread whistling the tune to Pretty White Kids with Problems*

  388. Str8Shooter says:

    Wow. What a total DOUCHEBAG. Why on earth would he feel the need to make such a cruel remark like that about a woman who was DUMPED for another woman? Especially after all these years? That’s just a lousy, mean-spirited thing to do.

    This guy has NO class. And sorry, Jen is WAY prettier than that freak-headed Angie.

  389. Bermuda Blues says:

    # 397 – Homely doesn’t mean what you think it means.

  390. eny says:

    All he said about Angie was great, but all he said about his previous marriage was unnecessary.

  391. Sue says:

    What is the record for number of comments one story?

  392. Katherine says:

    Nothing can get you in more trouble and bring out the crazy in a woman than to tell her the truth.

    LOL! Kaiser, I hope you make a donation to Make It Right as a thank you to Brad.

  393. Original Bee says:

    Brad has barely spoken about Jennifer after all these years. While Jen Aniston has mocked his appearance (Billy Idol hair), attacked his partner (the “uncool” comment), talked about “screaming at the ocean” after their divorce, and Brad makes one innocent comment that was really about his dissatisfaction with himself and people attack him with a vengance. Now, he’s been forces to issue an apology (it’s on Brad has every right to speak out about his own life.

  394. Eve says:

    @ Original Bee (# 417):


    Perhaps he should give an extra bonus to his bodyguards this year. Just in case, you know…

    By the way, has Female First exploded yet?

  395. mln76 says:

    Wow Aniston fans have lost their shit! How is what Brad said anywhere near as insulting of all the trash talking Jon Mayer did? or the time that Sean Penn said Robin Wright was a ‘ghost’ to him?

    Anyone stupid enough not to know the difference between this and what Jesse James,or Tiger Woods did needs their head examined. Screwing dozens of women while you are wearing your wedding ring and going around with a big smile on your face and letting your wife find out through a tabloid cover that you were never faithful is not the same as what happened here.
    Brad was honest Jen and Courtney are the ones who have always said that. He walked out instead of carrying on a lie eventhough Aniston would have waited for him to make up his mind and he walked out.

  396. Imelda says:

    You know what “we” are not all Aniston loonies or whatever the stupid phrase being used. I think I speak for a lot of women on here sympathasing with the position JA found herself in, when I say its not specifically her we have sympathy with BUT ALL WOMEN KIND ie any of ourselves who this might have happened to.
    Thats the answer for why this triangle reasonates with most women and is going on so long – because it could have been any of us and for chrissakes we have a beating heart that feels for another woman to whom this happened.
    The fact that Brad S*it is now clarifying his comments is because he knows how hurtful they were, otherwise why do it. As someone said on another site this movie must be bad for him to burn Jennifer so bad to promote it.
    The Brandgelina must be on the skids cos we all know what happens to a Hollywood couple when they start gushing about how great their relationship is…………..

  397. Melissa says:

    @ jen: I’ve decided that “AssHat” is my new favorite word. :-D

  398. thesea says:

    The tabloid cover was W, my friend.

  399. Anaya says:

    Did anyone here get any sleep last night? J/K. There are posts from every hour. Wow! lol.

  400. Sherri says:

    missing a sensitivity chip . . .and dumb – I’m surprised Angie isn’t bored with him yet, really surprised . . .

  401. LAK says:

    most people seem to be missing the point that he talked about the 90S in general. Who was he dating in the 90s? Step forward Gwyneth Paltrow {4-5 yrs] and Juliet Lewis [4-5yrs]. So if anyone is interpreting his comments as an insult to his paramours, then they should be included.

    The other thing people keep bringing up is his appearance. The fact is Brad Pitt never cared for his looks. Does anyone remember how trashy and unkempt he looked throughout the Juliet Lewis Period? Even Gwyneth couldn’t get him to really clean up. During that period, he managed to look like a very clean hobo.

    I can’t believe the blind rage at BP over at the Daily Mail. People are posting like he is a child molester or something…..

    His Interview has really taken the wind out of their sails with regards their image of the sainted JA vs maneater AJ.

  402. Gazingfromafar says:

    I personally don’t care what Brad Pitt thinks about religion or marriage or in fact Jennifer Aniston…as all his comments were equally self-aggrandizing and pompous.

    He could take a few lessons, I think from Mr. Colin Firth, who is older than him and looks far better and well turned out, promotes his films gallantly and intelligently and manages to stay married to a lovely woman with whom he seems to share a happy family life.

    Brad has always been attracted to actresses whose careers were on the upswing, and he obviously isn’t interested in the quiet life or he would have married someone not in the business, like Matt Damon did.

  403. buell says:

    He sounds as dumb as a box of hair.

  404. Bird says:

    What a d@ck move, Brad! He really is missing a sensitivity chip. The comments about Angie are also over the top enough to be completely suspect. This interview was gag inducing.

  405. Mingy says:

    enough with the “no one cares about these 3 anymore” comments..this thread has 432 comments…so i’m thinking ppl still care.

    and those who are all “how come JA gets to talk about BP and AJ, but BP cant…”
    UUUUUUUUUUUHHHHH MAYBE because he cheated and publicly humiliated his wife, and is now grinding salt in that old wound!!!..thats how come.

  406. Josephina says:

    The truth hurts and lot of you cannot handle it.

    Three years ago, he stated his marriage was a deadend. Instead of listening to him and accepting it as fact, you lied to yourselves and blamed Angie for encouraging him to say it.

    YESTERDAY, he further explained his state of mind during the 90s and included that he was not happy with himself in his marriage to Aniston. HE BLAMES HIMSELF and left the marriage. It was the right thing to do.

    It is obvious, and painfully obvious for a lot of women posting, that Brad was not that into Aniston. The truth hurts.

    He did not have a fling or an affair with Angie. He found a woman that he respects, honors, loves and trusts in Angie. And THEN he chose to build a life with her and create a family. Angie is by no means an accident.

    Not being able to handle the truth is part of the immaturity and annoying neurosis that men find unattractive in women. There is no blame to be assigned to anyone. Surprises in life do not always arrive in nice, neat little packages.

    But please, ladies, do grow up and smell the coffee so that you can enjoy the experience of true happiness and deep fulfillment. Brad has found his and is telling you aboout it, and unfortunately, you cannot handle it.

    It is not Brad’s fault that you have delusional thoughts about his marriage to Aniston. He has kept it real for the last 7 years. He cannot coddle you nor Aniston for the rest of his life because the truth is “too unbearable” for you to handle.

    Brad is honest and not a douchebag. Too many of you are too immature and hyper-senseitive to handle rejection appropriately.

    It is NOT promised that every time you fall in love, the man will love you forever and stay with you. Grow up, little girls!

  407. Nikki says:

    @pwal I think there is a difference between accidently forgetting to mention someone name and intentionally calling someone marriage a bore. theres a diference between saying you were in a depression versus unintresting life. depression implies there some sort of heartbreak or emotional detachment while intresting implies a straight up bore. Being called a bore by the person you were married to is extremely hurtful. Does he have the right to talk about his marriage? of course,its a free country. But there’s also something called tact and kindness. Some things just do not need to be said out loud in public. And people forget that he was the one who left her for another woman. Even if they were in a slump, he should have completely divorced her before pursuing a relationship which might have spared her the humilation that she faced. Its very embarrassing to be known as the women scorned. Therefore, JA has the right to be better and no matter how many years goes by, you never forget that sort of humilation. I also would liek to know besides the 2 comment that JA made in reaction to the Brangelina photo and confirmation of the affair during her marriage, when has JA herself (only JA, not another source) said directly anything bad about those 2. and i mean a legit quote not from us weekly. b/c it seems liek all this she’s been milking it seems to be based on the fact that US weekly keeps trashmouthing them w/ sources close to JA, not JA herself

  408. Cheyenne says:

    Imelda: it could have been any of us and for chrissakes we have a beating heart that feels for another woman to whom this happened.

    Oh honey, grow up, will you?

    Your name is NOT Jennifer Aniston,
    the man who dumped you is NOT named Brad Pitt,
    and the woman you got dumped for is NOT named Angelina Jolie.

    Now dry your eyes, blow your nose and MOVE ON.

  409. me says:

    That was mean and hurtful.

    If he is happy now, why not focus on that rather than saying your ex was boring?

    He seems rather shallow and always takes after the woman he is with.
    He had the light blond with GP and was into her things, then with Aniston he lived the Hollywood thing and now he just does what ever Angie wants.

    Does he think that adopting kids make him less shallow or makes his life “interesting”?
    It’s like a hobby and a way to make them feel better about themselves.

    Leaning French?
    How pathetically trying to be an elitist a citizen of the world.
    That’s Angie’s thing.
    Who cares if you know French?
    What’s so great about spending hours trying to speak a language you have no real use of?

    He does live in some sort of pretence, but a different one.

  410. Julia says:

    Sounds like a teenager, whine whine whine. Sounds like a man who cheated and had to justify his actions. Love how they promote his mid-western values, what values? HA!

  411. Hakura says:

    I just don’t understand why he felt the need to say anything about his marriage, let alone something negative. It was totally unnecessary, & pretty hurtful.

    The way it came across was like ‘I was miserable all the time back then, It was entirely because of my marriage.’

    Followed by a glowing gush fest about how the best thing he ever did… Was choose Angelina to be the mother of his children, talking about how incredible she is, & how lucky he is to have her.

    Had he just said that last part on it’s own (not placing blame on his previous marriage beforehand), it wouldn’t had been bad at all. Just disappointing to see that he chose to say something.

  412. Dingles says:

    C’mon, let’s go for 500 comments! Set some kind of lame Celebitchy record.

    @ Mingy – Totally agree about enough of the “no one cares” comments. Obviously over 400 people cared enough to comment. Several people wrote War and Peace for comments and a few appear to have spent the past 24 hours on this site just arguing with people over this, ironically while claiming other people are the ones who are obsessed.

  413. Peace says:

    What a smug little piece of work Brad Pitt has become.My guess is this is being with Angelina Jolie for seven year has brought out in him.This woman should be so proud of her wonderful influence on this cad.Great example for six kids.
    The word gentleman is not something he is familiar with.
    I assume he is just updating us all because we all know this is how Angie felt about his marriage when she set her sights on him.
    what would have been r refreshing is if Mr Pitt had spoken about his own weaknesses and lack of character.Not blame his cheating on his spouce

  414. John Wayne Lives says:

    Lol omg. 440 comments! All I’m gonna say, is BRAVO to Brad for finally saying how he feels.
    He deserves to say it.

  415. John Wayne Lives says:

    Okay, one more thing. I love what he said about him and angie adopting. Its beautiful. I love him more :)

  416. Logan says:

    I really don’t believe that someone who is that satisfied with their own life would need to talk so classlessly about their ex-wife. Listen, douche. You left her for someone new. You did a photoshoot. You got your new piece pregnant. By all accounts, you win (not by standards of good vs. evil or right vs. wrong, but in terms of getting what you want in the public eye). Therefore, you have no right to bitch about how boring she was. You’ve raked her over the coals enough. If she wants to say you were missing a sensitivity chip, I’d say she has that tiny right. You are. If she says that your new piece’s comments about working with her husband were uncool, fine. They were. Good job obliviating the last of your fan base.

  417. Original Tiffany says:

    Wow! I’m 444? Amazing, and I read them all. No offense, but some of you are crazed.
    He clearly stated the 90′s, he clearly did not state JA’s name. He is 47, traveling the world with 6 kids, yeah, they are gonna look more tired than Ms. Anniston who parties, tans and is now morphing into her stolen boyfriend. What 47 yo man doesn’t have grey in his beard? Shit, it’s not Thelma and Louise days anymore.
    BTW, for those of you who do not know how talk shows work-my husband has been on all of them except SNL. They totally rehearse every line, every intro, etc. Chelsea and JA knew exactly what was going to be said in those intros.
    And JA and Brad would be divorced anyway. Who gives two shits? They both seem happy in their respective relationships, and yes, many of JA’s men dissed her MUCH worse.
    Also, interviews are completely steered into directions, and oftentimes misquoted. Sometimes my husband reads one of his, and can’t believe what is printed, because it was never said or totally misconstrued. Brad hasn’t said shit about JA. Give it up you guys, does anyone really give a crap? I don’t, just amazed at the shit slinging! Obviously 444 of us do. I’m way more into the Cracken making out with her mom while little bro is wishing them into the cornfield!!!
    Oh, and the one thing that pissed me off was the French crack. Yes, you need Rosetta stone. They talk insanely fast and French is a bitch to learn. We’ve been with Cirque for 2 years, my kids learn French and Mandarin and any language other than your own broadens your horizons. You can work as a banker overseas, interpreter, UN, and it’s great for traveling. Bon Jour. Besides, speak to your lover in French, it’s a good thing. je t’aime sounds lovely, no? Oui!

  418. Sheila says:

    I am glad Jen let him go.
    He’s not man enough for her. Brad, there is a big difference between a gentleman and a scumbag!

  419. Sakyiwaa says:

    I am glad Jen let him go.
    @sheila; He’s not man enough for her. Brad, there is a big difference between a gentleman and a scumbag!

    Phew! This was a highly entertaining thread! Horsepoor Hanna and Eve, lol!

    Yeah, I’m happy for Jen too. Makes sense. Looks like… only Angie can DEAL with Brad’s stupid-man sh*t. He’s really fortunate, he still has her. Btw, I LOVE Angie and I STILL love Brad. I’m entitled to STILL like one ‘jerk’ since I can’t love Mel Gibson anymore!

    Anyway, I, actually, think it was an ill-timed, bordering-on-scumbag move…even if he was referring to himself, but since he clarified, I’ve forgiven him. And that does not make him a douche in my eyes.

    Let this be a lesson, Brad. People can’t handle the truth like that, man! Lol!

    And better be there for awesome Shi, regal Zee, cuties Knox and Viv and superstars Maddox and Pax! Otherwise, Angie will cut you bigtime!

  420. Sakyiwaa says:


  421. Sakyiwaa says:

    But the later thread is bound to beat it, of course!

  422. dg says:

    Meh, who cares what he thinks? He had his chance to speak years ago and didn’t. Sorry to say, but she looks amazingly happy. People are hung up on who’s hotter than who or who looks better than who. Dumb. We may initially be attracted to someone due to their looks, but face it, are you with your mate just because they “look good” or would you trade them for someone just because they “looked better”?(other than a few shallow idiots out there the answer is a universal “no”). So it took Jenn a while to find someone to make her happy. Maybe they’re not “A Lister’s” or as high up the totem as Brad and Angie…..big deal! She’s glowing, her new friend is a great looking guy and if they enjoy each other–more power to them.
    I’m curious though, why (other than the obvious publicity) that Brad would choose NOW to speak. That boat sailed a long time ago.

  423. Cheyenne says:

    @Sakyiwaa: It already has. The other thread is up to 460.

  424. Cheyenne says:

    @Sheila: I’m glad you’re glad Jen “let him go”, although actually he was gone long before she “let him go”. HE dumped HER, remember? Don’t try to re-write history seven years after the fact.

  425. Freya says:

    Okay, it’s been more than two months since that Parade interview. We now have a new interview and a new move to look forward to, Angelina on 60 Minutes, and “In the Land of Blood and Honey.”

    Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it. Don’t eat too much!

  426. Liza Lamoree says:

    I have just been told we are attempting to hjack the max gradel deal with an improved offer belived to be around 5m

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