Gwyneth Paltrow is BFFs with Lenny “Leonard” Kravitz too


A few years ago, in the early days of Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP newsletter (what halcyon days those were), Dame Goop deigned to name-drop, as she often does. Except that the name she dropped made everybody do a big “WTF?” Goop made reference to Billy Joel’s then-wife, Katie Lee Joel, and mentioned Billy in passing, writing, “The summer before last, a mutual friend brought the lovely Katie Lee Joel and her husband William over for dinner. Much to my delight, she brought a fresh batch of these cookies with her. I adore the contrast of the dark chocolate and the cherries — heaven.” William Joel. Because Dame Goop thinks it’s gauche and peasanty to refer to someone as their nickname or stage name or the name they prefer to be called. At the time, Billy Joel’s rep basically said that no one ever calls him William and that Goop is an idiot (I’m paraphrasing).

Anyway, yesterday Lenny Kravtiz tweeted this photo (below) with the message, “The only person in the world that calls me Leonard.” You guessed it.


Is the point that Gwyneth simply is too elegant and classy to exist in our modern world, what with the abundance of tacky “nicknames”? Probably. I think there’s another point, though: that Gwyneth is super-cool. She’s so cool that she hangs out with Leonard Kravitz and William Joel and Beyonce Knowles and Christopher Martin. She’s so super-cool that not only does she hang out with all of these super-cool people (who all think she is amazing, did she mention that?), she also tries to teach these super-cool people some old-fashioned class, like calling people by their proper, Christian names.

Also: I wonder if she refers to her exes as William Bradley Pitt and Benjamin Geza Affleck? Does she always call her husband Chris, or Christopher?



Photos courtesy of Lenny’s Twitter and Fame.

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  1. truthSF says:

    To quote Michael K., fishy must be stopped!!!

  2. kazoo says:

    there was an awards show, i want to say something on vh1 or mtv, when she was dating brad pitt and she introduced him as william bradley pitt.

  3. brin says:

    I hope she didn’t call Billy Joel “William” to his face, he probably would have laughed in her’s.

  4. atlantapug says:

    God this woman is such a load of bull!

    Leonard??? Really??? Stuck up c*nt.

    And really, whose crappy apartment are they in?

  5. silken_floss says:

    Where the hell are they in that tweeted pic?? Looks like my old college apartment LOL

  6. DailyNightly says:

    Lenny Kravitz has totally lost his hotness now if he’s Gwynnie pull this nonsense.

  7. Marianne says:

    If I hadn’t seen the photo, I would have said that maybe’s she friends with the architect Lenny Kravitz (hee hee hee, that’s one for HIMYM fans).

    Goop does come off as being pretentious, but one of my friend’s mothers hates nicknames/short versions of names. I guess Goop is the only crazy in the world.

  8. Waldemar says:

    Lenny lost his hotness when he was dating Nicole Kidman!!

  9. GiGi says:

    Good Lord. She probably thinks she’s oh so clever and original. I know people who do this. It’s irritating, especially since I loathe my full name and *never* use it.

    Also – are they in a frat house? And I love just how staged this casual snapshot is… someone with a flash, the curtain pulled back to catch the reflection in the window… you know, just a couple of pals, unaware of the camera catching their good times.

  10. yt says:

    Sorry. I tend to use someone’s full first name. If they request I use their nickname, then I will do so. Many people outgrow their nicknames in high school and college. Cute in grade school but not so cute in the business world. Depends on the person. I answer to my full first name and my nickname. No big deal.

  11. GiGi says:

    yt- I should clarify – If I’m meeting someone for the first time, I do correct them if they use my full name. It’s only irritating when people who know the name I go by insist on using my full given name. It’s just about preference, really. Just like I would call someone by the name they gave upon introduction – not some other name – nickname, full name or otherwise.

  12. Rachel says:

    He (Leonard) was the one who tweeted this, not her. I will never understand why everyone on this site seems to hate her so much. I think she’s great, long live the GOOP!

  13. bessicus says:

    Very nice morning chuckle. Actually, hilarious!!!

  14. LL says:

    I only refer to Mr. LL by his full name when I’m trying to make sarcastic or catty point 🙂

    William Joel. Bwahahahaha.

  15. BlackMamba says:

    I think they were backstage at one of his shows in London last week.

  16. gee says:

    I correct everyone when they call me by my whole name instead of what I go by. She would be no exception.. I loathe when people ignore my wishes and call me by my full name. It’s nothing about the name, but everything about a little respect. She’s so condesending.

  17. harper says:

    Remember when she was presenting Anthony Hopkins with an award at the Golden Globes a few years back and she kept referring to him as “AN-tony”? His rep basically said the same thing- no one calls him that and she’s an idiot. Paraphrasing.

  18. Esmom says:

    My MIL does this and it drives all the family members who want to be called by their nicknames crazy. In fact when she calls my son by his full name, which we never use, half the time it doesn’t even register that she’s talking to him.

    I think it’s disrespectful, actually, Just because his full name is on his birth certificate doesn’t really give her license to use it if none of us wants to use it. Am I crazy?

  19. Dorothy#1 says:

    Remember when she said Anthony Hopkins name wrong at the Oscars or something and he got up on stage and corrected her! Hate her

  20. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    LOL Some people just don’t conform. I didn’t like that time when she was at The Golden Globes and said Anthony Hopkins name all funny. I legit remember being like WTF. However its clearly just something Gywn does. Who knows why?

    I am increasing drawn to Gywn because she has a strong sense of self. She kinda of annoys me but she does whatever the fu*k she wants and you can suck it because she is Gywneth Paltrow bitch. “Your mother f*cking name is Leonard…Lenny? oh no baby. We use the proper meaning of names up in here”. I don’t think she sounds like that but I had already started typing and couldn’t stop…

  21. Scout says:

    She sure does come across very pretentious! I don’t like to hate on people – but I can certainly feel very fine with hating on pretentiousness. (If that is even a word – LOL!) It just is so unattractive. Maybe is different in real life – but she does consistently sound full of herself. Just my opinion.

  22. Rhiley says:

    I wonder what the Dame’s advice was to her most dear wonderful truly awesome rock star friend, Mr Leonard Kravitz, when his toilet became clogged and congested from strange substances and overflowed into the apartment below his, causing significant damage. Because you know as soon as Goopy Poop got wwwurrrrdddd, she dialed up up her most wonderful dear truly awesome rock star friend, and said, “Listen, what is go on here. Pull it together, man. William Bradley Pitt’s mother taught me that. It is like when Shawn Carter and his lovely wife, Beyonce Knowles, come over. Christopher and I want to treat everyone like they are luxury because really it is what gives your life true meaning.”

  23. SisterMaryHotPantz says:

    I wonder if Lenny was being sarcastic when he tweeted the comment and pic?

  24. Rhiley says:

    Oh, and she looks stoned out of her mind in the picture with Leonard. I bet Goop spent most of the 90s high, which makes her somewhat tolerable.

  25. mln76 says:

    It’s pretentious and disrespectful to call someone by their full name when they prefer a shortened version. Honestly it’s like nails on a chalkboard when someone calls me by my full name.

  26. MsM says:

    Why does everyone including Celebitchy guys hate Gwineth so much? I mean… U dont really know her personally, I have seen some interviews and she seems cool. And I tend to call people for their Full name and sometimes just for fun, whats the big deal. Sometimes its just to show the person that hey I care about you , the real person, not the “Lenny” or the “Billy” that are famous around the world. Maybe she’s just showing them she is friends with the real person…

    Why all the hating?

  27. lucy2 says:

    It’s pretentious, and oddly controlling – you prefer Lenny, but I’m going to call you Leonard, simply because I want to.
    I could see doing it in a silly way every once in a while, but she seems to do it all the time. Weird. She probably hates people calling her Gwen.

  28. GiGi says:

    MsM – I think the hating comes from many places but think of it this way: Many, in fact, most “celebrities” and actors play it a bit close to the vest. But GOOP puts it out there… way out there in a way that most just would never do.

    For example – I’m a working mom, etc. and I hate the way she tries to give helpful hints to the peasants. I live comfortably but would still know better than to recommend $300 kids sweaters as staples to anyone. And that’s where she fails. She fails to see that most of us are working our a**es off paying bills, saving money, working toward a futre while she is traveling Spain with Mario Batali and working out for 3 hours a day.

    I’m not jealous and I don’t think that most of her haters are, it’s that she just constantly is putting her foot in her mouth with the general public. It grates.

  29. KLO says:

    That’s one good post. XD

  30. Leigh says:

    Here’s the thing for me.
    I cannot stand her. But I’m starting to wonder, you know? Cause all these people I really like, seem to really like her…

    It’s like that friend of a friend – the one you don’t really like, but wonder if you’re missing something cause everyone else seems to like them..

    Are we missing something about GOOPY? Are we reading her all wrong and being too judgemental? I can’t help but second guess myself…

  31. Susie #1 says:

    Is she ever home other than for photo shoots? Who’s raising her kids?

  32. Leticia says:

    It’s funny that she gave her own kid the name Apple, which sounds like a nickname and not a proper name, yet is proper with everyone else’s name.

  33. catt says:

    No we are not reading Goopy wrong. Anyone can be charming in public and interviews. But her real self shows in incidents like these. And to the commenter who said she admires Goopy because she is strong? Ha ha! That not strength honey that is called delusional narcissism.

  34. Chloe (not chloe) says:

    ahahahah :))

  35. original kate says:

    dear god, please tell me this doesn’t mean we will be treated to a lenny kravitz/fishsticks duet.

    *runs off to find earplugs*

  36. UKHels says:

    it’s just rude frankly

    why would you call billy joel ‘william’? seriously, if he wanted to be called william that’s what he’d be known as

    if someone introduces themselves with a name, that’s what you call them unless you’re a massive arsehole

  37. velourazure says:


    and #30- no, she IS as horrible as she seems. don’t be fooled.

  38. Reece says:

    Exactly what GiGi said.

  39. Ashley says:

    Ugh. I knew a girl in high school who would do that. She’d stroll down the hall cheerfully shouting out, ‘Hellllooo Zachary! What’s up Chadwick!?’ If she was feeling super sophisticated she’d throw in middle names too, ‘Kimberly Hope, are you coming over tonight?’ The girls got used to it, but the guys always found it damn annoying.

  40. I Choose Me says:

    Hilarious write up Kais. Love it! 😀

  41. Bonfire Beach says:

    HAHAHAHA! I love reading about Goop. Please don’t stop.

    I’ve said it before, she reminds me of Diane from “Cheers” who would do the same thing. Everyone would yell “Norm” when he walked in the bar. She was the only one who would call him “Norman.”

  42. Gypsey says:


    Everybody calls him “Lenny” and in the English form you call him “Leonard” to show special intimacy.

    Many people don’t understand that using a person’s proper name instead of nickname is a sign of warmth and affection.

  43. Az says:

    I call my husband by his full name in Spanish but as a sort of in joke between us. Maybe that’s what this is.

  44. Ally says:

    There’s an unintentionally hilarious article in the recent Angelina-cover Vanity Fair, about some millionaire douche, wherein we discover that Lenny Kravitz is basically this guy’s Kato Kaelin, crashing at his bachelor pad & having dinner with Shirley McLaine (who’s gonna hide out in the desert when the apocalypse comes in 2012; she figures she’ll be safe there).

    Inbetween all the sucking up to the rich & famous, these are the gems of Vanity Fair.

  45. kiki says:

    About Goop — she really is the gift that keeps on giving! It’s like she *wants* us to judge her (harshly), otherwise she’d get no press at all.

    @Rachel (defending Goopy that she didn’t tweet, he did): That makes it worse! He’s making fun of her (while name-dropping, lol).

    Ah dear Leonard, how far you’ve fallen. Your first album was an absolute gem, the 2nd good, later ones utterly meh. Latest single sucks balls. @Ally I’ll have to track down that VF story, thanks.

  46. badcomedian says:

    I wonder if she calls her husband Christopher.

    I await the day she calls Elton John ‘Reginald’ and he bitch slaps her, hah!

  47. Emily says:

    @badcomedian-LMAO. Hopefully someone videos that!

    I call my friends by their full names sometimes, but I use it as a sort of nickname, and never when I’m talking about them, just to them. Bitch better not ruin this for me.

  48. Tim Whatley says:

    Wasn’t there a seinfeld gf like this? “Patrice” who called Jerry “Jerome” and said “pap-ee-aye mah-Shay” in lieu of the colloquial “paper mâché”…,George broke up with her, and she went crazy. Just sayin’

  49. Cali says:

    She is such a pretentious bitch! I never knew why she was the object of such ridicule before. I now know why.

  50. Cali says:

    Esmom, why would you give your son a name if you clearly dislike it?

  51. NotGoop says:

    Maybe that’s why she and Madonna are no longer friends… She kept on calling her “Louise”…